Israel Flies Infiltrators Back To Africa

Comments to Steve Sailer:

BBC are reporting on radio news that African “refugees” are being flown out of Israel to Africa. A/c/t the report, only 1% of applicants for asylum in Israel succeed.

(can you see the video in the US?)

Adam will be held in Holot for 12 months. Then he is likely to face a stark choice:

Go home to Sudan
Stay in Israel, but be imprisoned indefinitely
Accept departure to a third country

The Israeli government has deals with two countries in Africa to host its unwanted migrants.

It promises that people who take the option of “voluntary departure to third countries” will receive papers on arrival that give them legal status in the country.

As an extra incentive, they’re given $3,500 (£2,435) in cash, handed over in the departure lounge of the airport in Tel Aviv.

Israel refuses to name the two African countries but the BBC has spoken to migrants who say they were sent to Rwanda and Uganda.


Jewish “antifa” radicals who took part in last week’s fracas in the southern English port town of Dover against a “right wing” anti-invasion march, were not concerned with helping any “refugees” but only with protecting Jewish interests, Gilad Atzmon, the world’s most famous ex-Jew has said.

Writing on his personal blog, Atzmon—who was born in Israel but who left and disassociated himself from that country in the 1980s—pointed out that the Jewish Chronicle had reported on the activities of an organization called “Jewdas.”


Atzmon, who is one of the world’s leading critics of Jewish Supremacism, said that “Jewdas” was a “so-called ‘Left’ Jewish group which took part in a the recent ‘anti-Fa’ march in Dover against ‘right wing extremists’ who oppose the entry of Syrian refugees into the Kingdom.”

Atzmon, author of the best-selling book The Wandering Who?, goes on to write that “many British humanists and ethically oriented beings agree that the UK should provide shelter to refugees from a battle zone, especially when it is Britain that made Iraq, Syria and the entire region into a battle zone.”

He continues:

One could anticipate that ‘Left’ Jews would be at the forefront of a call to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees because Jewish ‘Leftists’ ought to know that the 2003 criminal war against Islam in particular and Arabs in general was an immoral Zio-con operation.

The Jewdasses must know that it was Lord Levy and the Labour Friends of Israel who were Tony Blair’s leading fundraisers when Britain was taken into that criminal war.

They should certainly remember that Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen were the leading advocates for the war within British media.

So it was not a surprise that Jewdas joined the Anti-Fa campaign for Syrian refugees.

But astoundingly, none of the expected humanist concerns brought Jewdas to the streets of Dover.

In fact, it was the other way around. Crude Jewish self-centric interests motivated Jewdas.

Their spokesperson said: “We think it’s important that the Jewish community takes the threat of far-right violence seriously — a point we made at various stages last year when anti-Jewish demonstrations were taking place in London.”

His statement is unambiguous.

It wasn’t the plight of the refugees or any kind of acknowledgment of Jewish political complicity in the humanitarian disaster in the Middle East that brought Jewdas to the streets of Dover. Once again, it was Judeo-centrism at play.

Jewdas joined the Anti Fa protest to defend their own Jewish tribal and racial interests. Their spokesman stated: “These (right wing) groups pose a clear threat to our (Jewish) community.”

Bizarre, by expressing such views, the Jewdas spokesperson revealed that Jewdas has more in common with the ‘Rightwing extremists’ than with most immigration advocates or minority support groups.

Yet, I admit that this news item left me a bit puzzled.

On the one hand, Jewdas claims to care for minorities in Britain while they seem to lack even remote empathy towards indigenous English people who have been reduced into a minority in their own capital.

I guess that within the Jewish political universe, the indigenous population is always an enemy, whether it is in Britain, Palestine or anywhere else. Maybe this helps explain why Jewish history is a chain of countless holocausts and pogroms.


* The demonstration in Dover turned violent after clashes broke out between the anti-invasion demonstrators and the “anti-Fa.” All reports however, indicated that the “anti-Fa” took a beating at the hands of the anti-invasion demonstrators, and had to be protected by a police cordon.



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Time To Reform Our Currency?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Our current money is rife with slaveholders, sexists, and racists. I suggest a clean sweep:

$100 – Martin Luther King Jr.
$50 – Rosa Parks
$20 – Harriet Tubman
$10 – Frederick Douglass
$5 – W. E. B. Du Bois
$3 – Harvey Milk
$2 – Carrie Nation
$1 – Barack Obama

$1 coin – Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Half-dollar – Abigail Adams
Quarter – Thurgood Marshall
Dime – Cesar Chavez
Nickle – Booker T. Washington
Penny – Malcolm X

* The “natural-born citizen” clause was introduced into the Constitution mostly to keep out the West Indian-born Hamilton, whom none of the other Framers could stand.

Guy was a genius, though.

* Rootless, illegitimate, ruthlessly ambitious, willing to run huge debts, spend lots of a military with an idea to self-aggrandizement, sexually amoral, good with figures- Hamilton would be seen as a sensible, moderate pol, a real statesman, by the NPR, CNN crowd and their audiences and the Chamber of Commerce sorts.

* Of all the great men depicted on present-day US currency, Hamilton is one of two who never owned slaves (the other, of course, is Abe Lincoln). That Washington, Jefferson and Jackson were slave owners is common knowledge. Less well known, however, is that Franklin and Grant were also slave owners. Grant owned slaves through his wife Julia (who was from Kentucky) and kept them until they were freed by the Thirteenth Amendment. Ben Franklin owned slaves as a young man but later freed them and became an abolitionist in his old age.

So clearly, anyone who wishes to remove the plutocratic Hamilton from the currency is in favor of slavery. But if he is to be replaced by a woman, I would suggest Julia Dent Grant, a distinguished First Lady. BTW, Grant’s family refused to attend their wedding because the Dents were prominent slave owners.

* To comport with the essence of American culture, why not just use movie stars?

* I would rather use great American directors:

DW Griffith*

Buster Keaton

Howard Hawks

John Ford

Orson Welles

* 1/ I’m surprised that Steve didn’t mention that Hamilton was closer to being an immigrant than any of the other founding fathers having not only been born outside the 13 colonies, but having been born on an island that at one time wasn’t even British.

2/ Given this website’s current fondness for meritocracy you would think that Hamilton, born a poor bastard, would be lauded, certainly over his many rich born contemporaries. Indeed I see more than a few parallels between him and say Clinton (Bill not DeWitt), a favorite of the NY crowd.

* Alexander Hamilton brought central banking to the United States.

He didn’t wake up one morning and think “Wow, European-style central banking is exactly what this incipient republic needs!”

I’m sure Hamilton was well-compensated for his role in the establishment of the FBOTUS.

* Cuckservatives and libertardians have for almost a generation been flirting with the idea that inner city drug dealers- go-getting entrepreneurs trading in a product there is clearly a demand for but which a meddling nanny state has outlawed- are the REAL Americans, not those clock-watching, pink-complexioned stiffs working in auto plants or the Oakland docks for $65/hr. This is the implicit rationale behind Rand Paul’s claim that the justice system is unfairly incarcerating too many young, black males (too bad, BTW, since Paul seems like one of the smarter candidates; loved it when in one of the debates he pointed to Christie and said, “If you want WWIII, you have your candidate.”)

The Welfare Reform Act of 1996(?) was white America’s last great act of self-assertion; but then Michael Jordan hugged every single last white man and high-fived every single last white boy in the country, and we’ve been living under this dopey illusion of racial comity ever since. Actually, no, he didn’t hug or high-five them, he sent them a complimentary pair of sneakers made in a Third World sweat shop with his image on them. And actually, no, those sneakers weren’t free, but marked up like 2000%.

* There used to be only one face on American coinage, and that face happened to be female. She was Lady Liberty. If we need to put a woman on the folding green, I propose her. Besides, she’d focus attention on a rather neglected principle (at least in this day and age) instead of a individual person, and nobody would be able to argue that she’s not an appropriate selection.

* My wife and I have a running bet on how long one can be at a social event in Manhattan before talk turns to Hamilton. Usually it’s somewhere in the 5-10 minute range, but it can be as low as 2 minutes, and it almost never fails to happen.

* Seeing as how we are probably never going to get another (besides Franklin, of course) American man* who did significant work in the arts and the sciences on our money, I’m still going to plunk for putting one of these ladies on US currency:

Emily Dickinson

Edith Wharton

Willa Cather

Mary Cassatt

Hamilton as immigrant hero: Interesting reversal. American historiography used to see that as Hamilton’s weakness. It was thought that that prevented him from truly understanding the American mind.

Pop culture and Hamilton: Hamilton was depicted as something of a villain in the John Adams HBO miniseries. Wonder if that will be the last time that we will see a negative version of him.

Falling liberal idols: Who’s in bad odor these days: Jefferson (whole slavery thing), Madison (ditto), Jackson (slavery plus Amerinds),Woodrow Wilson (the vile racist who lauded Birth of a Nation), FDR (father of redlining, didn’t do enough to stop Hitler, Japanese internment), etc.

*Although I still think that it’s positively criminal that people like Edison, the Wright Bros, Mark Twain, William James, Poe, Melville, Howard Hawks, etc, have never been on US currency.

* I nominate Monica Lewinsky for the currency.

Nothing epitomizes the character of the postmodern U.S. better than Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval Office…

* It’s the work of one man, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who born into a upper-middle class Puerto Rican family in New York and educated at Wesleyan. He looks mostly, but not wholly, white, slightly less white than, say, Marco Rubio. You’d probably identify him as Latin-looking.

* For the same reason movies set in the past always involve sympathetic characters with modern 21st century US values. Most people don’t seem to have the imagination to hold it in their heads that many perfectly good people didn’t think like them, and indeed historical “heroes” usually had ideas not unlike those of their surrounding society.



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Let’s Talk About The Khardashians

I had a very dispiriting conversation with a middle aged Swedish man. He tells me that now, when he returns to visit Sweden, he is afraid. Not of Muslims, but of all those blond haired blue eyed people. They represent a lack of diversity that literally frightens him.

Chaim Amalek I wish you would lay off your race obsession and write more about the Kardashians.

Miriam Lilian D Or That’s nice. Does he feel better living amongst all the bright pink, green, blue shacks in Los Angeles decorated by a line of underwear hanging out to dry in the porch- and a dirty broken down car in the front?

Chaim Amalek I wish I knew who first planted these seeds of racial obsession in your head. I imagine it was done years ago, and that only recently have they borne this strange fruit. And how the Jews of your community can tolerate this, I do not know. No wonder you never get invited to any of the community’s important dinners.

* I spend my day giving out STDs (soft turn downs).

* This boy is in my thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery. There but for the grace of God go I. I mean, what if something like that had happened to me at age 16? Who knows how horrible my life would be now.

Chaim Amalek: “I hope that with enough therapy, this boy will be able to rebuild his life and one day be able to trust age appropriate women. But until then, he will need a safe space free from triggers.”



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White Nationalist Supporters Are Undeterred by Trump’s Iowa Caucus Loss

Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo, February 2, 2016:

The founder of a white nationalist super PAC that launched a robocall campaign for Donald Trump in Iowa is undeterred by his favored candidate’s second-place finish, and plans to move forward with another robocall campaign to get out the vote for Trump in New Hampshire.

William Johnson, chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party and founder of the American National Super PAC, told TPM in a Tuesday phone interview that he believes Trump is “well-placed to move forward in the other primaries.”


Johnson’s PAC made national headlines in January after it rolled out a robocall campaign in the Hawkeye State that lavished praise on Trump’s anti-immigrant policy proposals. The call featured endorsements from a Filipino-American minister, Rev. Donald Tan, and Jared Taylor, the founder of the white supremacist American Renaissance magazine.


When asked about the campaign in late January, Trump, who is not affiliated with the American National Super PAC, told CNN he “would disavow” the robocalls. But he added that he wasn’t surprised by their content.

“Nothing in this country shocks me. I would disavow it, but nothing in this country shocks me,” he said.

Trump explained the calls by repeating his claims that undocumented immigrants commit crimes against U.S. citizens.


In a Tuesday phone interview with TPM, Taylor noted that Trump’s explanation dovetailed nicely with the white nationalist views espoused by the super PAC.

“He didn’t put it in racial terms when he was asked to disavow the calls,” Taylor said. “He said people are furious about some of the immigrants who come in illegally and commit all sorts of problems. He is expressing sympathy not with the consciousness of race and the wish of whites to remain the majority; what he’s expressing solidarity with is the idea that we shouldn’t be letting in immigrants who are going to kill us and commit crimes. But in many respects it boils down to the same thing as a practical matter.”


Taylor, who said he sees race as “the most difficult social fault line to try to paper over,” accused liberals of embracing the rhetoric of diversity while segregating themselves in practice. He pointed to the Clintons as a prime example, saying Chappaqua, New York, where Bill and Hillary Clinton own a home, is “about as white a place as you can find outside of Iceland.”

“Look at the people who shout the most about the benefits of diversity–they tend to be elites whose lives are practically untouched by diversity,” he argued. “They all say, ‘Oh diversity is a great strength, it’s a wonderful thing. But we will forgo it so a few working class slobs can live next to people who play Ranchero music ‘til 3 in the morning and who get to send their children to schools where they spend more time trying to teach English to foreign language speakers than teaching arithmetic.’”

Taylor said the people who actually experience–or, in his words, “suffer from”–diversity “are behind the kind of support that Trump, and to some extent Cruz, are getting.”



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The Corruption & Destruction Of The American Woman

I can’t think of any culture better than Orthodox Judaism at keeping their kids protected from decadence, even when raising them in the heart of the big city. Most Orthodox Jews are virgins when they marry.

From the Chateau:

Through a series of photographs, you are about to witness the corruption of the American Woman unfold over the course of three years. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Photo 1: ~3 years ago. A smiling, modestly attired, feminine-looking 17 year old. On the “Marriageability:Down-To-Fuckability curve“, she would be a hot marriageable property (if she lived in a state where 17 was the age of consent).

Photo 2: five weeks after the first photo was taken. She still looks worthy of a man’s commitment and resources. But the giant sunglasses are the first hint that creeping sluttitude has infected her psyche.

Photo 3: three years later, she is now 20 years old. So much degradation in so little time. The wigger corn rows. The attention whoring, full-body, half-naked selfie (bra exposed). Fake tits, too? The navel piercing. The lacquered makeup. The ghetto nails. She is no longer marriageable, but she sure is DTFable. (wear two condoms)

Photo 4: present day, she is now almost 21 years old. Her corruption is complete. Daringly exposing her undertits for public consumption. Corn rows metastasized into permanent fixtures. Slutty makeup application (ladies pinch, whores rouge). Tattoos in erogenous zones. And the subtle tell of subconscious shame: she can’t bear to look directly in the camera. Who is taking her picture? Her black boyfriend? Is that his pit bull fighting arena in the background?

The reader who sent these photos writes,

heartbreaking decline of young white girl.

Not much to say here that hasn’t already been said. Giving young women freedom or any unsupervised time is a bad move for the woman, for her family, and for society. These before and after shots span from 17 yo to the current day where “Allison” is now 20, 21 later this year.

She was obviously beautiful, and had the potential to be everything a self respecting white man would have wanted in a wife. But after social media, college dorms, and working at twin peaks… This is what’s left of the liberated American woman: a microcosm of current white culture; take the best genes and throw them away.

I can genuinely say that I feel a sense of heartbreak for her father.

America corrupts her women, and America corrupts wherever She goes. Obesity, skankitude, deracination, mudsharkery, single mommery, faggotry, equalist dehumanization, social atomization… every corner of the globe touched by America has seen a rise in all these negative indicators of societal health.

The solution is clear: reform America, before She destroys everything in Her path.

Or destroy America, and start anew.

Luke: Here is her “Narcissistic Fitness” Instagram account.

Here is the latest from her Twitter account (LightoftheSunnn:

* I don’t know if you think you just affected me but…. Lol

* Not about to give these petty hoes attention

* I’m right where I should be, don’t try and fix me.

* This nigga really just commented on my IG video saying unfollowed and I pulled the “I have 12.4k more just like you.”

* Which one of you ugly niggas do I need to pretend I like so we can go eat right now?

* Don’t ever tell me what to do. I don’t handle that shit well.

* People from High school or elementary always message me on Instagram asking “hey do you remember me?” Nah nigga bye.


* This also reminds me of a young girl in a local bar I frequent. She started there when she was about 19 and looked like the first picture. Now she’s about 23, she already looks road worn and has the look of a girl that’s seen a lot. She has been partying heavy and mud sharking for sure. She has no dad in her life and her mom seems pretty out to lunch. No guidance is a death knell these days for the pretty young girls. It’s shocking how fast it happens.

* Notice how her fingernail polish is getting DARKER as well [in each photo]. That’s what I saw in the chick at the store the other day – very slender, tight fitting jeans, blond hair, HB7, and jet-black fingernail polish. No Tradcon Alpha Sh!tlord father would ever allow his daughter to do that.

* Designer shades to hide the thousand cock state.

* The eyeglasses can hide the drunk eyes, and the hangover eyes, and the reefer eyes, and just the simple shame of what she did the previous night. I feel like the point of no return is “metal in the face”. As soon as she starts putting metal in the top of her ears, or in her nostril, or in her lips or eyelids or tongue, then she’s lost forever to The Poz. Self-Multilation == Culture of Death.

* She is an 8 in the first second and fourth pictures. In the third pic her face is very very hard and she looks like a skank and i would say 6.

Average those out for a 7 or 7.5 tops.

In my opinion she is a castiza and on the margins of white. Her kids could be white, but then it gets into that indistinguishable South American thing.

* Instagram whore. 1343 photos, all selfies. Shotgunning cans of Red Bull, flipping off camera, T & A (btw the tetas ain’t real). No boyfriend in sight which means she’s either 1) totally self-absorbed or 2) a pro.

Hang on for 5-10 more years until the social pendulum swings back towards female virtue.

* Looks from her pics that she has all the slut bases covered:

Fag BFFs
Slut tattoos
Tongue piercing
Manly muscles
Ghetto syntax

Too bad, she’s a cute girl.

* Her Instagram and twitter feed are hilarious as they confirm her decline. What’s so sad is she now looks like a tranny. Seriously. Compare her to TS Marcela Ohio for shytes and giggles. Frankly, the trap looks more female than the real female.

* What does a strong father do to avoid this degradation of his daughter? How does he raise her? The Pozzed World is becoming a mountain to climb and a seastorm at midnight to navigate for his children.

(I would like to believe her father is weak or she never had a father because there’s no way a strong father would let this happen.)

* Homeschooling. Relentless Dark Enlightenment honesty and Truth-speak about the nature of things. Quality structured activities with other quality kids from quality families. And EXPECTATIONS. Make clear what you expect of them; children have the strangest tendency to rise to the level of what is expected.

* Be Alpha. She will judge all boys by the most Alpha man she knows and that should be her Father. If you’re a Beta, the first boy that comes along and disrespects you will be the new Alpha. Don’t let that happen.

Use Game on her. Lots of Amused Mastery when she acts like a bitch and loving attention when she’s behaving. Attention is crack to chicks so use it well. Make sure you do things with her and she’s not staring at a screen all day.

Game her Mother. Her Mother is her model and if her Mother respects you, so will she. Don’t be an asshole to her Mother or she’ll expect the same.

Use pre-selection on her Mother and daughter. When her Mother is being a bitch, hang with your daughter. When your daughter is being a bitch, discuss with her Mother. Her Mother should be your ally. If they conspire against you, you’re not Alpha enough.

* …if you say something ultra un-PC and anti-Igloo/anti-Cathedral to the daughter/wife/mom/grandma/whomever, then she’ll scream bloody murder at you, and throw a Category 5 Sh!tstorm square at your face, but if you hold your ground, and refuse to back down, then a few days later, you’ll overhear her in e.g. a conversation on the phone with another woman, and she’ll be enthusiastically repeating your un-PC anti-Igloo/anti-Cathedral Truth Speak, as though she simply absorbed it from The Ether.

* Pic 1: I’m so happy and innocent. The world is exciting and new.
Pic 2: My fake smile shows the conflict within me over this big boat and this sorry beta white guy taking my picture.
Pic 3: Posing for her alpha black dude in his house with stained carpet, hardly any furniture and nothing but Koolaid in the frig.
Pic 4: Set of a rap video. No higher honor for such girls these days.

* America didn’t corrupt her, she did it to herself…it’s a self inflicted, repetitive wound. All the country did was give her choices and she chose badly. Are they inclined to be herd animals? Obviously. Is monkey see – monkey do the depth and breadth of their philosophy? Again, obviously. But she could have strayed from the herd too. Blaming America, no matter how loud and repugnant dimensions of the culture are is like the DPW worker blaming advertising for a $250 K credit card debt. Peso, there’s a lot of shit to buy in America, doesn’t mean you HAVE to. There are a lot of choices this slut could have made, even with the time line she didn’t get that far off the reservation in one step.

* The thing is, right now, she, and girls like her, get positive reinforcement for all the stupid sh*t they do, instead of the negative reinforcement they need.

Take trashy Instagram pics – lots of likes
Bang lots of alpha dudes – thrills and ego inflation
Bait a lot of betas – free drinks and meals
Get tattoos – instant “OMG! I luv your tattoo”
Get knocked up – money from chump or Govt and Facebook likes
Have a brown kid – OMG, fight racism! So cool.

Out culture has become a system that reinforces bad female decision making and that’s what we will get more and more of. It’s a sick culture that rewards depravity.

* Haven’t you been paying attention? We can never expect females to stray from the herd, it’s not in their firmware. They follows society’s winners. Right now the joos are winning. It’s up to males to fix society, Cesare. White men wake up and start growing some balls and taking back what’s rightfully theirs, the women will rush with excitement because they’re naturally inclined to prefer their own race(as long as its winning)

* The Five Things that will Destroy a Woman’s Looks Fastest:

1. Excessive Drinking/Drugging
2. Excessive Tobacco Smoking
3. Excessive Sunbathing
4. Mudsharking
5. Carouselling

Today’s young Western girls gleefully engage in all five, as a matter of course.

* FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

As far as Australian women go;

1. Excessive Drinking/Drugging – Australian women love to drink and drugs, particularly “ice” methamphetamine is becoming a real problem.

2. Excessive Tobacco Smoking – Levels of smoking are actually going down, largely due to the excessive cost (high taxes on tobacco) and other government measures such as
– no cigarette advertising.
– no indoor smoking in bars, clubs, restaurants.

3. Excessive Sunbathing – the Australian sun is BRUTAL and in the right conditions, will burn fair skin within an hour of exposure.

4. Mudsharking – there isn’t too much of this, our mudsharks tend to be of the Indian and Asian variety.

5. Carouselling – undertaken in epidemic proportions.

* girl’s gone ghetto. You figure in a city like Houston (former American city, now an open air sewer of whoever happens to set foot there and claim welfare), you have these strong male role model types:

Somali Pirates

You have the weak male role models:
the lesbian mayor

So, as a girl, who do you choose to follow? Maybe she doesn’t like Rodeo, and I think Blackwater/Schlumberger is a rather exclusive fraternity, not picking up Twin Peaks cast-offs, so she went cornow?

* I’ve seen the Dindu culture destroy countless women. It’s a culture that appraises feral desires and all around degeneracy. I chuckle when I see comments here discrediting what happened to the girl in the OP by saying she’s “Mestiza”. Even if she was, all you would have to do is look at your typical southern university and you would see it all around you.

White girls blasting rap/hip hop music from their cars, twerking everywhere, and speaking ebonics. Mind you, I’m not talking about bottom of the barrel looking white girls. I’m talking about girls who are easily an 8+ with blonde hair and blue eyes.

* She went and did a Rachel Dolezal. It’s strange because she was pretty– not a really plain White girl who would benefit from the attractiveness standards differential by merging with the black tribe like Rachel did. Why did this one do it?

* It’s not that strange once you place it in the context of liberal media hammering the black victims narrative for the last two years, not to mention the interracial push in more or less every fiction. Younger girls like her discovering the world after graduating from high school are quite literally cannon fodder for this kind of propaganda. It automatically raises the status of the blacks, therefore starting to attract higher status girls over time. Arithmetic is merciless. Status and dad issues combined would be my bet here.



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David Kelsey writes on FB:

My friend Shmarya Rosenberg has sold his website Failed Messiah, and will no longer be blogging. I’ve known this since earlier today when he told me, but waited to post about it because 1) he asked me to wait and 2) I was worried he was pranking me, he frequently pranks me.
His swan song is way too left (for a change), but politics aside, Failed Messiah was the Zerohedge of the religious Jewish world. His role was so important because he broke important stories that no one else could…or would. He broke stories that changed the world for the better, or at least, made it just a tad less unfair. Failed Messiah fought for justice. Not social justice. Justice.
Anyway, it’s definitely the end of an era. I could have written a much, much juicier post…but I’m restraining myself. I’m staying positive and restrained.
I hope Shmarya comes to NYC in the future now that he’ll have some sort of real job and can afford to leave his Mom’s basement sometimes. Because a lot of people would like to meet him, and the hasidim will hopefully be less interested in beating him to a bloody pulp now that he stopped blogging.
Anyway, best of luck, Shmarya. Don’t be a stranger. Many people agreed that you were a brilliant light in independent Jewish media.
Of course, they would mostly prefer I don’t name them publicly.



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John Podhoretz (Commentary Magazine) On Iowa Results: ‘The Jews Win!’

James Kirkpatrick writes:

Thus for Conservatism Inc., the Iowa primary wasn’t about selecting a Republican nominee or even stopping Hillary Clinton. It was about stopping Donald Trump. And when Trump was marginally stumped by the massive Evangelical turnout for Ted Cruz, the Beltway Right reacted with unconcealed gloating—despite that inconvenient fact that Trump still came away with six delegates to Cruz’s seven. [Conservative Twitter is ridiculously happy that Donald Trump lost in Iowa, by German Lopez, Vox, February 1, 2016]

John Podhoretz [Email him]seemingly eager to confirm the most paranoid fears about neoconservatives, declared:

The consensus: Ted Cruz had “saved” self-proclaimed “conservatism” from Trump’s nationalist heresy. As David French at National Review hyperventilated (after his usual “Democrats are the real racists” virtue signaling):

[H]ad Trump won, we would even now be shuddering not just for the future of the conservative movement but for the future of a nation bounded and governed by constitutional principles.

[Ted Cruz, Triumphant, National Review, February 1, 2016].

(Yes, we all remember how that “conservative movement” that so values “constitutional principles” treated Ron Paul.)

What seems more likely: if Trump had won, the Beltway Right would be “shuddering” for the future of their useless foundations, nonprofits, and Political Action Committees, and, above all, consultants.

To take one example, one of the figures leading the rejoicing was Liz Mair, a self-described “pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty R who believes in global warming.” Mair is a political consultant heading up an anti-Trump PAC which ran ads telling Iowa’s Evangelicals that Trump is insufficiently conservative. [Exclusive: Anti-Trump PAC Launches Ad Warning Voters About Donald Trump, by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, January 20, 2016]

But, all too obviously, the point wasn’t to defend Christian values that Mair herself doesn’t believe in—it was to turn Evangelical voters into useful idiots in order to stop Trump.

This kind of worked. Tucker Carlson said a few days ago: “Evangelicals have given up trying to elect one of their own. What they’re looking for is a bodyguard, someone to shield them from mounting (and real) threats to their freedom of speech and worship.” [Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar, and Right, Politico, January 28, 2016]. But while Trump obtained a respectable share of Evangelicals, entrance polls showed Cruz won a larger-than-expected Evangelical turnout. And the most important factor for a plurality of voters: supporting someone who “shares my values”. [Iowa caucus entrance poll results, by Lazaro Gamio and Scott Clement, Washington Post, February 2, 2016]

Cruz has actually been pursing something similar to the Sailer Strategy, focusing on turning out white voters who normally stay home. But Cruz’s strategy has an Evangelical twist: hence his calling for the support of the “body of Christ.” As he put it on his campaign website:

We know that if even a fraction of the Evangelicals who routinely don’t vote were to turnout and vote, Washington could be changed almost overnight.

The may have worked in Iowa. But there aren’t that many Evangelicals in states like New Hampshire. More generally, as Christian religiosity declines in America, such an approach could prove disastrous in a general election.

Which brings us to Marco Rubio, the current Main Stream Media darling. “Marco-mentum” is the Narrative being pushed by everyone from National Review to Fox News, after weeks of predictions of a Rubio surge that never quite took hold.[Fetch Happens, by Noah Millman, The American Conservative, February 2, 2016] Marco Rubio’s third-place finish was treated as a victory, even by the candidate himself in his euphoric speech.

As Michael Brendan Dougherty observes, nominating Rubio means the conservative movement doesn’t have to change anything [Rubio-mania is upon us, The Week, February 2, 2016]. Rubio’s neoconservative foreign policy and support for Amnesty may not be popular with the public, Dougherty notes, “but these are very popular with the GOP’s elites, and not hard to swallow for most conservative elites.”

Paul Ryan, among other leading Republicans, is quietly moving to support Rubio [‘If you don’t want Cruz or Trump as the nominee, you better get onboard with Rubio, by Jonathan Chait, New York, February 2, 2016]. And the donors are fleeing ¡Jeb! for Rubio as well [The Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio donor shift is real and it’s accelerating, by Katherine Miller and Jeremey Singer-Vine, Buzzfeed, February 1, 2016]

Rubio has Establishment support in South Carolina, recently winning the endorsement of African-American Republican Senator Tim Scott. [Marco Rubio Snags South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s Endorsement After Iowa Caucus, by Alexandra Jaffe, NBC, February 2, 2016] But Rubio faces a difficult race in New Hampshire, with fellow Establishment candidates Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kaisich all sniping at him. So the strategy seems to be to get a respectable finish in New Hampshire, drive other Establishment candidates out of the race, and then win South Carolina.

The race the Beltway Right wants is Cruz v. Rubio [A Cruz v. Rubio Fight Would Electrify Conservatives, by Eliana Johnson, National Review, January 13, 2016]. This means driving Trump out. And the Koch Brothers are building a network of plutocrats with the singular goal of doing just that [Koch Brothers’ Network Considering Anti-Trump Campaign, by Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC, February 1, 2016]. If they are successful, Cruz will find the “strange new respect” he’s getting suddenly dissipate as Conservatism Inc. shepherds Republican voters behind the more “electable” Rubio.



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New Hampshire Results In!

A guy who called Iowa a couple of days in advance posts:

They predetermined Iowa and it worked (as always). Exact call four days ago.

In New Hampshire the results will show Trump winning, Rubio a fair second and Cruz third with Kasich very close behind. Bush, Christie and the rest are too low to mention.

Remember, TPTB have already determined the two nominees. The rest is just a show to make it interesting for the sheeple.

* I can’t help but look back to the Trump fundraiser for the Vets, I watched it on CSPAN and after the rally they took calls, EVERY caller was pro Trump, even democrats were calling in praising Trump and saying they were switching so they could vote for him. Those calls combined with his lead in the polls had me convinced that Trump was going to win easily, I was pretty relaxed and confident our guy was going to take Iowa. Then the entrance polls even showed a nice lead for Trump yet somehow in the end Trump slumped and lost by 6000 votes and somehow Rubio was damn near tied with Trump? Uh yeah, tell me the big boys are not manipulating the results. Its blatantly obvious.

* All of the media talking heads are already spinning it that Trump killed his chances by missing the debate, that Rubio is surging because he had a strong debate and Cruz is stagnant. They are setting this up for a “surging” Rubio to take N.H.

* they will have rubio take south carolina

I already know, they are priming us here on tv

but he is the most hated candidate in the state.

* Trump by all indications should trounce both in N.H but I have a sneaky suspicion going by the media they will spin it that Trump ois slumping after his loss in Iowa,that people really needed to see him debate instead of holding his Vets rally. I heard that over and over last night. They keep insisting Rubio is surging because of his performance at the last debate, now I think the momentum is being pushed for Rubio to win N.H. I hope like hell I am wrong and Trump does wring their necks.

* Trump will win but not by much. They’ll siphon votes from Trump to Kasic and Rubio. Then the subsequent primaries will be rigged towards Rubio, who will suddenly have great momentum (created by the media).

* guys there are hundreds of superdelegates
if the GOP aligns against Trump he cannot win
without 60%+. He’s not polling anywhere near
that so don’t expect Trump to win.
Sorry but that’s just the truth.

* The OP nailed the exact outcome of the Iowa caucus by predicting a result that is contrary to the exit polling. Exit polling has been very accurate in the past. (Notice that the media is ignoring that Trump was way ahead in the exit polling!)

Face the facts. Someone stole the caucus. Microsoft was apparently part of it with a stupidly simple app crashing!!!! Give me a break!!!!!

Isn’t it amazing how Rubio got twice the votes predicted from the exit polling – those two are weak on immigration and MS wants lots of HB-1 workers. Cruz has promised to quadruple HB-1 workers!

* Like it or not, he’s the chosen one. But, Rubio is 2nd in NH to Trump. These people (or at least this guy) call Rubio, “The Boy”

* It’s not one data point!! Not only did the OP predict the correct order for the results which is pretty amazing on its own – He gave the spread.

The random chances of that prediction is more like less than .005.

Also the exit polls for Iowa caucuses have been remarkable accurate in the past! But all of a sudden Rubio beats the exit polling by double and Trump’s numbers come in at 40% less?? That dog just don’t hunt.

* Who was the one administrator who APPROVED of the Microsoft debacle???

Not Iowa Governor.
Not Iowa Legislature vote
Not Iowa Secretary-of-State
Not Iowa Election Commission Board – nor its Commissioner.

WTF, who had the power to do this last-minute change??? And why was everyone quiet about it until too late?

Beyond bizarre. And where are the Trump corporate “killer” lawyers? He is always bragging about how he will have the best business minds and business “killers” on China, Japan, Mexico — and yet here Trump just got Iowa STOLEN right from under his nose and his “killer” advisers are nowhere to be seen, all presumably curled up in a fetal position on his private jet!

* They now know they can do anything and nothing will be done about it, complacency has set in hard. We bitch and moan but no action will be taken. Trump should win this easily, a walk in the park. If he loses this primary we are all lost, we have no chance. Maybe this will spark some internal will to change things and the people will rise up, we shall see. Sorry about the negativity, I just thought trump would pull this out and shake the foundations of this evil govt. I still have hope but you can see THEM starting to mold their paradigm around us like always.



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Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set By Government

A diverse society has to become more censored or it will implode.

From Breitbart: A retired media boss at a major German state broadcaster has admitted his network and others take orders from the government on what — and what not — to report.

National public service broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), which was recently forced into a humiliating apology for their silence on migrant violence and sex assault is being drawn into a fresh scandal after one of their former bureau chiefs admitted the company takes orders from the government on what it reports. He said journalists received instructions to write news that would be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”.

Former head of ZDF Bonn Dr. Wolfgang Herles make the remarks during a radio event (from minute 27) in Berlin where journalists discussed the media landscape. Moving on to the freedom of the press, the panel chair asked Dr. Herles whether things in Germany had got “seriously out of whack”. With an honesty perhaps unusual in Germany, Dr. Herles replied that ordinary Germans were totally losing faith in the media, something he called a “scandal”. He said:

“We have the problem that – now I’m mainly talking about the public [state] media – we have a closeness to the government. Not only because commentary is mainly in line with the grand coalition (CSU, CDU, and SPD), with the spectrum of opinion, but also because we are completely taken in by the agenda laid down by the political class”.

Worse than the mainstream, government controlled and poll-tax funded media in Germany just agreeing with the ruling coalition, the stations actually took orders on what was and was not to be reported on. He said:

“…the topics about which are reported are laid down by the government.

“There are many topics that would be more important than what the government wants. But they, of course, want to deflect attention away from what doesn’t happen. Yet what doesn’t happen is often more important than what does happen – more important than gesture politics”.

While these orders are sent to media companies from unspecified places in the government, they are communicated to individual journalists by news executives using a new-speak jargon. Dr. Herles explains that while “there are, in fact, instructions from above”, when the editor in chief of ZDF communicated these instructions to his juniors he would merely say reporting should be framed in a way that “serves Europe and the public good”.

There would be no need to add in brackets that this actually means it should be reported “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”, as they would be understood as the true meaning.

“Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees” said Dr. Herles, concluding: “This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.”

There has been very little reporting of the comments in the German media, and what there was has been critical of the remarks. Focus reported the comments of one centre-left media figure, Der Freitag newspaper editor Jakob Augstein who when asked whether there had ever been such “instructions from above”, said: “No, I deny vehemently there has ever been commands from the top”.



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Cohesion Vs Diversity

You can either have a cohesive society with high social trust or a diverse society filled with distrust.

The only way to run a country with low social trust is with lots of laws and regulations. As America has become more diverse, it has had to become more regulated.

Imagine how easy life would be if America had no Muslims.

A 99% German Germany would not have the following issue:


BERLIN (AP) — The German government is considering introducing a limit of 5,000 euros ($5,450) on cash transactions in an effort to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Deputy finance minister Michael Meister said Wednesday that Germany would like to see a European solution, but could introduce a national limit if none is achieved, news agency dpa reported. He said “we can imagine a level of 5,000 euros.”

Meister said there’s “the risk of terror financing and we also have the problem of how to clear up money-laundering offenses properly” when large transactions are conducted anonymously.

Germans tend to use cash more than many other Europeans. Opposition Green Party lawmaker Konstantin von Notz tweeted that trying to limit cash payments “is a new fundamental attack on data protection and privacy.”



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