Notes On Israel’s Gaza Incursion

Joe emails: Some notes on the ground action in gaza you will not get from the media:

First. Read – the latest article hints to much of what I am saying. Note that he no longer calls the Palestinians weak and does not accuse the IDF of cowardice.

Note that the troops going in are Golani and paratroopers. Golani is so far in, the commander was almost killed. This is the elite combat brigade of the IDF. This is not a small matter, Israel is going to repair permanently the situation in Gaza.

Israel will reoccupy a large portion of Gaza and show that where the occupation is, no missiles are fired. Even if it has to level that area. This will prove to the powers that be that if Hamas does not operate in a certain area, there is quiet. So, the question is, who stops them from operating there?

It cannot be Israel for long – it appears that Israel will have Palestinian casualties through the roof soon – I estimate at least 2,000 dead, and the UN will assemble a solution based on Lebanon. For all the faults of the 2006 Lebanon war, there is now a robust force there and quiet on the north of Israel.

So, now the paradigm is “neutral” third party occupation of the Palestinians to avoid and prevent their lust for suicide.

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Are There Still Literary Taboos?

Neither famed author (Francine Prose and James Parker) mentions racial/ethnic/religious/immigration taboos, which are probably the most incendiary topics in daily life.

Raymond Wolters published the 1984 classic The Burden of Brown and he reviews for The Occidental Quarterly the latest book by Jared Taylor (White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century):

My awakening occurred by chance. In 1993 my publisher sent me a review of a paperback edition of The Burden of Brown. The review had appeared in American Renaissance, a magazine that was unknown to me then, and the comments were so lively and insightful that I want- ed to know more about the magazine and its editor, Jared Taylor. Reading American Renaissance turned out to be a fateful step on my road to Damascus. The magazine exposed me to racial views that differed markedly from the opinions that prevailed in the mainstream of academe. American Renaissance offered a modern defense of racial views that had prevailed in America before the 1960s.

What lessons are to be learned from my experience? Perhaps the most important is that one must get out the word if one wishes to make converts. For half a century, the schools and mainstream media have been indoctrinating students and readers with the view that racial differences are insignificant and that anyone who says otherwise is a deplorable racist. In my case, Jared Taylor broke through what might be called “the paper curtain” of racial correctness. But this happened quite by chance.

To make more converts, Taylor must reach a larger audience. Yet, as can be seen by the publication imprint for White Identity, this is no easy task. Taylor is, in the words of Peter Brimelow, “arguably the most brilliant of the leaders of what is now sometimes called the ‘Alternative Right.’” Nevertheless, “two literary agents … attracted by the manuscript’s undeniable skill and power, spent years trying to place it before giving up in surprised despair.” White Identity was finally published, to be sure, but by a small foundation rather than by a major commercial press. It is only because of the internet and new developments in publishing technology that one can hope that Taylor’s views eventually will reach a large audience.

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Alexander Technique And Eye Strain

Nick writes: Recently I noticed I was developing eyestrain, and my work involves heavy amounts of staring at computer screens. Using my LM knowledge I realised that I was ‘looking at’ the screens – like ‘me’ was buried somewhere inside my head looking through my eye sockets. So I shifted the way I did this work, so that the screens were part of my ordinary, everyday presence in the room – less a looking-at the screens and more them just being there in my visual field, in my ordinary presence in the room.

David Gorman responds: Yes, Nick, I’ve worked with a lot of people in this sort of territory. Sometimes it is as you’ve described — the person is using their spatial attention as if “they” are are way back in themselves and so they are separated from what they are doing which is way out there, and sometimes it is that they have their spatial attention so pulled out of themselves that “they” are way out in space with what they are trying to do, far from their actual “body”.
Here are two quick examples of the latter: one is the person gets so “into the program” when working at a computer that their attention is right in the screen and they have “lost” themselves entirely (this often leads to neck and shoulder strain as the head gets pulled forward towards the screen); another is when someone is trying to understand something in a class, workshop, lecture, etc. and they think the knowledge is over there in the teacher and they are trying to “get it” (again, they will end up physically pulled forward, brows knitted, and usually with a palpable sense of strain).
The way we use our “attention space” (as I call it) directly organizes our co-ordinations, our posture, and affects all levels of our functioning.
Like the opening of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”, there is one general way of using your attention space that allows good functioning, but there are many different ways of using attention space that lead to various different sorts of poor functioning.
It seems (and this won’t surprise you, Nick) that the most optimal functioning is when we are “present” in the moment and centred in an open and expansive field of attention. On the other hand, we begin to negatively affect our functioning whenever we narrow our attention off in any direction (especially if “trying” is also involved) — narrowing out of ourselves in space, narrowing back into ourselves to feel or change our feelings, narrowing off to the past or to future moments, or narrowing off into fantasy and day-dreams…
I wish to stress here that it is the narrowing that is the problem part of it. It is certainly possible to carry out any of the above — paying attention to things out in front of us like the computer screen, lectures. etc., or to notice inner experiences when they come our attention, or to think about past events or future implications and so on, just so long as we fully remain present in ourselves and the space around us at the same time…
There’s more on this “attention space” territory in a recent article written by one of my apprentice-teachers, Marion Day, and myself, called “By Intention Alone” — read it at

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Most People Like It When You Have A Strong Racial/Ethnic/National/Religious Identity

Steve Sailer writes: “From a new Pew report, “How Americans Feel about Religious Groups,” we see that Jews are the most ethnocentric religious group as measured by self-regard on a 0 to 100 scale (89). And Jews feel even colder toward Evangelical Christians (34) than they do toward Muslims (35). In contrast, the non-Jews that feel most warmly toward Jews are the Evangelical Christians (69).”

I grew up in Australia where 99% of the people I knew were white. I don’t ever recall in my first 11 years wishing there were more non-white people around.

I moved to rural Northern California in 1977 and for the next 17 years, more than 90% of the people I knew were white. I don’t recall ever wishing I had more non-white people in my life (though during my time at UCLA, I did fall in love with Asians in general and one Chinese girl in particular).

Most of my life I’ve been religious and seen life through a religious lens. Race was not terribly important to me but I did see the benefits of living in communities with few blacks and mestizos. There was less crime that way, more cooperation, more social capital, less dysfunction.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1994 and I never recall wishing there were more non-whites around me. Instead, I find it depressing that every year, my city (once the most Anglo-Saxon big city in America) becomes more like Mexico.

I don’t think Mexico wants to become more like Guatemala or Honduras. I don’t think Mexico is yearning for immigrants from El Salvador or Nicaragua. People want to preserve their own culture and way of life without interference from outsiders. There’s nothing ant-Mexican or anti-Honduran or anti-black or anti-Muslim in this way of thinking.

Over the past year, it has become clear to me that almost everybody prefers the company of people genetically similar to them. We prefer to live, work, socialize and worship with our own racial kind.

The Japanese, for instance, don’t want non-Japanese to immigrate into their land. As Jared Taylor wrote:

Japanese do not dislike foreigners—they sell cars and cameras to them very cheerfully—but they prefer familiar company. Apartment ads often say “no foreigners,” and silence may settle on the neighborhood bar if outlanders walk in.

Public bath houses on the northern island of Hokkaido were in the news last year because they wouldn`t let in foreigners. There was a stink about discrimination, and pro forma pledges of reform. The fact is, when Japanese take their clothes off for a soak, they`d rather be among their own kind.

So far as I know, it has never been reported in the press, but many of Japan`s legal houses of prostitution are off-limits to non-Japanese, too. Maybe disappointed customers are too embarrassed to protest, but “soap lands,” as they are called, have bouncers—often dressed in tuxedos—who make sure the girls do not have to grapple with uncouth foreigners.

Japanese who visit the United States are appalled by what they find here: ethnic politics, bilingual education, ballot papers in Chinese, racial preferences, interpreters in hospitals and courtrooms, jail-house race riots, foreign criminal gangs, etc. They wonder if millions of aging American whites can really count on blacks and browns to pay for their retirement. They have seen diversity in action, and they want none of it.

Not only is there no mitzva against racism in Judaism, not only has no great rabbi ever written a book about racism, but no moral thinker prior to the 20th Century ever wrote about the supposed sin of racism. Ergo, in my way of thinking, there is so such sin as racism. It’s not a moral category. It’s a stupid leftist invention. What most people call racism is simply a healthy preference for one’s own kind. Lynching, for example, was usually a drastic punishment for a drastic crime.

I converted to Judaism in 1993. As far as we can tell, I have no Jewish ancestors. While I have been able to make my way in Jewish life and receive treatment according to my worth, I’ve come to see the importance of genetic ties in building a community. One thing I love about Orthodox shuls as opposed to more liberal synagogues is how often you see many generations praying, studying and eating together. The people Israel live.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve become increasingly Orthodox and I find that non-Jews, in general, have more respect for me the more Orthodox I am than when I try to fit in with them. At the same time, I see that while Christian Zionists may well be Jews’ best friends, they generally don’t command Jews’ like and respect. We feel more comfortable with groups who stand up for their own group interest such as the Chinese and Koreans.

Over the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion that whites need to organize in their group interest just like every other group. So how do non-whites react? I find that they have more respect for me. They’re relieved that I am not seeking their absolution for “racism.” I treat non-whites on their own merits but generally speaking, I prefer the company of my own kind, just like they do.

I think many whites in America fear that they are secretly racist and so they act phony, particularly around blacks, in trying to prove that they are not. Blacks hate this. They prefer to deal with a proud white man than with someone who wants their approval.

If Christian Zionists want Jews to respect them, they need to think less about Jews and Israel, and more about what is good for their own kind.

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Nardil Saves Lives

I just finished reading the 2012 biography of author David Foster Wallace. He received great help from the medication Nardil and less than a year after he went off it in 2007, he committed suicide.

I was largely bedridden from 1988-1993, but around September of 1993, I started on Nardil and felt immediate benefit. Within a few months, I was strong enough to resume two-thirds of a normal life.

According to Wikipedia: “Phenelzine is used primarily in the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). Patients with depressive symptomology characterized as “atypical”, “nonendogenous”, and/or “neurotic”, have been reported to respond particularly well to phenelzine.[1] The medication has also been found to be useful in patients who do not respond favorably to first and second-line treatments for depression, or are said to be “treatment-resistant”.[2] In addition to being a recognized treatment for major depressive disorder, phenelzine has been found in studies to be effective in treatingdysthymia,[3] bipolar depression (BD),[4] panic disorder (PD),[5] social anxiety disorder (SAD),[6]bulimia,[7] and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).[8]”

I went off Nardil without any ill effect in 1999.

In 2001 and 2002, I went on clonidine, clonazepam and lithium. In 2006, I tried out wellbutrin for about a year. I went off all meds a couple of months into my Alexander Technique teacher training (in March of 2009) without any ill effect.

From page 52 of this Wallace biography:

Wallace stayed at the psychiatric unit at Carle Hospital for several weeks. The doctors likely considered the possibility that he suffered from bipolar disorder, manic depression. That he was crashing after an enormously productive spring would lend credence to that diagnosis, but they decided instead to give him Nardil, a MAO inhibitor often used to treat atypical depression. Atypical depression — its key characteristics are unusual sensitivity to social rejection and a quick return to mental health when circumstances improve — was a more welcome diagnosis in Wallace’s eyes. It seemed less a sentence of insanity than the medical acknowledgment of a condition he was already dealing with. But Nardil…was an older antidepressant, 1960s and ’70s staple that came with many dietary prohibitions. He would no longer be able to eat chocolate or drink coffee, nor should he drink alcohol or take drugs…

The Nardil helped Wallace quickly. By August he was out of the hospital and on a kind of high.

I felt a substantial improvement within hours of taking my first Nardil pill (on a Saturday morning, I believe). I felt a developing strength and hope that day as a friend picked me up and drove me to synagogue. I was able to hang out longer in the real world without crashing.

Another major theme in Wallace’s life story that I share is the help he got from 12-step programs.

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Pico-Robertson 90035 Drama


Shlomo Walt posts: There are cops all over my street and Pico Robertson blocking my way home. Grand Theft Auto suspect. All ways blocked. Man with a gun at large in the neighborhood. Be careful!

A woman called the cops after a man entered the office above Pat’s with a gun. He ran into a house on my street.

Get the latest from this twitter account: (with latest on top):

LIVONIA CP: K9s along 1400 Blk of Livonia and Crest (in backyards) conducting search.

LIVONIA CP: Possible 3rd K9 unit en rte (two o/s working inside perimeter). Containment extended to Crest w/ floater on Durango.

LIVONIA CP: Per dispatch, call came in of dude w/o shirt walking thru carport on Cashio.

LIVONIA CP: Making announcement on PA in moments that K9 search about to begin. LAPD Air 18 handing off to Air 10.

LIVONIA CP: More units coming to work containment. K9 o/s. Airship remains overhead. Unk if suspect is armed.

LIVONIA CP: Possible suspect in backyard on 1400 Blk Crest Dr (per housekeeper).

…(worse then usual for this hour) between Robertson & Beverly Dr, Pico & Airdrome. Avoid area.

LIVONIA CP: It’s a waiting game. Unless dude comes out and give up, K9 will have to sniff him out. Traffic is baaad…….

LIVONIA CP: K9 en rte from academy. GTA was at Crest & Pickford. Containment: Livonia from Pico 2 Cashio & Alcott from Robertson to Livonia

LIVONIA CP: Suspect wanted for GTA. Airship has containment set. Waiting for K-9 to flush dude out.

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Another Inspiring Story About My Work Ethic

Boss: “Are you working?”
Luke: “Yes.”
Boss: “What are you working on?”
Luke: “This protein bar.”

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Tinder Is My Favorite Dating App

To separate the wheat from the chaff on Tinder, my first question is always, “Have you read any good books lately?” So far I’ve had four interesting online conversations but no dates. I’m searching 18-40yo within ten miles.

I’m not asking that question because I want to discuss books with girls. I ask the question to winnow people out. Those who aren’t interested in the question are not ones I can spend time with because they bore me.

I have never been with a woman who did not enjoy reading books. Even the porn stars I dated love to read books.

I love it that all these people who’ve never used Tinder are coming out of the woodwork to instruct me that Tinder is a hook-up app.

Tinder is a form of technology like a phone or a fax. It is what you make of it. Why are all these people instructing me about Tinder when they’ve never used it? There’s just a vibe I give out that I’m stupid, please set me straight.

I only click on white girls. I’ve talked to four girls so far and all have been smart and accomplished, so smart that they have not gone out with me yet.

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Fearing The Different And Strange Is Healthy

We all prefer people who are genetically close to us and we all are uncomfortable and stressed at dealing with people who are genetically different from us. The more a community is racially homogenous, the more social capital, and the more racially diverse it is, such as Los Angeles, the less people cooperate. Preferring your own kind is healthy and so is fear of the stranger. Whites talk about the joys of diversity but in their choices of where they live, work, socialize and worship, whites, just like every racial group, prefer to stick to their own kind, and the more they are forced to be with different races, the more unhappy and stressed they get.

Ergo, I don’t think this smoking hot French politician Anne-Sophe should get nine months in jail for calling another politician an ape. It’s not right when hot babes are punished for derogatory things they say about the ugly.

I wonder how much jail time I would get in France for my blog? As long as I can share a cell with Anne-Sophie, I don’t care how long I get.

When Israel is accused in the UK parliament of war crimes, I think of it as a perverse compliment. A rational and human reaction to a tiny high-achieving people is to try to tear them down. Nobody berates the Arabs for being savage because nobody expects much from them. Once you understand that this tiny people, the Jews, have had more influence on history and probably more influence on the now than any other people, it stops being mind-blowing and becomes completely predictable and understandable.

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Do Jews Respect Christian Zionists?

Steve Sailer writes: “From a new Pew report, “How Americans Feel about Religious Groups,” we see that Jews are the most ethnocentric religious group as measured by self-regard on a 0 to 100 scale (89). And Jews feel even colder toward Evangelical Christians (34) than they do toward Muslims (35). In contrast, the non-Jews that feel most warmly toward Jews are the Evangelical Christians (69).”

Christian Zionists are Jews best friends in the world but it is a rare Jew who feels comfortable around them. We feel much more comfortable around other high-IQ tribes who don’t give a damn about Israel such as the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Armenians, etc. Their ferocious pursuit of their self-interest engenders our respect while Christians who love Israel but do little for their fellow Christians and do little to retain the European heritage of their own nations seem pathetic. Christian Zionists also tend to have much lower IQs than Jews, be less educated, live in different places and work in different areas. We’re in different socio-economic classes. Most Jews I know feel terribly uncomfortable around Christian Zionists and many Jews make fun of them.

Michael McGregor writes:

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Zionism (besides dominating American foreign policy) and is actually an idea that we should sympathize with (a people returning to the land of their ancestors to cultivate a strong ethnostate), the fact that they manipulate millions of Middle Americans–who they despise–is downright shameful.

But we shouldn’t fault the Zionists for looking out for their own cause and deceiving droves of White Americans to ensure the interests of Israel. We should fault the shabbos goy like Franklin Graham who act as the gentile face for these measures and knowingly scams less intelligent Whites into buying this snake oil.

Christian Zionists are merely a dumber version of White Liberals. Instead of worshipping Blacks, they worship another non-Occidental people as the chosen ones of God and actively work to sacrifice their own interests and people’s future on behalf of them. They even have their own form of White guilt in constantly apologizing and feeling bad for Christians in the past expressing anti-Semitism. Their worship of Jews borders on fetishization and naturally incites hatred for the root cultures of European peoples. Their attachment to Israel also precludes them from seeing Whites as a distinct body of people who deserve the same right to live in a land of their own and causes them to have knee-jerk reactions to any type of Identitarian thinking (because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that it all leads back to Auschwitz).

Unfortunately, they have become a powerful force in America’s decaying Heartland as millions of White Americans search for an outlet for their spiritual crisis. You could call Christian Zionism spiritual meth as it harms the same areas of the country, appeals to the widespread “lost soul” mentality of many working-class Whites, and ensnares the user to a product that will ultimately lead to the individual’s destruction.

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