It Is Five Minutes To Midnight


“It is five minutes to midnight, not just in the Netherlands but in Europe. I stand with this country, which has been built up in six centuries. There is a goddamned fifth column in this country that wants to take us into the abyss. I tell them [foreigners], you can stay here, but you adapt. When I visit their neighborhoods they tell me Allah is great, that I am a dirty pig and the leader of the Christian Democrats is a Christian dog. The people are fed up with the soft approach of the ruling parties, which is the reason I have won many seats during the elections. Fine, then I will be murdered. But the problem will remain.” — Pim Foruyn

It has now been 12 years since the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, the flamboyant Dutch politician who was one of the first to break the taboo and call attention to the deadly threat of Muslim immigration. He was one of very few critics of mass immigration who was able to reach a broad audience, and the success of his movement broke down barriers that have never been fully rebuilt.

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The Seventh-Day Adventist Ray & Janay

So these two brothers are talking after church. They spot a hot black slut walking by in a little outfit. One punches the other and rushes over to her but realizing that sluts don’t make good wives, the brothers knock her over and run over to a girl dressed like a pilgrim.

Blacks tend to have higher self-esteem than other races and so these actors credit their executive producer as “God”.

Kassie posts: “Modest is a nice thing to practice, but I dont agree with the dismissal (and slapping down) of the girl in less favorable dress. This is again objectifying women. So because she she is dressed in a tube dress she is off low character and unworthy of getting to know or marry?
Who knows the Ellen G White dressed chic could have the most immoral character. We are all on different walks with Christ no one should be dismissed because of how they dress. You never know what a person has gone through. And why only women? We are again at the forefront of being controlled by society….And Whats even considered modest? Skirts at your fingertips? Palm on your chest? Some Sabbath keepers (Church of God, Pentecostal) believe pants are immodest and any women wearing them is of low moral character. I hate hate that women are ALWAYS on the butt end of some moral tug of war. Did we not learn to not judge a book by its cover from Jesus himself? I love your videos but this one was unagreeable to me.”

New Day: “Your videos are usually funny, and I see what you are trying to do here. But this is COMPLETELY disrespectful to ALL women in so many ways. To actually SLAP and KNOCK DOWN a woman because of how she is dressed perpetuates misogyny and makes light of violence against women. You could have had the characters simply pass her by… no need for the physical assault (just to get more laughs). Always show respect towards EVERY woman. As a Christian and a man, you should promote respect for all people and especially women, who have so often been abused at the hands of men.”

Seventh-Day Adventists are a feminine bunch in general. They’re all about healing. Women make up about 70% of the church, which was founded by a woman (Ellen G. White). Black culture, on the other hand, is muy macho. It’s fun to see these worlds collide.

Jane: “I went to Andrews. I can’t tell you how many black and hispanic men made passes at me…lol…most at church….”

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Shared Interests

I overhear two old Jews talking on the phone.
A: “There’s this thing called Meetup where you register and enter your interest and then you meet up with people in the area who share that interest.”
B: “So I can put in f******o receiving and meet up with people?”

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Ashkenazi Heat Sensitivity

Ashkenazi Jews seem to have an extreme heat sensitivity. I made the mistake of shifting the thermostat overnight during the heat wave to 78 from 71 and the poor Ashkenazim were all schvitzing and kvetching until they caught on what happened. I stayed mum. I’ve noticed many Ashkenazi rabbis are devoted to 71 degree air conditioning and if it gets a degree hotter, it’s worse than Auschwitz.

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Jews & The Marketplace Of Ideas

Steve Sailer writes in 2010:

Jews, like Cubans, have earned the right to special privileges due to their political power. Just as Cuban exiles have controlled American foreign policy toward Cuba and won their relatives unique status as refugees rather than immigrants, America can afford to let Israel push around the Palestinians because it pleases a domestic bloc.

And, in the unlikely event of something terrible happening to the Jewish state, we would no doubt grant refugee status to Israeli Jews.

But what America can`t continue to afford is the pervasive unrealism imposed by the current code of silence about Jewish power and interests.

Thus Jewish demonization of immigration reform patriots appears to have two motivations:

An reasonable concern about Israelis, which can be assuaged by special accommodations

An unreasonable form of ancestor worship, which couldn`t survive satire, but is protected by the current taboos

And this demonization is the single most important reason that America`s immigration disaster is still above criticism, long after it has become obvious that it is a disaster, and despite the fact that an overwhelming number of Americans are strongly opposed to it.

Jews will do fine when they compete openly in the marketplace of ideas. They don`t have to rig the market as well.

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Jews & Noblesse Oblige

Steve Sailer writes in 2010:

In 2006, blogger Noah Millman was surprised by a rabbi`s Purim sermon. Not by the message—Write your Congressman about Darfur!—but by the unusual explanation the rabbi offered: noblesse oblige.

“He compared the position of the Jewish community in America today with Queen Esther`s position in King Ahashuerus`s [Xerxes`s] Persia: that is to say, a position of power or, more precisely, profound influence on those who wield power. And, he said, that power implies responsibility.”

Millman noted:

“But you (or at least I) rarely hear a Jewish leader saying, in so many words, that Jews must act to prevent this or that injustice because we are powerful, and power implies responsibility.” [Gideon`s Blog, March 13, 2006]

Instead, Jewish leaders typically exhort Jews with one of three arguments, all based around feelings of communal self-pity. Millman enumerates them:

(1) “We Jews have suffered, so we should be acutely sensitive to others` suffering …;”

(2) “As God liberated the Jews from captivity in Egypt … we have a religious obligation as Jews to help the oppressed”;

(3) “Jews should be aware of our collective vulnerability, historical and continuing, and therefore for our own good always take the other side of the kinds of groups, movements and individuals who have victimized us in the past, and who could threaten us again in the future.”

And yet that plain fact is that in modern America, Jews are the biggest winner among ethnic groups. Although only two percent of the American population, Jews make up about 35 percent of the Forbes 400 wealthiest individuals. (That percentage is from after the financial bubble burst in 2007-2008, so it likely reflects a long-run baseline.)

By way of comparison, consider Italian-Americans, who arrived in America at roughly the same time as Jewish-Americans and tend to live in similar parts of the country. Today, Italians are fairly well represented in most aspects of American life: movie stars, the Democratic Speaker of the House, two Republican Supreme Court Justices, and so forth. Indeed, Italians make up 5.4 percent of the gentile members of the Forbes 400 and 5.7 percent of the gentile population. For Italian-Americans, on average, life isn`t bad.

Yet, Italians are only 1/30th as likely per capita as Jews to be billionaires.

Thirty to one is a big difference.

This ratio isn`t proof of conspiracy or even simple discrimination. It is merely proof of Disparate Impact. Federal law makes a very big deal out of Disparate Impact when it involves “Hispanic” ethnicity. If ethnic Hispanics are less than four-fifths as successful as white non-Hispanics, a longstanding EEOC regulation puts the burden of disproving discrimination on employers.

One-thirtieth is a lot smaller than four-fifths. Yet the law doesn`t mention any other kind of ethnicity than Hispanic.

You really can`t understand modern America without thinking about these sorts of numbers. But, do Americans really want to understand America?

On the rare occasions when the topic of Jewish influence surfaces in the Main Stream Media, attempts to confuse are trotted out over and over—such as theological hair-splitting over Who Is a Jew? and reminders that Not All Jews Agree.

Of course, the exact same points could have been made about the old Protestant elites. Indeed, their disagreements are the stuff of American history, for example the Civil War. For that matter, Henry Ford and George S. Patton believed in reincarnation, but nobody claims they therefore weren`t ethnically Protestant.

Just as it was worth understanding the Protestant Establishment, its strengths and weaknesses, it is now worth understanding the Jewish elite.

Yet in the Main Stream Media, mentioning the kind of numbers I just cited is mostly just not done.

One possible reason: roughly 50 percent of the Atlantic 50 list of the most important pundits are Jewish.

Similarly, with the Oscars just selected, it`s worth recalling Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League noting in 2008 that “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

Samuels contends “New York Jews circa 2008 are wealthy white people whose protestations of outsiderness inspire blank stares or impatient eye rolling.”

But is that really true? Or has the public increasingly internalized Politically Correct ignorance?

The ADL has polled Americans four times on whether or not they agree with the proposition “The movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews”. In 1964, 47 percent agreed versus 21 percent who disagreed. By 2008, amazingly, only 22 percent of the public agreed and 63 percent disagreed.

Columnist Joel Stein laughed: “Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.”

In contrast to the Main Stream Media, the Jewish press, such as The Forward and the Jewish Telegraph Agency (which first compiled an estimate of the Jewishness of the 2009 Forbes 400), is usually much more informative on the subject of Jewish influence.

Conclusion: American Jews should start thinking of themselves less as oppressed outcasts who need to go for whatever they can get while the getting is good, and start more accurately thinking of themselves as belonging to the best-connected inner circle of the contemporary American Establishment.

Thus, American Jews should realize that, like the Protestant elite of yore, their privileged position as a de facto leadership caste bestows upon themselves corresponding duties to conserve the long-term well-being of the United States—rather than to indulge in personal and ethnic profit and power maximization.

But that`s unlikely to happen until the Jewish elite to begin to tolerate non-Jewish criticism, rather than to continue to try to destroy the careers of critics—or even just honest observers—in what seems to be an instinctive reaction intended to encourage the others.

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Losing Your Civilization Vs Machine-Gunning Illegal Aliens

If the West is to survive, it might need to start machine-gunning those attempting to enter it illegally.

Black Africans (aside from approximately the top 10%), are not suited to first world civilization and if they insist on coming illegally, what can the West do?

My foreign policy prescription is to defend yourself against invasion, including the invasion of illegal aliens, and to abstain from invading others. Defending yourself from invasion usually requires the use of force. No one could accuse Pozzallo of indifference. This small Sicilian town, like Italy itself, has staggered its way through a skyrocketing migration crisis in the Mediterranean that has seen roughly 120,000 migrants rescued by Italian ships this year, almost triple last year’s figure, while nearly 2,800 have died in shipwrecks or in transit, a fourfold increase. And more bodies may be coming. Rescuers are searching in the waters near Malta after reports this week that more than 750 people may have died in two shipwrecks in recent days.

Over the past three years, Italian authorities have swung from a hard-line policy to “push back” migrant vessels to Libya, to a search-and-rescue program to deliver them safely to Italian ports like this one. Migrants still keep coming.

Today, Europe finds itself caught between a backlash at home against the rising numbers of migrants flooding the continent and international pressure to provide a humane response to a crisis that includes refugees from wars in the Middle East.

“It is a river of people coming in,” said Daniele Carrozza, who runs one of the many holding centers in Sicily that house migrants, among them several thousand unaccompanied minors. “For the next few years, we are going to have an exponential increase.”

Until three years ago, Europe mostly acted to deter migrant boats, as Italian ships and those of Europe’s border agency, Frontex, pursued the “pushback” tactics along the Libyan coastline. But the outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011 changed the strategy, as well as public attitudes.

Waves of refugees risking their lives to make passage to Europe stirred global sympathy. In response, Italy suspended the pushback operations, and then a landmark 2012 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights barred Italy from continuing the tactic.

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Random Observations

* What’s with all these third worlders hitting on me on FB? Why don’t any young white women hit on me? I consider Persians white.

On Craigslist, it is very very common for black women to specify a very strong preference for white men — a fact that popular culture ignores.

* Queeny fairy fags creep me out. I know this is wrong. Where do I turn myself in? I love many of them personally and I never want to see them hurt for their orientation but faggotry when it is all out there and in our face creeps me out. I shudder. I do creepy things too but you don’t see me writing about them on FB. Whatever happened to discretion? I’m a 19th Century Victorian Gentleman at heart. Would you happen to have any grey poupon?

I am deeply ashamed of my homophobia. I think this is a teachable moment, like when a bear instructs a cub.

Admit it: Jewish fags are often more troubling and in your face than Borneo fags and Italian fags. There is something about a whiny left wing Jewish homosexual who wants the borders of the West to be as open to brown things as is his rectum.

The best and worst people I know are Jewish.

Generally speaking, I prefer homos to Muslims. I prefer people who want to blow me as opposed to want to blow me up.

* I haven’t processed yet that my Placer High School class of 1984 had its 30th anniversary last weekend in Auburn California, the way it used to be! I know I feel sad and mournful and stirred and activated and scared and wistful. I need to lie down and listen to some hits from those years and write in my journal and think about all the girls I wanted to date.

I don’t have particularly good memories from those years, not bad ones either, I just feel awkward and embarrassed when I remember my old self.

* After the boss forgot to bring me my free snacks, I told him, “No lemonade? No protein bars? This place is worse than Auschwitz.” Then I went back to surfing the web.

* I don’t have the energy to cook healthy light food, so I need you to pick up piping heavy hot food for me and watch me get fat and out of shape. If you want me to feel beautiful, I need to be driving a new car, so what are we going to do?

* If I had a new BMW, I’d feel better about myself and I’d lose weight and I’d be more open to trying new things.

* This 16yo boy just met an Italian chick and he wants to ask her out but doesn’t know how. I said he should ask her to Rosh Hashanah services and tell her that he just picked up a Kosher Odorless Ram’s Horn Polished Shofar Medium Size 12″-14″, with Shofar Blowing Guide and that everything she needs to know about Hollywood is contained therein.

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Blacks & Muslims In El Salvador

I was talking to a bloke from El Salvador who just visited home. “If you’re black and you visit El Salvador,” he says, “you’ve got ten days [to visit] and you’re out. If you’re Muslim, you’ve got a ten days and you’re out.”

Blog: “The historical black presence has never been officially acknowledged in a society that does not recognize ethnic diversity. In 1930, General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez instituted race laws prohibiting Blacks, Gypsies, Asians, and Arabs from entering the country. This law was removed during the 1980s.”

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Why So Many Broken Traffic Lights In LA?

Daniel writes: Does anyone know why there are so many broken traffic lights throughout Los Angeles? Is it just a coincidence that this happened around Sept. 11? Did this happen in other cities in the US? Could it be a test run before something bigger happens?

We’ve had heat waves before though, and even hotter than it is now, but I don’t remember this happening. What do they do in cities like Vegas, where high temperatures are common?

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