It Was Easier To Meet Women At 27 Than 47

I moved to Los Angeles in March of 1994. I was almost 27. I had a ball my first year in LA. I had a ton of dates. Everywhere I went, it seemed, I met women.

I was an unknown quantity. I was new to LA. I had an Australian accent. I was good looking. I was enthusiastic about life having spent the past six years bed-ridden by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Every night, I wanted to go out and about. I was immersed in women and felt like there was always going to be plenty for me.

By late 1995, I was sick of playing around. I wanted to settle down but it just didn’t happen with the ones I wanted.

As the years went by, I became steadily less attractive to women. Those my age were getting more serious about life, and I just did not look like marriage material.

Now I’m 47. I’ve never been married. And I fool no one.

At 26 and 27, I met a bunch of smart attractive women via singles ads. Now I’m on and (and I’ve had previous stints on and and I’ve sent off about 250 emails and I get about a 10% reply rate and when I reply to their replies, it’s pretty much all over.

Unless you’re hyper-successful, writer and Alexander Technique teacher just has no sex appeal.

I’ve spent my adult life doing what I wanted and I realize now there is much to be said for choosing a stable profession. Hmm, I always thought I was going to be a star. It didn’t quite work out that way.



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