Between the Racist World and Ta Coates


* Ta Coates is one of the great thinkers of the 21st century. Don’t agree? Then you’re on the wrong side of history.

Ta has written a book for the ages, chronicling such fascinating episodes as dating, doing poorly in academics because of racism, reading comic books, the racism of attractive white women he has asked out, what it was like to be in a down low relationship with Matt Yglesias for five months, cartoons, and the phenomenon known as “muhdik”. Between the World and Me (a brilliant title that counterbalances the entire world with Ta Coates’ genius) ranks with the Confessions of St. Augustine, if St. Augustine had done poorly in school and mostly just watched television and read comic books during his formative years. In fact St. Augustine is a rather trivial figure in Western history that you don’t need to have heard of, he never even influenced society through highly praised magazine columns, and his books are very boring compared to reading about the adventures of men in colorful skin tight costumes.

During a long and rambling eighth chapter, Ta discusses his brave decision to disable comments on his blog. He shows how talking back to a highly paid media personality is an example of “punching down”, employing a series of stories which usually involve noting that people who have promoted him are actually racist and did so only because they expected him to fail. There’s also a moving account of how he literally wept on discovering how to turn on Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker.

As A.O.Scott has observed, Between Ta World and Me is “essential, like water or air”, a truism you’d have to be a real hate-in-your-soul racist to deny. As a matter of fact, people who are too racist to read and enjoy this brilliantly spelled and grammar-checked volume are expected to die very soon because this book is literally essential, like water or air. An edition in which all of the book’s passages are placed as dialogue between comic book heroes Black Lightning and Luke Cage is said to be in the works.

Like Ta’s 14-year-old son, you may not be interested in reading through the many spelling and grammar corrected pages of this book, but even just having it on your bookshelf is important until the forthcoming graphic novel version arrives. How will they know you’re not a racist otherwise? I personally enjoy reading it while enjoying water and air, two things that like this book are essential. Thus I give it the first star rating of excellence.

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The Wit & Wisdom Of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I think I’ve figured out why Ta constantly repeats the phrase “black bodies”.

The phrase doesn’t have any real meaning because it doesn’t add any information. Replacing “black bodies” with simpler phrases such as “blacks” conveys the actual information more simply and directly.

But Ta’s objective is not to convey information. Rather, Ta’s purpose is poetic. He is trying to create a tribal bonding experience with the hypnotic repetition of various images, phrases, chants, and tokens.

Ta uses “black bodies” as a poetic trope. The phrase stretches out the word “black” from one syllable to three syllables. It is also alliterative. The phrase “black bodies” also has a syncopated rhythm, because the emphasis falls on the second syllable. To see this, repeatedly chant the phrase to a 4/4 rhythm with a rest on the fourth beat. “Black – BOD – ies – [pause], Black – BOD – ies – [pause], Black – BOD – ies – [pause]; etc.”

His repetition of the phrase “people who think they are white” has a similar poetic purpose. It stretches out the single word “white” while insulting whites with every repetition.

He can fill vast stretches of prose by concatenating such stretched-out phrases.

Homer used many such repeated, meaningless phrases. For instance, he often wrote “he spoke forth winged words” rather than just “he said”. When describing various characters, he pads out the text by repeating descriptions of each character whenever the character is mentioned. For instance, Achilles is often called “swift-footed Achilles”, even when Achilles is not doing anything swift-footed at that moment. (

Preachers often use the repetition of overblown phrases to stretch out their sermons because their objective is not to convey information, but to induce a religious trance via repetition. Similarly, Ta’s main purpose is not to convey information. Indeed, most of the purported “information” in his essays is nonsense. (He seems to chant obviously false memes such as “the Ferguson murder” to signal that truth is irrelevant to him.)

* People like TNC, Masha Gessen, Amy Chua, etc are kind of shorthand character sketches for the different ethno-identity politic strains current in this country. I also suspect that as many here have a bit of a Tom Wolfish kind of bent, identifying amusing prototypes make the discussion more fun.

* African Americans really have a difficult hand to play. They can go with the flow and blame all their problems on white racism. That’s easy, and absolves them of all responsibility, but also means they will always depend on the kindness of strangers. On the other hand, they can listen to Booker T. Washington, Bill Cosby, and Louis Farrakhan who advise them to study hard, stay off drugs, don’t have out-of-wedlock kids, police themselves, and invest in their own community. But in the cold light of day, they know those things aren’t really going to work out. Most are not going to do well in school, aren’t going to adequately defer gratification, and aren’t going to be successful in business. So that route just leads to a realization of their own inability to keep up or compete. Which leads them back to blaming whitey as the more palatable explanation.

* Does anybody know how TNC got his break? Who picked him out of obscurity and started putting his thoughts and his words out there in the mainstream? How did he go from being a nobody to being a featured somebody? Wikipedia doesn’t tell me, and I’m reluctant to disappear down the rabbit hole of TNC info online, so I’m hoping someone knows and can tell me.

And don’t think — not even FOR A SECOND — that my question is motivated by anything like bitterness over the fact that, even though I’m a clearer writer than TNC and a smarter and more original culture-observer, during my decades in the media biz no one ever plucked me out of obscurity, threw money at me, and put me out there as a featured thinker. Nope, doesn’t bother me A BIT that TNC is making a living for himself (and no doubt enjoying the spotlight) complaining about how rough it is for him to be black when he’s had a very nice gig fall in his lap at a still-young age while dozens if not hundreds of equally good (actually better, IMHO) writers have never had anything like his luck …

Why on earth does TNC think he has had it so hard when, as a writer, he has basically won the lottery? Forget me — how about Steve Sailer? As a writer, who’s had it (and continues to have it) rougher: TNC, or Steve?

* Perhaps the Talented Tenth is unique among elites in that their legacy has become dysfunction, even if we call it suffering, and they’ve become very stubborn about protecting that legacy because it’s invaluable–the perception that black Americans have suffered uniquely among peoples has them dominating politics and culture; not despite a history of failure but because of it. It’s the greatest con ever. But I think it’s one of the reasons the SJWs won’t yield their image of blacks but from cold, dead hands. Conventional thinking on race doesn’t exaggerate the problem, it inverts it. Reverse the arrow of causation, reverse the arrow of moral responsibility. It isn’t that white America cannot honor its debt to blacks because the sins are too profound, it’s that black America can’t honor its end of the bargain–to become peaceful and productive–due to a lack of human capital and will.

It’s also a proven political model, adopted to all manner of newcomers. Some angry, Suge Knight type guy should be fuming through his cigar right now over how the brothers aren’t getting paid for this.

* NC is in the spirit of the age, and has the right views and ancestry to be loved by the Powers That Be, corrupt though they are. As Steve himself has said, if Obama had been Indonesian rather than black, who would have ever heard of him again? He was able to play on the history of this country and its ambivalent attitude toward blacks to his favor; he was also able to come in at a time when the opposition party had been discredited by war and recession.

Success comes to those who can please the powerful. That is always as it has been. Nobody honors lonely truth-tellers like Steve, but for their small circle. And remember that even if you do play all your cards right and stroke all the right egos, you may still fail before some snake whose serpent’s tongue is more skillfully slimy than yours. That is the ‘chance’ in ‘time and chance happeneth to them all’.

* Blacks know instinctively, and correctly, they are not going to ever be “white” in their thinking or behavior, even as they know instinctively, and correctly, that “white” behavior and thinking is, or would be, better for themselves, their families, and their community.

In that they are more honest than most white people, who live in a sort of fantasy that they can be successful entrepreneurs, or come out “ahead” in the game in some other way, usually until they are in their forties or fifties when reality finally sets in. I used to think all the time I would be this bigtime this or that, even well into my thirties, and supported libertarian and business-conservative ideas to a fault. That’s why I voted Republican all those years. That’s why I turned down union or government jobs that would have given me a defined benefit pension and 9 to 5, forty hour stability. In 1955 or 1965 my thinking would have probably given me a lot more interesting life and a decent retirement too, but having been born in the sixties, not so much.

So blacks, at least, are acting in a sort of rational self interest, within the limits of their ability to think rationally. Whites choose not to do so and for that reason we are in trouble. if whites acted in terms of rational group self interest most of our issues would be fixed in five years. We’d secure the border, throw illegals out, reduce legal immigration to very little or none, tariff Chinese imports, and to put it bluntly we’d make black dysfunctionality so unpleasant for blacks they’d self-segregate or emigrate. We’d reduce their political power by requiring a voting test and we’d shut down any black church whose minister even hinted how his parishioners were supposed to vote as we do with the IRS to white ministers.

* David Carr, the recently deceased NYT writer, hired Coates at the DC City paper. He worked there with Jake Tapper & some other media notables today. Then Andrew Sullivan hired him at the New Republic.

* He’s black, he says the right things the ruling elite like to hear and read, he got noticed by the right people at the right time and viola! He’s a porch monkey or kept man for the white establishment.

You ever see the organ grinder and the monkey? The establishment is the organ grinder and the big named writers are the monkeys who dance(write) to the tune of the grinder. That’s all he is. It’s really nothing to aspire to. He’s just too stupid to notice what he is.

And if he ever gets a conscience and says things that the establishment doesn’t like such as securing the borders and supporting tariffs to bring back American jobs, he’s gone.

In this era, it’s not quality or competence that counts, it’s holding the right ideology – that opens the doors. Holding the wrong ideology will get them closed on you real fast, even if you are popular. Just ask Lou Dobbs or Perot.

* If some confident and unapologetic person like Trump were to announce that kicking out illegals and stopping mass legal immigration is a litmus test of national loyalty, I think we’d be pleasantly surprised by the number of blacks responding to that nativist appeal and the number of viva-la-raza triumphalists who would find it prudent to shut the hell up. (And, of course, the number of whites voting to save their country.)

* The real reason to condemn people like Michael Brown is because you want to deliver the lesson to your kids that you shouldn’t knock over convenience stores and then attack police officers. It’s rather dangerous for a community to make a hero out of someone like that. On the other hand, being honest about his self-destructive behavior would have robbed all the force out of a campaign against police violence that may yet result in some positive effect.

* Blacks heavily depend on the government to redistribute economic resources from whites over to them via welfare and affirmative action. Without affirmative action almost the entire black middle class wouldn’t exist and without welfare lots of underclass blacks would starve to death or have to work low paying unpleasant menial jobs. They’ll never support the Republican party in large numbers because of that and taking socially conservative positions on things like gay marriage won’t change that.

* Go to the front page at Yahoo and read through the headlines. A pattern quickly becomes apparent. Blacks in this country are under siege, they are being attacked on all fronts. They are being gunned down by police, denied opportunities to find employment, forced into substandard housing, vilified by the press, scapegoated for crime, and being discriminated against at every turn.

* “There is here the failure to identify the profound difference between aristocracy and the African Big Man model of cronyism.”

This is a very important point. When I began seriously thinking about Negro culture, society and politics (starting about fifteen years ago) one of the first things I noticed was the ubiquity of the “big man” model of social and political structure. Whenever and where ever there is a Negro community, one finds that community organizing around some one leader who represents the community to the outside world, more or less runs the community according to his whim at every level, and get’s a lion’s share of community resources. Usually the man is surrounded by a phalanx of men and women who act as his flunkies but inherit some of his charisma/power when dealing with ordinary members of the community. The universal existence of women in this coterie – sometimes to the entire exclusion of men – seems to be unique to Negro social organization. The women are not always sexual consorts of but do adulate the big man. This pattern seems universal from African tribes, chiefdoms and kingdoms through the local religious leaders that are ubiquitous in the USA, Caribbean, and the Guyannas and Brazil.

I’ve decided that this must have something to do with Negro psychology. When better than 80% of a population have below USA average IQs, levels of self-control, linternal discount rates, and time horizons; and an apparently high innate propensity towards violence it makes sense to have things run by one of the most intelligent members of the community. And it makes further sense that this big man would exploit his position to the maximum possible extent. For Negroes this form of organization may be a feature not a bug. One more reason why it seems to me impossible to integrate Whites and Negroes into one common socio-political system that will satisfy the needs of the majorities of each race.

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When Europeans Ruled The World

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Setting aside morality, and looking only at biology, if one wants to talk about the dominance of the Europoid race there’s really only one way to do it: breed like rabbits and then migrate and colonize the rest of the planet.

The alternative scenario, putting up a wall to keep the non-Europoids out, isn’t going to work. It didn’t work for Troy, it didn’t work for the Chinese, it didn’t work for Rome, and it isn’t going to work the US or for Israel in the long term.

Again, if one’s main interest is Europoid dominance, then the period from about 1600 to 1900 was the apex. It’s all downhill from here.

Reasons: #1 – Out of sheer altruism, the Europoids raised the standard of living and eradicated the diseases among the non-Europoids allowing them to not only flourish, but explode demographically. #2 – After the German Nazis hatched a plan to colonize among Europoids, more or less the same way Europoids had colonized the rest of the planet, it was decided that Europoids no longer had the right to colonize the rest of the planet. That settled that. #3 – Science and culture finally came up with a way to separate the sex drive from reproduction, which engendered declining Europoid birth rates on the one hand and a desperately decadent and over-sexualized culture on the other hand.

So the Europoids have lost the battle of colonization, manifest destiny, reproduction, cultural health, virtue, and now demographics. It was nice while it lasted.

* Why do we assume that the Mexicans that are already here want lots of their compadres to join them? Obviously, it’s what their political leaders want because it means more power for them, but it’s not in the interests of the average José. He came here to get away from Mexico; why would he want to have Mexico recreated here?

Furthermore, to assume that Mexican-Americans support illegal immigration is to assume that they are bad citizens who have contempt for American law. I think they should be challenged to demonstrate that they are good citizens by supporting the laws of their adopted country. This obsequious seeking of approval from Hispanics shows a lack of respect for them and for ourselves. I think Trump’s approach actually treats Mexicans less condescendingly, and I heard yesterday that he was polling better among Hispanics than Jeb Bush–34% as opposed to 31%. I believe they admire his straight talk and cojones.

Trump once told Esquire, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” That’s the kind of winning attitude they like in a leader south of the border.

* It’s just like I told my wife when I found out our house had ants—I said, “Honey, throw out your birth control. We’re about to have a few million more kids. Sheer numerical strength is the only way we can defeat this menace.”

And I was right, for the same reason that a town with 100 stray dogs would have to hire 101 dog-catchers to deal with the problem. Whites will never dominate culture, dictate mores, and form civilizations unless there are more of them.

* Europeans historically kept Persians and Muslims from over running all of Europe by killing great lots of them in battles of annihilation both were poorly culturally equipped to fight. Lepanto, Tours, Salamis, Platea come to mind.

In the end I expect that pattern to repeat. A group of men linked with many semi autonomous killer drones of some type vs. African hordes with AK 47s?

Technology beats manpower and the ultimate killer is the nuke. Or dna oriented bio weapon. Id rather nukes. Less dangerous. When it comes to killing, from Spartans to Spec Ops, Europeans bar none are champs. Yes Israel will have to kill lots and lots to keep from being over run. I expect that in the end to be no problem. Ugly reality is that inhibitions about killing are rapidly discarded for survival.

* The currency thing is no joke. Migrants often migrate just to make more money than friends and family, and they need to brag about it. So exchange rates are very important. A strong pound means your salary is better than cousin Shawandee, or at least it sounds like it.

I met plenty of Chinese doing miserable jobs for peanuts in Europe, and whenever I asked them why they bothered when China wasn’t that bad, they said “but here I earn Euros, not yuan. The yuan is weak”. These seemed like a completely irrational thing to care about, but bragging rights are no joke.

* Well, if you have ants, you can call the exterminator. If you have too many dogs, you get an animal control officer to bait them, trap them, and then take them to a shelter where they are discreetly killed. That’s not going to happen with human beings, at least, I don’t want to revisit the worst the 20th Century had to offer.

Whites dominate culture. What culture? Most of our durable culture is already old. Or do you think Ta Nehisi Coates is going to be in the 22nd Century Great Books, somewhere between Dante and Goethe?

Whites dictate mores. What mores? We have no mores.

You can go Ancient World and talk about putting up a wall to keep the barbarians out. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. I certainly am not thrilled at the decline of people who look like me. But there it is.

I prefaced my remarks by saying I would set aside morality. But in reality, as a moral being, I have to accept what’s going to happen. The world and the future belongs to the children, and the huge majority of those children will be non-white.

Myself, I have no illusions about humans, which is partly why I turn to religion. So I expect that what in fact will happen is that when sufficient immigration — legal or illegal — creates diminished returns, you can expect the rise of demagoguery, riots, and maybe even war.

* Countries where the men still dominate the women don’t face the same existential issues of fertility and border control. DUH.

Ladies loved Cecil the Lion!!! His masculinity and dominance elevated him to regal status in the feminine mind.

Watch Trump (or somebody like Trump) win the woman vote in 2016.

* Man it’s amazing how these totally evil, racist, white supremacist, imperialist, genocidal, fascist and totalitarian Anglo-Saxon nations keep attracting so many non-whites, blacks especially.

All the proof you need that white Anglo-Saxons are the greatest evil in the universe, really.

* Migrants of color who flee exclusively to historically white nations are outing themselves as white supremacists. In their twisted, racist minds, only historically white nations offer a first-class standard of living. They always choose the white candidate (America, Britain, Sweden) over the equally qualified candidate of color (Ghana, Congo, Mexico).

Do we really want legions of white supremacists with their sickening intolerance goose-stepping all over America and other historically white nations? Keep the racists out!

* It makes sense for Africans to go to the UK because the UK probably has the least discrimination against blacks of any country in Europe. Most white Europeans are still fairly uncomfortable around blacks, but in the UK black immigrants and white lower class English people seem to actually be melding into a comfortable arrangement.

* One of the main reasons the more exotic megafauna (e.g., pachyderms) are dying out is that their reproduction and society cannot match the fecundity of wildebeests, etc. Probably the same for all genera.

However, the difference is that homo sapiens is supposed to be able to engage in intentioned goal-oriented conduct. Apparently not.

So, in ten thousand years, the world will be completely populated by white tail deer and cockroaches. And then they’ll hit the top of their sigmoid curve and collapse. And then we start all over again.

* Europe, the U.K. and the U.S. need some “profiles in courage” to stand up and announce, in effect, that “the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.” They’d be committing suicide–on multiple levels–of course, but they’d be doing something to preserve Western Civilization for their descendants.

“Gee, Jeff, why don’t you ‘walk the walk’ and be one of those ‘profiles in courage?’”

Don’t know what to tell you. Besides the fact that I’m not in a position of any power or prominence, and that I’d be dismissed as a racist crackpot, at the age of 56 I’m out of “courage” and am just in survival-mode trying to make it to retirement – while watching the Titanic sink.

* All of this is probably right, and although you keyboard worriers may not be able to mount an effective resistance to it, the whole history of it is being chronicled right here in the comments section of iSteve.

Someone should really take the time to cut and paste all of the best comments here into a Word document so that a book can be written to posterity and that those few of our descendents who survive can read it with same level of interest as we do here today all the details about how everything was lost. For those people the history contained in the iSteve Chronicles will be likened unto the modern Jew’s remembrance of the holocaust.

Never again!

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Time Is Cruel

My new passport photo:


Storm Let Loose!

My 2005 passport photo:


So I was invited to a Shabbos lunch and invited to bring a couple of friends, which made me confront the fact that I have no friends. So I show up to the lunch with low status and even the Mexican girl turned up her nose at me, all because I have the charisma, credit score and work ethic of a black man.

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Religion & Family First, State Second

Paul Johnson writes in Modern Times:

De Gasperi, for his part, never recognized in Mussolini anything except a destructive radical: ‘Bolshevism in black’, as he put it. His own Partito Popolare Trentino was welcomed by Don Luigi Sturzo into the Catholic Popular Party,
which might have ruled inter-war Italy but for Mussolini’s putsch.
De Gasperi disliked Italian parliamentary politics (‘an equestrian
circus’), with their theatricals and oratorial tricks, which he always
spurned. But he hated the big totalitarian state still more. As he said
at the last Partito Popolare National Congress, 28 June 1925: ‘The
theoretical and practical principles of fascism are the antithesis of the Christian concept of the State, which lays down that the natural
rights of personality, family and society exist before the State.’
Fascism was just ‘the old Police State reappearing in disguise, holding
over Christian institutions the sword of Damocles’. Hauled before a
fascist tribunal in November 1926, he insisted: ‘It is the very concept
of the fascist state I cannot accept. For there are natural rights which the state cannot trample upon.’

So if you are an authentic Christian, Jew or Muslim, you are a member of your religion and family first, and then a citizen of the state? So perhaps Christians and Muslims as well as Jews have loyalties above the state? So perhaps Jews are not so different? So perhaps Jews don’t need to be so squeamish when accused of dual loyalties?

Should not all righteous people be slaves to moral codes above that of state law? Codes that spring from God?

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The Last Leader Of Europe

Paul Johnson writes in Modern Times:

If post-war history took the new nations of Africa and Asia down a
series of blind alleys, often terminating in horror and savagery,
Europe’s experience offered more comfort. This was unexpected.
The prevailing mood in 1945 was despair and impotence. The
European era in history was over. In a sense Hitler had been the last
truly European leader, able to initiate world events from a Euro-
centric vision. He lost that power at the end of 1941. The vacuum
opened by his colossal fall could not be filled by European rivals. At
the end of the war, the two non-European superpowers stood, as it
were, on the rim of a spent volcano, peering contemptuously into its
still smouldering depths, uninvolved in its collapse but glad it no
longer had the daemonic energy to terrify humanity.

On 26 October 1945, at the opening of the new ballet at the
Theatre des Champs-Elysees, the drop-curtain by Picasso was hissed
by the packed high-society audience. 1 That was the old Paris. Three
days later, at the Club Maintenant, Jean-Paul Sartre delivered a
lecture, ‘Existentialism is a Humanism 5 . Here was the new Paris. This
occasion, too, was packed. Men and women fainted, fought for
chairs, smashing thirty of them, shouted and barracked. It coincided
with the launching of Sartre’s new review, Les Temps modernes, in
which he argued that literary culture, plus the haute couture of the
fashion shops, were the only things France now had left — a symbol
of Europe, really — and he produced Existentialism to give people a
bit of dignity and to preserve their individuality in the midst of
degradation and absurdity. The response was overwhelming. As his
consort, Simone de Beauvoir, put it, ‘We were astounded by the
furore we caused.’ 2 Existentialism was remarkably un-Gallic; hence,
perhaps, its attractiveness. Sartre was half-Alsacian (Albert Schweit-
zer was his cousin) and he was brought up in the house of his
grandfather, Karl Schweitzer. His culture was as much German as
French. He was essentially a product of the Berlin philosophy school
and especially of Heidegger, from whom most of his ideas derived.
Sartre had had a good war. Despite the surface enmities, there was a
certain coming together of the French and German spirit. Paris was
not an uncongenial place for an intellectual to be, provided he could
ignore such unpleasantnesses as the round-up of Jews, as most
contrived to do without difficulty. 3 As the Jewish intellectual Ber-
nard-Henri Levy was later to point out, radical, proto-fascist forms
of racialism were rarely repugnant to the French, not least to French
intellectuals: he even called it ‘the French ideology’. 4

The Paris theatre flourished under the Nazis. Andre Malraux later
snarled: ‘I was facing the Gestapo while Sartre, in Paris, let his plays
be produced with the authorization of the German censors.’ 5 Albert
Biissche, theatre critic of the Nazi forces’ newspaper, Pariser Zei-
tung, called Sartre’s play Huis Clos ‘a theatrical event of the first
order’. He was not the only beneficiary of German approval. When a
new play by the pied-noir writer Albert Camus, Le Malentendu, was
presented at the Theatre des Mathurins on 24 June 1944, it was
hooted by the French intellectual elite (then largely fascist) because
Camus was known to be in the Resistance. Biissche found it ‘filled
with profound thoughts … a pioneering work’. 6 Camus did not
share Sartre’s aloofness to the war; he was in fact one of only 4,345
Frenchmen and women who received the special Rosette of the
Resistance medal. But his thinking reflected the growing contiguity
of French and German philosophy which the Occupation promoted
and which was an important. strand in the post-war pattern. The
most important influence in his life was Nietzsche, whom in effect,
through his novels UEtr anger and La Peste, he gallicized for an
entire generation of French youth.

Sartre and Camus came together in 1943—4, protagonists – and
eventually antagonists – in a cult centred on St Germain-des-Pres
which sought to relate philosophy and literature to public action.
Their caravanserai was the Cafe Flore, itself a symbol of the
ambiguities of French intellectual life. St Germain had been a haunt
of Diderot, Voltaire and Rousseau, who had congregated in the old
Cafe Procope. The Flore dated from the Second Empire, when it had
been patronized by Gautier, Musset, Sand, Balzac, Zola and Huys-
mans; later by Apollinaire and later still by the circle of Action
Franqaise, led by Maurras himself: Sartre occupied his still-warm
seat. 7 Existentialism in its post-war presentation was derived from
Kant’s ‘Act as if the maxim of your action were to become through
your will a general natural law’. Our positive acts, Sartre taught,
created ‘not only the man that we would like to be ourselves’ but also
‘an image of man such as we think he ought to be’. Man could shape
his own essence by positive political acts. He thus offered a rationa-
lized human gesture of defiance to despair – what Karl Popper called
‘a new theology without God’. It contained an element of German
pessimism, characteristic of both Heidegger and Nietzsche, in that it
placed exaggerated emphasis upon the fundamental loneliness of
man in a godless world, and upon the resulting tension between the
self and the world. 8 But for young people it was magic. It was a form
of Utopian romanticism with much the same attractions as the
Romantic movement 150 years before. Indeed it was more attractive
because it offered political activism too. As Popper complained, it
was a respectable form of fascism which, needless to add, could
easily be allied to forms of Marxism. Camus insisted he was never an
Existentialist, and in 1951 he and Sartre quarrelled mortally over the
latter’s defence of various forms of totalitarian violence. But it was
Camus’s re-creation, in modern terms, of the solitary Byronic hero,
who resists fate and an alien world by defiant acts, which brought the
cult so vividly to life and gave it actual meaning to youth on both
sides of the Rhine.

Thus Existentialism was a French cultural import, which Paris then
re-exported to Germany, its country of origin, in a sophisticated and
vastly more attractive guise. The point is worth stressing, for it was
the first time since the age of Goethe, Byron and De Stael that young
people in France and Germany felt a spontaneous cultural affinity, a
shared Weltanschauung. It served, then, as a preparation for a more
solid economic and political harmonization, for which circumstances
were also propitious. Yet this might not have come about but for two
further circumstances. The first was the final (and possibly terminal)
maturing of Christian activism in politics, which for a vital genera-
tion became the dominant mode in Europe. The second was the
emergence of a group of European titans — not Byronic, not young,
not romantic, not indeed heroic in any obvious still less Existentialist sense — who were to revivify the corpse of a Europe which had slain itself. Both the agency, Christianity, and the agents, Adenauer, de Gasperi, de Gaulle, were by nature abhorrent to the founders of Existentialist activism. But then history habitually proceeds by such ironies.

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Just once this year, I want to see a white guy in Los Angeles toting a leaf blower

I think I’ll be the change I want to see in the world. To that end, I’m going to clean a toilet today.

Chaim Amalek: “Seriously, walk up to a Mexican, ask to borrow his leaf blower, and have him take a picture of you holding it. Then circulate the photo to web sites where people ponder ‘What ever happened to Luke Ford?’ Then they will know.”

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Different Races Tend To Have Different Norms

Jews tend to be louder and more emotional than Protestants. Blacks may be louder and more emotional than Jews. White Protestants are more law abiding than Jews who are more law abiding than latinos and blacks.

Blacks tend to yell at their TVs and movie screens with such fervor that non-blacks tend to not like it.

Different groups tend to have different standards of intelligence, empathy, sociopathy, law abidingness, work ethic, etc, so diversity always means friction and distrust.

The biggest racial divide in America is between blacks and non-blacks. Few non-blacks want to live around blacks. From a white perspective, blacks are crime-prone menace. From a black perspective, whites are uptight. The different races have different norms and they create different communities. Race isn’t skin deep. It’s a clue about massive divides in behavior and thinking.

Nature has color-coded people so that we can make instant decisions to our evolutionary benefit.

Jews would not put up with the following nonsense.

From the Washington Post, a story about the havoc that a black street band is wreaking:

One morning this week, five members of Spread Love, a New Orleans-style street band, gathered at one of Washington’s busiest intersections, pulled out four trombones, a drum set and a tips bucket and began playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

The band’s brassy riffs at 15th Street and New York Avenue NW always delight the hordes of tourists heading toward the White House. But the very spot that’s proved so profitable for Spread Love to pull in tips has also earned it the enmity of employees at two major Washington institutions: the Treasury Department and the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

Apparently, the economists in charge of our nation’s financial stability and the attorneys who represent many of our country’s corporate high-rollers and white-collar criminal defendants are struggling to focus inside their offices because the band is so loud. They are hearing Spread Love spreading its love too much.

The conflict, which began this spring and was first chronicled by the Above the Law blog, pits two very different slices of Washington against each other: the super-educated strivers working at the upper echelons of government and law against a group of exuberant street buskers who make a living off Mall-bound tourists.

Spread Love plays all over the city — L’Enfant Plaza, Farragut West, George Washington University — but the band’s favorite spots are outside the Farragut North Metro stop and at the corner of 15th Street and New York Avenue NW. Most of the group’s members — who go by stage names like Stixxx, Country and Love Soul — are full-time musicians. They sometimes land paid gigs, too. Earlier this month, the band played a Decatur House barbecue for the White House Historical Association.

Still, to many of the men and women cloistered away in offices at Treasury and Skadden Arps, Spread Love is a nuisance.

“We have to relocate our conference calls. We can’t have meetings in that corner of the building anymore. It’s like they’re playing music in the building,” said one Treasury Department employee, who, true to Washington form, would speak only on the condition of anonymity and be identified only as an “employee.” “There are people here who have headphones, and everyone’s got the air conditioners cranked up to get the white noise. And there’s people who have their children’s white-noise makers, too. Everyone’s going crazy.”

Can you imagine a WASP band displaying such a lack of empathy and good manners?

Comments on the WP story:

* I know some commentators here love these guys, because they are like, “sticking it to the man,” but they need to be relocated to the middle of a park somewhere. Playing loudly when you know it is bothering a large number of people working nearby is just obnoxious and poor manners.

Ron Guhname writes: WASPs rule! I wrote in a recent post that I was getting the sense that Americans with Protestant European backgrounds were the best behaved. So I decided to sum all my prior post numbers that dealt with ethnicity and moral behavior to assess this idea systematically. I followed the simple strategy of assigning a rank for each behavior for each of the 8 ethnic groups with sufficiently large sample sizes. Jews were often ignored in previous posts since one must turn to the religion rather than the ethnicity variable to get estimates, but I wanted to include them, so I calculated numbers and then ranks for them.

I included all variables that I have posted on–here’s a list of them: okay to cheat on taxes; drinks too much; ethnocentric; dirty house; frequents prostitutes; promiscuous men over 30; feel that infidelity is not wrong; gay; lesbian; husbands and wives who cheat; fathers divorcing mom; women arrested; and promiscuity for men and women and under. I realized that I had not posted on drug abuse so I added that to the rest. I ranked group so high numbers indicate more bad behavior, then I simply summed the 16 rankings for each ethnic group. Here are the totals:

Bad Behavior Index

Blacks 106
Mexicans 85
American Indians 85
Italians 70
Irish 67
Jews 64
Germans 56
English/Welsh 47

My hunch was correct. This pattern coincides with that feeling that goes way back among nativists that the moral quality of the country was slipping with the mass immigration from Catholic, southern and eastern European countries, and more recently in concern over immigration from Mexico.

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The Rising Cuckservative Meme

Am I wrong for taking strength and confidence from these trends such as the rise of Donald Trump? From the success of cuckservative?

A friend: “You are not wrong. That was a shock to everyone. The power of that meme ripped into the mainstream, Breitbart legitimized it, which was a total surprise and kinda brilliant. Breitbart essentially s*** on Redstate instead of holding the line.”

How long till Jewish nationalist organizations such as the ADL, SPLC, MOT, start denouncing the slur “cuckservative” as anti-Semitic?

The white man might have woken up.

Chaim Amalek: “The key question: How can Yidden use all of this talk about cuckservatives to improve our lot in life? I am thinking we could create a new set of board games for racially conscious white people. Beginning with Shoots and Ladders (for gun owners). My Rav says that we need to think like Yidden. If this is the next phase in the development of the goy, we have to get on top of it and monetize it before someone else does.”

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Living As An Illegal Immigrant Requires Deceit

A friend says: I just met with a woman and her illegal immigrant parent. I had to go way over my clock out because I had to stay and answer why I cannot accept her (most likely) falsified taxes. In the end, it turns out she has not really filed, even though tax season was over in April. The exciting world of dealing with people who have no social security, yet provide me documents with a mysterious social….probably stolen. I feel like I am in an asinine business.

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