How Can We Make America More User-Friendly For Jews?

Perhaps all children should be forced to take training from the Anti-Defamation League and then those who are recalcitrant should be shipped off to re-education camps?

As there is no room in America for racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism, all those with this illness must be dealt with firmly or they will spread their infection of hate. So do we kill them, imprison them, re-educate them or expel them? I don’t see any other options.

How can we make America more useful for Jews?

Chaim Amalek: “Western liberalism as it exists on college campuses today and Zionism are not and never were compatible. Zionism is a throwback to the 19th century.”

Matt: “What can be done about colleges nowadays? When I was in college, both students and professors reported on things I said in class discussions to the Office of Student Conduct, like informants spying on a dissident in a totalitarian regime. One instructor, an Arab bitch, typed up a transcript of a text conversation with me, and turned that in. A Hispanic bitch falsely accused me of telling her I don’t like her because she is Mexican (or Hispanic, or something like that, and she is some kind of university administrator). Two student bitches, who might have been white (I have no idea who or what they were), falsely accused me of some kind of sexual harassment involving an unsolicited hand on their shoulders. Apparently, any false accusations will do, when students and university officials are determined to punish a percieved political opponent or dissident. This was years ago, but I would still like to get revenge somehow.”

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Jewish Interests Vs Gentile Interests

I read this post:

To some Jewish organizations, speaking in the name of Jewish interests smacks of crass parochialism. Richard Perle recalled a day in 1972, when as an aide to Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson he was working to round up support for a bill that would provide crucially needed aid to Israel:
“The telephone rang and it was the Washington representative of one of the Jewish organizations. I figured he was calling in with a report on the response of some Senators to our lobbying efforts. He wanted to talk about [William] Rehnquist [who had just been nominated by Nixon to the Supreme Court]. I said, ‘Jesus Christ, don’t you know we’re in the middle of a crisis.’ And he said, ‘Well, I did want to talk about that.’ And I said, ‘Well, what do you know?’ And the other crisis he had in mind was Bangladesh. Here was the son of a bitch running around on Rehnquist and Bangladesh at the crucial moment we were trying to bring on board the necessary support for this rather substantial appropriation, and that’s typical. The principle representatives of Jewish organizations in town all are interested in other things.”

I asked: Does America have any vital national security interests in the Middle East? If not, and I think not, then is not Jewish lobbying for Israel pushing America to do things not in its interests? I would favor a universal ban in the United States on all lobbying for foreign powers. I am all for Jews pushing for their interests right up to but not including over-reach which boomerangs back upon them.
Response: “America has an interest in opposing the head-choppers and Islamofascists. Israel and America share a common enemy.”
Luke: “Why does America have an interest in opposing head-choppers in other countries? What does it have to do with America?”
Response: “Throat-slitters killed 3,000 American citizens. Didn’t 9-11 teach us we couldn’t ignore the bastards? We are the great Satan, Israel the little Satan, to these Islamonazis. Israel and America should have a united front against them.”
Luke: “Do you think America would have been hit on 9/11 if it had not been so embedded with Israel?”
Response: “Answer one question: what is the greatest force for evil in the world today? If your answer is global warming, as it is for Obama, then so be it. If it is Islamofascism, then the questions answer themselves. I would prefer an America that is not morally neutral toward the greatest threats and evils of our time.”
Luke: “That’s a great question. I am not sure I would say Islamofascism because Muslims generally have low IQs and they would be snakes even if they stopped being Muslims. I can’t think of any civilized countries where the population has an average IQ of 85 (the number for Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims in general). So the greatest evils in the world today are those (Jewish and non-Jewish) who push Western countries — the highest form of civilization to my taste — to import large numbers of deadly snakes. If you want me to name those organizations, I will but it might hit close to home. In short, the greatest threat to civilization today are folks like Barbara Lerner Spectre who lectures that Jews will teach Europe to be multi-cultural aka people like this let the snakes in. I don’t get angry at snakes for being snakes.”
Response: “If the greatest evil is Islamofacism, then what’s the answer?”
Luke: “Separation.”

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Northern European women are the most beautiful

I understand black rage. The only way to look this good is to be white. The only way to make a woman like that is for two white people to mate with one another.

She’s why so many black men want white women, and why so many white women want lighter skinned babies. This causes racial strife.

Hot white women usually don’t want to lower themselves. They’re not attracted to other races. They have white pride.

The elite of all races often want a hot white mate.

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A Long Cold Inspection Of Judaism

Australian political ethologist Frank Salter writes in the Human Ethology Bulletin, September 2000, Vol. 15(3), pp. 16-22:

Given such a defensive posture it is little wonder that a long, cold inspection of Judaism should raise a storm. What is one to make of a scholar who: (1) like so many anti-Semites takes pains to show the great overrepresentation of Jews in radical political movements such as post-WWI Bolshevism in Russia and Central Europe, the Communist Party of America, and the New Left of the 1960s and 1970s (including the claim that in 1928 Jews were 1000% overrepresented among socialist Reichstag deputies); (2) who revives the old Nazi canard about Freud by alleging that he was a Jewish activist nurturing hatred of ‘Aryan’ Europe, leading an essentially Jewish cabal of psychoanalysts intent on subverting Christian sexual standards; (3) who portrays Jensen’s hereditarian theory of IQ as mainstream; (4) who maintains that on average Jews constitute a quarter of America’s elites and draws attention to 58% representations in the senior ranks of Hollywood (which it ‘dominates’), 50% of network television producers, and 40% of elite university law faculty; (5) who maintains that since the mid 1960s the media elite has pursued a leftist agenda that includes promoting racial integration through school busing; (6) who goes so far as to question the appropriateness of large Jewish over-representation in a democratic elite (7) who suggests that European-Jewish intellectual prominence is genetically based and the result of eugenic processes within traditional Jewish communities; (8) who argues that Jewish intellectuals such as Franz Boas, Felix Frankfurter, Harold Laski, Max Lerner, Morris Cohen, and Robert Merton, accelerated the ‘deChristianization’ of America’s public life by selectively promoting as cultural heroes Gentiles who advanced their goals, such as Margaret Mead, John Dewey, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes; (9) who agrees with T. S. Eliot’s most famous anti-Semitic statement, that any large number of free-thinking Jews is undesirable if one wants to maintain or develop a society in which a Christian, ethnically homogeneous tradition can flourish.

Surely it is reasonable to be outraged at such a person being associated with a respectable academic association? Well, not if that person is Stanley Rothman, Mary Huiggins Gamble Professor of Government at Smith College, New York, who makes the first six of these points and is a member of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences (1974; 1978; Rothman & Lichter 1996/1982; Rothman & Snyderman 1988; Lerner et al. 1996; Lichter et al. 1986); or Prof. Arno Motulsky, Professor emeritus at the University of Washington, Seattle, who makes the seventh point (1995); or David Hollinger, Professor of History at UC Berkeley who makes points eight and nine and whose 1996 book was favourably reviewed in the Jewish press; but certainly if that person cites Rothman’s, Motulsky’s, and Hollinger’s sources and becomes the centre of attention.

The fact is that most of the above descriptions (but not the speculations) are uncontroversial in the specialist historical and sociological fields on which MacDonald draws. These and most other assertions that have elicited the wrath of some colleagues are not only true but truisms, to those aquainted with the diverse literatures involved. Apart from the political sensitivity of the subject, much of the problem facing MacDonald is that his knowledge is often too far ahead of his detractors to allow easy communication; there are not enough shared premises for constructive dialog. Unfortunately the knowledge gap is closing slowly because some of his most hostile critics, including colleagues who make serious ad hominem accusations, have not bothered to read MacDonald’s books.

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And He Seemed Like Such A Gentle Soul

Imagine a rap star as a killer? It’s hard, I know.

Paul: “He always has a cigar in his mouth or hand. Training for his imprisonment?”

LAT: Notorious former rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he allegedly ran over two men with his truck following an argument on a film set in Compton, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed. He is being held in lieu of $2-million bail.

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Black Men Are Too Invested In Parenting

They need to keep their focus on what’s important in life — playing ball.

I fear that Richard Sherman is getting distracted by his new baby, still, I suppose it’s wonderful that he is so committed to his marriage.

Umm, scratch that. LAT: “Sherman’s girlfriend, Ashley Moss, is due to give birth to their son sometime soon. Very soon, like within the next week.”

Chaim Amalek writes:

Stanford educated. NFL player in the superbowl. Lots of women before, now, and to come. Children to carry on his genes. The man knows to take care of business, and not be some seventies wimpo-dad holding his baby mama’s hand where he does not belong (based on most of history). This man is a winner, and I say this without any irony or sarcasm. I mean it.

The knowledge that somewhere out there is a man who is actively fighting other men to bring home the bacon does more for a woman giving birth than the presence of that same man, sharing his feelings with her.

I did not mean to insult any Torah Jews with my previous remark. Please read it as ‘actively davening and learning with other men in yeshiva.'”

What many men ask themselves: Is the man who shares his feelings with his fists more apt to win the heart and flesh of a beautiful woman than the man who shares his feelings with his blogging?

>>Damn, you’re brilliant. Why aren’t you rich with a beautiful wife and many kids?

A Russian woman once asked me that very question. I was so offended by the question I beat her with my fists and then made love to her all night long. But I never got around to formulating an answer.

Steve Sailer: “As for Richard Sherman, may I suggest that the fact that he has a documented 3-digit IQ (SAT scores on 400-1600 tests of 990 and 1060 and a Wonderlic IQ test of 24 where 21 is the mean), admirable study skills (salutatorian of his Compton Dominguez class), and a Stanford degree should not excuse him from apologizing for his outburst. Instead, the fact that he’s smarter and better educated than the average NFL cornerback means that he should try harder than average to behave in a more gentlemanly fashion since he has the personal tools to behave better.”

I wonder how many white and asian women, nine months pregnant, would go to a Super Bowl? Black women are tough.

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The Joys Of Islamic Immigration

The view from Britain: “Yet without a common language there will not be integration or shared culture. There will instead be mistrust, insularity, a ghetto-instinct and inward-looking ethnic groupings with neither love for nor loyalty to the nation. Muslim leaders were apparently outraged at being asked by the UK government to work harder in promoting a sense of Britishness in their community. They seem to believe they do not have a problem and that they are the victims of some racially-motivated witch hunt. Shucks, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings: it is not white Anglicans spouting hatred from the pulpit, fighting jihad abroad, slitting the throats of soldiers on our streets, or planting bombs on our subways.”

Chaim Amalek: “This idea that Muslim immigrants are supposed to conform to a weak culture like that of the nation that let them in is ridiculous. Since when must the strong follow and be subservient to the weak?”

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Maybe if we let in more Central Americans, they will save more Jews the next time the goyim come to get us?


Accidental Talmudist: José Arturo Castellanos Contreras, a Salvadoran army colonel and diplomat, became El Salvador’s Consul General to Switzerland in 1941. José was approached by Jewish Hungarian businessman György Mandl, who was desperate to get himself, his family and his fellow Jews out of Europe.

José created the post of “First Secretary to the Consul” for Mandl, now renamed Jorge Montello. He and his family were given papers of Salvadorian nationality. The phony job and papers saved the Mandl/Montello family from deportation to Auschwitz.

José and “Jorge” went on to prepare 13,000 fake Salvadoran citizenship papers that saved 40,000 Central European Jews.

In 2010 José Arturo Castellanos Contreras was recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem.

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Who Is This Lovely Lady?

REPORT: Like most of you, my nether regions quivered pleasantly with the recent introduction by Democrat Governor of Pennsylvannia Tom Wolf of his state’s new physician general, Dr. Rachel Levine. A photo of the lissome lady appears below.


And how would you like to entrust the fragile psyche of your own anguished teen to the stewardship of that leering hideosity?

Though this ridiculous doc-in-a-dress barely warrants an eye bat in the West’s prim implosion. What it does warrant is an awareness that the process is designed to be perpetual until complete. It doesn’t end with blacks, or gays, or transvestites. Wherever the line is drawn today will be a scarlet letter of bigotry tomorrow. There will always exist some fringe outpost upon which the left can plant its flag. A newly unearthed affront. Another victim of privilege. The only requirement is that the standard bearer be flamboyantly opposed to traditional sensibilities. For the liberal vanguard it’s taking apart the walls of your house while still inside. I’m not accusing them of rationality.

And while I mentioned the process is designed to be perpetual, those driving it are not. White liberals are a dying class whose influence is being temporarily magnified by millions of brown proxies. They’re midgets standing on a pyramid of mayans while bragging about their height. Most seem to ludicrously imagine they have ingratiated themselves into the alien out-groups they so adore. At some point they, and the comely Dr. Levine, will glance about to find they are the only transvestites in the room. And before heads once again go tumbling down Chichen Itza, we’ll get a fleeting glimpse of that horrified rictus.

LUKE: Why does Dr. Levine have to be Jewish? Oy! If Islam ruled this land, we would not have to put up with this.

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What Role For Jews In A White State?

Of late, I’m into nationalism, meaning nationalism for all peoples. I can’t stomach seeking anything for my group that I wouldn’t equally want for all groups. So I say, let all peoples, blacks, whites, Jews, etc, work out their destinies in their own lands free from oppression by outsiders.

This may sound radical, but I regard whites as people too. Therefore, I support white nationalism as much as I support black nationalism and Jewish nationalism, etc.

One hitch to the beautiful symmetry and moral purity of my views is that white nationalists tend to have no room in their plans for Jews.

So what am I to do? I support nationalism for whites and all peoples but what about the Jews? Is white nationalism good for the Jews? I see nothing wrong with blacks asking what is good for blacks. I see nothing wrong with whites asking what is good for whites. I see nothing wrong with any people focusing on its group interests. Whites should organize in their group interests just like Jews and blacks do. They should ask, is it good for whites?

Frequently, when other groups ask what is good for their group, the answer will be bad for Jews. Perhaps if Jews acted more in consonance with the well-being of their host country there would be fewer of these conflicts? Or perhaps Jews are doing everything humanly possible for their host country and anything bad for Jews is just morally wrong, no matter how good it might seem to be for other groups?

The older I get, the more I believe in the power of genes, race and group interests.

What would be the role for goyim in a Jewish state run by Torah sages (according to Jewish law)? There wouldn’t be one. A Jewish state run by Torah would expel its goyim.

Chaim Amalek: “Not many Jews would want to live in such a state. If Israel ever reaches the tipping point and becomes a theocracy, secular Jews will depart en mass and what remains will not be of sufficiently strong stock to sustain a Jewish state there. This is one four ways that Israel can fall. (The others: the South African solution and conquest by demographic change; nuclear attack; and defeat in a conventional war.)”

Here is a 2003 essay on Counter Currents calling for a party for whites, just as blacks have the Democratic party to push their interests:

My platform was criticized for being impractical and utopian for explicitly excluding Jews from the party and for advocating their removal from the United States. I hesitated some time over these proposals. But in the end, I decided that they are among the most fundamental practical proposals in the whole platform, fundamental because if these planks were removed, the whole party would be pointless.

The idea of admitting Jews to a party fighting against their interests is preposterous. Not that they wouldn’t join. Indeed, they would join in large numbers if allowed. They would donate large sums of money. They would use their skills as persuaders, schemers, and swindlers to make themselves indispensable. They would rise rapidly to leadership positions.

Then they would sabotage the whole thing.

Any organization that does not explicitly exclude Jews will end up being dominated and subverted by them. No sense letting them put their noses under the tent.

That is why Jews have to leave America. They dominate the leading institutions of our culture: the political parties, the news and entertainment media, the arts, the education system, banking and finance. And they subvert these institutions to pursue Jewish interests at the expense of White interests. They are not the sole cause of America’s problems, but they are a major cause, and there is no way to save this country without first taking them on.

I am not accusing Jews of “dual loyalties.” There is no such thing. Whenever the allegedly dual objects of loyalty conflict, one wins out in the end. Whenever Jewish and American interests conflict, Jews invariably choose Jewish interests, and White Americans are left paying the bill, often with their lives.

Jews don’t have dual loyalties, but they do have (officially or unofficially) “dual citizenships,” and they take full advantage of them to exploit their host countries for Jewish advantage. Now that Jews have their own state, it is time to end the charade that they can be loyal citizens of anything other than the Jewish collective. I would be the biggest Zionist in the world if Jews would actually go to Israel. But they won’t go as long as they can exploit dual citizenship status. A White People’s Party would end that status and send them slouching towards Bethlehem.

Jews in the American South prior to the Civil War were more accepted than they were in the North. They identified as white. No abolitionist was a Southern Jew. Southern rabbis preached that slavery was ordained by God. Southern Jews had no problem with slavery prior to the Civil War. I wonder if Jews and whites are fated to inevitable conflict or can we all get along?

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