Fair Play For North Korea

Chaim Amalek: HANDS OFF NORTH KOREA! Already our efforts are paying off, as Jewish-run Hollywood has, through its movie theaters, decided not to show “The Interview.” The danger is that White Americans might look on and think “If the North Koreans could do that, then just think what WE might be able to accomplish in Hollywood.”

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Daily Caller: Student sought man on Craigslist to beat her up and have sex with her, then reported it as rape

My friend Joel posts on my FB page:

Curious Luke, since you posted this…

This woman appears to be a fraud and a bit crazy. But why do you post? We know a LOT of crazy people out there who make lots of illegitimate and insane claims. But most do not warrant news stories.

This one seems to have “earned” her news story due to her fabricated claims.

But by reposting and highlighting it, the SUGGESTION is that many or perhaps most claims of rap or sexual assault are equally fabricated, due to the highlighting of one such case.

Is that what you are suggesting?

Because finding a single case of fraud and what appears to be mental claims and insufficiency is not nearly enough to wipe out all claims and accusation of sexual assault.

And if that is NOT what you are suggesting, why highlight a non-news story about one stupid person who made a seemingly bogus claim. It appears not to be relevant to any case other than her own.

In earlier posts, Joel, I referenced the bogus Rolling Stone story on sexual assault and eight similar bogus sexual assault on campus stories. So, yes, I think there’s hysteria about rape on campus and I think there are a lot of bogus claims out there. If people are truly concerned about rape of young women, they would focus on the inner city young black guys (and Muslims) who are doing a disproportionate amount of the raping and other crime and they would counsel girls of all races that statistically speaking they are more likely to get assaulted, impregnated, infected with an STD and have other horrible results from black men than from any other race of men. We’re not doing girls of any race any favors by not appraising them of these facts of life.

According to this book Race and Crime by Anthony Walsh: “…[B]lacks choose white victims 41.3% of the time [for rape]. The number of white offender/black victim rates was too small to be included in the analysis.”

About 40% of women’s rape claims are fabricated.

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Open Season On The Goyim, Rape Awareness Is Just The Latest Excuse

Whenever I read that Jewish groups are taking the lead on some left-wing social justice issue, I groan. These left-wing Jewish groups have long fought to weaken the racial, national and religious identity of the goyim.

Now Ron Kampeas has a long article for JTA on how Jewish groups are taking the lead in fighting rape on campus.

That the Rolling Stone article in question was bogus and that the MSM swallowed it whole for two weeks before giving it a second look is just not a big deal for these left-wing Jewish activists who sense a new opportunity to weaken and humiliate the goyim and destroy their confidence. That rape on campus and around America in general is disproportionately done by black men does not get a mention in this article. Warning white girls to stay away from black guys if they don’t want to get raped, inseminated and mistreated does not get a mention. Of course many black men are gentlemen, but statistically speaking, a woman is more likely to get raped, abused, given an STD, inseminated, and abandoned without financial support by black men than by men of any other race. If women are not safe on campus, the reason is more likely to be black guys (and to a lesser extent, latino guys) than anything else.

If the real agenda here was stopping rape, then focusing on the disproportionate threat of young black men would be the priority. To completely ignore this race element means that you don’t really care about reducing rape.

As for the Torah and Talmud’s position on rape, it is considerably more complicated than what the liberal rabbi in the article below indicates. You could write an accurate Talmudic guide to dating wherein some loser rapes the woman of his choice and then she is forced to marry him.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (JTA) – Jewish campus groups were ready for the painful national dialogue that took place in the wake of murky rape allegations at the University of Virginia.
That’s because organizations like Hillel and historically Jewish Greek houses such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Delta Tau had been having the conversations for months before the explosive Rolling Stone story made national headlines — first for the brutality of the alleged gang rape detailed in the magazine and then for the subsequent evidence of flawed reporting on the part of Rolling Stone.
Zeta Beta Tau last year joined Sigma Delta Tau and Jewish Women International in launching a workshop called “Safe Smart Dating.” Hillel International is a partner in the White House’s It’s On Us campaign against sexual violence, and the network of Jewish campus centers has also dedicated to sexual violence a stream of its Ask Big Questions program, which organizes lectures and salons on topics of Jewish interest.
Meanwhile, Alpha Epsilon Pi features sessions on consent at its conclaves and a fraternity brother, Matthew Leibowitz, launched the Consent is So Frat movement this year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut….Ruttenberg said the notion of sexual consent is rooted in Jewish texts.
“It’s deeply embedded in our tradition,” she said. “In the Talmud, consent is one of the great non-negotiables in any sexual encounter. The Talmud forbids marital rape, which is astonishingly forward-thinking, considering it took until 1993 for North Carolina to ban it. The Talmud says that if a woman is raped and has an orgasm, she is still raped.”

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How Do You Release The Jaw?

Some tips from a FB thread of Alexander Technique teachers:

* I’ve heard things like free, releasing away from the skull, down and away…

* The head’s going forward and up is preventive of it’s going back and down to compress the spine. The jaw’s tracking forward and open—easily, finding it’s own way— is preventive of its going back and down.

* Some teachers suggested thinking of the letter ‘K’ with the jaw freeing in the forward and down direction.

* That jaw releasing back can be cause for snoring as it closes the vocal tract. I think that back is a dangerous word in talking about the jaw, just as it is when talking about the head’s relationship to the torso.

* In my experience, when we go into more of a “primary curve” (spinal flexion) the jaw releases forward, and in “secondary curve” (spinal extension) it goes back. If your dad’s jaw is releasing back when he falls asleep perhaps it’s because he’s also pulling his head back during sleep… but then again, I could be wrong. On another note, to release my jaw I like thinking of my lower back molars on the jaw bone (wisdom teeth if you have them) and thinking them heavier than the rest. I find this gives me a nice release without any extraneous “doing” on my part.

* I believe the jaw is a gliding, sliding joint, not a hinge.

* I just say, “Let your back bottom teeth release away from your back top teeth.” In other words, “Let your jaw yield to gravity.” Now, as far as the mapping goes, make sure your students don’t have an idea that they have a “hand puppet” mouth. Also, I give directions for the tongue before directions for the jaw. A lot of people habitually press their tongues to the roof of the mouth, creating tension in both the tongue and the jaw.

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Shooting Near Hamilton High School – Robertson Blvd/10 Freeway

From FB: I heard that 3 people were shot near Robertson and the 10. Hamilton high school is on a precautionary lock down.

UPDATE: The lockdown is over. LA TIMES.

From Twitter.com/BHscanner (latest tweets first):

SHOOTING UPDATE: Appears shooting is gang-related (not a random event).

SHOOTING UPDATE: Media reports all 3 victims in critical cond & two suspects outstanding. LAPD has area locked down.

SHOOTING UPDATE: 3 shot (unk condition). Looks like shooter chased them down then shot. Shooter on the loose. LAPD o/s. SWAT en rte.

SHOOTING near Hamilton High (1 blk away at 3100 Helms). School was/may still be on lockdown. Unknown if shooting related to school/students

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How To Make It In The Media

The key to making it in the media as a story is to tell them the story they want to hear, whether it is about white gang rapists at UVA or Duke, or a 17 year old named “Mohammed Islam” making $72 million on Wall street.

People named Mohammed Islam typically do not excel in high IQ professions.

Chaim Amalek: “The genius in having a name like “Mohammed Islam” is that if you do something terrible (not this – making an ass out of New York Magazine is a public service) the media will be terrified to call you out by your name.”


It’s been a tough month for fact-checking. After the Rolling Stone campus rape story unraveled, readers of all publications can be forgiven for questioning the process by which Americans get our news. And now it turns out that another blockbuster story is—to quote its subject in an exclusive Observer interview—”not true.”

Monday’s edition of New York magazine includes an irresistible story about a Stuyvesant High senior named Mohammed Islam who had made a fortune investing in the stock market. Reporter Jessica Pressler wrote regarding the precise number, “Though he is shy about the $72 million number, he confirmed his net worth is in the ‘high eight figures.’ ” The New York Post followed up with a story of its own, with the fat figure playing a key role in the headline: “High school student scores $72M playing the stock market.”

And now it turns out, the real number is … zero.

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The Decline Of America’s Middle Class

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* Ezra comments:

Speaking of MSM obliviousness, heres a long WaPo feature about the decline of the American middle class.

Now, it goes w/o saying that immigration is never mentioned as a possible reason. That’s par for the course. But the kicker is that the reporter focuses on Downey, CA. Downey! That’s almost the definition of chutzpah.

Here’s Downey’s non-Hispanic white share of the population:

1980: 77.4%

1990: 53.8%

2000: 28.7%

2010: 17.7%

Here’s Downey’s Hispanic share of the population:

1980: 16.8%

1990: 32.3%

2000: 57.9%

2010: 70.7%

Downey itself isn’t particularly poor. In fact here’s a 2013 PBS article half-heartedly referring to Downey as the “Mexican-American Beverly Hills:”

* I agree with most commenters here that the massive illegal immigration has contributed strongly to the devastation of the lower and lower middle class America, you know, menial laborers and tradesmen. However, it is certainly not the main contributor to the decline of the American middle class proper.

Those who think that protectionism and unions would have shielded the American middle class from the vast transformation of the global economy in the last 50 years are wholly deluded or simply ignorant of history.

You have to understand that during much of the early history of our Republic, we were a nation dependent on exporting natural resources like, say, Brazil. During much of that history, we suffered from a labor shortage that consequently created high labor wages. Vast land and resources and few people. Good times for the few people.

That boom largely ended with the closing of the frontier.

The second economic boon to the U.S. was the global destruction of World War II. In 1950, the U.S. accounted for 50% of the world GNP, largely because the rest of the industrial world was in shambles. That led to the highly unusual and unsustainable situation in which even undereducated American workers could earn relatively high salaries. And that, eventually, was not going to last once the Northern Europeans and the Northeast Asians recovered from their various temporary problems.

Large scale immigration, especially illegal immigration, exacerbated this trend, but it was not the catalyst. To put crudely, our country was gifted a long period of good times, and we got fat, happy, and dumb thinking the good times were permanent.

“Free trade” as currently formulated has significant issues, to be sure, but people who clamor for protectionism hasn’t experienced in person a real protectionist economy of high prices and low innovation in the face of capable outside competitors, a society in which most people are more equally poor.

* Downey is only Beverly Hills by Mexican standards because the bar is set so low for Mexicans. The bar is never set high for Mexicans. Mexicans after all are a NAM group just like African Americans so you can not put too much high expectations on them.

By the real Beverly Hills standards, Downey is working class at best. You know you are in a truly affluent zip code in Southern California when a lot of your neighbors are Jewish. And Downey just does not have a lot of Jews.

* I will simply say something that many posters are already aware of. That legal immigrants are not a 100% OK. That it is a mistake to make illegals the only real immigration problem. In fact the quality of legal immigrants gets worse each year. Quality going by IQ, skills, education, English speaking. Many legals get on our social welfare system ASAP that they can legally do it and are a net drain on society. You can blame our immigration laws that favors family re-unification from 3rd world cesspits. Mexico gives us the most legal immigrants each year, 400,000. Same thing happens with Guatemalans, Peruvians, Muslim Indians and Pakistanis etc etc. Once they become citizens they can apply to bring in their low-IQ relatives and wives. Sometimes multiple wives.

Of course we get many educated legal immigrants who work and are a net positive to society. But then many are infamous (Such as Chinese and Russians) for legally bringing in their elderly parents to “retire” here and drain our SS system and our social welfare in general without ever having kicked in a dime. These Chinese etc elderly can get on SS disability at $700 a month due to being broken down (being old!) and ill, faked or real.

At the same time many of the illegals can be net contributors to society especially single men I see out working on roofs as a crew. Guats and Mexicans do this. But they are sending money home, not spending it here and once mamacita gets here, they have kids here and the family starts being a new drain on the system. Plus getting anchor babies to make them non-deportable.

Also some illegals are actually skilled entrepreneurs or become such while here. IOW they have a high native IQ.
My ideal immigration system here would be to keep out all illegal aliens (via a Mexican border fence and strict computerized customs to weed out/exclude potential visa overstayers, and start making the illegal ones here self-deport. Then on the legal side immigration should become 100% skills based which nations such as Canada and Australia do. This will tilt our system to allowing in more Europeans. Millions of skilled, hi-IQ, English speaking, culturally Christian East Europeans (South Africans too!) would love to come here. We need a 5-10 year moratorium on 3rd world immigration. They have been hogging our legal immigration slots for 50 years since the 1965 immigration passed.

* Just suppose that the mass, post-1965 third world immigration into the USA had never occurred.
It is pretty much incontestable that tens and tens of million low paid third world immigrants – and their equally low paid descendants would not be present on US soil.
Now, as Peter Schaeffer more or less proved, these tens of millions are entirely dependant on the productivity of others, via taxation, just to keep them alive and breathing with food in their bellies and shirts on their backs, never mind the huge resources ‘transferred’ to pay for their education, health, housing etc.
Now, imagine if all of those resources – which to put a not too fine a point on it are as good as being burned – were available for such luxuries and fripperies as ‘space exploration’. Imagine how many good, high-tech’ high paying jobs would be supported – imagine the potential of the ‘spinoff’ technologies and of the technical, educated workforce so created.

* Apparently, the UK workforce has never been so big. Never before have so many workers been in employment.
Now, one would expect under these circumstances for the UK treasury to be awash with cash, as one would have thought more workers equals more income tax.
But, not a bit of it. The UK fiscal deficit is still stubbornly, enormously high and huge, huge public spending cuts, on top of those already made, are planned for the near future. Income tax receipts into the UK treasury have simply not increased.
The reason? – the massive, uncontrolled immigration into the UK started by New Labour, and continued by the Tories has added millions to the UK workforce. But in the main they are badly paid. Their competition has dragged down wage rates to the irreducible minimum, such workers pay very little to zero income tax in the UK. But, they are entitled to huge ‘family credit’ taxpayer paid cash bonuses, combined with huge liabilities attendant to education and socialized UK health care.
But never but never will you hear The Economist magazine state this obvious truth.

* As Paul Kersey says, we could have had Mars. Instead the money got spent subsidizing the reproduction of the underclass.

* There are two foreign worker programs, H1B and then another of foreign citizens who got masters degrees from US institutions that can be hired and are exempt from H1B limits. The limit on the first program is 65,000 and the second is 20,000. One set of calculations done in 2009 had set the number of these workers in the US at 650,000 taking into consideration applications and then various forms of attrition.

Consider that 90% of those two numbers per year are still in America. H1B renewals were not effected by annual limits. Then added up over the history of all of it, and I can easily think back to 1995 and you start to have a tech population that is easily 35-40% of the total. It’s been almost 20 years or more, by my count. And that does little to take in those “driven out”, like one of my former managers who I met a few years later, that was installing cable. The trend of companies is to keep the H1B guy because of the “trickiness” of the application process and then lay off the local guy. Given the “up and down” nature of tech in the 2000s, layoffs in 2002-2003 had dramatic effect on some people, then they landed somewhere, maybe, then a few years later, to get hit again, often because they were in a new area technologically for them, and lacked or never gained the soundness in that field.

One of the big deals, and this cannot be underplayed, is that much development went offshore. This was the nuts and bolts designing, writing, and testing of software. And for each developer job that went offshore, then usually support jobs went with it. Lots. So when coder jobs went over there, then so too did manager jobs, tester jobs, documentation jobs, all these jobs that provided really the “middle class” of tech.

Also for many people, since the world of tech shifted in the US from onshore staff writing code to doing operations of systems created offshore, then for many people, they basically lost the value of their skills and had to learn to shift over into this new mode, running and maintaining systems instead of developing software. And it is not the same thing.

Also as each “wave” of tech, even “versions” of major software products came out and migrated into use, often it was these newer immigrants that were hired to do it, mostly just because they were new, and the older employees were already mired in to the “old” stuff, because the old stuff was in production. For example, there was massive shift between Oracle 9 and Oracle 10. And really most of the world was using Oracle 8 and never converted to Oracle 9. And there was a huge degree of difference between the two. So projects might migrate to the new versions, when they had to. And these Indians were then hired to come in “learn” the Oracle 10, set it up, and what they learned what very much newer. So then eventually, the migrations were done, and overnight the skills of the locals were obsolete. And if they got laid off by economic conditions, when they went out to interview, nobody gave a crap about their experience. Especially when instead of 3 or 4 roughly capable candidates there were 10 like in 2008-2009.

It just happened really “overnight”. In the days before the dot com bust, Americans were the large majority of development then when recovery came, it was an Indian thing. And with the flow of the 85,000 per year more over the last 10 years, and consider this idea of Entryism where a small group gets in, then lets in more, and if they can control a dominant activity, then they can push out and lock out others not in their group.

To me, the 90s proved that American tech salaries were the dominant driver in the economy. It drove the stock market. If people are working, then they contribute to 401K in a river of purchases. They can’t take the money out; it just flows in and drives up the Market.

The effect in the economy is very subtle. I once read about Fed Ex and UPS as bellweather companies. I asked the local driver about activity (in 2007) he said it was half of what it was the year before, 3 months later, the bottom fell out. The American programmers were chubby-ish white beta males. What they did with their salaries, at least what they personally got, was they drove used cars and they ate lunch, (thus the chubby), and they gave the rest to their wives. Their value to women was they were employed, honest, calm, dependable “Dads”. Then the women took that money and drove the American economy. Indians do not do the same thing. Who knows how much money is sent from America to India. Also another fact is that Indian consulting companies drove out American companies, these smaller companies that would find talent, supply them for periods to bigger companies, pay the employees like a bank, then get paid by the bigger companies quarterly. A ton of smallish companies did this, as well as some very big ones. And they have driven out by the big Indian companies and many of these companies have very few employees onshore doing the administration of these contract employees. And consider the cost to American families, to American women in “where are all the good men”, in fathers, and even in “kids born”, kids that could have turned out to be somebody but never will give us the benefit of them living. I have this saying “It takes 1 guy with a good idea to feed 1000 people”. Obviously there are bunch of those “1 guys” that never will be, either never get the exposure to even a clue about the idea, that never see a tech and think “fuck they’re doing that all wrong”, never have the benefit of these great American thinkers like Ritchie, the nerd from Staten Island who had to commute to Long Island on the ferry, then on the train, and he read semiconductor data books and drew me circuits on a napkin and taught me better than any prof, or Jim Dimino, the big burly Italian who literally was in a junior high gang with Sammy the Bull and missed the life because one night his dad heard some rumors and locked him in his bedroom. And Sammy and the rest got arrested for some stupid shit they did. And Jim went on to be this big designer in the Bell System and ran our design sessions with a yardstick in his hand and hollered at me and the others in that Italian Gangster accent, “Your fucking talking like you know what your talking about!” and then one day we did, because he hollered at us, with a ruler in his hand like a nun.

I can go and on. H1B and outsourcing screwed the American middle class, and really is a self defeating thing for US companies. It is like steroids in sports. One competitor does it, then the rest have to. And no matter the cost to each, they can’t stop or they lose. And because it started it dried up a lot of the pipeline of being coming into a field with entry level stuff.

Even the guys that started Fairchild, got their start because the US Gov was paying a lot of people to work on tube based electronics. You learned tubes and circuits using them. Then shifted over to solid state. I can remember going to tech school, some pretty technical stuff, roughly the equivalent of Electronic Enginering without the fluff that a university program has. And at night we sat around and read Gearhead mags, Hot Rod, technical stuff about car engines because that was what guys did back then. The marriage of the two created this very competent bunch of guys, ones that could think in the “spatial” and then ones that were good with tools, lathes, mechanical stuff. When I first started in software, even then, it was nothing for guys I worked with to take the computers apart and do stuff to them, just look it and start point, “That must this thing, and that over there is that other thing.” We ran our own cabling, we jumpered the boards ourselves, we installed new hardware, drives. We all had tools in our desks. It was very unique set of workers in the history of the world, guys that were just as comfortable under the hood of a car, as they were running bebuggers on code, and many were just as comfortable on a tractor or in a machine shop. And younger guys would come in, and these were the “teachers” they would encounter and learn from. This strange combination of Americanism and Protestantism all with a burly American macho swagger, this set of “shit testing” between guys, this sort of “get over here and learn something, idiot” teasing, that produced really incredible leaps and bounds.

And now they are gone. And dudes from Punjab have those jobs now. And your son will never get them again.

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The Kishinev pogroms

According to Wikipedia: “The Kishinev pogroms were an anti-Jewish riot that took place in Kishinev (Chişinău), then the capital of the province of Bessarabia in the Russian Empire (now the capital of the Republic of Moldova), on April 19-20, 1903, and a second, smaller riot that erupted in October 1905.”

From The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs (Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank) 1894-1915:

Some of this doubtful Jewish testimony had been published by the foreign press and further elaborated upon, so that the versions that reached foreign audiences were often even more sensational and unreliable. It was, of course, a natural temptation for Jewish organizations, in their frantic efforts to elicit sympathy and funds for the victims and to discredit Russian authorities, to present the most damning, sensational accounts possible… An indication of the lengths to which such fabrications about Kishinev ultimately could reach is seen in a letter from Chaim Weizmann (at the time of Kishinev a Zionist activist, later president of the state of Israel) to Dorothy de Rothschild:

“Eleven years ago, I happened to be in the cursed town of Kishinev. In a group of about 100 Jews we defended the Jewish quarter with revolvers in our hands, defended women and girls. We ‘slept’ in the cemetary – the ‘safe’ place, and we saw 80 corpses brought in, mutilated dead…”

Thus Weizmann reports that he personally saw 80 mutilated corpses in a single place, when the death toll for the entire city was later generally recognized to be 45. But there is another problem with the account he provides. It is pure fantasy. Weizmann was in Warsaw at the time…

[Prince] Urussov was also distressed by the tendency of Jewish spokesmen, who on other occasions expressed outrage that Jews were held collectively responsible for the acts of Jewish assassins, to hold the Christian residents of Kishinev collectively responsible for acts by non-Jewish criminals… (Pg. 164-165)

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NYT: A Brooklyn School’s Curriculum Includes Ambition

Winnie Hu reports:

There are just three blocks between the housing project where Kareem Butler lives and Mott Hall Bridges Academy, where he is in seventh grade, was named a scholar of the month and plays on the basketball team.

But three blocks in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the poorest neighborhood in New York City, can be a gantlet of gangs, drugs and violence…

For Kareem, Mott Hall Bridges Academy is more than just a place to learn algebra and history. A public middle school, it is seen by many families as a safe zone in a crime-plagued neighborhood, and a gateway out of generational poverty for those born with few advantages in life. Nearly all 191 students in grades six through eight are black or Hispanic; more than 85 percent are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches…

In its most recent evaluation by the city’s Education Department in October, the school was rated “proficient” in the rigor of its curriculum and the effectiveness of its teaching and learning. It excelled at establishing a culture of learning that communicated high expectations to staff, students and families. But the school’s performance on state math and English tests, though improving, still falls well below the citywide average.

Parental involvement — a staple of many high-performing schools — has also been a challenge. While there are some involved parents, many others do not bother to show up for the year-end parent-teacher conferences to collect their children’s report cards. The school has to mail them home, along with a letter on the importance of communication with parents.

There’s not much reason to have optimism for the students of this school. The average black IQ in America is 85, the highest average black IQ in the world because American blacks are one-quarter white. There’s not much you can do with an 85 IQ beyond the most menial and brain-dead of jobs. American latinos average 89 on IQ and there’s not much you can do with that level of IQ. As these low IQ kids grow up and have more kids than high-IQ folks, America becomes dumber.

Low-investment parenting is a prominent feature of black life around the globe.

The students of Mott Hall Bridges Academy are far more likely to be a disaster for America than an enhancement.

Professor Linda Gottfredson published an important paper titled, “Social Consequences of Group Differences in Cognitive Ability”.

First, much civilian and military research has detailed how brighter individuals are more educable and trainable, often learning 2-5 times faster than their less able peers when exposed to the same instruction. They cost less to train per unit of skill or knowledge acquired. They can also learn difficult material that less able individuals cannot, even when the latter are given more time and assistance. This is a major reason why the military and some large civilian employers in
the United States test all applicants for mental ability. Intelligence has little value unless conscientiously applied, to be sure, but motivation cannot substitute for mental competence. Coming from a higher status family is of no value because trainees must do their own learning.

Second, IQ predicts later job performance but family background does not. Supervisors are often swayed by factors other than actual performance when they rate workers, but the correlations between IQ and performance on a job increase when performance is assessed in a
more objective manner. This is the opposite of what social privilege theory predicts. Studies by industrial psychologists, particularly John Hunter and Frank Schmidt, show that higher g workers perform better partly because they have learned more about their jobs but also because workers must continue to learn and reason once on the job. No training program can ever prepare workers for all contingencies, especially in a changing world. Workers must continue to learn on their own, apply old knowledge to new situations, plan, spot problems, and use their judgment. Higher levels of g enhance job performance because they provide greater capacity for continued self instruction and independent problem solving once on the job. Researchers have not found anything—not family wealth, long experience, or a favorable personality—that can substitute for this capacity in getting the work done.

Third, other evidence confirms that higher-level jobs really do require workers to perform more mentally demanding tasks. It comes from job analysis studies, which catalog the various tasks that specific jobs require workers to perform to get the job done in a competent manner.
These studies, which are used to design training and compensation systems, consistently show that the major distinction among jobs lies in the overall complexity of the duties they require workers to carry out. Recall that complexity of information processing is the very same
ingredient that draws forth g in IQ tests.

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Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?

Kevin MacDonald says: Is Judaism an appropriate model for survival of the West?—by which I mean not only culturally but ethnically as well. I have at times been accused of being an anti-Semite. But the reality is that I greatly admire Jews as a group that has pursued its interests over thousands of years, while retaining its ethnic coherence and intensity of group commitment. There have been ups and downs in Jewish fortunes, to be sure; but their persistence, at times in the face of long odds, and their spectacular success at the present time are surely worthy of emulation.

Taking seriously the idea of Judaism as a model for ethnic activism is a tall order indeed. What would we have to do that we are not doing now?

First, we would have to develop a strong sense of ourselves as a people with interests—interests that often conflict with the interests of others. The fact is, of course, that any mention of the ethnic interests of European-Americans or even Europeans in Europe or anywhere else is certain to be greeted with scorn and accusations of “racism” and moral depravity. These accusations are effective because if there is one area where the intellectual left has won a complete and decisive victory, it is in pathologizing the ethnic interests of the European majority of the United States. By “pathologizing” I mean not only that people have been taught to believe with utter certainty that there is no biological reality to race or ethnicity, but that the slightest assertion of ethnic self-interest by the European majority of the United States is the sign of a grave moral defect. Indeed, it is a moral defect so grave that it is really more a matter of psychiatric concern than anything else.

Of course, this stance requires a great deal of hypocrisy, because assertions of ethnic interests by Europeans are stigmatized at the same time that assertions of ethnic interest by other groups are utterly commonplace and respectable.

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