White Men Need To Watch Their Words

Comments to Steve Sailer about the Tim Hunt fiasco:

* In modern Western society every white male needs to consider his words very carefully before speaking them. He needs to be at least as cautious as a new stand-up comedian trying out new material in the Comedy Club in Kobani with a room full of ISIS militants.

* You didn’t mention his accuser’s creativity in drafting her CV. Her stated academic qualifications and work record are in doubt. But she has nothing to worry about – the university that employs her is not going to sack her. They say they will “help her update her CV”. Another Nobel Prize winner, Sir Andre Geim, predicted that. He said: “No Vice Chancellor would take on an ethnic-minority militant feminist. Those are not humble Nobel laureates who can be forced to resign quietly.”

* I am a nerdy type, but I also grew up in South Africa. So I have both personal (violent) experiences and like reading history and like to look at things like rankings of countries in various things. For me the people that deny race exists is probably as bizarre as it is for those internet atheists that like going after creationists. The difference however between those race denialists and creationists is obvious, the global system is now dominated by the race denialists (and the harm they are causing is immense), what great harm the creationists are doing I have yet to find out.

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Google Photos Mislabels 2 Black Americans as Gorillas

Yahoo: The image recognition software built into Google Photos is impressive. Show it a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and it will know that picture was taken in Paris. Snap an image of a dog or a tree, and it will automatically put them in a group with all your other pictures of dogs or trees.

But the software is far from foolproof. And when it fails, it does so in a spectacular way — as when it recently processed a photo of two black friends and labeled them “Gorillas.”

Jacky Alcine, a 21-year old programmer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., was checking out his Google Photos account last night when he saw that the service had automatically generated a folder titled “Gorillas.” It contained nothing but pictures of him and a friend that he had taken in 2013.

When alerted to the error, Google provided a solution to the problem within hours and issued an immediate mea culpa.

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What Percent Of Haredi Jews Are On Welfare?

My perception is that the figure worldwide is at least 50%.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Steve Sailer has never been shy about pointing out three crucial points:

(1) American Jews are now, and have long been, disproportionately successful compared to American gentiles, when it comes to their share of wealth and power.

(2) Therefore (according to the traditional mores of American gentiles), they ought to adopt an attitude of “noblesse oblige” – i.e., a condescending kindness to their gentile inferiors.

(3) But, instead, they relentlessly persist in playing the role of the victim, for all it’s worth, regardless of the facts.

This is a huge problem.

* By some reasonable (dissident haredi Jewish) estimates, 80% of NY/NJ black hat Jews are on welfare. How else could it be when the black hat ne plus ultra lifestyle is to hang out with the guys all day in the local kollel [adult Jewish guy religious school], while banging out a house full of kids and sending the wife off to work to make a few bucks for the family.

Make regular trips to the Failed Messiah website and find out what is really going on with the welfare scams, kidnappings and beatings, bought-off NYC politicians cops and prosecutors, and child molestation cover ups.

Failed Messiah is a website by and for assimilated Jews who know the black hat community intimately, and how anti-liberal it is.

If their lifestyle is “super affordable” and worthy of emulation, so is the lifestyle of the ghetto baby daddy with ten kids, and for the same reasons: other people’s money. Plus unremitting religious, cultural, social, and racial segregation.

* Read the Jewish press. When Jews get hot under the collar they love to fling “Nazi” and “Hitler” at each other, paint swastikas and such. Ultra-orthodox Jews do it in Israel all the time. It really chaps the heinies of secular Jews. It’s almost an intramural sport.

Only Jews don’t sue each other for really, really hurt feelings in Israel. My guess is that most Israeli judges and juries treat such nastiness as nothing more than loud-mouthed obnoxious politics and would advise the defendants to grow a thicker skin if they ever tried to wrap themselves in the Holocaust flag and weep about their emotional trauma. Israeli politics is a full contact sport, and Israeli Jews (unlike weepy Western Jews) can dish it out as well as take it.

But the goyim in the West (well, Christians, anyway–Muslims not so much) have an internalized race guilt that is much more easily exploited.

* Yes–that was a fascinating episode of “This American Life.” It showed the utter contempt in which the Hasidim hold those outside their community and their ruthlessness in acting solely in their own interest and with disregard for everyone else’s. I was surprised it was aired on public radio.

* The Benny Steinmetz saga continues. The FT is doing a series (they are very good on business corruption in the Third World) on the BSGR Corp. / Steinmetz saga. This combines all ISteve obsessions: grotesque African corruption, Men In Gold Chains, dirty deals, mega corporations fighting.

Short version: Guinea has an entire mountain made of almost pure Iron Ore. It is of course in Guinea, and even worse in the middle of nowhere. Probably worth a lot less with falling Chinese demand. But its still worth something. A multinational, Rio Tinto (UK/Aussie) mining company obtained the rights. Vale (a Brazilian multinational) wanted it. They used Benny Steinmetz, operator of the Benny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR) to bribe the dying dictator (and his wife) considerable sums to have the rights turned over to BSGR which then sold them to Vale. The dictator died, and the new guy is hopping mad … he didn’t get any bribe money. Needless to say the whole deal is off, Tinto is suing both Vale and Steinmetz, the widow made off to Switzerland with millions, and Steinmetz is being investigated by the FBI and the Swiss authorities. Steinmetz himself lives in Geneva.

What amazes me is how low rent everything is. Steinmetz has “only” (yeah I know) $3.5 billion. By comparison, Bill Gates has about $80 billion and Carlos Slim and Warren Buffett about 72 billion. According to Google.

Lesson: bribing African dictators is hard work. And it pays relatively little compared to establishing a world wide monopoly for years on PC operating systems and office suites, or Mexicans phoning home, or creating insurance based mega corps.

* Raj Rajnaratum, of Galleon Fame. His entire insider trading ring included Anil Kumar and Rajat Gupta of McKinsey. There’s also Fabulous Fab, Fabrice Tourre, the Black guy at some British trading firm (a relative of some African dictator), about a zillion Chinese sharp guys selling junk on the financial markets (non existent shell companies), and the IIRC, White WASP guy making London Whale trades at JP Morgan. There is also the LIBOR and Gold Fixing scandals, resulting in prosecutions. Anju Jain of Deutschbank is probably looking at charges there.

Financial Fraud seems to come in three flavors: rogue traders encouraged to take more risks exploiting weak controls to make back losses and getting in ever deeper: Toure being a good example. The others, ethno rings exploiting insider info, laws are made for dopes etc; and cartels of cozy traders who move about each others firms like LIBOR and the Gold Fix cartels.

* Though Jewish hysteria pisses me off, it makes perfect sense from a business and medical perspective.

If you’re in business, what do you do to stay in business? To grab attention and sell stuff, you have to keep convincing people that they are sick, too fat, un-hygienic, unfulfilled, and etc, etc. If people felt secure and content, why would they buy your product? You have to keep sounding the alarm. So, even in a safe neighborhood, you have to spread fear about burglars so that everyone will get an alarm system. You have to make people feel that they don’t take enough vitamins. You have tell people that they need a certain exercise equipment or they’ll become fat and unfit. You gotta make people feel anxious, unfulfilled, fearful, and etc. to grab their attention and sell stuff.

Most political and social professionals are in the business of making people feel anxious, afraid, unsafe, crisis-ridden, insecure, and etc. Only then will people pay heed to their advice, ‘wisdom’, recommendations, warnings, and etc.

A whole bunch of Jews in media, academia, and other social science professions would be out of a job unless they constantly made us feel that SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

But Jewish fear-mongering is also understandable from a medical viewpoint. In medicine, they say prevention is the BEST way. So, don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand. Go for prevention before the problem begins. If you let the problem fester, it may TOO LATE.
Better to be worried than complacent and found out too late when the disease has progressed.

And in away, this is a good advice. After all, look what happened because America ignored and overlooked the problem of Jewish radicalism? Americans just let it fester, and it grew and grew and now messed up America royally. And look at the ‘gay’ germ. America tolerated it and let it grow, and now we have homos forcing ‘gay’ propaganda in elementary schools so that young ones will grow up worshiping homos. America is now totally ‘gay’-diseased cuz it tolerated its initial incubation.

So, it is smart from a medical viewpoint for Jews to get alarmed about anti-Jewishness before it even takes shape. It’s like preventing forest fire by forbidding even a flicker is better than dealing with the fire once it flares into sizable flame. And given the nature of Jewish power and influence, anti-Jewish rage is certainly possible in America.

But, there is an aspect of hypochondria in the Jewish mania, I must say.

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Yasiel Puig Hated By His Dodger Teammates

Howard Cole writes:

Between the entries for A.J. Preller and Albert Pujols in the index of Molly’s Knight’s new book, “The Best Team Money Can Buy,” there are 42 sub-headings for the search term, “Puig, Yasiel.”

An alphabetical listing can be quite helpful, and is here, with “anger issues of” in the leadoff spot, followed by “awards and honors of” and “beaning of,” with “benching of” cleaning up. Skipping merrily along, we come to “brawls and,” “in brushes with law,” “chronic tardiness,” “disappearance of,” “discipline issues of,” “Gonzalez episode of,” “pickoff tutorial of,” “private security for” and my personal favorite, “in relationships with women.”

With Knight’s book scheduled for an All-Star Tuesday release, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan got the jump on most of us with a copy, by picking out some choice items concerning L.A.’s mercurial right fielder and penning a Puig-centric piece, which is either entertaining or disheartening, depending on your perspective.

Twitter blew up within minutes of Passan’s article going live at 6:00 p.m. EST Tuesday, as you might expect, with the usual choosing up sides in support of and finger-wagging at the unfortunate Puig.

As Knight will tell you – and she found it necessary to tweet the thought precisely – her book is not a “NOT a Yasiel Puig pile-on,” and it’s not all about Puig. If his is the only name that’s used in a chapter title (and it is, in “Puigatory”) and if that chapter is the longest of 10 (and it is, at 36 pages), it’s because Puig is a compelling character, one worthy of attention.

Puig is, as I once wrote, the most interesting man in the baseball world.

There’s no mention of race in this new book, but much of the divide is between the black Yasiel Puig and his white teammates and the white rules of decorum.

Anglos tend to have a stricter sense of time and of decorum than most members of tribes (Jews, blacks, etc).

Many of the problems between Puig and his teammates are common problems between whites and blacks. How many whites have you heard complain about black arrogance, black tardiness, black sexuality? How many blacks have you heard complain about white uptightness and white prissiness? Our different groups tend to have different norms and different levels of empathy and intelligence and social pathology.

Yahoo: Inside the Los Angeles Dodgers’ clubhouse, the contempt some teammates hold for outfielder Yasiel Puig is no longer a secret limited to whispers. They discuss it openly, resigned to the fact that the Dodgers don’t plan to trade their mega-talented right fielder no matter how deep the animus runs.

“We’ve talked about this,” one Dodgers player told Yahoo Sports. “At this point, it would be addition by subtraction.”
Stories of Puig’s ability to infuriate teammates have percolated through baseball since he shot to fame as a rookie in 2013 and cemented himself last season as one of baseball’s greatest talents. Now, in “The Best Team Money Can Buy,” a fascinating new book that explores the inner workings of the Dodgers’ clubhouse, author Molly Knight delivers anecdote after Puig anecdote that illuminates what makes him so off-putting to so many.

The idea of trading Puig – a notion the Dodgers have never seriously entertained, according to sources – comes down to a simple question: Would Los Angeles really be better without him? And even if some players believe that might be the case, none of the past incidents have convinced the Dodgers that Puig’s harm today goes beyond occasional annoyance.

While some issues, like his habitual tardiness for games, have abated this year, according to sources, Puig’s work ethic in batting practice and the weight room continue to bother some teammates. Much of the hostility stems from a general sense of entitlement shown by the 24-year-old. During spring training this year, as Knight writes and multiple sources confirmed to Yahoo Sports, Puig argued with teammates over who should be allowed on a plane ride that typically includes wives and girlfriends. The subject of someone from Puig’s entourage joining the traveling crew came up, and sources told Yahoo Sports that Puig argued with pitcher Zack Greinke and nearly came to blows with infielder Justin Turner over the matter.

Greinke, the National League ERA leader and one of the game’s best pitchers, was at the center of another memorable Puig moment related in Knight’s book. In 2014, during the Dodgers’ annual trip to Chicago, the team bus stopped downtown to allow rookies undergoing hazing to walk into a pizza place and emerge with food for the veterans. Some Dodgers players, not wanting to wait, skipped off the bus. When the bus was ready to leave, Puig was outside, looking for his luggage inside of the bay underneath the bus. After Puig ignored multiple requests to close the luggage bay, Greinke hopped off the bus, grabbed the suitcase in front of Puig and chucked it onto Michigan Avenue. Puig stepped toward Greinke and was restrained by reliever J.P. Howell.
Word of the incident spread quickly, those there giddily recounting it to those who got off the bus, and highlighted the chasm between Puig and his teammates.

Puig’s reputation preceded his time with the Dodgers. During spring training 2013, Mitch Poole, the Dodgers’ longtime clubhouse manager, assigned Puig’s jersey number on a lark. “I thought it’d be funny to give him number 66 to reference 666, like he was Diablo,” Poole told Knight. During the spring, Puig cottoned to the number and asked to keep it because he thought it was good luck.

Upon his debut, Puig already made teammates wary by engaging in a relationship with a minor league coach’s daughter. His inability to show up on time was another constant problem. Puig was chided by veteran Skip Schumaker during his rookie season for coming to the stadium 20 minutes after he was expected to arrive. Manager Don Mattingly benched Puig opening day when he was nearly an hour late.

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Steve Sailer Reviews Ann Coulter’s New Book On Immigration

Steve Sailer writes: It’s difficult for excerpts to reproduce the punch-drunk hilarity that Coulter induces in the reader as she artfully piles up the details. Here’s one example that ought to sound disturbing (because it is):

“In a case the New York Times described as a “family drama involving clashes of cultures,” a Brazilian woman and a Palestinian man in St. Louis murdered their own daughter because she was a “whore” for “going out with a black boy.” By lucky coincidence the girl’s father, Zein Isa, was a suspected terrorist, so the FBI captured the entire murder on a surveillance tape in their home—in subsidized housing, naturally. (Zein could be heard on the tape boasting about how much he loved the United States because there were so many different welfare programs to game.)”

But then Ann immediately follows up with the tale of the Chinese immigrant Dong Lu Chen, who beat his unfaithful wife to death with a claw hammer:

“Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Edward Pincus let Chen off with probation—for murder—after an anthropologist testified that, in Chinese culture, the shame of a man being cuckolded justified murder…. The female head of the Asian-American Defense and Education Fund, Margaret Fung, applauded Chen’s light sentence, saying that a harsher penalty would “promote the idea that when people come to America they have to give up their own way of doing things. This is an idea we cannot support.”… Chen immigrated to America with his entire family when he was fifty years old—fifteen years away from collecting Social Security—to be a dishwasher.”

In 1980 I worked as the research assistant to the top criminal defense lawyer in Texas, Racehorse Haynes, as he was considering writing an autobiography. From his scrapbook I learned that back in the 1960s you could kind of get away with murdering a cheating spouse in Texas, so long as he or she had it coming (and you hired Racehorse to defend you). Of course, that was a long time ago.

Perhaps if The New York Times were to start referring to immigrants as Extreme Texans they’d find it easier to comprehend the patterns.

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The Huns

Looking at the German women’s soccer team, I know in my head that they are Huns, but in my heart they are Hons.

Chaim Amalek: “Women’s soccer as played in the United States and in Germany is patently racist. Just look at how white they are! It should look more like NBA basketball. Then, perhaps, it might grow into the stature it deserves.”

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What Greece needs are cadres of Jewish tax farmers

They have a problem collecting taxes, and this is something that historically Torah Yidden have been good at. That, and collecting the rent.

Of course, Jews would then quickly out-compete and take over most of Greece’s middle-class positions and become Greece’s ruling elite.

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Why Are We Importing 100,00 Muslims A Year?

The United States needs more Muslims like it needs more Africans and more Mexicans.

REPORT: The Muslim immigration warnings offered by Dutch politician Geert Wilders—who was in the facility in Garland, Texas, that was attacked by terrorists last weekend—seem to be coming true.

Wilders, who has asked his own parliament to hold an exhibition on the Muhammed cartoons from the Garland, Texas event, has warned frequently that high levels of Muslim immigration without assimilation to the Western world—Europe and the United States of America—are dangerous to the culture and values of the West.

Wilders, a featured speaker at the Garland event, has been on a terror hit list since 2010 for proposing to place a tax on the Hijab worn by Muslim women in the Netherlands. He has also been vocal about stopping all Muslim immigration into the Netherlands.

“Take a walk down the street and see where this is going,” Wilders, referring to growing Muslim immigration into his country, previously said. “You no longer feel like you are living in your own country. There is a battle going on and we have to defend ourselves. Before you know it there will be more mosques than churches!”

Wilders’ warning rings true not just in the Netherlands, but in the United States as well.

Immigrants from the Middle East are currently the fastest growing immigration demographic coming into the U.S., a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows. America in just three years imported more immigrants from the Middle East than from Mexico and Central America combined.

In that three years, there has been a 13 percent growth in the number of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries. And according to the Conservative Review, the immigrant population from the Middle East will double in fifteen years and triple by 2050.

In fact, the United Nations is currently planning to settle roughly one million refugees – mostly Muslims – in western countries, Fox News reports.

Senior Editor of Conservative Review Daniel Horowitz argues against the increasing number of refugees. “We should only grant refugee status to those we can absolutely determine will be an asset to our country. It’s not our job or responsibility to incur risk when it is unclear which refugees have proclivities towards Islamic extremism,” Horowitz wrote.

A report derived from information from the 9/11 Commission and the Center for Immigration Studies validates Horowitz’s concerns. The study revealed that, out of 94 foreign-born terrorists operating inside the United States, 59 of them committed immigration fraud before or during terrorist activity.

Census data reveals roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants are admitted to the United States each year. Immigrants who enter the U.S. legally are entitled to welfare, U.S. jobs and to vote.

Horowitz warns that the increasing Muslim population, coupled with President Obama’s unwillingness to identify Islamic extremism, creates a national security threat.

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The New Reaction By Rachel Haywire

I just met on Skype dissident Jewish writer Rachel Haywire. Her book (The New Reaction) was published earlier this year by John Morgan’s Arktos Media.

When I was referred to her today, I Googled her name and found all these tattooed pictures. She runs the website Trigger Warnings (fundraising) and lives in Los Angeles.

She wasn’t born Rachel Haywire but took on the name as part of her rebirth. She was always a rebel, and I assume she dyed her hair as a girl, smoked cigarettes and talked to inappropriate boys.




Rachel says to me as I look her up online: “All the freaky pictures. You’ll get freaked out. All the tattoos.”

Luke: “I’m getting triggered.”

Rachel: “Looking at your face… I think when people Google me, I should film their reactions. I run Trigger Warnings, it’s a site for political dissidents and I f*** s*** up in the underground. Tell me about you.”

Luke: “I come from an Anglo background. I wrote on the porn industry for over a decade. I converted to Orthodox Judaism. Now I’m into ethno-nationalism, White Nationalism. I’m into ethno-nationalism for all peoples — whites, Jews, blacks, Mexicans, etc.”

Rachel wrote in 2012:

What if natural law rendered it so you were a woman? What if natural law rendered it so you were Jewish? What would you do in this situation? Probably your will.

Picture yourself in this situation for a moment. You would become a rabid feminist and use sex appeal to control all the men around you. You would become a hardcore Zionist and fight for your nation because might equals right. Don’t try to deny it for a second. Code of honor amongst individualists and intellectuals. You would do your will.

Rachel wrote in 2012:

My conservative friends were shocked to find out that I was “on their side” whatever that even meant. One of them was a politician who told me that while he was running for office he never would have thought to approach someone who looked like me. “You look like a leftist,” he told me. My heart wanted to bleed at that point, just to make an ironic statement. “I’m not a fucking leftist!” I wanted to scream. “I was kicked out of the left several years ago because my views were too extreme. I was too left for the left and this landed me on the right. Do you know what that is like? To be reversed in a political circle?”

There is no liberal gene. Both the punk and industrial subcultures were musical genres and lifestyles that resisted the dominant PC cultures of their times. The majority of “alternatively dressed” people you meet these days do not define themselves as liberal. And the people in the suits and ties? They are as leftist as you can get. They are the mainstream establishment. The defaults.

Rachel wrote in 2012:

The reactionary hipster movement is winning. I first noticed it on Twitter when a small group of stylish intellectuals developed a cult around Mencius Moldbug and registered usernames like NationalistPony. “Buttercup Dew blogs and tweets on radical traditionalism, liberalism, nationalist ideology and My Little Pony.”

This was it! The moment we had all been waiting for! It is common knowledge that once you bring My Little Pony into the equation you become a hipster. Two years ago, I declared that the natural response to a culture going meta-meta-meta was for hipsters to read Evola. Suddenly here we were living in this tasty postmodern hell. It was alive. It wasn’t hip to be square but it was hip to be ubersquare.

Rachel writes in 2013:

Modernity sucks. We all know this. The emperor is naked. Humanity is a cesspool. Let’s talk solutions now. What can we do? Can transhumanism be used to convert modernity into futurism? Why not? Transhumanism is the program of a higher species, discarding the egalitarian concepts of our modern era. We can truly create a higher race and move beyond the homo inferior. It is time to wipe out modernity and replace it with something better. The answer to modernity is not to go back into the past, clinging to the age-old traditions of religion and aristocracy, as appealing as this may sound in a world of filth and fluff. The answer to modernity, or perhaps a reaction to modernity, is futurism. We can replace modernity with something higher: greater: better. Not something like postmodernism, in which our entire lives our a cheap inside joke, but something like futurism. Hitler was an amateur. I’m not trying to Godwin myself here, but access to the technology that Hitler had during World War II was a joke. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Such a yawn! What about creating humans who do not behave like domesticated animals? What about using genetics to create the Nietzschean version of the Übermensch, forgetting about the high school Aryan fantasy?

Let’s create the actual homo superior. Let’s turn ourselves into God’s. We actually have the technology to do this now. Transhumanism is a gateway to futurism.

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It’s Their Land Too

Paul Johnson writes: “The Arab population of Palestine was 93 per cent in 1918, when the Balfour Declaration first began to take effect, and 65 per cent in 1947, when the crisis broke.”

I’ll never forget Dennis Prager saying to a caller about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, “It’s their land too.”

Chaim Amalek: “The transfer of these lands to Jewish control was never mandated by concerns for any democratic idea, but by Torah. And Torah is not a democracy.”

Jewish Journal:

‘1913: Seeds of Conflict’ traces the roots of Arab-Israeli unrest

…some Jewish viewers at the festivals and synagogues where it has played have expressed other worries.
“They think it doesn’t turn out very well for the Jews,” Loeterman said. “There has been, to me, an out-of-proportion concern for what the film could mean for the Jews rather than what the film itself says. There is a range of issues and questions. We tried to be very fair but we also tried to be fair to history.”
Loeterman expressed disappointment “at the degree to which some Jewish people have prided themselves on holding ourselves — and Israel — to a higher standard, and are willing to cling to their mythology in the face of history. People are having so much difficulty facing history and facing our own role in it, no matter how difficult that is. I believe that the film could have the possibility of providing fodder for those who have ill will toward Jews, but that doesn’t absolve us as Jews from having to ask the hard questions of ourselves. I feel that is a greater danger.”

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