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Why Not Some Pseudonymous Freelancing For Luke?

I write to be noticed, so I don't think I will do pseudonymous freelancing. It may take me a while, and I may suffer numerous humiliations, but eventually I will find my new niche. Even if it is in fiction.

A Moral Question?

In January of 2000, reeling from two lawsuits, and not yet sure that my libel insurance would pick them, I procured the services of KL - a law firm. My lukeford.com sponsor of the time, Fantastic Online, said it would pay my legal expenses. I had KL arrange that Fantastic would fit the bill. At no point did I ever sign anything or give any sort of indication that I'd be responsible for the payment. Fantastic made the agreement with KL that Fantastic would pay KL to represent me.

A couple of weeks later, my libel insurance picked up the coverage, relieving KL of its duties. Fantastic never paid KL for the $7k bill.

Now KL wants me to pay the bill. They're threatening to begin collection procedures against me. Should I pay the bill? The selfish part of me figures that it was KL's responsibility to arrange payment with Fantastic and that the issue is between them. Fantastic is now out of business.

Cindi writes: Luke, It's not a moral question, because you are not morally responsible for payment, Fantastic is. I'd explain the situation to KL, I'd also mention that you have no money anyway (I hope you didn't go and deposit your $25,000 in the bank, because that can be attached) If you did deposit it, get it out. It will take a while for the whole crap to go through the system. Then judge or arbitrator will decide if you have to pay. If you lose and they place a judgement against you, you don't really have to pay it unless you want to buy a house. They could attempt to attach your wages to pay the judgement, but if you are self employed they are out of luck. KL isn't stupid, they know that they would be better off going where there is money.

Fred the Lawyer writes: Wait a minute--the moral leader is in need of moral leadership? Sir, you are not a moral leader, you are moral follower.

Here, let me provide the necessary leadership. The lowest, most dastardly immoral act a person can commit, lower than child molesting, serial murder or war crimes, is to fail to pay one's legal bills. If you need any further guidance do not hesitate to ask.

How Does Your Moral Leader Feel About Israel?

William writes: Luke, I have followed my moral leader here from LF.com. Now Bush is dumping Israel, and you are taking your Orthodoxy seriously, how do you feel about the claims of Neturei Karta and the Torah True Jews of New York that Zionism and the state it created are Satan's way of deceiving the Chosen? You were in Israel. Did it strike you as the 'safe haven' Weizmann and Ben Gurion promised, or a self-created, armed ghetto full of danger, disillusion and bitterness?

Until World War One, nearly all devout and pious Jews regarded Zionism in horror as the creed of apostates who dared to second-guess G-d by doing their own Messianic thing, instead of staying in penitential exile until the yiddles' equivalent of the Rapture. Do you think these Israel-deniers are right when they say the only way forward is backward, to the days when little colonies of Jews and Arabs co-existed in harmony under the Ottoman Empire? Perhaps your straddling of so many boundaries would fit you to become the new governor of the Holy Land, dispensing peace, justice and Houston 500 gangbang videos without fear or favour. Moral guidance, please.

Luke says: I am an ardent Zionist and Likudnik. The lack of initial support for the modern state of Israel by the Orthodox should be a source of shame to them. The Torah was meant to be practiced in the land of Israel, Judaism revolves around eretz Yisrael.

Helpful writes: Here's where myself (gentile) gets in trouble with the council. Is it fair for the Prime Minister to dictate to the USA its Mideast policy since without the USA Israel would have folded up their tent a long, long time ago and what about the Chezkoslovakia metaphor? Appropriate? Many make the analogy of the Nazi were to the Jews as the Israelis are to the Palestinians.

NOTE TO MUSEUM OF TOLERANCE: I am not in any way trying to disseminate hate, but rather foster intellectual discussion in a Devil's Advocate style. Honest.

YML says: Sharon did not dictate to the US its mideast policy, he simply pointed out that appeasing evil does not work.

Palestinians have more freedom than Arabs almost anywhere under Arab rule. That analogy is way off. Any Jew in the Holocaust would've given his right arm to be treated like a Palestinian. Israel is not exterminating thousands of Palestinians.

Helpful writes: What ever made him think that the USA would ever consider appeasing evil?

YML says: How about not including Hamas and Palestinian terrorists on his anti-terrorism hit list, and enlisting Syria and Saudia Arabia in his anti-terorism coalition. Of course the US is trying to appease evil right now to make a coalition with the Arab states, which have all supported and funded terrorism.

H replies: Much like the Gulf war the US is forced to "shake hands with the devil" to secure its military goal. Israel will never be sold out by the USA for religious reasons (the average American gentile doesn't want Mary and Joseph's manger turned into a kabob hut) and quite frankly for the political reality that Jews vote and in droves.

Chaim Amalek writes: To beat Hitler, Roosevelt allied with Stalin. Bush is doing the geopolitically correct thing now for this part of the battle, in which Israel has little to contribute. No doubt the zionists would rather the US declare a Crusade against the whole of Islam, so that the US found herself with only Israel as for an ally, but what would that accomplish for US security?

I fear that in the end, we are going to have to do one of two things:

1. adopt a racially sensitive approach to immigration, same as israel; or
2. cut Israel loose.

Face it, with millions of muslims now calling the United States home and the jewish feminists almost barren, the political power of the jewish lobby is on the wane. And on its way down it will again encounter the tens of millions of white people it shitted on when it was on its way up, the people it consigned to hideous social experiments in "diversity" for decades.

Oh You liberal Jews!, you who criticized apartheid even as you supported Zionism's tribal Law of Return, You who have your heads so far up your collective arses that you cannot see your own hypocrisy! You will live to see the consequences of your hatred for Western Civilization and the people who created it. You will live to see the fall of the Third Temple!

How would I like it? Well, I would HATE it, and I respect the Palestinians enough to know that they will NEVER accept a Jewish state in their midst. And why should they? It was not they who built the death camps in europe, yet it is they who were made to compensate the jews for their suffering there. They have every reason to be unhappy living in refugee camps. And the Arabs, whose sense of manhood the existence of a Jewish state offends, will NEVER relent. The two options for the jews are:

1. total separation from the Palestinians through expulsions and the creation of Chinese/Soviet-style walls; and

2. the creation of a binational state, shared by both. This would, of course, lead to the elimination of Israel as a "jewish" state through democratic means, as Palestinian women are much more fertile than jewesses.

Liberalism, Zionism, Democracy. You can have, at most, two out of three.

What's My Status Rank?

Status is determined by many things. Here is a rundown where I think I stand among my peers (I'd give myself an overall D grade):

* Jewishly - C. I want to be Orthodox, which is high status, but I am questionably orthodox. And a questionable convert at that.

* Income - F.

* Babes - C.

* Mental Health - D.

* Occupation - F. No occupation at moment.

* Clothes - D.

* Living quarters - F.

* Car - F.

* Friends - C.

* Manners - D.

* Getting along with others - D.

* Neighborhood - D.

* Family - D.

* Fame - B.

* Infamy - A.

Helpful writes: Grasshopper. Why do you obsess on the "status objects" of this material world? The flesh is but temporary. The soul, however, is eternal. Remember the inspirational lyrics of the 70's band, Kansas ... "All we are is dust in the wind ...." How do you rank your spiritual "status"? That is the one true question.

Cindi Loftus writes: Luke, I like your grading system but pretty much it's the Infamy grade that keeps you from an overall failing grade! LOL You do of course always treat yourself harshly. Would a person from Israel consider your apartment an F? Would a welfare mother think your car an f? I think you need a better, bigger perspective.

JRob writes: If you reach your goal of being completely accepted by orthodox jews, will you be as much of an asshole to imperfect wannabe's as people are being to you? Why do you want so much to be accepted by such closed-minded, bigoted, judgmental, simplistic assholes?

Levi replies: You better watch out or I will report you to the Museum of Tolerance.

Khunrum writes: Being a reacher goes a long way with the Asian girls. They have a great respect for us educators. Never suspecting it seems (until it is too late) that I am just another pervert on the prowl.

Helpful writes: I respectfully decline to give specific details about myself, as I am afraid the MOT will be soon be profiling me and included my information in the swelling Luke Ford hate dossier. In ambiguous terms I consider myself successful middle class, professional occupation, home owner, average investment portfolio, nice girl friend, spiritually underdeveloped, and I'm positive that your sweetie wouldn't give me the time of day.

Your Moral Leader In Trouble With Tolerance Czar?

I'm being researched by the Tolerance Czars for disseminating hate. Will Amalek be next?

What must Levi Bin Laden recant to get out of trouble with the Jews this time?

Helpful writes: You have disseminated hate (a la Pierce), but always with critical examination. They should probably be more concerned with your Jack Chick promotion.

Khunrum from Houston writes: "What are the accusations, 1 2 3 4 5...? Whacko political views and carrying a gun are not a crimes in this country. They are virtues. Relax. Sounds like the Museum of Intolerance to me. Time to tell these people where to stick their motsa and get back into porn. We of the Advisory Committee are bored."

Your Moral Leader (YML) aka Luke XXX (perhaps I'm really a Muslim?) Ford aka Levi Bin Laden says:

* I was accused of not justing writing about porn, but reveling in it.

* Not being a real Jew.

* Playing with guns.

* Psychologically disturbed.

* Deceiving people about who I really am (which is wicked and rotten).

Helpful writes: Let's examine the charges:

* I was accused of not justing writing about porn, but reveling in it. If having sexual relations with 2 1/2 porn babes in 5 years is "reveling" then GUILTY !

* Not being a real Jew. GUILTY !

* Playing with guns. Photos don't lie! GUILTY !

* Psychologically disturbed. You and 4/5 ths of LA. GUILTY !

* Deceiving people about who I really am. Levi Ben Avraham? Lie? GUILTY !

We the jury find you guilty of being a *gasp* human being!

All joking aside these liberal Jews probably all flocked to Clinton's defense during his fiasco. Hypocrites!

Khunrum writes: Let's examine these charges. Enjoying porn, Not being a real Jew, Playing with guns, Psychologically disturbed, and Deceiving people. This is a description of half the population of Texas. I accuse the Intolerance Jews of being Un American. Where's my squirrel gun Ma? Better not stick their noses around here I tell ya!

YML says: What is there to say to the Museum of Tolerance (MOT)? I do not live in Iran, but in America. I am entitled to put whatever political views I want on MY web site. The Torah does not require me to suck up to the MOT (now there is a load of PC nonsense) or even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). MOT and ADL are liberal tools of the Democratic Party with non-Torah agendas of their own.

One more thing - as I recall, every time I ran a Pierce commentary, I explained just why, and my reasons were totally legit. If liberals don't like it, they can give illegal immigrants a hug.

Question of the day. Do you ever find yourself.... RACIALLY PROFILING people? If you were waiting in line to board a long distance flight, and noticed a group of five swarthy arab looking men waiting to board, what would you do? MTV says you should give them all a group hug. Hugs and kisses will fight terror!

Second question. Are you running out, like Sally Quinn of the Washington Post, and buying gas masks? Perhaps if the Jews of Europe had owned gas masks, there would never have been a holocaust.

Third question. Do you, like me, own a gun. How many rounds of ammo do you have? How often do you practice fighting off marauding shvartzes/arabs? If LA gets nuked, do you have an escape plan?

Frank writes: Wow, this stuff will be good fodder for the LF.com memoir. I suppose it's not unlikely that the MOT will gain access to your AOL account. I hope a troup of shvartzes moves in next door to the MOT. The really loud kind, with gang colors and muslim names.

Helpful writes: Perhaps now is the time to fake your own death in order to begin anew?

Does Luke Trigger Jason's Gaydar?

JasonCurious.com replies: >Did Luke Ford ever trigger your "gaydar." >> HAHAHA... um, not neccessarily. I used to tease him relentlessly, but he never showed me any signs of being gay, bi, or even bi-curious. I think Luke's religious beliefs often conflict with having a healthy heterosexuality. Naturally, that's something he needs to conquer before even tapping into the other end of the ball park.

Helpful writes: You're probably right. He dresses too poorly to be gay and his apartment .... oi vey, no self-respecting gay man could live in such clutter! Yet, you must admit young Luke's "close relationship" with the burly and much older Chaim Amalek smacks of a "bear / cub" thing. True?

Hollywood Morals

Tom Shales writes in the Washington Post:

Where do we turn when we want lessons in morality, political science and human relations? Why, to Hollywood, of course! Or so some of that tinselly town's more pretentious armchair philosophers seem to think.

Thus did Aaron Sorkin, producer of "The West Wing," delay the season premiere of his White House drama series Wednesday night to offer instead a "very special episode" that wrestled with issues related to the monstrous terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

Sorkin apparently felt America was waiting to hear what he, and the show's faux president, played by Martin Sheen, had to say about the tragedy. So instead of a drama, he offered up a lecture, a sermon, a seminar. It wasn't a story, it was a scripted talk show about the threats of terrorism and of racial prejudice.

Helpful writes: I can just visualize these Hollywood arbiters of morality back slapping each other after the final take.

"We made a difference!"

"We stood up to prejudice!"

"Down with jingoism!"

"Where's my crack pipe?"

Islam Is The Enemy

Daniel writes: The war crimes of September 11 ARE representative of islam. Some points to consider: unlike Christians who fall off the right end of the table and find no forum in any recognizable Christian church (William Pierce, christian identity, Arayan Nation, KKK, mountain men in Idaho, etc.), all of these muslims are associated with MAINSTREAM mosques. They worshipped (if we can use that term) at mosques that so-called typical muslims worship at. All of them. They confer with MAINSTREAM imans and mullahs. The taliban might be at the far end of the mainstream of islam, but it is within the MAINSTREAM of islam. (A story reported in a New York newspaper days after September 11. An iman in a mosque - Afganhi consituencey - in Flushing, Queens actually spoke up and condemened the WAR CRIME during a sermon. Half the congregation walked out.) This is a point of the most crucial importance. I repeat, the Taliban (and all other such movements:Hamas, Hezbolla, Iran, Algeria, etc.) are within the MAINSTREAM of islam.

It is almost impossible to find an unequivocal condemnation of this WAR Crime by any muslim cleric or leader. They craft their condemnations in lawyerley phrases that are evasive and are not condmenations at all. For instance, they say that it us unjust to kill INNOCENT people in jihad. The clerics will interpret INNOCENT as they see fit. Another thing that strikes me: muslim clerics, in commenting on the morality of the WAR Crimes of September 11, debate the fact of whether it was a suicide attack or not. That 6000 people were murdered is secondary. From their perspective it is more important to determine whether this was an authentic, acceptable act of jihad (thus morally correct) or an act of despearate suicide, and therefore condemnable. Isn't there something obscene about this legalistic hairsplitting on an irrelevant point, in light of the true CRIME?

We all know the good muslim. No doubt about it, there are good muslims, but islam is NOT GOOD. And all muslims live within the orbit of islam. At it's core islam is a creed of violence, power and retribution. Read the Koran. Any muslim, no matter how modern or cosmopolitan he (or she) may seem, can be turned towards that core at any time. This is the truth. Muslims can be good people, but because they are muslims they can never be trusted, ever. Islam is contrary to conscience and free-will. Islam is my-way-or-the-highway. Get this through your friggin heads. The sooner we accept this truth the better. We must disengage from the muslim. Leave him to his part of the world, we will stay in our part, if he trespasses with violent, malevolent intent, we hit him. These are the rules we must live by.

All muslims, who are not U.S. citizens, must be deported. No more immigration, no more visas, no more travel, no engagement with the muslim. If you are foolish or reckless enought to mix with them then the consequences will be yours to bear, not society's or the government's. And contrary to what business interests say, we don't need their oil. Oil is a fungible, commodity product. The market determines supply and demand. The oil will be produced and sold at the MARKET price, some way or another.

Home Alone Publishing

Emmanuelle Richard writes for OJR.org:

In late July, during a Torah lecture at a Los Angeles synagogue, Luke Ford experienced an epiphany: After four years of hate mail, death threats, lawsuits, and being ostracized from his local Jewish community, it was suddenly time to walk away from Lukeford.com, his one-man Website of news and gossip covering the adult industry.

Soon after, the boyish 36-year-old Australian known as the "porn Matt Drudge," sold his infamous site to an adult Webmaster for a mere $25,000. He tossed out stacks of smut from his tiny bachelor bungalow, clearing space for even higher piles of Jewish literature and self-help books such as "What You Feel You Can Heal," and prepared to reconcile with a religion that has twice expelled him from orthodox synagogues after rabbis discovered his site.

"Judaism is not something you can do on your own; you have to belong to a community," explains a relieved Ford. "So I had to quit."

Though Ford's final motivation to shut down was certainly unique, the hassles that led him there were largely the same that daunt maverick Web publishers the world over: How do you avoid burnout, when you're the only employee? How do you make a living - especially after the dot-com crash -- and protect yourself from expensive lawsuits? And, if you're one of those lucky enough to have achieved some level of notoriety and traffic, how do you walk away from the very thing that made you famous? "I'm overall happier," Ford says, "but if it was just between God and me, I would have kept doing my site." But old habits die hard - an active and (mostly) sex-free diary site has popped up at lukeford.net.

As for Luke Ford, he's been flattered by the e-mails of many readers, such as adult star Jeremy Steele, encouraging him to come back in order to hold pornographers more accountable for their behavior: "My biggest supporters would be many of the little people in porn who got stepped on and abused over the years, written bad checks and lied to and nobody would tell their stories until me," he says.

Some days he feels regret for shutting down an endeavor in such a secretive world that took so long to infiltrate, and he still doesn't know exactly what to do next. But his family is ecstatic. "My dad says, 'It will add years to your life'," he jokes.

His main problem now, is that two months after the sale of LukeFord.com, his former rabbi hasn't welcomed him back to the synagogue. Like former porn stars who discover that videos last forever, Ford will be associated with his online persona for a long time coming. "When people type in 'Luke ford' in search engines, they find my old site. I guess you can't really build yourself a new virginity on the Web."

Rodger Jacobs writes on OJR.org: Re: "With her repeated employment of the word "amateurs" in this excellent article, I think Emmanuelle hit the nail squarely on the head. The Luke Fords and Matt Drudges of the world are writers -- and I use that word loosely -- with little or no professional training, discipline, or restraint. The fact that few of them are able to reap an income from their so-called journalism is testimony to their lack of substance or talent."    

Luke says: As thousands of professionals have poured on to the web, and none of them, aside from pornographers, have earned a profit from it...what does that mean? The most polished, trained, professionals in the world have set up internet journalism ventures and none of them have made a profit, only the amateurs like Drudge, Ford et al...

Rog Reviews Gene Ross

From www.RogReviews.com:

Roger Pipe: What did you think of Luke’s site, someone coming in from outside the industry and shaking things up?

Gene says: The first thing I said to Paul when I saw Luke Ford going up was that we should be doing something. It behooves us to set up our own web site. That suggestion went right over his head. It wasn’t until three years later that Paul finally relented. The only reason that Paul even went to the web was that Luke started decisively attacking AVN and its credibility. GeneRoss.com started up in March of 1999 and Luke had gone on the attack with full force around December of 1998. He was hitting us daily.

Rog: Was Luke on to anything, or was he just throwing stuff up to see what stuck?

Gene: He was getting pieces from various loose cannons. The interesting thing about the internet is that it can be a feeding frenzy, all you have to do is drip a little blood in the water. He hit a chord with one thing and then it became a mass psychology that benefited me by getting my site started. The only problem was that it took months to do it instead of being immediate.

Rog: Mark has taken a lot of cheap shots at people on the web, even his final editorial on Luke was vicious.

Gene: Oh he hated Luke Ford, he hated him.

Rog: Did you hate Luke?

Gene: I had an uneasy alliance with him. In the beginning it was like wrestling. I hated him because I was supposed to hate him, but I had to admire him. He was pretty good at what he did, pretty good at stirring shit. I would tell him from time to time that he was going too far with something. You have to know when it’s time to err on the side of caution. Sometimes he would just go in and start opening himself up to all sort of legal action. I was surprised that relatively little was taken against him with all of the threats I used to hear. People were always calling up saying they were going to sue him, but they never did. Why? They would always justify it in the end, saying it wasn’t worth it. He didn’t have two cents to rub together so they would drop it.

Jews Postpone WWIII

JERUSALEM (October 4) - In a reversal of policy, Jerusalem police announced last night that they would not permit members of the ultra-nationalist Temple Mount Faithful to drive two symbolic "cornerstones" for a third Temple to a parking lot outside the walls of the Old City near the Dung Gate this morning.

Did You Hug A Muslim Today?

Your Moral Leader asks: Did you hug a Muslim today, did you reassure him that he was welcome here in America and that his cousins are too?

Will from Canada writes: Just want you to know I hug Muslims every day - well spiritually anyhow. I work with one, do business with another and have a plethora of 'em in the neighborhood. By and large they are good people. Like us, they have some bad apples in the barrell as well.

The analogy I have been using lately to take the burden off the Muslims is as follows: "I am Canadian, and I am not responsible for the actions of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka."

It works to describe the circumstance as we cannot hold all Arabs or all Muslims accountable for the actions of a few on September 11th. The people who flew the planes and planned the affair made personal choices which may have had little to do with nationality or religious beliefs. Duct tape anybody to a cactus in the desert for a few days and you will find them unwilling to defend any political or religious dogma unless it is going to keep them alive.

September 11th was a sad day for humanity. We all need to be ashamed that our species has sunk to such a level and we must all work daily to improve and influence our communities to reduce the chance of such an atrocity happening again. Perhaps through such efforts we will realize an existence which is pleasant for all of us on this tiny marble in the vastness of space. Muslims are my brothers, as are all men. If the terrorists happen to be Muslims it does not change my view, any more than you should hate me for the actions of Paul Bernardo.

Chaim Amalek replies: You know, when the Muslim warriors slaughtered thousands of us on 9/11, muslims throughout the world celebrated. I know, I saw it on numerous broadcasts. In Palestine, in Cairo, and (I have heard from those who live there) in Muslim communities in New York City and New Jersey. Not all Muslims to be sure, but many. I do not recall hearing of any Canadians celebrating the crimes of Bernardo/Homolka.

YML says: According to liberal Tom Friedman of the New York Times, the Arab world is split 50-50 on whether the September 11 terror was a good idea.

XXX: Won't be a WW3, because our WORTHLESS government would never fight back that hard.

XXX: The French are the worst. They are turning their entire nation into a whorehouse for Islam.

XXX: I need to start fucking french women so that they can understand what awaits them in a few years.

Luke's Welchers

In July, I made wagers over $7000 that I would no longer be writing on porn by October first. It is now several days past that date. I am not writing on porn. I am owed much money. And so far nobody has paid up.

Luke Gets Mail

Hello Mr. Luke Ford! My name is XXX Kadosh (I'll be 20 on the 28th this month) and I'm a solider from Israel. I red about you and your work on "Blazer" magazine last month and I have decided to write you this letter (I would of write sooner but what can I do? I'm in the army!!).

I want to tell you that I admire the fact that you keep the commandments despite the fact that you are a very famous porno journalist. But even more I want to tell you that I want to be a journalist too. Like you. Porn business seems so interesting and glamorous not only because of the fact that you are dealing with adult movies stars, but because of the human point in that whole movie world. Like the story you've mantioned in the article of a young girl, named Meriln.

I will be released from the army in less than a year and a half, but there is a new order that says a solider can fly outside Israel to a 14 days period. Although I'm not sure that I can arrange this trip (both financially and getting the permit from the army) will you let me watch you at work? Even if you wont, I'll be glad to hear from you, anyway.

Helpful writes: Imagine his surprise when he finds Luke's living quarters substandard to even Palestinian homes.

Khunrum writes: Bin Levi, You owe this kid a trip over. A mentor type of thing as it were. You pick him up at the airport in the John Wayne Gacey van, put him up at The Hovel and introduce him to Lynn. He'll be back in the barracks within a week volunteering for front line duty.

Your Moral Leader Talks To Teens

I was shocked and appalled to find out over this holy Succoth holiday that the prestigious institutions of Jewish Orthodoxy in Los Angeles are teaching our teenage girls college prep courses instead of cooking, sewing and deportment. Higher education is the greatest prophylactic and is holding down the number of Jews in the world. The more college women go to, the fewer children they have. The best reason for a woman to go to college is to collect an MRS degree.

In addition, many daughters of Zion are dressing and behaving provocatively. I recently took time to write to one wayward 25 year old:

"Please listen to your dear parents. They want the best for you. It is very important that you wear a bra at all times and preserve your chastity at all costs. Do not dress provocatively because it stirs up the evil impulse of men. Belts with horns on them are a phallic symbol which arouses the sinful lusts of men. As do wifebeaters and those other symbols of that wicked punk style."

Alien writes: Your statement is one of an extremist mindset. A statement of acceptance and love first and the threat of bad will following. Very typical Luke. I am sorry you do not understand these things. But other than that May Isreal prosper and your mind be calm.

I Find It Hard To Talk To Chicks

I find it hard to talk to good looking women without being overwhelmed by my evil impulse. Instead of truly listening to their dilemmas and feelings, I find my mind working overtime on how to get them into bed. I know this is not the Torah's way. As the Talmud says, don't talk overmuch to women, including your own wife.

Sometimes I think, why would one want to talk to a woman unless it is to get her into bed? Or as my brother says, if they didn't have breasts, we wouldn't talk to them. Not that I approve of these sentiments.

Lynne writes: Neither do the women, Luke. The complementary distaff comment is: If they don't have cash, we don't talk to them. The evil isn't in your desire to have sex with good-looking women -- that's biology, testosterone and deprivation. The evil is that you've no desire to relate to women as people AFTER the sex. Judging by your brother's comment, this is the legacy of your father, as the two of you were raised by different women.

You know, there are plenty of fat old ugly Jewish guys out there who desperately want a woman to care for them, and I predict that, within two years, I'll be happily married to one of them, whereas you will still be self-centered and single.

Goddess writes: I think the above comment is a cry from Mr. Ford for you and his cronies to come up with The Top Ten Things Luke Ford Can Talk About On a Date.... now get crackin'.... Goddess has issued a challenge.

Helpful writes: 10) "I hope the impending war in Afghanistan will in no way impact the flow of cheap lemon protein bars into the USA. If it does. I'll be pissed!"

Khunrum writes: 9. Hi I'm Luke Ford the author, Have you read my new book? "My life and times in the sleaze trade"

8. "The servant problem is terrible these days. You can't get good help anywhere" (followed by a visit to the hovel)

7. "I'm a collector of antique transportation. As a matter of fact I am restoring this van"

6. "This van?...Actually I'm an author, I'm writing a book on Timothy Mc Veigh. I thought it would help my research if I drove the same type vehicle he used. Let me show you where the dynamite was stored"

5. Yes, I've heard that I don't look Jewish. No, Ford isn't a Jewish name. My stepfather was Ford. My real father's name is Greenspan. Well, yes I do have a stock tip or two. Let's go to my place and talk about it. You'll have to excuse the mess, the servant problem is just dreadful these days.

4) "Well, no I cannot identify the exact part of the Torah that condemns cunnilingus, but you gotta admit there is some similarity to shell fish there."

3. Let's talk about ME and how I overcame that narcissism rap (from Goddess)

2. Let's talk about the end of the world and how it will directly affect ME, ME, ME!

1. The shoes? No they are not Serbian Army combat boots. You see I am a writer. I just returned from the Klondike region of Alaska. Wouldn't want to be walking around there in tennies would you? hahahaha! Bar keep, I'll have what the lady is drinking and put it on her tab. (Khunrum)

The True Purpose Of Woman...

...is to care for her man.

As Leo Tolstoy's wife wrote in October, 1886: "Although the last two months, when Lev Nikolayevish [Tolstoy] was ill, were an agonising time for me, strangely enough they were also a very happy time for me. I nursed him day and night and what I had to do was so natural, so simple. It is really the only thing I can do well - making a personal sacrifice for the man I love. The harder the work, the happier I was."

Glad To Be Rid Of LukeFord.com

America's mood has completely changed since September 11. I'm glad to be rid of www.lukeford.com and moving on to other things.

As the Weekly Standard writes: "Nonetheless, the story of Bill Maher indicates the limits of an industry that is now without a sense of how to sell its wares to the American people. For 40 years, the entertainment business has been self-consciously provocative. It seeks to attract buyers with flash and sizzle, with offerings that are exciting to their audiences because in large measure they promise to offend or shock or bewilder other people. But a people reeling from a real shock, and preparing for more to come, doesn’t need false shocks."

How Can Jews Profit From All This Concern About Terrorism?

* Sell some amulets.

Nikki writes: We should not profit from these atrocities and it would further make the Jews look bad. Get that idea out of your head! Besides Jews aren't supposed to believe in amulets.

Who Are More Scary - Rioting Schwartzes Or Islamic Terrorists?

XXX writes: What scares you more, a terrorist attack, or rioting shvartzes in your neighborhood?
Luzdedos1: equal
XXX : I am not sure. On the one hand, man for man, the shvartze is more violent. On the other, the muslimman is smarter, more cunning

Where Luke Nurtures His More Feminine Side

Jane writes: Have you met your soulmate yet do you think? I know from your site you've been dating. I've often thought that Church might be a good place to meet a decent man. I could never decide on a Church or denomination though.

Helpful writes: BOING! It just occurred to me that this Jane might be part of a female LF discussion group where Luke nurtures his more feminine side (if that's possible). I feel betrayed.

Luke's New Job

JMT warns Quasarman about his contemplated converstion to Judaism: "Regarding your proposed conversion to Judaism, be advised that Luke Ford, having nearly exhausted the meager proceeds of the sale of his former domain, and seeking to work his way back into the good graces of certain hebraic clergymen, is seeking work as a mohel. The convert is advised to ensure that Ford has ingested several protein bars prior to performing the ritual, as his hands tend to shake otherwise."

XXX writes: You have to admit that Christians have better music, more sensible honest prayers, and fewer mindless rules. And they are friendlier too, as you know from personal experience.

Israelis Ready To Ignite WWIII?

From WorldNetDaily.com: In what could trigger further violence between Jews and Palestinians, an Israeli organization says it has rescheduled earlier plans to "lay and anoint" the cornerstones for the "Third Temple of Israel."

Helpful writes: Could the timing be any worse for this?

Fred replies: Oh, quit complaining. What's a corner stone among friends?

Khunrum writes: Dubya's remark yesterday was a warning shot across the bow. It took the Israeli government by surprise. Can we continue to support Israel when our country is in danger from further attacks? Why do the Euros constantly side with the Palestinians? Because they think they are right? Hell no, Because they don't want their buildings blown up.

Amalek's Final Solution

Chaim Amalek writes: My Final Solution to all our problems in the mideast is to urge on the jews of Israel more tolerance for others. One state, call it "Israel" to keep the jews happy, stretching from the Jordan to the Med. sea, with full and equal rights for arab and jew, and with same "right of return" for each. Do this and no more need for splitting up each acre of land on the so-called "west bank". If diversity is good for us, it should be good for them. If it is bad for them, why should we think that it would be any better for us? Let Israel/Palestine be our test case for finding out.

To those who are serious about the worth of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" (which you can never apparently have too much of when it is white people who are being diversified), NO, NO JOKE. I mean, if you are a good liberal jew who CHERISHES diversity and wants MORE muslims to settle in the West, why WOULDN'T you want to try creating a bi-national state in the mideast?

There are two discrete world views here. One, advanced for generations by American Jews and liberals of all types with respect to the West, holds that diversity is a BLESSING, no matter what, that it is to be CHERISHED. (Got millions of illegal immigrants? Make 'em into citizens all so that they can vote democratic and open the door even wider! Don't like it? Why, you must be a nazi of some sort!) Well, if it is a fucking blessing here, then it must be just as big a blessing in Israel. But the second world view, advanced ONLY by jews, is that Israel must be pure, for the jews and only the jews. No immigration there that might threaten Jewish political power.

These world views are not reconcilable, except as Pierce understands them to be, as expressions of pure liberal Jewish hypocrisy. Lets us Jews figure out which we want, for we cannot have both: a multiracial deracinated West, or a Jewish Israel. We cannot honestly insist on policies that will provide for both (i.e., a jewish Israel and a white minority West) - if the goyim are catching on.

Helpful writes: How about this? Monday, Wednesday, Friday it's Palestine. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday it's Israel. Sunday it is closed for clean up.

Luke Ford has NEVER had sexual contact of ANY sort with Lynne

Luke Ford, Your Moral Leader, says: I did not have sex with that woman, Miss L-patin.

Lynne writes: Now that Luke is on the verge of respectability and can encourage his dates to view his web site, I want to assure any of them who happen to read the above that it is far more likely the world was created in six days etc. than that Luke has had or ever will have any sexual contact with me. Just because we FIGHT as if we've had sex... Luke and I have never so much as held hands. We've never had phone or Internet sex. We've never been to a movie together. The only meal we ever shared was chaperoned by Nice Jewish Girl; she and I did all the talking. Once I was over at Luke's hovel and humped his bed pillow which really upset him, so I stopped. I've DREAMED about having sex with Luke a few times -- though his "equipment" was definitely on the petite side (see Luke's memoirs for details), the sex was intense and delicious. That's how we know it was a dream.

Something I think is really cool about being an Orthodox Jewess is that I shall never have to submit to lousy, exploitative premarital sex again, nor do I have to date any man who doesn't have the guts to face my rabbi and ask permission. I find it hard to believe that it's been well over a year since I've had sex, or even a hug: there's something about being friends with Luke Ford that really discourages me from wanting sex with anyone.

Sukkot is lots of fun, even if I don't get to sleep in the Sukkah. If I were to eat every meal in the Chabad Sukkah for days on end I would be the size of Chaim Amalek, because the food is very good and it is endless. We had about fifty people for dinner last night and for lunch today. In my Lubavitch pamphlet on Tishrei, it says, "Ask a competent Rabbi how to build a Sukkah." I tremble at the thought of an "incompetent" Rabbi. What criteria does one use to judge a Rabbi's competence at Sukkah-building? And if I build an incompetent Sukkah, am I violating Chabad tradition by sleeping in it?

Thursday evening the shul is starting a combination Torah Study & Yiddishkeit Cooking class for women. Apparently a good Jewish wife should argue theology with her husband over delicious food. But after I learn to make challah, I think I would like to combine my Torah study with assembling an Uzi while blindfolded. One can always buy a challah, but, in these troubled times, a woman who is skilled with firearms is an asset beyond compare.

What Should Luke Titles His Memoirs?

Email Luke

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* Seeking Attention

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* The Good, The Bad, and The Orthodox (from JRob)

* Catch a Falling (Six Pointed) Star

* Pay Wholesale for This Book

* (Tal)mud Wrestling for Dummies

* Now I Know Why the Caged Goyim Sing

* Your Moral Leader

Luke Not Need His Mommy Anymore?

Luke's mom writes: Glad to hear from you. I thought in your religious phase, you might not need your mommy any more, especially since she's not jewish.

Interested in your new date. Always beware of lawyers. Remember in a divorce they can kill you. Expect you are not planning marriage quite yet. More unwanted advice from said mommy. But remember, that's what mommies are for, and Jewish mommies give more advice than any other. So, if I were Jewish, you'd get more.

Went up to see Paul [Luke's brother], Mina and the kids last week. Lots of fun. Mina says I am an active granny. Though all the adults call me grandma Gill, the kids call me auntie, I think because I race around with them. Makes me think a lot of playing with you? All the games, I wonder if you remember them. I may, of course, have permanently flawed you by beating you all the time at one game (can't remember the name). Should have let you win.

Khunrum writes: Why rip "step mummy" she gives decent advice? Although if she were truly wise she would have warned. "Beware of wives, they hire lawyers who can kill you in a divorce." Can you imagine any lawyer representing Mrs. Ford on a contingency basis as she battles bin Levi in court for 50% of the Jeff Dahmer van?

Chaim brings up good a good point, "diversity rules." I for one am returning to my favorite Iranian restaurant for dinner tonight. The # 2 plate, beef kabobi on a bed of rice with pita bread and salad $5.95, yummy! Can't afford to punish them with my absence any longer. Especially since they are sporting a new American flag on the premises.

Luke writes: I'm reading Kenneth Lynn's biography of Hemingway, and when I get inspired by it, I work on my memoirs...

Khunrum writes: Hemingway Yes, Luke zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Do you actually believe anyone will want to read your autobiography? You must be nuts. Look, today everyone is snapping up those self help books. Especially with themes like "How I Made a Fortune Selling Dental Floss."

I believe what you need to make this tome financially successful is to come up with a snappy title. Persuade people the book will make them wealthy. For instance, "Be Your Own Pornographer for Fun and Profit," "How I made a Million in the Sleaze Game" or "The Smut Business, Path to a Lucrative Retirement"...There is no truth in advertising. People will never know until later the author is living like an Afghani refugee. We of the Advisory Gang of Four will supply blurbs to help sales...

Khun Rum....I read Luke's book and am now retired, financially secure and living with three X Hookers in Pattaya, Thailand.

Young Weissblott....I wish I had read this book before I became a Rock Critic. I am in the wrong business.

Chaim Amalek...Ford has a way with words. Every Jew will want to own this book.

Fred "the lawyer"....I was bummed out, couldn't sleep, women avoided me. Then I read Luke Ford's book and switched careers. I am rich and getting laid daily. Thanks Mr. Ford.

Robert...I was hounded by a crazy woman. I read Luke's book, make lot's of cash and retired to Switzerland where that crazy woman can't find me.

Chaim writes: Honestly, a book with a title like "How to Get Rich in Pornography" WOULD be a best seller, and Luke could actually write it. No sarcasm or humor here - if I were in his shoes, I would stop trying to suck off every rabbi and write just such a book. And unlike the rest of us (who no publisher would pay any attention to), Luke would be able to get this published in no time.

JMT writes: And to complement/pimp the book, a Learning Annex class. A whole room full of people paying attention to Luke (what could be better?), *and* paying for the privilege.

Quasarman Converts To Judaism

From QuasarmanRants.com:

I know what you are saying. You’re saying that my provocative headline is just another act of desperation to attract the many wandering Jews still searching for a messiah in the porn desert since being abandoned by Luke Ford. I can assure you that my motivations are far more sincere.

Okay, so I’m not actually going to convert to Judaism if only because of my almost-unmanageable shellfish habit but in this time of terrorism and fear, my respect for the Jewish people has grown tenfold. Why? Because unlike the vast majority of "Christian" America, the practicing Jews in this country believe that their way of life is precious and worth protecting. Christians will take in anybody who claims to have "found Jesus" but Jews demand far more than mere platitudes.

Israel is a relatively free and democratic nation in the midst of a hornet’s nest and yet never has an airliner, much less FOUR of them in one day, been commandeered by terrorists and turned against them. Why? Because Israel recognizes it’s own reality. Israel actually asks legitimate questions of it’s visitors such as "What the fuck are you doing here?, Where are you going? How long will you be staying?" and "Just to make sure you’re telling the truth we’re going to have six Israeli soldiers accompany you EVERYWHERE you go. Welcome to Israel". I exaggerate of course but you get the point, I hope.

Luke Educates Himself

I'm reading Kenneth Lynn's biography of Hemingway, and when I get inspired by it, I work on my memoirs. I'm next turning to A.N. Wilson's bio of Tolstoy. I will keep reading bios of writers until I become one.

Paul Johnson On Islam

British journalist Paul Johnson writes in the National Review:

Bold and uncompromising words were spoken by American (and British) leaders in the immediate response to the Manhattan Massacre. But they may be succeeded by creeping appeasement unless public opinion insists that these leaders stick to their initial resolve to destroy international terrorism completely. One central reason why appeasement is so tempting to Western governments is that attacking terrorism at its roots necessarily involves conflict with the second-largest religious community in the world.

It is widely said that Islamic terrorists are wholly unorthodox in their belief that their religion sanctions what they do, and promises the immediate reward of heaven to what we call "suicide bombers" but they insist are martyrs to the faith. This line is bolstered by the assertion that Islam is essentially a religion of peace and that the very word "Islam" means "peace." Alas, not so. Islam means "submission," a very different matter, and one of the functions of Islam, in its more militant aspect, is to obtain that submission from all, if necessary by force.

Islam is an imperialist religion, more so than Christianity has ever been, and in contrast to Judaism. The Koran, Sura 5, verse 85, describes the inevitable enmity between Moslems and non-Moslems: "Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans." Read On

The Juden Fight Amongst Themselves, Does Anyone Care?

Chaim Amalek writes: Which Jew Do YOU Believe?

OK Luke, you win. Your very EARNEST protests have con vinced me that I am "wrong" about this. Still, I ask all of you to rate the following events in increasing order of their probability of being true (least probable first, most likely true last):

The world was created in six days;
Osama bin Laden will stop killing Americans;
Israel will still be around as a jewish state in 50 years;
Islam will not defeat the West;
Luke Ford has NEVER had sexual contact of ANY sort with Lynne;
Our government will protect us against further terror strikes;
Multicultural societies are better for white people than majority white societies.

Lynne writes: Saturday morning I arrived earlier, rather than later. I sat in the women's section downstairs, as I feel uncomfortable being "above" men (even though the acoustics are probably better in the balcony.) An older woman named spoke with me, informing me that, as a new person, I had to sit in the back row of the women's section, and not to expect anyone to be friendly with me, ever. There were more women than the previous night, but not too many, but I would guess that the holidays have pretty much burned everyone out on regular attendance for a while.

When the TORAH was brought 'round following the reading, the other women crowded me away from it. They behaved like sharks at a feeding. Each was so intent upon showing her own piety to Rabbi that they elbowed me away as if this were a bargain basement sale at Bloomingdales.

When the one woman realized what had happened, she encouraged me to chase the TORAH into the men's section of shul so I could pay homage to it. That is something I could not do. When we broke for lunch (to which all were invited, of course), even the women I knew ran to lunch without saying hello. I had trouble just getting out of the shul area -- people were moving around oblivious to my physical presence. One man in particular kept dancing around between the women's section and the door so that I could not get past him. I could not tell if he was so tuned into himself that he simply did not notice I was there, or if this was deliberate behavior to defile me by accidentally touching so that he could blame me. I realized that I did not want to eat lunch with a group of people who did not talk to me and pushed me around literally...that I would stick to Chabad, where all Jews are valued and welcomed.

When I told Leslie about it, she said, "If Jesus came to worship there, they'd probably tell him to go sit in the back." Sunday I called Rabbi VVV and told him the story. He asked me why I thought I had been elbowed away from the TORAH and I told him that I thought it was more important to these Jews to make their presence known to their rabbi than it was for them to give other Jews access to Hashem's word. I said that if a woman was feeble or disabled, unable to rise or stand, my inclination would be to help her.

And it occurred to me that I might be very happy on an agricultural kibbutz in Israel, where I could care for animals AND walk to shul, because I doubt that there are many places in the world where one could have lots of animals and still have access to Yiddishkeit on foot. Anyway, I will be going to Chabad shul from now on, including tonight. I always loved Succot, but that's because I love sleeping outdoors and archaeology, and always hoped to be allowed to sleep in the little hut like people did in olden days.

Terror Sex

From Monday's LA Times:

It's the end of the world as we know it, especially in New York City, where what is being called "end-of-the-world sex" or "terror sex" has become a means for some to cope with terrifying feelings of fear, vulnerability and sadness.

"What's sick is that on the day that it happened, I watched the towers crumble, and then I'm walking north, really freaked out, but I was noticing more women than I ever do," said an unmarried Manhattan record executive in his 30s who contacted several women he was dating casually, all of whom he has had sex with since the attacks.

"Usually there are girls where you say she's not my type. Everything was my type all of a sudden. Everyone has been through a shared experience and people's defenses are down. People are vulnerable and that can be really attractive. It's biology at work--gotta procreate if the world is coming to an end."

Islamic Terror

Carl Pearston, a Los Angeles Jewish Republican, writes: After only three weeks, political correctness has obscured the nature of the terrorist threat we face. First, Reuters has dropped the term "terrorists" in favor of "alleged hijackers" in a overly-fastidious attempt to not prejudge the matter of legal guilt, as though this were a matter of crime, not war. Then, careful to not offend the sensitivities of the 6 million Muslims living in the US, and mindful of our dependence on moderate Moslem nations in building an anti-terrorist coalition, the President has advised that we should avoid describing terrorists as "Islamic", stating "The people who did this act on America, and who may be planning further acts, are evil people. They don't represent an ideology, they don't represent a legitimate political group of people. They're flat evil." Then both the Attorney General and Secretary of Defense solemnly told the public that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam. And when Italian Premier Berlusconi was so insensitive as to state that the values of Western civilization , with its tradition of respect for human political and religious rights, was superior to those of Islamic countries, which lack that respect, his remarks were treated with either shocked silence or righteous indignation and denouncement by his fellow Europeans.

True Islam, we are constantly being told by moderate American Moslems, means submission to God; it is a religion of peace, equality, and tolerance. Typical was Muslim doctor Al-Hazmi, quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying that the 11 September attacks were "insane" crimes which have "nothing to do with any religion and it has nothing to do with Islam. The teaching of Islam is totally against violence" Another Times article informs that "Muslims don't proselytize", and quotes Nasreen Haroon, a Muslim who regularly speaks at churches and schools: "They [the terrorists] are not practicing Islam. ...Islam is a peace-loving religion." We are also informed that the concept of Jihad (struggle or holy war for Allah) is really a personal war for self-mastery, having nothing to do with waging war against others. In sum, we are being told that the "alleged hijackers" were not True Muslims, but deranged and aberrant members of some fringe cult foreign to Islam.

None of these depictions correspond with the facts.

While there is no dispute that these barbarians are evil, they are not insane. They are cunning, implacable, fanatic, and ruthless. They most certainly represent a specific ideology, albeit a minority one, within Islam. It is a view that is shared by some 165 million other Muslims (of 1.2 billion) in an arc running from Lebanon through Gaza, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan to Indonesia, who are busy burning American flags and pronouncing Jihad against us. That ideology is Islamism, a fanatical fundamentalist revivalist movement seeking to establish a theocratic Islamic Nation over all Moslems, one nation at a time. The first was Iran in 1979, when an Islamic fundamentalist religious revolt toppled the pro-western Shah in reaction to his "White Revolution" which allowed women to vote and hold jobs, built large cities, and created a more secular society with Western freedoms, much as Kemal Attaturk had done in Turkey beginning in the 1920's. After the Shah, an Islamic Republic under the Ayatollah was created; he promptly called the US "The Great Satan", and Western-type freedoms disappeared. Shortly thereafter, mobs seized the US embassy and its staff, holding them hostage for two years. In 1996, Afghanistan followed a similar repressive path under the Taliban. The goal is to eventually unite all Muslim states into one Islamic Nation, ruled as an Islamic anti-democratic and totalitarian theocracy. This ideology finds expression through many organizations whose names have become all too familiar -- Islamic Jihad, Al-Quaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, Moslem Brotherhood, Abu Sayyaf , Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiya -- and a host of others less well known but with similar objectives in every Moslem country. Their enemy is secular society, secular governments, and Western civilization, which they see as corruptive and destructive of Islamic values. They scorn "moderate" or secular Moslem governments such as Turkey and Egypt and even Saudi Arabia; there are active terrorist movements in all such countries seeking overthrow of the governments They are committed Moslems, praised in mosques across the world for their devotion to Islam and to the concept of the Khilafah, a term referring to restoration of the Caliphate abolished by Attaturk in 1924 after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and which has been defined as the total rulership of Muslims all over the world in a centralized unitary state that implements the Islamic Shariah (Koranic law) and carries Islam to all people as a global ideology.

The Islam of history began in violence, was expanded in violence, and even now practices violence. Three of the first four Caliphs or Khalifah(deputy of the Prophet or leader) were murdered. The fourth was Mohammed's son-in-law Ali, whose brief rule was marked by constant civil war. The forced abdication and mysterious death of his son Hasan and the subsequent defeat and massacre of the second son Hosain and his army, led to the great schism between the Sunni traditionalists and the minority Shiites (partisans of Ali) who believe that only the familial line of Mohammed could be the ruler or Caliph. They revere Ali as a saint; the anniversary of Hosain's death is observed as a day of mourning. Politically defeated and and persecuted, the Shiites became an underground movement marked by suffering and protest. They adopted an esoteric interpretation of the Koran, finding a hidden level of meaning beneath the explicit and literal meaning of the Qur'an (Koran) known only to the Imam (religious leader), who can reveal it to chosen followers. Modernly, Shiites are the majority in Iran , with large populations in Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan.

Within 100 years of Mohammed's death in 632 AD, Muslim armies had swept across North Africa, the Middle East, and India, bloodily conquering from the Atlantic almost to the Pacific, and into Spain and France where they were finally stopped at the battle of Poitiers. At that time, the Muslim empire was the largest the world had ever known. They remained in control of Spain until the 15th century, and, under the Ottoman Turks, laid siege to Vienna as late as the 17th century after the fall of Constantinople and occupation of the Balkans in the 15th and 16th centuries. This amazing military conquest arising out of Arabia over centuries was done in the name of religion. As Ibn Khaldun, the great Islamic historian of the 14th century wrote: "In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force".

As for tolerance toward Christians and Jews, known as "the People of the Book", Ibn Khaldun wrote "It is for them to choose between conversion to Islam, payment of the poll tax, or death". And the 14th century Imam and Islamic scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya wrote, "... jihad is obligatory until the word of Allah reigns supreme, and until all are of the religion of Allah, until the religion of Allah triumphs over all religions and until they pay the poll tax while in a state of inferiority." Those in this state of inferiority were called dhimmis (protected minority), and were required to wear a distinctive garb so Muslims would know not to treat them as equals.. As Ibn Qyyim notes " The dhimmis are the most disobedient of His command and contrary to His word; consequently it befits them to be humiliated by distinguishing them from the comportment of the Muslims whom Allah has exalted through their obedience to Him and His Prophet above those that have disobeyed Him. These He has humiliated, belittled, and rendered abominable so that the sign of contempt is manifest upon them, so that they can be distinguished by their appearance." The imprisonment and trial of two American girls among eight Christians charged by the Taliban for speaking of Christianity is typical of Islamic tolerance to other religions.

Nor is the concept of self-martyrdom or suicide killings new to Islam. In the 9th through the 12th centuries, the secret Shiite orders of the Karmathians and Assassins disposed of their enemies by ruthless murder. The Devotees were marked by unquestioning obedience and by a fanatic disregard for their own safety. Self-martyrdom was sought as a guaranteed admittance to Paradise. Modernly, Islam is at war with Hindus in Kashmir, with Christians and animists in Sudan, with Catholics in the Philippines and Indonesia, with Coptic Christians in Egypt, with Christians in Nigeria, and of course, with Jews in Israel. As the Ayatollah Khomeini stated: "We shall export our revolution, to the whole world. Until the cry 'Allahu Akbar' resounds over the whole world. There will be struggle. There will be Jihad . . . Islam is the religion of militant individuals…..Islam will be victorious in all the countries of the world, and Islam and the teachings of the Quran will prevail all over the world . . . This is the duty that all Muslims must fulfill….."

Now, I assume that Muslim citizens and residents of the United States do not share the foregoing views, and are fully supportive of this nations' traditions of equality and religious and political freedom. Many if not most may have come here specifically for the freedoms that have been denied in the countries from which they fled. No one wishes to denigrate or insult Muslims or their religion. We must practice the tolerance that we preach and respect the rights and persons of Muslims. But so must the Muslims who are telling us how peaceful Islam is and denouncing terrorism as not part of Islam. They should be telling, not the American public, but the Arab, Iranian, Pakistani, Afghanistani, Indonesian public--all the Muslims of the world, all the Moslem countries--that to abandon the Islamic principle of peace is a desecration of their religion. That to endorse self-martyrdom or suicide bombings anywhere is a betrayal of the Koran and a defamation of Islam. American Muslims should be insisting that every Imam in every mosque in the world speak out against terrorism, mass killing, and jihad against our civilization as a perversion of the Islamic ideal of peace and equality. They should insist that Islam abandon its fiery rhetoric which only encourages more terrorism, and that Moslem countries cease their oppression of other religionists. When those messages are resounding around the world, then it will be time to praise Islam as peaceful.

Bob Jones writes: Luke, the article you have at the top of your site, while correct about many things, largely misunderstands bin Laden and Islamic fundamentalism. The Iranian revolution had nothing to do with the bin Laden/Hamas style of fundamentalists we see today. The Iranians were, first of all, not trying to take over the rest of the world. It is Islam in one country. Second, and more importantly, the Iranians hate the Taliban, and vice versa. Iranians, although Islamic, are not Arabs, and many are quite racist against Arabs. Further, they are Shiites. The Taliban, like the Saudis and bin Laden, are Arab Sunnis. They are members of a particular minority Sunni sect, common among Pashtuns, who believe that Shiites are heretics. The After coming to power, the Taliban massacred some 20,000 Shiites.

If you drew up a list, in order, of who bin Laden hates, it would look like this:

Western Powers in General
Secular Islamic Governments (Libya, Egypt, Jordan)
"Decadent" Islamic Governments (Saudi Arabia)
Other variants of Islam (Turkey, Iran)

A list of friends, in order, would look like this:

Sharia Governments (Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Taliban)
Radical Jihadians (Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah)
Arab Nationalists (PLO)

LukeFord.net - A Safe Place To Share Your Emotions

I fear that I have not been as empathic as I should've been the past few weeks. If there are emotions that you guys are feeling, I want you to know that www.lukeford.net is the place for you to share them. I want to help you to connect to your heart and to God. I don't consider you guys to be my readers, but rather my friends.

I want to use my empathic skills with you guys, not on you. I want to use my skills to develop our relationship, not to perform as a circus empath.

Chaim Amalek writes: REAL men know that Quasarmanrants is the place to publish rants these days. LukeFord.net is strictly for girlish mewlings of submission and self doubt. But what the heck, if it helps you get laid, Luke, mewl away!

Helpful writes: Q may be a card carrying Canadian, libertarian atheist, but he does exhibit the compassion and humanity that Luke so desperately lacks. (Plus his wife has HUGE cans!)

Will writes: Hi Luke: I read .net every day and I am worried about the effect all the negative comments are having on you. It appears you are a bit lonely and would like to find a nice girl (non-shiksa) to settle in with. How will you accomplish this with all the ego bashing your "friends" provide you on the site? I could not imagine having any confidence after reading the bulk of these comments, some of which I find rather racist. I am sure your dates see the effect as well.

Concentrate on God, not women, when in shul Luke. He will provide a partner for you in good time. Meantime, start scrapping back at these derogatory nay-sayers on your site or take a break from it for a week or so. The new clothes should help in your quest. Keep working on your book.

Going To Shul With Levi Ben Avraham

Here are some of the thoughts that go through my head when I sit in synagogue, like this morning:

Are any of my friends here? I don't recognize many people. Let me get an aisle seat so I can get out easily if I feel antsy.

Does anyone see the book I'm carrying under my shoulder? The Moral Sense by James Q. Wilson. It's a not a Jewish book.

Let me look around the women's section. Is there anyone there I want to get to know?

Ok, there are some guys from my previous shul. Do they know about my dismissal? Do they know about www.lukeford.com?

I bet most people don't have to battle the incredibly destructive and evil suggestions that my mind bombards me with. I walk around socially constantly thinking, don't do anything stupid. Hold yourself in check. Ok, I had a five minute conversation with that person and I didn't do anything untoward.

Ah, here comes a friend from my old shul. He doesn't know about my expulsion. I promise to explain outside of shul. How should I phrase it? Should I massage the truth?

Ahh, there's an attractive woman. Look how fervently she prays. What a slender waist and fine figure.

I meet Jews who don't realize that I sold www.lukeford.com over two months ago. How could they not see the change in the site?

I get invitations to different homes for the coming Succoth holidays.