Random Observations

* What’s with all these third worlders hitting on me on FB? Why don’t any young white women hit on me? I consider Persians white.

On Craigslist, it is very very common for black women to specify a very strong preference for white men — a fact that popular culture ignores.

* Queeny fairy fags creep me out. I know this is wrong. Where do I turn myself in? I love many of them personally and I never want to see them hurt for their orientation but faggotry when it is all out there and in our face creeps me out. I shudder. I do creepy things too but you don’t see me writing about them on FB. Whatever happened to discretion? I’m a 19th Century Victorian Gentleman at heart. Would you happen to have any grey poupon?

I am deeply ashamed of my homophobia. I think this is a teachable moment, like when a bear instructs a cub.

Admit it: Jewish fags are often more troubling and in your face than Borneo fags and Italian fags. There is something about a whiny left wing Jewish homosexual who wants the borders of the West to be as open to brown things as is his rectum.

The best and worst people I know are Jewish.

Generally speaking, I prefer homos to Muslims. I prefer people who want to blow me as opposed to want to blow me up.

* I haven’t processed yet that my Placer High School class of 1984 had its 30th anniversary last weekend in Auburn California, the way it used to be! I know I feel sad and mournful and stirred and activated and scared and wistful. I need to lie down and listen to some hits from those years and write in my journal and think about all the girls I wanted to date.

I don’t have particularly good memories from those years, not bad ones either, I just feel awkward and embarrassed when I remember my old self.

* After the boss forgot to bring me my free snacks, I told him, “No lemonade? No protein bars? This place is worse than Auschwitz.” Then I went back to surfing the web.

* I don’t have the energy to cook healthy light food, so I need you to pick up piping heavy hot food for me and watch me get fat and out of shape. If you want me to feel beautiful, I need to be driving a new car, so what are we going to do?

* If I had a new BMW, I’d feel better about myself and I’d lose weight and I’d be more open to trying new things.

* This 16yo boy just met an Italian chick and he wants to ask her out but doesn’t know how. I said he should ask her to Rosh Hashanah services and tell her that he just picked up a Kosher Odorless Ram’s Horn Polished Shofar Medium Size 12″-14″, with Shofar Blowing Guide and that everything she needs to know about Hollywood is contained therein.

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Blacks & Muslims In El Salvador

I was talking to a bloke from El Salvador who just visited home. “If you’re black and you visit El Salvador,” he says, “you’ve got ten days [to visit] and you’re out. If you’re Muslim, you’ve got a ten days and you’re out.”

Blog: “The historical black presence has never been officially acknowledged in a society that does not recognize ethnic diversity. In 1930, General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez instituted race laws prohibiting Blacks, Gypsies, Asians, and Arabs from entering the country. This law was removed during the 1980s.”

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Why So Many Broken Traffic Lights In LA?

Daniel writes: Does anyone know why there are so many broken traffic lights throughout Los Angeles? Is it just a coincidence that this happened around Sept. 11? Did this happen in other cities in the US? Could it be a test run before something bigger happens?

We’ve had heat waves before though, and even hotter than it is now, but I don’t remember this happening. What do they do in cities like Vegas, where high temperatures are common?

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Why Are We Naturalizing Terrorists From Yemen?

Why are we allowing in anybody from the Arab and Islamic worlds? Why take that risk? Who was responsible for allowing this guy to become an American citizen? I say, no more immigrants. Islam and immigration are two things that America can do without.

Report: Court documents say Mufid A. Elfgeeh, a 30-year-old naturalized citizen from Yemen, was arrested in May after he tried to buy two handguns with silencers from someone who turned out to be an undercover informant working with the FBI. The firearms charges were made public in June. The recruitment charges were contained in a grand jury indictment handed up on Tuesday.

Prosecutors say he tried to persuade that undercover operative — plus another undercover source cooperating with the FBI and a third person in Yemen — to go to Syria “and fight on behalf of ISIS.”

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Why Are We Sending 3,000 American Troops To African Countries Infected With Ebola?

Why are we spending a billion dollars on this? If African countries want to fight Ebola, let them pay for it. Why is it any business of ours?

My foreign policy is simple — defend America against invasion, including the invasion of illegal aliens, and abstain from invading other countries.

Washington Post: President Obama will announce Tuesday that the U.S. military will take the lead in overseeing what has been a chaotic and widely criticized response to the worst Ebola outbreak in history, dispatching up to 3,000 military personnel to West Africa in an effort that could cost up to $750 million over the next six months, according to senior administration officials.

By the end of the week, a general sent by U.S. Africa Command will be in place in Monrovia, Liberia–the country where transmission rates are increasing exponentially–to lead the effort called Operation United Assistance. The general will head a regional command based in Liberia that will help oversee and coordinate U.S. and international relief efforts while a new, separate regional staging base will help accelerate transportation of urgently needed equipment, supplies and personnel.

In addition, the Pentagon will send engineers to set up 17 treatment centers in Liberia–each with a 100-bed capacity–as well as medical personnel to train up to 500 health-care workers a week in the region.

The president’s decision to enlist the U.S. military, whose resources are already under strain as it responds to conflicts in the Middle East, reflects the growing concern of U.S. officials that, unless greater force is brought to bear, the epidemic could wreak havoc on the continent.

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Are Russians White?

Comment: “Physically they are, but behaviorally there are some differences. Russians, along with many ethnics, tend to be more ethnocentric and less universalist in their thinking than the whiter-people. In this sense they are a little closer to the NAM’s [Non-Asian Minorities] than the whiter-people are, and therefore understand them better.”

Another comment: Most “Russian” immigrants to the US are not ethnic Russians. “Russian” immigrants are overwhelmingly Jewish, with an admixture of Georgians and Armenians.

Whether ethnic Russians are really “white” people is also debatable. Even beyond the fact that there is a substantial admixture of Tatar and Mongol genes in the Russian population, the history of Russia between 900 AD and 1900 AD was very different than the history of Western Europe. Most Russians are descended from serfs, which is to say most Russians are descendants from the results of 700 years or more of slavery. It’s probably not a coincidence, whether you want to blame nature or nurture, that ethnic Russians seem to show many of the same social pathologies that show up in the African-American population – an inability to cooperate effectively and non-violently even with members of their own ethnic groups, trouble with authority, promiscuity, high percentage of children born out of wedlock, much value given to stereotypical “masculine” behavior, etc. But this is more of a problem in a country like Germany, where there are lots of ethnic Russians immigrating, than it is in the US.

“One thing I’ve noticed about Portland and other liberal, whiter people cities (San Francisco, Seattle, Ann Arbor): the bums there are especially aggressive. I suppose this because they are coddled by the local culture and unafraid of the locals in a way they wouldn’t be in other, more conservative cities.”

“The SWPL believes that, no matter how “bad” diversity gets, since nothing moral can be done to resolve it, nothing at all should be done, so you just have to learn to get used to it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convince him that something moral (as the SWPL would understand it) can be done.”

This article failed to mention one of the main reasons for Portland’s whiteness, an accident of nature. In 1948, a massive flood of the Willamette destroyed Vanport City, a Portland suburb that was then Oregon’s second largest city and home to blacks who had moved to work during WWII. Whites wern’t hospitable to flood victims, and many left. To this day, you can hear local blacks strangely claim the flood was a big conspiracy.

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I Love My Car Mechanic

My car has been reluctant to start all week. This afternoon, after work, it appeared dead. I finally coaxed it into starting. It’s 4:40 p.m. and about 100 degrees out. I want to get this problem fixed fast and I don’t want to get my hands dirty. Only once in my life did I buy a battery and install it myself. I hated doing that. I want someone else to do the work.

I drive to my mechanic. I wait for a minute for him to finish off with another customer. Then I tell him my problem. I ask him to check my battery. He does. My battery is dead. He installs a new one. I’m on my way in ten minutes and I am in time to get the good parking where I live. I don’t have to arrive at work late tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about getting my car towed to my mechanic tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about anything related to my car. I can come home and drink cold smoothies.

I have had many car mechanics who took advantage of my ignorance, but I love this place!

8635 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035‎
(310) 273-8596
Auto Body Shop, MechanicToday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
We deal with all types of Mechanical issues. We are both an auto mechanic shop and a body shop. We fix both foreign and domestic automobiles. We do complete tune-ups, repair, brakes, transmission, etc

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Shlomo Einhorn – The Rock Star Rabbi

From Tabletmag.com:

Shlomo Einhorn
Yavneh Hebrew Academy | Los Angeles, Calif.
The Orthodox Union’s synagogue guru

Shlomo Einhorn is a rock star rabbi. And it’s not just because he has his own album. It’s because the 35-year-old is one of the most successful synagogue rabbis in America and the Orthodox Union’s go-to person for revitalizing religious life around the country.

When Einhorn arrived at New York’s West Side Institutional Synagogue in 2005, the place was practically deserted. Shabbat morning services boasted an attendance of 12. But seven years later, Einhorn was drawing over 400 people each week and had increased synagogue membership by 70 percent. He did it with out-of-the-box events with flashy titles, like an annual “Rock ‘n’ Roll Shabbaton” featuring actual performing artists—including Roger Daltrey, the frontman of The Who. In addition, Einhorn designed educational programs that integrated elements of popular psychology and delivered sermons that were almost as likely to cite Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan as they were to quote the Talmud or Hasidic masters.

Einhorn’s work was so successful that in 2010 the Orthodox Union gave him his own think tank to craft programming for other synagogues across America. Want to grow your membership? Run a successful Hanukkah event? Spice up your shul’s Shabbat? Einhorn has a program for that.

In 2012, Einhorn moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles to serve as dean of Yavneh Hebrew Academy, an elite Modern Orthodox prep school, and as the rabbi of its congregation. Since then, he’s embarked on a popular Los Angeles lecture tour covering the history of Orthodox Judaism and launched a sermon series on repentance that continues through the High Holidays.


Okay, so my list does start with Chumash and Gemara. They occupy most of my reading time and stay with me at all times. But here we go with 18 that doesn’t include the Jewish Pillars. Sorry about the 18 and not 10, I was on a roll.
1. Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins
2. The 4 Hour Workweek – Timothy Ferriss
3. Listening to G-d – Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
4. Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer
5. Anger – Thich Hanh
6. 1Q84 – Haruki Murakami
7. Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe
8. The Alchemist – Paul Coelho
9. Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follet
10. Mega Memory – Kevin Trudeau
11. Open Minded Torah – William Kolbrener
12. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
13. Baseball – Ken Burns
14. Rav Elyashiv – Artscroll
15. Sailing Home – Norman Fischer
16. The Art of Strategy – Avinash Dixit
17. Nurture Shock – Po Bronson
18. The Book of Secrets – Deepak Chopra

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Muslims In Los Angeles

Prior to a couple of years ago, I never saw any Muslim women in full hijab in Los Angeles. Now I see them regularly (particularly at a children’s store in the Century City mall). I suspect Muslims are growing in numbers and confidence.

Praise Allah! I am seeing full hijab and even burqas at Roxbury Park now.

I have friends in prestigious jobs who never say anything unpopular in public and they hate Muslims with a passion (in private) and would like America (and the first world) to be completely rid of them. This raises the question of whether all peoples are equally suitable to live in America and to prosper here.

How long can one remain a good liberal and want America to be free of Muslims? What next? No blacks and Mexicans?

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My Water Conservation Plan For California (And America)

* Expel illegal aliens.
* Expel the descendants of illegal aliens who aren’t super-productive.
* Protect the border.
* Place a $5,000 a year tax on non-productive citizens, encouraging them to move.
* Expel third-world immigrants (unless super-productive).
* Expel people on welfare, disability, food stamps.
* Sterilize felons and people on welfare, disability, foot stamps.
* Pay people $1,000 for every IQ point they are under a score of 100 to get sterilized.

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