Violence Does Not Rob Children Of Innocence, Sex Does

On his radio show Monday, Dennis Prager complained about the sexual emphasis in the Oscars telecast last night.

Dennis: “What sex would you show kids? People fully covered under covers? And the parent would tell the ten-year old what is going on?

“Showing violence does not rob children of innocence. Children know that there is violence from the earliest age. Showing sex does take away their innocence. Innocence has to do with sexuality.

“Anyone raised with fairy tales knows violence. Anyone who’s read the violence knows violence. Anyone who’s watched cartoons knows violence.”

“There is violence that helps keep kids innocent — violence against the bad guy. When children see bad guys punished or killed if they’re about to kill good people, that’s what kids worry about. They don’t freak out that bad guys get killed. They worry that innocent people get killed. That’s me. I’m innocent.”

“Boundaries is a conservative term.”



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