Can We Bargain With Zionists?

A Jewish friend messages me: “Luke, thank you for your important posts on FB. It takes courage and strength to post in favor of Jews and Israel in this world and you exemplify both.”

Steve Sailer writes: Bibi, however, earned his fourth term, crushing the leftist coalition 67-39 among the 106 Jewish seats. Granted, the 14 seats won by Arab parties made the election look closer on paper. But Israel has an unwritten rule that it would be racial treason for a Jewish coalition to form a governing majority using Arabs, so Arab voters don’t really count in determining who gets to be prime minister.

While America’s immigration policies make this country more leftist, Israel’s demographic policies, such as inviting in French Jews who feel threatened by Muslim immigrants in Paris, and banning non-Jewish immigration (other than spouses), means that the Jewish electorate is growing steadily more rightist.

As Israel comes ever more out of the closet as the successful right wing nationalist state that it is, a PR problem is created for American Democrats. The success of pacesetting at California campuses by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions movement would suggest this. The student candidates who make up the next generation of Democratic politicians tend to see Israel as the quintessence of that white privilege that young people are taught to hate.

Beyond Israel, American Jews are starting to worry that the anti-white, anti-privilege rhetoric they’ve done so much to inculcate among today’s youth will end up boomeranging against the most privileged white American ethnic groups: themselves.

We’ve been hearing from Democrats nonstop since 2012 about the hideousness of White Privilege. Yet, you can’t get much whiter than Hillary or more privileged than being a former First Lady. But the point, Democratic publicists insist, is that she’s a woman, and it’s the turn of women, even a white woman like, say, Hillary. By making the 2016 election all about the not very controversial issue of America electing a woman President, the Democrats hope to kick these divisive demographic cans down the road for eight years.

As you may have noticed, the Democrats, despite their vaunted vibrant diversity, don’t really have a Plan B. They just hope to nominate the old, bland white person and hope she doesn’t fall down and bang her head again (as she did in 2012, putting her out of action for close to six months). If Hillary isn’t up to scratch, however, the Party of the Fringes could attain its destiny and go full circular firing squad on itself as early as next winter.

A key for Democrats is hanging on to the smallest but most influential ethnic constituency: Jews. It’s widely believed (although not often talked about) that Jews contribute about three-fifths of the Democrats’ campaign funds and about one-quarter of the Republicans’ money.

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The Atlantic: Haunted by the Past: A Criminal Record Shouldn’t Ruin a Career

Why wouldn’t an employer want to know if a potential employee is a criminal? Who’s to say this information is irrelevant?

An IQ test is an excellent proxy for likelihood to engage in criminal behavior. Higher IQ people are more likely to see the consequences of their actions and they are more likely to feel empathy for others (requires abstract thought) and to see the future more clearly. Unfortunately, employers cannot give IQ tests to potential employees.

The Atlantic: “Too many applicants, particularly people of color, are being denied jobs based on background checks that are irrelevant or even inaccurate.”

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Arabs Defend Their Culture, Even In The Airport

Chaim Amalek: “You cannot help but respect them for this.”

REPORT: Amman, Jordan – A group of Israeli Hassidim are being accused of carrying out a “ritual Talmudic dance” on Tuesday morning while waiting to board their plane in Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.
What was in fact a traditional Jewish circle dance, accompanied by guitar music and Hebrew singing, has morphed into a social media controversy in Jordan, and was considered so offensive to Jordanians that it had to be denounced in the Jordanian parliament.
In the viral video, a group of eight men, identifiable as Breslev Hassidim by their attire, are singing a Hebrew song that celebrates marriage. However, some Jordanian media has misread the dance as a “ritual Talmudic dance” meant as a provocation.
One Jordanian tweeter, who according to his Twitter profile is a doctor in the Health Ministry, wrote that: “He who was sitting in the airport and saw the dance and wasn’t provoked is a pig and more piglike then the Jews themselves.”
The editor- in-chief of the Hamas media outlet Siraj Media tweeted that the “airport dance”—the hashtag being used on social media in Arabic—“isn’t the problem, but rather the acceptance of Israel as a reality” is the issue.
One woman jokingly wrote “A popular call to dance the Dabkeh at OIAA.” (Dabkeh is a traditional Middle Eastern circle.)
On Tuesday, according to The Jordanian Times, Jordanian MP’s discussed the “ritual dance” video during a Lower House session. MPs Yihya Saud, Bassam Btoush and Tarek Khoury reportedly criticized Amman’s “inaction” over the “provocative” dance performed by “Zionist Israelis” at the airport. The MPs argued that Jordanians would never be allowed to do such an act in Israel.

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The Key Jewish – Gentile Difference

Comments to Steve Sailer: “An easy way to understand the difference between Jews and white gentiles is: Jews kick white gentiles’ asses; white gentiles kiss Jews’ asses.”

Christoph Donnellan: Jews don’t kick any asses and only manipulate white gentiles via guilt-tripping, i.e. ‘you owe us for anti-Semitism, pogroms, and The Holocaust.’

Chaim Amalek: What if one is both white and Jewish? Of course, this is not an issue in my life, as I am a pure semite and look the part in all respects, but whither the ger, the convert who brings goyishe genes to the table?

This is why I do all my business with goyim at my local Museum of Tolerance. And it is why LA’s Museum of Tolerance is the best place for a short little Jew like me to take an innocent flaxen-haired shiksa out on a date.

I’ve not doubt but that if we required a small but tasteful Holocaust Memorial inside every McDonalds, the teenage patrons of such establishments would be better behaved.

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Diaspora Jews Becoming More Immigration Skeptical

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I think the Jewish diaspora strategy is slowly evolving from invite the world (50 years ago) to invite/invade the world (10-20 years ago) to a more right-wing, invade but don’t invite the world, as is emerging in France. Ultimately invite the world isn’t sustainable because it eventually endangers the survival of Israel.

From a white perspective this more straight-forward, conservative approach is an improvement on previous policies but it still makes it difficult for the West to avoid getting into unnecessary wars in the Middle East and triggering waves of unwanted immigrants in a westward direction.

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Ashkenazi Jews and Arabs have very different genes

Arabs often have next to no European ancestry and average IQs around 85 while Ashkenazi average IQs are around 108.

Greg Cochran writes in 2014: I’m looking at abstracts on Ashkenazi genetics from ASHG 2013 and SMBE 2014 – by the same group, with Shai Carmi as the lead author. They did 128 whole genomes, 50x deep.

They concluded Ashkenazi Jews were about 50% Middle Eastern and 50% European. In the 2013 abstract, they were pretty specific: they estimated the European ancestry fraction at 55% , plus or minus 2%. ( In our book, we had a crude estimate of about 40% European ancestry.) They estimated the split between Europeans and Middle Easterners at about 9000 BC: which sounds about the right date for the entry of the Sardinian-like farmers. From other data (mtDNA) , and from the fact that you see almost zero WHG or ANE in Ashkenazi autosomal genes, one can conclude that the European admixture was mostly Italian, with some southern French. Very little German or Slavic – by that time serious endogamy had set in..

By looking at IBD segments, they conclude that there was indeed a bottleneck in Ashkenazi ancestry, ~350 individuals, followed by a rapid expansion. IBD analysis should pin this down quite accurately. They estimate that this was about 800 years ago, but I would bet money that it was a little earlier – more like 1100 years ago. In other words, the founding bottleneck, the time when the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews moved from Italy into the Rhineland, not a later persecution bottleneck. I don’t think the population ever dropped that low in the persecutions. I say this because of what the history looks like to me, and because of certain things that suggest that our models of recombination may be a bit off. 350 isn’t a terribly tight bottleneck, as long as it doesn’t last long – and it’s hard to see how any bottleneck could generate several unusually deleterious recessives that concentrate in a few metabolic paths. Or make you smart.

Many people looking at Jewish population history have boggled at the idea of a small group expanding to a few million in a thousand years or so, and have come up with various scenarios other than Italy -> Rhineland -> Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth model, such as Koestler’s Khazar theory or Wexler’s idea that the Ashkenazi Jews came from the East. Koestler and Wexler are both wrong, by the way – the genetic evidence is quite clear.

There was never anything particularly particularly improbable about the Ashkenazi population expansion. Moderate prosperity, which the Ashkenazim had for most of their sojourn in Europe, easily allows a family to average 3 surviving kids. Given that rate of growth, a population increases by a factor of more than one million in 35 generations. Ask the French Canadians, or the Puritans, or the Boers.

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Support For Israel Means Extensive American Intervention Overseas

Norman Podhoretz, then editor of Commentary magazine, said in 1979: “There was, to be sure, one thing that many of even the most passionately committed American Zionists were reluctant to do, and that was to face up to the fact that continued American support for Israel depended upon continued American involvement in international affairs– from which it followed that an American withdrawal into the kind of isolationist mood that prevailed most recently between the two world wars, and that now looked as though it might soon prevail again, represented a direct threat to the security of Israel.”

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The Final Solution

Timothy Snyder writes: The Final Solution, as the Nazis called it, was originally only one of the exterminatory projects to be implemented after a victorious war against the Soviet Union. Had things gone the way that Hitler, Himmler, and Göring expected, German forces would have implemented a Hunger Plan in the Soviet Union in the winter of 1941–1942. As Ukrainian and south Russian agricultural products were diverted to Germany, some 30 million people in Belarus, northern Russia, and Soviet cities were to be starved to death. The Hunger Plan was only a prelude to Generalplan Ost, the colonization plan for the western Soviet Union, which foresaw the elimination of some 50 million people.

The Germans did manage to carry out policies that bore some resemblance to these plans. They expelled half a million non-Jewish Poles from lands annexed to the Reich. An impatient Himmler ordered a first stage of Generalplan Ost implemented in eastern Poland: ten thousand Polish children were killed and a hundred thousand adults expelled. The Wehrmacht purposefully starved about one million people in the siege of Leningrad, and about a hundred thousand more in planned famines in Ukrainian cities. Some three million captured Soviet soldiers died of starvation or disease in German prisoner-of-war camps. These people were purposefully killed: as with the siege of Leningrad, the knowledge and intention to starve people to death was present. Had the Holocaust not taken place, this would be recalled as the worst war crime in modern history.

In the guise of anti-partisan actions, the Germans killed perhaps three quarters of a million people, about 350,000 in Belarus alone, and lower but comparable numbers in Poland and Yugoslavia. The Germans killed more than a hundred thousand Poles when suppressing the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Had the Holocaust not happened, these “reprisals” too would be regarded as some of the greatest war crimes in history. In fact they, like the starvation of Soviet prisoners of war, are scarcely recalled at all beyond the countries directly concerned. German occupation policies killed non-Jewish civilians in other ways as well, for example by hard labor in prison camps. Again: these were chiefly people from Poland or the Soviet Union.

The Germans killed somewhat more than ten million civilians in the major mass killing actions, about half of them Jews, about half of them non-Jews. The Jews and the non-Jews mostly came from the same part of Europe. The project to kill all Jews was substantially realized; the project to destroy Slavic populations was only very partially implemented.

Auschwitz is only an introduction to the Holocaust, the Holocaust only a suggestion of Hitler’s final aims. Grossman’s novels Forever Flowing and Life and Fate daringly recount both Nazi and Soviet terror, and remind us that even a full characterization of German policies of mass killing is incomplete as a history of atrocity in mid-century Europe. It omits the state that Hitler was chiefly concerned to destroy, the other state that killed Europeans en masse in the middle of the century: the Soviet Union. In the entire Stalinist period, between 1928 and 1953, Soviet policies killed, in a conservative estimate, well over five million Europeans. Thus when one considers the total number of European civilians killed by totalitarian powers in the middle of the twentieth century, one should have in mind three groups of roughly equal size: Jews killed by Germans, non-Jews killed by Germans, and Soviet citizens killed by the Soviet state. As a general rule, the German regime killed civilians who were not German citizens, whereas the Soviet regime chiefly killed civilians who were Soviet citizens.

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No immigrants from countries where you can’t drink the water

This map is a good proxy for IQ. High IQ countries produce safe drinking water, low IQ countries produce crap water.

From As you can see, the CDC is very cautious, essentially arguing that only the richest countries have safe drinking water. In my personal experience, drinking tap water in Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Russia, and even the dread Mexico has worked out just fine. But your mileage may vary.


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Are Muslim Persian women as hot as or hotter or less hot than Jewish Persian women?

Do they differ in appearance? My impression is that they look similar. I’ve seen a lot of hot Islamic women from Iran.

Yonatan: “Aside from clothing, they’re identicle, and gorgeous.”

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