Jews Lead The Fight To Expand Speech And To Criminalize Speech

Jews led the fight to decriminalize pornography around the world. They have also led the fight to criminalize hate speech.

Is there any way to reconcile these apparently contradictory campaigns? The one commonality I see is that the activists in these fights believe that what they are doing is good for the Jews. In their view, sexual expression will reduce anti-Semitism and hate speech laws will reduce anti-Semitism. It’s win-win.

From The Occidental Observer:

Which Twitter message sounds more objectionable — a Jewish Member of Parliament threatening to punch an elderly Muslim woman in the throat, or a tweet to a female Jewish MP that read “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”?

Prosecutors in England have no doubt. In the first case no action was taken against the Jewish MP in question. He issued a full apology and that was the end of the matter.

But in the second case Garron Helm, a 21-year-old working class pro-White activist, has just been sent to prison for four weeks, for sending an “offensive, indecent or obscene message” to a Shadow Labour minister called Luciana Berger. In addition he was fined and expelled from college. An equally fulsome apology and payment of ab £80 “victim surcharge” to Ms. Berger did not help him.

An undeniable example of a double standard then, and one which highlights some growing trends. One is the use of social media by mainly leftist women and minority groups to create a platform for bogus victimisation claims — effectively a market for “hate crime hoaxes”.

But another is the way that Jewish political establishment have shrewdly integrated this into their strategy of ramping up scares that their community is under attack. With the UK Israel lobby somewhat at bay over the atrocities in Gaza, they have been working relentlessly to paint the picture of a Britain infested with rabid, psychotic anti-Semitism…

Although not exactly a thought-leader or opinion former, Garron Helm is in fact the second scalp she has claimed from her constituents. In 2012 she reported Liverpool music promoter Philip Hayes to the police after an argument over Gaza at a music awards festival got out of hand and he said he hated Jewish people. He was subsequently fined £70 and apologised.

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Israel Supreme Court Rules That Jewish Communities Can Exclude Non-Jews

Jews have been at the forefront of the racial integration fight in the West, but in Israel, Jews have the right to maintain Jewish-only communities.

All of the major Jewish organizations stand for multi-culturalism for you goyim, exclusivity for my group. Orthodox Jewish groups such as the Orthodox Union and Agudas Yisrael want the strictest and most selective standards for converting to the Jewish people but they simultaneously support immigration amnesty for America’s millions of low-IQ mestizo Mexican infiltrators.

Josh: “Arabs have had Arab only neighborhood policies in Israel (and in their own countries) for years, somehow that is never news.”

Chaim Amalek: “Goyim! The Torah presents God’s Declaration to the World that Israel is to be an example worth emulating. So, emulate Israel and live. If you look at this assertion more granularly, Jews have been at the forefront of integration in this country primarily as it affected goyishes schools and neighborhoods. Jews with the means, liberal or not, seldom ventured their children for use as laboratory rats in any of these social experiments, and generally choose to live apart from non-whites. Hence, the Upper West Side. Curiously, there is one group of Jews that seems at least willing to live in the same neighborhoods as dusky folk, namely, certain Hasids (e.g. Chabadniks).”

Luke: “Jews tend to lead white flight while at the same time push for civil rights for blacks.”

Chaim: “Based on the few data points I have directly observed, yes. Except for the Haredim, for whom the quality of the local public school system is irrelevant, since they don’t use it. Or perhaps because their leaders ordered them to stay put in places like Crown Heights. Luke, a true Torah Jew favors borders and barriers at every level.”

From The Huffington Post:

On September 17th, 2014, in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court of Israel dismissed various petitions filed by human rights groups against the “Admissions Committees Law” enacted by the Knesset in 2011. In text, this law allows decision-making bodies in 434 small communities in the Negev and the Galilee to reject housing applicants based on their “social suitability” and the communities’ “social and cultural fabric.”

In practice, these committees — which include a representative from the Jewish Agency or World Zionist Organization — are now permitted to refuse residency based on any “undesired” identity, such as Palestinian, Sephardic, African, gay, religious, single-parent, non-Zionist or others. Despite petitions condemning the law from all these angles, the five majority judges claimed that it was too soon to determine if the law would indeed have discriminatory effects — a deliberate tactic to avoid setting a precedent on a case of far-reaching importance.

The purpose of the Admissions Committees Law is no secret in Israel. Fifteen years earlier, on March 8th, 2000, the Supreme Court issued a major ruling that the town of Katzir, built on state land by the Jewish Agency, could not deny the right of the Arab Ka’adan family to live in the town simply on the basis that they were not Jewish. This was the first time that Palestinian citizens of Israel, a fifth of the state’s population, successfully challenged the legality of “Jewish-only” communities, many of which, though small, were strategically located to prevent the expansion of Palestinian towns and had bylaws that forbade the leasing of property to non-Jews, though built on confiscated Palestinian lands.

The implications of the Ka’adan ruling alarmed Israel’s right-wing political elites. Under the 2009-12 Likud-Beiteinu government, the Knesset introduced new legislation to counter Palestinian citizens’ efforts to end the state’s discriminatory land and housing policies. Many among the Israeli Jewish public did not question the intentions behind these laws, agreeing that full equality and freedom for Palestinian citizens could threaten the Jewish “character” and demographics of their communities. The authors of the Admissions Committees Law even openly declared that, though deliberately written in neutral language, its main aim was to prevent Arabs from living with Jews.

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Strong Group Identity Always Brings With It Group Contempt For Outsiders

I’ve been arguing with Orthodox Jewish friends who want an Orthodox Judaism that does not have contempt for non-Jews.

It’s not possible, I tell them. Sure, you can have individual Orthodox Jews who are strong in their Jewish identity and non-contemptuous to non-Jews, but as a group, Orthodox Jews are always going to feel varying degrees of contempt for non-Orthodox Jews and non-Jews. It’s inherent in group identity. If you believe that you are living God’s will, that your group is the best, by definition all other groups are not the best and not living out God’s plan as much as you are.

To have a strong group identity and to not feel contempt for outsiders requires a high IQ. It’s a unique combination of traits akin to juggling balls and discussing philosophy at the same time. Not many people can do it.

I grew up a Seventh-Day Adventist with a strong Adventist identity. Accompanying my strong group identity was the feeling and belief that outsiders were lost. Sure, some of them might still inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, but they weren’t among God’s elect, God’s Chosen. That was reserved for Seventh-Day Adventists.

There’s never been a strong group identity that did not carry with it general group contempt for outsiders. When Germans were strong in being German, they had varying degrees of fear, loathing and contempt for outsiders such as Jews and slavs and the French, etc. When the French felt strongly about being French, they had, as a group, a tendency towards contempt for the non-French. When the Commanches were strong in being Commanche, they had, as a group, contempt for outsiders.

When Jews say things like the following, it’s never a compliment for non-Jews:

* He’s thinking like a goy.
* That’s goyisha kup (Gentile thinking).
* What a goy!

The stronger a Jew feels about being Jewish, the more a Christian feels in Christ, the more a Muslim feels Islamic, the more contempt he is likely to feel for outsiders.

I have an Orthodox Jewish friend who decided to start wearing colored shirts on Sabbath. Normally, Orthodox Jewish men wear white shirts on the Sabbath. My friend was sick of the contempt he’s seen displayed towards non-Jews by Orthodox Jews and so he wants to make a statement that he is not like those contemptuous white-shirted Orthodox Jews. By dropping the uniform to express his universal tolerance, he’s reducing his group identity and has taken a step towards assimilation.

Uniforms are a kin component of group solidarity. Imagine how much weaker the KKK would be if they stopped wearing their uniforms. Imagine how much weaker the SS would have been if they dropped their uniforms. Imagine how much weaker Islamic identity would be without distinctive Islamic garb.

Liberal Jews omit the following lines from the Aleinu prayer: “For they worship vanity and emptiness, and pray to a god who cannot save.” Traditional Jews say the lines just as they were written hundreds of years ago. These lines express contempt for the prayers of non-Jews. Now, if I were doing Jewish apologetics, I’d say that these lines were composed with pagans in mind, not the righteous non-Jews of today, but between you and me, we know that this still expresses Jewish contempt for non-Jewish religions, just as non-Jewish religions express contempt in varying ways for religions different from their own.

Christians, Muslims and Jews have always, on average, despised each other.

Bigotry, racism, prejudice and anti-Semitism are not useful concepts. You will think more clearly when you replace such nonsense with the idea that different groups have different interests. Germans who loved being German prior to WWII saw that they had to get rid of the Jews if they wanted a truly Aryan state. Arabs and Muslims around Israel see that they have to get rid of the Jewish state for as long as Jews are around them and living free, they will excel them and that’s humiliating. As long as Jews were free in Germany in large numbers, they were going to affect society in ways that Aryan Germans would not like.

Organized Jewish life in the United States (including the Orthodox Union and Agudas Yisrael) has pushed for immigration amnesty because they see it (unconsciously in many cases) in the Jews’ interest for the white goyim to lose control of the United States. Organized Jewish life pushed for the removal of prayer in public schools in America because a weakened goyisha religious identity was thought to be in the Jewish interest. Jews have been at the forefront (through the Frankfurt school etc) of claiming that there is no meaning to race. This weakens the goy’s racial identity. Jews have been at the forefront of denouncing nationalism because that weakens the goy’s national identity and thus makes life easier for the Jews (who retain their own nationalism and Zionism).

All of these agendas pushed by the Jewish community (not by every individual Jew) have been contrary to the interests of white Americans. White Americans and black Americans and Mexican-Americans and Jewish-Americans have competing interests and this inevitably leads to conflict.

In the struggle for scarce resources, groups with the most solidarity have a big advantage. By weakening the group identities of non-Jews racially, religiously and nationally around the Western world, an agenda pushed primarily by Ashkenazi Jews on the left (and often adopted in toto by the organized Jewish community) over the past 200 years, Jews with their superior solidarity have done better than the goyim, except for the times when the goyim caught on to what was happening and fought back.

Over the past 600 years, Ashkenazi Jews in Europe have, on average, lived better than their non-Jewish neighbors (most have been in white collar jobs) because they had higher IQs and superior group solidarity.

Kevin MacDonald tells Tom Sunic about Gilad Atzmon: “These core Jews who run the Jewish community set the boundaries and anyone outside of that gets a label as a self-hating Jew, an anti-Semite. Atzmon asks, why were Jews hated so much throughout history? Now that is something you cannot ask as a Jew and still be considered part of the Jewish community.”

“People who agree with me politically, we often talk about white people as self-hating whites. This guilt that white people have. We excoriate them for that. You’re just self-hating. We’re trying to draw the same sort of boundaries. We want to develop a community of people who are strongly identifying and we want to have labels for those who are not on page… It’s something that any strongly identifying in-group has to do.”

“People who are anti-Jewish love it when they can find a Jew who fits with their point of view. They enjoy citing Jewish authors who are critical of Jews in some way.”

“Jews in general do not want non-Jews meddling in their affairs. Jews certainly write about Europeans and they analyze European culture. Part of the problem I’ve always had in getting my books accepted is that Jews do not want to deal with the fact that someone else is analyzing them.”

“It’s a marker of how intensely their group is defended. They just don’t want criticism. If the criticism is going to come from anyone, it is going to come from the inside who make most of the assumptions they would have. There are very few Jews who are truly renegade Jews.”

“If I were to write Atzmon’s book, it would be ignored more than if Atzmon wrote it because he is Jewish and he has all these Jewish contacts.”

“Atzmon is aware that if anti-Semitism did not exist, strongly identifying Jews would have to create it. Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism. The perception of anti-Semitism creates a bunker mentality that justifies everything… When a group is under threat, they become more bonded to each other. There’s a stronger in-group sense. They become really defensive. It’s a very good strategy. As a result, Israel is beset. The people around them, these Muslim societies, don’t like Israel at all. And a lot of it is because of Israeli behavior. At the same time, all this hatred produces a sense of threat, which then justifies everything they do. For example, the Holocaust could be used as an excuse for attacking Iran. You attack Iran because Iran is supposedly threatening Jews with extinction. It justifies anything.”

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ESPN 30 For 30: Ghosts Of Ole Miss

Steve Sailer notes that sports writers tend to be the most politically correct writers around because they are faced constantly with obvious racial differences but to keep their jobs, they have to ignore that.

I enjoy the the ESPN documentary series 30 for 30, but it slants left.

This particular episode is based on an article by Wright Thompson, Mississippi native, who begins: “When I was 5 or 6, because of my dad’s political activism in the Mississippi Delta, local white supremacists burned a cross in our front yard. My parents had a decision to make: Wake me up or let me sleep. They chose sleep. On that night, hate and fear would not be passed to another generation.”

Notice how whites are the only group who are not allowed to think of themselves as supreme. Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People, the Japanese believe that the sun rises first on Japan and then goes to the rest of the world, the Chinese believe that China is the center of the earth, and every group thinks of itself as the greatest and looks at the world through a lens in which they finish first, but the only group who are bad to do this are whites. Jewish supremacists, black supremacists, Mexican supremacists, Japanese supremacists are all fine and dandy, but white supremacists are evil. I don’t buy this. I accept that it is natural, healthy and good for every individual and every group to think of itself as supreme.

I don’t think I ever seek anything for my group that I would not want for other groups (such as organizing in their self-interest and protecting their territory and culture).

I don’t see burning a cross on a front lawn as any more heinous than Jews spitting at Christians in Jerusalem and the other things that people do to assert the hegemony of their group in a particular place. It is natural, healthy and good for a group to want to protect its own turf and if you are an outsider and want to dwell on somebody else’s turf, you should be very careful to follow the customs of the town (as the Talmud advises). To try to revolutionize a town’s social order is asking for trouble. When Jews in the South pushed for civil rights for blacks, that caused a backlash against Jews (which often stopped when Jews stopped upsetting the apple cart).

Thompson wrote: “On that night, hate and fear would not be passed to another generation.”

That’s nonsense. It is inhuman to live without fear and hate. If you have values, people and acts that are antithetical to your values are feared and hated.

Thompson wrote: “In the years that followed, my parents raised my brother and me to leave old prejudices behind. They enforced strict rules that made our home something of an oasis. Respect all people. Understand other points of view. And, of course, no N-word, ever, under any circumstance.”

Does that include having empathy for southern whites whose civilization was being destroyed by Civil Rights? Should you really respect all people? What about shoplifters, rapists, torturers and murderers? What about adopting “prejudices” about different peoples that are purely in line with the facts, such as that blacks are more likely to commit than whites and orientals? What about the prejudice that it is dangerous for blacks or whites to live in a black neighborhood? What about the prejudice that rape and other crime rates will go way up when you let blacks into your school?

As an Orthodox Jew, I want Israel and Jerusalem to be as Jewish as possible. I want all policy questions settled on the basis of what is good for Jews. I want all Arabs and Muslims to leave Israel. I want Jews around the world to think in terms of — what is good for Jews?

I want the same thing for all peoples. I want whites to maintain white civilization. I want blacks to develop their own unique talents. I want Korea to stay Korean and Japan to stay Japanese.

In the case of the America, I want it to stay dominantly white and Protestant, just like the people who founded the United States. The American South developed a particular way of life that clearly separated white and black. That’s a natural and healthy way of living. I love the old Southern ways.

In this documentary, whites rioting in 1962 to protect their white way of life is regarded as a shameful thing, but when Jews in Israel riot to protest in 2012 to protest African illegal immigrants, that does not get the same attention.

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Police arrested a total of 17 people during and after a protest against African migrants in south Tel Aviv Wednesday night. The arrests were made for rioting, attempted assault, possession of knives and looting store fronts.”

I wonder who controls the narrative?

Thompson writes: “A young politician named William Winter looks around and feels like a stranger. How can this be happening? The crowd shakes with indignation, the air filling with Rebel yells, from the mouths of doctors and bankers and lawyers and priests, and Winter thinks: So this must be what a Nazi rally felt like.”

All nationalisms require a willingness to commit genocide. That’s not unique to the Nazis. Jewish nationalism requires a commitment to kill as many people as necessary to preserve the Jewish state. Jews had to kill to create Israel and as long as Arabs keep attacking Israel, Jews will keep killing Arabs.

When you gather with your people and you feel the world turned against you, that induces pre-traumatic syndrome. It’s a powerful recipe for uniting a group and getting it ready to do whatever it takes to survive.

In nature, you’ll never find more than one sub-specie in the same place.

James Meredith, the first black student at Ole Miss, went on to work for David Duke.

In this documentary, he equates himself with God and exudes an Obama-like calm.

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The Jewish Story Of New York Marathon Director Fred Lebow

I grew up a Seventh-Day Adventist in Australia. In May of 1977, when I was turning 11, I moved with my parents to Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley (where I lived for the next three years and returned to frequently during high school when I lived in Auburn, CA). I was running a mile or two a day at the time and as a way of adjusting to my new home, I began racing long distance in 1978-1979, finishing five marathons (26 miles 385 yards each).

As was my bent, I read many books and magazines on running. There I kept encountering stories about Fred Lebow, the director of the New York City marathon. I always skipped these stories as much as I could. I had no interest in Fred Lebow. I had no interest in such icky self-promoters. I had no interest in tribal identity.

In late 1979, I developed Osgood Schlatter’s disease and had to quit running. That was devastating because at the time running was my primary source of self-esteem.

After 1984, I was able to run again, but never went longer than three miles. In 1988, I got sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and haven’t been able to run since without getting a CFS relapse. As a result, it’s painful for me to immerse myself in that world. I don’t read or watch much about running anymore.

In 1989, I became interested in Judaism and eventually converted to the religion of the Jewish people.

I notice that exploring Jewish identity is a favorite theme in the media (exploring white identity, by contrast, is a horrible thing) but I also get why many non-Jews are sick of it. What’s with this tribal obsession? It’s so contrary to the WASP worldview. Christians love to talk about how much they love Jesus but they rarely talk about their Christian identity. Jews rarely talk about how much they love God, but they love to talk about being Jewish.

The other day, I watched the Netflix documentary on Fred Lebow called “Run For Your Life.”

Fred was born Fischel Lebowitz in 1932 in Romania. He and his family escaped the Holocaust and moved to New York.

A friend remembers Fred in the late 1960s when Lebow worked in the knockoff schmatta business: “All these women were models and they were tugging at his shoulders. I don’t know if he had that set up.”

Friend: “Fred had more girlfriends than anyone I knew.”

To a WASP, working in a fashion knock-off business would have been too humiliating to contemplate as would arranging models to publicly tug at you all night. Many things that are abhorrent to the WASP (and the German Jew) are common to the Ashkenazi Jew. WASPs lack chutzpah. Perhaps that is a reason why WASPs are in decline and Jews are in ascendancy.

Fred could talk about himself without end and he knew how to manipulate people so that he would be the constant center of attention. Fred had no wife or kids. He liked playing around too much.

Peter Roth, Treasurer of the New York City Road Runners Club: “His identity in the world was all about confusing people.”

“It was all about mirrors and shells and moving things around and hiding things. He did that to create the first five borough marathon. He knew that we needed people to believe in us. And we didn’t have anything to believe in yet except for his vision of how great it was going to be. So he assured everybody that the numbers were there for everyone. And he even made up numbers. And he assured the runners that we had plenty of support, plenty of sponsors. We didn’t have it.”

Howard Rubenstein: “The Road Runners and Fred were broke.”

Charlie McCabe: “Fred was out there looking for money. I guess the garment center produces a different sort of salesperson.”

Friend: “Fred felt like he was a missionary, to convert people to the marathon.”

Friend: “He was like a rock star. He had a personality that women were attracted to.”

Anne Roberts, Fred’s former employee at the Road Runners Club: “We were traveling to Amsterdam. We were sitting in the lounge at JFK. Fred said to me, ‘When we go to the gate, you walk ahead of me. I don’t want people to think that we’re together. You’re too old for me, Anne.’ And I’m about 20 years younger than Fred.”

Fred: “I get bored with women easily. That’s the main problem. Once I have achieved anything in life, I’m not satisfied with it. I love the chase.”

This Lebow documentary reminds me uncomfortably of my own story. Kinda like that movie Greenberg (2010).

Near the end of his life, Fred went back to the name “Fischel Lebowitz.”

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When Do Children Rebel?

Blog: My theory: a child will adopt a parents’ tastes and values and outlook in inverse correlation with the narcissism of that parent. If a parent is a blowhard — of high or low IQ — who can never admit his mistakes, his child is likely to adopt an opposite outlook. And vice versa.
If a parent is too rigid in his or her thinking, the child will see that and instinctively go in an opposite direction. And if the parent is loathsome in his hypocrisy, that will also drive the child (or anyone else) away.

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Why Do Men & Women Lie?

Alison Armstrong tells Dennis Prager: “We’re born liars.

“There are three main instincts that humans share with all other critters and there’s an order: Procreate, protect, provide.”

“We’ll do dangerous things to procreate that we would not do to protect and to provide.”

“The masculine will lie to fulfill his sex drive. There’s deception, exaggeration, manipulation. That gets a lot of press.”

“There’s not as much of a stink that women do this equally. It’s just different. Our procreative drive shows up less in sex than in being all about babies. We’ll lie about using birth control to get pregnant. We’ll lie about the father of our babies to get the best one to provide and protect for our babies. We steal babies.”

“We’ll lie to protect ourselves from the things we fear such as fear, abandonment. We’ll lie to fit in.”

“When we love someone, when we’re strongly attracted to someone, we will be more likely to lie.”

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Are Jews Responsible For All The Wars In The World?

IN 2006, according to a police report, Hollywood star Mel Gibson asked the arresting officer if he was Jewish and then said: “F**king Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Until WWII, Jews lacked the influence, generally speaking, to push a country into war.

Until WWII, the United States had a strong isolationist streak. After WWII, that attitude was portrayed as irresponsible and America become the world’s policeman. Today, the average American strikes me as uninterested in invading more countries. American Jews, however, tend to care about Israel. Some of them care more about Israel than about America. Speaking as a converted member of the tribe, let me tell you that it’s exciting to have your own country in the Middle East. It’s better than rooting for your favorite football team.

Jews who care about Israel are going to push for the United States to become more involved in the world and to funnel aid to Israel and to support Israel against its enemies and to want to flatten Israel’s enemies with American might. Ironically, as Steve Sailer points out, the more the United States becomes involved in the Middle East, the less it can afford to be strongly allied with Israel. Without other involvements, the US can relate to Israel as a charity case.

So would 9/11 have happened without the U.S. involvement with Israel? I doubt it. Would America have invaded Afghanistan without Jewish neo-conservatives pushing for it? Probably. Would America have invaded Iraq in 2003 without this? Probably not.

A Jewish friend says about America:

We’d be involved in the mideast for sure since they have oil. But it is a mistake to blame all of our foreign misadventures on the Jews. Did “the Jews” irresistibly command LBJ to send 500,000 Americans to Vietnam? Also plenty of Jews opposed the war in Iraq. The man who sent Americans there was a WASP Christian, not a Jew. All of our involvement in avoidable wars has been contrived by WASPS. All of them. Perhaps we should ask “Would America have squandered its strength had Jews been running the place?”

Another Jewish friend says:

Until recently Jews lacked the influence to shape any nation’s policies regarding war.

It is also questionable whether the U.S. never participated in wars until the 20th century.

In 1804 we fought the Barbary pirates in North Africa.

In 1812 we initiated the War of 1812 to annex Canada.

In 1846 we fought the Mexican war leading to the annexation of much of the Southwest United States including where we live today.

In 1898 we fought the Spanish American war which allowed the U.S. to claim Puerto Rico and the Phillipines as colonies. (and then we fought a several year guerilla war in the Phillipines itself)

I don’t think Jews were behind any of these wars.

Of the major historical battles, from the Persian-Greek wars up through Trafalgar and Waterloo, I don’t think there was any significant Jewish involvement. (although Napoleon did liberate the Jews from ghettos in countries the French conquered as part of his public position that he was the successor leader of the French Revolution.) (and as a result of his own sources for private intelligence on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild, made a financial killing on the outcome)

Jews were not involved in the American Revolution, nor the French Revolution, nor in any of the internal struggles of England in the battles for succession between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I, or when Oliver Cromwell took power, or during the Jacobin struggles or Germany, either when Prussia became the dominant state and Germany was unified. Jews had been expelled from Spain in 1492 and played no role in the expansion of the Spanish Empire. The Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French empires with their vast overseas colonies, many of which were conquered militarily, were not engineered by Jews or Jewish interests.

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Did The Nazis Believe Jews Were Inferior?

I find it a chore to listen to Dennis Prager these days. Not because Dennis has changed, but I have changed.

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager struggled to define “racism”: “You believe that race has intrinsic qualities, usually negative. The Nazis believed that Jews were born with bad qualities, inferior qualities. That Jews were inferior. They had a racist anti-Semitism.”

“In today’s world, there aren’t many racists. How many people believe it is inherent to having that skin color?”

“Are any stereotypes accurate? For example, are Asians, from the perspective of the American driver, worse drivers?”

“It is racist to believe that inherent to being Asian is a certain type of driving.”

This racist belief is obviously true. It is inherent to East Asians to be, on average, more cautious than whites who are in turn more cautious than blacks.

Dennis says that “recent African immigrants have crime rates no different from any other group.”

Here’s the news from Switzerland: “From this [2010] study it became clear that crime rate is highly correlated on the country of origin of the various migrant groups. Thus, immigrants from Germany, France and Austria had a significantly lower crime rate than Swiss citizens (60% to 80%), while immigrants from Angola, Nigeria and Algeria had a crime rate of above 600% of that of Swiss population.”

Dennis: “I do believe that certain cultures are superior to others.”

“It’s not easy to be a racist. You have to be actively stupid.”

“Racism is really evil. You shouldn’t cheapen the phrase.”

Luke: Yes, the Nazis called Jews untermenschen aka rats, parasites or vermin, but the Nazis thought of Jews as inferior morally, not inferior in intelligence and achievement. The Nazis resented the Jews for their high participation rate in satire (mocking traditional German values and practices and racial solidarity) and for promoting alien ideologies such as communism and in particular Russian Bolshevism.

Richard Lynn writes in his book Eugenics:

Hitler did not regard the Jews as genetically inferior. No one could have reached such a conclusion in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s because it was a matter of common knowledge and observation that the Jews were exceptionally talented. Jews were prominent in business, the professions, and intellectual life. Although they constituted only approximately 1 percent of the population, Jews won 10 out of 32 Nobel Prizes awarded to German citizens between 1905 and 1931 and were thus overrepresented among this highly elite group by a factor of approximately 30 (Gordon, 1984). Anyone who asserted that the Jews were genetically inferior and hence eugenically undesirable would have forfeited all credibility, and Hitler certainly did not do so. Hitler (1943) was indisputably anti-Semitic, and this anti-Semitism was based on his views, set out in Mein Kampf, that the Jews had exceptionally high abilities and were consequently a threat to the German, or as he called them “Aryan” peoples, who included the British and the Scandinavians. Hitler believed that the Jews and the Aryans were the two most talented races and that they were in competition to secure world supremacy. Thus, , he wrote in Mein Kampf that the Jews are “the mightiest counterpart to the Aryan” (p. 64). He feared that the outcome of the struggle between these two peoples might easily be “the final victory of this little nation” (p. 300). This was the reason that Hitler was determined to destroy the Jews. He believed that if he could achieve this, the Aryans would remain as the unchallenged master race. The correct understanding of Hitler’s views on the Jews has been summarized by MacDonald (1998): “Hitler believed that races, including the Jews, are in a struggle for world domination, and he had a very great respect for the ability of Jews to carry on their struggle” (p. 146). The frequent assertion that Hitler exterminated the Jews on eugenic grounds is a misunderstanding of his position.

Domen writes:

“They hated Jews because Jews was seen by the Nazis as the worst race in the world.”

That was just what the Nazis told to the masses of brainwashed and uneducated German people whom they wanted to manipulate.

But in fact the Nazis hated Jews because they considered them as superior to them and thus threatening their plans for world domination.

The Nazi propaganda said “they are inferior”, but they were thinking “they are superior and thus threatening our plans for world domination.”

The Nazis believed, that it was “Jewish conspiracy” which caused the German defeat in WW1. They considered Jews as very influential.

According to Hitler, Jews had to be eliminated because they were considered as dangerous for his planned “German World Domination”.

“The Nazis believed, that it was ‘Jewish conspiracy’ which caused the German defeat in WW1. They considered Jews as very influential. I don’t think so. Jews were just a scapegoat… Everybody knew it was the Emperor and the Army that lost the war.”

Indeed – Germans (including also Austria) lost WW1 due to their own indolence.

But they blamed the Jews (who were just 1% of entire population of Germany – even though a very influential one percent) for their defeat, because it was very self-justifying to blame someone else for their own failures, especially if they could blame someone as influential as Jews.

In other words – by blaming the Jews, Germans were healing their own deeply rooted inferiority complexes.

One of those deep German inferiority complexes was their strong belief that they were a superior peoples and a world’s leading nation, which was contradicted by brutal reality, in which Germany did not have as much colonies and as much “living space” as other great powers.

Particularly British and French Empires were the source of German inferiority complexes. But also the USA and the huge Russian Empire.

German people believed that Russians did not deserve their territorially huge empire, because they “were unable to manage it properly”. Germans claimed, that Germans could allegedly manage each square mile of territory more efficiently than Slavic (including Russian) and Jewish people.

This is why the “Lebensraum” plan during WW2 included the deportation of “badly organized” Russians from European Russia to Asia.

So German anti-Semitism was about healing their complexes and explaining the cognitive dissonance they were experiencing between their own excessive belief concerning their self-importance (i.e. most Germans falsely believed that they were “special” and “superior” to others) and the reality (in which Germany did not have such an important position as selfish and excessively nationalistically proud German people wanted).

As the result of their excessive pride, looking down on others and silly beliefs, Germans started another WW, lost it, and got humiliated again.

German jealousness towards Britain, France and Russia and their bigger empires, was also among the factors leading to WW1.

This is only such a psychological approach to the causes of the initial rise and the subsequent collapse of Nazi Germany, of course.

From the political and military perspective, those events were much more complex.

George* emails Luke: “The more extreme actions of the Nazis were wrong. I’ll just point out that at that time in Germany, Jews, despite being a minuscule percentage of the population, had great, great power and advocated for the types of things for Germany that they advocate (generally speaking) throughout the Western World today; the exception is in their country of Israel. When a tiny population has such great money and power and has a conflicting culture and political orientation, only bad things can happen.”

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What Happened To WASPs?

Blog: A nice Jewish lady once told me, when I was at a Club Med, “You probably think of yourself as a man first, then maybe after that as your occupation, then after that as your ethnicity. What you don’t understand is that Jews think of themselves as Jews first, second, and third.”

I wouldn’t argue with that. The Jewish drive to power, both the personal and group varieties, has completely overtaken the hapless WASPs.

Think of the people you know. Jewish people with IQ’s of 120 or higher tend to do things which will in some way, no matter how obliquely, help further Jewish influence. They become labor lawyers. Or corporate lawyers. Or criminal lawyers. Or they become doctors affiliated with hospitals where they can help set policy. Or they become newspapermen, or work for a network. They become aides to Congressmen and help write legislation. Or they work for a TV show, or go to work for a talent agency. In business, they start as middlemen, then find a way to leverage that into becoming owners. Or, they just go directly to Wall Street. They become academics, and teach pliable young college students how to think. Or they become economists.

Eventually, most of the Ivy League universities end up with Jewish Presidents, and most of the major sports leagues end up with Jewish commissioners, and half the talking heads you see on TV are Jewish, and most powerful Hollywood producers are Jewish, and all of the recent heads of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish. And after a while, it seems as if those positions are no longer even open to Anglos.

Jewish people succumb to mental illness, too. But if it’s just an ordinary neurosis they have, instead of letting it cripple them, they always seem to somehow harness it to climb even further.

Now think of the Anglos you know with IQ’s over 120. They tend to pursue more Quixotic callings. They become ornithologists, or herpetologists, or zoologists of some sort, and strangely, develop an affection for those species. And they spend much of their lives in the field, practically invisible to other people. Or they get involved in environmental causes, which affect the balance of power between people and other creatures, but not between different peoples. Or they become engineers and work for companies which are ultimately bought and sold by Jewish financiers.

* Blog: If an Anglo accuses a Jewish person of somehow favoring his own, or of trying to undermine the goyim, however, the accusation never sticks. Instead, the focus gets completely turned on the Anglo for his perceived anti-Semitism. If the Anglo is prominent, Abraham Foxman will land on his back like a hungry wolverine dropping out of a tree. The Anglo will then have to apologize, grovel, scrape, and explain how he has seen the error of his ways.

Then, he’ll probably lose his job anyway.

It is completely irrelevant whether the Anglo’s original accusation is true. (This blogger’s opinion: it never is, otherwise we’d see disproportionate numbers of Jewish people in positions of power and an inordinate amount of our foreign aid funneled towards Israel.)

There’s a lesson here for the Anglos: the best defense is a good offense. If you’re incredibly aggressive about protecting your own ethnic interests anytime anyone points out how aggressive you are about protecting your own ethnic interests, eventually everybody will be too cowed to point it out.

* Blog: He replied, “How would a girl be able to tell? Women are generally only capable of received opinions.

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