Jack Hunter: Anatomy Of A Cuckening

Milo writes: Former Rand Paul staffer Jack Hunter ran a lengthy piece in the Daily Beast this week, criticizing me for co-authoring an explainer on the alt-right that wasn’t, as every other journalist’s attempt to chronicle the movement has been, a pointless collection of faux-outraged virtue-signalling.

I don’t normally respond when a Left-wing outlet cries “racist,” of course. That’s what they exist to do. But Hunter’s odd mixture of hero-worship and playing to the progressive gallery caught my eye. I’m intrigued by the bizarre tone of the hit job — at once slavishly admiring and superficially damning.

In the piece, he writes that he is “disturbed” by an auditorium full of energetic, mischievous students at one of my events chanting, “Cuck!” His headline and subhead also accuse me — somewhat laughably — of being the “face” of a racist hate movement.

It’s probably the first time that a face that’s enjoyed such close relations with America’s black population has been labelled a racist anything. Trust me, alt-right hardliners don’t like me any more than they like the Republican establishment or Hillary: I’m a degenerate, race-mixing gay Jew, and they don’t let me forget it!

That is to say, I’m a chronicler of, and occasional fellow traveller with, the alt-right. But I’m certainly no ringleader.

Although Hunter’s piece is gracious in tone, it’s still an attempted takedown. And even though Hunter sucks my metaphorical member enthusiastically throughout, and was full of effusive praise on Twitter — he’s understandably jumpy about me coming for him — I believe that a cursory examination of the editorial, and its author, will prove instructive.

I wasn’t familiar with Jack Hunter before reading the piece, of course, but after doing a little research into his past, Hunter’s motivations have become painfully obvious.

The career of Jack Hunter presents observers with the ultimate cautionary tale for robust young right-wingers who get caught saying stuff their friends in the media don’t like, and then dedicate the rest of their lives to bending and scraping to political correctness in a panicky and desperate attempt to retain social acceptability.

Hunter, you see, has a past. He attracted scandal, and was expelled from his position as an aide to Senator Rand Paul, after his background as pseudonymous radio host “The Southern Avenger” came to light in 2013.

As The Southern Avenger, Hunter wore a wrestling mask in the colours of the Confederate Flag and cracked jokes about tying the President of the NAACP to a tree and whipping him. It also emerged that he was a chairman in the League of the South, a neo-secessionist group.

Since the scandal, Hunter has been scrambling to distance himself from his old life. His initial response to the drama was to write a lengthy confessional for Politico, in which he recanted and apologised for his previous opinions. He now insists that he’s a changed man.

Our Jack is repenting for past sins, in other words, and using me as the vessel.

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Should Prostitution Be a Crime?




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Op-Ed Rich Angelenos are giving less to charity — and the consequences are dire

Los Angeles Times:

During the Great Recession, tens of thousands of residents in Los Angeles County fell into poverty, and thousands more became homeless and went hungry. Simultaneously, the public sector was forced to reduce funding for many human services. It’s now apparent that philanthropic giving also declined, imperiling our community’s most vulnerable citizens and posing an ominous challenge to the county’s social fabric.

UCLA’s Quality of Life Index, released in April, found that a significant number of county residents are financially stressed and experiencing intense anxiety over their economic viability. For example, 31% of all residents are worried about losing their homes and becoming homeless. More than half with annual household incomes of less than $30,000, and even 24% earning between $90,000 and $120,000, fear the same fate. Similarly, 29% of all residents are concerned about going hungry because they can’t afford the cost of food. Half of households earning less than $30,000, and one quarter earning between $60,000 and $90,000, also worry about food security.

The more diverse California becomes, the less charity people give. It’s pretty simple. People prefer to help people racially like themselves.

Steve Sailer writes in 2007: “Can you guess which two cities lead the new list of top 50 metropolitan areas in terms of the highest percentage of adults volunteering for charity? And which two cities came in last? These aren’t trick questions.”


* 1. Minneapolis-St. Paul
2. Salt Lake City

49. Miami
50. Las Vegas

Not too hard, was it?

* A quick look at the rankings is here on page 14 of the executive summary.

Amazingly, Detroit (34) easily beat out Los Angeles (44) and New York (48).

For all the left-wing activism in the Bay Area, you might expect San Francisco to perform better than its even-Steven 23.

Why are folks from Providence, Rhode Island so uninvolved (42)? People from Boston are hardly any more likely to volunteer than folks from Chicago.

The Northwest does pretty good: Seattle (5) and Portland (6) were both up there. I’m actually surprised to see Seattle beat out Portland. I would have figured the opposite.

* Steve, as a humble Brit I’m not up to speed on where the Latinos are citywise; but several times you’ve referenced the very low levels of co-operativeness and civic-mindedness among the sunny South West’s exciting vibrant invaders. Does this poll bear that out?

* Using Arthur Brooks’ “Who Really Cares” book as a guide, one would guess that the more religious (liberal or conservative) a city is, the more it would give.
Looking at the top and bottom ten, the volunteering data seems to line up pretty well. I’d think that a ranking of churchgoers per 1000 would correlate pretty well with the ranking of volunteers. Of course, Catholics are notorious for not being as involved, so it is no surprise that Miami and LV are so low. I don’t think it is a matter of race so much as it is a matter of more non-Catholic Christians means more volunteers.

* When I did volunteer work at a women’s shelter in Dallas, there were several Hispanics on staff. None were Mexican. The two I worked with most closely didn’t have very high opinions of Mexicans, either.

* I hate to say it, but volunteer work could be dangerous in certain parts of our town, and Im guessing those mostly white-medium sized cities would not have too much “dangerous-looking” areas to the whites. People, as Steve has often pointed out so correctly, are more prone to “help out” others that look like them, almost assuredly out of evolutionary urges whether they realize it or not.

* “You move it. I’m too hung over.”

With this remark the Mexican male in the house tossed his car keys out to us.

“Us” as in volunteers affiliated with the Dallas chapter of Habitat for Humanity. We had been asked to finish re-siding a house in West Dallas (barrio near downtown). The Mexican male was the boyfriend of the single mother who owned the house. He had left his station wagon blocking the driveway that Saturday morning. We could not drive trucks around the back of the house to drop off construction materials. Thus the need to move his car.

All the volunteers were white.

* Gregory Rodriguez writes in the New York Times: “In Los Angeles, which has the largest Mexican population in the country, there is no ethnic-Mexican hospital, cemetery or broad-based charity organization.” No college either.

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TDB: Meet the New Han Solo: Alden Ehrenreich, Discovered by Steven Spielberg at a Bat Mitzvah

The Daily Beast: Back when Ehrenreich was just 14, he made a home movie for his friend’s bat mitzvah, which played during the ceremony. Steven Spielberg just so happened to be in the crowd, as his daughter Sasha was friends with the guest of honor.
“It’s a piece of shit,” the actor later told Rolling Stone. “It’s a video that this girl asked us to do. I mean, there wasn’t a script: We would go and just film whatever made us laugh. I’m this 14-year-old, skinny little kid with long hair. I break into her house, try on her clothes and make up a song. All of this is just us literally taking a camera and going like, ‘Okay, ha ha, do this.’ We showed it to our parents—‘We’re gonna play this at her bat mitzvah!’—and they were like, ‘You look like an idiot in this. I don’t think you should really do that.’ We didn’t care.”
Spielberg was impressed with Ehrenreich’s performance and gave him a meeting at his studio, Dreamworks. He later introduced the actor to his legendary filmmaker pal Francis Ford Coppola, who gave Ehrenreich his first big break, casting him as the lead opposite Vincent Gallo in his Argentina-set 2009 film noir, Tetro. While the film earned just $2.6 million at the global box office, Ehrenreich’s dazzling turn received rave reviews, with the late, great Roger Ebert writing, “In his first major role, Alden Ehrenreich, the newcomer playing Bennie, is confident and charismatic, and inspires such descriptions as ‘the new Leonardo DiCaprio.’”

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Intergenerational THEFT via Boomer Ponzi Scheming Economic Vampirism

Crack Shack or Mansion?
Crack Shack or Mansion II

Value of London's real estate is worth as much as Brazil's annual GDP
The real estate boom has added 1.5 trillion dollars to the value of British homes over the past five years and left London residential property worth as much as Brazil's economy. Research by estate agents Savills shows U.K. houses and apartments were worth £5.75 trillion (8.7 trillion) in 2014, an increase of almost one trillion pounds since 2009.

How To Move To Canada (If Trump Becomes President)

Problems of high house prices in the UK

Sydney housing bubble
The charts that suggest the housing bubble is out of control

Vancouver's hot real estate market won't cool any time soon – See more at: http://www.vancourier.com/news/vancouver-s-hot-real-estate-market-won-t-cool-any-time-soon-1.2235692#sthash.y4ak5R1S.dpuf

Bay Area home prices now higher than before the recession
By David R. Baker Updated 4:21 pm, Friday, April 8, 2016

Britain’s housing crisis is a human disaster. Here are 10 ways to solve it
Rising house prices have been willed by public policy over decades. The fallout for families, communities and business has been severe

Vancouver housing market ‘vulnerable’ to money laundering
VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail

'Canada is only a big Caribbean country:' Response from China expert

Home prices in Vancouver and Toronto are accelerating at a ‘dramatic’ rate

Moody's: The ECB is creating a housing bubble in Europe

San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000

The Federal Reserve Asset Bubble Machine
Easy money is driving up the price of stocks, bonds, houses and other assets in a era without historical precedent.

Global Housing Bubble Watch: Why London, Hong Kong Are Dangerously Overvalued
Home 'flipping' exceeds peaks in some hot U.S. housing markets

U.S. Real Estate 25% to 60% Overvalued: Analyst
by Chris Matthews @crobmatthews JANUARY 11, 2016, 6:00 AM EDT

'Classic Ponzi scheme': Sydney house prices cost 12 times the annual income
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/classic-ponzi-scheme-sydney-house-prices-cost-12-times-the-annual-incomes-20151125-gl7fc0.html#ixzz47jsfStuZ

UK Chancellor Builds Economic Policy On a Ponzi Property Scheme

Britain’s Government Sponsored National Housing Ponzi Scheme
23rd November 2015 / United Kingdom

Banks have treated our housing market like a Ponzi scheme, and it's about to bust
Lindsay David
Australia’s housing market is looking a lot like the US, Ireland and Spain before the global financial crisis. Why aren’t politicians more concerned?

Britain’s Government Sponsored National Housing Ponzi Scheme

George Osborne's property bubble will lead to disaster
The Chancellor is pouring billions into sub-prime debt. What could possibly go wrong?

The banks and real estate: a Ponzi scheme that could ruin us?

Stop the housing Ponzi scheme
The government's new housing policy will collapse sooner or later like a fraudulent investment strat

Tackling intergenerational theft? Abbott doesn't have a clue

Chart Of The Day: This Is What "Generational Theft" Looks Like

The fallacy of 'housing affordability' and intergenerational theft

Intergenerational report prepared by Baby Boomers who had the best deal of any generation
March 5, 2015
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Strauss–Howe generational theory

Razer's Class Warfare: home ownership the real intergenerational theft
It is time to give up the Australian Dream of home ownership. Not only are houses sometimes a bad investment, but the emphasis on owning is bad for everyone.

Have young people never had it so bad?
By Tom de Castella
BBC News Magazine

House Prices and Birth Rates: The Impact of the Real Estate Market on the Decision to Have a Baby
Lisa J. Dettling, Melissa Schettini Kearney
NBER Working Paper No. 17485
Issued in October 2011

Do Home Prices Affect the Birds and the Bees?
October 11, 2011 @ 9:20am
by Freakonomics

Will the housing bust produce a baby bust?

Housing crisis: 6.6 million young Britons can't afford to leave home

Whether They Want to Rent or Buy a Home, Millennials Are Basically Out of Luck
By Jordan Weissmann

Running for the hills: young people can’t afford to buy or rent, so they are building their own houses

Why aren't millennials buying houses? They can't afford it.
DECEMBER 8, 2015

Pew report: US unfunded public pension liabilities hit $1 trillion

You Think The Deficit Is Bad? Federal Unfunded Liabilities Exceed $127 Trillion

Annex 2 – International Debt Comparisons

Canada Post’s $6.5-billion shortfall just a fraction of more than $150 billion in unfunded federal pension liabilities

How Refugees Can Save Europe
Paul Linden-Retek
January 27, 2016

20 Bogus Arguments for Mass Immigration

Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households
By Steven A. Camarota September 2015

US govt. admits Social Security going bankrupt; warns public should be given 'adequate time to prepare' for the collapse

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052008_Social_Security_US_government_financial_collapse.html#ixzz47mW2rUYC


Young and old: how big is the wealth gap?
Patterns of income and home ownership have shifted in 20 years. Which generation has come off better?

Ages 60 vs 40 and the '33pc' pensions difference

Reserve Bank warns high property prices are encouraging huge transfer of wealth from younger to older generations

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/reserve-bank-warns-high-property-prices-are-encouraging-huge-transfer-of-wealth-from-younger-to-older-generations-20150812-gixong.html#ixzz47SNlEXVQ




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