Forward: Steven Spielberg Warns of Hatred ‘Demons’ on Rise

Spielberg was talking to Holocaust survivors in the southern Polish city of Krakow, ahead of the main event marking 70 years since Soviet troops liberated the Nazi German Auschwitz death camp.
“If you are a Jew today, in fact if you are any person who believes in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom in free expression, you know that like many other groups, we are once again facing the perennial demons of intolerance,” the Oscar-winning filmmaker said.

At the same time, Jewish organizations in Europe are working hard to make criticizing Jews as a group illegal. How’s that for free speech?

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Your Higher Taxes pay for My healthcare thanks President Obama Healthcare Reform

Some old white guys have gathered around to watch this video. At the end, one guy says, “The sad thing is that it is not funny. That’s how they think.” Then he leaned back in his chair and accidentally tipped over, landing hard on the floor and looking stunned.

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Whither The Men?

Every religious bachelor I know well (Orthodox Jews by and large) is a porn addict. Many other bachelors I know are addicted to gaming.

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* It will be interesting to see the course society takes once the actual power-structure has successfully alienated the male half of the millennial generation. Universities are increasingly unpleasant, even hostile, places for young men and university degrees don’t open the same doors they used to; so why bother, if you’re a young man, subjecting yourself to this ‘rape culture’ anyone-with-xy-chromosomes-is-suspect-nonsense? What will these young men do? The trend seems to be a move into isolation and a sort of indefinite adolescence–video games, porn and subsistence earning. But somebody has to pay society’s bills, right? Who will do that? Women? It’s true women have now outpaced men in education and much white-collar work, but if you dig a little deeper, the degrees which women tend to earn and the sort of work they tend to do isn’t exactly the most productive or beneficial for society. A BA in religious studies and a job in PR does not drive a successful society. Moreover, many white-collar middle-class and up women will find themselves increasingly lonely as time goes on: women can’t love a man they don’t respect and men who have given up or checked out into porno-videogame-land don’t inspire respect (though they have my sympathies). Maybe the idiots that are running the education system could just try ignoring boy’s needs and learning styles rather than actively psychologically abusing them. Years and years of being told your natural behaviour is wrong and that you are potential sex-criminal tends to breed a lot of actual maladaptive and antisocial behaviours.

* I remember another moral panic that nobody ever brings up today, but as an older school kid, young adolescent in the 80s, I was genuinely, seriously afraid that despite my best efforts to sniff out a psychopath, one would fool me into marrying him and immediately commence a reign of physical and psychological abuse. The beatings would begin on the wedding night was a very common theme.

People around here make a big deal about take back the night and fear of rape beginning in the early 90s, but I remember the moral panic of abusive husbands much more vividly and its impact on media and popular culture being far more pervasive than had been the case today with rape culture.

And then it was gone. Oprah talked about other things, Stephen King no longer used it as a plot device, etc. It’s as if it never existed.

What happened? I was too young to have an intuitive feel for what was going on.

* Given that Amy Ziering Kofman was both a student of Derrida’s and the maker of a hagiographic documentary about him…..Well, let’s just say that I’m not confident about her views on things like being truthful.

* There ARE a good many rapes on campus. By ghetto origin, low IQ Black athletes on scholarship for the football and basketball teams. See “Scoreboard, Baby,” by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry about Univ. of Washington under coach Rick Neuheisel. There is one notable rape in the book, detailed, and it wasn’t by Haven Monahan.

It isn’t middling or high IQ White guys doing the raping. They at least can think two days ahead. Its the low impulse control, high twitch muscle guys on scholarship who as one notably said, “We ain’t come to play school. Classes are pointless.” [Ohio State QB Cardale Jones.]

All that will happen is guys will go online, for far less the price, and get degrees in various tech fields, and check out like Japans herbivores, the grass eating Otaku. Meanwhile Colleges will be a female hysteria fest, increasingly female dominated and hysterical, with thug life athletes doing the raping/assaults with no consequences. Paging Jameis Winston, Jameis Winston.

Women I think will be happy. Given a sufficient floor of income and status, they’d rather have intermittently Alphas than all of an ordinary man. Cue collapse of the birthrate or simply a shift to out of wedlock babies, ala the Black community, or perhaps both. Regardless it is clear the nuclear family is a thing of the past for most Whites.

* 1) The actual rate of sexual assault among college women is LOWER than that of college-age women who are not students. So a college campus is the safest place for women 18-24 to be.

2) The actual rate of sexual assault is 6 in 1,000 per year. So when the president and Kirsten Gillebrand start talking about 1 in 4, or 1 in 5 women will be victimized while in college they are only overstating things by a factor of 10. (Really 30x or 40x because they’re usually implying that number are raped, when in fact completed rapes make up less than 30% of the total rate of victimization.)

Naturally, the few stories that were written about this report touted the fact that sexual assaults on campus were marginally less likely to be reported than those commited against non-students in the same age group. A skeptic might conclude that college students have just been taught to consider themselves victims every time a guy sticks an unwanted hand up their shirt in the midst of a drunk make-out session. They don’t report such horrors to the cops because duh, but are happy to check a box on an anonymous questionnaire later. It raises awareness!

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Whites At Fault For Muslim Rage

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* Mike Tyson put it succinctly in Toback’s documentary when he explained why he converted to Islam while in prison for the rape of Desiree Washington: “I hated America so I became a Muslim.”

* Since only European-descended white folk can be racist, everyone else is “counterracist.”

It’s sort of like how we knew that fellow Zimmerman was white. He was racist (he killed one of Obama’s imaginary sons) so obviously he was white. If Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman, that would have been counterracism, don’t you see?

* John Derbyshire: The 1991 Gulf War showed how little has changed since those first encounters. Here were the armies of the West: swift, deadly, efficient, equipped and organized, under the command of elected civilians at the head of a robust and elaborate constitutional structure. And here were the Arabs: a shambling, ill-nourished, shoeless rabble, led by a mad gangster-despot. (That was their Arabs. There were also, of course, our Arabs — the Kuwaitis and Saudis, cowering in their plush-lined air-conditioned bunkers being waited on by their Filipino servants while we did their fighting for them.) Final body counts: the West, 134 dead, the Arabs, 20,000 or more. The superiority of one culture over another has not been so starkly demonstrated since a handful of British wooden ships, at the end of ten-thousand-mile lines of communications, brought the Celestial Empire to its knees a hundred and fifty years earlier. The Chinese are still mad about that: they are still making angry, bitter movies about the Opium Wars. A hundred and fifty years from now, the Arabs will not have forgotten the Gulf War.

* Radical Islam is even spreading among Maori prisoners in NZ. Now we laugh. Soon we won’t. Remember 3000 is a lot in a country the size of NZ.

Maori Muslims

There is a small but growing amount of conversions among the wider New Zealand population and Islam is the fastest growing religion amongst the Maori community.[2] The 2001 census figures shows that 3000 Europeans registered as Muslim in 2001. Census figures show the number of Maori Muslims increased from 99 to 708 in the 10 years to 2001. But Kireka-Whaanga, the leader of “Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association” (AMMA), said numbers had shot up since September 11, as global media focused on radical Islam. The AMMA, the most influential Maori Muslim movement, has roots in the Hawkes Bay province. They view Tino Rangitiratanga as a form of jihad and that Islam is the perfect vehicle for Maori nationalism. Most Maori converts are being drawn to the faith through anti-Pakeha sentiment and a fascination with al Qaeda and the radical chic of Black Muslim icons such as Malcolm X.

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Black NYT Columnist Charles Blow Complains Police Pulled A Gun On His Son

First question, did his son get into Yale on his merits or through affirmative action and his dad being a columnist at the New York Times?

Second question. Is not Yale located in New Haven which has a large black ghetto and is crime ridden as all black ghettos are? By contrast, Harvard is in the middle of Cambridge, which has few blacks and little violent crime.

Third question. What’s the big deal with police holding a gun on a suspect burglar?

* Elephant in the room: was the policeman who drew the gun on him white or black? Very curiously, Blow doesn’t get into this question as best I can see, though it would obviously change the impact of the story dramatically. The policeman at one point is quoted as saying to Blow’s son after the situation became defused, “Hey, my man. Can you step off to the side?” Rather sounds like something a black policeman would say under those circumstances.

Why isn’t the dog barking, Mr. Blow?

LUKE: The officer who drew the gun was black. The Chief of Yale Police is black. The Yale police department is largely black.

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What Has Democracy Brought The Arab World?

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* Democracy promotion in the Arab world has done nothing but destabilize countries.

* The Middle and Near East could very well be returning to its natural state. Until the white man showed up looking for stuff to dig out of the ground, the most fertile and habitable region in Islam was a big expanse of nothing from the 7th century onward. There’s a good argument for thinking the oil business created an unnatural and unsustainable population explosion in the region. One that is about to tip into famine and decline. Yemen being the first to go.

* WW1 seemed to absolutely crush the creative spirit of Western civilization. Note the dearth of great classical music after WW1, and the more bitter, cynical nature of literature after that period. The best example is Russia, although the Bolshevik Revolution in conjunction with the likely had something to do with it.

Russia before WW1 = leading the world in literature, classical music, dance, and art.

Russia after WW1 = jack squat.

* It seems that Arab/Islamic world turmoil and upheaval doesn’t really let the cream rise to the top, but the crazies. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense why the King of Jordan, the Saudis, the Gulf states, and others are constantly whipping down on the Arab street.

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Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing antisemitism

A friend says: If the Jewish organizations succeed in getting the EU ban to outlaw Holocaust denial, they will then try to get the U.S. to follow suit.

To be fair, I think it was classy of them to wait a couple of weeks so it wasn’t during the “I am Charlie” marches where everyone showed how very important free speech is to each other.

Luke: Should there be laws outlawing anti-Gentilism? Jews have as much dislike for the goyim as goyim have for the Jews. Jews loathe Christianity as much as Christians loathe Jews.

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50 Shades Of Grey

Chaim Amalek: I do not approve of so-called erotica. It is of a piece with Bikram Yoga, iPhones, cats, sleeping with a large dog, and concern for the 3rd World.

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A Boy From The Bronx

I surfed to and put in “Rakeffet” and the first result was for a 2009 talk Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff gave titled, “A Boy From The Bronx.”

“Rabbi Rakeffet discusses the many different spiritual influences he had in his youth.”

From the sound of the audio, I hear the crowd standing up when the rabbi comes to speak. That’s how traditional Jews show respect.

Rabbi: “In Israel we are wealthier in many ways.”

He’s not talking about money, he’s talking about the superiority of Jewish life in the Holy Land, where he lives. The ethnocentric worldview is generally a healthy one. You can’t get a more Jewish life than living in Israel.

Rabbi: “You don’t realize how fortunate you are. You live at a time when the past president of the United States would invite rabbis to the White House and not just serve kosher TV meals but his wonderful wife would have the whole kitchen kashered, a glatt kosher caterer. Today there’s respect for living a Jewish life. When we grew up in the 1940s, it was a desert [for Jews].”

I wonder if today’s multi-cultural America with respect for minority ways is an improvement on a more united America with less respect for minority ways? Was America stronger when it was a 90% white nation with one dominant culture (where WASPs ruled) or is it stronger today when it is hopelessly divided and Jews frequently dominate? If Jewish-Americans want to make their Jewish identity more important to them than their American identity, shouldn’t they move to Israel? If blacks want to make their black identity more important to them than their American identity, shouldn’t they move to a majority black nation? Should not America demand that Americans put America first?

This rabbi speaks as though every time non-Jews concede to Jewish ways, that’s a wonderful thing. He doesn’t realize that it may cause a nasty reaction. Non-Jews will eventually tire of conceding to Jews. Do Jews in Israel want the kosher kitchen in the prime minister’s home to be turned trafe to serve goyim leaders bacon and shrimp to celebrate Israel’s commitment to diversity? Most Jews I know would be appalled by that. They don’t want the Jewish state to scrap before goyim. Well, what about America, the goyisha state? If Jews don’t want the Jewish prime minister serving bacon to non-Jewish guests in his home, why would Jews celebrate the non-Jewish president of the United States kashering his kitchens to give Jews a glatt kosher meal?

Throughout history, the rise of one group always creates a backlash. When Jews reach for more and more and more, it creates negative repercussions for Jews down the line. Goyim love their perks every bit as much as Jews do.

Rabbi: “I grew up in the only [Jewish] day school in the Bronx in New York… One day I went to school in 1944 and it not only changed my life, it changed my eternity. It changed my grandchildren. God has privileged me to influence thousands of students.”

“The Allies were organizing their final attack against Germany… We kids in America were caught up in the war. We came to school and that was all we could speak about. We had a rebbe (Mr. Markowitz). We didn’t want to learn. We wanted to talk about France, Germany.

“He says, I was in the army too. Let me tell you a story from WWI. I was a young Russian kid. I was on the front line with my good friend, also a young Russian-Jewish kid…

“My friend scores a direct hit on a German soldier who throws down his gun and with his last strength, yells out, Shema Yisrael [which Jews are supposed to say before they die]. And with that he dies.”

The rabbi’s voice breaks: “His friend lost his mind that a Jew killed another Jew. He committed suicide two days later.

“I heard that story and that story changed my life because I knew I had to go to a country where I could be a Jew, a total Jew, and never have to shoot at another Jew.”

“Years went by. You’re looking at someone who fought in two wars [for Israel as a dual-citizen, the Yom Kippur and Lebanon wars]. My unit reached [a town below Lebanon] and we had the civilian population and we come across 20 Jews who were caught there. They grew up in Lebanon.

“Are these our Lebanese enemy or our Jewish brethren? Within 36 hours, these Jews were in Kfar Chabad with Israeli citizenship.”

As a Jew, I swell with Jewish pride and joy at these stories. As a thinking person able to put himself into the mind and heart of a goy, I have the opposite reaction. If Jews have ultimate loyalty to each other and not to the country of their formal citizenship, why would such a goyisha countries want Jews? If Russian Jews crack up after killing a German Jew in battle between the countries, why would Russia want such Jews? They have less loyalty to Russia than to Jews. They’re a fifth column.

The rabbi is a dual citizen of Israel and America but he chose to fight for Israel. Why would America want dual citizens who fight for other countries? OK, Americans who fought for England, I see little conflict because America and England had such a close genetic, cultural, linguistic and religious bond. OK, Americans who fight for Israel, I’m not sure I see much conflict. But if Americans fight for ISIS or Al Qaeda, I see a big conflict. I don’t want Americans fighting for ISIS. Israel is more similar to America in values than is ISIS.

I can understand why goyisha Americans would not want fellow citizens to fight as ethnic extremists for any tribal war. How is that in America’s interests to have its citizens fighting abroad in tribal wars?

When I imagine myself in the position of the fair-minded American goy listening to this rabbinic lecture, I’m disturbed. As a goy, this kind of talk would increase my suspicion of the loyalty of American Jews to America.

The more closely you identify with your group, the less you care about other groups. This is natural, healthy and good aka it is an evolutionary advantage for your group. This kind of thinking perpetuates a group. It is blinkered thinking but it works in the real world. Who cares about outsiders, let’s take care of our own is a real world strategy that pays handsomely. I expect everybody to live by it.

I am all for people giving total loyalty to their group. I’m all for Jews giving total loyalty to the Jewish group and for whites giving total loyalty to whites and for blacks giving total loyalty to blacks, etc. I just want to be clear about its implications. Right now in America today, it is totally cool for blacks to give total loyalty to black interest and for Mexicans to give total loyalty to Mexican interests and for Jews to give total loyalty to Jewish group interests, but most whites find it distasteful for whites to say out loud they give total loyalty to white interests.

Group interests clash. What’s good for Jews may well be bad for other groups and vice versa. Esau hates Jacob and Jacob hates Esau and Ishamel hates Isaac and Jews hate Arabs and Muslims hate Jews and Christians.

Later in his talk, Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff sounds proud that he stole from the New York Yankees. He’d go to Yankee stadium with another yeshiva student and they’d look for an old Jewish usher who would sneak them in two for the price of one. The rabbi sounds proud of his theft through ethnic solidarity.

I once did something like this. About age 17, I paid for a movie and then when it was done, I tried to sneak into another movie. I got caught. I was so ashamed, I never stole again (though I did cheat at times in school until I was 20). I can’t imagine relating my anecdote of theft with pride. I don’t have that chutzpah. Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff apparently sees nothing wrong with his theft.

After proudly relating his pattern of stealing at Yankee stadium, the rabbi relates how important it is to set a good example. Do you pray carefully? Do you hold your prayer book like it is sacred?

The rabbi does not mention the importance of ethics when he talks about the importance of setting a good example. He talks solely about taking care with Jewish prayer.

I grew up among Seventh-Day Adventists. Almost all of us were white. Many of us stole on occasion. None of us would stand up proudly in public and relate a pattern of theft through ethnic solidarity. It’s inconceivable. It’s not how WASPs behave. I mourn the decline of the WASP. I mourn the decline of honesty.

The WASP part of my heritage rises up in revolt against the rabbi’s cheerful invocation of using ethnic solidarity to steal. This is how a rabbi speaks when recalling in public the most important moments of his life?

Chaim Amalek: “And this is why you are not seen as a ‘member of the tribe’ by torah-true members of the tribe. The question is – why not rejoin the team you were born into, the team of the White Race? With all that you have learned about the Jew and his cunning, there is much that you could teach them. If there are any such people as White Nationalists/Separatists out there, the way to win Luke back is to give him what the Jews have denied him: kesef, kavod, kussit (money, respect, women). Luke cannot be the Messiah you seek, but he can be your John the Baptist who inspires the Messiah you seek.”

In every lecture, the rabbi emphasizes his close kinship ties. He points out people in the audience and how he taught them and their parents and their children. He often talks about himself in third person. “Unity is the most important thing in Torah life,” he says. Ethnic solidarity. Kinship ties. That’s the essence of Judaism. It’s not a religion in the western sense. Rather, it’s a movement of tribal unity.

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Americans Down Under In WWII

According to local legend, several hundred Australian soldiers took up arms and started shooting at an encampment of American soldiers near Townsville. The Americans began shooting back. Finally the officers managed to calm things down.

Australians couldn’t countenance that black American troops would be wandering the streets or mixing with the local ladies, so they used to barrack them somewhere separate and for their entertainment, they’d round up Aboriginal women to dance for them.

A black American soldier was driving recklessly in Gladstone along the Rocky Glen Hotel and he ran over and killed an Australian kid. An American officer came on the scene and executed the soldier on the spot.

A lack of discipline was marked on all sides in Australia.

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