Can Christianity Save The White Race?

Christianity cannot be the vehicle for white salvation as it is all about solvation. The Pope wants the western nations to embrace every immigrant no matter how many or from where. He never calls on the Chinese or Japanese or Koreans to do likewise.

From Wikipedia: “Solvation, also sometimes called dissolution, is the process of attraction and association of molecules of a solvent with molecules or ions of a solute. As ions dissolve in a solvent they spread out and become surrounded by solvent molecules.”

* I think the ADL should establish a series of anti-hate schools to which goyim would be sent to have their eyes opened.

Christoph Donnellan: “Only if Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman could provide some hands-on instruction.”

Chaim Amalek: “No need for this. That’s why the Yidden control what the goyim watch on television.”

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Google Raises Money To Fight Ebola

This is the first time I’ve noticed Google raising money when I use its search engine. Of course it is for some obscure third world cause.

On the one hand, it is laudatory to fight Ebola. On the other hand, why this cause? Why fundraise for AIDS as opposed to cancer etc?

The Google Doodle doesn’t celebrate Easter on Easter Sunday, it celebrates Cesar Chavez.

It sometimes feels that Google is part of a hostile elite.

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Players Who Leave Early

I’m noticing patterns about healthy players who leave NFL games early because their feelings are hurt.

I remember Dez Bryant doing this.

I hope I’m wrong about the pattern I’m seeing. I think I might just turn myself in for thought crime to be safe.

I just watched the 2014 football movie When the Game Stands Tall. I’m terribly disturbed by this wholesome Christian movie because it reinforces certain racial stereotypes best not discussed in the open. For instance, the movie promotes the theme that young black men are more prone to criminal violence than other types of people. It also promotes the idea that young black men are more prone to show-boating, to being me-first, and to caring less about other people and middle class norms of decency.

I also noticed in the movie that most of the key players in speed positions were black while the coaches were white.

I hated that the movie implied that blacks need stricter moral supervision than other groups. If anything, star black running back LeGarrette Blount has suffered from an excess of the white man’s discipline over the years and it has about squeezed the life out of this future neuro-surgeon.


[LeGarrette] Blount is with his fourth team in five NFL seasons. He missed most of his senior season at Oregon after getting thrown off the team for punching an opposing player.

Blount and Bell were arrested in August for misdemeanor marijuana possession after they were pulled over on the way to Pittsburgh International Airport for a team flight to Philadelphia for a preseason game.

Bell was also charged with driving under the influence, and coach Mike Tomlin said the two would be punished internally. The eighth-year coach never disclosed how he punished the two running backs and neither Bell nor Blount missed any playing time.

Blount leaving the field early could lead to discipline from Tomlin. If the Steelers consider releasing Blount they will have to weigh that against the reality they are already thin at running back.

Did you notice that Mr. Blount missed “most of his senior season at Oregon after getting thrown off the team for punching an opposing player.” This was outrageous white racism for using white standards to punitively punish a proud young black man who was only behaving in a way that was normative for his community. Thank God help is on its way in Oregon. Lord have mercy. When I see the evil machinations of the ice people, I’s bout lose my temper.

I might be wrong about this but I’m just sayin, it don’t seem like whites act right unless they have a healthy fear of the black man. Just sayin. Michael Brown, yo my brotha forever. Justice for Trayvon. Peace out, homies.


For the third time since 2009, Portland Public Schools is facing state sanctions for suspending and expelling black special education students at a rate far higher than the general student body.

Under the Oregon Department of Education reprimand handed down in early August, PPS must dedicate $1.5 million, or 15 percent of its federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act dollars for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, to improving its track record of over-disciplining black students who qualify for special education.

The sanctions follow Superintendent Carole Smith’s announcement that cutting back on so-called “exclusionary discipline” is a major priority this year.

The state department used discipline figures for the 2012-13 school year to determine that black PPS students who qualify for special education faced long-term suspension or expulsion at a rate five times more frequent than their peers in the general student body.

State standards mandate that racial and ethnic minority special education students cannot be disciplined more frequently than four times the rate of the general student body. In addition to this year, PPS missed that benchmark in 2009 and in 2011.


PPS was one of three Oregon districts to found to be in violation of the state standards, along with Albany and North Marion. North Marion successfully appealed its sanctions.

District special education director Mary Pearson said she “wasn’t shocked” by the sanctions, given the district’s history of failing to meet equitable discipline standards.

District-wide, 17 percent of black students were suspended or expelled in 2012-13, compared to only 4 percent of white students.

In response to this year’s sanction, PPS will dedicate a portion of its federal special education funds to so-called “early intervention,” training school psychologists and teachers to do a better job of meeting minority students’ needs before they end up in trouble.


Pearson said the plan was “already in the works well before we knew that we were going to be sanctioned.” As a result, she said, no PPS programs will lose funding so the district can respond to the sanctions.

She noted that although a wide gap between black students and white students still exists, PPS’ overall discipline rates have decreased. Nineteen black special education students were expelled or suspended in 2012-13, an improvement from 44 in 2009-10.


Smith has said she wants to cut the district’s suspension and expulsion rate in half this year, while closing the gap between black and white students. During an interview with The Oregonian earlier this year, Smith noted that when kids are excluded from school as punishment, they fall behind in classes and their education suffers.

Last week, the school board gave her permission to use $4 million of a recently discovered $16.8 million windfall to pursue that and two other goals. Smith has yet to spell out how the money will be spent, but she has hinted that restorative justice programs, which ask students to think about how their actions impact the school rather than resorting to punishment, could be a part of the plan.

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Rabbi Antony Chanan Gordon’s Rav Pled Guilty To Fraud In September

According to “Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon, is a former student of Rav Noach Weinberg, Z’tl and Aish Hatorah, Jerusalem. A Fulbright Scholar and graduate of the Harvard Law School, Chanan has been very involved in outreach since leaving Aish Hatorah including having co-authored (together with Richard Horowitz) the oft published demographic study and accompanying chart entitled “Will Your Grandchild Be Jewish.””


Rabbi Fishel Todd gave Antony Gordon semicha (conveyed the title of Orthodox rabbi upon him). Rabbi Fishel Todd is a famous expert in business ethics. Rabbi Fishel Todd teaches business ethics to holy Jews around the world, and attorneys can get CLE credits! Those who can help facilitate approval of this in their Respective states please let us know!!!

Please pay no attention to the recent $9 million fraud judgment against Antony Gordon aka Rabbi Chanan Chanen Channen Gordon. The desire to know about such things comes from the citra acura and it is precisely this lashon hara that destroyed the Second Temple.

This is truly the year to kick it with tefilla and Torah study and business ethics! Baruch HaShem! When Moshiach comes, the goyim will plead with us to steal their money and to charge them big bucks for lessons in business ethics for CLE credits!

Let’s get some tools now so that we can cleave to the Almighty through our humble prayers. This is a must for every jew, teacher and will be our worldwide theme for the upcoming Yom Tovim. this is the year of Teffilla!!!!!!!!

The goyim should be jolly grateful when we take their money and use it for holy ends. It’s like when you slaughter a cow according to the laws of kosher and then eat it according to the laws of kosher. For that cow to give up his life to feed a holy Jew, that is a great merit for the cow. That is why the cow was created. And the goyim? They were created to carry our bags and to sweep our floors and to give us money and if we slit their throats in a business deal with our superior Jewish brains, well, that is a great merit for them to have the privilege of being screwed by a member of God’s Chosen People. The world’s great escorts should be so lucky as to be screwed in such a manner. Everything that happens in the world is for the Jewish people. When you see a drunk one-legged Puerto Rican hopping down the street, that is a message from HaShem for Klal Yisrael!

From the holy website in 2005:

Dear L.A. Chabura

R’ Fishel Todd will be spending this coming Shabbos in Los Angeles at the Home of R’ Chanen Gordon.

Chanan will be arranging for R’ Fishel to speak to all who want to visit with him, probably Motzei Shabbos.

A reminder of our new programs starting in sept in Business Ethics (we’re working on getting C.L.E. credits For attorneys) those who in their respective states who could help facilitate approval of this in their Respective states please let us know.

In addition R’ Channen will be kicking Hilchos Pesach (Semicha Program
level) for those that want.

Finally, we are introducing a program on how to daven – The Roadmap to
Prayer, An attachment of the Soul.

A mini course, given by R’ Leibe Landsman of the Lakewood Kollel in Detroit which will have 24 lessons, stickers to be put in your Siddur, charts and an audio shiur.

This is a must for every jew, teacher and will be our worldwide theme for the upcoming Yom Tovim. this is the year of Teffilla, but just saying

We’re going to try harder to daven is only words without tools to do so
with. Just go to the to signup.

To meet R’ Todd just write to gordon18 at

Sept. 10, 2014: The Star Press reports:

Attorney linked to BSU scandal prosecuted

MUNCIE – An attorney involved in the Ball State University investment scandal pleaded guilty this week to his role in an unrelated scheme that defrauded investors during the sale of Facebook stock to the public.

Seven people linked to the BSU ripoff have now been either convicted, disbarred, sued for fraud or gone bankrupt.

The latest is Fred Todd, aka Rabbi Fishel Todd, 61, Lakewood, N.J. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Trenton on Tuesday to receiving millions of dollars from investors who believed they were buying large blocks of Facebook shares prior to the company’s initial public offering in May of 2012.

Todd and co-conspirators did not have access to the shares and kept the money for themselves.

Todd’s law firm, Todd, Ferentz, Schwarcz and Rimberg, Los Angeles, represented Sterling Capital, a Los Angeles asset manager that was one of the parties with which Ball State invested $5 million in a fraudulent U.S Treasury STRIPS program during 2010.

In October of that year, Gale Prizevoits, then director of cash and investments at BSU, pressured Sterling Capital’s Frank Saez to falsify a document he was asked to send to the State Board of Accounts to certify the safekeeping of the university’s investment.

According to emails seized from Prizevoits’ home computer by BSU officials a year later, Saez had agreed to falsify the document after consulting Todd.

“The attached is per our discussion with you and attorney Fred Todd, I hope that this meets your requirements,” Saez wrote to Prizevoits on Oct. 7, 2010.

(The Star Press will publish a separate story on that incident later this week).

Prizevoits was fired from her $84,437 job by BSU President Jo Ann Gora for “incompetence, dishonesty, substantial and manifest neglect of duty, willful disobedience of university rules and regulations and gross misconduct.”

She has not been charged with any crime by federal prosecutors, but Ball State officials said this summer they planned to present evidence to Delaware County Prosecutor Jeff Arnold to determine whether she committed any offenses under state law.

However, Arnold recently told The Star Press: “I have no involvement or knowledge of any investigation that is ongoing.”

Tom Taylor, vice president for marketing at Ball State, said in an interview this week that the university decided to postpone approaching Arnold until after Deborah Daniels completes her investigation of the scandal.

A former federal prosecutor, Daniels was hired by Indianapolis attorney Rick Hall, chairman of the Ball State board of trustees, to conduct an independent investigation of the $13.1 million in investments that Ball State lost when Prizevoits directed investments.

Taylor said he expects a report from Daniels to be completed and presented to the public within a month.

In the wake of the scandal, law enforcement action has been taken against Todd and six others:

• Seth Beoku Betts, Boynton Beach, Fla., pleaded guilty to securities fraud for his role in stealing funds from Ball State in a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) scheme.

• George Montolio, Bronx, N.Y., pleaded guilty to wire fraud for his role in stealing funds from Ball State in the T-STRIPS scheme.

• Jon Divens, an attorney from Beverly Hills, Calif., was disbarred for ripping off Betts.

• George Charles Cody Price, who hosted a radio show in San Diego called “The Wealth Weekend Hour,” is defending himself against a fraud lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Betts had consulted Price for assistance with the BSU investment. The SEC claims Price concealed from investors the actual performance of their investment in one of the riskiest tranches of CMOs on the market. The lawsuit is not related to the Ball State fraud.

• In 2012, San Diego attorney H. Bruce Abbott and other defendants were sued in federal court by Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co. over an alleged “stranger-oriented life insurance” scheme. The alleged scheme is a “morbid and speculative” investment vehicle purchased with the intent of eventually transferring ownership to investors. Abbott was eventually dismissed from the litigation, which was settled out of court. He represented Blackhawk Wealth Solutions when Prizevoits invested $5 million of Ball State funds in suppsoed T-STRIPS. Prizevoits and Abbott communicated by email about BSU’s investment.

• Peter Sollenne, a self-proclaimed “industry leader in wealth preservation” from Carlsbad, Calif., has not been charged but he has gone bankrupt. He was the principal of Blackhawk Wealth Solutions with whom BSU invested $5 million in supposed T-STRIPS.

Failed Messiah reports: Haredi Rabbi Fred “Fishel” Todd of Lakewood, New Jersey vetted chaplains for the US Military and ran a smicha (rabbinic ordination) program. He also helped haredi über-scammer Eliyahu Weinstein steal millions of dollars. When caught, Todd acted as a cooperating witness against Weinstein and the other coconspirators in the scheme. And now Todd has been linked to another fraud, this time one committed against Ball State University in Indiana.

I’ve been told by two sources (and seen some documentation to support the claim) that the US Military is now denying Todd ever held any rank or is associated with the US Military in any way, and is in the process of notifying its chaplain corps of this.

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Why Does Japan Have Such A Low Unemployment Rate Even In Recession?

Slate says: “While Japan’s economy may be contracting, its unemployment rate is still just 3.6 percent, barely up from the 16-year low it hit during the summer. Noting the country’s low joblessness, the Money Illusion’s Scott Sumner quips: “I say if Japan is in recession it’s time to redefine the term.” That’s one way of looking at the issue. But Japan has always had extremely low-unemployment—possibly in part, as Noah Smith has argued, because its wages tend to fall when the economy gets rough, which helps keep people at work. So whereas American recessions tend to lead to high joblessness, the thing to worry about in Japan may be further declining pay, which would of course make it even harder for Abe to pull the country out of its long-term deflationary slump.”

I suspect another reason for Japan’s chronically low unemployment rate is that the Japanese like to work.

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Why Is Whole Foods Moving Into A Poor Chicago Neighborhood?

The Washington Post reports:

CHICAGO—The center of Englewood has been vacant for so long that many people in the neighborhood can’t quite recall when it became that way. Thirty years ago? Forty? It was after blockbusting began on the South Side, after white flight was well underway, after the big Sears Roebuck, with the Hillman’s Pure Foods in the basement, closed in the 1970s.

Sometime around then, the small businesses at 63rd and Halsted closed, too, and the buildings that housed them were razed. And so one of the busiest shopping corridors in Chicago was reduced to a desolate stretch of city: 13 acres of crabgrass and concrete with aging streetlights…

At the time, in the 1930s, Englewood was 99 percent white. Today, it is 99 percent black. Once, 160,000 people lived here; now, 60,000 do. A third of the households live below the poverty line, and a quarter of adults are unemployed. Crime rates are among the highest in the city…

After the groundbreaking over the summer, the Chicago Tribune called the Whole Foods a “socioeconomic experiment,” a phrase that made Mayor Rahm Emanuel and another local alderman, JoAnn Thompson, bristle.

“This is not an experiment. African American people are not an experiment,” Thompson says. “People need to stop thinking like that, that we cannot afford the things that people in other communities have.”

I wonder what is going on here. Perhaps this could be the harbinger of a new age for black Americans? Why shouldn’t they enjoy the good things of life, just like white folks?

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Why Did Brazil Have To Stop Serving Beer During Soccer Matches?

I have East-Asian friends who cannot tolerate alcohol. A sip and they flush bright red.

On the other hand, many people enjoy alcohol too much.

I suspect there’s a genetic component to this.

I notice that groups who love to drink beer tend to be much more criminally violent than groups that abstain from alcohol. It’s probably a bad thing that I notice such matters and I am turning myself in to the proper authorities for my thought crime.

Brazil has an average IQ of 87, which is lower than Mexico.

REPORT: A fear among some now is that the temporary lifting of the ban could be extended.

“In Brazil, public health experts fear one legacy of the World Cup will be a return to the dark days of alcohol fuelled violence in stadiums,” Gornall said in the BMJ report.

Ronaldo Laranjeira, a professor of psychiatry at the Federal University of São Paulo in Brazil, said in the piece he was “shocked” FIFA “can come to a country and makes it change its laws.”

He and other Brazilian health lobbyists “now fear that the temporary suspension of the law will become permanent,” Laranjeira said.

Brazil’s sports minister supports the continued sale of beer in stadiums after the end of the World Cup, the report said.

Still, Brazilians appear intent on consuming generous amounts of ale and lager when the tournament kicks off tomorrow, whether it is sold in stadiums or not.

A recent survey commissioned by local brewing giant Ambev – a Brazilian brewer owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev — asked Brazilians to list their “national passions.” While 77 per cent named football, 35 per cent also cited beer.

A study released in May by Nielsen, commissioned by supermarket owners in Sao Paulo, one of the tournament’s 12 host cities, forecast a 37 per cent increase in beer consumption during the World Cup and total sales of more than $800 million during the four weeks.

During the 2010 World Cup, beer sales in Brazil increased 15 per cent.

REPORT: Rio de Janeiro: FIFA’s number two official has said he’s “amazed” by the levels of drunkenness in Brazil’s World Cup stadiums, reviving a debate over whether alcohol sales should have been allowed at matches in the first place.
In an interview with Brazil’s sports television network SporTV, Jerome Valcke acknowledged Tuesday that “maybe there were too many people who were drunk” at the matches and pointed to the connection between inebriation and violence.
Brazil banned alcohol sales at soccer matches in 2003 in a bid to curb fan violence. But Budweiser is a major World Cup sponsor and the tournament’s organizer, FIFA, insisted Brazil lift the ban in order to host the month-long event. Lawmakers opposed to lifting the ban delayed the passage of a World Cup law that gave FIFA financial and legal guarantees to organize the event, and the issue became a major source of friction between FIFA and Brazilian officials.

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To Love Jews Is To Not Know Jews?

I’m looking at this ADL listing of the most Jew-friendly countries in the world and it seems that Asian countries where most people have never met a Jew are the most Jew-friendly.

From the ADL: “The least anti-Semitic country overall was Laos, where 0.2 percent of the population holds anti-Semitic views. The Philippines, Sweden, the Netherlands and Vietnam all came in at 6 percent or lower.”

Chaim Amalek: “Similarly, the most diversity-supporting and least racist corner of New York City is the all-white Upper West Side.”

“only 0.2 percent of Laos adults hold anti-Semitic views.” I have always urged yidden to hold two passports, three if you can manage. The third should be to one of the yellow countries and of those, it looks like Laos is the best. Take that, Malaysia!

Cristian Bökös: “How come that ALL the top 10 most antisemitic countries in the world are MUSLIM countries?This report must be wrong, since everybody knows that Jews and arabs are ”cousins” while Judaism and islam are so ”closely connected”? Why is the US not on the No.1 spot as the most antisemitic country in the world? Everybody knows that most Americans are formally christians, and christians can’t wait to kill Jews, right? Europeans can only be considered as even more vicious Jew-killers than Americans, hence the presence of some European countries on the list of the least antisemitic nations in the world can only be misleading.But don’t worry, the muslim ”cousins” are going to bring peace to those countries. Islam = peace.”

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The Wonderful Terrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl

This is a great documentary on the pioneering German filmmaker, the greatest movie director of the Third Reich.

I’ve been binge-watching documentaries about the Nazis. I don’t know much, but it seems like Nazism was a variant of nationalism and all nationalisms require the willingness to commit genocide, if necessary, to protect your group. From the little I know, Nazism seems to be primarily about ethnic solidarity.

My instinct is to regard the Nazis as the epitome of evil. My stomach gets tight and I feel myself filled with hatred against them because they killed so many of my people. I blame the Nazis for WWII, which killed 55 million.

My reflective self says different groups have different interests and this produces conflict and tragedy.

From my meager understanding of the Nazis, it does not seem that they set out to commit genocide, not against the Jews nor anyone. Instead Nazism wanted to create a healthy space for Germans, similar to how Zionism wanted to create a healthy space for Jews.

Let’s say Israel’s conflicts in the Middle East spin out of control and nuclear weapons are used all round and tens of millions of people are murdered. Would this primarily be the fault of the Jews? If the Jews in Israel were simply trying to live peacefully in their own space and they were attacked by their neighbors, then no, it would be the fault of the Jews. From the Nazi perspective, Hitler was tired of Germans getting massacred in Poland in 1939 and so he invaded Poland to create a safe space for Germans and then things spiraled and Hitler, wanting to stop the advance of Jewish Bolshevism, invaded the Soviet Union.

If you are a nationalist, you’ll do anything to protect your people.

Initially, some Orthodox rabbis (such as Jehiel Jacob Weinberg) supported the Nazis and they in turn kept Rabbi Weinberg alive through WWII.

Like all traditional ways of looking at life, the Nazis hated homosexuality, decadence, pornography, and destruction of the nuclear family. Unlike Orthodox Judaism, Nazism made raising up a strong military a top concern. They were also back to nature in a way that Orthodox Jews are not. They venerated hiking and physical activity while Orthodox Judaism venerates study of Torah. There’s no mass killing program outlined in Torah (aside from God’s command 3,000 years ago to wipe out the Canaanites). Jews who study Torah are about the least likely group in the world to commit murder (though they can be strong in Israel’s defense).

All groups seem to regard themselves as superior, be it Jews, blacks, Chinese, Japanese or Nazis so it does not bother me if Germans or any group thinks of themselves as the master race.

In a 2006 lecture, Tom Wolfe said: “Each individual adopts a set of values which, if truly absolute in the world – so ordained by some almighty force – would make not that individual but his group…the best of all possible groups, the best of all inner circles.”

The Nazis wanted all Jews out of Germany and they were pro-Zionism until 1940. Orthodox Judaism does not want non-Jewish residents of Israel. Rabbi Meir Kahane‘s approach to the Arabs in Israel is straight out of the Torah tradition.

I hold conventional views about the Holocaust. I believe there were gas chambers in Auschwitz and Treblinka and there were mobile killing units, the Einsatzsgruppen, because that seems to be the consensus of historians. I believe that approximately six million Jewish civilians were murdered in Europe during WWII just as there were approximately six million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin during the 1930s and about 70 million Chinese were murdered by Mao.

I do not believe that these genocides constitute a valid reason for stopping discussions of such things as racial differences (such as there might be a genetic reason for why all starting cornerbacks and tailbacks in the NFL are blacks and why most nuclear physicists are not black).

I love Jews. I wake up thinking about Jews, I go through the day thinking about Jews, and I go to bed thinking about Jews. They are my people. I am primarily concerned with their welfare. This makes it easy for me to empathize with other nationalists.

The Torah commanded the Jews to conquer Canaan and to commit genocide against its inhabitants. Historians say this never happened.

Genocide has not been a traditional Jewish practice, but there were many secular Jews (along with non-Jews) who carried out Stalin’s genocides. Jews played a big role in the rise of Bolshevism and Jews enjoyed similar success in the Soviet Union as they achieved in the United States.

ANON tells me: the Nazi party was not very different from other movements in Germany post war. There were any number of similar groups that formed after WWI, most of a paramilitary bent incorporating large numbers of unemployed veterans. Ultimately Hitler was able to get the rest to accept the Nazis as their leader, but their principles were things that many progressives would embrace such as a back to land, pagan ethic to be stewards of the environment, to be physically fit and eat organic food. To make sure workers weren’t exploited but treated fairly. To engage in large scale public work and infrastructure projects that helped everyone who lived there. To develop a pride in the fact that a defeated nation subject to sanctions, stripped of much of its territory and overseas colonies, could though the industriousness of its citizens become the most powerful and modern country in the world. This is obviously the good side and it is the reason that many people in the 1930’s were admirers of the Nazis and Hitler.

One of the things that I think people who judge the Nazis can’t seem to do is to place themselves as an ordinary German citizen in a smaller city with no or few Jews. By and large, until the war started claiming large numbers of casualties (after the invasion of the Soviet Union) life was probably a lot better after Hitler than before his ascension to power. Obviously, it was not as good if you were a Jew or a communist, but unless you were one or related to one or moved in their circles, the Nazi attitude and treatment of them wouldn’t have made any difference to you. People think that for a burgher in Bavaria in 1937, he could have foreseen that Hitler would try to extirpate Jews from Europe, and bring about the most horrible war leading to half of Germany being under Communist control, and that Hitler would be viewed as the epitome of evil. Very few people could have foreseen that and even fewer would have acted upon their wisdom, but its easy for today’s hypocrites to think they would act differently, not realizing they act the way they do because they too have been conditioned by propaganda.

ANON1 writes: I really don’t think the Germans were anywhere near as antisemitic as say, the Poles. Jews and Germans got along well enough, and I don’t think the 32% of the Germans who voted for the NSDAP in 1932 did so primarily out of hatred for the Jews, but other reasons. Which still leaves the other 68% who did not vote for them at all and presumably were less antisemitic. Nazism was largely the handiwork of a few men, tapping into the vast energies left behind as a result of WW 1. As to why Hitler in particular came to hate the Jews as he did, I think it was the outlet by which he expressed all of his life’s disappointments.

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Is Australia Headed For An Asian Takeover?

When I grew up in Australia (most of 1966 to 1977), the country was more than 95% white. Now it is about 87% white and an increasing percentage of the country’s top jobs are going to Asians, who are becoming the country’s managerial class, rather like Jews in the history of Eastern Europe.

From Wikipedia:

On 17 March 1984, [Australian historian Geoffrey] Blainey addressed a major Rotary conference in the Victorian city of Warrnambool. He regretted that the Hawke Labor Government in “a time of large unemployment” was bringing many new migrants to the areas of high unemployment, thus fostering tension. He blamed the government, not the migrants themselves. Criticising what he viewed as disproportionately high levels of Asian immigration, then running at 40 per cent of the annual intake, he added: “Rarely in the history of the modern world has a nation given such preference to a tiny ethnic minority of its population as the Australian Government has done in the past few years, making that minority the favoured majority in its immigration policy”.[23]

Three days later, in response to the prediction of the “increasing Asianisation” of Australia made by Labor’s Immigration Minister Stewart West, Blainey argued: “I do not accept the view, widely held in the Federal Cabinet, that some kind of slow Asian takeover of Australia is inevitable. I do not believe that we are powerless. I do believe that we can with good will and good sense control our destiny…. As a people, we seem to move from extreme to extreme. In the past 30 years the government of Australia has moved from the extreme of wanting a white Australia to the extreme of saying that we will have an Asian Australia and that the quicker we move towards it the better”.[24]

Blainey’s speech, along with subsequent articles and a book on the subject, ignited nation-wide controversy, especially in the Australian federal parliament which had not debated the principles of the immigration policy for many years. Most critics argued that Blainey’s views were moderate and not racist. “All peoples of the world are worthy and deserve respect”: that was the prime principle set out in the book, All for Australia, which he wrote on the topic.[25]

However, he criticised the belief that “immigration policy should primarily reflect the truth that all ‘races’ are equal. On the contrary, an immigration policy should not, any more than a trade or tariff policy, be designed primarily to reflect that fact”. According to Blainey, the Australian government’s immigration policy was increasingly being based on multiculturalist ideology at the expense of the national interest and the majority of Australians. He argued: “We are surrendering much of our own independence to a phantom opinion that floats vaguely in the air and rarely exists on this earth. We should think very carefully about the perils of converting Australia into a giant multicultural laboratory for the assumed benefit of the peoples of the world”.

His views were to receive the support of a majority of Australian voters, both Labor and non-Labor voters, as a national Gallup poll confirmed in August.

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