Report: Anti-White Agenda Revealed at GitHub’s Diversity Team

From Breitbart: Online source code repository and team collaboration service GitHub has been under fire after an anti-white agenda was revealed within the company’s “Social Impact Team.”

According to Tech Insider’s reveal on GitHub’s current situation, CEO Chris Wanstrath is radically changing the company. The former flat structure that eliminated substantial hierarchy has been replaced with supervisors and middle managers, and the ability for employees to work remotely has been cut back in favour of mandatory office working environments. These changes have prompted many long-term employees to leave, with some reportedly being ousted if they cannot meet the new requirements.

GitHub’s Social Impact Team, which is “in charge of figuring out how to use the product to tackle social issues” has also faced heavy criticism. Headed by diversity consultant Nicole Sanchez, the team’s previous achievements include working with the White House to fit “low-income homes” with free Wi-Fi around the country, but the team is now focused on diversifying the company’s workforce.

“It is very hard to even interview people who are ‘white,’” claimed an anonymous GitHub employee speaking to Tech Insider. It’s a claim that seems shocking but should come as no surprise considering Sanchez’s previous outspoken statements on diversity.

In February 2015, Sanchez wrote an article for USA Today entitled “More white women does not equal tech diversity,” and during a diversity training talk Sanchez even stated that technology was “not work for white folks to lead” and that “some of the biggest barriers to progress are white women.”

Danilo Campos, the technical director at GitHub’s Social Impact Team, is also no stranger to controversial comments about race.

“Don’t think we’ll succeed teaching white, male middle managers empathy and compassion anytime soon. So let’s limit their scope of damage,” wrote Campos in one tweet.

Diversifying the workplace is not uncommon in today’s technology landscape, with leading giants such as Twitter, Dropbox, and Yahoo engaging in a variety of diversity programmes, but GitHub seems to have taken the mantle for most racially controversial. Many users on social media, including regular users of GitHub, have expressed outrage.



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Jewish man arrested ‘after posting swastikas on doors’

Daily Telegraph: A family business dispute drove David Haddad, 56, of Manhattan, who is Jewish, to make threatening phone calls to his mother, 80, and two other women, ages 87 and 78, a police source said.
Both the 87-year-old woman and a 78-year-old woman had anti-Semitic threats made to them over a month-long period and racist threats were left on a voicemail message, police said. Swastikas were also drawn on their apartment doors.
“He threatened to kill the other individual on the phone as well as her relatives,” said a police spokesman. “He said basically that all Jews should die and go to hell.”
Haddad, who was charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, also was accused of taping notes with anti-Semitic symbols including swastikas on five apartment doors and in the hallway of a building in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, US.
Swastikas were spray-painted on garage doors, some with the words “Die Jews”, which police believe was part of Haddad’s anti-Semitic spree.



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The Ultimate Minority Right

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* A very, very good article Steve. Of course, what you said about the US applies to all our countries now. What really adds insult to injury is that these globalists assume we’ll all be good little boys as they smash everything of ours and mock us while doing it. Straight, White men will be expected to give their oaths to a President Hillary Clinton as she mocks them from the White House? I’m expected to cheer because Justin Trudeau finally has a cabinet expressly chosen to exclude people like me? The indigenous peoples of Europe are supposed to cheer as they’re replaced and their women and children are raped on the street and in public swimming pools? Only people like Anne Applebaum or Bill Gates could demand will put up with all this. It only makes sense to them. To hell with all that.

* I find it odd that the professional left doesn’t realize that the Sanders/Trump appeal is a direct reaction to their (very successful) efforts to tribalize every element of the electorate other than whites.

Obviously there are some white elites who take a perverse pleasure in being subsumed by this coalition of the aggrieved, but that runs contrary to the instinct of self-preservation…I guess the only way to replenish their numbers is mau-mauing impressionable college students, hence the behavior we’re seeing at various campuses these last months.

* I suppose the elites pushing this sort of thing have supreme confidence in their as yet undemonstrated ability to ride the tiger. Perhaps they know something I don’t, but other recent examples of a despised ruling minority becoming a de facto political minority haven’t worked out too well – even for those who made a show of handing power over to the new political majority. History also teaches as a general rule that those new to power rarely exercise it with magnanimity.

* “Obviously there are some white elites who take a perverse pleasure in being subsumed by this coalition of the aggrieved, but that runs contrary to the instinct of self-preservation”

There is some gumbic truth to what you’re saying, but I think it’s wrong to make too much of ‘coalition of the aggrieved, fringes, or unhinges, etc.’

It is a sham coalition, it is only symbolically anti-white for most groups, and it is mostly dominated by Jews and white Libs.

Outwardly, it seems like this dark coalition is ganging up on whites. Rhetorically, it would seem that way. You see Arab, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish ‘progressives’ chanting slogans at BLM rallies.

But in truth, these people don’t want to live in Detroit or move to some Negro city. They want to be with whites. Even if their PC side has been made to worship MLK and sympathize with blacks, they know the reality or come to know it when they live long live.

Hispanics may bitch about gringo but much prefer gringo over Negro. White-Hispanic mixing is very common. Same with yellows. Yellow girls may hold up some poster in support of BLM but they much prefer to live in white/Jewish parts of NY than in Detroit or Ferguson. And they might wanna marry white. And Jews have been gentrifying key cities are hectic rate. As for homos and trannies.. that’s when the whole thing turns into parody. I often see BLM and homo stuff combined at college towns, but homos are agents of globalist elites hellbent on gentrifying cities, i.e. drive blacks out.

So, the so-called coalition is loud but bogus.

Now, I’m not saying immigration is good for all whites. But white/Jewish elites are not being drowned or subsumed in some rising tide of color. If anything, most non-black minorities are useful against blacks. So, even though the elites are using non-black minorities against blacks, blacks are duped into thinking that they are forming some grand people of color coalition against the KKK.

Right, because all those Hindus and Chinese at Silicon Valley are siding with blacks against Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg.

And in the long run, nature wins out in the sexual realm. Too many Hispanic and Asian women marry white men even as they symbolically bitch about ‘white privilege’ because they’ve been brainwashed to do so at their fancy colleges.

Of course, not all whites win out. Working class whites do lose. But even many of them would prefer non-black minorities to black ones.

PS: maybe they can devise a form of genetic injection. According to Sailer’s review of THE DESCENDANTS, the big landowners of Hawaii are mostly white but have some trace Hawaiian blood. So, they count as Hawaiians and have blood claim on the land.

Maybe there is way to inject 1% of black/brown/yellow/Jewish/Arab DNA into all whites. That way, they will still be mostly white but have the ‘one drop’ to be counted as People of Color.

And they can claim to be victims of ‘white privilege’.

* If “too white” is a fair complaint, then “too Jewish” is as well.
If “too Jewish” is unfair and derogatory, then so is “too white.”

* Sanders seems to be getting traction due to his pretense to education debt forgiveness/free college, which would disproportionately benefit whites. Of course, benefits to NAMs is a central plank of the Democrats’ platform without which they can’t win, so it’s a given and need not be spoken of too loudly (although this may change post Sharpton Soul Food Summit). The underemployed college graduates/debt laden students consider it an act of noblesse oblige to steal bread from the mouths of doctors/small businessmen they’ve been led to believe are actually secretly hedge fund managers and distribute it to the brown hordes.

Conversely, the Trump phenomenon seems to be the case of one man appealing to the one constituency neither major party wants enough to be seen with even if it guarantees an electoral victory – viz., bad whites. Think about that – the Democrats would rather pander to literal criminals and their supporters (restoring voting rights, criminal justice “reform,” end mandatory minimums, #BLM, etc.) and illegal aliens than have bad whites as a part of their coalition, while Republicans would rather jettison pillars of the conservative movement for a maximum 40% of the Hispanic vote than have bad whites as part of their coalition. Law abiding, tax-paying, community-involved and patriotic people which are so derided in popular media that neither major party will sully itself to make an appeal to them.



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The View From Cyprus

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I am in Turkish Cyprus at the moment.

It is poorer than the Greek part of the island, but it has many, many more non-European immigrants, especially Black Africans and Pakistanis. Does any one know why?

The economy in the South depends on flogging coastal real estate to foreigners. Some of the developers write their advertisements in four languages, which, due to my nomadic lifestyle, I can read.

English – The best that Cyprus has to offer.
Russian – Wonderful opportunities.
Chinese – Specialistists in obtaining permanent residency and a European passport.
Arabic – We will get lifetime European residency for you.

There are some Chinese, Pakistanis and Afghans in the South, but not that many. The Afghans are easily recognisable by their propensity for spitting everywhere. The Eastern Europeans in the Immigration office in the South looked as if they has been terrorised in spite of the fact that, as EU nationals, they have a perfect right to be here. The non-Europeans seemed to receive a good deal more courtesy.

Despite Cyprus’ recent history, it is surprising how many people in the South are PC. Until 1974, the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus lived together. It didn’t work out well as the population of the South soared by 30% when, after a war, the Turks in the North kicked out all the Greeks.

The North s also a great deal less Islamic than I had expected. Few of the women wear headscarves. My wife and I have also been watching a Turkish fashion show that makes Jermeny Kyle or Jerry Springer look OK. It’s called Iste Benim Stilim. Google it and scream.



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The Return Of The Dreaded Stomach Flu

I came down with a killer flu Sunday night (which stunned me as I thought I had just gotten over one a week before). I was vomiting Monday and Tuesday, couldn’t even keep down water, so I was getting dehydrated (this happens with every stomach flu I get, I can’t drink much of anything for the first 30-48 hours without vomiting, causing dehydration). I can finally sit up and drink as much as I want, including a protein smoothie. Haven’t eaten this week. I expect my appetite will return in the next 24 hours.



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New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “I think we should amend the Constitution to limit election campaigns to 6 weeks like they do in Canada.”

That’s fine for silly little countries pretending to govern themselves like Canada or France or Britain. America has to govern the world and take care of the political and military stability not only of our own time but for generations to come.

It’s one thing to make a game out of being a semi-autonomous territory with its own quirky rules and leaders. Countries with responsibilities — grown up countries — have to carefully vet and stress test potential presidents.

If Canada puts a Harper into office, it’s a joke at Davos and an annoyance for a few million nobodies whose livelihood or environment are spoiled and they’ll have to move or adjust. We’ll make a humorous episode of South Park and laugh. But if America elects another Dubya, the whole world in endangered. North Korea or Iran might light off WWIII. Millions more will certainly die. World wide economic crisis will scramble the hopes and dreams of billions permanently. Chinese dictators and European bureaucrats — the junior varsity — will have to try to take responsibility for world diplomacy.

It would be ugly. Be glad America takes elections seriously and doesn’t treat them like a timed hockey game. For America, this isn’t just a fun diversion where everybody goes home after satisfied because it doesn’t really matter who won the game.

* For years I’ve been hearing how the GOP has become such right-wing extremists, compared to the good old days. (When, of course, they were also called right-wing extremists.) The GOP was supposedly the party of Old White Guys clinging to outdated ideas.

And now, who is leading the Democratic race? A geriatric socialist (and not even a member of the Democratic party), who spent time in a Stalinist kibbutz, honeymooned in the USSR, and cozied up with Castro’s Cuba and the Sandinistas. And, as far as I know, never repudiated any of that. He thinks we have “too many” kinds of deodorant, and links that to child poverty. It’s the economic thinking of pot-smoking freshmen circa 1970.

If the US is far enough gone to elect that guy, we truly are doomed. But I don’t think we are. I think the Democrats are more screwed by a Sanders candidacy than the GOP is by a Trump candidacy.

* NPR was talking about how Bernie’s big weakness is that his supporters are almost all white.

* I quasi-predicted here in June 2015 an anti-immigration candidate getting into the primary and winning even before Trump entered:

The depressing thing is that every single one of the 15 quasi-serious presidential candidates, if they were in the House, would be on the left-most quarter of the GOP caucus, with Bush and Rubio the left most 2%.

Walker and Cruz are supposedly the best, but both supported amnesty is speeches to business groups. As Kaus recently uncovered, Cruz then had his spokesman outright lie about it. And every single one of the 15 is clearly to the left of Mitt Romney.

The field right now is so fractured there is a wide open opportunity for an anti-immigration candidate, who, far from being hard right on the issue, could run right to the middle of the House GOP stance, and collect the 20% of the vote needed to win the various “winner takes all” primaries.

Then in July 2015, this comment is looking pretty good, predicting after the first two polls came out putting him in front, that his lead would grow and that he’d dominate the debates:

Wow, Trump is the real deal on immigration, not a fake like Cruz and Walker:

I guess I was cynical enough to think he was a fake too, but there is no mistaking his all-in sincerity reading his twitter feed. The attacks on McCain are just plain delightful, and land with a hard thud, not snarky girl-slaps typical of twitter jokes.

He’s also #1 in the last two national GOP primary polls, 3 points ahead of Jeb in both of them.

He’s got a great and unique sense of self-parody: he likes his own basic persona, but has fun turning it up a few notches to an absurd exaggeration.

The press can call this humor “buffoonish” which seems to be their favorite word to describe him lately, but based on their college records Jeb, Rubio, and Walker seem to be near the bottom of the IQ range for presidential candidates in a long time, and are the real dullards inarticulately grasping at the establishment script. I’m really looking forward to the debates now, which I predict will be Trump-fests and push him 5 more points above Jeb.

* Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

* It’s interesting that Google News ( is now “un-personing” Trump. Not long ago, he was in the top News Stories. Now his name doesn’t show up at all. But Flint is right up there with Bernie Sanders. (Are people really googling Flint that much?)

Also, if you just google “Donald Trump” Google presents a rather idiotic main image, as if he’s saying “F— you.” Bernie, naturally, looks rather nice.

Of course, without Steve, I probably would never have noticed these things on my own.

* America doesn’t want a pretty foam boy for President. Who knew?

* Hillary’s lead with blacks will only last until they realize Sanders is offering more FREE STUFF.

* BREAKING NEWS: With surprisingly strong second place finishes, this week’s real winners are Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, and Cam Newton.

* I’m listening to Sanders rant on in his victory speech right now, and everything he claims the GOP doesn’t believe in, Trump doesn’t believe in either. He would be unable to really attack on anything. Wall Street, Iraq War, Mortgage Meltdown ( Despite what Bernie thinks, although Wall Street benefited from it to some degree, it didn’t cause it ) and Bernie wants to declare war on the police and the greenhouse effect, err, global warming, err, climate change ( funny how an unassailable scientific theory that is a “fact” according to Sanders somehow changes it’s name every decade, poor old relativity and quantum mechanics, they haven’t change their names in 80-90 years! ). He also claims that GOP races reduce voter turnout, I’m pretty sure like him Trump has increased voter turnout since his 2nd place finish in Iowa got him more votes than any GOP winner ever got till 2016, but what do I know, I’m septuagenarian Jewish guy who moved from diverse NYC to staid, pale, boring 99 percent white bread Vermont 45 years ago.

* In the 2012 NH primary Ron Paul won 23% and Jon Hunstman, Jr., won 17%. Cue laugh track. Need I say more?

No, but I will.

The best result from tonight is that Rubio looks weak. He was the strong 3rd place finisher in Iowa, and he showed he couldn’t pull it off, or even come close to pulling it off, in NH.

Gov. Kasich appears to be getting almost exactly the same share of the vote that Gov. Huntsman, Jr., got in 2012. Do you know what Jon Huntsman, Jr., did after he finished 3rd in NH in 2012? He dropped out of the race.

Bush comes out of this the only establishment candidate besides Rubio with the organization and money to carry on. Rubio looks weak. The two can keep damaging each other while fighting for the establishment mantle through several more states.

The worst thing (within reason) that could have happened was Trump and Cruz clawing each other for the anti-RINO vote while Rubio continued consolidating RINO support. After tonight there’s a good chance that won’t happen, at least not until after Super Tuesday.

So the GOP has two establishment candidates left (Rubio and Bush) and two anti-establishment candidates left (Trump and Cruz), with the anti-establishment candidates in the much stronger position for the long-run, and the establishment candidates polling nationwide maybe 30-35%. If you’re fed up with the Bush/McConnell/Ryan Era GOP, that’s a pretty damn good place to be.

* Reporters have two functions: 1) to report the facts, and 2) to give us a morally sound and reassuring perspective. For example, if there is a disaster, they 1) report the number of deaths, and 2) emote about the victims and pray for recovery. So regarding the terrifying disaster that is Trump, they 1) mention the bare facts, 2) look everywhere they can for silver linings. It’s not their job to alter the very fabric of morality. Only external events and time can do that.

* Trump sounded relaxed and gracious. Sanders sounded like a crazy Bolshevik. He thinks Obama was not progressive enough! Obama’s progressivism turned the house and senate over to the Republicans. So where does Bernie see the political support for his even more extreme program?

Also, while I think I like Sanders as a person more than Hillary, that’s a low bar. I find it disgusting that he panders to the black criminal element, acting like the Dindu Nuffins truly didn’t do nothin’. No one is going to win a national election siding with black criminals against the police.

Here’s another thing that makes me dislike Sanders: he revealed in his interview with Ezra Klein that he knows that immigration harms the American working class. But apparently he heard that that kind of talk doesn’t sit well with today’s Democrats, so now he’s all about amnesty. Anyone who expresses concern about unemployment, growing poverty rates, and income inequality without connecting it to immigration is lying to his audience.

I listened to Hillary’s concession screech. Is she capable of speaking in a modulated tone that doesn’t sound enraged? Poor Bill in his heyday, returning home to this harridan after an hour spent with the dulcet-voiced Gennifer Flowers.

* Trump’s speech, as usual, wasn’t canned and it was blessedly short. Sanders droned on and on with what I can only assume is mostly his standard stump speech. He still doesn’t seem to believe he will win. Still playing patty cake with HRC while she tries to rip his lungs out.

I still find it funny that both Bern man and Mrs. Clinton are urging for change. What was wrong with the seven years of hope and change we had under Pres. Obama?

* I agree that his mention of his older brother, whom he credits for his avoiding alcohol and drugs (a value he has apparently instilled in his children), was touching and apparently heartfelt and genuine. I take it he and his brother had a real affection toward each other. But I had to laugh when he started off by crediting his lovely wife Melania by saying she encouraged him to run for President and adding that Melania said “of course, I hope you realize that, if you run, you’re going to win and be President.” Melania was standing right next to him, and the expression on her face said clearly “I don’t remember saying that. In fact, I didn’t say that at all. You’re making that up.” It was a harmless lie, but it was obvious to me that Trump was making it up on the spot. I broke out laughing. He is such a charming scoundrel that you are forced to like him. He reminds me of Edwin Edwards in that way.

* Not just Alabama but the Gulf Coast. Trump has held three large rallies within an hour of where I live. Mobile, Pensacola, Biloxi. It is interesting and surprising that he has targeted this area because it usually gets ignored in Presidential elections. Maybe he knew people would show up and the crowds would look good on tv? People here do like a party and a spectacle. The Gulf Coast is also less evangelical than the rest of the South, so maybe he figured he would have stronger support here. In any case, footage of the 30,000 person crowd at the Mobile rally back in August surely gave him some momentum.

* You will notice, that nearly every single spouse is visibly, visibly on the campaign trail front and center (in both parties). Visibly present front and center. Kasich’s wife, for example, participated in a special fluffy background report on her as first lady of Ohio and being a fitness fanatic.

Nearly every candidates’ spouse is present, save for Columba. Where. Is. Columba? We see Barbara and W., but no Columba. Why is this?

Nearly. Every. Single. Candidate. Spouse. Is. Present on the trail.



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Ted Nugent Tackles Jewish Support For Gun Control

Ted Nugent posts on FB: Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down!


New York Daily News:

Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent posted an anti-Semitic message Monday charging that Jews are trying to take away his precious guns.

The wacko rocker and National Rifle Association board member posted an image on Facebook of prominent politicians like Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Charles Schumer, Rahm Emmanuel and others, each beside an Israeli flag under the banner “So who is really behind gun control?”

The image labeled Bloomberg as “Jew York City mayor Mikey Bloomberg.”

Schumer is “Chucky boy Schumer” and former New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg — who died in 2013 — is labeled “Gave Russian Jew immigrants your tax money.”

Harvard Law School Prof. Alan Dershowitz, who was in the photo montage, said, “I like the company this bigot puts me in. And I admire the flag he places me near.”

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, condemned the post, which he said had previously appeared on anti-Semitic websites.

“Ted Nugent has a long history of being an equal opportunity offender. But his latest share on Facebook, making the outrageous suggestion that Jews are behind gun control, is nothing short of conspiratorial anti-Semitism,” Greenblatt said.

“Regardless of one’s views on gun control, this kind of scapegoating of an entire religious group is completely unacceptable and completely divorced from reality. It should go without saying that anti-Semitism has no place in the gun control debate.”

Ted Nugent responds on FB: Just when you hope that mankind couldnt possibly get any dumber or more dishonest, superFreaks rise to the occasion. What sort of racist prejudiced POS could possibly not know that Jews for guncontrol are nazis in disguise? “NEVER AGAIN!” Anyone? Anyone?? RUFKM! The founder of Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership called me his 2nd Amendment/Freedom hero. The NEVER AGAIN battlecry was universally embraced by all good people who will make sure another Holocaust never happens again. Freaks have plummeted to whole new low. Plummet on punks. Plummet on. Meanwhile I adjust my yamika at my barmitzva playing my kosher guitar. My dad killed nazis & saved Jews in WWII. Eat me.

How tragic that the self inflicted scourge of political correctness can blind so many otherwise intelligent people! Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership founder Aaron Zelman was a dear friend who often referred to me as his “2nd Amendment hero”. Here are my sincere words for the great man’s memorial.
No more powerful words exist better defining the battlecry for freedom than a Jew proclaiming, loud and proud, “NEVER AGAIN!” And no more powerful statement could be made for such self evident truth than a group called Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. My hero, my American BloodBrother and an American Warrior legend, the great Aaron Zelman perfectly represented all free men who refuse to be controlled by others or denied our God given right to keep and bear arms. We stand repulsed by the ugly soullessness of unarmed helplessness.
If Aaron and I were together in Nuremberg Germany in 1938, I am confident that we would have led the charge to disarm Nazis and kill them with their own Lugers, refusing to board the trains or be told what to do. Many Americans will take the mighty spirit of defiance so forcefully guided by Aaron in his lifelong dedication to crushing the enemies of freedom, by keeping his dream alive to crush any and all demonic attempts to disarm free men in our beloved America.
In our hearts, and in the winds of liberty, I feel the spirit of Aaron Zelman forever. In the wind, he is still alive. God rest his warrior soul, Godspeed his defiant spirit.
Freedom BloodBrothers, Ted Nugent & family
And here is the sad bullshit that his failed followers have succembed to.
JPFO Statement to Nugent Comments
From JPFO. February 9th, 2016
We are appalled at the insensitivity of Ted Nugent‘s recent comments on Facebook and elsewhere. The deeply anti-Semitic comments and prominent positioning of the Israeli flag imagery as a tool of anti-Semitic identification combine to leave us deeply disturbed.
Neither Jews nor the Jewish faith are inherently anti-gun. Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership was far from anti-gun. While many leaders of the gun prohibition movement are Jewish there are also many leaders of the right to keep and bear arms movement that are also in fact, Jewish.
While Nugent has long been known for outrageous and offensive statements, these latest comments place Nugent clearly over the line.
Which is it goofballs? NEVER AGAIN or not? Wake the hell up.



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Weimerica Weekly

When I wrote about the porn industry, I was struck by the many parallels between present-day American and 1920s Weimar Republic.

I just did this podcast interview (Weimerica Weekly) with Ryan Landry.

As I wrote 15 years ago:

Early German cinema gave birth to the horror film which flourished during the excesses of the short-lived Weimar Republic of the 1920s. It was replaced by censorious and totalitarian Nazism, and then after WWII, by liberal democracy.

Nazism abhored explicit sexual expression. National Socialism viewed pornography as the speech of “bestial Jews” who used Weimar permissiveness to turn Berlin into “the national sewer.” (Joachim C. Fest. Hitler. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1973. p. 94)

Passed November 12, 1918, Article 118 of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic abolished all censorship. This atmosphere of sexual freedom, combined with inflation, led many into such marginal industries as pornography, and porn exploded in storefronts. (Joseph Slade, “Nazi Imagery in Contemporary Culture,” Dimensions, V. 11, No. 2, pp. 9-15)

The public protested and on May 29, 1920, the Reichstag passed the Reich Film Act, re-establishing censorship for movies. In 1926, Germany made all forms of porn criminal. Jewish intellectual Kurt Tucholvsky said the law truly aimed at allowing the government to curb all independent expression.

Tucholsky at one time edited the Berlin weekly Die Weltbuhne, whose staff was mainly composed of Jewish radicals. (Dennis Prager. Why the Jews. p. 64)

The magazine indiscriminately attacked Germany. Tucholsky wrote: “This country which I am allegedly betraying is not my country; this state is not my state; this legal system is not my legal system.”

Ordinary Germans reacted with fury to these nihilistic attacks, electing the Nazis in 1932 to bring order. On May 6, 1933, Nazi sympathizers raided the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin, the creation of Jewish physician Magnus Hirschfield (1868-1935). Dr. Hirschfield fought for rights for homosexuals and for open sexual discussion. He authored the two-volume Sexual History of the World War and the five-column Encyclopedia of Sexology; “both mapped uncharted terrains of human sexuality.” (Slade)

A month before the raid, Dr. Hirschfield shipped boxes of scholarly and pornographic material to Argentina which eventually found its way to the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Reproduction, and Gender at Indiana University.

The Nazis campaign against sexual expression ranged from common porn to high art. The Nazis hated such artistic movements as Dad, Expressionism, and Futurism, which overflowed with erotic themes.

Imprisoning pornographers as “asocials,” the Nazis held public trials which may’ve been greeted by public approval. Porners were identified in concentration camps with black stars.

The Nazis used pornography, however, when it suited them. Hitler’s lieutenant Julius Streicher, who bragged about his porn collection, edited the tabloid Der Sturmer which showed drawings and fiction of Jews raping Aryan women. “Those of a psychoanalytic bent could make much of the fact that a number of German fascists demonized Jews by using the language and lore of pornography – while castigating Jews for immorally wielding pornographic material against the German nation in order to corrupt its youth.” (Slade)

A bureaucrat in Goebbels Propaganda Ministry, said that when pornography goes public, it produces “a truly pagan Kulturpolitik.” When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, they flooded bookstores with pornography. In 1940, Josef Goebbels proposed a plan to turn the French against the English by faking a “pornographic diary” of an English prisoner of war, “with a detailed and salacious account of his bedroom adventures in Paris with their wives, sisters and sweethearts of French soldiers at the front.” (The Jewish Presence)

During World War II, Allied troops told each other dirty jokes about the Fuhrer’s supposed “missing testicle.” Writes Dr. Slade: “It is a classic example of the political function of pornography; a demotic – perhaps even democratic – attempt to reduce the mighty by rooting their motives within the mechanisms of basic bodily functions.”

Americans after the War took revenge on their enemies by caricaturing the Nazis in pornographic stories and images. Eventually Nazism became sexy.

The Mitchell Brothers released Never a Tender Moment in 1979, featuring Marilyn Chambers, Tanya Robertson and Carol Christy in a series of vignettes. The film lives up to its title, particularly in its second story “Hot Nazis.” First you see two naked women doing each other until Nazi guards, both men and women, arrive and brutally rape the women.

The Mitchell Brothers also released Beyond De Sade in 1979, as a continuation of Never a Tender Moment. “If you don’t do bizarre things and enjoy them, that will screw you up,” says Marilyn Chambers. “So, 24 hours a day, I think of all kinds of ways to have sex.”

Bob Rimmer recommends collecting this movie because it’s “the only real-life demonstration of masochism I have ever seen. It’s mind-boggling!”(Guide, p.216)

It’s no accident that Beyond De Sade and Never A Tender Moment appeared together, for there’s a straight line from the Marquis De Sade’s philosophy of might makes right to Hitler and German fascism.

Nazism, as portrayed in the rape sequence in Never a Tender Moment, is a common theme in porn and pop culture.

“We are the Master Race,” proclaims the American rock group The Dictators on a record album. Another rock group, Blue Oyster Cult whose umlaut over the capital O in Oyster seems to be part of the message, uses a quasi-swastika emblem and sings such songs as “Career of Evil,” “Subhuman,” and “Dominance and Submission.” Many rock performers sport swastikas and Iron Crosses as adornments. Trade in Nazi memorabilia is big business. Best-selling souvenirs include portraits and photographs of Hitler, Himmler, Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, etc..

“The stuff that sells the best,” a storekeeper told a reporter, “are concentration-camp objects. Photographs, shots of concentration camps. That’s what people want.”

Generally, softcore films more than hardcore sexualized Nazism. The all-male film The Golden Boys of the S.S. said in ads that it was “the first daring look at the secret tortures and brutal pleasures” of those golden boys. The earlier film, 1975’s Ilse the She-Wolf of the S.S. is set in a Nazi Concentration camp where male prisoners were sterilized. It’s for those who like straight sex with their sadomasochism. Nazism and big tits proved a winner at the box office with the sequel, 1976’s Ilsa, Harem Keeper. In the same year, Russ Meyer combines big tits with Nazi humor in Up!. Lieben-Camp promises “violence and horror in a female concentration camp.” Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter reduces the Holocaust to sadomasochistic sex between an SS officer and his lovely virgin victim, first performed in a concentration camp and then later in a postwar reunion. “Seducer and seduced, torturer and victim become locked in an embrace of sexual perversity. In this film, as in Lina Wertmuller’s Seven Beauties, the concentration camp, even the death camp, serves as a kind of prefabricated locale, with its images of sadism built it – whips, beatings, tortures, naked bodies, blood, urine, excrement. The Nazis, who mastered, refined, and mass-produced methods of torture and murder, continue to fascinate today’s generation of sadomasochists and other consumers of the culture of pornography.” (The Jewish Presence by Lucy Dawidowitz)

William S. Pechter termed this combination of sex, sadism, violence and Nazism “death-camp chic” in his May 1976 Commentary essay.

“Nazism is a ready source of authority fantasies,” writes Craig Anthony of RAME. “It doesn’t follow that an interest in such fantasies translates into affiliation with racism and genocide. Fantasies are the ultimate refuge from conformity.”

Commenting on the relations between Nazism and pornography in reviewing the pornographic The Olympia Reader, Lewis Corey wrote: “That those who turn to Sade, to books on torture or to the interminable floggings and humiliations detailed in a number of Olympia Press publications also dream of Hitler and the beauteous SS, of pogroms and the sexual torment of children is an obvious yet profoundly disturbing truth…. It makes it doubly important that we reexamine the political, psychological, social aspects of “total freedom” of publication. “Total freedom” of publication includes Streicher on the need to castrate all Jews; or any flysheet instructing us of the racial inferiority and sexual aggressiveness of Negroes or West Indians.”

In his 1952 essay, Lewis Corey traces the influence of de Sade and his philosophy of perversion among nineteenth and twentieth century writers, artists, and intellectuals who “were overwhelmingly anti-humanist, anti-liberal, and anti-democratic.” The Italian decadents turned to Mussolini; the artistic and literary cults turned to Hitler.

“The Nazi elites were adepts in the practice of sadism, from homosexuality to lust murder. Their concentration camps became a king of ‘public brothel’ where sadistic practices flourished. including hypochorematophily (sic), necrophilia and anthropophagy.”

“The anti-humanists and sadists helped create and develop Fascism and Nazism. These movements, in turn, bred new generations of anti-humanists and sadists, providing ever-increasing audiences for the consumption of pornography, plain and political. Today a sizable population views the Third Reich’s terrors and murders only through a prism of pornography. Their loss of moral affect becomes a loss of political affect. Morally dulled, they become more vulnerable to the appeal of antihumanist movements and eventually more receptive to the obscenity of anti-Semitism.” (The Jewish Presence by Lucy Dawidowicz)

The world’s most powerful pornographer may be Beate Uhse, a German woman.

Shortly after Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, Uhse flew out of Berlin’s Gatow airport, just ahead of Red Army advanced units, to the only part of Germany not yet in the hands of Allied forces, Flensburg, 250 miles north west of Berlin.

Beate’s husband had been killed on a night-fighter mission towards the end of the war. Her parents had died at the hands of the Russians advancing into East Prussia where she’d grown up.

At 25 years of age, Beate had a two-year old boy to look after and 200 Reichsmarks to her name.

“There were a great many refugees there, women alone, with and without children. A village of 300 people was trying to cope with thousands. And when the war finally ended the men began to turn up, men who had survived the war and had gradually been released from prisoner-of-war camps. In those first days there was enormous joy, then after six weeks – tears and misery because they were having a baby. In Germany at that time there was no bread and butter, no cooking pots, no flannels and towels – nothing; and no contraceptives. So they were stuck there. They had lost their homes, the man had no job, he’d been a soldier for five years, and now there was a baby on the way. It was a total catastrophe.”

Nazism had discouraged contraception and sex education. But Beate knew about that stuff from her mother – one of the first five women in Germany to qualify as a doctor. She’d told Beate about the rhythym method, a way of calculating a woman’s fertility days in her menstrual cycle. Uhse printed up several thousand copies of a book on the subject which she sold for two Reichsmarks. Business boomed and soon she sold other books, contraceptives and sex aids.

In 1962, Uhse opened the world’s first sex shop, named Sex Institute for Marital Hygiene in Flensburg. Within a decade every major German city had one. Income from them allowed Beate to pay for a new company premises in Flensburg which the Mayor opened in 1969, saying that “People can work here with pleasure and love for the business of pleasure and love.”

In 1975 West Germany legalized hardcore, but it could only be bought in shops, not through the mail. So Beate began stocking fully explicit magazines and films, many of them from Scandinavia. She then opened movie theaters where she played X-rated features.

“And there was also the feeling, very much current at the time, of a need to educate the new generation and clear the guilt of the past; sex was as good a place to start as any.” (Immoral Tales, p. 45)

Since 1949, Germany has had law guaranteeing free expression, but the motion picture industry developed a board that classified films with an age limit. Porno films, when explicitly legalized in 1974, are restricted to places where alcohol is sold.

By the 1980s, all three of Uhse’s sons worked in the family business. One of them, Uli Rotermund, tried to establish a chain of retail porn in the US. David Friedman remembers. “Beate Uhse tried to set up business in the USA. She was about as welcome here as a case of hives.’

None of the established US chains would sell Beate’s movies. “Someone called Uli and pointed out how unfortunate it would be for business if he kept finding bodies in his auditoriums,” says one source. Uhse eventually pulled out of the US after losing $500,000. (Porn Gold)

Started in 1974, ZBF Vertrieb is the acronym for a leading German porn distributor. A limited liability company, it was run through the late ’80s by general manager Georg Schmitt and his four sons, Peter, Dieter, Lothar and Gunther. “There were three groups of people in the business before legalization in Germany,” a veteran told the authors of Porn Gold. “Horst Peter and his partner Wolf Waterschild, Charlie Brown and myself. Georg Schmidt started late. Officially he didn’t start until the law was changed [1975] but he and his sons did take some risks between 1973 and 1975. Everyone knew it was going to be legalized in the end.”

ZBF negotiates distribution deals with many of the big magazine and video producers. About 70% of their product, as of 1987, was distributed through an exclusive deal.

Turnover amounted to about $50 million in 1987.

Paul Johnson writes in his classic book Modern Times:

Of course underlying and reinforcing the paranoia was the belief
that Weimar culture was inspired and controlled by Jews. Indeed,
was not the entire regime a Judenrepublik. There was very little basis
for this last doxology, resting as it did on the contradictory theories
that Jews dominated both Bolshevism and the international capitalist
network. The Jews, it is true, had been prominent in the first
Communist movements. But in Russia they lost ground steadily once
the Bolsheviks came to power, and by 1925 the regime was already
anti-Semitic. In Germany also the Jews, though instrumental in
creating the Communist Party (kpd), were quickly weeded out once
it was organized as a mass party. By the 1932 elections, when it put
up 500 candidates, not one was Jewish. 29 Nor, at the other end of the
spectrum, were the Jews particularly important in German finance
and industry. The belief rested on the mysterious connection between
Bismarck and his financial adviser, Gerson von Bleichroder, the Jew
who organized the Rothschilds and other banking houses to provide
the finance for Germany’s wars. 30 But in the 1920s Jews were rarely
involved in government finance. Jewish businessmen kept out of
politics. Big business was represented by Alfred Hugenberg and the
German Nationalist People’s Party, which was anti-Semitic. Jews
were very active at the foundation of Weimar, but after 1920 one of
the few Jews to hold high office was Walther Rathenau and he was
murdered two years later.

In culture however it was a different matter. There is nothing more
galling than a cultural tyranny, real or imaginary, and in Weimar
culture ‘they’ could plausibly be identified with the Jews. The most
hated of them, Tucholsky, was a Jew. So were other important critics
and opinion formers, like Maximilian Harden, Theodor Wolff,
Theodor Lessing, Ernst Bloch and Felix Salten. Nearly all the best
film-directors were Jewish, and about half the most successful
playwrights, such as Sternheim and Schnitzler. The Jews were
dominant in light entertainment and still more in theatre criticism, a
very sore point among the Easterners. There were many brilliant and
much publicized Jewish performers: Elizabeth Bergner, Erna Sack,
Peter Lorre, Richard Tauber, Conrad Veidt and Fritz Kortner, for
instance. Jews owned important newspapers, such as Frankfurt’s
Zeitung, the Berliner Tageblatt and the Vossische Zeitung. They ran
the most influential art galleries. They were particularly strong in
publishing, which (next to big city department stores) was probably
the area of commerce in which Jews came closest to predominance.
The best liberal publishers, such as Malik Verlag, Kurt Wolff, the
Cassirers, Georg Bondi, Erich Reiss and S.Fischer, were owned or run
by Jews. There were a number of prominent and highly successful
Jewish novelists: Hermann Broch, Alfred Doblin, Franz Werfel,
Arnold Zweig, Vicki Baum, Lion Feuchtwanger, Bruno Frank,
Alfred Neumann and Ernst Weiss, as well as Franz Kafka, whom the
intelligentsia rated alongside Proust and Joyce and who was an
object of peculiar detestation among the Easterners. In every depart-
ment of the arts, be it architecture, sculpture, painting or music,
where change had been most sudden and repugnant to conservative
tastes, Jews had been active in the transformation, though rarely in
control. The one exception, perhaps, was music, where Schoenberg
was accused of ‘assassinating’ the German tradition; but even here,
his far more successful and innovatory pupil, Berg, was an Aryan
Catholic. However, it is undoubtedly true to say that Weimar culture
would have been quite different, and infinitely poorer, without its
Jewish element, and there was certainly enough evidence to make a
theory of Jewish cultural conspiracy seem plausible. 31

This was the principal reason why anti-Semitism made such
astonishing headway in Weimar Germany. Until the Republic,
anti-Semitism was not a disease to which Germany was thought to be
especially prone. Russia was the land of the pogrom; Paris was the
city of the anti-Semitic intelligentsia. Anti-Semitism seems to have
made its appearance in Germany in the 1870s and 1880s, at a time
when the determinist type of social philosopher was using Darwin’s
principle of Natural Selection to evolve ‘laws’ to explain the colossal
changes brought about by industrialism, the rise of megalopolis and
the alienation of huge, rootless proletariats. Christianity was content
with a solitary hate-figure to explain evil: Satan. But modern secular
faiths needed human devils, and whole categories of them. The
enemy, to be plausible, had to be an entire class or race.

Marx’s invention of the ‘bourgeoisie’ was the most comprehensive
of these hate-theories and it has continued to provide a foundation
for all paranoid revolutionary movements, whether fascist-
nationalist or Communist-internationalist. Modern theoretical anti-
Semitism was a derivative of Marxism, involving a selection (for
reasons of national, political or economic convenience) of a particu-
lar section of the bourgeoisie as the subject of attack. It was a more
obviously emotional matter than analysis purely by class, which is
why Lenin used the slogan that ‘Anti-Semitism is the socialism
of fools’. But in terms of rationality there was little to choose
between the two. Lenin was saying, in effect, that it was the entire
bourgeoisie, not just Jewry, which was to blame for the ills of
mankind. And it is significant that all Marxist regimes, based as they
are on paranoid explanations of human behaviour, degenerate
sooner or later into anti-Semitism. The new anti-Semitism, in short,
was part of the sinister drift away from the apportionment of
individual responsibility towards the notion of collective guilt — the
revival, in modern guise, of one of the most primitive and barbarous,
even bestial, of instincts. It is very curious that, when the new
anti-Semitism made its appearance in Germany, among those who
attacked it was Nietzsche, always on the lookout for secular,
pseudo-rational substitutes for the genuine religious impulse. He
denounced ‘these latest speculators in idealism, the anti-Semites . . .
who endeavour to stir up all the bovine elements of the nation by a
misuse of that cheapest of propaganda tricks, a moral attitude.’ 32

But if modern anti-Semitism was by no means a specifically German
phenomenon, there were powerful forces which favoured its growth
there. The modern German nation was, in one sense, the creation of
Prussian militarism. In another, it was the national expression of the
German romantic movement, with its stress upon the Volk, its
mythology and its natural setting in the German landscape, especially
its dark, mysterious forests. The German Volk movement dated from
Napoleonic times and was burning ‘alien’ and ‘foreign’ books, which
corrupted ‘ Volk culture’, as early as 1817. Indeed it was from the Volk
movement that Marx took his concept of ‘alienation’ in industrial
capitalism. A Volk had a soul, which was derived from its natural
habitat. As the historical novelist Otto Gemlin put it, in an article in Die
Tat, organ of the Vo/^-romantic movement, ‘For each people and each
race, the countryside becomes its own peculiar landscape’. 33 If the
landscape was destroyed, or the Volk divorced from it, the soul dies.
The Jews were not a Volk because they had lost their soul: they lacked
‘rootedness’. This contrast was worked out with great ingenuity by a
Bavarian professor of antiquities, Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl, in a series of
volumes called Land und Leute {Places and People), published in the
1850s and 1860s. 34 The true basis of the Volk was the peasant. There
could of course be workers, but they had to be ‘artisans’, organized in
local guilds. The proletariat, on the other hand, was the creation of the
Jews. Having no landscape of their own, they destroyed that of others,
causing millions of people to be uprooted and herded into giant cities,
the nearest they possessed to a ‘landscape’ of their own. ‘The
dominance of the big city’, wrote Riehl, ‘will be the equivalent to the
dominance of the proletariat’ ; moreover, the big cities would link hands
across the world, forming a ‘world bourgeois’ and a ‘world proletariat’
conspiring to destroy everything that had a soul, was ‘natural’,
especially the German landscape and its peasantry. 35

The Volk movement spawned a crop of anti-Semitic ‘peasant’
novels, of which the most notorious was Herman Lons’s Der
Wehrwolf (1910), set in the Thirty Years’ War, and showing the
peasants turning on their oppressors from the towns like wolves:
‘What meaning does civilization have? A thin veneer beneath which
nature courses, waiting until a crack appears and it can burst into the
open.’ ‘Cities are the tomb of Germanism.’ ‘Berlin is the domain of
the Jews.’ Jews functioned among the peasants as money-lenders,
cattle-dealers and middlemen, and the first organized political anti-
Semitism surfaced in the peasant parties and the Bund der Land-
wirte, or Farmers’ Union. Hitler was an avid reader of ‘peasant
novels’, especially the works of Dieter Eckhart, who adapted Peer
Gynt into German, and of Wilhelm von Polenz, who also identified
the Jews with the cruelty and alienation of modern industrial society.

German anti-Semitism, in fact, was to a large extent a ‘back to the
countryside’ movement. There were special Volk schools, which
stressed open-air life. ‘Mountain theatres’, shaped from natural
amphitheatres, were built in the Harz Mountains and elsewhere, for
dramatized ‘Volk rites’ and other spectacles, an activity the Nazis
later adopted on a huge scale and with great panache. The first youth
movements, especially the highly successful Wandervogel, strum-
ming guitars and hiking through the countryside, took on an
anti-Semitic coloration, especially when they invaded the schools
and universities. The ‘garden city’ movement in Germany was led by
a violent anti-Semite, Theodor Fritsch, who published the Antisem-
itic Catechism, which went through forty editions, 1887-1936, and
who was referred to by the Nazis as Der Altmeister, the master-
teacher. Even the sunbathing movement, under the impulse of Aryan
and Nordic symbols, acquired an anti-Semitic flavour. 36 Indeed in
1920s Germany there were two distinct types of nudism: ‘Jewish’
nudism, symbolized by the black dancer Josephine Baker, which was
heterosexual, commercial, cosmopolitan, erotic and immoral; and
anti-Semitic nudism, which was German, Volkisch, Nordic, non-
sexual (sometimes homosexual), pure and virtuous. 37

It is, indeed, impossible to list all the varieties of ingredients which,
from the 1880s and 1890s onwards, were stirred into the poisonous
brew of German anti-Semitism. Unlike Marxism, which was essen-
tially a quasi-religious movement, German anti-Semitism was a
cultural and artistic phenomenon, a form of romanticism. It was
Eugen Diederichs, the publisher of Die Tat from 1912, who coined
the phrase ‘the new romanticism’, the answer to Jewish Expression-
ism. He published Der Wehrwolf, and at his house in Jena, sur-
rounded by intellectuals from the Youth Movement, he wore
zebra-striped trousers and a turban and launched the saying ‘Demo-
cracy is a civilization, while aristocracy equals culture.’ He also
contrived to transform Nietzsche into an anti-Semitic hero. Other
audacious acts of literary theft were perpetrated. Tacitus’ Germania
was turned into a seminal Volkisch text; Darwin’s works were
tortured into a ‘scientific’ justification for race ‘laws’, just as Marx
had plundered them for class ‘laws’. But there were plenty of genuine
mentors too. Paul de Lagarde preached a Germanistic religion
stripped of Christianity because it had been Judaized by St Paul, ‘the
Rabbi’. Julius Langbehn taught that assimilated Jews were ‘a pest
and a cholera’, who poisoned the artistic creativity of the Volk: they
should be exterminated, or reduced to slavery along with other
‘lower’ races. 38 Both Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Eugen
Diihring stressed the necessary ‘barbarism’ or Gothic element in
German self-defence against Jewish decadence and the importance of
the ‘purity’ and idealism of the Nordic pantheon. Chamberlain,
whom Hitler was to visit on his deathbed to kiss his hands in 1927,
argued that God flourished in the German and the Devil in the
Jewish race, the polarities of Good and Evil. The Teutons had
inherited Greek aristocratic ideals and Roman love of justice and
added their own heroism and fortitude. Thus it was their role to fight
and destroy the only other race, the Jews, which had an equal purity
and will to power. So the Jew was not a figure of low comedy but a
mortal, implacable enemy: the Germans should wrest all the power
of modern technology and industry from the Jews, in order to
destroy them totally. 39 Some of the German racial theorists were
Marxists, like Ludwig Woltmann, who transformed the Marxist
class-struggle into a world race-struggle and advocated the arousal of
the masses by oratory and propaganda to mobilize the Germans into
the conquests needed to ensure their survival and proliferation as a
race: ‘The German race has been selected to dominate the earth.’

By the 1920s, in brief, any political leader in Germany who wished
to make anti-Semitism an agent in his ‘will to power’ could assemble
his campaign from an enormous selection of slogans, ideas and
fantasies, which had accumulated over more than half a century. The
Versailles Treaty itself gave the controversy new life by driving into
Germany a great wave of frightened Jews from Russia, Poland and
Germany’s surrendered territories. Thus it became an urgent ‘prob-
lem’, demanding ‘solutions’. They were not wanting either. There
were proposals for double-taxation for Jews; isolation or apartheid;
a return to the ghetto system; special laws, with hanging for Jews
who broke them; an absolute prohibition of inter-marriage between
Aryan Germans and Jews. A 1918 best-seller was Artur Dinter’s Die
Siinde wider das Blut {Sins Against the Blood), describing how rich
Jews violated the racial purity of an Aryan woman. Calls for the
extermination of the Jews became frequent and popular, and anti-
Semitic pamphlets circulated in millions. There were many violent
incidents but when, in 1919, the Bavarian police asked for advice on
how to cope with anti-Semitism, Berlin replied there was no remedy
since ‘it has its roots in the difference of race which divides the
Israelitic tribe from our Volk.

The Jews tried everything to combat the poison. Some brought up
their children to be artisans or farmers. They enlisted in the army.
They attempted ultra-assimilation. A Jewish poet, Ernst Lissauer,
wrote the notorious ‘Hate England’ hymn. They went to the other
extreme and tried Zionism. Or they formled militant Jewish organiza-
tions, student leagues, duelling clubs. But each policy raised more
difficulties than it removed, for anti-Semitism was protean, hydra-
headed and impervious to logic or evidence. As Jakob Wassermann
put it: ‘Vain to seek obscurity. They say: the coward, he is creeping
into hiding, driven by his evil conscience. Vain to go among them
and offer them one’s hand. They say: why does he take such liberties
with his Jewish pushfulness? Vain to keep faith with them as a
comrade in arms or a fellow-citizen. They say: he is Proteus, he can
assume any shape or form. Vain to help them strip off the chains of
slavery. They say: no doubt he found it profitable. Vain to counter-
act the poison.’ 41 Mortitz Goldstein argued that it was useless to
expose the baselessness of anti-Semitic ‘evidence’: ‘What would be
gained? The knowledge that their hatred is genuine. When all
calumnies have been refuted, all distortions rectified, all false notions
about us rejected, antipathy will remain as something irrefutable.’ 42

Germany’s defeat in 1918 was bound to unleash a quest for
scapegoats, alien treachery in the midst of the Volk. Even without
collateral evidence, the Jews, the embodiment of Westernizing ‘civili-
zation’, were automatically cast for the role. But there was evidence
as well! The influx of Jews in the immediate post-war period was a
fresh dilution of the Volk, presaging a further assault on its martyred
culture. And Weimar itself, did it not provide daily proof, in
parliament, on the stage, in the new cinemas, in the bookshops, in
the magazines and newspapers and art galleries, everywhere an
ordinary, bewildered German turned, that this cosmopolitan, cor-
rupting and ubiquitous conspiracy was taking over the Reich? What
possible doubt could there be that a crisis was at hand, demanding
extreme solutions?

It was at this point that the notion of a violent resolution of the
conflict between culture and civilization began to take a real grip on
the minds of some Germans. Here, once again, the fatal act of Lenin,
in beginning the cycle of political violence in 1917, made its morbid
contribution. Anti-Semitism had always presented itself as defensive.
Now, its proposals to use violence, even on a gigantic scale, could be
justified as defensive. For it was generally believed, not only in
Germany but throughout Central and Western Europe, that Bolshevism was
Jewish-inspired and led, and that Jews were in control of
Communist Parties, and directed Red revolutions and risings wherever
they occurred. Trotsky, the most ferocious of the Bolsheviks, who
actually commanded the Petrograd putsch, was undoubtedly a Jew; so
were a few other Russian leaders. Jews had been prominent in the
Spartacist rising in Berlin, in the Munich Soviet government, and in the
abortive risings in other German cities. Imagination rushed in where
facts were hard to get. Thus, Lenin’s real name was Issachar
Zederblum. The Hungarian Red Revolution was directed not by Bela
Kun but by a Jew called Cohn. Lenin’s Red Terror was a priceless gift to
the anti-Semitic extremists, particularly since most of its countless
victims were peasants and the most rabid and outspoken of the Cheka
terrorizers was the Latvian Jew Latsis. Munich now became the
anti-Semitic capital of Germany, because it had endured the Bolshevist-
Jewish terror of Kurt Eisner and his gang. The Munchener Beobachter,
from which the Nazi Volkische Beobachter later evolved, specialized in
Red atrocity stories, such as Kun or Cohn’s crucifixion of priests, his use
of a ‘mobile guillotine’ and so on. And many of the news items reported
from Russia were, of course, perfectly true. They formed a solid plinth
on which a flaming monument of fantasy could be set up. Hitler was
soon to make highly effective use of the Red Terror fear, insisting, time
and again, that the Communists had already killed 30 million people.
The fact that he had added a nought in no way removed the reality of
those first, terrible digits. He presented his National Socialist militancy
as a protective response and a preemptive strike. It was ‘prepared to
oppose all terrorism on the part of the Marxists with tenfold greater
terrorism’. 43 And in that ‘greater terrorism’ the Jews would be hunted
down not as innocent victims but as actual or potential terrorists

The syphilis of anti-Semitism, which was moving towards its tertiary
stage in the Weimar epoch, was not the only weakness of the German
body politic. The German state was a huge creature with a small and
limited brain. The Easterners, following the example of Bismarck,
grafted onto the Prussian military state a welfare state which provided
workers with social insurance and health-care as of right and by law. As
against the Western liberal notion of freedom of choice and private
provision based on high wages, it imposed the paternalistic alternative
of compulsory and universal security. The state was nursemaid as well
as sergeant-major. It was a towering shadow over the lives of ordinary
people and their relationship towards it was one of dependence and
docility. The German industrialists strongly approved of this notion of
the state as guardian, watching over with firm but benevolent solicitude
the lives of its citizens. 44 The philosophy was Platonic; the result
corporatist. The German Social Democrats did nothing to arrest this
totalitarian drift when they came briefly to power in 1918; quite the
contrary. They reinforced it. The Weimar Republic opened windows
but it did not encourage the citizen to venture outside the penumbra
of state custody.



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The American Nativists Were Right

Brett Stevens writes:

American Nativism was a movement in the 1800s which said that the original founding population of America was Western European and that adulterating that with non-Western European immigrants would destroy it. In particular, these Anglo-Saxons argued that bringing in Southern, Eastern, Mediterranean and Irish European groups would destroy our culture.

It turns out they were right, about everything. These new groups voted Leftist, having lower IQs and being more prone to unrealistic thoughts which they then defensively asserted preemptively as reality. These groups introduced lower standards of social behavior. And they voted, so soon corruption became the norm in politics. Anyone who remembers Tamany Hall shepherding Irish voters or the Chicago machine herding Eastern Europeans knows what this was like.

The fact remains that Western Europeans are the world’s only real minority and are an exceptional group that most closely resembles the historical European ideal. These historical Europeans ranged throughout Asia and India, came over the steppes and dwelt in Northern and Western Central Europe. From there, many other civilizations prospered as offshoots, possibly reflecting caste divisions in this ur-European tribe or its re-integration with the population that once produced it.

What will destroy Western Europeans is assimilation, including by “trace admixture” groups like the non-Western Europeans. Eastern Europeans are part Asiatic; Southern Europeans, part Persian; Irish, part North African; Jewish, part Persian, Arabic, Asiatic and Armenian; Greeks, park Turkic. Mixing these groups into the Western European gene pool will destroy Western Europeans just as surely as breeding them with sub-Saharan Africans. It is not what they are mixed with that counts, but that they are mixed at all, just as diversity of any kind is destructive, no matter what groups are involved.



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Admit It, White America: You’re Scared Of Cam Newton’s Success



In 1990, rap group Public Enemy declared that mainstream America was fearful of a Black Planet, which became the theme and focal point of their third LP.

At the time, hip-hop was becoming the music of choice for American youth and Public Enemy were well aware of it. Now, the kids from the suburbs were being exposed to unfiltered black culture.
But what frightens bigots and racists even more is when a black man seems to hold the world in the palm of his hand. And in 2016, that description fits Cam Newton to a tee.
The starting QB for the Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers and likely NFL MVP, is the man at the moment, whether his detractors like it or not. Over the course of the 2015 season, many pundits took umbrage with what they deemed to be Cam’s excessive touchdown celebrations, particularly his propensity for doing the dab after making a big play.

But, apparently, there is a growing contingent of those that aren’t entertained by Cam’s antics. As is the case with most debates involving minorities, many in the black community feel that these critiques are racially motivated.
Cam Newton is the polar opposite of the docile, African American player that’s just happy to get along. Instead, he’s the type of self-assured black talent that white America loves to hate.

Cam Newton is not the black quarterback of old and is at the beginning stages of what looks to be a dominant run as the NFL’s face. It scares his critics shitless because there’s nothing they can do about it.
He is not Doug Williams or Donovan McNabb, two former black quarterbacks who reached the Super Bowl, but preferred to shy away from the responsibility that comes with it. They wanted to be “ordinary” quarterbacks.
And while I hold the utmost respect for these legends, they aren’t Cam. Newton’s far from timid and mainstream America despises him because he’s confident, borderline cocky, and doesn’t fit the mold of the traditional, white quarterback.
Today’s feelings about Cam are similar to how people despised him when they failed to nail Cam on those pay-to-play allegations levied against him in 2010 when he was a member of the Auburn Tigers. At the time, it was alleged that Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, sought $120,000 to $180,000 for the quarterback to sign with Mississippi State out of junior college prior to ending up at Auburn.
The timing of the investigation was a bit peculiar for some considering that Newton was the NCAA’s darling player. The NCAA would eventually clear Cam and Auburn of all wrong-doing in October 2011, concluding that it found no major violations in its investigation.



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