I Have A Plan

I have a plan to save the United States, American Jewry and the State of Israel. It is called nationalism — meaning that whites should organize in their group interest just like all other people organize in their interests. Just as Jews, blacks, Chinese-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc, have group interests, so do whites. White group interests include the end of affirmative action/quotas/set-asides, freedom of association, freedom to hire and rent and sell to whomever we want, freedom to use IQ testing for employment, securing our border, repatriating illegal aliens, and the rule of law. Diversity will destroy us, unity will preserve us.

A white nationalist, therefore, is no more threatening or dangerous than a Jewish nationalist or a black nationalist or a Chinese nationalist. My motto is that whites should seek nothing for themselves that they don’t also seek for others.

If you have ideas on how to encourage whites to organize in their group interest, please email me (lukeisback at gmail.com). To me, all other issues in the West are secondary to this. Whites will disagree over marginal tax rates, welfare, abortion, gay rights, but we all have an interest in developing safe white neighborhoods and schools just as Jews have a legitimate interest in developing their neighborhoods and schools and blacks have a legitimate interest in developing their neighborhoods and schools, and all peoples have a legitimate interest in developing their own cultures, their own schooling, and their own destinies free from the oppression of outsiders.

The Jewish Alternative Right Movement started tonight.

All sane people prefer their own kind. It’s time that whites stop being afraid to organize in their group interest. Ultimately, Christian whites will have to take back the United States but Jews can play a role in waking up the goyim to the destruction of their country.

I need a member of my new group who knows enough labor law to threaten anyone who threatens the livelihood of a member in the event his membership in this group is revealed.

People are mute because they fear loss of employment should their political activities come to light. That was the moral of the recent story regarding the CEO of Mozilla and homo marriage. “If they can get to him, what hope have I?”

I’m developing a political platform for white men. First thing: No porn and no white man should degrade himself by participating in online dating. My second thing is something about the yellow peril, to which I have often succumbed. I need to do more research. “White Man, it is ok to date the Yellow woman — if your religion permits it — to trade with her to benefit from her expertise in laundry, in free DirectTV, in Science and in fixing computers, but remember to practice the most stringent forms of birth control with her.” If we could turn her back to her own kind, the world would be happier place. Too many yellow men have no woman to love.

White man, go out and get a white woman and win her heart and marry her and impregnate her.

The problem is that White Women are in dire need of moral reformation. Perhaps we could open up a series of schools to educated the white woman the way bais yakov girls are educated, minus the Jewish stuff, a Bais Yaakov for Shiksas.

I want to be to Americans what Vladimir Putin is to Russians and to offer Canada a chance to join our union.

Is it possible to have a strong tribal identity and to not feel hostility for the majority population? Of course. Are you more likely to feel hostility for the majority population the more deeply you develop your tribal identity? Of course. The stronger your tribal identity (be it as a Jew, Black, Chinese, Mexican, etc), the less strong your identity with the majority population (such as America). I remember when I was a Seventh-Day Adventist, the more deeply Adventist the identity, the less the person identified with the majority population.

I don’t see how any tribe could survive for a long time as a tiny minority unless it regularly stokes its hostility to the majority. The only way that Jews survived for more than 2500 years as a tiny minority was to regularly contrast behavior and thinking that are Jewish (good) as opposed to goyish (bad).

Chaim Amalek:

The ideas we are bandying about here were almost universally accepted among white folk everywhere in Christendom (and to be blunt, among most Jews and Muslims and Hindus) everywhere before the second world war. Hitler in his evil denied the white race the tools it needs for its own survival.

Yidden! Let us stop being seen as the universal solvent of racial solidarity and instead espouse for the goyim the same sort of bonds of group identity we avidly seek for ourselves!

Christians can’t tie their own shoes without a Jew to help them. But for the Jews Mary and Jesus, they would never have built any of the great gothic cathedrals of Europe. So too it is with this. For the White Race to survive, it needs some measure of Jewish guidance. First Jesus, then Marx, then Freud, then (Betty) Friedan and now Luke Ford.

The “stranger” that the Torah alludes to is not the illegal alien, but the Jew who finds himself in a strange town. That is the “stranger” the Torah wants Jews to help.

I just thought of a great Passover gag to play on left leaning, open border Jews. Hire some homeless black dudes to hang out just outside the Jew’s home when they open the door to ask if anyone is hungry. Then in comes the homeless dudes, preferably accompanied by twenty Mexicans.

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Do morality and conscience require the ability for abstract thought (ie, an IQ north of 90)?

The higher the IQ, for instance, the more clearly a person can recall the past and see into the future, to use the subjunctive (if everyone does what I am about to do, the world will be a better or worse place), and to see the benefits of cooperation. Lower IQ, therefore, are less likely to have a developed conscience and deserve much closer minding. In my life, I have noticed that people with a higher IQ are more likely to exhibit loyalty, gratitude and empathy.

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I Am A Nationalist

Daniel Sieradski posts to FB: “FYI, Luke Ford just came out as a white nationalist and has cast his lot with Kevin MacDonald, notorious antisemitic academic.”

I’m a white nationalist in the sense that I am also a black nationalist and a Jewish nationalist and a Chinese nationalist, and a Latino nationalist, etc. I believe that all peoples have the right to develop their own culture, neighborhoods, states and nation-states without interference from outsiders. I understand that this won’t always be pretty and that ethnic and religious groups will often compete for scarce land and other resources. I cast my lot in regard to nationalism with all nationalists, including Kevin MacDonald and the Palestinians, to the extent that they support nationalism for all peoples. Generally speaking, I will side with my own kind, just like most people do.

Daniel Sieradski: “Luke: White people don’t have group interests. If you look back at the history of America, there were plenty of white immigrant groups who were discriminated against on the basis of their ethnicity — in particular Irish and Italian immigrants. They organized themselves into labor unions and other communal societies that protected their interests. White people of European descent are not discriminated against in 21st century America. They are the dominant, enshrined majority, that has been enacting discrimination against people of color for hundreds of years in North America. The only group interest they could feasibly have is the collective desire to continue to reign supreme over non-whites. That’s not a group interest, however — that’s racism and supremacism.”

White people need love too. A man judges himself based on the women he can get. I thought I might meet better women on okcupid. Boy was I wrong about that.

If, after reading my updates, just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend, or perhaps to strike a loved one, it will all have been worth the while.

Saying, “The plane is about to hit the mountain, can we turn it?” is not complaining.

I just boasted to the cute black girl that I’ve got bling. Was that racist or just a lie?

Bipolar alcholics can be fun girls if nuts, but schizophrenics spook me.

I’m still receiving signals that are either from the plane or the cute black girl upstairs.

Let us put it this way. Suppose she somehow tracked me down and knocked on my door. Would I let her in? Probably. Now suppose once in, she marched to my room, and said “I want you”. Would I throw her out? Probably not. Let’s say she asked me for $400? Would I pay it? No.

A Jewish friend is facing surgery. I want to wish him well, so I email: “God be with you, my friend. May you live and be well.” I realize now that I started off goyish and tried to end Jewish but it’s a mess.

Truth is more important to me in these things than any cause. The more traditional you go in any group, the more anti-outsider you get. This is true of Christians and Muslims and Chinese and this is also true of Jews. The more traditional and religious the Jew, the more likely he is to harbor anti-goyim and anti-Christian sentiments. I don’t have a problem with this fact of human nature.

Chaim Amalek: You White people are always missing out because you were not Chosen. We Yidden, on the other hand, always have Torah. Torah is our mistress.

My Rebbe, Rabbi Gadol says: “Wives get old and annoying, but Torah is forever young.”

“Don’t like the look of your Chumash or volume of Baba Basra? Then buy another and put the old one on a shelf.”

He continues: “You won’t find Torah on Craigslist or OKCupid or any such goyishes narehskeit. Leave that to the goyim who thought of it in the first place.”

Luke, keep this up and soon enough you will end up on okcupid or craigslist trying to appeal to women who, while nominally younger than you, are infertile and barren in body and soul.

Of these, I am sorry to say that the secular yoga-proud Jewesses are the worst because it is they who imbibed most deeply from the poisonous well of popular culture.

The act of attempting to appeal to such women is the moral equivalent of offering a quarter to a bum on the street, only to have said bum toss it back at you with the declaration “I deserve nothing less than a dollar!”

* On his final night, Martin Luther King had two adulterous affairs. “Abernathy went on to say that a third woman was also looking for King that same night, but found his bed empty. She knew his habits and was angry when they met later that morning. In response, writes Abernathy, King “lost his temper” and “knocked her across the bed … She leapt up to fight back, and for a moment they were engaged in a full-blown fight, with [King] clearly winning.” A few hours later, King ate lunch with Abernathy and discussed the importance of nonviolence for their movement.”

* Reverend Jeremiah Wright “met his wife when a couple came seeking marriage counseling; he decided the solution was to take the woman for himself.”

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Who’s Your Mama?

A Woman Is Your Friend


Real Men

Deborah Fallows: “And a clarification from New Orleans that “Who’s your mama?” is a real question: That’s simply N.O. patois for “Who are your people?” (don’t know why only mom’s side counts).”

I suspect that many residents of New Orleans do not know their fathers, so there’s no point asking, who’s your papa? That’s one reason New Orleans is a disaster.

Remember that white high school, after losing a close game in the playoffs to a black school, said, “Tough loss boys but at least we can talk to our dads about it.”

From AmRen:

I am an American who taught philosophy in several African universities from 1976 to 1988, and have lived since that time in South Africa. When I first came to Africa, I knew virtually nothing about the continent or its people, but I began learning quickly. I noticed, for example, that Africans rarely kept promises and saw no need to apologize when they broke them. It was as if they were unaware they had done anything that called for an apology.

It took many years for me to understand why Africans behaved this way but I think I can now explain this and other behavior that characterizes Africa. I believe that morality requires abstract thinking—as does planning for the future—and that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African…

In my experience neurotic behavior, characterized by excessive and unhealthy self-consciousness, is uncommon among blacks. I am also confident that sexual dysfunction, which is characterized by excessive self-consciousness, is less common among blacks than whites…

“The thing is, they [black men] don’t see it as rape, as us being forced. They just see it as pleasure for them.” (Rose George, “They Don’t See it as Rape. They Just See it as Pleasure for Them,” June 5, 2004.) A similar attitude seems to be shared among some American blacks who casually refer to gang rape as “running a train.” (Nathan McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler, Vintage Books, 1995.)


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Shots Fired Last Night On 1600 Block Of Stearns Drive In 90035

A source writes to me: I wanted to see if you heard the gun shots / or fireworks last night around 11pm (1600 block of Stearns in 90035)? There must have been about 7 shots, then we heard a helicopter flying overhead.

I hear: “It was a bunch of stoners lighting up 4th of July fireworks.”

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She Turned Out To Be In Her 70s!

So, a friend of mine my age, answered a singles ad on Craigslist and talked to the woman and she turned out to be in her 70s! On the positive side, she’s in Fleetwood Mac.

Yes, a friend of mine. A friend very much like me. In fact, a part of me that I want to deny.

Chaim Amalek: Septuagenarians need love too.
Craigslist is for total losers.
Luke, have you been messing with Craigslist again? This is not the place for a Torah Jew like you to find a proper shiduch.
>> I was desperate.
Think of the advantages: no risk of pregnancy. She won’t beat you in arm wrestling.
Also, young chicks get turned on when they see a man with another woman. So you might be able to use your 70+ year old honey as a tool to get something younger. Like, say, her grand daughter.
Also, 70 year old women don’t menstruate, so no need for you to worry about any mikvah/needah issues.
Sex whenever you want it, without fear of sin.

Luke: I’m gonna leverage this relationship into something beautiful and lasting.

Chaim: Be sure you get into her will first.

Luke: When I’m set for life, we’ll see who’s laughing.

Let us put it this way. Suppose she somehow tracked me down and knocked on my door. Would I let her in? Probably. Now suppose once in, she marched to my room, and said “I want you”. Would I throw her out? Probably not. Let’s say she asked me for $400? Would I pay it? No.

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When Sheldon Adelson Says ‘Our Country’, He Means Israel

Zionist Jews in America are sometimes accused of putting Israel’s interests before America. Now we have Sheldon Adelson talking up a border fence for “our country”, meaning Israel, but he essentially supports open borders for the United States.

Why wouldn’t American Jews who want a Jewish state with secure borders keeping infiltrators out want the same thing for America? I don’t get it. Frankly, this attitude seems shameful to me. If you have more allegiance to Israel’s well-being than to America’s, well, maybe you should live in Israel.

If anyone questions Jewish Zionists’ loyalty to America, they get accused of anti-Semitism, but this example of Sheldon Adelson wanting secure borders for Israel but not for America confirms why people question Jewish loyalty. Are Jews who have been granted full citizenship in western countries such as the United States, England, Australia, etc, going to act like responsible citizens or are they going to freeload on their host country while devoting themselves to the interests of another land?

I think it is a beautiful thing to support Israel, a states leagues beyond its neighbors in decency, liberty, and prosperity, but it is a shame when you do it at the expense of your host country. It makes non-Jews distrust us and even hate us.

Ann Coulter writes:

Between having Republican presidential candidates fly to Las Vegas to kiss his ring, billionaire Sheldon Adelson has managed to fit in time to talk Sen. Lindsey Graham into sponsoring a bill banning Internet gambling.

As you may know, Sheldon Adelson is a CASINO OWNER. Internet gambling would compete with his casino business.

On the other hand, when it comes to the services Adelson isn’t selling, but buying — low-skilled workers — he’s for unbridled competition, preferring not to limit the supply even to people who are legally in the United States. (Weirdly, so is Lindsey Graham!)

Adelson is a big backer of amnesty, telling The Wall Street Journal: “It would be inhumane to send those people back, to send 12 million people out of this country. … So we’ve got to find a way, find a route for those people to get legal citizenship.”

As Milton Friedman said, “With some notable exceptions, businessmen favor free enterprise in general but are opposed to it when it comes to themselves.”

Adelson is an especially telling example of the self-interest of businessmen on immigration. His newspaper, Israel Today, the largest newspaper in Israel, is wildly patriotic on immigration (and everything else).

Israel Today has trumpeted the success of the 15-foot razor-wire fence along Israel’s 140-mile border with Egypt, triumphantly noting last August that, for the first time, “no infiltrations were recorded from the Egyptian border, compared to 193 from the same month last year.”

Adelson himself had suggested just such a policy to the Los Angeles Times last year, saying he wanted to “Put a big fence around our country.”

By “our country,” he, of course, meant Israel. In America, he wants illegal immigrants pouring across the border to provide him with an endless supply of cheap labor.

Recently, Israel has been “rounding up” African refugees, giving them $3,500 and plane tickets to Uganda, to encourage them to “self-deport.” Welcome to El Al Airlines. We’re about to begin pre-boarding for Flight 259, offering non-stop, one-way service to Kampala, Uganda. At this time we’d like to invite our premium-plus illegal immigrants to board…

The Anti-Defamation League has been taking polls on anti-Semitism in America for decades. In 2013, the ADL reported that — “once again” — foreign-born Hispanics had the highest rates of anti-Semitic views: 36 percent compared with 14 percent of all Americans and 20 percent of African-Americans. This was an improvement over 2011, when 42 percent of foreign-born Hispanics were found to have anti-Semitic views.

How might America’s support for Israel be affected by having a populace that’s 30 or 40 percent Hispanic?

The importation of more than a million poor people to America every year also has the effect of admitting a fair number of terrorists. Among them: Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, Mohammad Hassan Hamdan, Nidal Hasan, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Najibullah Zazi, Sulejman Talovic, Peter Odighizuwa, Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, dozens of Somali terrorists living in Minnesota, Omar Abdel-Rahman and the 9/11 terrorists.

I would think that this country’s open-door policy toward terrorists would be of some concern to the owner of any Las Vegas casino — a well-known terrorist target.

They won’t be coming to kiss Adelson’s ring.

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Does My Website Show Up Blank In Your Chrome Browser?

Sometimes my websites show up blank in my Chrome browser. When I shift to Incognito view, that problem goes away. Not sure why that is.

I’ve removed the Facebook comments option because it slowed the load of my page. I welcome your comments via email. I also disabled all my WordPress plugins but one to reduce my site’s load on the server and so it moves more quickly.

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Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa by Ilana Mercer

I did this interview via email.

 1. LUKE: How eager was the publishing world and then the reading public for the messages of your book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot”?

 ILANA MERCER: As is often the case, the “publishing world” was at odds with the reading public. The public was extremely eager for the message of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa.” With the exception of the book’s heroic publisher, whose words of wisdom your readers can read on “The Cannibal’s” Amazon page (“This is a book about ideas and ideology,” he writes.) The courage and forethought of Stairway Press of Seattle paid off. The book has done well, given the fact that mainstream publishers ran from it horrified. The “Preface” to the book, available through Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature, details the ridiculous responses my agent received from what conservatives and libertarians consider their go-to imprints.

 2. LUKE: What are the chief lessons for America from South Africa’s decline?

 ILANA MERCER: One crucial lesson, and I quote form the “Introduction” to “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” is that “a highly developed Western society can be dismantled with relative ease. In South Africa, this deconstruction has come about in the wake of an almost overnight shift in the majority/minority power structure. In the U.S., a slower, more incremental transformation is under way. It began with a state-orchestrated, historically unparalleled, mass importation of inassimilable ethnic groups into a country whose creed is that it has no creed any longer.”

The US is fast becoming a mass of competing interests, in which the politically weak vie to keep more of their rightful property; the politically powerful fight to get their paws on that very property. Democracy is especially dangerous in such ethnically and racially divided societies, where majorities and minorities are rigidly predetermined and politically permanent. Like South Africa, America is destined to degenerate into a dominant-party state. Thirty years on, when the immigration Rubicon is crossed, the population of our country will be poorer, less educated and more welfare-dependent. One party will represent this majority. This party will serve as an instrument of perpetual oppression of the minority by a politically powerful majority, just as the African National Congress does in South Africa.

3. LUKE: Given the decline in South Africa since the end of apartheid, do you, in retrospect, give apartheid more credit? Do you think your father was right to protest apartheid?

ILANA MERCER: My book distinguishes between natural rights and political rights. Man is endowed with natural—but not necessarily political—rights. People fuss about apartheid having denied the majority its democratic rights (the vote). Citizenship rights, however, are not natural rights. It is natural rights that the law ought to always and everywhere respect and uphold. In denying blacks these rights, apartheid was reprehensible. To quote from “The Cannibal”: “In its police state methods—indefinite detention without trial, declarations of a state of emergency—apartheid destroyed the individual defenses of equality before the law, the presumption of innocence, habeas corpus and various other very basic freedoms. That the apartheid regime contravened natural justice by depriving Africans of rights to property and due process is indisputable as it is despicable.” (Page 231.) Dad was right and heroic to oppose apartheid before it became fashionable to do so; he was wrong to place his trust in the ANC and in what I’ve termed “raw, ripe democracy.”

 4. LUKE: What do you think about Israel absorbing about 80,000 Ethiopians and calling them Jewish? Do you expect more non-Jews around the world to identify as Jews if it will get them into the prosperous modern state of Israel? Should Israel fall for this scam? Do you expect Israeli Ethiopian Jews to assimilate into Israel and to reach the same average levels of success as Ashkenazi Jews achieve? Do you think all peoples and races and religions are equally suited for flourishing in a first world economy such as Israel’s or America’s?

 ILANA MERCER: I believe that very many Russians have done just that—immigrated to Israel for a better life claiming Jewish ancestry. Unlike America’s preferred immigrants, these Russians are said to be right-leaning and nationalistic. However, Israeli leaders seem far more inclined than America’s louts to do what’s in their countrymen’s best interests. Bibi Netanyahu wants to retain Israel’s national character. He said as much recently to members of Israel’s Manufacturers Association. And I quote the Israeli PM: “We suffer from a problem that actually stems from Israel’s economic success,” he said, explaining the problems that arise from the breached border with Egypt. “We have become almost the only First World country that can be reached by foot from the Third World. We are flooded with surge of refugees who threaten to wash away our achievements and damage our existence as a Jewish democratic state.”

 Unlike the Demopublican quislings, Benjamin Netanayu doesn’t suffer any blind spots when it comes to the very real potential of Third-World refugees flooding Israel and transforming his country for the worse, forever.

As to the other part of your question: I’m not up on the Ethiopian issue, but I see societies as a reflection of the individuals that make them up, and individuals as a reflection of their actions. Thus, I have no doubt that certain Israeli Ethiopians will do very well in Israel. As an individualist, race as an organizing principle doesn’t work for me. Rather, the road to freedom lies in beating back the state so that individuals can regain freedom of association, dominion over property, the absolute right of self-defense; the right to hire, fire, and, generally, associate at will.

ILANA Mercer is a paleolibertarian writer, based in the United States. She pens WND’s longest-standing, exclusive paleolibertarian column, “Return to Reason.” She is a contributor to the preeminent libertarian site Economic Policy Journal, and is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank. Ilana’s latest book is “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.” Her website is www.IlanaMercer.com. She blogs at www.BarelyaBlog.com.

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For Which Beliefs Should You Be Fired?

Apr. 7, 2014, Dennis Prager said: “There are times when a person’s views are so horrific, it is hard to understand how a company could continue to employ someone. If a guy is in the Ku Klux Klan, if a guy is in a white supremacist fascistic group, I understand it. If you deny the Holocaust and you deny it publicly. There are a few [beliefs a person can hold that make him worthy of being fired] because you’re talking about freaks. Freaks are in the KKK.”

What if you believe blacks or Jews or Chinese are superior (as do many members of those groups)? What if you deny the Armenian genocide publicly? What are the other incorrect positions on history that should get a person fired? I suspect that many, if not most, Chinese deny the extent of Mao’s genocide. Should they be fired?

What about Americans who have the identical views on race as Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman? Should they be fired? They were white supremacists (in the sense Prager uses the term).

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