Our Struggle

What we are trying to fix is to avoid being thrown en masse into a pit of death because of the machinations of a tiny tiny number of our tribe. That’s what affiliated Jews call, “self-hating.” When you try to slow down the push for conflict and martyrdom.

That’s why we need Jews for Consistency.

How can one change the world? I see some options.

* You can come to peace with yourself and radiate your happiness outward.
* You can contribute to your community and build up your people and your country.
* You can have great kids and raise them right.
* You can propound good ideas and shed light on complicated matters so that increased clarity in the world leads to decreased unnecessary suffering.

I try to make the world a better place by improving myself, improving my own happiness and inner peace, improving my finances and my health and my psyche, being of service to others (both to those in my Orthodox Jewish community and to others), improving my place in the world so that I can marry and have children, and I try through my writing to promote good ideas and to shed light on complicated matters.

I don’t feel much of a conflict between my allegiance to my group (Orthodox Jews) and to my search for universal truths. I don’t want anything for my group that I do not want for other groups. I think ethno-nationalism is good for everyone. I believe that each people has special gifts and has a special role to play in the world. Aborigines and Jews, for instance, have very different gifts and are probably not well suited to living amongst each other.

It is equally important to me that Jews prosper and that whites prosper even though it seems like in history, the fortunes of these two groups tend to go in opposite directions (i.e., that the stronger and more cohesive whites are, the more vulnerable Jews are, and the stronger Jews are, the less cohesive and strong whites are). This strikes me as tragic.

I often have trouble talking about these ideas with people because ties “bind and blind” to quote Jonathan Haidt. The stronger your group identity, the more difficult it is for you to see things objectively. The more you identify with your group, the more likely you are to fear and dislike outsiders. The more beliefs you hold and the more strongly you hold them, the more protected and armored you are against observing reality objectively. Almost all beliefs are simply unnecessary muscular tension. Several times a day, I make a deliberate effort to let go of my beliefs so that for a minute or two, I can see the world with fresh eyes, freed of the compression that goes with my belief system. I usually notice my neck and back and face freeing up as I let go of commitments, my breath frees up, and movement and observation become easier. Without this practice, I tend to live top-down 95% of the time, with my cognitive commitments framing everything I encounter in reality so that life becomes drained of surprise and joy.

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Steve Sailer: What Do Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, and New Orleans Have in Common?

Steve Sailer comments on the New York Times article: What do these five cities with fast growing homicide rates in 2015 v. 2014 have in common: Milwaukee, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington, and St. Louis?

They are all cities where the vast majority of homicides are committed by blacks, and these tend to be particularly troubled black communities. The problems of Wisconsin blacks are a long-time iSteve focus, while David Simon has devoted much of his TV career to the problems of Baltimore and New Orleans blacks.

So, one possibility is that when the Obama Administration encourages blacks to feel aggrieved, blacks in the worst black slums respond to their leadership’s urgings by murdering each other in even larger numbers than normal.

Heckuva job, Obammie!

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Our Life Scripts

Therapist Rinda Hall says: “We recreate our deepest childhood wounds in our relationships. Our life scripts have set the scene. Unconsciously, we employ other people to recreate the pain we suffered growing up. If you were abandoned, you set the stage to be abandoned throughout your life. Your life script tells you that you are flawed and that you do not deserve to be loved, honored or respected. However faulty this thinking is, we recreate it in our lives…”

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Can Dogs Be Racist?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “It’s a real phenomenon. Lots of dogs treat Blacks differently.

Never heard anything about cats, though.”

Are you joking or you serious? Are you talking about police dogs? Because they attack thugs regardless of race, ethnicity, or color.

Maybe you have seen this film one too many times.

* I suppose you could say that a dog owned by a white person picks up on their “owners” inherent racism or fear or something, and reacts to a black person based upon what the dog’s perceives as their owner’s agitation.

But I’ve seen this effect before. Blacks, at least the ones I’ve known are very uncomfortable around dogs. And I think the dog picks up on that.

I can’t say I know much about other ethnicities and dogs, but I can tell you white people are a lot more comfortable around them. Whether that is genetic… hell I don’t know. Seems like everything is genetic around here. Russians are probably genetically selected to play chess or something.

But going back to the dogs, it is a real thing. If you’ve actually spent much time around both your would have observed it.

Be kind of interesting to see if this is cultural, or whether there is something else going on with it. I’d tend to think it is cultural, mainly because I don’t have the slightest idea of what else it could be.

* If you have a dog in your yard and the sons of Obama snoop around your house, nothing may get stolen because you have a dog. However, your dog is going to get trained real quick that dark skin and negro smell (and every race has a smell – if Mongoloids can smell white people and we can smell subcontinentals, dogs can probably break it down to ethnicities) equals suspicious character. Basic Skinner.

* It’s a real phenomenon. Lots of dogs treat Blacks differently.

Probably nurture, and not specific to blacks. Dogs raised by whites (with few blacks around) see blacks as odd and therefore threatening, and vice versa.

Are you joking or you serious? Are you talking about police dogs? Because they attack thugs regardless of race, ethnicity, or color.

No, he’s serious. Well, racist dogs are a real thing, anyway.

I suppose you could say that a dog owned by a white person picks up on their “owners” inherent racism or fear or something, and reacts to a black person based upon what the dog’s perceives as their owner’s agitation.

Maybe. But the behavior applies to dogs with owners nowhere to be seen. The fact that blacks have a very different skin color, and a very different smell, would probably be exhibit A. Dogs usually establish their owners as the baseline, and if they aren’t accustomed to the differences…

But I’ve seen this effect before. Blacks, at least the ones I’ve known are very uncomfortable around dogs. And I think the dog picks up on that.

That too (everybody knows the best way to get a dog to give chase is to run), but again, it’s not specific to blacks. Dogs raised in the ghetto don’t much like whites (I don’t suppose too many of the commenters here have clocked much time in the ghetto).

* [gawker] Why Are Dogs Racist? Canine Experts Speak

Pa. police dog suspended for potential racism

[Daily Mail]

Not colorblind: New report shows ‘racist’ LA police dogs only bite blacks and Latinos

A new report on the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) shows that police dogs bite a disproportionately large number of minority suspects.

According to the Police Assessment Resource Centre (PARC) report, the number of Latino people bitten by LASD dogs went up 30 per cent between 2004 and 2012 and the number of African Americans bitten rose 33 per cent.

Also noted by the report is the low or non-existent incidence of dog bites in affluent areas with smaller minority populations.

A new report on the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) shows that police dogs bite a disproportionately large number of minority suspects.

Everyone in LA County is a minority. There are almost twice as many Mexicans as Whites, yet this moron Alex Greig claims that Whites at 27% are a majority.

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The Daily Mail’s Race Realism

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The daily mail is doing an amazing job combining honest race reporting with the type of celebrity click bait that you have to have for mainstream success.

I checked out the owner, he might be on the list of the tiny number of billionaires who have not signed up for open boarders.

I wonder how much the social climbing press baron in Downton Abbey is based on his great grandfather.

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Steve Sailer: Victim Wasn’t Racist So She Didn’t Deserve to be Murdered

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Flanagan was an aggressive, obnoxious guy, who got away with being that way as long as he did because he was black.

* Not only was Vester Lee Flanagan bat shit crazy, but he also had a disgusting lifestyle. His apartment smelled really bad because it was full of feces and urine all over his kitchen floor and balcony.

He also claims in his manifesto that he killed all of his cats because he believes they were being racist towards him. This Negro sounds crazier than Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs. So animals are capable of being racist now?

* Back in the day, Black comedians like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock often poked fun at Black hypersensitivity to racism. Rock had a skit where he played a Black militant who claimed, among other things, that the White Man created the racist game of pool where the white ball knocks all the colored balls off the table.

* I live in the South (don’t hold it against me) and that type of hypersensitivity is very common among blacks in the workplace. I once saw a black guy go to management because a white coworker, who was an Army veteran, had a “Freedom isn’t free” sign on his desk and the black guy claimed this was saying that blacks didn’t deserve to be free, therefore the guy was racist. My current black coworkers openly talk about looking for reasons to sue the company and you have to be very careful what you say around them. To make matters worse, there is a TV in our office and it is tuned to CNN 24/7. The last year has been very interesting to say the least. I’ve had the non-pleasure of watching Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston unfold with them in real time. I work for a good company that pays well, has good benefits, and a lot of the blacks have college degrees, but they are still angry and hostile.

* White privilege = a level of intelligence that promotes a healthy society. The black cat enjoyed the same white privilege, like most blacks living in the states he was incapable of comprehending it.

* It’s been obvious from day one that he was a delusional paranoiac. That these innocuous phrases set him off puts him on a par with those celebrity stalkers who believe the actress is speaking secretly to them from the screen. It really says something about affirmative action that they even allowed this smoldering lunatic to hang around in any way.
It’s become a rather disgusting practice in cases such as this and the Thornton case whereby the unfortunate victims are besmirched and put under the magnifying glass as if they were the culprits. It’s a shameful thing to be forced to watch.

* Sounds like the guy thought Undercover Brother was a documentary.

* Reports say that Flanagan often flung cat feces in disputes with neighbors and that the police found cat feces smeared all over his apartment.

Maybe there is something to the supposed link with toxoplasmosis and mental illness. You cat lovers out there – be careful disposing of that cat litter!

* “Flanagan even declared that ­7-Eleven was racist because it sold watermelon-flavored Slurpees.”

Given the sainting of Michael Brown, lies about ‘hands up don’t shoot’, myth of white college ‘rape culture’, UVA lunacy, micro-aggression nuttiness, trigger alert nuttiness, mattress girl silliness, unarmed thugs, baby with skittles, paranoia about every confed flag(even to the point of censoring dukes of hazard), and etc, was Flanagan any crazier?

Only in having used a gun. Otherwise, his lunacy was very much in line with current culture where colleges say even words like ‘fathering’, ‘mothering’, ‘american’, and ‘homosexual’ are offensive.

And before we denounce Flanagan, consider all the ‘rational’ and ‘sane’ people who see nukes, ‘terrorists’, and WMD everywhere to warrant whole invasion/destruction of other nations. while they never see Israel’s nukes or its slaughter of Palestinians.

US is currently going postal on Russia, a nation that means no harm, because Jews see ‘new hitler’ in the ban on ‘gay’ parades.

And consider how Holder had to comb thru every square inch of Ferguson to find the incriminating ‘watermelon’.

* So much of the ‘progressive’ world view is simply Christianity shorn of the supernatural God figure. Its all there: we are born sinners who must constantly assuage our guilt for the wrongdoing of our people if we are to achieve redemption, the opportunity for moral piety and status competitions over who is more holy, the persecution of heretics and non-believers, flagellant moral masochism etc etc.
This guy’s warped imagining of racism in everyday speech and actions is also an echo of past Christian excess – the perception of others as being possessed by demons, to be witches or inherently evil, no matter how innocently their actions and words can be explained.
As Spengler said ‘Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism.’ Now that Christianity has been all but expunged from public life, we’re left with that hideous grandchild.

* “Micro-aggression racism is everywhere, all the time. Image after image on social media, in every possible form of media delivery, tells us that the only way to be good, the best, preferred, successful, smart is to be white. White strangers make unsolicited remarks about my hair as if it were a dazzling bird of paradise perched atop my head. Often when I bring up racial issues in white spaces, my family members, friends and/or colleagues answer with either silence or discomfort.”

* If you had a new black coworker over for dinner very few of you (if any) would serve watermelon or fried chicken.

How would you explain your decision to a reindeer herder from Lapland.

We decided not to serve watermelon and fried chicken because …

1. It means blacks are stupid?
2. It means blacks are lazy?
3. It means blacks came from the (eww) South?
4. Way back over 100 years ago, commercial illustrators drew pictures of black kids in raggedy clothes eating watermelon, and that clearly means … what, exactly?

Or because …:

5. Now that they have warned us that they take offense at watermelon and fried chicken for some unknown and apparently unknowable reason (but oddly enough, not grits, collard greens, and black-eyed peas) our serving them watermelon and fried chicken means we are deliberately trying to hurt their feelings.

The power to select and enforce magic words and things is nothing more than the Battered Woman Syndrome on a national, racial scale:

Husband gets mean drunk, comes home late. He walks in, finds something to get enraged about and slugs his meek little wife: “Goddammit, woman! You KNOW I hate it when you serve tea in a plastic glass!” She knows it really is her fault and promises to do better.

* He appeared to be a mulatto from the “talented tenth” – his father was a college dean. So he must have grown up in the toxic SJW environment of the college campus. Mulattoes can be the most dangerous kind of Negro because they sometimes combine the violence and amorality of the black with (some) of the superior intelligence of the white, depending on how the genetic dice roll. On a good day you get Colin Powell and on a bad day you get Vester. I won’t say what kind of day it was when Obama was born.

Flanagan apparently didn’t originally intend to kill himself and had formulated a getaway plan with wigs and disguises, etc. It wasn’t a very good plan but it was far beyond the planning abilities of say a Michael Brown or a Trayvon Martin who couldn’t play the chess game even one move ahead.

* I think we sometimes pay too much attention to IQ differences between peoples and not enough to the differing degrees of social cooperation between blacks and other races. Since much of what we call ‘civilization’ has been the result of people being able to subordinate their egos in order to function within a hierarchy those who lack that ability find themselves in conflict with authority.

European and Asian populations have lived in hierarchical societies for the past two thousand or so years. Those who found themselves in conflict with authority did not do well if they survived at all. Blacks have only been exposed to this type of social organization for, at best, a few hundred years and they aren’t very good at it. This has real consequences beyond the feelings of persecution or imagining ‘racism’ being the source of all one’s misfortunes. It limits one’s ability to accomplish anything of substance.

There are no black enterprises of any consequence anywhere in the world because blacks are incapable of organizing themselves in a hierarchical fashion that can produce, on a large scale, goods and services. For them hierarchy is all about a struggle for supremacy not a cooperative endeavor to advance the organization.

* A white female friend, a former on-camera personality on a local station who was let go when she reached a certain age, as well as a firmly-closeted lesbian, excoriated me for blaming the victims. I said I wasn’t, but I was blaming “nice HR ladies”. She had a bigger problem with that comment, saying that HR departments were not mostly female. I proceeded to introduce her to the facts available to anyone wanting them (about 70% of large HR departments are women, Freida Kapor, etc.), to which she responded by calling me a dick and blocking me!

* From the novel Dr. No: Later, over lunch in the mahogany-paneled Queen’s Club dining room, Jamaica’s Colonial Secretary provides James Bond, who has arrived from England to investigate, with a thumbnail racial sketch of the Caribbean island:

“It’s like this.” He began his antics with the pipe. “The Jamaican is a kindly lazy man with the virtues and vices of a child. He lives on a very rich island but he doesn’t get rich from it. He doesn’t know how to and he’s too lazy. The British come and go and take the easy pickings, but for about two hundred years no Englishman has made a fortune out here. He doesn’t stay long enough. He takes a fat cut and leaves. It’s the Portuguese Jews who make the most. They came here with the British and they’ve stayed. But they’re snobs and they spend too much of their fortunes on building fine houses and giving dances. They’re the names that fill the social column in the Gleaner when the tourists have gone. They’re in rum and tobacco and they represent the big British firms over here – motor cars, insurance and so forth. Then come the Syrians, very rich too, but not such good businessmen. They have most of the stores and some of the best hotels. They’re not a very good risk. Get overstocked and have the occasional fire to get liquid again. Then there are the Indians with their usual flashy trade in soft goods and the like. They’re not much of a lot. Finally there are the Chinese, solid, compact, discreet – the most powerful clique in Jamaica. They’ve got the bakeries and the laundries and the best food stores. They keep to themselves and keep their strain pure.” Pleydell-Smith laughed. “Not that they don’t take the black girls when they want them. You can see the result all over Kingston – Chigroes – Chinese Negroes or Negresses. The Chigroes are a tough, forgotten race. They look down on the Negroes and the Chinese look down on them. One day they may become a nuisance. They’ve got some of the intelligence of the Chinese and most of the vices of the black man. The police have a lot of trouble with them.”

* For that matter, about a quarter of lynching victims were white, but that doesn’t keep lynchings from being exclusively the province of black resentment. Lynching is just a kind of rough justice, which in the Jim Crow era was bound to have a racist cast. Many victims were in fact guilty of serious crimes and might have executed had the formal justice system done its work. But the mandatory cultural interpretation makes them all innocents.

* A few years ago one of the custodians at my workplace terrorized me for months. He was so obsessed with what I thought of Blacks that he could not stay away from me and he did almost zero work. He would spend all his time hanging out by my cubicle testing” my opinions on Blacks by telling me stories to see my reaction to them. He would regularly engage in freak outs because I played a blues song, or any song featuring a banjo ( I love Doc Watson) on YouTube. He would freak out over anything to do with fried chicken. One time he told me that some guy we worked with looked like Jack Black and I joked that all Whites must look alike to him. “You calling me ignorant, I ain’t ignorant, you jus’ racist!” Then he ran around the room yelling that I was racist. He tried to enlist our Chinese co-workers in a mob attack against me, but they just stared slack-jawed at him. One later told me that she found him frightening.

Another Black worker told me that “He’s just an old crackhead,” and “You don’t need to conversate with him, he ain’t right”. We were all afraid he was going to come in shooting one day and I knew that I’d be the second victim after his boss Uncle Tom.

* Microaggressions are simply an expression of paranoid schizophrenia. That doesn’t mean people can’t be thoughtless and say thoughtless things. But only a paranoid schizophrenic will take such random data and turn it into an edifice of oppression. Or to put it another way: people who complain about microaggressions are basically mentally ill.

* It’s not good to see yourself as a victim, or as a loser or to focus on your infirmities or lackings.

Of course we all fall somewhere on this spectrum, from people like this gay black shooter fella (and plenty more like him) who genuinely view themselves as perpetual victims and loathe themselves for it and suffer for it on a momentary basis (and kill for it too, which is more incidental to my comment) to people like Donald Trump who can’t remember ever having thought that he was wrong and should apologize to any of the people he destroyed (or fired) but who sees himself as a victim of some form of baldness to the point that his achilles heel is his hair, which he constantly “proves” to people that it’s “my hair”. He feels actual shame about the thing and comes across as a laughing stock when he talks about it. Other than that however he genuinely sees himself as a winner and – pretty much everyone else, relatively speaking – as a loser.

The primary reason I’ve never opened a legitimate personal injury lawsuit despite having at least two cases where I had an incontrovertible case is due to adhd type factors and other environmental ones hidden in the mists of my family’s recent history but, the CONSCIOUS reason why I never opened a legitimate case (in particular when a simple medical procedure had terrible consequences (since abated) is because I’m not interested in perpetuating the malady in my mind. And indeed, by not pursuing it further I was healed in an almost christian-sciencey manner. Had I have had to go to court however to prove the infirmity and pain (after some couple of years of the case winding its way through the system) I don’t think I’d have been healed in 2 months or perhaps not even healed for life.

That isn’t t say that Elizabeth Warren type of “playing” the victim is a bad idea (or, my favorite example, George Soros, a “holocaust survivor” who was an actual holocaust PERPETRATOR – the things he’s SAID about his activities are enough to try him for war crimes, one can only imagine what he’s done but hasn’t said). PRETENDING that you’re a victim, if it’s all just a joke to you anyway or if you’re blessed with some form of sociopathy, so that you get the goodies is an intelligent thing to do that will bring you all kinds of goodies. BELIEVING that you’re a pitiful victim leads down a road of anguish that, as with this weirdo, ends with bullet holes in bodies, including your own.

Believe that things are going well and that you’re a winner (or at least think more often about those fields where you objectively are one) and you’re likely to actually become even more of a winner (“To him that hath”) but, far more importantly, you’re likely to enjoy a life with less internal anguish, a.k.a. A better life.

* White history has been cucked.

* The insanity spewing out of the media 24/7 is starting to provoke crazy people into acting out.

* Here’s a pretty amazing study finding a very high correlation (R^2=.963) between g and performance on video games.

I guess it makes a lot of sense, if the reaction time techniques investigated by Jensen have a real basis.

* I worked under a Black man once. One day I returned to the classroom after lunch, and there he was by himself in front of the computer — literally whistling Dixie!

He was a former DL under Lovie Smith and John Cooper at Tulsa. He told me stories about his trip to play at BYU; a White kid ran the opening kickoff back for a TD because the Tulsa players were already winded at that altitude. His recounting of the story was hilarious.

We had a lot of fun hazing my co-worker — a pretty and pleasant Black girl just out of college — about her boyfriend, #29, who was still playing corner back at her Sun Belt alma mater. Then she moved on to one of the Dallas Cowboys’ starting corners, but in between she was sweet on me. Obviously, there’s no accounting for taste!

* Jews eating bagels – OK
Italians eating spaghetti – OK
Japanese eating sushi – OK
Blacks eating watermelon – Racist


* I walk around Toronto a lot, and one of the things that irritates me to no end are east Asians bumping in to you or abruptly changing direction to walk in to you as if you are invisible. You have to be on your guard to swerve quickly otherwise a pedestrian collision will occur. It’s a very strange habit, I generally don’t see this in other people. I wonder why this is though, I like east Asians, but why do so many do that? I have heard many others comment on this as well, including people that have gone over to teach in China.

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The Average Asian Aging Process


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Is Donald Trump A Traitor To His Class?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* There seems to be one NFL coach who views white players as underpriced due to bias. Of course, he also has the most anti-social, ruthless personality (and the most Super Bowl rings).

* It’s not that Trump is “a traitor to his class”.

It’s that Trump will do what supposedly cannot be done.

We supposedly cannot build an effective fence on our Mexican border, but Trump will build one.

We supposedly cannot fix our birth-right citizenship, but Trump will fix it.

We supposedly cannot ever start a court-martial of Bowe Berdahl, but Trump will start one.

And so on and so forth.

Trump will accomplish many simple governmental tasks that are supposedly impossible.

Trump will negotiate with the US Congress.

The time is coming for a pragmatic, can-do Presidency.

* A lot of people are sneering at Trump because he is so over exposed on reality TV. I am sure there are many also ran’s who complained just as bitterly about FDR using the radio or Kennedy being telegenic.

* I don’t get this idea that Trump isn’t going to win the GOP primary. He is leading in every state, mostly by double digits. He is the only candidate who draws large crowds, showing the type of dedication you need to win caucus states where people have to spend as much as 4 hours to vote.

The Great Koch Hope Scott Walker has dropped down to less than 5 in most polls now. Jeb is hated by much of the base and run an extremely inept campaign, doubling down his defenses of amnesty and the Iraq Attaq.

The idea the GOP Establishment has some strategy up its sleeve to beat him is BS. They already threw RACIST! at him dozens of times with the complete cooperation of the media. It failed. He hates women and veterans also was a flop. a secret liberal who gave money to Hillary likewise failed. What exactly is left to hit him with?

* I think it was Steve Sailer himself who remarked upon the appointment of the new Federal Reserve chairman that the absence of Gentiles in the position as of late was part of a trend which confers a convenient pretext to accuse advocates of tighter regulation of billionaires of anti-Semitism.

* So far the Republican establishment has tried to go after Trump by saying “OMG he’s racist!” which explains why he has gone up so much in the polls.

Eventually they’ll come up with an attack angle that is effective, (expect some variation of “New York liberal Donald Trump”), the billionaire backers will make sure that message is on the airwaves 24/7, and eventually a majority of the Republican electorate will relent and vote for JEB or whoever.

* What I don’t get is the smear that claims Trump is “tacky.” To my best lights, Trump is no tackier than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John “Weepy” Boehner, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Fauxcahontas, most of Enemedia-Pravda’s mercenary talking heads, and lots of other Establishment figures whom Enemedia-Pravda claim to be possessed of “gravitas.”

These are the United States. We invented tacky – it’s inseparable from our American culture. Even Enemedia-Pravda approach Imminvasion, Global Warming, elections, and everything other matter as if its talking heads are the celebrity judge panel on The Gong Show.

* Douthat attracts some of the worst commenters- just obnoxious, always missing the point, unnecessarily rude. Since he’s basically Sailer-lite, it’s interesting to imagine how an average Sailer blog post would be received by that crowd. I think most wouldn’t understand it, or would be so offended by the trees they’d miss the forest.

* One of Trump’s great qualities is his sense of humor. He’s just very funny. People have a good time at his meetings.

Kaus points out that this email thing is so technical and tedious, but Trump found a way around that – focus on the Wiener.

* I think Trump’s basic mindset is blue collar American. Blue collar guys are not ideological. They are “Let’s get this damn thing done.” They are finished product kind of guys and gals, not their children who talk endlessly and aren’t people of action.

* The fundamental beliefs of evangelicals set them up perfectly to be SJWs;the pathological altruism, and naïveté, the doctrine of we are all God’s children therefore we must be equal in all respects etc. How many evangelicals are adopting Africans, ministering to 3rd Worlders, providing sanctuary and assistance to illegals, holding joint church services with black churches?
Latinos are probably now the biggest source of converts for evangelicals. Drive around Southern California and see how many evangelical churches have their signs entirely in Spanish.

* Absent plastic surgery, or truly remarkable genes, the physical differences between a healthy and attractive woman of 44 and that same woman seven years later are generally stark. The (natural) physical indicia of her nubility are simply depleted, by her early fifties, even if they had remained quite pleasantly noteworthy at 44. Even in men, the differences can be quite stark. When I look at pictures of my father from 1960, at age 39, still looking boyishly handsome, and then compare them to pictures from only five or six years later, I am amazed at how quickly he turned into an older man.

* There is this (he believes he is conservative) liberal Jewish radio host [Dennis Prager?] who comes on in the morning in LA – who endlessly trashes Trump as a buffoon. He finally said something that made sense:

He has no chance according to my circle of associates.

I didn’t want to waste and time and try and send him a message as to why that was so ridiculous.

* The GOP establishment is going to line up behind Trump as soon as they realize that a massive white turnout will be elect a whole lot of Republican senators, congressmen, governors etc. The Republican party is about more than just winning the presidency.

* Anyone running for POTUS who calls Anthony Weiner a “perv” deserves my vote.

* BTW, there were some laughs by lefties at Trump’s expense yesterday, because a Bloomberg reporter tried to ambush Trump Palin-style by asking him what his favorite Bible passage is (because Trump calls it his favorite book on the campaign trail). Now, of course Trump probably hasn’t read the Bible in years, but he’s no Palin. He handled the question pretty smoothly. Can’t stump the Trump.

* Some of the liberal policy suggestions for Trump are actually quite clever (any maybe more clever than the people suggesting them realise).

For example, someone in a Stale article suggested Trump should promote a watered-down European-style medical system with free medicare for the over 50s (thus attracting working class support without unduly alienating the middle class).

Electorally that could work on multiple levels. Over 50s Americans are more likely to be white, hence be adopting such a policy he could attract elderly and moderately liberal white voters and immigration restrictionists without being seen to be racist.

* The green card printers ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever. But there was one man who taught us to fight, to vote the bums out of office, to smash those Liberal m*****f*****s into junk. He turned it around. He brought us back from the brink.

His name is Trump. Donald Trump.

* Yes, time for the loser Jeb!! to drop out of the race to give more oxygen to the more plausible opponents of Trump. But I don’t mind watching Jeb!! twist slowly in the wind, either. The photo on Drudge last night was a classic: Jeb!! standing in the foreground looking dejected, his back to a small group of supporters in folding chairs, a few of them fat middle-aged couples and one odd duck with a a long beard. It reminded me of a Diane Arbus photo.

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Steve Sailer: French Intellectual Sniffs Out Anti-Semitic “Zombie Catholicism” Behind Paris “Charlie Hebdo” Marches for Secularism

Steve Sailer writes:

It’s fascinating how the reigning philosophical discourse in the 21st Century has become simply:

1. Puncher-downers … bad.

2. Puncher-uppers … good, even when they punch-up with AK47s against cartoonists and shoppers.

3. Don’t you dare question our definitions of who are the puncher-uppers and who are the puncher-downers, you racist puncher-downer, you. We know who should be the who and who should be the whom, and if you question us, you deserve to wind up a whom…

Todd is an expert about how traditional family ties in Christendom explain current political views, but similar analysis of Jews is basically not done.

For example, the triple bankshot ideologies of Todd’s kinsman Levi-Strauss, along with those of Marx and Freud, were subjected to an intentionally New York Jewish intellectual-style analysis in the 1974 book The Ordeal of Civility by Irish-American New York academic John Murray Cuddihy.

But you’ve probably never heard of that book because a gentile analyzing hugely influential Jews qua Jews is unimaginable. Jewish intellectuals very much do not like their own tools of analysis being applied to themselves. Turnabout may be fair play, but it’s also, to be frank, zombie Catholicism.

A huge amount of intellectualizing consists of triple bankshots made up by Jewish intellectuals to rationalize primal emotions they feel. Their triple bankshots (bomb Libya abroad, lay down to Muslim inundation at home, or whatever) frequently don’t make much sense in non-emotional terms, but they very much do not like gentiles applying Occam’s Razor to their triple bankshots.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Two points on Todd:
1) The Charlie Hebdo marches were a weird of mix spontaneous feeling and politico-mediatic orchestration. Nominally for free speech and “tolerance,” the next day the government arrested the comedian Dieudonné for “hate speech.” In short, the French government is subsidizing anti-Muslim blasphemy and is persecuting anti-Holocaust-Industry blasphemy. Nor was there any recognition that shutting down Islamic immigration could limit these problems in the future or that the FN had a point and should be allowed to participate in democratic politics. The government also exploited the incident to pass more surveillance legislation. There is nothing good about these sheep-like demonstrations and on the contrary shows the government’s ability to rally people around a somewhat authoritarian, faux-patriotic, and censorious agenda. I think the latter is what disturbs Todd about “Je Suis Charlie.”

2) Todd has been roundly mocked for his unbelievably obtuse pseudo-explanation of the “Charlie” phenomenon and is basically a very, very roundabout way of avoiding any mention of Jewish ethnocentrism in French politics. Said ethnocentrism however largely explains the double standard on insulting the Prophet vs. the Shoah.

* Jews think that 1950s era America, which defeated Nazi Germany and prosecuted the perpetrators of the Holocaust just a few years earlier, was also deeply anti-semitic.

* You seem to be flirting with Kevin MacDonaldism, where the Eternal Jew is always pushing Jewish interests at the expense of everyone else.

Now, no doubt many Jews advocate for Jewish interests. But what is your support for the idea that anti-white Jews somehow can’t just be self-hating ethno-masochists like other white ethnic groups? Why is it when a Jew advocates his country to be inundated with Muslims, it is some convoluted “triple bankshot” to advance Jewish interests, but not when Italians or Swedes do the same?

If you want to apply Occam’s razor here, it is that French half-jews like Todd that advocate France be overrun with Arabs and black muslims that hate jews, they do it because they are, at best, indifferent to the country being overrun by anti-semites who will attack Jews on the streets and vote in George Galloway types who want to BDS Israel into a South Africa type pariah state.

* The NYT had a very insidious reportage of Trump deporting Ramos from that room which summed up the way Jews have corrupted public discourse:

“The 30-minute news conference Mr. Trump presided over in Iowa on Tuesday night was the purest distillation of the psychological quirks and emotional idiosyncrasies that have made his candidacy such an irresistible spectacle — at times repellent, but often riveting.”

Gosh, psychological quirks and emotional idiosyncrasies—well but of course everyone thinks of Woody Allen when they see Trump on the stump.

* I remember reading when I was a young man about some adult clubs in Paris that featured frottage, basically some guy would come out onstage and some woman would come out, well-versed, as Voltaire would say, in the science of hydraulics and sufficient reason, and through the expert application of friction and manual pressure, would achieve tremendous distances for the resulting ejaculation. Triple bank shot, indeed.

Quite a lot of intellectual activity is focused on justifying some emotional attachment, or some some irrational conception. Quite a lot. Of course none of us are immune, so, if you want to be rational you have to be detached, and you also have to make sure that emotionally you are in a good place. Good writing and good thinking come mostly from being in a good mood.

* Aside from the pleasure of ratiocination, is there some goal that “analyzing hugely influential Jews qua Jews” serves?

It isn’t as if analysis of “Jews qua Jews” doesn’t happen. Sure, it is a disreputable activity, but there is no shortage of smart people like MacDonald doing it.

Whatever the ostensible goal, the actual effect of “analyzing hugely influential Jews qua Jews” seems to have is offending and alienating a highly intelligent, moral, and influential group of Americans, and prolonging the evil taint Nazism attached to what was once a humane, influential, and progressive eugenics movement.

Aside from all that, I find it sort of tiresome and boring as well. The question of the percentage of Jewish Bolsheviks, their relative responsibility for the ’65 immigration act and 70′s feminism, and the other questions that preoccupy MacDonaldists for me are not very interesting as historical questions compared to, say, Roman history, or 17th century England. Nor do they seem relevant to issues confronting our present and future: how do block amnesty at home, elect the Donald president, and stop the exponentially growing stream of refugees from the Third World from destroying the First.

* Puncher-downers are good when they’re Jews punching down on ‘white trash’.

Puncher-uppers are bad when they are middle class white challenging Jewish privilege.

* If 17th century England is your cup of tea then definitely get Shakespeare by Another Name by Mark Anderson. But understanding how recent history was influenced by Jews is interesting because their influence was so vast, and so underreported. Not to mention radical, and understanding that Jews are apt to be radical puts Steve’s central claim into crystal clear perspective: that he is the moderate voice. That’s very useful to keep putting across re how do you block amnesty at home, and MacDonald compliments the point excellently, seems to me. I do understand how Roman history makes one think more. But maybe that’s because its not so easy, which is to say it’s not so Jewish. And I don’t think Jews who don’t ostracize Abe Foxman and his ilk are particularly moral individuals. Or maybe character assassination is the moral alternative to dueling. Or maybe not.

* The fact is you cannot find any prominent Jew that considers Muslim immigration a problem or will speak out against it in public. And worse Jewish run organizations like the ADL and ACLU are often the first to run to the defense of Muslim immigrants if whites start complaining about them.

In France Jews are leaving because of the threats from Muslims, yet they do not complain. Same in England, they are often found to support Muslim immigrants when the EDL or BNP takes to the streets. Even though Jews are now losing political clout in England.

IOW the Jews are committing racial suicide. Their hatred for the white goy blinds them to their own fate if immigration policies are not reversed.

* There *absolutely* is a shortage. MacDonald and a mere handful of others are doing it.

If there were hundreds of PhDs granted per year on the subject, I’d agree with you. If Fox News had nightly segments with dozens of pundits discussing the issue, I’d agree with you. But, that doesn’t happen.

Instead it’s one University professor who was wily enough to get tenure before he opened his yap, and a few intrepid, poorly paid bloggers which SPLC and ADL kick in the teeth, every chance they get.

* When I start typing “mondoweiss” into the Google query box (private browsing tab/no cookies) it auto-prompts me with “mondoweiss hate site” as the 1st suggested search query. Isn’t that redundant? If people were trying to answer the basic question of “What is the site / Is it a [sic] hate site” wouldn’t they just Google the 1st term? The only way these suggestions would emerge organically would be a semi-collaborative googlebomb effort in order to provoke the artificially-intelligent search cache into believing that “[x] hate site” was a practically useful subcategory or refinement of searches on [x] — which it isn’t, in the Western civilization sense (cf. also the auto-prompt “steve sailer racist”).

If Google espoused some kind of laissez-faire Prime Directive about the low-grade hacking of the suggested search by aggrieved partisans, that would be one thing. But they don’t — in fact they blacklist web sites who “game” the results order (albeit rarely). The manipulation would be simple to fix from an engineering standpoint; “Microsoft racist” is not a case of someone mistyping an intended search for “Microsoft,” after all, and it’s not a hit song or new smartphone, so there’s no utility gained by suggesting it. The presence of these prejudicial auto-prompts belies Google’s stated libertoid mission that they just wanna Organize Information For Make Great Benefit Global Community. Ironically I guess it makes it less work for fans of racism to socialize online w/ other fans.

* I think it is more interesting than their high IQ, precisely where their success has outstripped what their IQ would predict. Nepotism is not meritocratic, nor is the silencing of sober criticism particularly appealing. The history of how such actualities obtained may or may not interest you, but certainly its a worthy subject of study.

MacDonald’s point about the Jewish culture of critique is that its inherently Jewish. Freudianism and Feminism have significant threads that clearly originated in complexes unique to Jews. And of course his basic point is that discrimination against Jews was discrimination against a group that discriminated against gentiles, in certain Jewish ways, and mostly never thought twice about the naturalness of doing so.

Now that Jews are firmly ensconced in this nation’s elite establishment, radical opinions are simply the norm. That’s the whole point. Plenty of opinion shapers in the op eds and on TV espouse open boarders, or amnesty plus vastly increasing legal immigration. Aside from Lou Dobbs maybe, I don’t think any mainstream voice of note is calling for a moratorium. But if the reporting on the issue was honest and the debate was open, I believe exactly that would be the majority opinion. That though would be a world where the media gate keepers were not hyper-sensitive to certain arguments about nationalism. And yes our foreign policy is radically unbalanced, since AIPAC, etc.

Regarding Jewish assimilation, I don’t know, the ethnocentrism seems to be getting more flagrant. There was that Jewish get together not long ago, where two Jewish billionaires were on stage discussing buying the New York Times, and making its coverage pure propaganda for Israel. Someone said it was like a parody of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Most of the money contributed to political campaigns in this country comes from Jews, which is just incredible, and I suspect that as Jews dissipate as a percentage of the population, that money will actually increase.

My point was that Steve’s position on immigration can only make headway the more he reminds the world that his is the moderate opinion.

* Since the French have passed laws against ‘Holocaust denial’ (as well as other ‘thought crimes’ and ‘speech crimes’) , and indeed the (nominally) conservative Sarkozy expressed support for a law against denying the ‘Armenian genocide’, the French could probably go some way to ameliorating their problem with radical Islam (surely some muslims have been smart enough to notice the hypocrisy) by enacting a law against denigrating ‘the Prophet’. And this would not be inconsistent with their propensity for ideological tyranny — as noted above.

* Because Jews have pioneered a theory of social pluralism that makes sense on its face: (1) a pluralistic society reduces the size and cohesion of any potential groups that might arise to compete with the Jewish group (see Earl Raab on this) and (2) the salience of Jewish identity is reduced when there are many minorities rather than, say, a 95% majority and a 5% Jewish minority.

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Black vs White Test Scores

Steve Sailer writes: “Blacks who are the children of college graduates average 274, which is the same as whites who are the children of high school dropouts.”

“At the high school dropout level, The Gap in math is 16 points, but at the college graduate level, The Gap is twice as large: 32 points. That’s the opposite of what the conventional wisdom would imply.”

* A related thought in re the Vester Flanagan incident. I believe it will last in both the collective unconscious but more importantly in the collective conscious. Everyone knows it was typical, not anomalous, which is why it will be so symbolic and resonant. After all, he IS the black male. Everyone knows him in every firm in every industry in America: a black guy who presents well, dresses well, is “articulate”, enthusiastic and usually charming. EVERYONE wants him to succeed. EVERYONE tries to help him. However sooner or later it becomes apparent that something is missing. It’s probably a function of IQ but it seems to present itself more as a kind of blur in the brain, a lack of focus that somehow prevents him from doing the one thing he was hired to do, whatever that is. At first it’s laughed of, then excuses are made, then it’s viewed with sadness, but finally all realize that he’s no good, he can’t do the work on time at the professional level required, and the excuses run out. He just doesn’t belong there. Of course he senses this, and soon comes to believe his “failure” is an expression of racism when in fact his employment is a pure example of anti-racism, of naive faith in something called diversity., which is meant to heal but ultimately only harms. The helping hands that have been extended him are forgotten; he retreats, becomes surly, more obnoxious, refuses to socialize except with other blacks (who may be at different stages of the same process) and thus you have current racist reality: a completely worthless employee drawing a high salary who is treacherous, malicious, bitter, angry, aggressive and almost impossible to fire. Most won’t got to guns like the vile bitch Vester, but they will degrade and ultimately destroy the institutions that reached out to them. One might even become president of the United States. And here’s what can be done about them: Nothing.

* Black children from the wealthiest families have mean SAT scores lower than white children from families below the poverty line.
Black children of parents with graduate degrees have lower SAT scores than white children of parents with a high-school diploma or less.

* Generally Steve covers stories that are either ignored by the MSM, or he covers stories that they carry, but from a different POV. The Roof story was, and is being handled like it’s on steroids by the MSM. There probably isn’t much more Steve could add.

* Why are you anti-racists whining about historical slavery that ended, here, one hundred and fifty years ago, while doing nothing yourselves to end contemporary slavery in the world, today?

* I wonder what percentage of the Black population in the U.S will try to sue either an individual White person or a White owned business at least once in their lifetime? It is the ghetto lottery for Black people. A lot of Blacks dream of one day becoming wealthy off of claiming false racial discrimination.

* Related. Via Megan Mcardle. What she describes as “a team of superstar economists,” ran a $1 million experiment where they paid parents to do homework with their children. From the abstract:

“This intervention had large and statistically significant positive impacts on both cognitive and non-cognitive test scores of Hispanics and Whites, but no impact on Blacks. These differential outcomes across races are not attributable to differences in observable characteristics (e.g. family size, mother’s age, mother’s education) or to the intensity of engagement with the program.”

McArdle says, “There’s a long section where the researchers look for possible explanations, but they don’t really come up with any. I’m afraid I can’t, either. ”

It’s a mystery!

* “lead paint” — When was the last time anyone painted with lead paint? Outlawed decades ago. And why is it that only black children eat lead paint? And why don’t tacit black parent/s prohibit the eating of paint? The addiction of leftist/progressive thought can only be cured by allowing the first tenet of the 12 step plan, recognize you have a problem.

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