Are You Anti-Semitic?

Comment: Here is the poll, with 6+ yes answers making you an “antisemite” according to ADL:

Jews stick together more than other Americans.
Jews always like to be at the head of things.
Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.
Jews have too much power in the U.S. today.
Jews have too much control and influence on Wall Street.
Jews have too much power in the business world.
Jews have a lot of irritating faults.
Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want.
Jewish business people are so shrewd that others don’t have a fair chance at competition.
Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind.
Jews are (not) just as honest as other business people

Chaim Amalek writes: “We Jews may stick together, but is it our fault you goyim so often extol the virtues of the “lone wolf” off by himself? Silly goyim don’t seem to realize that the lone wolf is the loser of the animal kingdom. Of course, I don’t trust groups of goyim unless they have first been sprayed with social teflon to keep them from sticking together.”

Every time a certain type of Jew sees a Christmas tree, he sees a potential Holocaust.

Chaim Amalek writes: “This is true only of a very small fraction of Jews over all. My sense is that a gentile man is more likely to want to be sodomized by a swarthy Muselman than a Jew is to think “holocaust” when he sees a Christmas tree. That said, whenever I see an egg I think of Easter and the Passion of the Goyim who want to kill me for taking their God from them. This is why Yidden are afraid of eggs.”

I want to Jew-down Time Warner over my bill but my goyisha genes won’t let me bargain and I am too ashamed to ask a Jew to do this for me.

Chaim Amalek: “I’ll bet you end up goy-upping your bill every time.”

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Blood & Soil Nationalism

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The USA can no longer be described as real blood and soil nation founded by a real genetic homogenous population. The Wasps gave up the ghost years ago, the Act of 1924 was their last hurrah and attempt to hang on to their country. Thus came Hart-Cellar and the utter ruination of Kennedy/Johnson. There’s just no getting away from that, it’s a done deal. Time to grow up and face up to it. The chance to do anything about it passed with the old jowlhound himself.
Look, the forces arranged against you are just too massive, too powerful and too overwhelming. The fact that ‘Hispanics’ multiplied their numbers 20 fold in 60 years should tell you that – and subcontinental immigration to the USA has only now started in earnest. Believe you me, *that* will make the mex deluge look like the proverbial vicarage tea party, complete with bucktoothed, absurd, buffoon C of E parson, the old bag blue rinse brigade, crust less cucumber sandwiches, Earl Grey and Battenberg cake. And then *will* come the sub Saharans, what? All 9 billion of them.
Now, let’s all link arms for another round of Berkeley kumbaya, denounce the white privilege, and praise the yoni.

* A massive long run problem for America is that American gentiles are far more zealous defenders of Jews and Israel than they are of America and Americans. If people like Walter Russell Mead were even half as concerned about the American people as they are about the Jewish people, then it simply would not matter what positions American Jews had.

* It’s a depressing idea that the great mass of whites out there have to go searching for allies to enable them to do what they’re supposed to be doing for themselves in the first place.

* What about the white elites who all seem to support open borders. From the Chambers of Commerce, major economists, think tanks, service industry and small business owners. It’s really hard to find anyone who is in business who doesn’t support illegal immigration.

And about “free trade” – NAFTA and PNTR with China, these pacts have devastated the country economically and socially. Not to mention creating a class of permanent and underemployed unemployed whites that number into the millions. And oh yeah, making sure kids out of college can’t find decent paying jobs because we shipped them to China or imported a bunch of Bombay specials to take their jobs.

In short before we start hammering the Jews we better damn well start hammering the white business and money classes who are backing this traitorous crap.

* Jewish Democrats do not care about Israel. All rhetoric to the contrary is just that – rhetoric, which is mostly intended to reassure out of touch elderly Jews who still care fervently about Israel. Even now, it is reported that Senate Democrats – no doubt including Schumer, Feinstein, the washed up comedian from Minnesota, the phony war hero from Connecticut, and other Senators supposedly of the Mosaic persuasion – are blocking a NON-BINDING resolution that would call for re-imposition of sanctions on Iran in the event Iran CHEATS on the deal Obama is negotiating with them now. In other words, the deal being done is not even intended to be enforceable, and Senate Democrats, no doubt including most of the Jews among them, are just fine with that.

Even after his serial blow-ups with Israel during his first term, Obama got just under 70% of the Jewish vote in 2012. Of course, some might say that was because he dialed back his rage at Israel and went on a “charm” offensive toward Jewish voters, but what if he hadn’t? My guess is, his support from Jews would have dropped . . . to about 65%.

FWIW, I applaud you for noticing that there’s no logical connection between supporting Israel and wanting open borders for the US. I myself strongly support both Israel (I mean, the part of Israeli society that is not suicidal, namely, the Israeli Right) and restricting immigration to the US. Unfortunately, the deal you propose is of no interest to the people you propose addressing it to.

* Now, let’s suppose the hypothetical white conservative offer — white con support for Israel in exchange for Jewish opposition to immigration — is accepted by Neocons but not Jewish Libs. Will that be enough to enact change? Most of the Jewish power and wealth is with Jewish Libs, not with Neocons. Neocons can do a lot but that not nearly as much as Jewish Libs. Indeed, if the Jewish Lib-dominated media hadn’t favored Neocons as the new face of Conservatism, Neocons wouldn’t be so influential.

This is why Jews promote the homo agenda. Homos are reliably pro-Jewish because they tend to be un-tribal about most issues. Homos all around the world feel estranged from their tribal cultures since most people are not homo and most cultures feel strange about homos. So, homos feel as homonomads. They are the ideal proxies, accomplices, and collaborators of Jews who are cosmopolitan, rootless, and global. Also, homos fear Arabs and Muslims.

Also, homos make the culture of rich and privilege seem cool and hip. So, even though ‘white privilege’ is bad, ‘homo privilege’ is wonderful, and via the justification of homo privilege, Jewish and white privilege can find a backdoor entrance of justification-by-association. White privilege as white privilege is bad… but white privilege associated with ‘homo privilege’ is good. So, in big rich gentrified cities, you got homo ‘rainbow’ flags to send the message, ‘this is progressive zone; don’t hate or boycott us’.

Homo agenda neutralizes not only conservatism but leftism. Many leftists stand for the Third World, but the Third World is anti-’gay’. As long as Israel is seen more pro-homo than the Muslim world is, most white ‘progressives’ will feel closer to Jews and Israel.
And as homos are so chummy with rich Jews in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Las Vegas, fashion industry, media, and etc. they will foremost be loyal to Jews and will not join some grubby BDS movement filled with swarthy ‘losers’.

* Here is what I believe what powerful Jews see as much more likely:

The Neocons and Israel are only a couple of years away from engineering the US into a war with Iran regardless of what party wins the election in 2016, but especially if any Republican is elected. The best trigger for that war will be another major domestic terrorist attack that can conveniently blamed on Tehran. The goal here is simply spreading further chaos in the middle east requiring a permanent US boots on the ground presence and a no questions asked climate of patriotism at home. Meanwhile the US and European borders must remain open so as to facilitate the flood of more potential terrorists and refugees.

Since Two State Solution is officially dead, the next move is to officially annex the West Bank while giving Palestinians every financial incentive to leave Israel while the getting is good. The Arabs and Christians who don’t take the hint are going to be forcefully pressured to leave the West Bank and Israel proper a few years down the road. Once the Arab numbers significantly decline the remainder will be simply expelled Again the US and European borders must remain open so as to facilitate the flood of Palestinian emigrants and later refugees. Sure left wing Jews will make a minor fuss that Israel will become outwardly ethnocentric and the pretense to being a liberal Democracy will have evaporated. But it is taken as a given they will quickly fall into line if it ultimately means an expanded Israel that controls it own borders and is more demographically secure. Nothing I am stating here has not been promulgated as Likud party platform goals.

In the meantime Jews in Europe and USA have every intention of passing hate speech and hate crime laws that they believe will effectively neuter the BDS movement. While Jews will be granted “super citizenship” that will make life for them more than tolerable until increasingly more Zionist territory is acquired. Conditions for Non-Jewish white Europeans and Americans may decline significantly but Jews don’t care about them as long as the Jews will be protected. Once again keeping the borders open is key to making this happen.

Whites are only a 3-4 election cycles from being permanently rendered minorities in their homelands and in the countries they settled. That is what Jews on both the left and right want and they are not going to just let anybody simply “demand” that they change their plans. Besides Open Borders are making Jews super rich at the expense of their only possible opposition the educated middle class that identifies with the historical American nation. For this to happen the Borders must remain Open!!!

Last, Jews look at how easy it has been for them to manipulate the Christian Dispensationalist Goyim and laugh at the idea that NAMs can ever cause them trouble. They already fund NAACP and La Raza and hundreds of other Open Borders and identity politics groups. They have no reason to fear a Democratic coalition of the fringes as long as they are the puppet masters and control the media. The more NAMs the better, they are after all the best cudgel to keep the white Christian goyim in line. The Borders will remain Open!!!

In short everything is going the Jews way, and 90%+ of whites in the USA and Europe are clueless as to who is pulling the strings.

In short being polite and simply asking or even “demanding” some change in course from TWMNBN will accomplish nothing except still getting you labeled an anti-semite.

* Jews are much more supportive of open borders and mass immigration than whites are, and the opposition to same is much more white than Jewish. There’s a pair of links I keep handy that give a survey of how US senators and reps voted some years back, breaking them down into Euro and Jewish categories, but Steve doesn’t like me dropping it here. Short version, Euros voted about 45/55 for open borders, while Jews were like 90/10, or something.

* I like a lot of what Steve writes, but he suffers, in a peculiar and idiosyncratic way, from the same thing that the American Renaissance people do: The Great White Hope that organized Jewry can somehow be prevailed on to accept a “bargain” of some kind that preserves the primacy of European/Christian/Classical culture. Such a grand bargain could never be deemed to be “good for the Jews.” Any meaningful preservation of European/Christian traditional culture will never be acceptable from the perspective of aggressive organized Jewry. Pursuing such a bargain is sheer delusion.

* The newspaper of Mapam (the ancestor of Meretz, the furthest left Zionist party in the Knesset today), even published racist articles in the 1980s that wouldn’t be out of place here, including one that explained why blacks and Arabs are genetically inferior to whites and Jews, which is why Jewish fighter pilots are the best in the world, and blacks in the US are only good for short-distance running.

* Kevin MacDonald made a Grand Bargain offer straight-up to Organized Jewry that if they’d knock it off with the mass immigration agitating, he himself would advocate for U.S. support of Israel, even if at some cost to ourselves.

Did it accomplish anything? Did Org Jewry agree to this good deal? Did it even get the Jews to stop bashing him as the Most Horrible Person in America? Nope.

Getting an Immigration Moratorium is just going to have to be a job that us American-Americans will have to do ourselves.

* Israel is not nearly as determined to get its own illegal immigration under control, as you seem to think. There are about 70,000 Eritreans, Somalis and Sudanese firmly ensconced now in south Tel Aviv. (Scaled for population that would be like having 3.5 million of those guys in the USA.) Netanyahu would like them gone, the mayor of Tel Aviv would like them gone, most of all the majority of the citizenry would like them gone. And yet they stick around thanks to “civil rights” lawyers, European Union pressure, and a sympathetic Israeli Supreme Court.

The best thing going for Israel on this front is that the fence has almost totally eliminated the inflow of illegals.

* Okay, so there’s the big negotiating sit-down over Immigration and Israel in the back room of a restaurant between the key players: Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, and Peter Brimelow. Tough bargaining aimed at maybe closing a “Feasible Zionist-Gentile Grand Bargain”

Adelson: “If you give me what I want, I can deliver the Republican Party.”

Saban: “If you give me what I want, I can deliver the Democratic Party.”

Brimelow: “And if you give me what I want, I can deliver…plus I’ll even throw in Kevin MacDonald’s endorsement!”

* Steve probably meant that as a proposal for the anti-immigrationist wing of the Republican Party. Steve’s influence might not be too large, but some people do notice him. Ann Coulter reads him, and if you followed the UVA rape hysteria, his influence might have been even larger – probably some mainstream journalists are also reading him. But in any event this idea was more of a thought experiment.

As to MacDonald, he didn’t think it was realistic to begin with, and he’s quite conscious of his limited influence. He was only giving a theoretical reason why he doesn’t support Israel, i.e. also a thought experiment. That’s important because some people accused him that he’s critical of Jews in the US and elsewhere (so he doesn’t want Jews in the Galut), but that he’s also critical of Israel, i.e. he doesn’t want Jews in Israel either. In other words, he was accused of proposing the extermination of Jews. Obviously he perceives that the organized Jewish community (i.e. Jewish organizations) leave no room for him, pushing for both destructive wars and unlimited immigration. This in turns leaves him under no obligation not to criticize Jews both here and in Israel. (His critique of Israel always seemed to me an exposition of double standards – he never really cared for Palestinians, but he always wanted to destroy any moral high ground pro-Israel “Liberals” might have enjoyed vis-à-vis White ethnonationalists like himself.)

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Will Jews Always Have Europe?

Comment to Steve Sailer:

Seems to me that Jewish elites think that indoctrination will solve the problem:

The other episode took place in Lebanon. Hezbollah, the radical Muslim militia that dominates that country, has been working to keep The Diary of Anne Frank out of Lebanese schools. This kind of denialism, perpetrated in the Middle East, makes people susceptible to anti-Semitism when they grow up and emigrate to Europe. If you don’t grow up in a place that experienced the Holocaust, and if you don’t learn about the Holocaust in some other way, you’ll behave like somebody who doesn’t get it.”

In other words, use the Holocaust (Hitler’s great gift to the Zionist project) to full advantage.

Of course, some Jews have noticed that certain groups (Blacks, Muslims, etc) seem oddly immune to the spectre of the Holocaust. Indeed, in some cases they actually seem downright hostile. A colleague of mine (she teaches an undergrad class on literature and racism) has noted to me that Blacks in her class get rather surly when the Holocaust totems are introduced: Anne Frank, Schindler’s List, Wiesel’s Night, etc. To them, the Holocaust narrative is White Privilege in action. White corpses in Europe are enduring symbols of martyrdom, while POC corpses are footnotes.

Take this famous scene from Schindler’s List, the girl in the red coat.

After viewing the film, the Black students responded with real anger to the scene. They noted that no one cared about Black children being slaughtered….But show one cute little White girl, and White people collapse in heaps of tears. According to her, they deployed the full arsenal of theory on the scene, noting how the girl’s fair skin and Caucasoid hair made her an image of White racial perfection.Black children, in contrast, with their dark skin and kinky hair, were the “Other” (Hegel has much to answer for), permanently excluded from sympathy, etc.

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WP: “Entrenched anti-Semitic views” very rare among whites and Asian Americans, common among blacks and Latinos

David Bernstein writes in 2014: According this article, ADL surveys show that “approximately 12 percent of Americans hold deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views.” However, over 30% of African Americans and Latinos hold such views. Given that they are almost 30% of the population, this suggests that of the 12% of Americans who hold deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views, 9% or so are African Americans or Latinos. This means, in turn, of the 70% or so of the population that is not African American or Latino, only 3% hold deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views. Put another way, less than 5% of whites, Asians, and “others” (including Native Americans) combined hold deeply entrenched anti-Semitic views, compared to over 30% of African Americans and Latinos–or at least that’s the difference in percentages of those willing to express anti-Semitic attitudes to pollsters. Regardless, it seems odd given these numbers that Jews seem especially concerned about mostly phantom anti-Semitism emanating from white evangelical Christians, while being less concerned about anti-Semitism in core Democratic constituencies. But, as Ilya pointed out a few years back, “many studies show that people tend to devalue or ignore any information that makes their political adversaries look good, while overvaluing anything that looks bad.”

The article adds: “[Retiring ADL President Abe] Foxman attributes the persistence of anti-Semitism among African-Americans to denial of the problem and a dearth of black leaders speaking out against anti-Semitism. Among Latinos, the attitudes are seen as a holdover from Latin America, where traditional Catholic anti-Semitism persists and anti-Semitic attitudes are higher than in America. Once they acculturate to the United States, Latino anti-Semitism declines: Among first-generation immigrants, about 40 percent hold anti-Semitic attitudes; among those born here, the number falls to 20 percent. ”

UPDATE: A reader points me to the most recent ADL survey, from 2013, which shows a lower rate of black (22%) and Latino (36% foreign-born, 14% native-born) anti-Semitism than the article states. The 2011 data comes closer to matching the author’s assertion, but the overall figure there was not 12% but 15% overall, and 29% (not over 30%) for African Americans and 42 and 20% for foreign and native-born Latinos, respectively. The rates for whites were 8% and 9% in 2013 and 2011. So I’m not sure if the author is looking at different data, or just got his facts wrong. Nevertheless, the basic point, that “entrenched anti-Semitic views” are far more common among African Americans and Latinos than among others, still holds.

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America Vs Human Nature

Jared Taylor says at a conference of conservatives in Russia:

Today, one country leads the world in aggressively exporting its own ideas–most of which are vulgar or worthless or completely opposed to human nature. That same country also leads the world in promoting the replacement of Western peoples through immigration from the Third World. That country is the greatest enemy and murderer of all authentic tradition.

Alas, my friends, that country is my country, the United States of America.

But I can tell you this: When my country promotes Muslim immigration into France and Germany, when my country tells the European Union it must accept refugees from Libya and Syria and Somalia, it is not being hypocritical. It is destroying itself in exactly the same way it promotes the destruction of the West.

It was not always this way.

The United States began as an outpost of Europe, of the Christian West. Its language, culture, institutions, religion, and aspirations were all European and exclusively European. Its first law of naturalization, passed in 1790 allowed citizenship only for “free white persons.” Until 1965, it had an immigration policy that was carefully designed to keep the country overwhelmingly European.

Now, people from the Third World are coming in such large numbers that Americans of European origin will become a minority in just 25 years. Because non-Europeans have so many children, a young white child is already a minority in his age group.

It is impossible to maintain any kind of tradition in what America is becoming. No country that is a mix of Africans, Asians, and Central Americans, and a dwindling remnant of aging Europeans can have an authentic culture and authentic traditions. My country is committing suicide.

The religion of America is no longer Christianity. It is “diversity.” We are not to believe in Jesus Christ. We are to believe that a crazy mix of races, of languages, of habits, of religions, of manners is a great and wonderful thing.

The slogan of America is “diversity is our greatest strength.”

In 2007, General George Casey, who commanded the American troops in Iraq, announced, “I firmly believe the strength of our Army comes from our diversity.” What is this? Does the strength of an army not from good training? From good weapons? From love of country? No. The US Army is strong because it has soldiers from Guatemala and the Philippines and Haiti and Mexico. This is insanity. But this insanity of diversity is the new religion of America.

But my country is not content just to commit suicide. It wants every Western country to commit suicide. When the United States was dropping bombs on Serbia in 1999–America loves to drop bombs–General Wesley Clark explained why the bombing was necessary:

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. We are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

And for Americans, multi-ethnic does not only mean Serbs and Croats and Bosnians. It means Arabs, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Hindus–anything and everything. That is what my country wants for you! Diversity!

And, of course, diversity is the great assassin of tradition, of identity, of everything that makes a society authentic and unique.

On the cultural level, when my government is not able to force a country to replace its own people with aliens, it lectures and browbeats them and tries to destroy their ancient traditions. It claims moral authority on matters that are none of its business.

My country tells the world that traditional marriage is a prison for women. That any government unlike its own is tyranny. That abortion is a sacred right. That homosexuals should marry.

My government seems to forget that the last American laws against homosexuality were overturned only in 2003. Homosexuality was illegal in my country for 400 years, but now we say to the world: “We were wrong. We were wrong for 400 years. But now we are right, and you must be like us or you are hateful scum.” This is astonishing arrogance.

But there is worse. Sometimes my government exports its ideas by force. It sees the world in terms of good and evil, and of course, America is the number one good country. Americans think of themselves as the Hollywood heroes of history.

Did you know that until this year the recruiting slogan of the United States Navy was “a global force for good”? That’s right: This concentration of tremendous destructive power called itself “a global force for good.”

This mentality of good and evil leads to war. I have lost count of how many nations my country has bombed in just the last few years. We bombed Afghanistan and the result is chaos. We bombed Iraq and the result is chaos. We bombed Libya and the result is chaos. We almost bombed Syria, but your President, Vladimir Putin, helped save us from that madness. Our policy seems to be that if we kill enough Muslims the survivors will believe in Jeffersonian democracy and wear bikinis.

I know it is tempting to think that the rulers of my country are evil, but they are not evil. It would be better if they were evil because it would be easier to unmask them and replace them. No, they genuinely believe that they are bringing enlightenment, modernity, freedom, and happiness to the world.

Of course, the United States government is not the same as the American people. There are many Americans, like me, who are dismayed by the arrogance and blindness of our government. Our voices are seldom heard, but we are there. And we support a strong and sovereign Russia that defends its traditions against all attacks. We support a Europe of nations and of regions, each with its own wonderful, irreplaceable traditions.

Let me close with a word about us, about the world brotherhood of Europeans of which we are a part. I support authentic tradition everywhere, whether in Japan or India or Persia or Ethiopia. But our greatest love must be for our own traditions, for the spirit and genius and destiny and people of Europe.

My ancestors have lived for 350 years in North America, but I am a European, as much as you, whose ancestors have lived on this continent for ten thousand years. The same is true for all the Europeans who built outposts overseas, whether in North America or Australia or New Zealand or South Africa. We are all brothers and sisters, members of the same great family of Western Man.

But we are a small minority on this planet. Our numbers are shrinking while those of every other group are growing. That is why we must have territories that are exclusively ours, which are for us alone and for our children for ever. Without this, everything we love will be washed away.

We Europeans are one people. We have the same heritage and the same destiny.

That is why your struggle is my struggle. So long as the light of the West still shines in Russia, or in Sweden, or in Italy or in Spain, it shines for all Europeans, even for us, far away in North America.

And so, my brothers, may you have courage. May you have wisdom. And may you have the success you deserve, not just for your own nation but for all your European brothers and sisters everywhere.

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Earl Raab: Multiculturalist in America, Zionist in Israel


“The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible — and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever. (Earl Raab, Jewish Bulletin, February 19, p. 23)

“It was only after World War II that immigration law was drastically changed … In one of the first pieces of evidence of its political coming-of-age, the Jewish community had a leadership role in effecting those changes.” (Earl Raab, Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993, p. 17)

“For me, just being in Jerusalem is spiritual. From the appearance of the sky, which seems to me to curve over the city, to the ancient kind of evidence that is there. I felt that way the first time I was there, and I’ve had that feeling on occasions since. The first time was in the 60’s. I had a sense I was in a different place, a spiritual place that stretched back to the beginning of history, of Jewish history. If I sat down and tried to figure out exactly what it is that gave me that feeling, I don’t think I could. It was just a sensation I felt right away.” (Earl Raab, online Hadassah Magazine)

“If America is losing its leadership edge and resolve [to protect Israel], then we are all in trouble. This is where and why America’s Jews must remain focused on Israel.” (Earl Raab, Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, October 30, 1998)

The ADL’s Earl Raab served for thirty-five years as Executive Director of the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and is currently Director of the Perlmutter Institute for Jewish Advocacy at Brandeis University. Raab, like most Jews and all Jewish organizations, promotes multiracialism and Third World immigration in the United States and other majority-White nations, while supporting Jewish racialism (aka Zionism) and a Jews-only immigration policy in Israel.

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Whites Vs Jews

Comments to Steve Sailer’s article on bargaining with Zionists:

* This was an interesting read as it confirms my belief that whites aren’t fully ready to do what they need to do to get out of this mess. Sailer’s a good read but, he’s got it backwards. Whites shouldn’t be going hat in hand to make deals with Jews, we should be unifying, becoming a strong force of our own and letting special interest groups ( Jews being one of them) come to us.

After all we don’t need Jews. Jews need us. And any white man who doesn’t recognize this isn’t worth fighting for anyways.

* Your suggestion is too logical so there’s little chance it’ll be followed. You can tell the posters who genuinely have pride in their culture and race by their responses. They’re the ones who recognize that we Europeans have contributed so much to the world in a far greater proportion than ANY other group. And then you have the weaklings who are full of self doubt and always say ‘ we need this group or we should follow that group’.

Can you picture our grandfathers ever saying that we need the Jews or the Asians to lead us? No. Because they had self belief and it was this self belief and racial pride that built this country. Today we’re being led by those who are the opposite of what built this nation. We were strong believers in self determination and were never afraid to stand on our two feet. Now we’re being told we need the Jews to merely govern our nation. The contrast couldn’t be anymore startling.

* We don’t need Jews to lead; we need them–and all their money/influence–as allies. Further alienating the Jews is a prescription for an even more precipitous collapse of America and the West.

* Jewish power is soft power. Without the consent of the masses, it evaporates. All it would take to throw them out on their ears is a mass changing of consciousness.

* If I were a Jew eavesdropping on this website, and if I were to take the views expressed herein as typical of paleoconservatism, I would view paleoconservatism as strychnine for the Jewish people.

* I don’t have to eavesdrop to know what the Jews think of us. I view their entire mainstream (faux-liberal, conservative, neoconservative, what have you) as strychnine for the European people.

* Strychnine that has been added to the drinking water of every Western nation for 100 years now under the guise of ‘Progressivism,’ thinly masked Bolshevism seeking to break lots of eggs for their utopian omelets.

* The Jews are already filled with distrust and insecurities. Visiting this site will simply reinforce those inherent tendencies. Sadly, some of them (e.g., neocons Jews) have pushed too hard, asked for too much and been unappreciative. Alienation, indeed!

* Jews spend as much time contemplating our motivations and aspirations as ranchers do those of their cattle.

* Sailer’s Grand Bargain will never happen. Typical American Jews have way too much vested in the status quo.

I might be overly optimistic, but it seems that conservative whites who pay attention are more weary of the Defend-Jews-at-all-costs drumbeat. There aren’t enough yet to elect a Pat Buchanan, but more people who supported the Iraq War now realize that the Neocons were a disaster. The GOP and Limbaugh still bow and scrape to the Adelsons, but the way Ron Paul struck a chord with a lot of people–especially younger ones–is a hopeful sign.

A big problem with whites is the hordes who are now on welfare/”disability”, and the ones who work but who think all is well as long as they can watch their favorite thugs in sports. They’re bigger problems than the Fox News watchers, who at least are willing to go against the grain in how they get their news.

The Bolsheviks started small. Maybe the people like us, who realize how far down we’ve sunk from our grandfathers’ ways, can win, especially against the media-numbed conformists out there.

* Jews don’t need “us.” As long as 30-35 percent of white gentiles are AWRs, and the black/Mestizo population continues to swell, they can ignore us. But Jews in the US face two potential problems. First–and as Sailer pointed out–the AWR agenda could very well come back to bite Jews on the ass because Jews can easily be seen as the prime example of so-called “white privilege.” Second, as America becomes more AWR, some white AWRs may have second thoughts. Perhaps all the mob beatings and the flagrantly anti-white machinations of demons like Hutu Holder will knock sense into enough AWR gentiles to tip the electoral balance away from the AWRs. In that scenario, Jews are on the losing side.

* Most Jews don’t have the wherewithal to pick up and move to Israel. And at any rate, an Israel surrounded by hostile, homicidal Muzz probably doesn’t look too attractive to many of them. As an ace in the hole, Israel is a threadbare card.

* I have family connections to Golden Dawn and can state that the reason that the leadership of Golden Dawn has been imprisoned is due to Jews. My wife’s family member was told the European Council of Jews, ADL, B’nai Brith have threatened Greece if they don’t do something about the Golden Dawn. The Jewish groups above partnered with investment banks to put pressure on the Greek government to outlaw a party that many of us respect. Are you to tell me we should partner with such a people?

* I am “pro Jewish.” But I’m also clear-eyed enough to see their flaws and why some people resent them. Would that the site’s Judeophobes possessed some of the same equanimity.

As to you second paragraph, it’s nothing new. The Jews, the Jews. Everything that doesn’t go your way is the fault of the Jews, a teenintsy minority tucked away in Thessaloniki. But these super-human, super-evil beings have the power to bend the poor, dumb, gentile Greek government to their will, to such an extent that they ban a political party. Does that really make sense? Or is it more sensible to simply admit that far too many white people–more in Greece than most white nations–hold political views similar to Jews? God knows the Greeks’ infantile, socialist attitudes to the most minimal of austerity measures strongly suggest that this is the case.

* I’ve spent time in Latin America and there is a strong mistrust of Jews in some nations. Especially, in nations with a tangible Jewish population. Also, let’s not forget that Latin America has had a significant amount of Arab immigration as well. In fact, many of the wealthy in Mexico are of Lebanese ancestry, ie.. Carlos Slim, Salma Hayek etc.

* Unlike the goyim, who were historically farmers, an occupation which took more brawn than brains, Jews made their living with their wits–by closing the sale. Thus, Jews became the world’s greatest tacticians and among its worst strategists. To their great misfortune, Jews never worried about the consequences after they made their money.

The best thing goy nationalists can do is to tell Jews that we refuse to accept their double standard of celebrating the same type of nationalist behavior in Israel that they go to great lengths to deny to the goyim in our own homelands. Consequently, we will support Israel’s right to exist if and only if Jews support our right to exist. If enough of us will work together, we will have Jews over the proverbial barrel.

* Jewish intellectuals practically invented the tactics and strategy behind identity politics. I don’t think the idea ever occurred to them that the Frankenstein monster they created for their own purposes will eventually turn on them. Jewish intellectualism sometimes seems to be a mile deep and an inch wide.

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Jewish Sarcasm

In the Torah, Jews complain a lot. When they get out of slavery through divine miracles, they start whining that life was better in Egypt because they had leaks.

Reminds me of the old joke: Joseph Stalin gathers before a crowd in Red Square and reads a letter from the Jew Leon Trotsky.
“I was wrong.
And you were right.
I should apologize.”
An old Jewish man said “Comrade Stalin, allow me to read the letter you are not using the right emphasis.”
Stalin hands him the letter and the man reads: “‘YOU were RIGHT? And I was WRONG? I SHOULD apologize?’
“Try rereading the email with the proper emphasis on Jewish sarcasm.”

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Ariz. woman flashes kids at bar mitzvah, lets boys fondle new breast implants, fellates 15yo

From New York Daily News: An Arizona woman who had recently gotten breast implants was busted after she got wasted at a Scottsdale bar mitzvah, showed off her new boobs to a group of unimpressed peers — and then got rowdy with a bunch of boys, police said.

Lindsey Radomski, 32, got her peep show started by flashing about five adults Saturday at a party with about 100 guests.

When she was scolded not to expose herself again, she tried exciting a group of “juveniles” by the pool, police said.

The drunken yoga instructor later let seven underage boys, ages 11 to 15, fondle her new jugs in a bedroom, while most of the guests had gone home or fallen asleep.

She allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy who was the last to leave, police said.

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Can Jews Survive Free Speech?

David Cole Stein writes:

There exists, in many Jews individually, and in the Jewish community as a whole, an internal struggle, a civil war of sorts, between two very basic and fundamental Jewish instincts: the impulse to be civil libertarians, and the desire for self-preservation.
In law, in government, in the media, Jews have always been a loud and unapologetic voice for basic human rights such as free speech (arguably, in my opinion, the most fundamental human right). But when Jews feel threatened, and where the law allows (as in Canada and most of Europe), there has been a tendency to demand governmental protection in the form of laws that punish “hate speech.”
Free speech versus “protection.” We see this debate raging full force in Western Europe these days, especially in France, as anti-Jewish incidents, predominately carried out by Muslims, are on the increase. Typical of the duality I described above, in the past few months I’ve seen individual Jews, and Jewish organizations, band together to chant “Je Suis Charlie,” while at the same time demanding the prosecution of people who make anti-Semitic comments or deny the Holocaust.
Needless to say, some Muslims call out the hypocrisy. And they’re not entirely wrong, although there is hypocrisy on their end as well, as many of Europe and Canada’s Muslims, in the name of prosecuting “Islamophobes,” invoke the anti-speech laws that were in many cases initiated by Jews.
Anti-speech laws thus become a double-edged sword for Jews. Jews get the protection of the state, but so do other groups. Jews get to see Holocaust deniers thrown in prison, and Muslims get to take legal action against activists who favor restricting Muslim immigration, or who criticize Muslim crime or culture.
In the end, I’ve always believed that laws restricting speech do more harm than good for the Jewish community. They turn anti-Jewish fringe-dwellers into martyrs, they provide ammo for the propaganda of those who claim that Jews are controlling and conspiratorial, and eventually they become exploited by the very people Jews are supposedly trying to protect themselves against.
The “free speech vs. protection” debate among Jews is older than you might think. In the April 1947 issue of Commentary, distinguished legal scholar Milton Konvitz reviewed the book “An International Convention Against Anti-Semitism” by Mark Vishniak (Research Institute of the Jewish Labor Committee, 1946). And damned if the debate hasn’t changed one iota in seventy years. Vishniak argues that anti-Semitism can, and should, be kept down by law. Konvitz is skeptical. If the date on the magazine wasn’t 1947, I’d think I was reading the current issue.
Konvitz writes:

Dr. Vishniak sees the issue as one between the right of Jews to live a life of dignity and honor, and the right of persons to express their opinions of groups by written or spoken word. The right to honor and the right to free expression of opinion may clash. How is the conflict to be resolved?
“A citizen’s right to express his dislike of the Jews or other minorities,” says Dr. Vishniak, “and to single out for criticism their negative traits, is as inviolable in a democratic state as is, on the other hand, the undeniable right of the state to prevent and to punish actions at the point when they deprive individuals and groups of their rights, worth and dignity. We must look for and we must find a balance. It is no restriction of the freedom of speech, for example, to forbid a false cry of ‘fire’ in a crowded cinema.”

Konvitz is unconvinced. He makes two cogent points, one of which I’ve already voiced in more contemporary terms:

Dr. Vishniak would, I take it, support the Lynch Bill, which was considered in Congress in 1944. This bill provided that the criminal code be amended to declare non-mailable all written matter and pictures containing any defamatory and false statement which tends to expose persons, designated by race or religion, to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or tends to cause such persons to be shunned or avoided, or to be injured in their business or occupation. The American Jewish Congress sponsored the bill. On the other hand, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People opposed the measure because of their apprehension that enactment of the bill would lead to a stifling of free expression of grievances (grievances, e.g., of Negroes against white persons), and would impair the constitutional right of free speech and freedom of the press. To my mind, if one takes one’s position on the Constitution, then the ACLU and the NAACP are right, and the American Jewish Congress and Dr. Vishniak wrong.

In other words, the “Lynch Bill” could have been turned around and used to stifle what black Americans said about whites. Konvitz predicted the “turnabout is fair play” aspect of anti-speech laws back in the ‘40s, yet many Jews today seem shocked that Muslims have figured out how to use Jewish-backed anti-speech laws to their advantage. Only a fool couldn’t have seen that coming.
Konvtiz’s other cogent point is that these kinds of laws don’t work:
Dr. Vishniak’s book itself provides partial proof that legislation against group defamation is not the cure. The Criminal Code of the Soviet Union provides that incitement of national or religious enmity and disunity shall constitute a crime against the state. A person convicted of the crime may be sentenced to imprisonment for a period up to two years or, under certain circumstances, he may be sentenced to death by shooting. But the author admits that “the most recent news from U.S.S.R. testifies that the scourge of anti-Semitism has not disappeared.”

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