Political Scientist John Mearsheimer: ‘A major threat to academic freedom today comes from the Israel lobby’

I never thought about the following points until I read this essay. I’ve always taken it for granted that Israel advocates are the good guys and anti-Israel advocates are bad guys. Perhaps the matter is more complex?

Chaim Amalek: “It seems that the anti-Israel lobby, intent as it is on anathematizing Zionism and Israel and expelling Jews from academic conferences for supporting Israel in its war with Islam/Arabs/multiculturalism is a greater threat.”

Back in the 1950s, Jews were at the forefront of the struggle to push for maximum freedom of expression. Now they are often leading the charge for censorship.

John Mearsheimer writes:

Universities are the one place in the United State where Israel tends to be treated like a normal country. Although Israel has many defenders on college campuses, it gets criticized there for its past and present behavior in ways that rarely happen in the mainstream media or among politicians and policy makers in Washington…

The Israel lobby tries to influence the hiring and promotion process as a way of limiting the number of Israel’s critics at American colleges…

The campaign against Abu El-Haj was aided by the New York Sun, which has since gone out of business, but which at the time monitored Columbia closely and vehemently criticized it whenever someone at the school said or did something that was considered hostile to Israel…

The lobby also seeks to marginalize critics within academia by smearing them…

Smearing outspoken professors is not merely designed to silence or marginalize them. It also has a powerful deterrent effect. Specifically, it sends a clear message to other scholars who might be inclined to criticize Israel or American policy towards Israel that if they speak out, the lobby will make a concerted effort to damage their reputations and marginalize them within and without the academy…

Another strategy that pro-Israel forces employ is attempting to suppress the publication of scholarly works that make arguments they deem wrongheaded and dangerous…

The lobby also works to limit criticism of Israel by keeping outside voices from speaking on campus…

This outcome illustrates that when the lobby cannot prevent a speaker from appearing on campus, its fallback position is invariably to demand “balance,” which means also inviting someone to speak who has impeccably pro-Israel credentials.

…nine cases involving anti-Israel activity have been filed under Title VI…

Aside from the fact that there is something disturbing about an outside lobbying group waging a wide-ranging campaign to influence how students think about a foreign country, many of the tactics the lobby employs are antithetical to core academic values…

There are two related reasons why defenders of Israel think that criticism of Israel is so dangerous and thus relentlessly labor to police academia. First, the case for America’s special relationship with Israel is weak. Second…support for that relationship among the American people is neither wide nor deep.

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The Future Of America


NEWS: A new report from the Census bureau predicts that nearly one-fifth of America’s total population will be foreign-born in a mere 45 years.

Immigrants, legal and illegal, will enjoy 85 percent growth — from 42 million to 78 million — by 2060.

In contrast, the native-born population, which includes children born to illegal aliens, will increase by 22 percent or 62 million.

Non-Hispanic, native-born whites are the only racial and ethnic group expected to suffer a population decline. In 45 years’ time, their numbers will decline by 16 million, or eight percent, from 198 million to 182 million. They will make up only 44 percent of the nation’s population. The Census bureau points out that births of non-Hispanic, native-born white Americans will decrease by a predicted 23 percent. (Native American indians will suffer a similar decline in fertility of 20 percent.)

The Hispanic population, comprised of a variety of ethnicities from Central America to Mexico, will enjoy a population explosion of 55 million in 2014 to 119 million by 2060, and unless current immigration policies change, they will be 29 percent of the population present in the U.S. at that time.

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Why Is Italy Rescuing Invaders From Africa?

Italy Migrants Rescued

Do these people look more like future scientists or like future criminals?

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The Sodomizing Of America

Lisa Schiffren writes: “It is precisely this sort of tawdry, “knowing” faux sophisticated sex trash that is sinking the New York Times, week by week. This is the ‘gay sensibity’ normal people, including normal gay people, dislike having to come up against while trying to read a newspaper. You know what is hot? Mystery. Keeping your sex life to yourself. Screwing in cabs is for people too poor to afford their own apartments.
Last week the Times dropped the Housing section. Hope Style is next.”

Chaim Amalek: “Once Islam takes over America, such silly articles will be a thing of the past, and we will instead consider the arrival of gender-specific cab services.”

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She’s A Nordic Girl!

I heard OC Register car critic Susan Carpenter say on KPCC’s First Take this morning: “I’m a Nordic girl.”


Pretty hot!

I wished more people used the term “Nordic” and I wish Nordics rediscovered their sense of peoplehood and destiny, but without the genocide this time round.

From the book: “The Nordic space drags one along into the distance. It wants to be overcome. The overcoming of space means speed, the will for space urges and impels one to…”

From “Racial Soul, Landscape, and World Domination” by Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss:

Anyone who has sailed in the heavy seas around Cape Skagen has experienced how, at that point, two seas rush into each other with a deafening roar, each one having a different color and a different groundswell in terms of rhythm and pace: the gray-green North Sea has long-drawn-out, mile-long, high waves, whereas the bluer Kattegat thunders with waves of a shorter length. Here everything seems to become closer and narrower, everywhere we see the shores or sense their existence, and even beyond the Oresund and the “open” Baltic Sea we never again fully get that feeling of limitless expanse, infinite distance, we never again get that compelling feeling of power which the landscape of the North Sea gives. Nevertheless, the landscape styles of the two seas seem similar to the person who compares them with the landscape of the Mediterranean. Indeed, the Adriatic Sea is, seemingly, somewhat like the Baltic Sea. But anyone who travels southward through the narrow strait between the Albanian mainland and the Greek “Kerkyra” (Corfu) experiences clearly how the sea here differs from the other…. When the northern sea storms and rages with a terrific uproar, with a wind that rushes from one distant point to another, then the sea around Greece moves in moderately high but always even waves — strong but powerfully restrained in the entirety of its motion.

If one knows the northern sea and is familiar with its style, or, even more, if one feels its wave rhythm in his own soul, it would seem to him that the Greek sea was no sea at all and that we must find another word to describe it…. The south, the Mediterranean and its shores invite the beholder to a permanent stay: here everything is nearness, presence. We have grasped the landscape of the north as the land of the North Sea and the landscape of the south as the Mediterranean land; thus we look upon these lands as the shores of the seas which determine their style. The land of the North Sea is characterized by distance and movement; over broad stretches it is integrated into the depths of space….

The will for space awakens in the soul that is born in this landscape and truly lives in it. The Nordic space drags one along into the distance. It wants to be overcome. The overcoming of space means speed, the will for space urges and impels one to race through space. The Nordic landscape cries out to be traversed by rails over which express trains can speed. It is a characteristic of all Nordic vehicles to increase their speed. Ever-increasing velocity is a built-in characteristic of the rails themselves, the rails by which, in the Nordic experience of the world, the whole world is penetrated. Rails that are already in existence and those that must constantly be constructed for ever newer, ever faster vehicles on which men who experience the world Nordically may strive toward ever new goals. The Nordic soul experiences its world as a structure made up of countless thoroughfares — those already at hand and those still to be created — on land, on water, in the air, and in the stratosphere. It races like a fever through all segments of the Nordic community, a fever of speed which, infectiously, reaches out far beyond the world of the north and attacks souls who are not Nordic and for whom, at bottom, such action is contrary to their style and senseless.

In the Nordic landscape everything points to places beyond and tempts the soul, born of it, to cross the borders of this landscape. The Nordic soul has an innate urge to push on into the distance, and this means mostly southward. Anyone who has crossed the southern barrier of the northern geographical area — past the St. Gotthard range, for example — knows what is happening there. The northern region is perhaps enveloped in a thick fog, so that from the train we can see only the trunks of the mountains; then we plunge into the night of the tunnel and, suddenly, a radiantly blue day lights up our darkened eyes. And all the travelers, as with one voice, utter a cry of joy. The light of the south is like a benediction to the Nordic soul, blissful and at the same time fatal, like the light of the candle for the moth. First we feel as if we were wonderfully liberated from the call of distance, the urgent forward movement of the north, for here everything is simply present, magnificently beautiful and consummately finished. But then the eternal nearness of this landscape envelops the soul and stifles it to the point of suffocation. We may not really say that this landscape is “narrow”; it is not exactly without a certain distance from the soul. Such words do not do justice to its character. And in our language we probably cannot find the right word to express its character because all our words are fashioned out of the Nordic way of perceiving our world. We can say only what this landscape, in terms of ours, is not: it is without distance, without a deep movement; it is magnificent surface with nothing behind it — it is devoid of enigma, bereft of mystery. What it is, according to its nature, might perhaps best be expressed by a foreign word — it is imposant.

Wherever the human eye wanders — and it cannot really wander much here — it comes smack up against mountains which ring the region, high and beautifully curved, all of them seeming to know and assert how beautiful they are. It is as though they point to themselves with an imposing gesture and demand: “Look at me!” When the land does open into a broader vista, it is only in a prescribed circle — one’s gaze looks downward, then upward, around and along the crests of the mountains, and finally back to its starting point. Nowhere, not even on the sea, can one truly look out into the great beyond. Everything goes back and forth in a circle. Even the clouds seem to follow no path or direction, but stroll, so to speak, in a circle. Here reigns Zeus, the “gatherer of clouds,” not Wodan, the wild hunter who roars with his armies high above — no one knows whence and whither….

The mountains of the south are bare. Above them the glaring sun paints everything with a dazzling color and lights up every crevice. The light forces itself upon, intrudes upon everything, wherever we may look. Several times I caught myself saying: “This shameless sun!” Here there is no darkening mountain forest hiding a fairy tale, no night with flowing fog formations, with “a thousand monsters,” no castle enveloped by a whispering legend. Here everything is clear, there is nothing but utter clarity. The Acropolis towers magnificently over the countryside, a miracle in white on blue. It tells us gripping tales from a time that no longer reaches into the present; it tells us very much, but it does not whisper to us. Even the wind knows of no mystery, it caresses. Even the storm wind still caresses although it tugs at your hair.

We said that the Mediterranean invites one to stay forever. But we must ask further: Whom does it invite? The person who was born in this landscape and who perceives in its style the style of his own soul — namely, the person who has it in himself as his inner landscape. Such a person is able to “tarry” in the authentic sense of the word. When, however, persons whose inner landscape is the north succumb to the enticement of the south and stay there and settle down (as some Nordic tribes did in ancient times), the first generations will live in opposition, albeit unconscious, to the landscape which is alien to their kind. Gradually, then, the style of the souls undergoes a change. They do not change their race, they will not become Mediterranean people — in the strict meaning of the word as used here — but their Nordic style will undergo a transformation which ultimately will make them into a southern variety of Nordic man. In their eyes the southern landscape will not be the same as that seen with the eyes of those who are the children of this landscape. Through their Nordic way of seeing, the landscape will acquire a new, northern type of configuration. The landscape forms the soul, but the soul also forms the landscape. And when both, the Mediterranean man and the Nordic man who has settled in the south, look into the same geographical setting, each sees a different landscape — until, finally, miscegenation tears down the barriers and victory (that is, duration) is on the side of those who come from this soil.

This was the fate of the early Greeks, of the Romans, and of all peoples of Nordic origin who settled in the south….

Among non-Nordics the Nordic man is frequently considered to be cold and without passion. The combination of concepts — “cold and without passion” — completely misunderstands the very roots of the Nordic soul. Indeed it is precisely this feature that is characteristically Nordic: to combine an outer coldness with the deepest passion, or, at least, to be able to effect this combination. All the “coldness” of Nordic man stems from the distance which separates him from his environment and which he cannot violate without violating his style, the law of his breed. To describe the Nordic soul’s mode of experiencing the world is equivalent, first of all, to showing the possibilities of experience arising from this distance. A description of the Nordic soul must begin with its characteristic reaching out within the frame of distance.

We shall begin with examples from everyday life. When Nordic people enter a train they will with great thoroughness look for the coach that is least occupied, and then, if possible, will sit down in a seat where there are no neighbors. If, however, they get into a confining situation in which they are closely surrounded by fellow passengers, they will not establish any psychological contact with them except for the superficial courtesies — “Do you mind if I open the window?” — which can exhaust a conversation for hours. Perhaps they may even feel a compulsion to strike up a conversation; perhaps they find the person near them very attractive. But between each individual and his neighbor lies an unbridgeable distance and therefore they are not able to find the level of true conversation. Nordic man can overcome almost everything in the world save the distance separating man from man. In general, he is never really able to surmount it: the distance remains to the last, even in the most intimate community.

When a Nordic enters an inn, he looks for the last vacant table. If he cannot find one, it can happen that, despite his hunger, he will leave the inn to look for another, which he hopes will be empty. If he is distinguished, he is sensitive at table: the “good” society of Nordic style has developed special laws of etiquette, a strict set of table manners excluding all “letting oneself go,” thereby protecting each individual from untoward familiarities. A violation of such table discipline has the effect of a violation of the distance — the discipline guarantees distance. The use of the toothpick in company first began in the German south and east, becoming generally more widespread and flourishing in countries where other needs are publicly satisfied, needs which the Nordic satisfies in privacy.

The Nordic endeavors to live alone — alone with his kin group, far away from neighbors. Even when he is at a summer resort, he keeps away from others as much as possible. For a time I lived in an old castle, on what for the time being is Italian territory, which now, like so many others, is operated as a resort hotel. In this old structure the rooms were widely spaced out and there were several small towers in the immediate vicinity. A new section had been added in which the rooms were close together. The towers and the rooms that were spaced out were occupied by
Germans and Americans, the new section by Italians. The Nordic man never feels comfortable in apartment houses where the tenants live piled in layers upon one another and where the most
intimate sounds penetrate everywhere. He is least comfortable in one of those large blocks of flats where sometimes ten people are crowded into one room. Under these circumstances, the
Nordic people are the first to languish, to die, first spiritually and then physically: they succumb because of the loss of physical distance and perish because of the lack of social distance. The Nordic man can no more live without external and internal distance than fish can live without water. Nordic men cannot thrive between the stone walls of long lines of streets which deprive
them of all distance — in other words, in the large city. If they cannot afford to take up residence beyond the city, then they succumb to emotional and psychological atrophy. Perhaps they are
unaware of it, but they are forced to overcome an unconscious opposition; nevertheless, the Nordic soul is slowly stifled. The sins that parents have committed against their own soul-style is
avenged in their children. Nobody who lives contrary to the law of his species goes unpunished.

The style of distance determines that Nordic man cannot live unpunished in regions which are narrow in terms of his law of style. The big city is not the only example of this; there is also the valley in the high mountains, and the sea inlet surrounded by high walls. In the Black Forest, for example, the wide valleys as well as the grassy lands and plateaus were settled by the Alemanni — that is, Germanic peoples — whereas the narrow valleys here and there remained predominantly in the hands of the original Eastern population. The difference between these two
types of people in this area is so strikingly obvious that even as a boy, before I ever knew anything about races, I was sometimes surprised to hear these people, too, speak the Alemannic
dialect. They seemed so strange to me then that I expected to hear them talk an entirely foreign language.

Now it can happen, however, that Nordic people nevertheless live in narrow regions. This habitation has a special meaning. We arc thinking of the inhabitants of the deep-set fjords of the
Norwegian coast. There the mountain wall, on both sides, grows precipitously out of the sea, solidly with no break, so that the sun never penetrates to the narrowest points. Settlements are
spread out few and far between, only in the wholly low-lying areas where the fjord widens or where the mountainside clings to a ridge. The people there feel hemmed in, confined, and yearn
to get to the top of the Fjell and beyond it where there is no limiting barrier. Their sons, to the extent they are still authentic racial types, go to sea or emigrate and, often, even the young girls cannot be held back….

Re: Anthony Ludovici:

Ludovici adopted a nom de guerre, Cobbett, to examine the Jewish question more fully in The Jews, and the Jews in England (London, 1938). (He told his friend, William Gayley Simpson, that using his own name for this book would ruin his career as a writer.) Typically, he began with race, demonstrating that the Jewish type is mostly an amalgam of Armenoid with Oriental and Mediterranean contributions, the whole having been standardized over millennia to create an “irreducible kernel” of Jewishness. Jews are therefore alien to European races and especially Nordics. Tracing their character traits back to nomadic Bedouins who became city-dwellers, traders and middlemen supreme, Ludovici believed circumstances compelled Jews to evolve genetic biases toward courage and endurance, ruthlessness, sharp brains and psychological flair, chameleonic adaptability, exhibitionism, a fondness for easy money and individualism in property, an intolerance of being ruled, a cosmopolitan outlook, and a racial patriotism superseding national boundaries. Programmed with this mindset, Jews are “indifferent spectators” to the fate of their Gentile hosts, whom they strive to undermine:

“Their influence . . . tends to impoverish and weaken all local tradition, national character and national identity, when these happen to be at all resistant to alien invasion. And since these factors are integrating forces, it follows that extreme Jewish liberalism atomizes a population, turns each man into an isolated individual, and ultimately culminates in a state bordering on anarchy in which, at the turn of an eyebrow, anarchy becomes a fact.”

Kevin MacDonald writes:

The psychological traits attributed to Nordics are principled moral behavior and idealism, high intellect, inventiveness, and, in the words of Gustav Friedrich Klemm, a proclivity to “constant progress” and science:

Members of that race most often strive for the unknown, for the sake of a pure idea, driven by the thirst of knowledge, and not self-seeking interest.

My view is that there is a strong empirical basis for this suite of traits, and that ultimately these traits, particularly moral idealism and science, are the psychological manifestation of individualism as a response to selection pressures in the far north. As Avdeyev notes:

…the home of the Nordic race may be located in the zone of a cool and moist climate, abundant with clouds of fog, in which water vapor is retained in the air [absorbing ultra-violet rays]. In this climate there should be strong and frequent fluctuations of temperature.

I first became aware of the idea that natural selection in the north was responsible for the unique traits of Europeans by reading Fritz Lenz, whose work is reviewed in Raciology. Lenz, like several modern theorists (e.g., Richard Lynn and J. Philippe Rushton), gives major weight to the selective pressures of the Ice Age on northern peoples. He proposed that the intellectual abilities of these peoples are due to a great need to master the natural environment, resulting in selection for traits related to mechanical ability, structural design, and inventiveness in problem solving (what psychologists term “performance IQ”). He argued that Jewish intelligence, in contrast, was the result of intensive social living (what psychologists term “verbal IQ”).

There is in fact good evidence that in general intelligence is linked to mastering the natural environment (see here), and this is particularly the case among Northern peoples.

Lenz argued that over the course of their recent evolution, Europeans were less subjected to between-group natural selection than Jews and other Middle Eastern populations. Because of the harsh environment of the Ice Age, the Nordic peoples evolved in small groups and have a tendency toward social isolation rather than cohesive groups. This perspective does not imply that Northern Europeans lack collectivist mechanisms for group competition, but only that these mechanisms are relatively less elaborated and/or require a higher level of group conflict to trigger their expression.

Under ecologically adverse circumstances like the Ice Ages, adaptations are directed more at coping with the adverse physical environment than at competing with other groups. In such an environment, there would be less pressure for selection for extended kinship networks and highly collectivist groups. Ethnocentrism would be of no importance at all in combating the physical environment.

Europeans are therefore less ethnocentric than other groups—which makes them susceptible to being subverted by groups with a strong sense of in-group solidarity. Individualist cultures show relatively little emotional attachment to in-groups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and “finding yourself.”

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Should Jewish citizens in a Gentile land be voicing their displeasure at Gentile representatives who do not show up to a speech by the leader of the Jewish state?

I’m noticing shuls in 90035 and my friends in 90035 are annoyed that their black Congresswoman Karen Bass did not show up to the Israeli prime minister’s speech yesterday.

In my view, all lobbying for foreign powers should be illegal except perhaps for WASP lands that match the make-up of America’s historic nation. It would make sense for a confederation of the USA, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand if these lands regained their strong WASP identity.

Rabbi Mayer Schiller said in 1999: “The State of Israel poses a problem for Jews living in the diaspora. A Jew living in America, France or England but yet somehow says I am an Israeli or a Zionist, that creates a tremendous amount of tension. Herzl envisioned Zionism as Jews leaving Gentile nations and going to live in Israel, not staying in France and England and saying I am a Zionist. Jews living in America, England, France, etc, have three moral possibilities: They can be loyal citizens, they can be Zionists which means to leave [for Israel] or they can adopt the Neterui Karta position of non-involvement in the affairs of the nations.”

I wonder if American Jews rallying Gentile American politicians for Bibi Netanyahu and the Jewish state consider that their actions might have consequences that are negative for Jews.

I notice among some Jews an attitude towards diaspora countries such as America, let’s take all we can get, let’s exert all the influence we can, let’s shape national and social policy in our interests, and then we’ll get out when we need to. We can always flee to Israel.

A friend writes: “Luke, that is such a stupid, simplistic and dumb way of putting it. Double check your IQ on the matter….I would be similarly pissed if Canada came to speak about an impending threat on their existence and my local congressman decided its a political move and boycotted the speech. And, btw, just because Im Jewish, doesnt mean that i lose any rights in MY country of residence. Im an American and I certainly don’t lose my right to protest bad government actions, even if my perspective benefits another country. The implication otherwise is astonishingly dumb.”

One friend writes: Today, for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be an American.

In a world, where we have numerous countries and groups with open charters and statements, supporting the destruction of Jews, somehow, a tiny little democracy and its desire to stay alive, became a partisan issue. Somehow, this little prime minister became the threat to America and its foreign policy. Now, more than ever, Israel needs our unilateral and unified support.

As Jews, we know more than anyone regarding the rise of anti-semitism, both local and foreign. We see our people and our homeland maligned, disrespected and blamed. Just the other day, the white house twitter posted a link from an Imam blaming Zionism for the unrest in all the Arab countries! Now is the time to voice your opinion. Do it before its too late.

To the local LA voter: the 33rd District voted Karen Bass and the 37th, Ted Lieu. Both claim support for Israel, but in reality, don’t. Ms. Bass boycotted the Speech.

I implore you: PLEASE PLEASE contact your local representative and voice your displeasure!!! Ms. Bass should never be reelected in our overwhelmingly Jewish district.

Karen Bass:
Los Angeles
4929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (323) 965-1422
Fax: (323) 965-1113


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I Assume This Hot Dane Politician Does Not Want More Muslim Immigrants


A young Danish politician named Nikita Klæstrup made waves all over the world when she arrived at a conservative event wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. Klæstrup attended the event wearing a black dress with the front split open, which led to her receiving radio and television interviews, articles in newspapers, and features in magazines here in the United States such as the Free Beacon.

Political branding expert Kresten Schultz-Jørgensen argues that the attention isn’t bad for her career at all, despite the fact she is a young conservative. He argued that it helps sharpen her profile, and call attention to her… issues. Still, despite her best efforts, conservatives in Denmark haven’t received any uptick in the municipal elections since she recently became “Denmark’s election babe.”

Nikita herself claims that she won’t back down to any criticism she receives. She said to the University Post that she can still be an effective politician and communicator while using her other talents to bolster her acclaim. ‘We cannot escape the fact that it sells. There is a natural focus on women’s appearance. That’s just how it is.”

I expect she doesn’t want a flood of African and Mexican immigrants into Europe either.

Together we can make a better world. There’s no reason that immigration restriction should not have sex appeal.

I wish I could discuss these weighty issues with her in greater depth.




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How To Be A Fascist

Growing up a Seventh-Day Adventist, the word “Papist” was commonly thrown around to connote views we despised.

“Fascists” functions similarly in the world today. It’s the worst thing ever. It’s also about the last political movement where you will find Jews. Fascism is a form of nationalism and Jews have an instinctive fear of Gentile nationalisms as they have often been bad for Jews. Countries that are fascist are not user friendly for Jews, gays and other minorities.

On the other hand, Israel seems a bit like a fascist state and Judaism seems a bit fascist. Israel and Judaism are certainly nationalistic movements that put the people first before the individual.

Alex Trivunovic: “Many Fascists of my acquaintance use Israel as a model of what they’d like to accomplish in their countries.”

From WikiHow:

Fascism (from the word fascis) is an oft-misunderstood ideology, equated with war and violent tyranny. Both the modern-day left and right wings use it as a buzzword for anything that they consider to be threatening, be it increased state authority or socialized medicine.

Fascism is some ways quite a visionary ideology, but is also quite traditionalist, built around the principles of nationalism, authoritarianism, and mass action. As a totalitarian ideology, it embraces the State as an organic and all-encompassing entity, and demands the mass mobilization of the populace to actively participate in the running of their State.

1. Read up on the writings of Fascist authors and of those who inspired them. Enrico Corradini, Julius Evola, and Corneliu Codreanu are all excellent sources on Fascist/proto-Fascist ideology. Among the more philosophic roots of Fascism are rejection of decadence and materialism, and the value of action over compromise. Fascism views life as a constant struggle, and so to be a Fascist is to be a human of strength and willpower.

2. Read up on your own country’s history. To apply Fascism, one must have a spirit of Nationalism – valuing the legacy of your country’s people, and putting their interests before yourself and before the rest of the world. Take pride in your ancestor’s accomplishments, and strive to do good in their name and uphold your country’s noblest traditions. Action begins at the local level, so find opportunities to volunteer around town. In Fascism, what is good for the community is good for the People and the State.


* Don’t mistake Fascism for something like Nazism. Nazism is quite different, particularly in its inherently racist ideology and justification of genocide. Fascist leaders such as Mussolini were quite different than Nazis like Hitler. Educate yourself on how they are different, and if someone thinks the two are the same, politely correct them.

* Don’t go around calling yourself a Fascist. In today’s modern world, the “f-word” will cause people to label you and refuse to listen to anything you have to say. If you want to talk about Fascism with someone, talk about its varying component ideas, such as nationalism and class collaboration. If someone finds themselves agreeing with you, tell them that what you have just described is Fascism.

* Due to Fascism’s totalitarian nature, this means that certain other ideologies like Communism cannot be tolerated in Fascism as they are viewed as subversive to the well-being of the State, and so freedom of speech cannot always be guaranteed for such dissidents.

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The Bush Dynasty & Mexico

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Columba Bush is really hard to explain. In the photos of her at age 18 she fairly cute, but nothing special. But Bush was a handsome guy from an extremely rich family. And boy did she age badly. She is also 16 inches shorter than him and from a broken and poor family.

Columbia is the product of a mixed-race marriage herself. The long article about her someone linked here recently had about six photos of her father, who looks 100% white to me. In fact, the first photo of the father from the 1940′s I first thought was an older photo of one of the Bushes. Her mother looks 70% indio/30% white.

* I guess so long as the topic closest to Jeb’s heart is the facilitation of Mexican immigration, he will remain a strong, mainstream, legitimate candidate. Imagine if the issue closest to his heart was the flip-slip, namely, the impeding of Mexican immigration.

Likewise when a European American wants to limit immigration, his reasons are immediately cast as racist. He must want to limit non-European immigration to preserve America as a European nation. Yet isn’t hispanic and other racial groups’ support for immigration essentially the flip-slide of the same coin? They want immigration because they perceive it as benefiting their people and increasing their numbers and influence in the US. Yet their support of immigration is never linked with racist motives.

* Don’t forget the North American Union that Bush was trying to promote until it got exposed.

Still no matter how you cut it, the Bush’s are traitors given their agenda.

“Really, isn’t this whole border thing, not to mention separate countries, Bad for Business?” Yes and no. American service industry would initially benefit from a massive influx of low wage, disposable Hispanics. But as the influx destroys the social safety net along with quality of life and the middle-class. Then the service industry will find almost no one to afford their low quality services and go belly up.

Of course most business types don’t look ahead more than a quarter so what happens a couple of years from now is like forever to them. It’ll come as a big surprise to the piratical scumbags.

For the rest of us, it means a nice taste of hell and no future for the kids.

* I think the bigger concern of Mexican white elites is not to get massacred by the brown people living in poverty all around them. It happened twice, first with Father Hidalgo and Father Morelos’s unsuccessful independence movement. Each time their indio army took over a city, they massacred the whites, with the padres unable to control their army.

That’s why their revolution failed: they could not bear to see this happen to Mexico City, so they did not attack it when they had a clear opportunity to do so and an overwhelming numerical superiority. Once the opportunity to kill the whites and destroy stopped, their army melted away, and they were defeated and executed.

Mexico only became independent a couple years later when the conservative white elites and army officers decided to declare Mexico an independent in reaction to a liberal revolution in Spain.

The second time it happened was the Mexican Revolution. The massacres where not so explicitly racial, it was more of a communist type revolution. But whites still disproportionately suffered at brown hands. It then devolved into multiple disorganized armies “living off the land” and causing death and starvation wherever they operated, like in the Thirty Year War. During this period, about half of Mexico’s white population fled, losing most of their property as they did, many of them fairly recent arrivals from Europe and the United States who were encouraged to come by Porfirio Diaz.

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The Eric Holder Challenge: Can You Find a City Where Blacks Aren’t Arrested More Often?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The DOJ report said the disparities couldn’t be explained by crime rates. Of course they didn’t control for age so their controls maybe useless. The only category that I feel there is legitimate complaint is jaywalking. You could fine most people if you tried for jaywalking. So the fact that 93% of those arrested for jaywalking are black is suspicious. Also the emails and the personal accounts some backed by video and even cops are also damning.

* The walking down the middle of the street thing seems to be a problem in some places but not others. I read an article about a middle class black inner ring suburb of Detroit where the old residents are being driven crazy by new arrivals from Detroit walking in the middle of the street. But I don’t recall that in Chicago (although you’d have to be suicidal to walk in the street in Chicago).

That’s also a problem in the San Fernando Valley suburb where I live, although the divide is regional rather than racial. In the quarter square mile tract where I live, the southern three blocks have sidewalks but the northern three blocks don’t have sidewalks. So when the Northsiders walk their dogs, they walk right down the middle of the street. And they keep walking down the middle of the street when they come down to our half of the tract … where there are sidewalks. It drives my wife crazy when she’s driving that Northsiders are still walking their Labradors down the middle of the street even though the Southside has sidewalks for them to walk on.

* Walking in the the street is a “black thing” as is just stepping out into traffic whenever the mood strikes . Before I found a way around them I used to drive down Greenmount Ave. to get to work , you had to constantly be on the lookout for the morons to step off the curb and into traffic to cross the street . Once as I was driving that way a dog stepped off the curb to cross , he looked both ways , saw all the traffic and stepped back up onto the sidewalk . So the smartest creature in that 100% black part of town was a dog.

* I live near a city which is 35-percent black. I rarely venture in, but had some business there a few weeks ago. The “blacks walking out into traffic” thing was so striking that I had to tell my wife about it when I got home. There’s an insolence about it, a “Go ahead, make my day!” attitude. Perhaps a large settlement is something a lot of jaywalkers aspire to. It’s not only the young guys and the homeless guys, either. An old black lady, walking with a cane, started out across the crosswalk with the crossing sign indicating six seconds until the light change, by which time she was only a third of the way across, making us all wait through the light. Maybe she was cognitively unable to do the math required to make the judgment aboput whether or not to cross.


* If the city chooses to submit, in a few, short years it will be all black. Then the black city can enjoy itself in its own ghetto. We know what happens then: Detroit.

Whites simply will not live in a majority black neighborhood, city or whatever. And for good reason.

* Why doesn’t Ferguson try replacing their white supremacist police force with some vibrant mestizo immigrants? I’m sure the black arrest rate would plummet with their fellow People of Color handling the policing.

* It’s not Blacks reading all these articles. This is unreal. It’s like a paper in an Islamic country obsessing on Israel, with about the same level of honesty.

Is there anything that can be done about this blood libel?

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