Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind

The author is a Jewish anti-racist campaigner of many decades. His book nonetheless has received plaudits from white nationalists for its fairness. It’s the best book of its kind.

From pages 57-58:

William Pierce put it squarely. “A morality which damns the Germans for attempting to rid themselves of a pernicious infestation,” he wrote, would also “damn any attempt by White Americans to disinfect the cesspool of mongrelization.” The weight of genocide in Europe blocked its repetition in the United States.

Nevertheless, Pierce loathed Holocaust denial as it was practiced by Willis Cato. “There are reckless ‘revisionists’ who assert that no Jews were killed, solely for being Jews, by the German government,” Pierce scolded. “That is certainly not true.” He claimed to have talked with Nazi veterans who had assured him that they had shot Jews (solely for being Jews)…

“The ‘revisionist,’ the conservative, the right winer, the anti-Semite who canont face the Holocaust squarely and judge it on the basis of a higher morality,” Pierce wrote, “cannot, for example, cope successfully with the challenges to a White future which are presented by non-White immigration and by a high non-White birthrate.” One should not deny the industrialized murder of Jews, Pierce’s logic ran, because it may become necessary to repeat it on Jews and “nonwhites” in the future.

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International Jewry Is A Power After All

Like most people, Jews tend to boast about their power when they feel that is to their advantage, and they tend to complain about their victimhood when they feel that is to their advantage.

From The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs (Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank) 1894-1915:

Of perhaps even more pressing concern to [Czar] Nicholas and his high officials was their belief that a number of powerful Jewish financiers outside of Russia were working ever more openly, diligently, and effectively to deny the country the financial aid it sought. These were not entirely fantasies: A most tenacious and effective enemy of tsarist Russia was Jacob H. Schiff, the American financier. Schiff played a crucial role not only in denying the Russians the bonds they sought in the international market to finance the war, but even more decisively in providing financial support for Japan, which then so humiliatingly defeated Russia. In Great Britain Lucien Wolf, joined by the English Rothschilds, and in central Europe Paul Nathan led the efforts to isolate Russia both economically and diplomatically.

By this time American Jews, especially Schiff, had begun to claim the leading role in international Jewish affairs that would become so important as the century progressed… Schiff delighted in the way that he and other Jews had been able to humble the great Russian Empire. He boasted that after its humiliation in the Russo-Japanese War Russian had come to understand that “international Jewry is a power after all.” (Pg. 168-169)

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Levi Moscowitz Sentenced On Sex Offender Charges

I believe Levi Moscowitz has worked in the sex industry.

He has been working on the Fairfax/La Brea side of town for a few months (though not in the sex trade).

From the Jewish Journal:

Levi Moscowitz, a 24-year-old man from Chicago now living in Los Angeles, pleaded no contest in late October to charges of arranging to meet a child this past February with the intention of committing sexual acts.
Court documents, which are available by public records request, contain notes from a lead detective on the case indicating that on Feb. 25 Moscowitz posted a Craigslist ad “seeking to participate in a sexual encounter with a family interested in incest, or to ‘teach,’ a step-son or daughter.”
A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective — who was helping run a sting operation that searches for potential child predators seeking out children online — responded to the ad, created a false identity and posed as a father. He and Moscowitz then engaged in a back-and-forth conversation by email in which Moscowitz described what he would like to do with the “father’s” fictitious 13-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter — all lewd acts punishable as felonies.
After arranging to meet at a Long Beach hotel, Moscowitz drove there on Feb. 28, entered the prearranged room and was arrested without incident by four Long Beach police officers. The detective’s notes indicate Moscowitz came to the room with items that matched the items discussed in the online chat with the fictitious father. After searching his car, officers found a loaded Glock handgun magazine and items that indicated an intention to commit sexual acts. In March, Moscowitz was charged in Glendale with illegally carrying a concealed firearm; he was found guilty.

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Separation For Jews & Muslims

This Israeli leftist wants separation between Jews and Muslims: “Instead of persuasion let us promote separation. Like Amichai and like myself, many Israelis “sometimes remember the quiet one” and yearn for a separation between the two states and a separation between the two Jerusalems.”

Whites in the West consistently strive for separation from blacks, Mexicans and Muslims but that white flight is the most evil thing ever supposedly.

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Why Mr. Obama Plays So Much Golf

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* You see a lot in racialist sites arguing that blacks’ resentment and surliness stems from some conscious or sub-conscious desire to be White, wanting more than anything what Whites have–their fine hair, fair skin, historical achievements–therefore, the almost manic desire among black men for White women (receptive or otherwise) and the even stronger anger among black women because very few White men are interested.

I think that’s all bunk. Obviously, the data (from Rushton, etc.) shows no racial group with greater self appreciation and ego than blacks, no group loves themselves more than blacks, blacks find themselves endlessly attractive and interesting. Hence this insanity from Barry and Michelle that their experiences of being mistaken for service employees really strikes a chord among blacks. For most White, who wouldn’t think twice about such innocent and harmless mistakes, the world has a lot of interesting things, natural wonders and otherwise and the self has its place, but unless the stakes are significant, Whites are excellent at subsuming self into a larger context. Blacks, as Derbyshire observes, are their own context, nothing larger matters. And society indulges (without hesitation, out of fear, guilt, etc) and blacks become even more unbearable. There’s no satisfying someone who’s always thinking about themselves, first and last. it’s beyond childish–it’s an infant’s world view.

* Its also quite revealing because if that’s the best she has in the way of playing the race card, a la “look how YT treated ME! I can relate and I’m down with the struggle!”, then it really isn’t saying very much. Couldn’t she have picked a much stronger story of being hassled and harassed by big bad Jim Crow during her Princeton years? [e.g. ‘They actually made me revise my senior term paper! Me! Claimed the thesis was incoherent. I’m telling you, you have to watch your back every single second or else these racists are going to drag you down to their level!”]

Speaking of which, this story sounds very similar to what happened to Oprah last yr in Switzerland while visiting a high end boutique, except Oprah played the “Dont you know who I am” card. Then later thought the better of it and played the race card. (The shop didn’t have what she wanted cause she was black after all and doncha’ know…).

Another thing: The First Lady is required to travel with Secret Service people so the idea that she was completely unrecognized including by the person who asked for her help should require a more than healthy dose of skepticism.

But after all, she is the First Lady. We’re not supposed to ask for her help; she is entitled to request and require our help whether we like it or not.

* Reminds me of the “awful” slight that Oprah Winfrey suffered while shopping at a pricey boutique in Switzerland. Having seen a picture of the god-awful ugly expensive handbag that Mrs. Winfrey was inquiring about, I imagined that the saleswoman was sincerely trying to help by presenting a more tasteful but also less expensive option.

Too bad that with that chip on the shoulder, one always assumes the worst.

If all White Americans took a pill today to make them color blind and “cure” racism, many Blacks would likely still interpret much innocent behavior as hopelessly racist.

Sad indeed that our fellow Black citizens have to suffer that. Whatever racism there is, certainly is bad enough. The paranoia to see bad faith everywhere makes it even worse.

Maybe both Black and White America would be better off with a no-fault divorce. Irreconcilable differences and all that. When an all black police force stop and frisks fellow blacks in an all black society, there can be no charge of racism. They’re just trying to keep innocent black civilians safe…

* You know what’s a real shame? The POTUS lives with his overbearing wife and mother in law, and comedians are afraid to make jokes about it.

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I Am Curious When Whites Will Tire Of Blacks & Muslims Raping Their Daughters

If people are truly concerned about rape of young women, they would focus on the inner city young black guys (and Muslims) who are doing a disproportionate amount of the raping and other crime and they would counsel girls that statistically speaking they are more likely to get assaulted, impregnated, infected with an STD and have other horrible results from black men and Muslim men than from any other race of men. We’re not doing girls of any race any favors by not appraising them of these facts of life.

According to this book Race and Crime by Anthony Walsh: “…[B]lacks choose white victims 41.3% of the time [for rape]. The number of white offender/black victim rates was too small to be included in the analysis.”

Chaim Amalek: “In every age, there are elites that have come to agreement on certain doctrines that no amount of evidence to the contrary can ever disabuse them of. Mohammed was the last Messenger of God. Marxism. Diversity as a Supreme Value. The answer is a question: When will White people get tired of their elites and throw them out for another that will make their interests paramount, even if it means less diversity?”

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WEHT To Australia?

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* Australia is even further along the path to PC, Cultural Marxist insanity than the US, according to what I have been seeing for some time. They have more anti-speech and anti-white laws than the States, and this surprises me.

I thought I knew Aussies.

My late brother-in-law was an Australian pilot, decorated as a fighter ace in WWII. He shot down 15 Japanese aircraft. Do you know what set him off? He was flying near a hospital ship his girlfriend was on when he saw it get sunk by the Japanese. A hospital ship.

He once got shot down in a P-38. The control linkages in one of the tail booms were destroyed. He waited hours in the Pacific to get rescued. He knew there were sharks there, but thank God he never saw one.

That beloved Australian brother-in-law of mine was brash, funny, dirty-mouthed, and smart as hell. An aeronautical engineer and aircraft broker in SoCal, he introduced me to marvelous things. He let me fly copilot with him in vintage airplanes. Two planes he personally showed me under restoration are now in the Smithsonian.

He personified Australia for me. Brave, tough, and possessed of a seemingly endless supply of dirty jokes. The pussies I am hearing about in today’s Australia make me cringe. He would cringe too. Oh, and of course this amazing guy was a white man. Heaven forbid!

* Reading Amy Chua’s book, I am struck by how Whites are a global minority. As countries (at least Western ones) dissolve borders in a never ending quest for cheap labor, non-Whites sense that White guys in particular will soon be the minority. This is made worse by the explicit anti-White views of many if not most White women, and certainly the majority of single White women.

Australia is right next to massively bigger Indonesia. Sooner or later it will be annexed and filled with non-Whites who will treat White men in particular somewhere between a Jew in Weimar and a Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994.

The Sydney Cafe Massacre was all about: non-White Muslim dominance, and non-White Muslim dominance. Helped by the coalition of the MAJORITY. Aussie Whites are (for now) the majority population, but momentum matters. Non Whites know that they will soon be running things and have a nice heaping helping of their own Hutu Power ready and waiting.

* Rachael Jacobs and Tess Kum are kinda cute. They’re not all hard and dykey. I’m willing to let them slide. But it’s amusing how these recently arrived foreigners presume to lecture the natives on white racism. Rachael Jacobs born in Oz from Hindu immigrant parents and Tessa Kum? Chinese but not sure where she was born.

* There is a problem involving Muslims and harassment in Australia. It involves Muslim men, from places like Lebanon, raping and sexually abusing white Australian girls.

There is no harassment of Muslims by Australians. It is entirely an illusion created by the media.

There actually was a real backlash a few years ago – the Cronulla beach battle. Australian-Australians had finally had enough of invasive middle easterners raping young Australian girls, so they kicked some ass. It’s the kind of thing I desperately wish would happen here in England, to demonstrate to our invasive species that this behaviour won’t be tolerated, and to our vulnerable young girls that someone is looking out for them – but it hasn’t happened and I now fear it won’t.

* Here’s a genetic-culture one for you, Steve:
The Julia Baird bylined in the NYT story is the younger sister of Mike Baird, the current state premier (ie, state equivalent of federal prime minister in our Westminster system).
Mike is a relatively unsquishy conservative, but being a state leader, very pragmatic.
Julia is a classic liberal arts feminist on typical leftist career path through the local MSM Sydney Morning Herald (I worked with her there), then onto the government media ABC.
Their dad Bruce was a squishy Liberal who didn’t quite make it federally.
Sometimes a bit of sibling rivalry hangs tougher than alleles.

* Jews are not nearly as prominent in Australia as the US -but they’re still pretty prominent given their numbers ( 0.4-0.5% of the population and many have British origins )
I see that this Muslim gunman here had particularly targeted with hate mail the family of a Jewish soldier killed in Afghanistan and I remember at the time being surprised that there was a Jewish Australian soldier especially in a combat zone -and a private at that ! ( he was a part timer who did special forces stuff the way others do ironman triathlons )

* “I’ve also fantasized about giving “minutes long hugs” to some Persian gals, but I don’t write about it on Facebook.

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Fair Play For North Korea

Chaim Amalek: HANDS OFF NORTH KOREA! Already our efforts are paying off, as Jewish-run Hollywood has, through its movie theaters, decided not to show “The Interview.” The danger is that White Americans might look on and think “If the North Koreans could do that, then just think what WE might be able to accomplish in Hollywood.”

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Daily Caller: Student sought man on Craigslist to beat her up and have sex with her, then reported it as rape

My friend Joel posts on my FB page:

Curious Luke, since you posted this…

This woman appears to be a fraud and a bit crazy. But why do you post? We know a LOT of crazy people out there who make lots of illegitimate and insane claims. But most do not warrant news stories.

This one seems to have “earned” her news story due to her fabricated claims.

But by reposting and highlighting it, the SUGGESTION is that many or perhaps most claims of rap or sexual assault are equally fabricated, due to the highlighting of one such case.

Is that what you are suggesting?

Because finding a single case of fraud and what appears to be mental claims and insufficiency is not nearly enough to wipe out all claims and accusation of sexual assault.

And if that is NOT what you are suggesting, why highlight a non-news story about one stupid person who made a seemingly bogus claim. It appears not to be relevant to any case other than her own.

In earlier posts, Joel, I referenced the bogus Rolling Stone story on sexual assault and eight similar bogus sexual assault on campus stories. So, yes, I think there’s hysteria about rape on campus and I think there are a lot of bogus claims out there. If people are truly concerned about rape of young women, they would focus on the inner city young black guys (and Muslims) who are doing a disproportionate amount of the raping and other crime and they would counsel girls of all races that statistically speaking they are more likely to get assaulted, impregnated, infected with an STD and have other horrible results from black men than from any other race of men. We’re not doing girls of any race any favors by not appraising them of these facts of life.

According to this book Race and Crime by Anthony Walsh: “…[B]lacks choose white victims 41.3% of the time [for rape]. The number of white offender/black victim rates was too small to be included in the analysis.”

About 40% of women’s rape claims are fabricated.

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Open Season On The Goyim, Rape Awareness Is Just The Latest Excuse

Whenever I read that Jewish groups are taking the lead on some left-wing social justice issue, I groan. These left-wing Jewish groups have long fought to weaken the racial, national and religious identity of the goyim.

Now Ron Kampeas has a long article for JTA on how Jewish groups are taking the lead in fighting rape on campus.

That the Rolling Stone article in question was bogus and that the MSM swallowed it whole for two weeks before giving it a second look is just not a big deal for these left-wing Jewish activists who sense a new opportunity to weaken and humiliate the goyim and destroy their confidence. That rape on campus and around America in general is disproportionately done by black men does not get a mention in this article. Warning white girls to stay away from black guys if they don’t want to get raped, inseminated and mistreated does not get a mention. Of course many black men are gentlemen, but statistically speaking, a woman is more likely to get raped, abused, given an STD, inseminated, and abandoned without financial support by black men than by men of any other race. If women are not safe on campus, the reason is more likely to be black guys (and to a lesser extent, latino guys) than anything else.

If the real agenda here was stopping rape, then focusing on the disproportionate threat of young black men would be the priority. To completely ignore this race element means that you don’t really care about reducing rape.

As for the Torah and Talmud’s position on rape, it is considerably more complicated than what the liberal rabbi in the article below indicates. You could write an accurate Talmudic guide to dating wherein some loser rapes the woman of his choice and then she is forced to marry him.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (JTA) – Jewish campus groups were ready for the painful national dialogue that took place in the wake of murky rape allegations at the University of Virginia.
That’s because organizations like Hillel and historically Jewish Greek houses such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Delta Tau had been having the conversations for months before the explosive Rolling Stone story made national headlines — first for the brutality of the alleged gang rape detailed in the magazine and then for the subsequent evidence of flawed reporting on the part of Rolling Stone.
Zeta Beta Tau last year joined Sigma Delta Tau and Jewish Women International in launching a workshop called “Safe Smart Dating.” Hillel International is a partner in the White House’s It’s On Us campaign against sexual violence, and the network of Jewish campus centers has also dedicated to sexual violence a stream of its Ask Big Questions program, which organizes lectures and salons on topics of Jewish interest.
Meanwhile, Alpha Epsilon Pi features sessions on consent at its conclaves and a fraternity brother, Matthew Leibowitz, launched the Consent is So Frat movement this year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut….Ruttenberg said the notion of sexual consent is rooted in Jewish texts.
“It’s deeply embedded in our tradition,” she said. “In the Talmud, consent is one of the great non-negotiables in any sexual encounter. The Talmud forbids marital rape, which is astonishingly forward-thinking, considering it took until 1993 for North Carolina to ban it. The Talmud says that if a woman is raped and has an orgasm, she is still raped.”

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