The Very Hot Melissa Scott

The pastor finally confesses, sort of, to Marie Claire magazine, that she was the nude model Barbie Bridges.

Here is my previous coverage of Melissa Scott.

I only tell this story — not to get hits to my website — but to share an inspiring example of God’s grace, the way He can reach down and lift up the greatest of sinners.

Will you turn to the person next to you right on and say. "Amen! Preach on, Guru Luke!"

What many don’t realize is that Melissa Scott and Sarah Palin are identical twins who were separated at birth:

Gretch Voss writes for the May issue of Marie Claire:

Pastor Melissa Scott presides over a televangelist empire. Hard to believe that she was once a triple-X plaything known as Barbie Bridges.

Shortly after his funeral, Doc Scott’s comely young wife assumed University’s pulpit. But after her first sermon, someone anonymously mailed churchgoers Easter cards featuring snap shots of a porn star known as Barbie Bridges who looked remarkably similar to Pastor Melissa Scott. One image showed the woman with her legs spread wide, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus postage stamps covering her privates. Another featured a "See You Sunday!" banner plastered across her bare chest; underneath it read, "The Church Where You Can Do Anything…Anything."

…Web newsgroups devoted to the church were overrun by users posting more damning photos. ("Who else wants to bang the bejesus out of Pastor Melissa Scott?" inquired one.)

…But Scott would cop to nothing, dismissing the incident as an expert Photoshop job, part of a sick smear campaign by religious nuts. She even trotted out a Hollywood attorney to threaten her congregants with lawsuits should any more anonymous missives materialize.

…By 1998, they were an item. Dr. Scott ordained her his administrative pastor, though she has no formal theological training. Two years later, they wed in Reno.

…Melissa Scott really was a porn star. …Though it’s unclear when she adopted the moniker, she’d already nabbed a title — Miss Nude CanAm Exotic — under the name… Scott was married to Paul Pastore, who worked for an exotic dancing agency named Fantasy Creations before launching a porn distribution outfit called Barbie Bridges Enterprises. (Among its titles: Backdoor Diaries and Heidi’s High Heeled Hookers.)

….Scott didn’t cultivate her relationship with Dr. Scott in church, say former associates, but at his California ranch where the fiery televangelist frequently entertained nude models like Penthouse Pet Chloe Jones and and Playboy Playmate Elke Jeinsen. Congregants dubbed them his "pony girls," because he often filmed them riding his stallions in thong bikinis and broadcast the footage during his Sunday sermons. ("Now that you see what I’ve got waitin’ for me at home," he told his audience, "you should all be extra nice to me for comin’ down here to talk to ya.") "Melissa was there, always dancing for doc topless, showing her tits right away," recalls Jeinsen, now a swimsuit model and sometime actress. Doc often paid his pony girls to attend church, where they acted as a kind of cheerleading squad. "[Melissa] sat in the front row in skimpy outfits. When she came around, I just thought, gold digger," says Christian Shaw, son of Playboy Playmate Christine Shaw, a longtime girlfriend of Doc Scott.

Anyone with this much to hide who still won’t talk about her life seems like a prime character to crack up. Her knowledge of Hebrew seems much less than she advertises and I warrant it is the same way with the other 19 languages she says she taught herself.

Steve Crump writes for

Arguably the strangest celebrity the Magic Valley ever produced was televangelist Gene Scott, a flamboyant Buhl native who ran a series of mega-churches and a broadcasting empire in Southern California …

Scott died four years ago at age 75, but his ministry is being continued by his widow, Melissa, herself an interesting story…

Gene Scott was born in 1929 and eventually earned a doctorate in philosophy at Stanford University in 1957 … Ordained by the Assemblies of God, he was a traveling teacher who eventually became pastor of the Protestant Westcott Christian Center and Faith Center in Glendale, Calif., and then the Los Angeles University Cathedral …

In 1975, Scott took his preaching to the airwaves, doing a nightly TV broadcast called the "Festival of Faith." … His sermons were blunt and sometimes peppered with profanity, and he often tangled with the Federal Communications Commission over allegations of illegal fundraising …

Eventually, the FCC pulled his broadcast licenses because Scott refused to turn over donor records …

Undeterred, in 1983 Scott’s University Network began broadcasting the first 24-hour-a-day religious television network via satellite to North America and much of Mexico and the Caribbean … Affiliate television and radio stations transmitted Scott’s services …

In 1990, he became an international shortwave radio voice which, at its peak, was heard worldwide …

Scott’s unconventional preaching earned him a reputation as an eccentric … He chomped on cigars, delighted at having beautiful young women dance at his broadcasts and occasionally conducted services wearing a sombrero … "With his white mane and beard, half-frame reading glasses cocked on his forehead, the Rev. Scott was a caricature of a modern day prophet … He would alternately grin with his white – and dentally enhanced – teeth and berate his congregation," according to a 2005 obituary in the Los Angeles Times …

When Scott died of prostate cancer, his pulpit and his media ministry passed to his wife, 37-year-old, Italian born Melissa Pastore, who had once been married to a producer of adult films … Melissa Scott bought hours of time over broadcast, cable, and satellite television for the presentation of hour-long programs of her husband’s messages from Gene Scott’s later years, as well as many more recent lectures done by herself … Still available are the 24-hour-a-day satellite, Internet and short-wave broadcasts, carrying the raw network feed, featuring 30 years of Scott’s recorded teachings …

She’s been a controversial pastor in her own right, both for her lifestyle and her teachings … You can visit her Web site at



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