Dennis Prager Marries For Third Time

My Dennis Prager biography. This is Prager’s second tall blonde wife in a row. I saw Sue with Dennis Aug. 5, 2007 ago at a conservative gathering.

Prager’s first wife Janice looked like Keira Knightley in this photo. Says a friend: "She worked at the Wiesenthal Center when I was in high school and we used to wonder what Prager had to get someone like her. We used to have to pick our tongues off the floor when she walked to her car and she knew it."


Dennis and Sue were married December 31 by Rabbi Michael Gotlieb at his synagogue, Kehillat Ma’arav, in Santa Monica, California.

The former Susan Reed, known to all as Sue, was raised in the Los Angeles area, graduated from Occidental College, obtained her law degree from Loyola Law School and was admitted to the California Bar in November 1994. After a half-year practicing business transaction law, Sue left her career to be a fulltime mother to her two boys, one of whom is autistic, and shortly thereafter also to raise her two nieces after the death of their mother, Sue’s 35 year-old sister, Cyndi, from cancer.

Sue met Dennis at a speech he gave for the Jewish organization Chabad in San Diego, where she lived until 2008 when she moved to Los Angeles.

Here is Dennis’s statement:

As many listeners and my friends and family know, my divorce after 19 years with Fran was a very painful period of my life. Happily, Fran and I remain friends and share the raising of our son, Aaron.

Many people advised me against marrying again. After all, they argued, I had no plans to have more children. And we live in a society that hardly demands marriage, let alone the remarriage of middle aged individuals. More than a few men additionally argued that I would come to value my “freedom.”

To be honest, I understood these arguments, but I believe that marriage is the greatest of all social institutions; I happen to agree with God who said in Genesis, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

Nevertheless, with all my belief in marriage, I would not likely be getting married at this time were it not for Sue, whose goodness, love , intelligence, and emotional stability have been a blessing to me and to all those who know her.

Through all that I have experienced, I believe I can fairly say that I have learned a great deal about men, women, and marriage. It is one reason I began the “Male-Female Hour” – to help others in relating to the other sex and in their marriages.

Over time, I hope many of you will get a chance to meet Sue.

I thank all of you who have shown me such warm and loving support over these past few years. You have no idea how much that has meant to me.

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