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Black-Ruled Baltimore Is Falling Down

VDARE: NPR featured a report yesterday about houses collapsing in Baltimore. That’s right. Houses in dowboardedupntown majority black Baltimore are literally collapsing, such is their state of disrepair. Indeed, 17,000 houses in Charm City are “boarded up and uninhabitable.”

Of course, “the city needs to do more.”

NPR quoted the city housing boss:

Paul Graziano, Baltimore’s housing commissioner, says he understands why residents are frustrated. But he adds that the abandoned properties “are the product of over 50 years of disinvestment and population loss, so it’s not something that’s going to turn around overnight or even in a year or two.”

No, it won’t. And it won’t turn around as long as leftist blacks are running the city. Perhaps if they spent a little more time dealing with the city’s real problems, and less time figuring out ways to hate whitey, something might get done.

But that, as we all know, isn’t going to happen.

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Ridley Scott’s The Martian is a superb movie

Trevor Lynch writes: Ridley Scott’s The Martian is a superb movie: suspenseful, inspiring, and deeply moving, with an excellent plot, fine performances, compelling pacing, and completely believable special effects. The Martian in set in the near future when space exploration is once again a national priority and manned Mars missions are regular undertakings…

The Martian is a very white, very American movie. Matt Damon is basically a high tech frontiersman — a final frontiersman — who triumphs over adversity using science, technology, and courage. It is also a very Faustian movie, a movie about the exploration of the cosmos, a movie about dedicating one’s life to something bigger than oneself, namely mankind’s ongoing conquest of nature.

But The Martian is a product of today’s film industry, which means that its real virtues are accompanied by two serious flaws. First, the movie advances the false worldview of racial and sexual egalitarianism. Second, the morally and metaphysically elevating themes of the movie are undercut by vulgar colloquialism.

The American space program was the product almost exclusively of white men, with our mastery of science and technology, longing for new frontiers, and rivalry with our enemies. America dropped the torch of space exploration when Jewish and Leftist values became dominant. We now have better things to do than explore space, like giving free cell phones to Negroes and a media megaphone to witches exercised about a scientist’s sinful shirt.

The most false and offensive aspect of The Martian is that it postulates that the US space program will somehow revive in a society in which racial and sexual egalitarianism are the dominant values. The main character, Matt Damon’s Mark Watney, is of course white. But his six-man crew has two female members, including the captain, and although five crewmembers are white, the pilot is Hispanic. NASA’s director of Mars missions is supposedly an African-Hindu hybrid played by a black actor. The genius who figures out the rescue plan is also played by a black. (Remember, this is science fiction.) An important scientist is played by an Asian, and when NASA needs help, he kindly intercedes with his uncle who runs the Red Chinese space agency. (In the real world, of course, such a scientist would likely be one of the many Chinese-American spies passing intelligence and technology to the Chinese.) The Red Chinese gallantly offer one of their rockets after the Americans prove that they can’t perform the rescue on their own. A couple important characters in NASA are white women, and so on.

Although The Martian is pro-diversity, one cannot really call it anti-white. The hero and the majority of the cast are highly attractive, serious, and competent white people. No race-mixing is portrayed. And there is a subtle pro-natalism to the film, for one of the astronauts, the German Vogel, has at least four beautiful white children, and two of the astronauts on the mission later marry and have a child at the very end.

Another aspect of egalitarian rot is the pervasive vulgarity of the script. This is a movie about heroism, with a plot worthy of a classic 19th-century novel. But the language and music do not measure up. Lest we idolize Mark Watney too much, he has to be “humanized,” with vulgar language and tastes. At one point he vows to “science the shit” out of one of his problems, which he proceeds to do to a medley of ’70s pop songs. At a certain point, I felt a tightness in my gut and feared that we would soon be treated to a dance montage like in Tootsie or its ripoff Mrs. Doubtfire. Ayn Rand brilliantly satirized this kind of anti-Romanticism as the “I’m sorry I can’t take you to the pizza joint tonight baby, I’ve got to go back to the lab and split the atom” approach to science fiction. The sets of The Martian are clearly inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. One wishes the soundtrack was as well. Heroic deeds require elevated words and music.

One wonders how more dignified ages have dawned. The Victorian age, for instance, followed the decadence of the Regency era. Thus those “stuffy” early Victorians were not unacquainted with degeneracy. But at a certain point they took themselves seriously enough to regard their little indulgences as contemptible, as childish, as beneath them. And then they just put them away.

These flaws aside, The Martian is an excellent movie that will speak especially to whites. It is a reminder that White Nationalists are not only working to save our race from the mud but to put us back on the path to the stars.

Read more.

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The Alternative Right Belongs to the Darwinians

Frank Hilliard writes: There are two views of human development: those of the Darwinians and those of the Progressives. We in the Alternative Right belong to the Darwinians because we believe in science, the scientific method, and the value of observation and analysis. The Progressives, on the other hand, are repelled by their observations of the human condition and attempt to replace science with a belief system they can manipulate. Progressives are Utopians; while we on the Alt-Right are Realists.

Before I go on, I should explain the Alternative Right is an alternative to the conservative movement which, we believe, has been taken over by neo-conservatives who believe in free trade, mass immigration, nation building, and individual rights above ethnic rights….

The Alt-Right, on the other hand, believes in democratic bottom-up government, the nation state based on an ethnic model, a capitalist national economy, very little immigration, the family as the basic social unit, and a national birthrate of, at least, 2.1 children per family. These are all conservative policies, or rather what were classical liberal policies at the time of Adam Smith. They are now extremely out of favor in the West.

Why we believe in these policies is very interesting. It’s because, as Darwinians, we think the nation should exist as a gene pool, since we come from a European background, a European gene pool. We think the same argument should apply to other ethnic and racial groups. Thus, we support the Kurds in their demand for a country of their own. We support Israel as a land for the Jews, Japan as a land for the Japanese, Congo for the Congolese, and so on. Each race/ethnic group is like an extended family for the people in it, and this large extended family should have a home of its own. Again, this used to be standard fare for Classical liberals, but again it has fallen into disfavor.

It’s fallen into disfavor because utopianism is a very appealing concept and has won many converts. It was the driving force behind Christian evangelism, international Communism, and the United Nations. It appeals to some of the best human instincts (helping others); but it also appeals to some of the worst (something for nothing, negation of human nature, and the manipulative creation of a “new man”). In this latter form, it has become useful to those who are attempting to leverage it to achieve power, such as cultural Marxists, environmental activists, and Left liberals of all stripes.

Let me present a very simple concept at the heart of the Alt-Right movement. If people in a group are genetically similar they will develop a pattern of habits and procedures which they’re comfortable with. This is their culture. Any laws they happen to agree on are designed to catch the exceptions, that is, those individuals who deviate from the accepted norms. In other words, the law is for exceptions to the culture, not a method of enforcing a new culture. Because most people in the group agree on most things, there is a maximum amount of personal freedom.

If, to take the reverse of this argument, you have a group of people who are genetically different, each sub-unit will differ in its culture from the others. These cultures will eventually clash because their laws are based on their cultures and their cultures are based on their biology. To put these different races and cultures in the same political basket is to ask for trouble. In every case where it has been tried, it’s failed. There are numerous examples: India, Ireland, Iraq, Syria, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the United States (white and black America), Canada (our Native problem, the Quebec nation) and, my favorite, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This latter was an empire based, like Canada’s constitution, on multiculturalism and bi-culturalism. Its spectacular failure led to WWI.

The Alt-Right believes that the maximum amount of personal freedom, the best form of national economy, and most harmonious society can only exist within the boundaries of an ethnically-based nation state. If we seem anxious and upset at current events in the world it is because we see them as a disaster unfolding over which we have no control and about which we are very well informed.

All of which means nothing to most people because if they express an interest in the Alt-Right they’re afraid they’ll be accused of racism. This is a real tar baby in modern discussions on race, even for physical anthropologists who have shied away from making comments on the subject because of the influence of Columbia University physical anthropologist Franz Boas (1858–1942). Boas, whose grandparents were observant Jews, turned the discipline from the study of biology into the study of culture, claiming humans could be changed by social and environmental factors and downplaying the role of genetic inheritance.

However, as I’ve just shown, culture is downstream from biology just as law is downstream from culture. To claim otherwise is to confuse cause and effect. Indeed much of the failure of modern day social programs can be laid at the feet of Boas’ followers, from the Great Society, to school busing programs, to demolished public housing complexes in St. Louis and Chicago. None of these programs worked because none of them dealt with the root cause of the problem.

Read more.

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Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America

Steve Sailer writes:

Brandeis historian David Hackett Fischer’s 1989 book Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America is perhaps the most influential in recent American historiography. If you’ve been meaning to read it but haven’t yet gotten around to its 900 pages, Scott Alexander provides a lively synopsis at that is at least an order of magnitude shorter.

But how does Donald Trump fit into this handy model?

In general, Trump is a nightmare for making sense of via Fischer’s Albion’s Seed model. His background combines a whole bunch of aspects of America that Fischer de-emphasized in his book:

– New York City (home)
– Scottish Highlanders (mother)
– Germans (father)
– Jews (Trump has spent 50 years in a predominantly Jewish industry, New York real estate)
– Irish Catholics (Trump attended Fordham)
– Italians (Trump has presumably paid off a few Mafioso in the construction site port-a-john business)

Trump is a like a cyborg from the future specifically engineered to cause analytical trouble for people like me who’d gotten comfortable using Albion’s Seed as a cheat sheet.


* The old thread has been broken. All is in limbo.

If the sun were to be disappear, the planets will no longer revolve in orbit and seek a new gravitational system.

Adrift we is.

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