Foolish Things Jews Say

Moe writes on FB: “Anti Semites don’t remember that there would not have been a successful civil rights movement without the support of Jews!”

I think anti-Semites are well aware of this and they hate Jews for helping minorities at the expense of the majority. And blacks don’t appreciate Jews reminding them that without Jews guiding them, they would not have achieved much.

BREAKING: BLACK CAUCUS DEMOCRATS Plan to Sabotage Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

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There Are Only Two Good-Faith Debating Tactics

Everything else is dishonest.

There are two intellectually-honest debate tactics:

1. pointing out errors or omissions in your opponent’s facts
2. pointing out errors or omissions in your opponent’s logic

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Blacks Are Better At Giving Compliments

This black chick told me, “I like your yarmulke.” No white chick has said this to me.

Chaim Amalek: “Perhaps this explains why African slaves were so popular with early white planters in the south. Not for the free labor they provided, but for the wonderful compliments they gave.”

From the blog Just Not Said:

One consistent pattern I’ve noticed is that black people give far more effusive — and effective — compliments.

A young white guy once told me that he had been in a bar in New Orleans with some friends when a 6’6″ 300 pound black man had come up to him, clapped his hand on the young man’s shoulder, and said, “Man, you sexy as fuck! We gonna get us some pussy tonight!” It turned out that the huge guy was a football player in town for a game; he happened to be coked up. The young guy was initially a little shocked, and wasn’t even sure at first that the football player wasn’t somehow hitting on him (he wasn’t). But he remembered the compliment, and felt good about it later.

This same young guy once wandered, semi-drunk, into a nightclub in New York City by himself. He chatted briefly with the bouncer, a huge black man, then made his way in. When he emerged an hour or two later with a girl, the bouncer said to him, “I knew you wouldn’t be leaving alone.” The young guy later said it was one of the highest compliments he had ever been paid.

Another young guy, a connoisseur of strip clubs, once told me that white strippers will all give the same few rote compliments in hopes of a better tip. They’ll either say, you’re cute, or, you’re not like the rest of the guys who come in here, or something to that effect. But he had been to a club recently where he’d chatted with a black stripper, and she had told him, “You have the eyes of a killer.” The young man, who prides himself on his toughness, was extremely flattered by this.

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IQ By Religion, Race, Intended College Major, Occupation, Etc

Some great posts:

  • State IQ estimates (2013), all and whites only
  • State IQ estimates (2013), Hispanics only
  • State IQ estimates (2013), blacks only
  • State IQ estimates (2009)
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  • IQ estimates by intended college major (via SAT scores)
  • IQ by religion
  • IQ by occupation
  • States ranked by SPM (alternative poverty measure)
  • Happiness by occupation
  • Hypothetical electoral maps (2012)
  • Hypothetical electoral maps (2008)
  • Marriage and cohabitation rates by race for men, women
  • Estimated IQ of teachers
  • Demographic profile of 100 most influential libs and cons
  • Demographic profile of 50 most influential pundits
  • Demographic profile of Maxim’s 100 hottest
  • Illegal immigration and home foreclosures
  • Gov’t expenditures as % of GDP by country (updated)
  • Gov’t expenditures as % of GDP by country
  • Excess oil revenue per capita by country
  • Immigrant performance by country of origin
  • White murder rates by state
  • Black murder rates by state
  • Unsolved murder rates by state
  • Crime strictness index by state
  • Religious affiliation by ethnicity in US
  • Federal corruption convictions per 100k people over 18 by state
  • Percentage of countries’ native populations residing in US
  • Congressional conservatism by state, 2008
  • ’08 Democratic nomination voter totals for Obama, Hillary by race, gender
  • Per capita federal welfare expenditures by state (2005)
  • Educational attainment index by state
  • Educational attainment index PLUS by state
  • Real buying power of US dollar by country (updated)
  • Real buying power of US dollar by country (needs an update!)
  • Kids given up in US by race
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    What Do You Call White Traitors?

    From the blog Just Not Said: Black people who do not show racial solidarity are sometimes called Uncle Toms. Black people deemed to be overly immersed in white culture are occasionally referred to as “Oreos.”

    (Just ask any college-educated black how he feels about Clarence Thomas.)

    French people who sided with the Germans during World War Two were called “collaborationists” and reviled by their fellow Frenchmen.

    Jewish people who criticize Israel are sometimes referred to as “self-hating Jews.” The highest contempt in that community is reserved for Jews who convert to Christianity.

    Hispanic-Americans who favor stricter border controls and deportations are generally regarded with contempt by other Hispanics.

    Such traitorous types are also referred to in other times and cultures as quislings, fifth columnists, Benedict Arnolds, and Judases.

    (None of these are terms of endearment.)

    There’s no such equivalent term for traitorous whites.

    European-Americans — to use a term no one ever uses — are the only ones lauded for cheering their own demise, their coming minority status.

    Has any other group in history ever exhibited this sort of mass suicidal insanity before? Bill Clinton famously said he looked forward to the day when whites were a minority in this country. Has there ever been another world leader in history who has ever said anything remotely similar?

    One has to wonder how blacks really feel about white liberals. Do they feel solidarity with them? Do they admire their suicidal bent? Or are they a little mystified, and perhaps even a little disgusted, by such whites?

    White liberals: please bear in mind that you’re not really getting blacks to like you by groveling. On a personal basis, they probably just wonder why you’re such a weakling.

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    A Shanda For The Goyim To See This

    From France: By Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France).
    “Today in France, seventy years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is again a fatal reality. On January 9th 2015, Yoav Hattab, 22 years old, Yoan Cohen, 23 years old, Philippe Braham, 45 years old, and François Michel Saada, 63 years old, were assassinated in a kosher store in the east of Paris. They died because they were Jewish, just like the children of a Jewish school in Toulouse less than three years earlier.
    Today, despite their patriotism, and even under police and army protection, French Jews fear for their safety, their integrity, their dignity, and their future.
    Many Americans already know this. Many of you have written to ask: “How can we help you?” Here is an answer: you can help us defuse the hate where it moves most freely—on the Internet.
    On the Internet anti-Semitic ravings, rooted in centuries-old myths (the Rich Jew, the Powerful Jew, etc.) go unchecked. On the Internet disparagement and resentment spread like a virus. On the Internet jihadist groups recruit their combatants under the cowardly cover of anonymity.
    On Google, two clicks bring to the screen conspiracy theories, according to which there were no Jews ever killed in Auschwitz, nor planes in the sky on September 11th in New York, nor terrorist attacks in Paris in January 2015. On YouTube, typing a single keyword triggers anti-Semitic rants of extraordinary violence. On Twitter, thousands of times a day, one sees the Protocols of the Elders of Zion republished in 140-character versions. On Facebook, invitations with time and place go out for “Jew Bashing.” And such horror gets “liked” with impunity.
    These Internet service providers, search engines, video-hosting services are American. They are subject to American laws. We need the United States; we need you to convince them to set a limit to this swarm of hate.
    Of course, freedom of speech is a core American value. The First Amendment, respecting all individuals, reflects that. Nevertheless, without inhibiting free speech, it must be possible to achieve the following through the efforts of Americans:
    —to induce large internet corporations to remove anti-Semitic content as soon as it is flagged.
    —to require that they conform, in each country where they are present, to the laws of democracies faced with anti-Semitism. In France we have many ways to fight hatred directed at Jews when it comes from the French press, but we are defenseless against a web woven across the Atlantic.
    Freedom of speech is not freedom to hate. It is not a human right to incite murder. On the Internet, ways have been found to fight and ban child pornography: likewise, anti-Semitism must be identified and beaten back. American friends, for French Jews this battle is vital. We can neither fight nor win it without you.”

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    The WASP & Islam

    Chaim Amalek writes: “These youngsters are traveling to Muslim lands to die in battle for Islam, and why? Because they have been promised 70 comely young virgins as compensation in the next world. Sooner or later, some Methodist or other goy preacher is going to think that the way to keep them from jihad is to offer then 70 comely young white girls in this world, and call upon their flock to offer up their young blond teenage daughters to Somalis as sex partners in this world in the hope that this satisfies them. Because that is how low the white WASP goy has sunk in the West. Indeed, were I to post this idea to the appropriate multiculture embracing website, it would quickly be taken up by them.”

    VDARE: On Sunday’s Fox morning show, Tucker Carlson questioned the idea of rehabilitating a Minnesota-residing Somali teen who had been nabbed at the airport headed for ISIS-stan. Apparently the local diversity dreamers think Abdullahi Mohamud Yusuf can be retrained from wanna-be headchopper to basketball coach for young people. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Who Loves Israel More?

    From comments to Steve Sailer:

    * I have fond memories of my time in Israel and even fonder memories of the Sabras who kept me safe and kept me company. They make great allies when our interests coincide.

    But American Jews really ought to decide which they want to be: Americans or Israelis and choose their domiciles accordingly.

    I am an “America first” kind of a guy (which shouldn’t be a surprise given that I am, well, an American, if by choice), and I always shake my head over the “who loves Israel more” competition I see in our politics. For once, I’d like to see a competition for who loves *America* more among our pols.

    But, yes, I know that I am to understand that this kind of nationalism is only for ugly people in today’s post-modern America.

    * However, those of us without bulletproof “Jewish leader” status have to be much more careful about saying what we think. The Likud attack machine can be almost as vicious as American SJWs, and nobody wants to be a Jewish Brendan Eich. We’ve spent decades disproving the “dual loyalty” slander, and for his own foolish reasons, Netanyahu has put us into a terrible spot.

    * Again what is left out in these kind of arguments is why whites cannot think like this and ask these questions ?

    Its bad enough for an American politician to speak out for white interests, but imagine for a moment a foreign politician coming to America and speaking out for white interests. Unlike Netanyahu who will get very long Stalinique applause, any such white foreign politician will not only not get invited to America, he will likely be targeted for bombing campaign for daring to advocate white interests.

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    Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews by Albert S. Lindemann IV

    In the 19th Century, Jews and non-Jews generally took it for granted that anti-Semitism was a rational response to the behavior of Jews. Jews and non-Jews were upset with the same types of behaviors by Jews such as cheating in business, pimping, lack of loyalty and concern for the host country, contempt for Gentiles, refusal to learn the language of the host country, etc… Today it is equally taken for granted by all those who want to hold their head high in polite society that anti-Semitism has nothing to do with what Jews do. It’s just some demonic sickness.

    In the 19th Century, leading anti-Semites in Germany did not invent hatred of Jews out of whole cloth. Rather, they focused, legitimized and galvanized “feelings that derived from real experiences and long-standing convictions of millions of Germans.”

    Jews in response formed a Defense League against Anti-Semitism (Abwehrverein) that tried to refute false charges against Jews and tried “to do something about Jewish vice where it was considered to be real and undeniable.”

    Gentiles who joined this movement did not regard Jews as worthy of praise. They agreed with the anti-Semites that Jews should “completely” become Germans and leave aside their Jewish national identity.

    When you compare the blatant race hustling and goyim intimidation of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League with Albert Lindemann’s scholarship, there’s a grand canyon of difference between this myriad of dishonorable hucksters and one man’s lonely honorable endeavor to pursue truth.

    It’s easier to have a happy life and to make loads of money if you flatter your group and you tell them things that they want to hear, such as that the goyim are evil and Jews are ever righteous victims. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do the same thing for their group.

    Professor Lindemann writes: The Abwehrverein’s efforts included an educational compaign to try to prevent further damage by immoral or “undesirable” Jews. For example, peasants were offered advice on how to take out a loan without falling prey to unscrupulous Jewish cattle dealers.

    …Jews were blamed for the exploitation that they undertook in the name of the nobility.

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    Perhaps I Was Wrong

    So this is how one relationship ended for me. We had been going out for a year, broken up half a dozen times. She was ten years younger and an Eight. We had finished dinner. She had eaten only a small portion of her dessert and wanted it boxed up. I tried and failed to waive down a waiter so I decided we should bail because the movie Big Fish was about to start and I didn’t want to be late. So anyway, I ended up going home that night and she ended up blogging the incident (without my name) and I ended up replying on the thread of outrage and then she got embarrassed and deleted her post and that was January 2004 and I would go on to date that year a 21 year old retired actress, Haley, and a 24yo libertarian economist who had never heard of Air Supply. As I ask around, blokes tell me that they would all wait for the bird to get her dessert boxed up because they would operate with the end in mind. Oh, my main unforgivable failing with this sheila was that I did not want to drive 20 miles with soup and crackers to her when she had the flu because there was a party I wanted to go to that night. Also, I did not like having to pay for parking right next to events so that she could wear heels. I prefer to park for free a mile away and walk. Oh, once I left her in my van and went to talk to my friends and she wasn’t strong enough to open the door by herself. Yeah, and I may have made fun of her for not knowing who Joseph Stalin was. She said I was really sweet on the first date when we met for coffee and then I bought her lunch and we drove up the coast and we walked on beach barefoot holding hands and then we ended up snogging on the rocks and she said she’d never snogged that fast before.

    She was only one-fourth, or one-eighth Jewish anyway, and did not want to convert. Surprising considering how devoted I was to her.

    My next game seminar on how to find, land and secure the right woman is in three weeks.

    My rates are reasonable if you want me to speak at your yeshiva. I have a lot of inspiring stories. Kids love me.

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