TMZ Employed A Sex Offender


ERS News has learned that, a internet based celebrity web site and recently launched syndicated television show, employed a convicted registered sex offender by the name of Glenn Gurniak. Gurniak worked with TMZ for an extended period of time in 2006 and early 2007. Gurniak is known on the street and by TMZ’s own web posted reports by the moniker "G-Hollywood".

"G-Hollywood" was touted by for months on its widely popular celebrity related website. TMZ is well known for its unique style of aggressive, "in your face" paparazzi reporting style on the world of celebrities and Hollywood related news. is one of the most widely popular celebrity related websites on the net. It has also become a routinely used source of news and information by other broadcast, print and online media outlets.

Gurniak is also well known to police and the California registered sex offender database. You can view Gurniak’s "Megan’s Law" entry below on the State of California’s sex offender registry.

…In a related story, earlier this year ERS reported on another registered sex offender who is also a well known LA paparazzo working for the celebrity photo agency X-17. In that case Ramon Leroy Kirk aka ‘Twist" was also a registered sex offender who had spent time in California State Prison for his illegal sexual actions with an underage girl.



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