Orthodox Jew Reps USC’s Josh Shaw

Don Etra is a friend of George W. Bush, a famed defense attorney and a mensch. A black guy in trouble should always run to a smart Jew like Etra if he can. It’s always worked for me.

The New York Times reports:

The Southern California cornerback Josh Shaw told athletic department officials Wednesday afternoon that he had lied about how he sprained his ankles over the weekend.

He initially said he sustained the injuries as a result of jumping off a balcony to rescue his nephew from drowning in a pool in Palmdale, Calif.

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11 Uncomfortable Facts About How IQ Affects Your Life


* IQ is strongly correlated to educational, professional, economic and social success or failure.

* People in the 75 to 90 range are 88 times likelier to drop out of high school, seven times more likely to go to prison, and five times more likely to live in poverty than those with an IQ over 110.

* For each one-point increase in a country’s average IQ, the per capita GDP was $229 higher, and can go up to $468 higher for each additional point

* If you have an IQ of at least 115, you can do any job

* Creative potential can be revealed in an IQ test. As argued by Dr. Scott Kaufman, “thoughtful reasoning, divergent production, pattern detection, learning” are all part of the creative process, and are measured in an IQ test.

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The Average Palestinian IQ Is The Same As The Average African-American IQ – 85

Report: “Let’s compare them to other Arab states. Egypt is 83. Lebanon is 86. Morocco is 85. Iraq is 87. Qatar is 78. That seems to be the Arab range: 78-87. I haven’t seen any Arab countries score in the 90s and only Qatar is in the 70s. The average of the 5 Arab countries listed by IQ and the Wealth of Nations is 83.8, so the Palestinians are probably around 85. Whether it’s a couple points more or less is irrelevant, just a margin of error, and at the same time, I doubt that they are above 90 because no other Arab country is.”

It is not rational to have higher expectations for Palestinians than you do for blacks.

News: “Palestinians Celebrate “Victory” Over Israel By Firing Guns In The Air… Killing And Wounding 27 Other Palestinians”

The average Ashkenazi IQ is between 110-115.

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TabletMag Boycotted The Sochi Olympics

I’m reading the archives of Tabletmag.com and was amused by an essay from The Editors fulminating against Russia for passing a law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”

The Editors write: “No decent human being should stand for such blatant persecution, but we Jews should be tenfold as sensitive. What we’re seeing happen in Russia should remind all of us of the darkest periods in our people’s history. It should concern us, enrage us, and, most important, stir us to action.”

Yes, banning gay propaganda is just like genocide. I see the similarities. The history of Jewish law contains many condemnations of homophobia, it’s just that nobody can remember any.

“On our end, we at Tablet Magazine will practice the equivalent of tuning out. For the next two weeks, we will bring you no reports of the games at Sochi. As much as we are enamored with the Olympic spirit, and as much as we would have enjoyed covering such a multifaceted and moving event, we cannot help but hear, above the pomp and the circumstance, the cries of Russia’s systematically oppressed. We wish to take no part in legitimizing the Kremlin’s predatory policies, and we hope you’ll join us in denying it the visibility and approval it so desperately craves.”

Well, that will show them.

Denile comments: “A Jew in Russia can finally put on tefillon and study Torah in the land of his ancestors and yet you focus on the debauched lifestyles of people who publicly define themselves by their sexual practices. Talk about Jews versus Judaism, this is one hallmark issue.”

Elliot comments: “Your boycott seems to be a little over the top. I just looked at the Wikipedia page on the LGBT situation in Russia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Russia Homosexuality is not illegal. It is not a mental illness. Single persons in Russia, regardless of sexual orientation, can adopt children. Russia does not have sexual orientation discrimination laws, but does that merit your headline, “abominable persecution”? I think a little proportion is in order.”

Pinchas comments: “GO Putin– stop all this gay crap sweeping the planet! if Tablet bothered to look into the matter seriously, it would have learned that Putin (and the Russian Orthodox Church AND the majority of the population) are not against homosexuals per se, but against their constant propaganda and especially against pedophilia which is second-nature to many, many gays. The fear that schoolage pubescent boys will be targeted is a real and legitimate fear– not only in Russia but in family-centered America, Africa, etc. But you lefty irreligious shnooks at Tablet and probably also the jewish daily forward, etc., in Manhattan don’t give a shit about that, do you? Just call me, and Putin, and other resisters to the gay tsunami bigots, racists, meanspirited, blah blah blah– wow, I’m really bothered… too bad orthodox rabbis don’t speak out against the gay epidemic– they’ve as usual chickened out. as for the reform and conservative rabbits (that’s not a typo), well, we know where they stand, i.e., against the plain and eternal words of Torah that homosexuality is NOT just a minor lapse of one mitzva, a minor no-no, it’s an ABOMINATION.”

Geoffrey: “I am at odds with this article. What is the nature of the writer’s commitment to Torah and its Mitzvoth? An abomination for which there is no Teshuvah is an eternal abomination. I am equally disappointed with Tablet’s announced policy of not reporting the Olympic Games in Sochi. How dare the writer compare the refuseniks’ struggle for religious freedom with the Gay & Lesbian cause or to even seek the enlistment of Rabbis to support her views, but then there are Rabbis and those who call themselves Rabbis.”

Michael Walsh: “Selective indignation in the service of moral grandstanding -the progressivist rite- always leaves one tripping over some glaring hypocrisy or other. But forget that: just preen in front of the mirror, pat yourself on the back, and sleep the sleep of the righteous.”

Phillip: “Are you also going to boycott Yom Kippur services because you don’t like the Torah portion, you know the one that refers to male homosexuality as an abomination?”

John: “Editors: I greatly respect your magazine. Please consider: You state the Russian law bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” This is untrue. The law prohibits propagandizing this information to minors! You condemn a nation that adheres to scriptural commandments regarding homosexual relations as immoral. You have it backwards. Many a good parent desires to protect their precious children from the promotion of homosexual relations as acceptable – even if it were only to protect from diseases, which those engaging in gay sex are much more likely to contact according to the Centers for Disease Control & prevention. That being said I support any efforts to eliminate any persecution of these people.”

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Palestinians, Arabs & Minorities

A former AP correspondent (Matti Friedman) writes: “A reporter working in the international press corps here understands quickly that what is important in the Israel-Palestinian story is Israel. If you follow mainstream coverage, you will find nearly no real analysis of Palestinian society or ideologies, profiles of armed Palestinian groups, or investigation of Palestinian government. Palestinians are not taken seriously as agents of their own fate. The West has decided that Palestinians should want a state alongside Israel, so that opinion is attributed to them as fact, though anyone who has spent time with actual Palestinians understands that things are (understandably, in my opinion) more complicated. Who they are and what they want is not important: The story mandates that they exist as passive victims of the party that matters.”

This is how the MSM treats blacks in general, mestizos, Arabs, Muslims and other groups nobody expects much from. These minorities are just props for high-IQ whites to use to establish moral superiority with each other (Steve Sailer).


Steve Sailer, a columnist for The American Conservative magazine, wrote last year that some whites who support Obama aren’t driven primarily by a desire for change.

They want something else Obama offers them: “White Guilt Repellent,” he wrote.

“So many whites want to be able to say, ‘I’m not one of them, those bad whites. … Hey, I voted for a black guy for president,’ ” Sailer wrote.

Sailer cited another reason why many whites want Obama as president:

“They hope that when a black finally moves into the White House, it will prove to African-Americans, once and for all, that white animus isn’t the cause of their troubles. All blacks have to do is to act like President Obama – and their problems will be over.”

Friedman writes: “Corruption, for example, is a pressing concern for many Palestinians under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, but when I and another reporter once suggested an article on the subject, we were informed by the bureau chief that Palestinian corruption was “not the story.” (Israeli corruption was, and we covered it at length.)”

The same goes for the MSM’s attitude to black corruption. It’s not the story. White corruption is the story.

“Israeli actions are analyzed and criticized, and every flaw in Israeli society is aggressively reported.”

Reminds me of how the MSM focuses on white flaws.

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Giggles And Hugs And Hijabs

In the Century City mall, there’s a place called Giggles and Hugs–a restaurant and indoor playground for kids — and it is now packed with Muslims–all the hijab and even burqa wearing ones. I love this diversity! They enrich and enliven our country and I want to hug them if that is compatible with their cultural norms.

It is fascinating to see dozens of burqas and hijabs in the space I like play in. They’re all over Century City mall now. I don’t know where they came from. They’re super religious.

I wonder what a place like Giggles could do to discourage Muslims? Hang up bacon? They have menu items with bacon — I’m surprised Muslims go there.

Chaim Amalek: “Instead of complaining all day long, how about thinking how this diversity enriches your life and the lives of other colorless folk?”

If we don’t welcome these Muslims, what is the alternative? To hate them? Remove them? I think that many Americans support something like this from the late Lawrence Auster:

With the Thirteenth Amendment as our model, the amendment could be written as follows:

Section 1. The religion taught by the Prophet Muhammad in the Koran and in the Islamic Traditions or Hadiths, and formalized in the Islamic schools of jurisprudence, also known as the Sharia Law, shall not be practiced within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. This article supersedes any contrary provision of this Constitution and of the laws of the United States, and of the constitutions and laws of the several states.

Section 3. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. The constitutionality of any laws passed by Congress pursuant to this article shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary.

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Dennis Prager Reflects On The Death Of His Father

Dennis writes: My father loved my mother. He loved her more than anyone or anything in life. They were married for 69 years, together for 73. Growing up, my brother and I were largely emotional afterthoughts in my father’s life. Emotionally speaking, we were tenants in our parents’ house. That is why, as I said above, it was a blessing that our parents lived so long. They had all those years to express more love.
But I had something in my father more important than emotional closeness. I had a strong ethical/moral model. I have always worn an invisible but powerful bracelet with the letters: WWDD. What Would Dad Do?
The ideal for a son is to have an emotional bond with his father who is also a strong ethical model. But, if you can only have one, the latter is more important than the former.

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Is Prager University Buying Youtube Views?

Dennis Prager often talks on his radio show about how many views his Youtube videos get (frequently when fundraising for Prager University), but when you click on the statistic button for these videos and then click on daily views, you see that for weeks on end, the videos get very few views and then for a couple of days they get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views and then just as suddenly, the views stop coming.

How do you spot fake Youtube views? You Google “how can you tell if youtube views are fake.”

Dennis said Aug. 25, 2014: ” We teach what isn’t taught. I’m asking you to help us help America. I feel like a doctor or scientist who has discovered a cure for major cancers and the only the only issue is lack of funds to market it. We can cure so much of what is wrong by changing minds five minutes at a time. I don’t know anything that is doing this as effectively… Ten million hits just this year. I don’t know anyone [doing this to change minds in the conservative direction].”

PragerUniversity.com offers many opportunities to donate including this: “Marketing Sponsorship: $5,000″

Marketing = buying views.

Aug. 26, 2014, Dennis said: “It is not unreasonable to assume that 30 million people have seen our videos just this year.”

I would estimate that fewer than one million views are real and the rest of the views are bought. I wonder how donors to Prager University feel about their money going to buying fake views and subverting Youtube’s terms of service?

How does Youtube like the buying of fake views? It hates it! As the Daily Mail reported Dec. 28, 2012:

The world’s biggest recording companies have been stripped of two billion YouTube hits after the website cracked down on alleged ‘fake’ and ‘dead’ views.
The dramatic falls, highlighted by figures compiled by YouTube statistics analysts at SocialBlade, came after YouTube conducted an audit of its viewing figures aimed at combating ‘black hat’ view count-building techniques.
That is the term used when hackers artificially build up the numbers of views or likes on a YouTube video – enabling them to make clips appear far more popular than they really are and increase their exposure on the site.
The number of views attracted on YouTube are these days regarded as an unofficial worldwide popular music chart, so once it became clear that hits had been inflated, fingers immediately pointed at the record industry.

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I’d like to be the leading white activist in America

What do I need to do (while staying in compliance with Torah)? Do I have competition? Are there white activists? If there are Jewish activists and gay activists and black activists and latino activists, why aren’t there white activists? Do whites not have interests or are their group interests automatically illegitimate?

A search for “white activist” on Google News yields two results, but neither are for an activist on behalf of white people.

Yes, there are white activists for white people ranging from David Duke to Stormfront to American Renaissance, but they are not called white activists but instead in the MSM they get pejorative labels such as neo-nazi and white supremacist. Black activists are not called black supremacists and Jewish activists are not called Jewish supremacists (even though every group in the world thinks of itself as superior) because it is considered a good thing to work on behalf of your group, unless you are a white who wants to work for whites.

I had this awkward conversation white activism with myself:

It won’t happen unless you make it happen.

What you have going for you is your absolutely unique perspective.

Wrap yourself in the Torah scrolls, and the liberals won’t know how to attack you.

But how will you make that happen? Not simply by blogging.

You will need to begin making speeches to various groups and be careful which you choose.

For starters, avoid any that burn crosses or parade around with swastikas.

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Jews Reach Out To Latinos

Jews are adapting to the new racial make-up of the United States.

Connie Bruck writes her typically listless profile in the New Yorker:

At AIPAC’s policy conference last March, Olga Miranda, the president of S.E.I.U. Local 87, gazed out at the crowd that filled the darkened Washington Convention Center—a gathering she dubbed the “Jewish Super Bowl.” Large video screens displayed her image. A lively woman with long black hair and a commanding voice, Miranda proclaimed, “I am a union leader, I am Joaquin’s mother, I am one of nine children raised by a single mother, I am a Chicana—and I am AIPAC!” For years, she explained, her information about the Middle East had come from television, and she sympathized with the Palestinians, until one day she got a call from someone at AIPAC who asked her if she’d be interested in a trip to Israel. That trip changed her life, she said. Now she argues about Israel with her friends and colleagues. “See you on the picket lines!” she shouted.

“The face of pro-Israel activists has changed pretty dramatically,” David Victor, a former AIPAC president, told me. In the past eight years, AIPAC has reached out to Hispanics, African-Americans, and evangelical Christians, in the hope that greater diversity will translate into continued support in Congress.

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