Measuring Puerto Rican Intelligence

Puerto Rico’s population, by and large, does not have the cognitive power to prosper.

Steve Sailer writes: Since then, of course, we’ve seen how wrong the 1936 psychometricians were, as Puerto Ricans have risen high in the ranks of accomplishment in America, such as composing, writing, and choreographing West Side Story.

Oh, wait, you’re telling me West Side Story is by gay Jews? Why wasn’t I informed?

Actually, it turns out that this video clip sums up how much has changed over the last 78 years.

This is not to say that Puerto Ricans in America haven’t made any progress over the many generations. Malloy looks at 45 cognitive studies of Puerto Ricans in America, tosses 15 for methodological problems, and concludes:

The median of 30 studies gives us an IQ of 84.7 for Puerto Rican Americans.
The current average appears to be somewhat higher. The median IQ of 19 samples from the 1930s-1970s is 83.7. The median IQ of 14 samples from the 1980s-2000s is 87.4.

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Not A Problem!

* Secretary: “My boyfriend was pushing a car and the jerk braked and my boyfriend suffered a major injury. He had to have surgery to repair his shoulder. He got a big ol’ scar.”
Turning to me, she says with a smile: “Never help anyone!”
My friend laughs. “Don’t worry. That’s not a problem for Luke.”

* I love how our national women’s soccer teams tastefully puts on make-up (at least the straight ones) before every game.

* As a Jew, I feel I should be doing something to profit from the situation in Greece, but what? What do the machers in your kehilla suggest?

* I made a major fashion faux pas a few years ago, wearing white socks and black shoes to a film set and Keri Windsor read me the riot act about how people expect a certain level of splendor from their industry bloggers.

* Is there an app that will stop my computer from ever showing me pictures of two dudes kissing on the lips?

* Stating my various forms of emotional addiction wouldn’t go over too well in Tannum Sands, Australia.

* If you see a friend who’s been punched in the face by his wife, is it OK to say, “I wonder what she looks like”?

* I was explaining to my brother in Tannum Sands Sunday that half the people I know in LA are artists struggling to make a living from their art (and are in various 12-step groups). Not many such persons in outback Australia.

* What’s the point of having a co-dependent unhealthy relationship if you’re not having sex?

* Our eyes connected and we shared a big smile. I wonder if she’s Jewish?

* What prayer should you make before embarking on the 13th Step? What’s the protocol for asking out the speaker at your meeting?

* How many people are there who just go to 12-step meetings to hook up?

* I’ve ended up making fun of every group I’ve ever joined.

* Some kids next door are watching the Futurama cartoon, which has some great dialogue, such as:
Bloke A: “I just want to be friends.”
Bloke B: “I don’t need friends. I need a sex change operation now!”

* Woman in Futurama to tranny bloke: “Do you promise to get out of my gender and stay out?”

Sounds like what the Jews said to me.

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Los Angeles: Knife-Wielding Man Threatens To Kill Jews In Shul On Monday Morning

REPORT: It was a terrifying few moments in the Kollel Yechiel Yehuda (“Chassidish Kollel”) in Los Angeles, but thankfully no one was injured.

According to eyewitnesses, the man walking into the Shul located on N La Brea Ave and Rosewood Avenue at around 7:30 Monday morning, while the Shul was full of people Davening Shacharis. The man pulled out a knife and began screaming that he was going to kill all the Jews.

Two men attempted to restrain him while others called police. Somehow, the man managed to break loose and escaped prior to the arrival of police.

The LAPD arrived quickly and searched the area for the man, but as of this posting – no arrests have been made.

The man is described as man in his 40′s, with a thin build. A better description will be published later.

Sources tell YWN that the Shul has security cameras which detectives are going through to get a better description of the suspect.

At 1:36 pm, Temp12345 says: “Please verify your story next time. I was there. This is not at all what happened.
The person came in, and bent down. He muttered stuff outloud. When one of the people davening turned around (who as a big guy) the person got up and left. Most people in shul did not know anything was happening until after davening.”

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Whites are 63% of America’s population but 81% of its workforce and they dominate high IQ jobs

I’m shocked at these statistics. I would have thought blacks and hispanics would dominate America’s high IQ jobs.

Different average IQ levels for different groups would account for most of the differences.


Data from the U.S. Census supports this claim, showing that 81 percent of lawyers are white, down from 89 percent in 2000. Further, only 7 percent of partners at law firms are blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or Native Americans.

These days, criticisms about the lack of racial diversity are perhaps most focused on the tech sector. But usually, these criticisms of diversity at top tech companies exclude Asians and focus on the low percentage of blacks and Hispanics in the tech industry. Data from the Census bureau shows that while blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented in the computer workers category, Asians are overrepresented (Asians make up 5.3 percent of the U.S. population)…

BLS data has a more detailed dive into which professions are the whitest. Overall, 81 percent of the workforce is white, but there are 33 occupations in America that are more than 90 percent white. When it comes to professions with outsized shares of minorities, blacks are overrepresented in community and social-service occupations (as well as barbers and postal-service clerks). Asians make up a large share of computer workers, medical scientists, and personal appearance workers—a category that includes manicurists, makeup artists, and facialists. Hispanics are overrepresented in construction, maintenance, and agriculture work.

Another important question is whether these statistics include undocumented workers. BLS data states that it’s likely that at least some undocumented immigrants are included, but it’s impossible to say how many because the survey is not designed to identify the legal status of workers. One report by Pew found that the majority of undocumented workers work in low-skill, though not necessarily low-paid, jobs. In fact, the share of unauthorized immigrants holding white-collar jobs has risen significantly in recent years.

The racial transparency trend at America’s private companies is a good thing, even if the numbers can be depressing. It highlights the fact that the American workforce has been divided by race for decades. While the occupational gap seems to have improved between whites and blacks—Brookings reports that the percent of blacks in high-paying technical professions quintupled between 1968 and 2014—the racial income gap still persists. One report found that for black and Hispanic families, their median family income levels are 40 percent lower than that of white families. Furthermore, Pew found that the wealth inequality racial gap has widened since the recession.

Linda Gottfredson wrote:

1. IQ (as long as it’s a good measure of g) predicts a broad range of life outcomes better than does SES [socio-economic status], from GPA to longevity. Corollary: You can wash out IQ’s apparent predictive superiority only if you load your SES battery with additional surrogates for parents’ or own g.
2. The phenotypic correlations between IQ and measures of social class (education, occupational prestige, income) are from a half to two-thirds genetic in origin.

3. SES cannot explain the big IQ differences among siblings growing up in the same household: They differ two-thirds as much in IQ, on the average (11-12 points), as do any two random strangers (~17 points). This is a glaring fact that SES enthusiasts have studiously ignored.

4. Adult functional literacy (e.g., see the fed’s NALS survey) predicts life outcomes in exactly the same pattern as does IQ, though they won’t tell you that. Functional literacy is measured by having subjects carry out everyday life tasks, such as using a menu to figure out the price for something. Persons scoring at levels 1-2 (out of 5) have been described as not having the ability to use their rights or meet their responsibilities in the modern world (40% of whites, 80% of blacks). Pick out a few NALS tasks at various levels and ask your critic what % of adults s/he thinks can perform them. They will be shocked and so will you when you see the data–go to my 1997 “Why g matters” article for NALS, or my 2002 “highly general and highly practical” chapter for health literacy items–e.g., on diabetes.

5. IQ predicts on-the-job performance better overall than any other single predictor (SES isn’t even in the running), it predicts better when performance is objectively rather than subjectively measured, and when the tasks/occupations are more complex in what they require workers to do. At the same cognitive complexity level, IQ predicts job performance equally well in manual and non-manual jobs (e.g., trades vs. clerical. The exact same complexity pattern is found with functional literacy–the hardest items are the most complex (require more inference, are abstract rather than concrete, contain more distracting irrelevant information, etc.)

6. A large followup of Australian veterans found that IQ was the best predictor of death by age 40 (had 50+ predictors). Vehicle fatalities were the biggest cause (as is typical), and, compared to men with IQs of 100+, men of IQ85-100 had twice the rate and men IQ 80-85 had three times the rate. (Remember, SES could not explain this.) The US (and apparently Australia) forbid induction of persons below IQ 80 because they are not sufficiently trainable–found out the hard way.

7. Finally, if you succeed in describing g as a general learning and reasoning ability (one that gives high g people an increasing edge when tasks are more complex), then it is easy to show g’s life and death relevance when you describe how health self-care and accident prevention are highly dependent on learning and reasoning. Consider what it takes to be an effective diabetic–lots and lots of judgment on a daily basis, or you’re likely to lose your sight, your limbs, etc.

Gottfredson wrote:

Of all human traits, variation in general intelligence (g) is the functionally most important in modern life. The first question that behavior genetics tackled was ‘‘how heritable are within-group differences in intelligence?’’—the answer: ‘‘very.’’
Gottfredson said: “Keep in mind that false belief in infinite human malleability led to some of the worst horrors of the 20th century. I also think it is patronizing and usually self-serving when elites contend that the American public cannot be trusted with certain facts.”

Gottfredson wrote:

If all 13‐year‐olds took the same 15‐minute test (WASI), I could give you each child’s odds for all these adult outcomes without knowing anything else about them.
– Drops out of high school,
– Holds mostly unskilled jobs, skilled jobs vs. professional jobs
– Performs those jobs well
– Lives in poverty AND
– Can find a particular intersection on a map, or grams of carbohydrate per serving on a food label
– Adheres to a medical treatment regimen for diabetes or other chronic illness
– Dies prematurely

Gottfredson wrote:

The first step in assessing the real-life importance of g/IQ is to determine whether scores on highly g-loaded tests (tests that measure g well) predict differences in valued life outcomes. Correlations do not prove causation, but they are a first step in doing so. The most studied outcomes are performance in school (such as school marks and achievement test scores), performance on the job (mostly supervisor ratings), socioeconomic advancement (level of education, occupation, and income), and social pathology (adult criminality, poverty, unemployment, dependence on welfare, children outside of marriage). The relations of intelligence to health, health behavior, resilience in the face of extreme adversity, longevity (length of life), and functional literacy (the ability to do routine reading, writing, and arithmetic tasks in modern societies) have also begun to draw much attention. Thousands of studies have looked at the impact of mental abilities on school and job performance, and large national longitudinal studies in both Europe and the United States have shown that IQ is related to various forms of socioeconomic success and failure. Here are their most general findings about g’s association with life outcomes.
Correlations with IQ are pervasive. IQ predicts all the foregoing outcomes to some degree. Subjective well-being (happiness) is the rare exception: it is regularly found not to correlate meaningfully with IQ level. In general, g relates more to instrumental behavior than emotional reactions.

Correlations with IQ vary systematically by type of outcome. IQ’s predictive value ranges widely, depending on the outcome in question. For example, when averaged over several years, performance on standardized tests of academic achievement correlates about as highly with IQ as two IQ tests do with each other (over .8 on a scale of -1.0 to 1.0). In contrast, correlations with IQ are closer to .6-.7 for school marks, years of education completed, and longevity. They are about .5 with prestige level of occupation, .3 to .4 with income (the correlations rising with age), and .2 with law-abidingness.

Correlations with IQ are higher when tasks are more complex. To illustrate, when jobs are ranked in overall complexity of work, the correlations between IQ and job performance rise from .2 for simple, unskilled jobs, to .5 in middle-level jobs (skilled trades, most clerical work), to .8 in the most complex (doctors, engineers, top executives). Stated another way, it matters little how intelligent workers are in low-level jobs, but it matters a great deal in high-level jobs, regardless of whether the job seems academic or not.

IQ/g is best single predictor, mental or non-mental. IQ/g usually predicts major life outcomes better than does any other single predictor in broad samples of individuals. For example, whether IQ predicts strongly (educational performance) or weakly (law-abidingness), it predicts better than does social class background…

Social privilege theory also predicts that the impact of environmental conditions will accumulate with age, but longitudinal studies show that IQ actually becomes more heritable over the life span (from 40% before entering elementary school to 80% by mid-adulthood). Perhaps most surprising of all, differences in family advantage have no lasting effect on IQ by adolescence, at least in the U.S. and Europe, so family members are no more alike in IQ by adulthood than their genetic relatedness would predict…To take one example, the post-World War II communist government of Warsaw, Poland, assigned families of all social classes to the same housing, schools, and health services, but this social leveling failed to narrow intelligence differences in the next generation…

The pattern is that, when two groups differ in average IQ, the proportions of their populations found at each point on the IQ distribution differ most at the extremes, or tails, of the IQ distribution. This is seen most clearly by looking at the ratios in the bottom three rows of Figure 3. Take, for example, blacks and whites above IQ 100. Blacks become progressively rarer, relative to whites, at higher IQ levels: 1:3 above IQ 100, 1:7 above IQ 110, and only 1:30 above IQ 125…

IQ 75 signals the ability level below which individuals are not likely to master the elementary school curriculum or function independently in adulthood in modern societies. They are likely to be eligible for special educational services in school and for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the U.S. government, which is financial support provided to mentally and physically disabled adults. Of course, many do marry, hold a job, raise children, and otherwise function adequately as adults. However, their independence is precarious because they have difficulty getting and keeping jobs that pay a living wage. They are difficult to train except for the simplest tasks, so they are fortunate in industrialized nations to get any paying job at all. While only 1 out of 50 Asian-Americans faces such risk, Figure 3 shows that 1 out of 6 black- Americans does.

IQ 85 is a second important minimum threshold because the U.S. military sets its minimum enlistment standards at about this level. Although the military is often viewed as the employer of last resort, this minimum standard rules out almost half of blacks (44%) and a third of Hispanics (34%), but far fewer whites (13%) and Asians (8%). The U.S. military has twice experimented with recruiting men of IQ 80-85 (the first time on purpose and the second time by accident), but both times it found that such men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs. Individuals in this IQ range are not considered mentally retarded and they therefore receive no special educational or social services, but their poor learning and reasoning abilities mean that they are not competitive for many jobs, if any, in the civilian economy. They live at the edge of unemployability in modern nations, and the jobs they do get are typically the least prestigious and lowest paying: for example, janitor, food service worker, hospital orderly, or parts assembler in a factory.

IQ 85 is also close to the upper boundary for Level 1 functional literacy, the lowest of five levels in the U.S. government’s 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS). Adults at this literacy level are typically able to carry out only very simple tasks, such as locating the expiration date on a driver’s license or totaling a bank deposit slip, but they typically cannot perform more difficult tasks, such as locating two particular pieces of information in a sports article (Level 2), writing a brief letter explaining an error in a credit card bill (Level 3), determining correct change using information in a menu (Level 4), or determining shipping and total costs on an order form for items in a catalog (Level 5). Most routine communications with businesses and social service agencies, including job applications, are thus beyond the capabilities of persons with only Level 1 literacy. Their problem is not that they cannot read the words, but that they are not able to understand or use the ideas that the words convey…

IQ 105 can be viewed as the minimum threshold for achieving moderately high levels of success. It has been estimated to be the point at which individuals have a 50-50 chance of doing well enough in secondary school to be admitted to a four-year university in the United States. People above this level are highly competitive for middle-level jobs (clerical, crafts and repair, sales, police and firefighting), and they are good contenders for the lower tiers of managerial and professional work (supervisory, technical, accounting, nursing, teaching). Figure 3 shows that Asian-Americans are 6-7 times more likely than blacks to exceed the IQ 105 threshold. The percentages are 53%, 40%, 27%, and 8%, respectively, for Asians, whites, Hispanics, and blacks.

IQ 115 marks the ability threshold for being competitive as a candidate for graduate or professional school in the U.S. and thus for high levels of socioeconomic success. Partly because of their higher educational promise, individuals above this IQ level have the best prospects for gaining the most coveted occupational positions in a society. This is the IQ range in which individuals can be self-instructing and are, in fact, expected to instruct, advise, and supervise others in their community and work environments. This is therefore the IQ range from which cultural leaders tend to emerge and be recruited. The percentages exceeding this threshold are, respectively, 40% (Asians), 28% (whites), 10% (Hispanics), and 4% (blacks).

Psychologist Byron M. Roth wrote:
The most notable difference among Jewish groups is average IQ. While the Ashkenazi average is 110, the Sephardic average is about 99, close to that of Europeans. The Mizrahim score about 91, markedly lower than Europeans, but higher than the Arabs with whom they have lived, whose average is about 84. The genetically distinct Falashas have IQs of about 70, typical of sub-Saharan people.
These IQ differences have had an important impact on the achievement of each group. This is especially clear in Israel, where they live side by side. The Israeli population of about 6 million people (in 2000) is about 40 percent Mizrahim, about 40 percent “European,” and about 20 percent Arab Muslims. Comparisons are complicated, however, because the 2.4 million characterized as European include 110,000 Sephardim. Furthermore, many in the group classified as European Jews are immigrants from Russia, a large number of whom—some Israeli demographers estimate as many as 900,000—are not Jews at all. They are ethnic Russians “who pretended to be Jews in order to obtain permission to leave the Soviet Union.” For these reasons the average IQ of those classified as European Jews is estimated to be about 106, lower than would be the case if all were Ashkenazim.

Nevertheless, on all measures of social and educational success, the Europeans do better than the Mizrahim, who in turn do better than the Arab citizens, a ranking perfectly consistent with IQ estimates. Of particular interest are the Ethiopians, who do very poorly, and behave like American blacks. According to an Israeli researcher, many “identify with an ‘aggressive and semi-criminal African-American youth culture’ and have become a ‘kind of ethnic underclass.’”

Charles Murray said:”IQ is a raw material to which you add all sorts of other things [such as ethics and industriousness] which we don’t know how to measure well.”

“Half of the children are below average, which by the way, I have gotten hissed for saying on college campuses… The limits on the ability to learn are quite strict… There are sharp constraints on what anybody who is average to below can learn.”

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Jewish Loathing Of Southern Racism

Paul Gottfried writes: Since the Charleston shootings, GOP officials have been scrambling to comply with Leftist demands that Southern Whites be stripped of visible signs of their Confederate heritage. The GOP has actually been downplaying the Confederacy for years—Jeb Bush conspicuously removed Confederate banners and insignias from the Florida statehouse back in 2001. [Jeb Bush Ordered The Confederate Flag Removed From Florida Capitol 14 Years Ago, By Scott Conroy,Huffingtonpost.Com, June 19, 2015] (But the GOP’s efforts to dump the Mississippi state flag including the Southern Cross were frustrated when a majority of the population, including almost a quarter of the black population, voted to retain it).

Party operatives are stupid enough to believe that black votes are there for the taking if they run down the Confederacy ferociously enough; and that white Southerners will remain Republican no matter what. Plus of course the GOP’s whorish Big Business backers have capitulated, as when they withdrew support from the Boy Scouts of America for not accepting openly homosexual scoutmasters. But it is not so much blacks who seem offended by the Battle Flag (in South Carolina as much as 40% of the black inhabitants are content to leave it at the Capitol) as it is the national Main Stream Media—and above all the neoconservatives.

Neoconservatives have long stood out from other Republicans and members of Conservatism Inc. by virtue of the intensity of their loathing for the white South. And, as I demonstrate in my books on the American Conservative Movement, they have an almost total lock on the Conservative Establishment. The funding, media access, and all the leading publications of the movement are now controlled by neoconservatives. Other branches of conservatism survive, but they are either marginalized, like paleoconservatism, or merely tolerated dissent, like the Catholic Straussians and the socially leftist Libertarians—especially the ones, like the Randians, who vociferously support Israel.

Although neoconservative anti-Christian broadsides continued through the 1980s, with such Commentary contributors as Ruth Wisse and Hyam Maccoby, the Christian enemy took a back seat to other bêtes noires after the neoconservatives began to cultivate the Religious Right as part of a pro-Israel alliance.

But the neoconservatives were still in the forefront of South-bashing for decades, from their organized defamation of Mel Bradford, the conservative Southern candidate for the directorship of the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1981, through the crusade to remove Mississippian Senate Majority leader Trent Lott in 2002 after he had too fulsomely praised (former segregationist, former Democrat) South Carolina senator Strom Thurmond on his hundredth birthday, to the bile they are now pouring on the already-isolated defenders of the Southern cause.

None of this need surprise us. The persistent neoconservative prejudice against the South sprang from the ethnically parochial culture in which the older generation of neoconservatives grew up. In my youth, I was struck by the malice with which New York Jewish visitors to Florida described their road trips through the land of “rural bigots.” Next to the Germans, whom they assured me—the child of Austrian Jewish immigrants—were all Nazis, these Southern “anti-Semites” were the most unpalatable humans they were forced to share the planet with.

Neoconservative beneficiary National Review Editor Rich Lowry referred in a recent column to “institutionally racist backwater” that was the white South before both government reconstruction efforts and the influx of Northern suburbanites redeemed it. That is a polite way of expressing the anti-Southern bigotry that I heard from New York Jews in the 1950s, before the South ceased to be the South.

In what looks like a staggering effort to outdo the media Left, the quintessentially neoconservative New York Post ran a column by Lou Lumenick (email him) on June 25, demanding that we retire “this much-loved but undeniably racist artifact,” the movie Gone with the Wind, from TV and movie theaters. [‘Gone with the Wind’ should go the way of the Confederate flag]. Although Lumenick and his patrons do not find this film classic to be as much in need of censorship as other more offensively pro-Confederate movies like Birth Of A Nation, what makes Gone with the Wind particularly “insidious” is its “subtle racism”—disguised by the fact that its black co-star received an Academy Award.

Subsequently, the New York Post uncovered more insidious evidence of pro-Confederate pollution, this time in the Big Apple. It seems that the German Jewish press magnate Adolf S. Ochs, who moved his operations to New York from Chattanooga, Tennessee, had “strong ties to the Confederacy.” His mother Bertha Levy Ochs was a charter member of the Daughters of the Confederacy, and Bertha’s son, who set up the New York Times, brought her illiberalism to the neocons’ home base on the Hudson. Ochs even managed to have a mosaic with a design allegedly resembling the Battle Flag inserted in a wall in the subway station at Times Square. (See above)[Confederate flags adorn this Times Square subway station, By Georgett Roberts and Amanda Lozada, June 25, 2015]

(This is an interesting inadvertent reminder that there were Confederate Jews).

Perhaps the most colossal display of anti-Southern bigotry was produced by the Wall Street Journal-Weekly Standard luminary Max Boot. Writing in Commentary, Boot expressed impatience that the war against Southern symbols has stalled at halfway measures. According to Boot, we should not at this very late date just be getting rid of Confederate flags. Years ago, enlightened Americans should have followed “conservatives” like him in calling for the renaming of every landmark or street located in the former Confederacy that bears the name of a Confederate leader:

Remembrance does not require public displays of the Confederate flag, nor streets with names such as Jefferson Davis Highway — a road that always rankles me to drive down in Northern Virginia. Such gestures are designed to honor leaders of the Confederacy, who were responsible for the costliest war in American history — men who were traitors to this country, inveterate racists, and champions of slavery.

[Rightfully Reversing Decades of Secessionist Rehabilitation, June 24, 2015]

Boot implicitly compares the slaveholding South to Nazi Germany. And while he thinks we cannot prevent the descendants of German or Confederate soldiers from honoring the memories of fallen ancestors, he believes no public space can be conceded to those who revere what he considers to be a “vile cause.”

As I read this call for further humiliating the Southern whites, who have been the cannon fodder in so many neoconservative-incited wars, I thought about the strange situation that has made Boot, a Russian Jewish immigrant, a towering figure in American “conservatism.” He has ascended so high in our weird society that he is now dictating the unconditional surrender of Southern white goyim to the Cultural Marxist Zeitgeist.

This grotesque act begs for comparisons. It might be like a Palestinian activist who is mysteriously acclaimed as a spokesman for the Israeli conscience and then orders Israelis to take down all monuments to their Jewish past.

Needless to say, Israelis would never oblige such an impudent poseur—unlike our Southern white Republicans.

Still, to their credit, neoconservatives do not bleed all over the floor confessing their own past racist insensitivities. They simply speak as the conscience of the world. Whether we have Charles Krauthammer reproaching Trent Lott for his “historical blindness” in not vibrating to the greatest moral event in American history, the successful Civil Rights movement personified by MLK, or the entire neocon press coming down on the hapless Professor Bradford in 1981 for not appreciating the achievement of Lincoln in making us all more equal, or the stragglers in the crusade against Southern symbols, neoconservatives specialize in imposing their selective morality.

Thus Southern whites are excoriated for their past sins of racism—but Jews living in New York City are allowed to complain about blacks and even describe them with belittling epithets when they misbehave in Jewish neighborhoods.

For example, neoconservative progenitor Norman Podhoretz in February 1963 published in Commentary a thoughtful essay My Negro Problem—and Ours in which he expressed very frank feelings about blacks, miscegenation, “Negro anti-Semitism” and Negro “paranoid touchiness.” No-one did a Mel Bradford or Trent Lott on him. But in era when even Hilary Clinton is questioned because her husband’s campaign used Confederate symbols, perhaps they will now.

Here’s a quote:

The hatred I still feel for Negroes is the hardest of all the old feelings to face or admit, and it is the most hidden and the most overlarded by the conscious attitudes into which I have succeeded in willing myself. It no longer has, as for me it once did, any cause or justification (except, perhaps, that I am constantly being denied my right to an honest expression of the things I earned the right as a child to feel). How, then, do I know that this hatred has never entirely disappeared? I know it from the insane rage that can stir in me at the thought of Negro anti-Semitism; I know it from the disgusting prurience that can stir in me at the sight of a mixed couple; and I know it from the violence that can stir in me whenever I encounter that special brand of paranoid touchiness to which many Negroes are prone.

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America Should Protect Its Borders Just Like Israel Does

Every major American Jewish organization supports immigration amnesty, but they say nothing when Israel builds walls to protect itself from illegal immigration. These organizations have one agenda for the goyim (diversity) and the opposite agenda for Jews (cohesion).

A serious country protects itself from outsiders entering illegally.

REPORT: JERUSALEM – Israel’s security cabinet has approved extending the fortified fence along its Egyptian border into a section of the frontier with neighbouring Jordan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.
Jordan and Israel closely coordinate security for their 240 km (150 mile)-long border as well as for the strategic 95 km (60 mile )-long Jordan Valley within the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where Palestinians seek statehood.
But the Netanyahu government worries that African immigrants and armed jihadi infiltrators might try to reach Israel via Jordan after the Egyptian Sinai border was fenced off with a 5 metre (16 foot)-high razor-wire barrier in 2013.
That fence runs from the Palestinian Gaza Strip to the southern Red Sea resort of Eilat. Briefing Israeli lawmakers, Netanyahu said his security cabinet on Sunday gave the green light for a new 30 km (18 mile) stretch of fence that will run northward from Eilat along a now often porous Jordanian border.
He said the fence would help protect an Israeli airport due to open next year at Timna, 19 km (12 miles) from Eilat, and which has been billed as a wartime alternative should Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport come under rocket attack.
The country has already built hi-tech fences in the north on the Lebanon border and along the Golan Heights boundary with Syria. Much of the West Bank is also divided by a network of fences, barriers and walls, while the Gaza Strip is closed off behind high fences and walls.
A fence along the Jordan frontier would leave Israel surrounded by a steel and concrete ring.

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Guardian: Police powerless to stop neo-Nazi rally in Jewish area of London


Police have no powers to ban a static demonstration and must safeguard the right to protest, says Met police spokesman.
cotland Yard has said it cannot prevent a neo-Nazi protest taking place in the heart of one of London’s biggest Jewish areas, as community leaders and the local Conservative MP called on the Home Office to ban the rally.

A group of anti-Jewish demonstrators have signalled their intention to hold a rally on 4 July in Golders Green, an area of north London where Jewish residents make up 20% of the population.

The timing is particularly provocative as it takes place on a Saturday, the Jewish day of rest when most observant Jews will be walking to synagogue.

Police have no powers to ban a static demonstration and must safeguard the right to protest, a Met police spokesman said.

Ch Supt Adrian Usher, the officer in charge of policing in Barnet, said a plan for the policing operation was being formulated. “Officers are speaking to the organiser of the protest to understand what their plans are,” he said.

The Finchley and Golders Green MP, Mike Freer, told the Guardian he had asked the Home Office to ban the protest. “The rally is not about free speech but a deliberate attempt to provoke tension and antisemitism,” he said.

Jewish community groups, including the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Community Security Trust and the London Jewish Forum, have also called for a ban, and more than 1,100 people have signed a petition to that effect.

A spokesman for the CST, a community body that monitors antisemitism, said it had been aware of the proposed demonstration for several weeks.

“By definition, this is attracting self-selecting antisemitic neo-Nazis who want to spend their Saturdays antagonising Jews,” a spokesman said. “If they come to Golders Green, then it will be an opportunity for Jews and non-Jews alike to stress their united values and their utter rejection of racism and antisemitism.”

The organisation said it would not be organising a counter-demonstration, but would support those who wished to hold one securely, with the cooperation of the police and local council.

Several Jewish groups have said they will organise counter-demonstrations, including leftwing Jewish collective Jewdas and the grassroots Campaign Against Antisemitism, with more than 200 people pledging attendance.

CST cautioned against a repeat of the “hype” surrounding a similar anti-Semitic demonstration touted by the neo-Nazi blogger Joshua Bonehill-Paine in Stamford Hill in the aftermath of the Paris attacks at a kosher supermarket. Bonehill has faced a number of criminal charges, including for alleged antisemitic harassment of MP Luciana Berger.

One Jew on FB writes:

Dear Jews of Golders Green:
Are you going to sit and wring your hands as this evil invades your community, appealing to the world for some act of conscience or support? Are you going to hunker down in your houses and not show your faces, laying low until the trouble passes?
Or are you going to physically stop the invaders? Are you going to step outside and block the main streets of your neighborhoods, with locked arms, declaring with your bodies “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”? Are you going to bar entrance to your streets and buildings, with the furniture of your homes and synagogues if need be, and declare that you won’t accept the presence of neo-nazis in your districts? And will you stand behind the barricades, with bricks and bats if necessary, to repel anyone who insists on charging into your midst?
Your government has removed its protection from you – it is up to YOU to defend your neighborhoods! Hunkering down will only encourage the haters!
There is a time to be nice, law-abiding Jewish citizens – but there is also a time to take the law into your own hands, particularly once the law has declared itself powerless to stop the evil from advancing. There is a time to speak with the voice of Jacob – and there is a time to employ the hands of Esau. This is the time for the latter. The choice is YOURS.

I wonder what other speech should be banned. What other demonstrations should not be allowed? Should criticism of Jews be illegal? I hate to see Jews on the side of censorship.

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Attachment Theory & The Alexander Technique

Two of my favorite topics over the past few years are attachment theory and the Alexander Technique.

Elizabeth A. Buonomo is a psychotherapist and Alexander teacher. She writes in the Spring 2015 issue of the AmSAT Journal:

Many of Alexander’s concepts have corollaries in attachment theory. First, the Alexander Technique is, in part, a method of movement regulation. The teacher assists the student to use inhibition to interrupt old habits in response to a stimulus and to allow for more choice; the student is then taught to direct himself to move with reduced muscle tension in new and more functional ways. Mental health professionals talk of emotional regulation, the ability to have reflective awareness of the feelings associated with painful triggers to our past and to respond to them by substituting other ways of thinking and behaving so that new patterns can be created. Sound familiar? The long-term effect of both movement and emotional regulation is to lower reactivity and induce a greater calm in response to a stimulus. Importantly, movement and emotional regulation occur in relationship with the therapist or Alexander teacher, who is required to have done extensive personal work so as to serve as a model and to have greater regulatory capacity.

Second, both Alexander Technique lessons and psychotherapy sessions positively rewire brain patterning by building new neuronal pathways. Research in neuroscience has informed us that the brain is plastic and that it is capable of new learning due to new experiences even in adulthood. We know that healthy mother/infant bonding is critical for brain development, but that adult brains are also flexible. A trusting, safe, and empathically attuned relationship with an Alexander teacher or a psychotherapist can positively change neural circuitry.

Third, psychotherapists and Alexander Technique teachers are interested in the reciprocal influences of patient/therapist and student/teacher dyads. Contemporary models of psychotherapy have debunked traditional notions that any impact the therapist makes on the client is the client’s transference. Instead, they see the patient/therapist relationship as co-created with each inevitably impacting the other; the therapist must be open to acknowledging either openly or in supervision his/her participation in conflicts and enactments and to see them as part of the ongoing treatment.

In the Alexander Technique, there is a similar phenomenon: When we experience the student not responsive to our touch and direction, we look to our own use to find greater freedom in ourselves, which inevitably results in release in the student. When working with a student with challenging patterns, we are likely to become disorganized, which then negatively impacts the student in a dysfunctional loop. Our job is to find our good use again. Alternatively, when working with experienced students, we facilitate their freedom and openness, which then flows back to use so that as teachers we can feel that we are both giving and receiving a lesson.

The concept of mutual impact is reminiscent of mother/infact interactions… When the interaction between a mother and infant is attuned, the baby is expansive, relaxed and bright. If the interaction is going poorly, the infant is tense and cries often. Ideally, the mother uses her skills to soothe, absorb, and modulate the infant’s distress. One of [Beatrice] Beebe’s most exciting findings is that mother/baby attunement is not immediate, but rather cycles through a pattern of match, mismatch, and then rematch. Similarly, in Alexander Technique lessons, the teacher and student are continually moving through a pattern of good use, tension, and then renewal of good use in an effort to calm the student’s response to the stimulus.

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And So It Begins

Chaim Amalek writes:

In the first case in the nation to put the controversial practice on trial, the jury concluded that Arthur Goldberg and Elaine Berk, the founders of Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing in Jersey City and life coach Alan Downing to whom JONAH referred patients, “engaged in unconscionable commercial practices” and misrepresented their services.”

AND SO IT BEGINS, YIDDEN! We need an exit strategy from America. Maybe the Russians will take us back in? We could work as tax farmers for Putin.

Friend: I wonder if this will set some kind of legal precedent for Large Group Awareness Therapies (LGAT)? Those folks were found guilty of fraud, not violating civil rights. COTS, Landmark, TPY could possibly be found similarly guilty. AND, it opens the door for civil suits against all those who endorsed the fraud, especially clergy, in whom people place great trust.

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Lost In Inglewood

An Orthodox Jew tells me: My [teenage] daughter was lost the other night in Inglewood.

What was she doing there? Registering people to vote?

and was approached by two nice African American guys. They asked her the same question, and also if she’s drunk

oh G-d
L-rd have mercy

and informed her that she’s in Inglewood and that people will kill her here

did she share the 7 Noahide laws w them?

but not them. Not anthony. Because she can trust him. He’s trustworthy
when’s the wedding?

He is not going to kill her. Because he is Anthony the trustworthy

He was such a nice guy!
a prince!
he even offered to get in the car with her and show her the directions!


But I guess not only African Americans are nice. I am sure you’d do the same for a nice Jewish girl.

of course!

You see? It has nothing to do with race. All men are nice creatures

What was she doing in Inglewood?

She was LOST
what was she looking for? to buy drugs?


Do I need to talk to this girl and straighten her out about life?

She’s blond. It’s worthless.

There is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.

There is no solution to a genetic problem

Tell her to start a blog and share her experience, strength and hope.

Natural blonde?


Timothy – Anthony’s friend told her she can come and talk to him any time she likes. He’s here for her. a shoulder to lean on

aww, are they pen pals? You must be so proud!

He’d be at 7-11 the next day if she feels like crying or anything – just come there and ask for Timothy. A local hero I guess. Maybe he could help her find a summer job selling pharmaceutical things to help people cope with life. A double Mitzvah!

But some guys are really nice

Like the ones from inglewood who are not killers and are trustworthy and are willing to come with you in your car to show you the directions just because it’s easier that way to show you where to go.

Did Joshua blow his trumpet so she could go to Inglewood and talk to black guys?

He said he was trustworthy and he said he is not a killer

Obama said same thing.

He also said I’d be able to keep my doc.

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