America Should Stay Out Of The Middle East

Israel can look after itself. American Jews should get another hobby, perhaps Judaism, instead of lobbying on behalf of Israel.

I would like an American foreign policy of resisting invasion of America (including by Mexicans) and abstaining from invasion of other countries.

Every host nation has the right to demand that its citizens put the country first before any foreign power and if Americans want to obsess about Israel and lobby for Israel or Taiwan or Mexico or China, they should move to the countries they obsess about. If you want to obsess about America, live in America. Don’t wave the flags of foreign powers more prominently than you wave the American flag.

From Politico:

“The region is an economic dwarf. Its combined GDP—even including oil—represents roughly 6 percent of world GDP. Its population is closer to 5 percent of world population, and its military forces are similarly unimpressive. As the iconoclastic scholar Edward Luttwak has pointed out, America’s Middle East analysts frequently fall victim to the “Mussolini syndrome” when thinking about the region, attributing “real military strength to backward societies whose populations can sustain excellent insurgencies but not modern military forces.” No Middle Eastern state can project power outside the region—not Iran, which spends about $18 billion per year on defense, and not Saudi Arabia, despite its roughly $60 billion in annual military spending.”

The American Conservative: “What silver lining? It’s rooted in the fact that the Mideast may now actually matter much less than we think it does. We do have the option of pretty much ignoring it, if we choose. Its contribution to the world economy is negligible. Its oil will reach the market one way or another. The security and well-being of the American people is not linked to the survival of a Shi’ite regime in Baghdad, a medieval monarch in Riyadh, or, for that matter, a Jewish state in Jerusalem. Recognition of this fact is only beginning to seep into the discourse…”

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Steve Sailer writes: Houston is extremely flat, but has a lot of big trees, an impressive skyline, nice clouds, and fine sunsets. San Francisco is obviously unique, but Houston outpointed Los Angeles in the late 1970s on trees, skyline, clouds, and sunsets.

Is “walkability” a euphemism for “you can have a few drinks with dinner at the restaurant and not have to risk a DUI?” That’s a nice amenity, but if that’s what this euphemism means, can we spell it out?

“Walkability” also means I don’t have to be a taxi for my kids’ activities.”

That would be great, but that seems to come more with suburban than with urban life.

Okay, here’s a way to compare public transportation to work across cities, apples to apples. (This isn’t walkability in your home neighborhood, it’s your opportunity to ditch driving to work.) Most cities have a downtown where a lot of lawyers work. What percentage of married lawyers between 35 and 60 who work downtown take public transportation (including commuter trains) to work at least 3 days a week?

That seems like a pretty fair comparison across cities.

Hallie: What percentage of married lawyers between 35 and 60 who work downtown take public transportation (including commuter trains) to work at least 3 days a week?

None that I’m aware of (in St Louis).

Steve Sailer writes: Probably very few in Los Angeles either. I watched people get off the subway in North Hollywood last year at rush hour, and maybe 1%-2% of the men looked like lawyers.

Probably some lawyers take buses down Wilshire. And there’s now a trolley from Pasadena. I talked to a professional who rode that to downtown.

In Chicago, however, lots of men in good suits take the commuter trains from the suburbs to the Loop. It’s a pretty pleasant lifestyle.

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Leading Modern Orthodox Rabbi Arrested For Voyeurism

I understand why somebody would want to peep. Which guy doesn’t like to look? It’s a symptom of sex addiction aka an intimacy disorder.


Uniformed officers and plainclothes detectives swarmed a house at 30th and O streets, Northwest, at about 8:30 Tuesday morning. According to neighbors, the house belongs to Barry Freundel, the rabbi at Kesher Israel, a prominent Orthodox synagogue in Georgetown. The neighbors say Freundel was led away in handcuffs by Metropolitan Police Department officers following what appeared to be a major investigation. Cops were later seen removing computers and other items from the residence.

“You don’t usually see a rabbi led away a handcuffs,” said Michael Friedman, who lives across the street from Freundel.

Police sources confirmed the investigation and the arrest, but said the warrant was sealed. “We’re still on the scene,” says MPD spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump.

According to the Jewish Press: “Rabbi Dr. Barry Freundel was suspended without pay by Kesher Israel’s board of directors after he was arrested and charged with voyeurism, allegedly using cameras to spy on women in the mikveh.

A police report obtained by the Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate alleges that Freundel was installing a camera hidden in a clock radio above a shower at the mikveh. The rabbi allegedly told the person who caught him that he was fixing the shower’s ventilation system.”

Chaim Amalek: “Nebech, if this story is “true” then an erlicher Yid simply wants to be sure women are cleaning up as they should, and for this the goyim arrest him? Please send us Moshiach NOW so that this does not happen again!”

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I Am Just Glad Jameis Winston Can Write His Own Name

Too often the news media concentrate on the negative instead of looking for uplifting angles to a news story.

That’s the case here. There’s good news. Jameis Winston is not illiterate. He’s a university-educated scholar.


Even as Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher says he believes that quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t sign autographs for money, a source tells ESPN that the university’s athletic compliance department has begun to look into how so many Winston autographs were authenticated by a single company.

ESPN has learned that after the team’s 38-20 win Saturday against Syracuse, Fisher approached Winston and asked him whether he signed autographs for money. Winston told Fisher, according to the source, that he did not.

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Why Is Africa A Disaster Zone?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “African hospitals just can’t handle Ebola. And why is Africa so poor? Because of corruption. The brain power is there.”

The average IQ in sub-saharan Africa is 70, which alone is enough of a factor to account for the continent’s poverty and savagery. Blacks everywhere in the world are a disaster when compared with their more prosperous whites and oriental neighbors, who average much higher IQs (whites average 100, orientals 105, and Ashkenazi Jews about 112).

Do I think that Dennis Prager believes the stupid things he says? When your living depends upon believing things as stupid as that IQ does not matter for prosperity and civilization, then yes, I think he believes the stupid things he says.

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$7.25 Million Chapter Seven Bankruptcy By Antony Gordon In Federal Court

A Chapter Seven bankruptcy is a straight liquidation.

This (2:13-ap-01536-DS 1568931 Ontario Ltd., an Ontario (Canada Corporati v. Gordon et al) looks like a $7.25 million dollar fraud claim in federal court against Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon (an attorney, motivational speaker, and hedge fund manager).

I understand that Antony Gordon believes the matter will be resolved soon and that all allegations of wrongdoing will be dispelled.

I am told: “Who did your conversion, Rabbi Artson? You obviously do not know how Orthodox Jews use the bankruptcy process.”

I wonder what happened to the $7.25 million?

2:13-bk-14465-DS Antony Gordon
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: No Vol: v Judge: Deborah J. Saltzman
Date filed: 02/21/2013 Date of last filing: 07/23/2014
Debtor discharged: 02/10/2014


LOS ANGELES CA 90036 (34374555)
Benjamin Kiss, Esq.
Fischer Zisblatt & Kiss
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Ste 1020
Los Angeles, CA 90067 (33439548)
Bradley H. Mindlin, Esq.
15760 Ventura Blvd. 5th Fl.
Encino, CA 91436 (33439549)
Bradley H. Mindlin, Esq.
c/o ORO Capital Advisors
11766 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 325
Los Angeles, CA 90028 (33439550)
SAN FRANCISCO CA 94102 (33531857)
POB 1622
EL CAJON CA 92022 (33531859)
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
1811 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027 (33439551)
CHLA Medical Group
File No. 53279
Los Angeles, CA 90074-3279 (33439552)
28015 SMYTH DR
VALENCIA CA 91355 (33531860)
LOS ANGELES CA 90048 (33531875)
Designed Receivable Solutions, Inc.
1 Centerpointe Dr., Ste 450
La Palma, CA 90623 (33439553)
PO BOC 6103
CAROL STREAM IL 60197 (33531877)
Dr Karen Eilber
2020 Santa Monica, Ste 570
Santa Monica, CA 90404 (33439554)
Elliot Broidy
c/o Broidy Capital
1801 Century Park East
Suite 2150
Los Angeles, CA 90067 (33439555)
700 Longwater Dr
Norwell, MA 02061 (33439556)
PO BOX 942840
SACRAMENTO CA 94240 (33531879)
Freeman Freeman and Smiley
1888 Century Park East
Suite 1900
Attn: Michael Blumenfeld
Los Angeles, CA 90067 (33439557)
HOUSTON TX 77081 (33531880)
HJG Partnership
Attn Howie Fialkov/Gerry Fialkow
Noik & Assoc Lawyers
3410 Shepard Ave E Ste 400
Toronto CA M1T3K4 (33877139)
Howard Zisblatt, Esq.
Fischer Zisblatt & Kiss
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Ste 1020
Los Angeles, CA 90067 (33439558)
Howie Falkov/Gerry Falkov
3845 Bathurst St, Ste 202
Toronto, Ontario M3H3N2 (33439559)
Howie Fialkov
400 S. Beverly Dr., Ste 312
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (33439560)
Howie Fialkov/Gerry Fialkov
Noik & Associates Lawyers
3410 Shepard Ave.E, Ste 400
Toronto Canada M1T3K4 (33439561)
PO BOX 7346
PHILADELPHIA PA 19101-7346 (33531884)
LOS ANGEELS CA 90036 (33531885)
Law Offices of Robert Thau
Robert Thau, Esq.
212 26th St., Ste 189
Santa Monica, CA 90402 (33439562)
LOS ANGELES CA 90012 (33531886)
Neal Salisian, Esq.
c/o Salisian/Lee LLP
444 S. Flower Street, Ste 2320
Los Angeles, CA 90071 (33439563)
LOS ANGELES CA 90067 (34374866)
86 ROUTE 59 STE 403
MONSEY NY 10952-3411 (33531887)
Richard H. Lee. Esq.
c/o Salisian/Lee LLP
444 S. Flower Street, Ste 2320
Los Angeles, CA 90071 (33439564)
BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 (34374878)
RJM Acquisitions
575 Underhill Blvd., Ste 224
Syosset, NY 11791-3416 (33439565)
Robert Davis
2136 Duxbury Circle
Los Angeles, CA 90034 (33439566)
Tony Namvar
12121 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 601
Los Angeles, CA 90025 (33439567)
Vcorp Services, LLC
5670 Wilshire Blvd. #1530
Los Angeles, CA 90036 (33439568)
Vitrobirth, LLC
c/o Tony Namvar, Pentaco
12121 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 601
Los Angeles, CA 90025 (33439569)
Vitrotech, LLC
c/o Salisian/Lee LLP
444 S. Flower Street, Ste 2320
Los Angeles, CA 90071 (33439570)

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How do you have five kids and still look great?

Please stop me if this is weird. I want to compliment an Orthodox friend and say to him: “Your wife has given you many children and yet she’s still hot. She cooks a great meal. She’s nice. She’s smart. You did really well for yourself.” Is that inappropriate? Perhaps I should drop the “hot” bit?

* The most inappropriate thing I said over Succot: I was enthusing in a succah about how Mexican food was my favorite food even though I am not all that enthusiastic about Mexicans and this kid pipes up and says, I’m from Mexico. Whoops.

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Who Was The Greatest Hasidic Rebbe Ever?

In his talk “Sukkot of Glory”, Modern Orthodox Rabbi Ari Kahn says: “The Kotsker Rebbe said I do not want followers who are big tzaddikim (righteous ones). He was the greatest Hasidic rebbe ever. He shut himself up in a room for 13 years and wouldn’t talk to Hasidim. He told them to think for themselves. It was like The Life of Brian.”

According to Wikipedia about the Kotsker: “[He] was well known for his incisive and down-to-earth philosophies, and sharp-witted sayings. He appears to have had little patience for false piety or stupidity.”

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Over-Seriousness Kills Self Differentiation

Therapist Jerry Wise: “Over-seriousness is a reactive state…when we become immature, naive…when we enmesh through seriousness and intensity. This lessens our self-differentiation and clouds our self-awareness.”

“So often, people are talking and someone becomes very serious… If we are the ones becoming serious, it doesn’t feel funny. We don’t see the humor. We’re not flexible. We’re not loose internally. We’ve become solid and rigid. This reflects lower self-differentiation. It tends to freeze us and we become paralyzed inside and we have fewer options mentally and emotionally. Enmeshment and fusion hinders intimacy and calm in a relationship.”

“Over-seriousness is too much intensity, which inhibits relationship fluidity and the healthy relationship dance. Once someone becomes over-serious, it stops the interplay between two people in a relaxed and fluid way.”

“When we become over-serious, it’s like grabbing the lapels of someone else in the relationship. We miss the process of the relationship and we focus on the content.”

“We can get caught up in our own emotional thinking process. We’re not ourselves. We’re a cause or who we think we should be. If you want to find people become over-serious, talk about politics or religion. Some people will become over-serious, preachy, or defensive or reactive, which leads to emotional cut-off and indicates low self-differentiation.”

“When my son called me the worst parent in the world because I wouldn’t let him see his friend Tommy, I said, ‘Yes, I am the worst dad in the world.'”

“In the world of self-differentiation, we don’t want to allow our buttons to be pushed. That gives someone else too much power. When we grow up in dysfunctional families, we tend to have too many buttons to give our power away.”

“When we become overly-serious, we become less self-aware.”

“Let me use the example of the skin. It’s a good organ to think of how we should be. The skin should be moist, supple, smooth, flexible. If it becomes hard, brittle, blistered, dry, solid, then it does not function as well. Our sense of self needs to be smooth and supple, not hard and rigid.”

“Resist, own and resolve your own over-seriousness. When you become over-serious, identify what you need and want because often you probably haven’t done that. Ask yourself, what would I lose or what would be the downside of not being over-serious about this? What fears would I have? What problems would that cause for me?”

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How Did You Die In Your Past Life?

I took the quiz and got this result: “Hundreds of millions of people died during World War II, but your death was quite special.
You died while freeing a Nazi concentration camp and saving the lives of dozens of kids. Those kids survived and lived a full life thanks to you! You should be proud of your-past-self!”

I know this is silly, but I got emotional when I read that and went off to write in my journal.

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