This Arrest Is Bad For The Jews

How many kinder were able to attend Yeshiva because of the tzedaka that this enabled? And don’t the goyim benefit? Didn’t this guy keep the shvartzes from getting subsidized housing in Manhattan and Brooklyn? Another mitzvah for Yidden. My kind of Jew. I’ll bet the goyim wish they had a few like this in each town.

Chaim Amalek: “I’m thinking of establishing a Fair Play for Sheldon Silver Committee to fight the antisemitic Obama administration as it seeks to take out our leaders. If they can topple Silver, Goldman cannot be far behind and then Hollywood. Yidden Unite!”

From the comments section in Vosizneias: “Shelly Silver is a politician who has shown a kiddush Hashem all his years in his behaviors as a politician. I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty. But to all nay sayers out there, it is his liberal agenda that brought an increase in food stamps , medicaid, Yeshiva college tuition assistance and various other assistance that is helping us yidden cope in todays expensive NYC. You may not agree with him but he has done good for us.”


The powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, was arrested on federal corruption charges on Thursday and accused of using the power of his office to solicit millions in bribes and kickbacks, according to court documents.

The arrest of Mr. Silver, a Democrat from the Lower East Side of Manhattan who has served as speaker for more than two decades, sent shock waves through the political establishment and upended the new legislative session.

I prefer to remember the good things Sheldon did, as elaborated in a March 23, 2014 New York Times article:

Nearly four decades ago, a new assemblyman named Sheldon Silver and his young protégé escorted Edward I. Koch, then a mayoral candidate, through the Orthodox Jewish enclave on Manhattan’s Lower East Side where the two had both grown up.

It was the first day of Rosh Hashana, 1977, and Mr. Koch and his opponent, Mario M. Cuomo, had agreed not to campaign, even as they were locked in a frantic runoff for the Democratic nomination.

But the air of religious observance provided cover for Mr. Koch to walk along Grand Street with his two new friends, shaking the hands of influential rabbis and throwing bread into the East River, part of the ritual casting off of sins.

Six days later, Mr. Koch carried the Jewish vote and won the primary. His team long remained grateful for the guided tour by Mr. Silver and the protégé, William E. Rapfogel, then a recent college graduate who ran his own Jewish newspaper.

The goyim shouldn’t murder and expel Jews. They should learn from Jews on how to deal with shvartzes.

NOTE: The above is just satire to make fun of racism.

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Tony Robbins Hoarse Voice

I have spent over a hundred hours listening to Tony Robbins talks and he always has a hoarse voice. Looking at his recent interview with the New York Times, it is easy to see why. He tightens and compresses his neck, putting pressure on his voice box.

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JSwipe vs Tinder

I’ve been making a close study of JSwipe (for Jews) vs Tinder (for everyone). The girls on JSwipe are usually hotter, whiter, more educated, affluent and intelligent (judging by their higher quality pictures and profiles), dress better, and display more pictures of themselves with friends and family while Tinder broads tend to be solitary, nasty, brutish and short, black, obese and hookers while I haven’t encountered any hookers on JSwipe (and very few mestizo Mexicans).

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Why Can’t We All Get Along?


“During the sessions, the Chinese guys will repeat the same phrase over and over,” says another soapland staff member. “After consulting with a person who speaks Chinese, the masseuses seem to think that the carnal activities are being used a means of atonement for Japan’s brutality during World War II. These guys seem to get really aroused in initiating ‘revenge sex’ for Japan’s invasion of their country.”

Do Jews act this way toward Germans, Poles, etc?

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The Battle For White Australia Is Over





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Why Do Blacks Tip Less?

The Washington Post: “They suggest that black-white differences in tipping could be sizably reduced by publicly promoting social expectations regarding how much consumers should and typically do tip their servers in restaurants (typically 15-20 percent of the bill).”

When you learn there are people up ahead blocking traffic or tying up a line or acting inconsiderately, do you expect them to be black, white, oriental, Jewish, Muslim or what?

By every measure of empathy and good citizenship, Orientals do better than whites (in the way they treat their own group) and whites do better than blacks. Much of this has to do with IQ. The higher one’s IQ, the more one tends to empathize, to see the future more clearly, and to have a better grasp on the benefits of cooperation.



Walt Harrington, a white liberal married to a black, writes in his 1994 book, Crossings: A White Man’s Journey Into Black America:

“I notice a small car … in the distance. Suddenly … a bag of garbage flies out its window . … I think, I’ll bet they’re blacks. Over the years I’ve noticed more blacks littering than whites. I hate to admit this because it is a prejudice. But as I pass the car, I see that my reflex was correct—[they are blacks].

“[As I pull] into a McDonald’s drive-through … [I see that] the car in front of me had four black[s] in it. Again … my mind made its unconscious calculation: We’ll be sitting here forever while these people decide what to order. I literally shook my head . … My God, my kids are half black! But then the kicker: we waited and waited and waited. Each of the four … leaned out the window and ordered individually. The order was changed several times. We sat and sat, and I again shook my head, this time at the conundrum that is race in America.

“I knew that the buried sentiment that had made me predict this disorganization … was … racist. … But my prediction was right.” (pp. 234-35.)


Africans also tend to litter. To understand this we must ask why whites don’t litter, at least not as much. We ask ourselves: “What would happen if everyone threw rubbish everywhere? It would be a mess. So you shouldn’t do it!” Blacks’ possible deficiency in abstract thinking makes such reasoning more difficult, so any behavior requiring such thinking is less likely to develop in their cultures. Even after living for generations in societies where such thinking is commonplace, many may still fail to absorb it.

It should go without saying that my observations about Africans are generalizations. I am not saying that none has the capacity for abstract thought or moral understanding. I am speaking of tendencies and averages, which leave room for many exceptions.

To what extent do my observations about Africans apply to American blacks? American blacks have an average IQ of 85, which is a full 15 points higher than the African average of 70. The capacity for abstract thought is unquestionably correlated with intelligence, and so we can expect American blacks generally to exceed Africans in these respects.

Still, American blacks show many of the traits so striking among Africans: low mathematical ability, diminished abstract reasoning, high crime rates, a short time-horizon, rudeness, littering, etc. If I had lived only among American blacks and not among Africans, I might never have reached the conclusions I have, but the more extreme behavior among Africans makes it easier to perceive the same tendencies among American blacks.

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We Could Replace The Right Axle

Friend: “We could do it ourselves. You wanna help me with the wrench?”
Luke: “No. I’m Jewish.”
Friend: “I wouldn’t go that far.”
Luke: “I thought it was going to help me in Hollywood.”
Friend: “How did that work out?”
Luke: “It only got me into adult, but hey, it’s show business.”

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Why Do So Many French Jews Support The National Front?

From the Forward:

The number of Jews who voted for the far-right National Front party soared in the most recent presidential election from the previous two votes, surveys showed.
In the surveys of French Jews, some 13.5 percent of 1,095 respondents who self-identified as Jews said they voted for National Front President Marine Le Pen in the 2012 presidential elections.
Asked about the two previous presidential elections, from 2002 and 2007, respectively only 6.1 percent and 4.3 percent of Jewish voters polled said they chose the National Front candidate — Le Pen’s father and predecessor as party leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has a history of convictions for “inciting racial hatred” and Holocaust denial. Marine Le Pen has worked to rehabilitate the party and recently entered a war of words in the media with her father over his suggestion to put a Jewish singer “in the oven.”

From TOO:

I would say that anything that helps to maintain the ethnic cohesion of European nations is to be welcomed as the most prudent course of action. The more cohesive our countries are, the less likely they are to fall to the terrible ethnic conflicts and civil wars that we see today in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and so many other countries. Westerners today, with our staggering technical achievements and especially the near-infinite possibilities of information technologies, feel basically secure, even if they are in their majority dimly troubled at the demographic changes underway.

This sense of security is a false one: It would only take one major crisis, so common in history — such as an exhaustion of energy, a climate disaster or perhaps the meddling of geopolitical rivals — to revert to a state of nature in which the ties of blood will be supreme again. But kosher nationalism is obviously a suboptimal outcome. In time, we must become culturally sovereign again.

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* European ‘right of center’ is useless. Look at Merkel and Cameron. It doesn’t defend blood and soil.

Likewise, European ‘left of center’ is useless. Look at Blair and Hollande. It’s not for the working class. It’s all about caving to global oligarchs and homos.

* The Jews come for the most part from the Arab/Muslim world – they know the Arabs and this is why they left – they did not trust the Arabs to rule over them. In looking at how things turned out, I think their decision was a wise one. But if they left Algeria because of the Arabs, and were vindicated by history, why would they possibly want the Arabs ruling over them in any way in France? The only way to stop that is to vote “right” or to leave France. And they are doing both. The want to live.

* Jews can be won over as powerful and ruthless allies. If that happens, some excuse will be found to put a stop to the Islamification of Europe.

* It’s not just the Jews in Western Europe who vote right wing parties. Also the gay population tends to vote much more right wing there.

It’s not strange. These two are the main targets of Muslim violence in Europe and right-wing parties are the only ones who take their plight seriously.

* The so-called ‘anti-racism’ mania that has gripped the west for the past half century – which in reality means rabidly anti white and in particular anti white male government policies, has been only too successful. Successful to the point where the eventual final decisive eclipse and total irrevocable defeat of white men is visible on the horizon. Something that was thought to be simply impossible 50 years ago.
The irony is, that in general, Jews pushed for and agitated for these policies and were the prime movers behind anti white legislation and pro immigration and pro ‘minority, favoritism. This was of course because of some rather heavy historical reasons.
But alas, as the reality of a non white run state – the wish dearly hoped for – looms into view, French Jews, at least, don’t find it too alluring.
A case of ‘be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’.

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The End Of White Australia

In this documentary, former conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (1975-1982), says: “Multiculturalism was meant to give expression to the view and government policy that you could be a good Australian and still love your country of origin. You didn’t have to behave like somebody who was white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant to be a good Australian. That was the view before 1939 but it was not the appropriate view in the 1970s.”

I would want any immigrant to Israel to be Jewish and to behave Jewish and put Jewish identity before any other identity. So I understand and sympathize with WASPs who want the same thing for Australia, America, England, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Why would they want people who don’t take on a WASP identity? Why would they want a more divided country with less social capital?

Not surprisingly, Fraser took the side of black Africans against the one outpost of civilization on the dark continent — white South Africa.

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I’ve Got My Love Train Rolling

* I’ve taken to randomly messaging women on my FB: “You’re probably in a lot of pain right now and feeling kinda desperate.”

Taking the neg too far?

* As I can’t seem to secure a GF 18-38, I’m now OK with dating 39-40 year olds at least for a starter wife until I can get back on my feet and get the old mojo going again that made me such a hit when I was 27.

* Friend: “Iranians say they have no one in Syria, then complain that Israel killed of them. At least they make some great films.”
Luke: “I respect the body of work of that Lebanese actress. If we had to kick them all out, I’d want her to be the last to go, and I’d miss her.”
Friend: “Great actress.”
Luke: “Great rack. If I weren’t so religious…”
Bloke walking by: “Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.”

* Australia’s cultural ambassador, Barry McKenzie, is retiring so maybe I could get that job?

* I’m a bloody dago! I came in to get some paper and ended up sitting down regaling you about Australia during WWII and drinking one of your lemonades and plumb forgot the paper.

* Chris Kyle killed 160 people. Big deal. I’ve killed more than that with my blogging.

* I didn’t lie face down in the muck of San Fernando Valley’s film industry, a seminal blogger right there with diseases flying overhead, deep gashes, splashing radioactive liquids, just to come home and to be told, “Why don’t you find somewhere else to daven?”

I didn’t lay it all on the line for Queen and Country, taking no prisoners, just to be told when I came home, “Yuck!”

* Someone keeps leaving a little yellow puddle in front of the bowl. I blame illegal immigration.

* As a narcissist, let me tell you reality becomes such a bummer at times that it is tempting to get schizoid and fall into paranoia.

* Super Bowl. New England is usually about the whitest team in the NFL going up against the blackest (Seattle, all its defensive starters are black and play black).

* Australia’s prime minister, Harold Holt, went for a swim Dec. 17, 1967, and was never seen again. How many other leaders have disappeared like that? Only in Australia mate! When my time comes, I’ll go for a nice long swimabout too!

* At 3 am, I thought two grams of magnesium were just what I needed to take the edge off, but now I’m paying the price with reduced FB productivity.

* A friend says: “Your mission for the new millennium would be to do the ultimate mesiras nefesh and bring about fertility rate above 2.1 in the country of your birth. You might also select those whose intelligence soars to the stars and who’d also have a great chance of gracing the pages of sophisticated publications?”

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