Do Jews Respect Christian Zionists?

Steve Sailer writes: “From a new Pew report, “How Americans Feel about Religious Groups,” we see that Jews are the most ethnocentric religious group as measured by self-regard on a 0 to 100 scale (89). And Jews feel even colder toward Evangelical Christians (34) than they do toward Muslims (35). In contrast, the non-Jews that feel most warmly toward Jews are the Evangelical Christians (69).”

Christian Zionists are Jews best friends in the world but it is a rare Jew who feels comfortable around them. We feel much more comfortable around other high-IQ tribes who don’t give a damn about Israel such as the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Armenians, etc. Their ferocious pursuit of their self-interest engenders our respect while Christians who love Israel but do little for their fellow Christians and do little to retain the European heritage of their own nations seem pathetic. Christian Zionists also tend to have much lower IQs than Jews, be less educated, live in different places and work in different areas. We’re in different socio-economic classes. Most Jews I know feel terribly uncomfortable around Christian Zionists and many Jews make fun of them.

Michael McGregor writes:

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Zionism (besides dominating American foreign policy) and is actually an idea that we should sympathize with (a people returning to the land of their ancestors to cultivate a strong ethnostate), the fact that they manipulate millions of Middle Americans–who they despise–is downright shameful.

But we shouldn’t fault the Zionists for looking out for their own cause and deceiving droves of White Americans to ensure the interests of Israel. We should fault the shabbos goy like Franklin Graham who act as the gentile face for these measures and knowingly scams less intelligent Whites into buying this snake oil.

Christian Zionists are merely a dumber version of White Liberals. Instead of worshipping Blacks, they worship another non-Occidental people as the chosen ones of God and actively work to sacrifice their own interests and people’s future on behalf of them. They even have their own form of White guilt in constantly apologizing and feeling bad for Christians in the past expressing anti-Semitism. Their worship of Jews borders on fetishization and naturally incites hatred for the root cultures of European peoples. Their attachment to Israel also precludes them from seeing Whites as a distinct body of people who deserve the same right to live in a land of their own and causes them to have knee-jerk reactions to any type of Identitarian thinking (because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that it all leads back to Auschwitz).

Unfortunately, they have become a powerful force in America’s decaying Heartland as millions of White Americans search for an outlet for their spiritual crisis. You could call Christian Zionism spiritual meth as it harms the same areas of the country, appeals to the widespread “lost soul” mentality of many working-class Whites, and ensnares the user to a product that will ultimately lead to the individual’s destruction.

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His First Tears At A White Funeral

I’m watching the second part of the NFL network’s documentary on Vince Lombardi, and black linebacker Dave Robinson says that the coach’s funeral was the first he shed a tear at a white funeral.

I don’t think most whites realize how tribal the rest of the world is.

When I was in Australia, every Australian who spoke to me about the turning away of boat people emphasized universal values. None of them spoke about national self-interest.

Jews ask, “Is it good for the Jews?” Every tribe asks that type of question but whites usually don’t. They phrase their morals in terms of the universal.

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An Introduction To The Alexander Technique

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The Examined Life: How We Love And Find Ourselves

I love this book.

From page 82: Anyone can become paranoid — that is, develop an irrational fantasy of being betrayed, mocked, exploited or harmed — but we are more likely to become paranoid if we are insecure, disconnected, alone. Above all, paranoid fantasies are a response to the feeling that we are being treated with indifference.

In other words, paranoid fantasies are disturbing, but they are a defense. They protect us from a more disastrous emotional state — namely, the feeling that no one is concerned about us, that no one cares.

From page 111: Many psychoanalysts think that lovesickness is a form of regression, that in longing for intense closeness, we are like infants craving our mother’s embrace. That is why we are most at risk when we are struggling with loss or despair, or when we are lonely or isolated — it is not uncommon to fall in love during the first term of university, for example.

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The White People’s Network

Chaim Amalek: “A modest fortune awaits the capitalist who founds a consciously white cable network. Of course she (a woman or a transgender would have a better shot) would not be able to call it that, but with the right dog whistle it could be done. Just think of the interesting programming that could follow! “Am I White? Let our panel of experts tell you.” This would be a huge hit among the hispanic set. “Test Your IQ” In this one, an Asian would test white peoples IQs or would compete against them on IQ tests for prizes. “Semite Secrets” Jews would explain how to get ahead in business. Etc. Etc.”

Wally Wharton: What a brilliant idea, Chaim— A white people’s network that not only celebrates “whiteness,” but also helps us middle-class Caucasians to co-exist in an ever-darkening, multi-culti world!! Then maybe us foolish palefaces who believe in personal reponsibility would FINALLY learn to appreciate gang cuture, illegal immigration, welfare baby mamas and international terrorism!!!

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Another Outburst From The Outrage Industry

I had a friend drop me as a Facebook friend because I used the expression “Chinaman.” There’s nothing wrong with the term “Chinaman.” It’s the same as Australian man or Jewish man or black man or Englishman.

There’s also nothing wrong with noting that different races have different physical characteristics.

Bob Beckel is getting called out here for pointing out an important point — that China is our biggest competitor and maybe even enemy.

State Senator Ted Lieu thinks he can profit from milking outrage. Asians used to be the model minority who didn’t get upset about things like this but in today’s tribal America, every tribe but whites is angling for advantage by posing as offended.

The Santa Monica Mirror writes:

State Senator Ted Lieu, who represents Santa Monica and much of the South Bay, today called on Fox News Host Bob Beckel to resign immediately after statements the Fox TV host made about Chinese people.

“We should all be alarmed by the racist, xenophobic comments by Fox News Host Bob Beckel,” Lieu said. “His comments have no place in America and this is at least the second time he has used racial slurs. He must resign immediately.”

Beckel said during a broadcast Thursday of “The Five” that “Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national security of the U.S. … Do you know what we just did? As usual, we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen – err, Chinese people – how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”

Last year, Mr. Beckel said that after he went swimming, his “eyes blew up, and it made me look Oriental.”

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The Only Father In The Lockerroom

I’m watching this “A Football Life” documentary on running back Marcus Allen and near the end, Marcus’s dad says: “I still can’t figure this out. For 11 years he played for the Raiders, I was the only father in that locker room.”

Hmm, I wonder what is going on? Perhaps it is part and parcel of the phenomenon that few men in prison celebrate Father’s Day.

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Roger’s Version

The protagonist in this John Updike novel, Roger, a divinity professor, wants to bed Verna, the single-mother daughter of his half-sister. Roger convinces her to get an abortion.

Adam Begley writes in his biography of John Updike:

In the dingy anteroom, surveying the other “prospective mothers,” he spots a black girl with wet cheeks and an otherwise impassive face, “an African mask, her lips and jaw majestically protruding.” Later, seeing that her tears have dried, he marvels at this “princess of a race that travels from cradle to grave at the expense of the state, like the aristocrats of old.”

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Israeli Flag Flying Over 90035

Out for a walk this afternoon, I spotted an enormous Israeli flag on top of a home and just above that flag was a tiny American flag.

I think that symbolizes how many American nationalists view Jews. They wish we had dual loyalties. They fear there’s nothing dual about it. That our loyalties are entirely towards Jews and towards the Jewish state.

I don’t think it is a good idea to waive the flag of a foreign power unless accompanied by an equally big flag of your own nation.

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I Wailed As A Baby

When I ask people who knew me as an infant what my personality was like, they mention how easily and loudly I would cry. I think that growing up in foster care, I had to wail sometimes to get attention and so I developed my histrionic attention-seeking personality as a reaction.

Dr. Daniel Siegel writes: Later, while at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, [Mary] Ainsworth tested her ideas about attachment patterns by putting in 47 hours of painstaking observation with each mother-child pair in her study. She found that when caregivers promptly and effectively responded to young infants’ cries, the babies cried less by the end of the first year. The securely attached children had learned that their caregivers were reliable and therefore subtler expressions of their distress and needs would generate responses-they didn’t need to be crybabies to get the attention they sought. Infants who develop confidence in their caregivers are securely attached because their caregivers have proven to be reliable.

…Bowlby’s theory suggested that not only would these relationships provide the foundation for personality development, but they’d do so by affecting the child’s capacity for emotional regulation and the formation of mental representations of self and others. For example, a child who’s been rejected is likely to
interpret the behavior of others as rejecting and behave in ways that lead to further rejection, continuing the pattern. However, the theory also states that such behaviors are subject to change, especially given fundamental changes in relationship support. If others are supportive, despite off-putting behavior, a child’s worldview and behavior may change. Further, early experience isn’t erased, but retains its potential to impact later developmental

LUKE: Boy, does this speak to me. Growing up in foster care, I knew frequent rejection and so by my earliest memories, I had adopted behavior that would lead others to reject me. I’ve been able to moderate that behavior when connected to supportive friends, but when I isolate, I become increasingly weird and off-putting.

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