Should Wearing Religious Head-Coverings To Work Be A Right?

I’ve been wearing a religious head-covering to work for about 20 years. Only on one occasion was I asked to take it off — when I was working as an extra on a TV show, playing an ambulance assistant, I believe. I took it off. It would not offend me if an employer asked me to remove or to hide my religious regalia.

I want employers to have the right to hire and fire whoever they want for any reason.

These Orthodox groups are reducing liberty in America. They are destroying my country. They don’t reflect the views of the Orthodox Jews I know. I am not surprised that these Orthodox groups are siding with Muslims against the goyim. Orthodox groups in America similarly lobby on behalf of immigration amnesty for non-whites. Every major Jewish group in America seems to be working for the destruction of my country. I hate them. They may be the greatest force for evil in this country.

JTA: Seven national Orthodox Jewish groups filed a Supreme Court brief in favor of a Muslim woman’s right to wear a head scarf at work.

The brief was filed by attorney Nathan Lewin of Lewin & Lewin, LLP of Washington D.C. for a case that is expected to be heard in February or March of next year on whether an applicant’s failure to give explicit notice that she is a practicing Muslim who wears a head scarf at work allowed clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch to reject her application, saying it was in violation of the company dress code.

In the brief, Lewin recounted how his application to a New York City law firm was turned down because the firm didn’t want to be inconvenienced by making accommodations for his religious observance.

The National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs, Agudas Harabbanim, Agudath Israel of America, National Council of Young Israel, Rabbinical Alliance of America, Rabbinical Council of America and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America joined the friend of the court brief.

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Jews Canceling Their Subscriptions

Growing up a goy, I never heard anyone boast about canceling their subscription. Once I converted to Judaism, I heard the expression frequently from Jews who were displeased with the publication of negative things about Israel.

Ryan Lizza concludes his recent piece on the demise of the The New Republic:

For many longtime friends of T.N.R., the contrition was too late. This week, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had delivered the toast to the magazine on its hundredth anniversary, sent a private note to one of the departing editors telling him that she had cancelled her subscription.

Conclusions are supposed to be the most powerful part of a story. That a Supreme Court justice had canceled her subscription, that is supposed to hit the reader like a punch in the stomach. I guess it is my goyisha genes that leave me unmoved by these proclamations.

Chaim Amalek: “IF this stands, what next – Indians running Goldman Sachs? Big beefy gentiles making goy-friendly movies in Hollywood? Hashem send us Moshiach already so that we can regain control over The New Republic!”

“The smart Jew subscribes just so he can threaten cancellation. It is like when a woman places a personal ad, and warns men in advance that if they fail to provide the demanded traits, their email WILL be cancelled, and possibly reported to the authorities.”

If we lose control of The New Republic, will we lose control of the republic next? Moshiach now! I don’t want to wait.

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Nicholas Kristof: What If Whites Were In The Minority?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “Remember when you were suspended in the fourth grade for being disruptive?”

Yeah, it was in math class. I was was working on some multiplication when I should have been dancing and throwing things like the other kids.

* Every one of these type of articles can be swatted away with no brain sweat expended with one simple question: what about Asian Americans? As everyone on here knows, Asian Americans, especially East Asians generally do better on all these quality of life issues (school discipline, cop interactions) than even the majority white Americans.

* What if whites were the minority? I can answer that one. Either whites institute apartheid and rule with an iron fist, or whites get harassed, robbed, raped, and killed until they leave. I suppose there’s a third option in rich city-states where elite whites can form their own expat community.

What else is there? Not many counter examples.

* You don’t need to go to Africa, just go to Detroit or any ghetto area of the nearest big city. Every white person knows it’s dangerous to be surrounded by blacks, and no amount of “attitude adjustment” will ensure his safety. On the other hand, blacks will risk their lives to get out of their own countries and into countries where they can live under white supremacy. That tells you all you need to know: which countries do people want to get out of and which do they want to get into.

* People who attack strangers, harass women on the street, stuff like that are almost always extroverts, regardless of race. Extroverts in American society have a long history of bullying introverts, having their way when exercising political power and running institutions to far a greater extent than any “race” ever has, and so on. Both the aggressive cops and the criminal thugs they police are much more likely to be extroverts, and when an innocent civilian is a victim of either, if it’s not extrovert on extrovert, it’s going to be extrovert on introvert victim, never really the reverse.

Extroverts are insanely terrified of the few “school shooting” type introverts who do eventually snap, though. If Kristof had written of that, wonder how his job at the NYT would be looking.

* Comment from “Margaret” on the NYT site:

Alternate version:
–“Son, sit down. Did you see the video of the White man being choked by the NYPD?
–”You mean the White man who didn’t want to go with the police when they wanted to arrest him?”
–”Yes, that man. He was a nice man but he was making a living selling cigarettes illegally.”
–”But Dad, why were they hassling him? it was only cigarettes.”
–”His neighborhood has been a high-crime area for decades. The cops started a “Broken Windows” program & it made things much better. More stores opened & people weren’t afraid to go to the park anymore. They don’t want people doing illegal things on the street anymore, even small things.”
–”But Dad, it’s like they’re picking on White people all the time”.
–”Well son, there’s a large underclass of Whites who commit violent crime at disproportionate rates. We Whites are 13% of the population but we account for 47% of violent crimes. Some Black people stigmatize all Whites because of that.”
–”How do we fix that?”
–”Well son, as a first step, the Blacks need to admit that White people have had a VERY hard time due to racism & discrimination. And we Whites need to admit that there’s a VERY big problem with the White underclass.”
–”How do we start?”
–”One positive step would be for NYT editorialists & other Liberals to stop pretending like the FBI crime statistics don’t exist. We need to admit that there’s a big problem before we can address it.”
–”Will that happen?”
–”Not likely, son”

* That’s the argument for separate countries. I’m trying to think of an example in human history of two such phenotypically and temperamentally different peoples as blacks and whites living together in the same democratic polity.

The Jews decided to make their very own country where they are the dominant, ethnic majority. The Palestinians are (fruitlessly) resisting Jewish immigration into their Arab land. Or Tibet, which is struggling to stay Tibetan against the Han tidal wave. Or the Arab Wahabbists, who are expelling or killing all the non-Sunnis.

* Is Nicholas Kristof playing a kulak applauding the confiscation of grain? Or is he just another Bolshevik celebrating the start of the latest anti-Wrecking campaign?

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NYT: Schools’ Discipline for Girls Differs by Race and Hue


… For all the attention placed on problems that black boys face in terms of school discipline and criminal justice, there is increasing focus on the way those issues affect black girls as well.

Data from the Office for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Education show that from 2011 to 2012, black girls in public elementary and secondary schools nationwide were suspended at a rate of 12 percent, compared with a rate of just 2 percent for white girls, and more than girls of any other race or ethnicity. In Georgia, the ratio of black girls receiving suspensions in the same period compared with white girls was 5 to 1, and in Henry County, that ratio was 2.3 to 1, said J D Hardin, the spokesman for the county’s school district. And researchers say that within minority groups, darker-skinned girls are disciplined more harshly than light-skinned ones.

… Another thing the girls have in common is dark skin color, which researchers at Villanova University say affects the likelihood of being suspended. An analysis by Villanova researchers of data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth and the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health indicated that black girls with the darkest skin tones were three times more likely to be suspended than black girls with the lightest skin.

There are different gender expectations for black girls compared with white girls, said Lance Hannon, a Villanova sociology professor who conducted the analysis. And, he said, there are different expectations within cross-sections of black girls. “When a darker-skinned African-American female acts up, there’s a certain concern about their boyish aggressiveness,” Dr. Hannon said, “that they don’t know their place as a female, as a woman.”

Compared with black boys, who are disciplined at higher rates than boys of other races and ethnicities, researchers say black girls tend to be penalized more subjectively, like for having a bad attitude or being defiant.

Jamilia Blake, an associate professor of educational psychology at Texas A&M University, said that while black boys are seen as threatening, black girls are often seen as “unsophisticated, hypersexualized and defiant.”

Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant secretary for civil rights at the Department of Education, whose office published a report on school discipline in March that offered recommendations for how to improve disciplinary practices in schools, said the discrepancies in disciplinary practices were not lost on young girls of color. “The felt experience of too many of our girls in school is that they are being discriminated against,” she said.

“The message we send when we suspend or expel any student is that that student is not worthy of being in the school,” Ms. Lhamon said. “That is a pretty ugly message to internalize and very, very difficult to get past as part of an educational career.”


* The light skin Blacks girls (Mulatas) have more Caucasian blood pumping through their hearts than the dark skin Black girls, so on average they are less likely to act violent and ghetto in school.

* African-Americans pay a lot of attention to skin color; white Americans don’t.

* When I was a hospital orderly, working around a lot of black female nurses and technicians, I noticed that the first thing they’d say when they looked at a group photo in which they were included was, “I look so daaark!”

* The mind boggles. You take the most liberal group of people in America–those who aspire to be teachers. Then you put them through the cultural-marxism reeducation program necessary to acquire their teaching credential. This is an excellent weeding-out system, a program so anti-white that any white person lacking in sufficient ethno-masochism could not tolerate it. Then you put the finished teacher in a public school classroom, and suddenly they all become racists! What hope is there? What more can be done? Are segregated schools the only option left?

* We tried going from an unashamedly pro white society to one that tried to treat people as individuals as much as possible and we ended up with this “unequal outcomes therefore racism” horseshit within 40 years (1954-1994 roughly).

I’m becoming less and less of a live and let live kinda guy.

* There is no conspiracy. Teachers, for the most part, choose the career out of sense of commitment to bettering the lives of young people. If there is widespread disparity in the treatment if black children, then there must be widespread disparity in the behavior of black children.

* In the Hannon et al. study cited, the correlation between skin darkness and suspensions is 0.1217 for black females and 0.0962 for black males. The first of these is significantly different from zero (p<0.05) while the second isn’t, but the size of the effects is similar across sexes, and the effects aren’t significantly different from each other. We would need larger samples or more reliable measures of skin color for better inferences, but my bet is that the association between skin color and suspensions does not differ by sex in blacks.

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Will The News Media Now Drop The UVA Rape Story?

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* I expect the story to drop off because it is no longer fulfilling its cultural “function” as an outrage to get worked up about. At this point it is a debunked horror story.

There will probably be continued discussion of “rape culture”, but, in all fairness, if the media were really serious about this they would pick up the 3 other gang rape stories that Steve itemized a week or so ago.

So I guess it will be back to Bill Cosby, unless one of Woody Allen’s children gets moody during the Holiday season.

On the other hand, for those who live by knowledge and information, there are always new things to know; not necessarily to publicize, but to have in hand.

* Erdely’s is toast. Her fate is destined to be worst than that of Steven Glass. Glass is done in journalism, although (how is this for coincidence) Rolling Stone hired him for one article. He attended law school, but has been denied admittance to the bar.

Erdely is not as talented as Glass. She will be the example used in Journalism schools around the country for at least a few years (until someone tops this) of what not to do. Why would anyone want to hire her? Unsullied journalists are available. It isn’t as if she will be missed. And, who really cares enough to take a chance on her?

She is highly expendable.

* I am Facebook friends with several members of the young left-wing pundit class, and they are currently arguing among themselves whether they need to take stock and learn lessons from the Rolling Stone debacle or double down on the narrative instead. The divide between the ones who are actually committed to things like facts and the truth and those who want to keep pushing the narrative no matter what is pretty striking.

* The Erdely story is about to be swamped by the Happy Holidays tsunami (including intensive weather & airport-traveler coverage), by New Year’s lists of Great Events & Men of the Year and 2014′s celeb bucket-kicks (and the usual pro-&-con palaver on New Year’s resolutions), and by the usual megaphone ramp-up frenzy to the Stupor Bowl.

And if none of those media cycles submerges the Erdely story, then there’s the coming evil Republican clutch on both houses of Congress for Enemedia-Pravda to assail.

Into that infotainment cycle mix, toss also the predictable and the unforeseen – most likely more sports figures (mis)behaving; holiday season disasters; a litany or two of ISIS atrocities; Christmassy puff pieces on illegal aliens & other foreigners in our midst; the usual footage of homeless in shelters feasting on donated turkey & fixins’;whatever Putin gets up to (Russian-Eastern Orthodox Christmas follows Western Christmas by a fortnight, giving Putin more time to pull something swift while the Western public is fuzzy from feasting and guzzling eggnog); perhaps a sighting of Kim Jong-Un(seen); the holiday death of some celeb or Big Shot; holiday travel highway accident carnage (& gridlock); a few local and national pieces on Those Heroes In Uniform Far Away Who Keep Us Safe; politicians spewing lies about Peace On Earth & Good Will Toward Persons; at least one “in-depth” report on how The People of Ferguson are Bravely Rebuilding while Finding Ways To Build Bridges Through Holiday Cheer; Marine Corps Reservists handing out Toys For Tots; some “fresh” liberal outrage or two (bet on race angles); a bad fire that Tragically Took Lives At This Time of Year; cute Holiday Fuzzy Puppy Stories; the Still Somehow New Pope’s Christmas Message and Hugging Of All God’s Children; a blurb on Christians’ Christmas pilgrimages to Bethlehem (with just the right amount of mention of “tensions” underlying the peace).

Then there’ll be the usual reports on holiday movie box office (boffos, bombs & sleepers), and loads of other such Happy Holidays infotainment pabulum.

So, you see, loads of mass communication megaphone fodder are massed to submerge the Erdely story, and probably even to eclipse and diminish public interest in “Jackie” herself.

You know the drill.

* There is one way to stop these malicious, feminist-inspired persecutions of White men: Whatever the penalty would have been for an accused man found guilty is given to the woman who maliciously accuses. That is the only way to get off the slippery stairs to a totalitarian feminist state.

* NYT reporter Ravi Somaiya:

> what is certain, as the story continues, is that none of those involved have gained anything.

Actually, Mr. Somalya, it’s pretty easy to identify people who have “gained something.”

1. The fraternity members who were falsely accused of gang rape and torture by Sabrina Rubin Erdely. True, everybody at UVa knows their identities, and “where there’s smoke there’s fire” suspicion will dog them for years. But ask the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax students what it means to have the media give the full Google Mud treatment to your name.

2. Rolling Stone‘s insurers. The settlements on the libel cases are sure to be less than they would have been, had the progressive hate-porn fantasy played out more fully.

3. Future victims of false accusations of rape.

* I recounted in the “Megaphonics” thread on Dec. 10th that my civil, on-topic, thoughtful submission to an All Things Considered story had failed moderation. In contrast, my follow-on stupid, bombastic comment passed without difficulty. My approved comment has now run away with “Best of Thread”, garnering 57 Likes (second place got only 10 votes).

Here is that comment.

“Kudos to NPR for covering the campus rape crisis. It’s a sign of progress that none of the Senators or victim advocates mentioned “due process” or “rights of the accused” in their interviews. These are merely smokescreens, used by rapists to evade the consequences of their despicable actions.”

* Distrust of the mass media is infinitely more important. Let’s hope this makes a bit of a dent in our reflexive trust in the authority of the mass media.

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Chaim Amalek: White people could learn a thing or two from this image of diversity


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How To Improve Sports

I wish we had sports teams, particularly football teams, that fell entirely along racial and religious lines. Imagine a Jews vs Muslims contest, or jihadis vs lesbians, or blacks vs whites, or straights vs gays or Mexicans vs blacks.

Chaim Amalek: “Just think of what a Cowboys vs. Redskins game would be like.”

I want to see football played, only with spiked helmuts and half the players drawn from the ranks of Jewish media owners, bankers, lawyers, and gays.

And I want to see the heads of movies studios doing this for their kids, so that it can be turned into a movie and shown in cineplexes all over America.

The NY Times is trying to get football banned. Too heterosexual, too male, too dangerous.

Nebech, I do not care which group of giant-sized goyim carries the ball farther.

I would like to see them race Ben-Hur style at bar mitzvahs, with 13 year old boy jockeys beating them with whips as they race around an oval track.

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America’s Getting Less White, and That Will Save It by William H. Frey

I love the comments on this article:

* I am of Jamaican and Cuban descent. Sorry but this so called diversity project has turned Miami from a beautiful southern town into a third world hell hole. African, Indians, Asians, Arabs and Latinos destroyed the best real estate on this planet. Time to stop blaming whitey and take responsibility.

Yes I am of Jamaican and Cuban decent. Navy vet who traveled the world and have the international experience to express truth speech. If America were mostly black ever city and town would look like Detroit. As black folks we have become dumb down by government dependence, forever blaming whitey and embracing victimhood. If America were mostly Latino every city and town will look like Tijuana. South Florida, New York, California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado is quickly transforming into third world societies. It is not the white man that made Miami the epicenter of Medicare fraud, welfare fraud, insurance fraud, banking fraud, mortgage fraud and every fraud imaginable. It is Cuban exiles who pour into America, dye their hair blonde, call themselves white, shouting freedom and liberty but don’t have the decency to learn the language of those who gave them freedom and liberty. Quick to burn and desecrate the American flag the second they can’t get their way. The next day standing in line demanding free housing. Growing up in Miami I watched every ethnic group transform a beautiful southern town into an absolute third world society. If America were mostly Muslim it would be Sunnis versus Shiites beheadings on every street corner. If America were mostly Asian or Indian the population would be 1 billion and growing. America will no longer be America but a third world country besieged by lawlessness, overpopulation, crime and more crime. Last time I checked Asians, Arabs, Indians, Latinos and Africans have the best real estate on this planet. We represent 90% of the world’s population yet invent, create less than 1% of the world’s technology. We are forever running from our shadows and paradise crying to white societies for green card jobs and rights. Imposing language, destructive cultures or some 7th century, woman abusing ideology. If I had the time and money I would do a documentary on every major city in America which would back up my every word. No the Truth is not indifference or hate speech. The truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth. Not surprising, we have one thing in common – we treat women as less. Those who treat women as less will always be less. Change starts when we stop blaming whitey and invest in the health, happiness, education and independence of women. Educated and independent women don’t breed pimps, predators or parasites. The breed caring, loving, hardworking, inventive, creative and responsible men. Until all the non white races embrace simple logic and common sense we will forever run from our shadows crying to white man for jobs and rights. Jobs and rights we don’t have in our own pathetic societies and culture. We have become a marauding destructive force spreading throughout mother earth like a cancer. Time to wake up stop blaming whitey and take responsibility.

* I just know that the U.S. will become such a much better place with fewer white people. I mean, just look at the rest of the Americas and the African Countries.

* You don’t have to look that far…check out Detroit, New Orleans, Newark or the South Bronx. All majority nonwhite and all stinking disasters.

* The anchor baby syndrome is a HUGE part of this. Chris is right. These people are destroying our cities and neighborhoods. Just go out and look for yourself. Our country is in debt and no longer strong. Jobs and wages are non-existent. Excessive immigration both legal and illegal is destroying us.

* Why is it always referred to as FEAR if something is not liked? It is not that whites are afraid of the change, just that we are wondering when the collapse of the US will occur. How long will this increase in welfare demands go on? There are far too many groups which see this as a lifestyle which couples with their under-the-table income (be it illegal or work for cash). The millions of poverty babies born in the US are turning this country into a true socialist state.

* When the country goes bankrupt and handouts can no longer be given, the nationwide riots will usher in marshal law and a fully revealed totalitarian police state.

* European descended Americans are the core population of the U.S. and have been for 400 years. The idea that the core population becoming a minority in the country their ancestors established and sustained will somehow ‘save it’ is something only a deluded liberal could actually believe.

European-Americans didn’t change their genetics when their ancestors crossed the Atlantic. The United States was founded as a European colony. Our laws, institutions, moral codes, ideals are Western, not African, Asian, or Amerindian.

* Why don’t we ask White South Africans and Rhodesians aka ‘Zimbabweans’ what minority status and ‘glorious diversity’ is like.

* Just think if an article came out with a title saying America is getting less black and that will save it. The outcry would be deafening in denouncing it as racism. This is just more proof that racism is a one sided proclamation perpetuated by the liberal agenda.

* When has becoming blacker ever improved any city or nation? Show me one example. In fact. the just opposite has ALWAYS occurred. Do neighborhoods, cities or nations improve when blacks move in? If so, you should be able to point to an example of one. Where is a black-ruled jurisdiction anywhere in the world that’s not a disaster?

* Somebody tell me how we can sustain feeding and housing an increasing population of people who are expecting government entitlements, are under educated, and have a propensity for violence and substance abuse? The minority cannot pay for the majority.

* Right now the vast majority of American business owners- who supply the goods and services that all of us consume everyday- are white, as are the vast majority of people who are employed by those businesses. As the demographics in this country change, and the pool of white job candidates diminishes and white owners of small businesses retire and close up shop, a void will open that has to be filled. When that time comes, and the options presented to employers are to hire minority candidates or leave positions unfilled and refrain from expanding their businesses, then the need for minorities to rely on welfare will diminish. Instead, they will actually be able to get jobs and pay their own way, or start small businesses providing goods and services in their communities. As to the rest of your comment, minority status has no link to a higher propensity for violence and substance abuse, nor does it naturally equate with lower intelligence- poverty is the common link among people of all races who have the most problems in these areas. If the opportunity to work for a living wage exists and is extended to minorities they work, and they enjoy success and attain higher education at the same rates as white people.

* How would having more welfare babies, and less people paying for them be a good thing?

* This has a not-so-subtle anti-white cast to it. Here are some facts: 75 percent of the votes cast for Barack Obama in 2012 were cast by non-Hispanic white people. White people are responsible for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and innumerable bills both federal and state that promoted affirmative action, busing, and economic freedom. We got rid of redlining and steering and have sent trillions of dollars into poor minority communities to try to make a difference. The Civil Rights Movement included many thousand of brave black Americans who put their lives on the line; they were also joined by white Americans, some of whom lost their lives, and by primarily white men in Congress who heard their protests and responded. Stop painting white people as a whole as a bunch of racists who either don’t care about the rights and well-being of minorities or who actively work to hurt them; it’s not true.

* The USA is down to No.28 on the Human Development Index when adjusted for income inequality. It was No.1 as recently as 1988. As Whites decline as a percentage of the population, this country WILL become a third world country. Non-whites, with the exception of East Asians, have yet to prove they can build or sustain a first world country.

* Diversity is a code word for white replacement.

* Show ONE place, just ONE place where racial diversity thrives. You can’t! It doesn’t exist. I know because I’ve searched for years. A diverse school, neighborhood, city, or country is merely going through a transition phase. India and Mexico are but two examples where multiracial people are separated by a color spectrum.
Let’s not forget, “Dr.” Frey, that white people are the only people who put up with Africans. Asians do not allow foreigners to become more than 0.1% of the population, and Mexico can’t stand the dark skinned members of their own race. Those “black economic advances” are almost exclusively through Affirmative Action. If you people want to read something with some foundation, try reading Prof. Carol M. Swain, a black woman at Vanderbilt who sees that diversity’s façade will come crashing down. I predict a high white unemployment rate, like another Great Depression, will be the end. If diversity is the ultimate euphoria, then how about importing it where it is needed, like the third world?

* Let’s celebrate genocide and the destruction of the European-American population in the new Marxist America. This is exactly what had been advocated in the colleges and universities across the country. The United States will decline appreciably and turn into a Third World country. The concept of the United States of America may indeed cease to exist as a unified nation. I predict a break up like Yugoslavia, along ethnic lines, each ethnic state being autonomous. Goodbye USA! You lasted 200 + years as a country of European heritage and culture. Now you will implode. You cannot embrace so many different cultures and survive, the differences are just too great. China will dominate the world and call the shots. They are by far an ethnically homogenous population and they are unified. We no longer are.

* Mr. Frey is obviously very stupid, very uninformed or very ignorance. He should live in Hawaii for a while. Hawaii is the only state so far in the United States, where everyone is a minority. Even the white people are the minority….this is the type of world praised by Mr. Frey.

In this paradise of minorities, beneath the surface, lies one of the most racist state there ever was. Everyone is bigot, everyone is oppressed. Racial alliances are made, racial enemies created. First place you see such a thing is in schools where everyone is picked on, depending on what school you go to. Then in the workplace where even whites qualified as part of affirmative action. And Hawaii is one of the most corrupt places in our country.

* The problem isn’t about whites becoming a minority, it’s about the U.S. losing it’s identity and becoming a sort of cultural anarchy where no language is official and everyone can fly whatever flag they want instead of the Stars and Stripes. So many immigrants, specifically illegal, are so disrespectful to this country, booing the national anthem or getting offended by 4th of July celebrations in schools. I have no problem with immigrants who come here legally and do things the right way. I think diversity is one of the U.S.’s greatest traits. But when our country is being flooded by people who don’t even want to be called Americans and want to live as if they’re still in their home country, that’s a big damn problem. This is our house and we have rules that foreigners need to obey. If I move to Germany, I better learn German and follow whatever rules they have for immigration and assimilate. Same for Japan, England or any other country out there.

* For leftist: Racial-diversity means “Anything But White”. It is about Racial-Replacement of the people they hate, in exchange for a different population and people they don’t hate. Ridding the united States and Europe of its white and native majority populations, is all driven by leftist racial hatred and contempt for white people, which includes racial- retribution against white people. This is what mass nonstop third world immigration into Europe is all about. What imposed multiculturalism and forced diversity on Europe, until mass demographic change of Europe is achieved, is all about. This is absolutely a form of Ethic Cleansing that is taking place.

* America WAS a pretty peaceful, caring country until we let in all the people that wanted to turn our country into what they left behind, broke our laws and jumped our border, brought their radical behaviors with them and they themselves felt infearior to us. And we’re suppose to want more of this? I think NOT!

* Sorry, but the country will be a complete disaster if this continues. This is all about the destruction of the white man. This is a disaster for this nation and there is no doubt about it.

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What’s The Best Predictor Of Levels Of Rape In A Community?

I’m looking at this new map and report and wondering if there are any patterns here:


It sure looks to me like the best predictor of the rate of rape is the percentage of blacks in a population.

From Wikipedia: “The U.S. Department of Justice compiles statistics on crime by race, but only between and among people categorized as black or white. In 2005 there were 111,490 white and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault. In 2005, out of the 111,490 cases involving white victims, 44.5% had white offenders and 33.6% had black offenders, while the 36,620 black victims had a figure of 100% black offenders, numbers of white offenders were estimated to be negligible (extrapolated from a sample size of fewer than 10 instances).”

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Could Proudly White Campaigners Change Minds Too?

NYT: “Gay political canvassers can soften the opinions of voters opposed to same-sex marriage by having a brief, face-to-face discussion about the issue, researchers reported on Thursday. The findings could have implications for activists and issues across the political spectrum, experts said.”

Well, what about for whites? If more white people became public about having a strong white identity and displayed commitment to their people as Jews show for Jews and the Jewish state of Israel and blacks have for blacks and Chinese have for Chinese and gays have for gays, what could that do for the cause of minority whites in California and elsewhere?

In the world today, people who care about white interests are regarded as akin to Nazis aka scum. What if they happened to be as nice as gays? As out as gays? As proud of their people as Jews?

We have the new movie Meet the Mormons, putting a human face on Mormons. What about Meet the Whites, putting a human face on whites who care about the welfare and civilization of white people want to advance it without interference from outsiders?

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