The Nazis Used To Be Zionists

I thought the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 and headed towards exterminating the Jews, but now I read that they were initially Zionists who made it easy for German Jews to move to Palestine.

The world is a complicated place.

Of all groups of Jews I’ve known or read about, German Jews seem the best. If Hitler had harnessed them instead of persecuting them, he would likely have developed nuclear weapons and won the war.

From Wikipedia:

The Haavara Agreement (Hebrew: הסכם העברה Translit.: heskem haavara Translated: “transfer agreement”) was signed on 25 August 1933 after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. The agreement was designed to help facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine. While it helped Jews emigrate, it forced them to temporarily give up possessions to Germany before departing. Those possessions could later be re-obtained by transferring them to Palestine as German export goods.

Hanotea (Hebrew: הנוטע), a Zionist citrus planting company, applied in May 1933 for the ability to transfer capital from Germany to Palestine. Hanotea served to assist German Jews’ immigration to Palestine as part of the Zionist endeavor. In a deal worked out with the German government, Hanotea would receive money from prospective immigrants and use this money to buy German goods. These goods, along with the immigrants, would then be shipped to Palestine. In Palestine, import merchants would then buy the goods from the immigrants, liquidating their investment. This arrangement appeared to be operating successfully, and so paved the way for the later Haavara Agreement. Connected to Hanotea was a Polish Zionist Jew, Sam Cohen. He represented Zionist interests in direct negotiation with the Nazis beginning in March 1933.

The Haavara (Transfer) Agreement was agreed to by the German government in 1933 to allow the Zionist movement, in the form of the Haavara company to transfer property from Germany to Palestine, for the sole purpose of encouraging Jewish emigration from Germany. The Haavara company operated under a similar plan as the earlier Hanotea company. The Haavara Company required immigrants to pay at least 1000 pounds sterling into the banking company. This money would then be used to buy German exports for import to Palestine.

The Haavara Agreement was thought among certain circles to be a possible way to rid the country of its supposed “Jewish problem.” The head of the Middle Eastern division of the foreign ministry, Werner Otto von Hentig, supported the policy of concentrating Jews in Palestine. Von Hentig believed that if the Jewish population was concentrated in a single foreign entity, then foreign diplomatic policy and containment of the Jews would become easier.[5] Hitler’s support of the Haavara Agreement varied throughout the thirties. Initially, Hitler criticized the agreement, but shortly reversed his opinion, and continued to support it, in the face of opposition, through 1939.[6]

After the invasion of Poland and the onset of World War II in 1939, the practical continuation of the Haavara agreement became impossible. In 1940, representatives of the underground Zionist group Lehi met with von Hentig to propose direct military cooperation with the Nazis for the continuation of the transfer of European Jews to Palestine.[7] This proposal, however, did not produce results.

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How About The Death Penalty For The Crime Of Being In The United States Illegally?

I suspect America’s 20-million plus illegal immigrants would quickly self-deport if we started executing some of them. If we shot, say, 30 illegal immigrants, and then 20 million deported themselves, think about how many hundreds of legal American citizens would keep their lives because they would not be victims of violent crime by illegal aliens?

When it comes to the rights of infiltrators vs citizens, I side with American citizens.

I for one am not willing to role over and play dead while an alien people overrun my country.

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The Los Angeles Public Library Has Blacklisted Kevin MacDonald

I can find none of his books listed at

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How Is Putin’s Intervention In The Ukraine Any Different From America’s Monroe Doctrine?

From Wikipedia: “The Monroe Doctrine was a US foreign policy regarding Latin American countries in 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.”

Russia is understandably annoyed with western governments interfering with Ukraine, which is Russia’s next door neighbor.

America would not put up with Russian or Chinese intervention in Mexico or Central America.

As Tom Sunic wrote in his book Homo Americanus:

The Monroe Doctrine, as [Carl] Schmitt notes, was basically a unilateral decision. “It is not a treaty signed with other European countries.” It is very general in its wording and can be interpreted at will by its architects, while providing America with an astounding weapon to counter hostile interests… “Other nations can never extract anything from America by means of this doctrine; America can always demand anything from any political actor, whatever it desires.”

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How Can Euro-Asian Males Build Self-Esteem?

Mixed race kids have it much tougher in life because they don’t have a clear identity and a clear in-group. So they have a lot more mental problems.


Being Eurasian Male has completely destroyed my self-esteem and sense of self-worth. I realize I’m letting the racists win too easy, the ultimate psych-op to defeat your enemy solely through propaganda without firing a single shot. But what can I say it worked. And whenever I go out and see the huge WMAF AMWF disparity with my own eyes, it serves as empirical proof that all my self-loathing is justified. I feel like I’m objectively the least valued, desired, wanted category of male.

I should also mention that I myself am the offspring of a White Dad and Asian Mom, and no I don’t consider them particularly bad, but I do resent them simply for belonging to the class of WMAF. And it does make me take WMAF all the more personally.

Basically I can’t even function anymore, and I kind of take a why bother attitude? Why bother trying to make money, when all the money jobs in STEM and business require you to be good at math? I can work my butt of to be good at math, and a great engineer/computers/science/tech/business , and people will just say ‘oh hes Asian’ like that explains everything. So why even bother trying to succeed?

My only solution now is to live off my WMAF parents for life, since they committed the crime of race-mixing anyway, and thus now have to take care of their Down Syndrome mutant.

I don’t really have an Asian-American community to fall back on besides the internet.

How do I boost my self-esteem against the seemingly overwhelming statistical evidence telling me, I’m the worst?

I don’t know what this guy is talking about. Elliot Rodger was a good well-balanced person despite having an Asian mom and white dad.

Anon replies: “Consider the role misogyny and living in a misogynistic society plays in your frustration self-described resentment about stuff like the interracial dating disparity. Where do you end and where do other people begin? (Where does what other people think about you end and where does what you think about yourself begin? Where does other people’s happiness end and where does your own begin? What about other people’s choices and your decision to make them a reflection on yourself or your race?)
It isn’t just about “letting the racists win too easy” though it is clear you have a lot of internalized racism that you still need to work through.
You are making a choice, conscious or subconscious, to decide that the WMAF AMWF “disparity” (women as a commodity?) is “empirical proof that all my self-loathing is justified. I feel like I’m objectively the least valued, desired, wanted category of male.”
So talk to someone trained to work with this baggage and explore it. Why is that proof that you are not desirable? Why is your self loathing “justified”? Really explore it. Pick it apart. Is there really an objective, statistical correlation with Asian women’s dating preferences and your value as a human being? And why are you putting it on that?”


This is why in my personal life I concentrate much of my fire against my own Asian Mother, since her quest for her own happiness lead directly to my own birth and thus there is no separating our self-interests.
Its true that other than my own WMAF mother, I don’t have any power to judge other AFs. This leads many to assume that my own WMAF parents are especially bad and that I’m unfairly judging WMAF couples by my own bad experience. I would argue its the other way around. That my own parents are just fine, but my negativity towards contemporary WMAFs colors my resentment toward my parents.
As far as misogyny goes, I think there is a huge amount of misogyny among the vast majority of WMAF relationships I read about on the internet. In which the white man is usually looking for a submissive Geisha, since he can’t handle the rude feminist women of the West.
I would ask you, if psych tests suggest Asian men are the least desirable, and the huge WMAF AMWF disparity seemingly acts as a confirmation, why wouldn’t it destroy my self-esteem and value as a human being?

Jared Taylor writes:

There are two levels on which one can oppose miscegenation: for one’s own family, and for everyone else. For my own family, as I once put it, I want my children to look like their grandparents, not like Anwar Sadat or Whoopi Goldberg or Fu Manchu. This is partly for unabashedly esthetic reasons; I like the way white people look, and that’s reason enough to want white children.

It is a near-universal human desire for people to want to see themselves rather than strangers in their children. (Of course, in contemporary America, as Steve Sailer has observed, only Jews are allowed to express it.)

Thus Lowri Turner is a blonde British woman whose second marriage was to a man from India. She already had two blond children, and now got a new daughter. You would think it had occurred to her that this time around her children would not look like here, but no:

[W]hen I turn to the mirror in my bedroom to admire us together, I am shocked. She seems so alien…

I didn’t realize how much her looking different would matter and, on a rational level, I know it shouldn’t. But it does.

Evolution demands that we have children to pass on our genes, hence the sense of pride and validation we get when we see our features reappearing in the next generation.

With my daughter, I don’t have that…

Even admitting to having mixed feelings about her not being blonde and blue eyed, I feel disloyal and incredibly guilty.[ “I Love My Mixed Race Baby—But Why Does She Feel So Alien?” London Daily Mail, July 12, 2007]

People of other races are no different. Most black people want black children and Asians want Asian children. When people imagine what it would be like to be a parent they imagine children who look like them.

The Taylors—and their forebears—have been white for thousands of years. Suddenly to produce one who wasn’t would be as strange as joining Al Shabaab or apprenticing myself to a snake charmer.

Most people who can have children of their own do so rather than adopt. That is because they understand instinctively that family is about genetic closeness.

And most people who adopt would rather adopt a child of their own race. One reason is that they don’t want to stick an obvious “I was adopted” label on their children—but another is that they feel instinctively closer to people of their own race.

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‘Buy The Toxic Assets!’

I enjoy listening to Econ Talk by my former UCLA professor, Russell Roberts, the famed economist who helped inspire my conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Roberts is a model interviewer. Listening to him reminds me of all the long talks we had after class. Everything he talked about achieving back in 1989, he had done so.

From “Luigi Zingales of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about Zingales’s essay, “Preventing Economists’ Capture.” Zingales argues that just as regulators become swayed by the implicit incentives of dealing with industry executives, so too with economists who study business: supporting business interests can be financially and professionally rewarding. Zingales outlines the different ways that economists benefit from supporting business interests and ways that economists might work to prevent that influence or at lease be aware of it.”

The same thing would apply to Jews, for instance. If Jews are dominant in the media, it should be assumed that this power will be used in Jewish interests.

An excerpt from Luigi’s essay:

If everyone in that network is drawn from the same milieu, the information and ideas that flow to policymakers will be severely
limited. A revealing anecdote comes from a Bush Treasury official, who noted that in the heat of the financial crisis, every time there was a phone call from Manhattan’s 212 area code, the message was the same: “Buy the toxic assets.” Such uniformity of advice makes it difficult for even the most intelligent or well-meaning policymakers not to be influenced.

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My Spiritual Leader

I was sitting in an Orthodox shul one morning and the rabbi got up and remarked that we had chosen him as our spiritual leader. I was shocked. I did not go to the shul because of the rabbi and his spiritual leadership. What percentage of orthodox Jews choose a shul because they want the rabbi to be their spiritual leader? I’d say about 10%.

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God, Full Of Compassion

Joseph Berger writes:

Duvid sensed his fate was likely to be a firing squad. But the commandant, Amon Goth, asked him what type of work he did, and he replied:

“I am a professional singer, and I have a trained soprano voice. Would you like to hear something?”

“Sing the song you Jews chant when you bury your dead,” Goth ordered.

Werdyger sang the verse heard at all Jewish funerals, El Molei Rachammim (“God, Full of Compassion”), and did so with such piercing tenderness that Goth, visibly moved, ordered him back to the camps.

LUKE: Why would a guy describe himself as having a soprano voice?

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The Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Their Battles with America

In almost all of the battles described in this book, the Hasidim won. Its amazing what you can do when you combine high IQ, ethnic solidarity and high motivation.

Chaim Amalek: “They won. But they won against a national culture that also let the Mexicans win, and the gays, and the South Asians, and everyone else whose central argument was “we are different, and therefore you must give way.” Had they been up against a more self confident culture, aware and protective of its prerogatives, likely some of these outcomes would have gone the other way.”

“When Moshiach comes, the goyim will trip over one another to sell us their land, and at low prices, too.”

“When Moshiach comes, the goyim will pay us just to sit and learn all day. Instead of paying money to go to yankee stadium and watch the spanish play with their balls, Gedolei Yisroel will be on the field learning, and the goyim will pay big money to sit in the stands and watch what their goyishe minds can never understand.”

Joseph Berger writes:

The Reform and Conservative rabbis spoke in trite hollow generalities about the sanctity… of marriage but danced around specifics, while the Orthodox rabbi, Moshe D. Tendler, professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University and chairman of its biology department, waded in with prescriptions and proscriptions for masturbation, oral sex and other quite specific sex acts. The Bible forbids a man from willfully and fruitlessly “spilling his seed,” but Rabbi Tendler pointed out it does not prohibit women from masturbating, although it would be regarded as “an anti-social life style.”

“A marriage without sexuality is a weak marriage,” Rabbi Tendler told the audience. Every sex act should give maximum pleasure to both parties, and even eroticism has its place “if it does not violate modesty”. Under Jewish law, the rules of modesty forbid a man from engaging in acts that violate the woman’s sense of privacy and are associated with prostitution — but Tendler did not specifically rule out all forms of oral sex during a procreative sex act. The audience, most of whom were Orthodox…never blushed.

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Welcome To America!


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