Racism Is Turning Down A Black Guy For Sex

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I bet that dead Black Homo Bryce Williams definition of “racism” was White guys turning down his sexual advances.

Here is an article about so-called “racism” in the LGBT community. What passes for “racism” in that community is a White Homo saying no to being asked out on a date by a Black Homo.

* I am looking at the most “liked” NY Times comments (which BTW, often run in surprisingly non-PC directions on issues such as immigration) and they are uniformly talking about “guns” with no mention of the racial dimension whatsoever. Imagine the outcry if a white guy had killed a popular black news anchor after claiming racial grievances against blacks.

* The media does not hold Black Lives Matter to the same high moral standards as people who own a Confederate flag. Black Lives Matter should have been finished as an organization after a Black thug in Memphis named Tremaine Wilbourn murdered a White police officer.

If everyone who owns a Confederate flag is morally responsible for the Charleston church shooting, that Black Lives Matter is morally responsible every time a police officer is killed by a Black thug while in the line of duty.

Speaking of Memphis, if Elvis Presley was still alive today I wonder what he would think about the 3rd world ghettozation of a city he once called home. Would he have White flighted out of there?

The shooter’s manifesto says that he acted specifically in revenge for the black church shootings but the news reports don’t seem to be picking up on this at all.

* My favorite complaint about requiring people to have ID is the gripe that retired people and unemployed people don’t have time to get one.

It’s not just the bitching about them somehow not having time, despite not having a job – it’s the fact that they are often receiving thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands, in food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, cash assistance, ad infinitum.

* Unemployed welfare people in the inner city can not afford to go to the local DMV to get a state issued ID, because they do not have the $2 dollars it takes to get on a public bus that will drop them off there, sarcasm.


* I’d be kind of curious to know if there are any plans for Hollywood to do a film about Elliot Rogers and The Day of Retribution. If the dysfunction of Compton is worth a film surely the dysfunction of of a boy growing up around the film industry is worth a look and the producer has a ‘free script’ to dramatize. I know it would be cutting close to the bone but, to me, Rogers is an infinitely more interesting subject than common as dirt hoodrats.

* Even when I was young and unenlightened about the true nature of blacks’ relationship to the police I recall listening to those first records and thinking it was somewhat ironic the lyrical content was divided between two thirds boasting of criminal violence and another third complaining of police harassment. I realize now that’s unfair; they weren’t hypocrites at all, just liars, and the criminal exploits were pure bs. Their real complaint was they were getting harassed on the streets just like the thugs, despite being mostly harmless. But you weren’t going to sell records with that.
It’s ironic also that the real “criminal” in the bunch, E, publicly supported one of the cops charged in the Rodney King fiasco because he thought he was being treated unfairly (Briseno, I think it was). Of course the others (the phony gangsters), already beefing with him by then, seized on that. I think I’ll spill one for Easy right now.

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How To Deal With The Grievance Industry

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The best thing about Trump’s rise is that he serves as a model for how to deal with the Perpetual Grievance Society: every time they act as if Trump has said something so outrageous he can’t possibly survive, and he better kneel and apologize if he ever wants to be allowed back in this town again, he just thumbs his nose at them, and watches his poll numbers rise.

This presents a really very dangerous prospect for the SJWs–and they are all SJWs. Suppose people catch on that brazening it out after flouting political correctness is the path to popularity and respectability among the masses. What then? Especially, what if other politicians and other public figures see how this works?

What’s left of the career opportunities for an SJW if that’s what Trump proves?

* As I make my way through The Art of the Deal, I see plenty of hints that Trump kinda knows the time of day about blacks. Not just because of how he got out of his father’s particular kind of real estate business because of the Federal lawsuit hassles. But he also has a chapter on his very first real estate deal out of college, in Cincinnati. He took over an apartment complex full of just about the worst white people imaginable, people from the Kentucky mountains. He gradually got them out, had them renovated, and got a better more working and middle class variety of white people into the complex. Then one day, one of his tenants approached him when he came to Cincinnati to check up on things, and out of the blue, advised him to sell, because the black undertow (not said in those words) was encroaching. And that it did.

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White Lives Matter





From 2009:



REPORT: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CBS/AP) Curtis Lavelle Vance, the man accused of killing beautiful Arkansas television anchorwoman Anne Pressly, told police he beat her with a wood-handled garden tool after she awoke and found him committing a sex act beside her bed, a detective testified Tuesday.

Vance described how he hit the KATV personality as many as five times, shattering her left arm as she held it up to shield her face, Little Rock police Detective Tommy Hudson said. Hudson’s testimony came as Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza weighs whether to throw out Vance’s often convoluted statements to police, and DNA evidence, before the trial set for Nov. 2.

Vance, 28, of Marianna, has pleaded not guilty to charges of capital murder, rape, residential burglary and theft over the Oct. 20 attack on Pressly at her home near the Little Rock Country Club. Pressly, 26, died five days later, having never regained consciousness.

Pressly graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., and worked for WBBJ-TV in Jackson, Tenn., in 2006.

Vance could face lethal injection if convicted of the slaying, as Piazza rejected defense lawyers’ claims Tuesday that the death penalty overwhelmingly targets blacks convicted of violent crime against whites.

The team of public defenders representing Vance claim police improperly obtained the statements from him, as well as pressured him into offering saliva swabs for DNA testing. Vance himself has claimed police shoved a gun in his face at one point to get him to confess.

Detective J.C. White testified that Vance went willingly to the Marianna police station Nov. 25, 2008, as authorities looked into possible connections between the Pressly attack and an unsolved rape in Vance’s hometown, about 90 miles east of Little Rock.

White also testified that laboratory testing found that a hair found in Pressly’s home matched Vance’s DNA. Last November, police said it also matched a sample from a rape in Marianna. Officers focused on Vance after he was reported being in an area that had seen several burglaries.

A tape-recorded police interview played in court had Vance sounding friendly and cooperating with detectives when they first interviewed him. A detective also testified that Vance used the swab to provide the saliva that prosecutors say ties him to the slaying.

“Y’all showed me the utmost respect,” Vance said at the end of that interview.

Police arrested Vance on Nov. 26 and detectives conducted another interview with him that night. Vance refused to have the interview recorded, but Hudson testified that the man offered three different versions of what happened the night of the attack on Pressly. Each version put him in the Heights neighborhood, looking to steal laptop computers, the detective said.

Hudson said Vance’s final version put him inside Pressly’s house, beating her with a garden tool he stole from a backyard shed. Vance later said he threw the tool out of his car when driving over the Arkansas River. When detectives questioned him about Pressly’s rape, Vance requested a lawyer and ended the interview.

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New Yorker On Donald Trump

Jared Taylor writes:

The New Yorker has just published a 7,500-word article about Donald Trump, except it’s not really about Donald Trump. Two thirds of it is about Mr. Trump’s supporters–including me–and that’s what explains the title: “The Fearful and the Frustrated” [August 31, 015]. New Yorker readers can feel smug without even reading the article; Mr. Trump appeals to losers, just as they have always thought.

The author Evan Osnos, [Email him] is a veteran journalist and has been with the New Yorker for seven years. After weeks of following Mr. Trump around and talking to his fans, he announces that Mr. Trump is “expanding the discourse of hate,” that his core supporters are “the portion of the electorate that is drifting deeper into unreality,” that he could unleash “anti-democratic politics,” and that he appeals directly to “the crude tribalism that Richard Hofstadter named ‘the paranoid style’.”

What a monster! New Yorker readers can feel delightfully superior not only to Mr. Trump but to the unhinged primitives who might actually vote for him–that is to say, the 55 percent of white men who say that would back him over Hillary Clinton.

The article is a perfect example of blinkered, self-congratulatory journalism. It makes no effort actually to understand anything. Mr. Osnos does quote one or two key ideas of Mr. Trump’s supporters but he pees on them from a very great height rather than try to refute them.

In June, when Mr. Osnos first asked to interview me he wrote to say that he was working on “a piece about race, in the wake of the Charleston event.” I thought this was an important subject so I invited him to my house. We spoke for two hours about Dylann Roof and what might have motivated him: race differences, immigration, and what demographic change means for America. Mr. Osnos assured me that he was “trying very hard to understand” dissident thinking, so I arranged for him come back to my house and meet several other racial dissidents.

At some point, though, like everyone else, Mr. Osnos appears to have been dazzled by the Trump juggernaut. He dropped his original angle, and focused instead on discrediting Mr. Trump by digging up the most hair-raising and off-beat supporters he could find. He now claims to have found the one Trump supporter who reportedly watched the Republican debate while sipping coffee from a cup with a swastika on it.

As part of this project, Mr. Osnos trotted out the Daily Stormer, Stormfront, the League of the South, National Policy Institute, VDARE.COM, the Traditional Youth Network, and American Renaissance, apparently to thrill his fellow liberals with the news that people associated with what the SPLC calls “hate groups” are paying attention to Donald Trump. When Mr. Osnos wrote that the Federation for American Immigration Reform has called Mr. Trump’s immigration plan the “American Workers’ Bill of Rights,” he was careful to add that FAIR, too, “is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.” This is what passes for journalism these days, but is as meaningless as digging up the seven remaining American Stalinists and recording their praise for Bernie Sanders.

Despite his hours and hours of conversations with racially conscious whites, Mr. Osnos avoided conveying almost any of their central arguments, but he let one slip through.

He quoted Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute on the “unconscious vision that white people have–that their grandchildren might be a hated minority in their own country.”

He quoted Hunter Wallace of the League of the South pointing out that the reaction of Southerners to the removal of the Confederate battle flag justifies “fears that people have about what happens when we become a minority.”

He quoted me asking, “Why are whites supposed to be happy about being reduced to a minority?”

There’s a pattern here. At least some people who take an interest in Mr. Trump don’t want whites to become a minority. President Trump would slow that process. But the questions of what a non-white America will be like and why anyone might not want that don’t get one word from Mr. Osnos. Apparently it is “hate” merely to ask. But simply to brush the matter aside is not the work of someone who is “trying very hard to understand” anything.

Only once did Mr. Osnos actually try to examine a Trump-related grievance. He quoted Matthew Heimbach of the Traditional Youth Network as saying, “[W]e are going to be the first generation in American history to be living worse than our parents.” Mr. Osnos notes that Mr. Heimbach lives in Cincinnati, works as a landscaper, and rents part of a house. He concedes that with “the decline of manual labor . . . nobody has been hit harder than low-skilled, poorly educated men.”

In other words: “It’s just as you thought, dear New Yorker reader. The people who like Trump are the yokels in fly-over country.” Mr. Osnos went to Harvard, drives a late model Mercedes, and works in Washington, DC.

But even more surprising is Mr. Osnos’s factual sleight of hand. He quotes what Mr. Trump said about Mexican criminals when he announced his candidacy and then sniffs that “the crime rate among first-generation immigrants is lower than that for native-born Americans–but Trump takes an expansive view of reality.”

First of all, a country should be able to choose its immigrants, and letting in even one criminal is a failure. Second, although our government makes it very hard to find out true rates of immigrant crime, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates the following incarceration rates per 1,000 for men aged 18 to 40:

  • Whites: 16
  • Non-black US-born Americans: 20
  • Mexican immigrants: 23
  • All US-born Americans: 31
  • US-born Mexicans: 38

Straight Talk about Immigrant Crime, By Steven A. Camarota, July 23, 2015

The same rate for blacks, who are 12.2 % percent of American natives: 93 per 1,000. (Calculated from the Public Use Files of the American Community Survey.)

So, if Mexican immigrants do commit crimes at a lower rate than natives, it is only because the native rate is swollen by blacks and US-born Mexicans! The children of those immigrants will raise the crime rate.

After sneering about “Trump’s phantasmagorical visions of marauding immigrants,” Mr. Osnos moves right on to other “hoaxes and theories that were once confined to the margins have been laundered through mainstream media outlets.” His prize example? The knockout game. He quotes a study that–he says–“searched for a single actual case of the knockout game and found none.”

In fact, the study says there are even videos of “groups of black men casually walking down the street and sucker-punching a white passerby, without a word and for no apparent reason,” but insists there has been “no measurable increase in these types of attacks.” [The ‘Knockout Game’: Moral Panic and the Politics of White Victimhood, By Mike King [Email him] Race Class April-June 2015 v]. Here is just one of the many YouTube videos about the game.

The knockout game–otherwise known as “polar bear hunting” because of the usual race of the victim–has been well established at least since 2009, but Mr. Osnos has kept himself resolutely ignorant.

This sort of thing makes a mockery of the New Yorker’s vaunted fact checking. A nice lady from the magazine called and wanted to know if I had said the things Mr. Osnos quoted me as saying when he interviewed me and five other people. Indeed, I had. But Mr. Osnos ominously concluded his account of the conversation with: “They uniformly predicted a violent future.” I never made such a prediction, and I don’t remember anyone else doing so, and the nice lady never asked about that. But Mr. Osnos can’t resist peddling a dark vision of white men hoarding guns and ammo.

He tells us Mr. Trump has “unleashed an old gene in American politics” that leads “to the anti-democratic politics of absolutism.” What?! Not a single one of the “haters” to whom Mr. Osnos spoke said one word that could be construed as “anti-democratic.” What is the leap of hysteria by which people like Mr. Osnos conclude that people with whom they disagree are anti-democratic?

Mr. Osnos ends the article with the claim that Mr. Trump’s core supporters are “the portion of the electorate that is drifting deeper into unreality, with no reconciliation in sight.”

If there is no reconciliation in sight it is because of the heroic blindness of people like Mr. Osnos, who do not even try to look past clichés about “hate,” “crude tribalism,” “fear and frustration,” and “the paranoid style.”

Soviet psychiatrists decided free-markets advocates were insane and locked them up in mental hospitals, so the New Yorker is heir to a proud tradition.

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Donald Trump Is No Bitch

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* CNN’s comment at the end of the video clip: “Ramos refused to back down.” Bold, strong Ramos.

Most people would have said, “Ramos refused to shut up and wait his turn, but backed down when Donald’s security men confronted him.” Loud-mouthed, self-important and weak-kneed.

Trump had a much better sense of the visuals than the TV star, Ramos.

* Tony Rock who is Chris Rock’s brother, referred to Donald Trump as a gangsta on Red Eye. In the African American community it is considered a compliment to be referred to as a gangsta. It means you are the opposite of a bitch.

* Chris Rock’s latest movie “Take Five” wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, but it was pretty iSteveish.

* This is why the Republican beltway consultant class of barnacles and parasites have it out for Trump most of all and have just about the biggest incentive to make sure he doesn’t win. For if he winds up being the Republican nominee, and does even just a wee tiny bit better among both blacks and Hispanics versus the Democrat nominee than Romney did versus Obama among them, then that ruins a whole lot of conventional wisdom and makes the consultants look like the deceitful frauds peddling political pseudo-science on behalf of donors that I already knew they are. Even if Trump does no better or even worse among NAMs, but wins the election based on more white voters, that ruins the beltway consultant narratives as well.

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Chaim Amalek writes: “Also gay. Gay and black and gunning for whites. Not the narrative the MSM likes to have to cover (the victims were reporters, so they can’t ignore this):”

A man claiming to be Bryce Williams called ABC News over the last few weeks, saying he wanted to pitch a story, and wanted to fax information. He never told ABC News what the story was.

This morning, a fax was in the machine (time stamped 8:26 a.m.) almost two hours after the shooting. A little after 10 a.m., he called again, and introduced himself as Bryce, but also said his legal name was Vester Lee Flanagan, and that he shot two people this morning. While on the phone, he said authorities are “after me,” and “all over the place.” He hung up. ABC News contacted the authorities immediately and provided them with the fax.

In the 23-page document faxed to ABC News, the writer says “MY NAME IS BRYCE WILLIAMS” and his legal name is Vester Lee Flanagan II.” He writes what triggered today’s carnage was his reaction to the racism of the Charleston church shooting:

“Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…”

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

Ex-Employee Caught in Connection to On-Air Shooting
Alison Parker and Adam Ward, Slain Virginia Reporter and Cameraman, ‘Did Great Work Every Day’
What We Know About Suspect Vester Lee Flanagan in Virginia On-Air Shooting
It is unclear whose initials he is referring to. He continues, “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act.

Later in the manifesto, the writer quotes the Virginia Tech mass killer, Seung Hui Cho, calls him “his boy,” and expresses admiration for the Columbine High School killers. “Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin.'”

In an often rambling letter to the authorities, and family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Williams calls it a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family.”

He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work
He says he has been attacked by black men and white females
He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man
“Yes, it will sound like I am angry…I am. And I have every right to be. But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace….”

“The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!”

Link to shooter video.

REPORT: A gunman killed a reporter and cameraman while they were doing a live TV news report in Franklin County, Virginia, Wednesday morning.

CBS News reports that the suspect is being identified by police as Vester Flanagan, who was also known by the name Bryce Williams when he was a reporter at the station, WDBJ-TV.

A first-person video of the shooting was posted on a Twitter account labeled @bryce_williams7 that has since been suspended.

Alison Parker, 24, and videographer Adam Ward, 27, were killed.

A work-related rant was posted on the Twitter account before the video:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.24.06 AM

The incident took place at Bridgewater Plaza in Franklin County. Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, when gunshots begin to ring out. Parker and Gardner are seen running away while the camera, held by Ward, appears to be dropped.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has joined the manhunt, along with local authorities.

“We heard screaming and then we heard nothing,” Jeff Marks, the station’s general manager, said during the WDBJ broadcast.

The Roanoke Times reports that Gardner was shot in the back and is in surgery.

A still image of the suspect was taken from video that was recorded by a WDBJ camera:

Franklin County Shooter Image 2

Parker was in a relationship with station anchor Chris Hurst, while Ward was engaged to one of the station’s producers.


A 12-Step Review From An Orthodox Jew

I took a normie to a 12-step workshop last night. He later messaged me: “So here’s my review of the meeting. I likened it to going to shul. We had the silent prayer (Amidah), followed by announcements (too lengthy), about shabbotonim and shiurim. Most people came in pairs. We read from the Big Book (Torah) with plenty of meforshim, mentioning Bill (God) several times. A Pushka was passed around by a devout follower. We closed with a group prayer (Adon Olam). People felt spiritually uplifted, and spoke about the sermon afterwards.”

But there was no kiddish.

Normie: “The meeting was not as entertaining as I had hoped, but very insightful. Originally, I had envisioned you going there as a club, and you going there to watch the common folk squirm. But, I see you actually go there as a group therapy and healing session. I honestly don’t/didn’t feel you have as serious problems or addictions as the majority of the people there.You are the son of a “Rabbi”, which comes with a stigma, and a rebellion.”

“I looked at the crowd, not many blacks; what do you make of that?”

Luke: “It’s not congenial for them in general. They don’t like talking about their weaknesses publicly. More of a white thing.”

Normie: “When he hit the narcissist part of his talk he nailed you, even right before that.”

Luke: “What would you say I am on a 1-10 of NPD? I would say I have gone from a 7.5 to a 4 through my 12-step work. Therapy and meds don’t help with NPD.”

Normie: “You are definite lower [in NPD], that was my next question for you, how you rate yourself. But, I’m not sure you are on the inside what you portray on the outside. You say stuff, but I don’t know if it’s just words, sarcasm, or your real feelings.”

Normie: “You say stuff, but I don’t know if it’s just words, sarcasm, or your real feelings.”

Luke: “You mean I am healthier or sicker on the inside that what I post on FB?”

Normie: “But, I do believe even if you do mean it, if you keep using the words, eventually you will internalize it. You are an attention whore, do you now have a problem balancing getting attention vs being a good person?”

Luke: “I’m gonna save the white race. I’m gonna united the Anglo-Saxon tribes under my monarchy.”

Normie: “You better, cuz the Muslims are coming in force, to rid the world of us non-believers!”

Luke: “All the attention I need can be found in God.”

Normie: “That kind of phrase tells me you don’t buy in 100%. That’s why I don’t think your NPD is THAT much lower. Being evil is too much fun. Attention is human given, not God given.”

“First of all, you started higher than a 7.5. You started as a 9 or 9.5. You stole Herb’s starting point of 7.5. You are outwardly a 5.5, inwardly a 6.5. The more I think about it, you may be lower. I may be confusing exhibitionist and attention whore, with narcissism.”

“You definitely listen, appreciate and seem earnest about improving, and that’s what’s most important! But, not so much fun.”

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Can Illegal Immigrants Be Stopped?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Of course the flow of people can be stopped. But have you ever noticed that those who say it cannot be stopped are also the ones who get to make the rules regarding what methods are and are not acceptable to use? It really helps your side in winning the debate when you get to disqualify your opponent’s best weapons from the get-go. This would be akin to fighting a war with another nation and allowing that nation to dictate your order of battle. What nation would do that? Yet we allow our best defenses against this invasion to be systematically dismissed out of hand, and just bend over and take it on command. Ridiculous.

* Angela Merkel has, once again, demonstrated that the EU is, perhaps, the most ridiculous and lawless political organization on the planet. She has unilaterally decided to suspend the Dublin Agreements, whereby asylum seekers must apply in the first EU country they enter. Instead she has ordered German officials to process migrant applications and used the police to batter German citizens protesting her actions.

The United States, while not exactly ruthless in its efforts to deter illegal immigration, did not send out the Coast Guard to rescue and bring to the US Haitian migrants as the EU is now doing with the flood of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Even our government officials knew what would happen if Haitians realized they had only to threaten to drown themselves to be allowed to enter the US. Our ships were deployed to intercept and return to Haiti those attempting to illegally enter the US. Why Europe is not doing the same is astonishing! You only have to do it a few times for the word to get out that paying a smuggler for a spot on a overloaded boat is a waste of time and money.

The EU, if it wants to help the Syrians ( or Afghans, Somalis etc) should offer military training to the men and tell them to go back and fight for their homelands instead of risking their families lives trying to escape to Europe. Shame them as cowards and offer humanitarian aid to their families only on condition that they do return to their homelands and fight to overthrow the tyranny they claim they are fleeing from.Oh, and pay Turkey or Jordan to keep the families in a Muslim land where the men can visit or summon their families home when they have won their war.

* I used to be a PSYOP soldier back in the day. One of the themes we could use to lower the enemy’s morale was “inevitability.” We would produce leaflets, handbills, posters, and broadcasts that reinforced the message that our march just could not be stopped. If the march can’t be stopped, there isn’t any point wasting lives and resources attempting to do so.

I think this is what’s going on here. I keep seeing the same message over and over again from various news sources. “Nothing will stop them.” “No fence will work.” It is obvious to me that this is a well coordinated psychological operation to get us to just give up and accept our “fate.”

The good news, if there is any, is that the existence of this psychological operation means that the bad guys believe we could stop it if we were determined enough.

* It’s just funny how few ever flee to Japan, China, India or heck even Australia these days.

It appears as Europe has become less Christian it’s become more maniacal in following it’s edicts where foreigners are concerned. The fact that these people turn up their noses at staying at the first peaceful country they enter should give EU leaders pause however the only venom they can muster are at people who protest taking in more.

Oh well Macedonia is doing the right thing. No use trying to stop them only for liberals to wag their fingers at you. Help them on their way to Germany.

* I have been reading Camp of Saints for the past couple of days. I highly recommend it. It is so freaking powerful in how prescient it was. Heck the guy even used the word “cuckold” in talking about immigration. And one of the characters calls all these Universalist men that facilitate this mad rush of these “immigrants” toward the west “Traitors”. All of these have been used by current Alt-right guys in the fight against immigration. And the speech given by some Hindu guy to the crowd at the point of embarkation remarkable resembles rhetoric produced today by pro-immigration people and current immigrants belittling westerners for not wanting more immigrants. This author was a genius.

* Israel’s border fences have sensors, cameras and are intensively patrolled and the Israelis will shoot at intruders. Few years ago I read how some Palestinians were just toying around with the fence and were shot.
Would we have shoot to kill at a Donald Trump border fence? Highly doubtful. We’ll just have to move ‘em on, head ‘em up (Rawhide) back to Mexico. And if you keep on trying you get thrown into an open air tent city prison for a few months.

* I think Israel is building fences along its Jordan border, too, just in case. It didn’t used to need an Egyptian fence because the Egyptian military government kept Africans away, but the short-lived elected government in Egypt stopped bothering, so Israel built a fence.

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Court: Second Amendment also covers those in US illegally

Comment to Steve Sailer: “If illegals are covered by the 2nd amendment, then the entirety of constitutional rights applies to them as well. This court has simply abolished citizenship.”

REPORT: MADISON, Wis. — People living in the United States illegally have a constitutional right to bear arms but are still barred from doing so by a separate law, a federal appeals court ruled.

The three-judge panel of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling Thursday in a case involving Mariano Meza-Rodriguez. His family brought him to the United States from Mexico illegally when he was four or five years old, according to the 7th Circuit ruling. Now an adult, he was arrested in 2013 after a bar fight in Milwaukee. Police found a .22-caliber bullet in his shorts pocket.

Federal law prohibits people in the country illegally from possessing guns or ammunition. Meza-Rodriguez argued that the charges should be dismissed because the law infringes on his Second Amendment right to bear arms. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa rejected that contention on the broad grounds that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to people in the country illegally. Meza-Rodriguez was ultimately convicted of a felony and deported.

The 7th Circuit panel, however, ruled unanimously Thursday that the term “the people” in the Second Amendment’s guarantee that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed also applies to those in the country illegally. The ruling, which applies in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, conflicts with opinions from three other federal appellate courts in recent years that found the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to people in the country illegally.

“We see no principled way to carve out the Second Amendment and say that the unauthorized (or maybe all noncitizens) are excluded,” Chief Judge Diane Wood wrote.

But the panel upheld Meza-Rodriguez’s conviction, saying the federal ban on people in the country illegally possessing weapons remains valid. Wood wrote that the right to bear arms isn’t unlimited and the government has a strong interest in preventing people who have already broken the law by coming to the country illegally from carrying guns.

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Serena Williams and Sailer’s First Law of Female Journalism

Steve Sailer writes: The New York Times Magazine has a giant article on tennis player Serena Williams by Claudia Rankine (pictured at right) that serves as yet another illustration of my observation that while many female journalists routinely crusade on the surface against sexism, racism, etc., a close reading of their most passionate articles suggests that their highest priority in demanding a cultural revolution to overturn society’s oppressive values is that they want to wind up being considered hotter-looking.

The Meaning of Serena Williams
On tennis and black excellence.

… There is a belief among some African-Americans that to defeat racism, they have to work harder, be smarter, be better. Only after they give 150 percent will white Americans recognize black excellence for what it is. But of course, once recognized, black excellence is then supposed to perform with good manners and forgiveness in the face of any racist slights or attacks. Black excellence is not supposed to be emotional as it pulls itself together to win after questionable calls. And in winning, it’s not supposed to swagger, to leap and pump its fist, to state boldly, in the words of Kanye West, ‘‘That’s what it is, black excellence, baby.’’

Right, as you can see how black NFL defensive players never visibly celebrate after tackling somebody for just a two-yard gain. The white power structure forces black football players to merely hand the ball to the ref with an aw shucks look. Similarly, LeBron James could dunk the ball, but white society thinks it’s overly abrasive to humiliate your opponents like that, so LeBron just gently lays the ball in the basket.

… Imagine that you have to contend with critiques of your body that perpetuate racist notions that black women are hypermasculine and unattractive.

But it’s also racist to wonder if Serena’s giant muscles aren’t wholly the result of black genes. Some people, who look at Serena compared to her older sister Venus, wonder if maybe Serena represents not just black nature but advanced nurture too.

But thinking that is racist as well, so just stop thinking.

Serena’s grace comes because she won’t be forced into stillness; she won’t accept those racist projections onto her body without speaking back; she won’t go gently into the white light of victory. Her excellence doesn’t mask the struggle it takes to achieve each win. For black people, there is an unspoken script that demands the humble absorption of racist assaults, no matter the scale, because whites need to believe that it’s no big deal. But Serena refuses to keep to that script. Somehow, along the way, she made a decision to be excellent while still being Serena.

It’s like how Muhammad Ali could have exulted over the fallen Sonny Liston, but instead white culture forced him to be impassive.

Similarly, deep down Tiger Woods might like to pump his fist after making a good putt, but he knows that white country club golfers lynch blacks who get uppity, so he’s never done it (pumping his fist, that is; never making a good putt is only recent).

When Serena was a little girl, she was so timid about expressing emotions that her sister Venus once said what a miracle it was that she could summon the courage to speak at all, usually just to ask for food when she was hungry though. She innately sensed that racism was real, immanent, and suffocating. As her body grew, her emotions grew too. Tennis became an outlet for those emotions, an outlet for her humanity. Years of quiet shyness or just fear bloomed forth into an amazing athlete, no one could deny. Suddenly she started to speak, especially on the tennis court, or as her father adoringly dotes, “My little grunter.” …

She would feel what she feels in front of everyone, in response to anyone. At Wimbledon this year, for example, in a match against the home favorite Heather Watson, Serena, interrupted during play by the deafening support of Watson, wagged her index finger at the crowd and said, ‘‘Don’t try me.’’

She will tell an audience or an official that they are disrespectful or unjust, whether she says, simply, ‘‘No, no, no’’ or something much more forceful, as happened at the U.S. Open in 2009, when she told the lineswoman, ‘‘I swear to God I am [expletive] going to take this [expletive] ball and shove it down your [expletive] throat.’’

Fight the Power! Don’t the let the White Male Power Structure (embodied, in this particular case, by a tiny Asian lady) keep the Black Man and Black Woman down!

… To accept the self, its humanity, is to discard the white racist gaze. Serena has freed herself from it. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be emotional or hurt by challenges to her humanity. It doesn’t mean she won’t battle for the right to be excellent. There is nothing wrong with Serena, but surely there is something wrong with the expectation that she be ‘‘good’’ while she is achieving greatness. Why should Serena not respond to racism? In whose world should it be answered with good manners? The notable difference between black excellence and white excellence is white excellence is achieved without having to battle racism. Imagine.

Two years ago, recovering from cancer and to celebrate my 50th birthday, I flew from LAX to J.F.K. during Serena’s semifinal match at the U.S. Open with the hope of seeing her play in the final. I had just passed through a year when so much was out of my control, and Serena epitomized not so much winning as the pure drive to win. I couldn’t quite shake the feeling (I still can’t quite shake it) that my body’s frailty, not the cancer but the depth of my exhaustion, had been brought on in part by the constant onslaught of racism, whether something as terrible as the killing of Trayvon Martin or something as mundane as the guy who let the door slam in my face. The daily grind of being rendered invisible, or being attacked, whether physically or verbally, for being visible, wears a body down. Serena’s strength and focus in the face of the realities we shared oddly consoled me.

That Sunday in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the women’s final, though the crowd generally seemed pro-Serena, the man seated next to me was cheering for the formidable tall blonde Victoria Azarenka. I asked him if he was American. ‘‘Yes,” he said.

‘‘We’re at the U.S. Open. Why are you cheering for the player from Belarus?’’ I asked.

‘‘Oh, I just want the match to be competitive,’’ he said.

After Serena lost the second set, at the opening of the third, I turned to him again, and asked him, no doubt in my own frustration, why he was still cheering for Azarenka. He didn’t answer, as was his prerogative. By the time it was clear that Serena was likely to win, his seat had been vacated. I had to admit to myself that in those moments I needed her to win, not just in the pure sense of a fan supporting her player, but to prove something that could never be proven, because if black excellence could cure us of anything, black people — or rather this black person — would be free from needing Serena to win. …

I was moved by Serena’s positioning herself in relation to other African-Americans. A crucial component of white privilege is the idea that your accomplishments can be, have been, achieved on your own. The private clubs that housed the tennis courts remained closed to minorities well into the second half of the 20th century. Serena reminded me that in addition to being a phenomenon, she has come out of a long line of African-Americans who battled for the right to be excellent in a such a space that attached its value to its whiteness and worked overtime to keep it segregated.

Serena’s excellence comes with the ability to imagine herself achieving a new kind of history for all of us. As long as she remains healthy, she will most likely tie and eventually pass Graf’s 22 majors, regardless of what happens at the U.S. Open this year. I want Serena to win, but I know better than to think her winning can end something she didn’t start. But Serena is providing a new script, one in which winning doesn’t carry the burden of curing racism, in which we win just to win — knowing that it is simply her excellence, baby.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The problem with Women’s tennis is the same problem with many women’s sports, namely a little amount of testosterone gives you a big edge and the bigger and stronger you are – aka the more you’re built like a man – the better your chance of winning.

The end result is a lot of “female” champions who’re built like men or who take dangerous drugs. And of course, since people are genetically programmed to like feminine looking women this hurts the sport. At least among normal men and women. I can’t speak for liberals.

Or look at it this way, if it wasn’t a strongman like Serena bulling her way to a championship it’d be some other big, strong jawed lass with a good doctor.

* “But Serena is providing a new script, one in which winning doesn’t carry the burden of curing racism, in which we win just to win — knowing that it is simply her excellence, baby.”

Can anyone parse this? I guess editing her work would be a micro-aggression.

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