Breaking The Family Trance

When you think you’ve changed through therapy and workshops, go home for the holidays and see what happens when your family pushes your buttons.

Therapist Jerry Wise: “All of us grow up in families in which we are hypnotically induced to accept the norms of our family.”

“The deepest trance you’ll be in is in your family trance.”

“It’s not something we notice because it is a trance, but once it is broken, you see you were really in a trance.”

“Kids are highly suggestible because they are so dependent upon family.”

“A parent’s feelings become the reality for children.”

“As we get older, we can try to have our own reality, but that is hard if you are still under the trance of a dysfunctional family.”

“A family trance is the emotional paradigm we grew up with. These givens are the glasses through which we see the world.”

“It’s possible to break your family trance but it is not an easy thing to do alone. Fish don’t see the water. It’s not easy to see your water.”

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Lawrence Auster: ‘Jews: The Archetypal Multiculturalists’

The late Lawrence Auster was born Jewish but later converted to Christianity. He was best known for his cutting cultural and political commentary (read his critiques of Dennis Prager).

Kevin MacDonald writes:

Auster recently posted a chapter originally written in 1998 on the role of Jews in the multicultural transformation of the U.S. and the decline of White America (“Jews: The Archetypal Multiculturalists”). He hits pretty much all the right notes. Auster often has a way of phrasing things and choosing quotations from prominent Jews that cut to the heart of the matter—almost like painting pictures that are worth a thousand words.

His dissection of Alan Dershowitz is classic—the supreme arrogance and hypocrisy of Dershowitz’s fanatic ethnocentrism that is entirely mainstream in the Jewish community. Dershowitz unabashedly gives Jews the right to alter America in the direction of multiculturalism to suit their interests, as well as to disregard the Constitution and the attitudes and interests of White America; Dershowitz simultaneously condemns the ethnocentrism and group feelings of non-Jewish Whites while supporting Jewish ethnocentrism, endogamy, and sense of group interests in America as well as the racialist, apartheid state of Israel. To say that Jews like Dershowitz have no respect for the traditional people and culture of America is a gross understatement; they see the world from a completely Jewish perspective in which the rights, culture, and traditions of non-Jews at best count for nothing. At worst, they are the appropriate target of hatred, scorn, and ultimately, one fears, far worse; indeed, Auster describes Dershowitz as “openly hostile to America’s historic civilization.”

Dershowitz is an example of extreme ethnocentrism where it is impossible to see the world except in terms of Jewish interests. Here’s Auster on Dershowitz excoriating WASP law firms for not hiring ethnically obsessed Jews like Desrhowitz:

He lived a life apart as a Jew, yet at the same time he expected high-society lawyers to staff their firms with people who couldn’t socialize with them. And he calls them bigots for not wanting to do this!” [Auster’s emphasis]

Jews like Dershowitz are completely unable to see the situation from the perspective of those he condemns. Unfortunately, Dershowitz is entirely within the mainstream of Jewish opinion and activism among American Jews and certainly within the organized Jewish community in America. And because of the elite status of American Jews, this is very important indeed. Jews matter…

Auster cannot point to any significant Jewish organization that has dissented from the dispossession of White America. (To be sure, groups like ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews have played no role in the dispossession of White America, either in favor or in opposition, since they live in a hermetically sealed world completely cut off from the rest of the society.) Nor can he point to any other identifiable group that promoted these cultural changes.

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I wish America would adopt an immigration policy akin to Saudi Arabia’s

From Wikipedia: “Saudi Arabia has mandated six-year cap on the residency of foreigners in the country, as part of its programme to control the local job market, and any Hajji or illegal over stayers are met with a mandatory prison sentence followed by swift deportation.”

Report: “There is nothing more satisfying to a disgruntled population struggling with high unemployment than raiding and rounding up illegal immigrants. Governments are compelled to appear in charge at difficult times, and a struggling society happily watches hundreds of illegal immigrants being deported. Out of the crisis, there emerges a sense of momentary quasi-nationalism that may soon evaporate amid news of clashes and death. Illegal immigrants are the “stranger” par excellence, and are always good scapegoats, an enemy within who can be blamed for all sorts of ills, from petty crime to taking jobs from locals.”

Saudi Arabia does not want Jewish visitors. Perhaps America should similarly shun Muslim visitors? Have Muslims done as much good for America as they have done harm? What benefit have they been that would outweigh the damage of 9/11?

From WikiTravel: “Saudi Arabia has some of the most restrictive travel policies in the world, and advance visas are required for all foreigners desiring to enter. The only significant exception is citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Also exempt from visa requirements are foreigners transiting through airports for less than eighteen hours, but many other entry requirements, such as the dress code and restrictions on unaccompanied females, still apply. Nationals of Israel and those with evidence of visiting Israel will be denied visas, although merely being Jewish in and of itself is not a disqualifying factor. (There are, however, anecdotal reports of would-be visitors who tick the “Jewish” or “Atheist” boxes on their visa application having trouble.) Saudis prefer not to grant visas to unaccompanied women, but work permits are common in some fields — esp. nurses, teachers, maids — and possible for anyone if your sponsor has enough connections.”

I admire Saudi Arabia’s restrictive policies towards visitors and immigrants and wish that Western nations emulate them. I like it that Saudi Arabia identifies as a Muslim state. I like it that Israel identifies as the Jewish state. America should identify as a white Christian nation.

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Why Was Barry Freundel Presiding Over Kesher Israel In DC?

Because the previous rabbi, Philip Rabinowitz, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death. More than 30 years later, the crime is still unsolved. There’s a $25,000 reward for information leading to a criminal conviction.

Chaim: “In the 80s, DC was very very violent, and it spilled out to all the region. But since then an influx of white twinx asians and similar has done much to help pacify the place. Read up on this. Nothing stolen. And he was not the sort of man to let strangers into his home. Sounds like it was someone he knew and that it was personal.”

The Forward reports this past week: “In his 26-year tenure at the synagogue, Freundel was praised often as an intellectual rabbi, a scholar of Jewish law and an expert on Jewish ethics. Freundel was the brain, all agreed, but not necessarily the heart. Some described him as aloof and lacking warmth, qualities that may have made the community’s break with him easier.
That contrasted with Freundel’s predecessor, Rabbi Philip Rabinowitz, whom Freundel succeeded in 1987. During his 34 years as the congregation’s spiritual leader, Rabinowitz brought to Kesher more of an Old World Eastern European pastoral style that focused on building the community and he excelled in human relations. His tragic and unsolved murder left the Modern Orthodox community shocked, and led the way to Freundel’s era at Kesher’s helm.”

Daniel: “If the previous rabbi had had a spycam in his house, the crime might have been solved.”

After R. Rabinowitz was murdered, Rod Glogower served for a few years and then Barry Freundel.

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The Laws Of Converting To Orthodoxy Judaism

Rabbi Elchonon Tauber, a leading expert on Jewish law in Los Angeles, says in this class posted online: “We don’t encourage proselytizing. We have no intention of making goyim into Jews. There’s no mitzvah. Chazal (Talmudic rabbis) say that converts as as difficult for Israel as a nasty skin disease.”

“Should you [a Jew] adopt a Jewish child? The Lubavitcher Rebbe said no because of yichud (being alone with a member of the opposite sex not a family member). Many gadolim hold that we should not adopt non-Jewish children and make them into Jews.”

“There are many incredible converts but all rabbis have met converts who turned out to be a disaster.”

“Some converts only want to be Modern Orthodox with a lot of cutting corners, not covering their hair, etc. I try to stay away from such converts.”

“There’s a rabbi called Abner Weiss. He used to do conversions. He’s not learned. He’s a good speaker. Beth Jacob needed a good speaker. He’s a Cohen and he married a divorcee. I got a phone call from Brazil once. He said that this Rabbi Weiss made a conversion a long time ago. I said, then it was good. Later he became not-good.”

“You fell in love with a girl and we should make a conversion? A learned Beit Din (Jewish law court) won’t touch this. We don’t accept this but if a Beit Din did it, it’s a kosher conversion.”

“There’s someone in the news [Barry Freundel]. Let’s say his sin was pornography. If it was that, that’s complicated. If a dayan (rabbinic decider) speaks lashon hara (evil speech), are his conversions invalid? It’s complicated.”

“If we can prove that he slept with a woman who was not his wife, then his conversions after that are invalid. But you need two kosher witnesses.”

“You have to keep all the mitzvahs [to be a valid convert to Judaism]. I’ll say this on the record. I’m not afraid. The RCC has a Rabbi Adlerstein and he signed a letter a year ago saying we accept everyone, there are different types of Judaism… He was talking about the ladies demonstrating at the Wall (Kotel). I showed it to Rabbi Shochet and a few rabbis. This sounds like he does not believe in the 13 Principles of Judaism as listed by Maimonides.”

Here is the letter in question published in the Jewish Journal June 6, 2013:

“There are no villains in this story.” Those were the calming words of Natan Sharansky, renowned human rights champion and Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The story was of in-fighting that has erupted among Jews at the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism. Sharansky, tasked with resolving the issue by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke to a group of Los Angeles Rabbis last week, knowing that the monthly Jewish holiday of Rosh Hodesh will arrive this Sunday – and many Jews will gather again for prayer at the Western Wall. The prospect of clashes has unsettled the Jewish world.

Some of those gathering will be part of “Women of the Wall,” a group of women and men meeting every Rosh Hodesh for almost 25 years. The women will be praying as a group in the women’s section. Others will be women and men who believe that the way “Women of the Wall” pray violates Jewish law. Last month on Rosh Hodesh these differences led to an ugly confrontation. As the great Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai wrote a generation ago, “From the place where we are right flowers will never grow in the spring.” From the place where we are right, violence erupts.

We are American rabbis from different denominations; we know there are different ways to be a Jew. We know that the ability to disagree civilly does not grow spontaneously. It takes many years of cultivating relationships and building trust through meeting, listening, sharing, and working together. This is a process that diaspora rabbis and Jews have been engaged in for decades, one which has begun to bear real fruit in recent years.

Here in Los Angeles many of us are reaching across our divisions to model a relationship of respect and dignity. Despite our deep differences, we all equally love the Jewish people and the State of Israel. We dare not demonize or dehumanize one another.

The Western Wall is a central symbol to all Jews. But this Wall that has united people can also divide us. Winston Churchill used to say that Americans and the British are two peoples separated by a common language. The two groups vying for control of the Western Wall are two communities separated by a common scripture, the Torah. Matters of conscience are not themselves amenable to compromise or negotiation. Still, we all believe that a principal element of conscience is to listen and learn from one another and to show the respect and dignity that befits an ancient people and a great tradition.

Few know that better than Natan Sharansky, who languished in the gulag for eight years. He was chosen by Israel’s Prime Minister to come up with a solution, one that would defuse a dispute that spilled over to Jewish denominations in the United States, and strained relations between diaspora Jews and the State of Israel at a time that she is threatened existentially by Iran and the possibility looms of a front opening up with Syria. Sharansky reminded us that while each was – and still is – convinced of the justice of his or her position, there was another side to be heard.

Freed in exchange for a Soviet spy in 1986, Sharansky explained that he was whisked off to Jerusalem, now in the company of his wife Avital from whom he had been separated so many years before, right after their marriage. One of his first stops, of course, was the Western Wall. He clung to Avital’s hand to remind himself that this was no fantasy, no dream from which he would wake up in solitary confinement once again. Nearing the Wall, however, he and Avital had to briefly part company, as men and women are separated in prayer in Orthodox tradition. He did not convey this with any resentment. (His wife, in fact, is Orthodox.) He told us of what he understood at that moment. The Western Wall serves as a place to pray for countless Jews. But it also serves as a powerful focus of national Jewish yearning and aspiration, quite apart from religious belief. Somehow, both have to be satisfied, and that is what his plan would try to do, embodying the key Jewish and democratic values of mutual respect, inclusion and tolerance. Sharansky and the Government of Israel should be commended for engaging in this ambitious effort to resolve such a difficult problem.

We believe that this is a message that resonates not only among the Jews of our great city, but among all our neighbors as well. At a time when the Middle East faces increasing upheaval and bitter partisanship has become a norm even within many democratic countries, this is a theme worth amplifying and repeating. And with the help of G-d, perhaps some of our determination will reflect back to Jerusalem, the “City of Peace,” and make it more peaceful yet. With some gentleness we can ensure that flowers will always be able to grow.

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein
Rabbi Denise Eger
Rabbi Ed Feinstein
Rabbi Morley Feinstein
Rabbi Laura Geller
Rabbi Judith HaLevy
Rabbi Eli Herscher
Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky
Rabbi Elazar Muskin
Rabbi Kalman Topp
Rabbi David Wolpe
Members of a Task Force on Jewish Unity comprised of Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Progressive and Reconstructionist leaders

Rabbi Tauber: “I’m not sure his conversions are kosher. They say he did it for political reasons.”

“There’s a rabbi [Yosef Kanefsky] who announced publicly he no longer says the blessing, ‘Thank you God for not making me a woman.’ To me, he sounds like an apikoros (heretic).”

“R. Shmuel Kamanetsky says in Philadelphia, they made a Modern Orthodox conversion. The rabbi came from a shul without a mehitza. Rabbi Kamanetsky declared the conversion invalid. He made the lady do a more strict conversion.”

“Or if you find out the rabbi was a molester, but you have to know when that started.”

“I was shocked that the RCA came out and said [Barry Freundel's conversions were kosher]. Maybe something will come out? Maybe there are witnesses?”

“In the 1970s, there were a lot of hippies who became Jews and it didn’t take long and they became goyim. The rabbis got together and they decided to make prospective converts live like an Orthodox Jew for a year before converting.”

“I once heard from a ger (convert) that Yom Kippur didn’t work for me.”

“Why don’t we teach them about sex [when they first seek to convert, instead we teach them Shabbos and kashrut]? I ask a lot of people who became religious what was the hardest thing? And they said sex. Sex is the most powerful.”

I’m translating the rabbi’s comments, best I can, into English. I’m not doing a literal translation. I am trying to convey the sense of the rabbi’s comments.

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Legal immigration is a bigger problem for America than illegal immigration. We let in over one million people a year legally!

In an interview earlier this month, Kevin MacDonald says: “The so-called conservative media, people like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, Fox News, these people, all their audiences are white. They’re people who are angry and concerned but when they tune in to these people, they never get the message [that whites are in peril]. Not once do they talk about legal immigration. Not once do they hear about wanting a traditional American white culture. So then they end up talking about the need for limited government or we have to stop illegal immigration. The real problem with immigration is legal immigration. We take in way more than a million people, legal immigrants, every year, and they’re almost all poor and uneducated, and then people wonder why do we have all this economic inequality. Why do we have all these people who are dropping out of high school and they’re just going to go on the welfare system? Why do we have all this crime?”

“A big problem is that voting for the Sweden Democrats is not legitimate. You should hide it. White people, especially people of north-western European origin, need a sense of moral legitimacy. We are very motivated by having a good reputation. We’re not as kinship oriented, we’re not as ethnocentric as other people but we have a sense to be a good member of our group, we have to have a good reputation and be morally upright. So much of the rhetoric of the right is that any sense of European identity is morally not legitimate.”

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What Will A Haredi Israel Look Like?

Alex Trivunovic: “Are you guys worried about Israel once the haredis take over? I mean due to their unwillingness to get a secular education.”

Chaim Amalek: “It will be several generations yet for that to happen. The haredim are not exactly “zionists” but rather believe in their rebbis and in superstitions from 18th century eastern europe. I cannot peer that far into the future, except to say that they are not the stuff of which a nation can be built.”

Luke: “I am not worried Alex. They will adapt. More of them are working. They have high IQs. I wouldn’t bet against them. Alex, very few of them are anti-Zionist. They’re not Zionist, but they’re usually glad to live in the Jewish state and want it to prosper. Jews are incredibly pragmatic. They don’t see that as a conflict with ideals. Jewish ideals are rooted in reality, in what makes sense in a difficult circumstance when you have to choose between competing goods.”

Chaim: “It was the secular German Jews who got out when they could. It was the secular Russian Jews who fought back against the Germans. The Haredim? They sat in their yeshivas until the Germans stopped by to collect them for slaughter. But B’H’, their leaders, like the Satmar Rebbe, managed to get away in the nick of time. As I think about this, I believe that what the haredi will do is sit in their yeshivas learning, and hire mercenaries to do their fighting for them. Every pushka (charity can) in Brooklyn will say something like ‘for what it takes to fill this can with quarters, we can hire three shvartzes to fight for us while we daven and learn.'”

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Diversity Has A Price

The Los Angeles Times reports: “Suspect in killing of Northern California deputies was previously deported, authorities say”

Chaim Amalek: “Everything of value has a cost: a shiny new automobile, a nice home, fancy Rabenu Tam Tefillim. We know that these are wonderful things to have, but we also accept that we must pay for them. So it is with diversity. It is a wonderful thing to have, but it is not free. But still, we pay and pay because it is so wonderful to be diversity.”

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Jews Lead The Fight To Expand Speech And To Criminalize Speech

Jews led the fight to decriminalize pornography around the world. They have also led the fight to criminalize hate speech.

Is there any way to reconcile these apparently contradictory campaigns? The one commonality I see is that the activists in these fights believe that what they are doing is good for the Jews. In their view, sexual expression will reduce anti-Semitism and hate speech laws will reduce anti-Semitism. It’s win-win.

From The Occidental Observer:

Which Twitter message sounds more objectionable — a Jewish Member of Parliament threatening to punch an elderly Muslim woman in the throat, or a tweet to a female Jewish MP that read “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”?

Prosecutors in England have no doubt. In the first case no action was taken against the Jewish MP in question. He issued a full apology and that was the end of the matter.

But in the second case Garron Helm, a 21-year-old working class pro-White activist, has just been sent to prison for four weeks, for sending an “offensive, indecent or obscene message” to a Shadow Labour minister called Luciana Berger. In addition he was fined and expelled from college. An equally fulsome apology and payment of ab £80 “victim surcharge” to Ms. Berger did not help him.

An undeniable example of a double standard then, and one which highlights some growing trends. One is the use of social media by mainly leftist women and minority groups to create a platform for bogus victimisation claims — effectively a market for “hate crime hoaxes”.

But another is the way that Jewish political establishment have shrewdly integrated this into their strategy of ramping up scares that their community is under attack. With the UK Israel lobby somewhat at bay over the atrocities in Gaza, they have been working relentlessly to paint the picture of a Britain infested with rabid, psychotic anti-Semitism…

Although not exactly a thought-leader or opinion former, Garron Helm is in fact the second scalp she has claimed from her constituents. In 2012 she reported Liverpool music promoter Philip Hayes to the police after an argument over Gaza at a music awards festival got out of hand and he said he hated Jewish people. He was subsequently fined £70 and apologised.

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Israel Supreme Court Rules That Jewish Communities Can Exclude Non-Jews

Jews have been at the forefront of the racial integration fight in the West, but in Israel, Jews have the right to maintain Jewish-only communities.

All of the major Jewish organizations stand for multi-culturalism for you goyim, exclusivity for my group. Orthodox Jewish groups such as the Orthodox Union and Agudas Yisrael want the strictest and most selective standards for converting to the Jewish people but they simultaneously support immigration amnesty for America’s millions of low-IQ mestizo Mexican infiltrators.

Josh: “Arabs have had Arab only neighborhood policies in Israel (and in their own countries) for years, somehow that is never news.”

Chaim Amalek: “Goyim! The Torah presents God’s Declaration to the World that Israel is to be an example worth emulating. So, emulate Israel and live. If you look at this assertion more granularly, Jews have been at the forefront of integration in this country primarily as it affected goyishes schools and neighborhoods. Jews with the means, liberal or not, seldom ventured their children for use as laboratory rats in any of these social experiments, and generally choose to live apart from non-whites. Hence, the Upper West Side. Curiously, there is one group of Jews that seems at least willing to live in the same neighborhoods as dusky folk, namely, certain Hasids (e.g. Chabadniks).”

Luke: “Jews tend to lead white flight while at the same time push for civil rights for blacks.”

Chaim: “Based on the few data points I have directly observed, yes. Except for the Haredim, for whom the quality of the local public school system is irrelevant, since they don’t use it. Or perhaps because their leaders ordered them to stay put in places like Crown Heights. Luke, a true Torah Jew favors borders and barriers at every level.”

From The Huffington Post:

On September 17th, 2014, in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court of Israel dismissed various petitions filed by human rights groups against the “Admissions Committees Law” enacted by the Knesset in 2011. In text, this law allows decision-making bodies in 434 small communities in the Negev and the Galilee to reject housing applicants based on their “social suitability” and the communities’ “social and cultural fabric.”

In practice, these committees — which include a representative from the Jewish Agency or World Zionist Organization — are now permitted to refuse residency based on any “undesired” identity, such as Palestinian, Sephardic, African, gay, religious, single-parent, non-Zionist or others. Despite petitions condemning the law from all these angles, the five majority judges claimed that it was too soon to determine if the law would indeed have discriminatory effects — a deliberate tactic to avoid setting a precedent on a case of far-reaching importance.

The purpose of the Admissions Committees Law is no secret in Israel. Fifteen years earlier, on March 8th, 2000, the Supreme Court issued a major ruling that the town of Katzir, built on state land by the Jewish Agency, could not deny the right of the Arab Ka’adan family to live in the town simply on the basis that they were not Jewish. This was the first time that Palestinian citizens of Israel, a fifth of the state’s population, successfully challenged the legality of “Jewish-only” communities, many of which, though small, were strategically located to prevent the expansion of Palestinian towns and had bylaws that forbade the leasing of property to non-Jews, though built on confiscated Palestinian lands.

The implications of the Ka’adan ruling alarmed Israel’s right-wing political elites. Under the 2009-12 Likud-Beiteinu government, the Knesset introduced new legislation to counter Palestinian citizens’ efforts to end the state’s discriminatory land and housing policies. Many among the Israeli Jewish public did not question the intentions behind these laws, agreeing that full equality and freedom for Palestinian citizens could threaten the Jewish “character” and demographics of their communities. The authors of the Admissions Committees Law even openly declared that, though deliberately written in neutral language, its main aim was to prevent Arabs from living with Jews.

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