Steve Sailer: What We Can Learn from the Dreyfus Affair About Haven Monahan, Ferguson, Duke Lacrosse, Etc.

Steve Sailer writes:

The Dreyfus Affair in France, 1894-1906, was similar to many recent controversies in America, such as Haven Monahan, Ferguson, Trayvon, Duke Lacrosse, and others going back to Al Sharpton promoting Tawana Brawley’s gang rape hoax against white cops in late 1987. A patriotic French Jewish Army officer was unjustly accused of treason, and society soon divided up into acrimonious camps debating his case. Eventually, the facts became clear, poor Major Dreyfus was released from Devil’s Island, and the winners who backed Dreyfus’s innocence pushed through massive political changes at the expense of the losers.

It wasn’t just that the anti-Dreyfus right was wrong about one case, it was that they looked like they suffered from systemic biases that encouraged them to misunderstand these facts and promote an injustice. So, the side that turned out to be wrong on the facts paid a heavy political price: the famous 1905 French law on Separation of Church and State, which established France’s tradition of laïcité that Marine Le Pen defends vociferously today, was a consequence of the losers making themselves look bad.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I’d add that what’s going isn’t just anti-white, it gains tremendous tactical advantages from its amorphousness. It’s anti-Core, pro-Fringe, so it can shapeshift to meet most objections.

* The powers that be will use tragedy to their advantage when it serves an end they desire, and will ignore it when it does not.

The Dunblane Massacre was used to justify massive limits on the right to bear arms in Britain.

The far costlier and deadlier 9/11 attacks were not used to justify curtailing Muslim immigration to the West, which seems to have only accelerated since 2001.

* Since the Dreyfus Affair is trotted out endlessly to show … well … the innate perfidy of gentiles, especially conservative ones, it’s an excellent judo move to demand repeatedly–whenever any of these Maoist tantrums is debunked–that the same label of perfidy be attached and the same political consequences due for the folks if the same perfidy and same political consequences due for the folks who pushed the Duke rape case, Trayvon!, Ferguson, UVA …

* Noam Chomsky once said that the true right would only rise in this country if they had a leader who couldn’t be bought. Chomsky was frightened of that ever happening. But, it’s true. As long as the standbearers of Conservatism are wh^res who willingly concede cultural issues to the Left due to economic compromises, nothing will stop these people, nothing.

Many of our political, economic and media leaders are part of a bipartisan social club. That really contributes to elite immunity. It’s hard to destroy a man if your kids go to school with his. Or if you marry his niece, sort of like Arnold and Uncle Ted.

This insular, bipartisan, elite culture is increasingly cut off from the mass, and they have little or no empathy with them. A point made time and again by Charles Murray is that many of these people or their spawn have no idea what it’s like to have a job that makes a body part ache at the end of the day. With such people can we be surprised that they push the notion about Latinos doing jobs Americans won’t?

What is needed is ruthless, driven actual traditionalist leadership on the political or media front. We need more Charles C. Johnsons to go after these people where they live. Note how scared they are of him.

We should take heart whenever there are stories about increasingly confrontational personal disputes in Congress.

* The never-ending conversation about what’s now called ‘The Dreyfus Affair’ is primarily about shaping memory. This overblown ‘affair’ is a modern teaching opportunity. The lesson? If you suspect Jews of disloyalty or wrong-doing, then you are probably wretched and evil yourself. In fact, you might even suffer from a psychiatric disorder. Why? Jews are humble and virtuous (Ann Frank), unjustly accused (Dreyfus), overwhelmingly brilliant (Einstein) and conspicuously benevolent (Jewish philanthropy). These are the dominant moral messages which dart incessantly throughout our media-saturated universe. Thinking otherwise might mean you’re an ‘anti-Semite’, which is very very BAD.

So while Americans are reminded about victims like Dreyfus, Ann Frank, the Israeli athletes (Munich) and of course The Holocaust, lessons involving the Rosenbergs, the Bolsheviks, US immigration policies, AIPAC’s unstoppable machinations, America’s ‘unfortunate’ War on Iraq (or Syria or Iran or Palestine) never receive the same focus or moral singularity. This is no accident. There are Jewish fingerprints all over these ‘lessons’, some of which disappear altogether. This is grand, media-driven political theater, dressed up as self-governance.

Unfortunately, these most important victims often write the script, edit the story, direct the actors, and produce the program.

More comments to Steve Sailer:

* When are we going to be grown up enough to admit that a majority of lynching ‘victims’ were in fact perpetrators of some rather serious crimes? That lynching was not mere violent racism, but in fact a system (inferior though it may be) of justice?

* Yes read about Black Albinos in Africa and marvel how fairly they respect their disabled countrymen. Black Africans positively *SHRED* these poor people, tearing them literally limb from limb; it’s beyond sickening. Since it’s only a question of albinism, we know that the difference in this dyad are truly only skin deep and yet this is how they treat their brethren who differ from themselves in only one respect: white skin.

More comments to Steve Sailer:

* How many blacks have been killed by the KKK over the past 50 years? Maybe a dozen, if that.

How many blacks have been killed by other blacks over that time? Hundreds of thousands.

How many whites have been killed by blacks over that time? Tens of thousands.

But for the media, it is the specter of lynching that interests them. In the recent article Steve posted about Otis Byrd it said:

There is no more powerful image in the South than that of a black man’s body hanging from a tree. Though the practice of lynching reached its peak during the 19th and early 20th centuries, the idea continues to haunt, explaining in part why the case of Otis Byrd has captured the nation’s attention.

Given the facts above we should ask why do they consider that the most powerful image of the South? The answer is because it is most useful image for them. And what is it useful for? For promoting anti-white bigotry, which is the rock upon which their whole worldview is founded and their deepest moral principle.

Like Steve says it is also the “KKKrazy Glue” that holds together their “coalition of the fringes” (which is another nice term that clearly explains the left’s strategy, more so than the clumsy and opaque term “cultural marxism”.)

* The number of actual Ku Klux Klan members in the U.S is so miniscule that even The Communist Party USA has a larger membership than the KKK.

Communist Party USA has over 20,000 members. Compare that to the KKK which is estimated to have only about 5,000 members.

Yet the Left Wing media wants us to believe that there is a Klan member on every street corner in flyover country.

In the U.S you are more likely to bump into a Communist than you are to bump into a Klan member.

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Top New York Times Comments On The UVA Rape Fraud

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I think most readers understand the truth notwithstanding the NYT’s efforts to muddy the waters. Here are the top ranked comments:

“Universities need to stop acting as the intermediary when there is rape with a college student. They should NOT be in charge of investigations and the student should be reporting the crime to the police at the time it happens so that acutal law enforcement can do an immediate investigation and not one done months later when evidence is hard to find. Why campuses even have the authority to manage such investigations is beyond my understanding.

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RS Philly 12 hours ago
False accusations destroy lives.

The woman should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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NYT Pick
H.G Jackson, Wyomong 12 hours ago
I am not quite clear why the university is changing the rules for fraternities based on a crime that did not happen. One would think if the rules were imposed based on the gang-rape of the student, that they would be withdrawn if the reason that they were instituted is no longer valid.

It seems that university administrators lose all perspective, acting frantically even before the evidence is in, but demonstrating no similar haste in rectifying their mistakes, if it turns out no crime was committed at all.

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CAF Seattle 12 hours ago
And what consequences does a woman face when she makes up false sexual assault allegations against a man or men, wrecking their lives?”

The problem that sites like the NYTimes have is that they no longer control the megaphone so that disturbingly un-Cathedral like views written by people who have not drunk the Kool-aid are being aired. They are under pressure from web gurus to be more interactive but my prediction is that they will kill off comments at some point or require the use of a real verified name or get rid of the “like” button. In the old days, before they would print a letter to the editor (they printed mine a couple of times) the would call you and verify that you wrote it.

* The fantasy world aspect of the internet is a big boost (enabler) to those who weave fantasies. 20 years ago Jackie’s fantasies would not have gotten further than the dormitory floor she lived on.

* Young women at the height of their powers can leave a trail of destruction. The likely trauma she caused all those young guys who were interrogated by the police. The wasted man hours.

Young men who leave a trail of destruction usually go to jail. The fertile young woman will be accommodated.

* Relative to males, the earning power and buying power of women is much higher than it was say 30 years ago. Just look at how advertisers cater to their whims and fantasies. Plus the range of businesses that cater to female desires is a much larger percentage of the US economy than 30 years ago. Who ever saw a nail salon 30 years ago? Guys paying taxes to the welfare system keep those Vietnamese run places afloat. Certain lines of automobiles slant their pitch towards women. My mother never bought a car. My father did this.

* One thing lefties sincerely hate and despise is the idea that they have been made fools of.

For a group that prides itself on being smarter than everyone else, the idea that they have been duped is infuriating to a degree that you tend to notice it. They aren’t mature enough to admit being fooled, and so double-down on ridiculousness, or forget it exists, or else vehemently set out to burn the witch who fooled them. It’s almost has if they have brain damage on that part of the brain that in normal folks tells them, “Lighten up, Francis, ya got conned. Just learn from it.”

And so the ritualistic burning-in-effigy of Stephen Glass and Jason Blair (less so the latter, because black) as master-manipulators, instead of, you know, a couple of dudes who found it triflingly easy to pull the wool over lefties’ eyes so long as you told them what they wanted to hear.

So this Haven Monahan fiasco has to go down the memory hole, so lefties don’t feel stupid, or else Erdley will be burned in effigy as well.

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Race Riot At Sea

Hugh Kennedy writes:

What is downright startling, however, is the report’s diagnosis of the state of race relations in the Navy. Unlike contemporary politicians’ credulity in the face of every conceivable black complaint, the subcommittee found the rioters’ and strikers’ racial grievances to be largely illusory:

During the course of the investigation we found no substantial evidence of racial discrimination upon which we could place true responsibility for causation of these serious disturbances. Certainly there were many perceptions of discrimination by young blacks, who, because of their sensitivity to real or fancied oppression, often enlist with a ‘chip on their shoulder.’ Those young blacks, who enter the service from the ghetto with a complete black awareness, probably for the first time find themselves immersed in a predominantly white society which, in civilian life, they had come to mistrust. These young men are subject to being easily led–as was the case in the Constellation uprising where about 15 agitators orchestrated the entire affair. [emphasis in the original]

If there was no real discrimination against black Navy personnel, why was there a perception of discrimination? Among other factors, the report cited the recruitment of sailors who failed to meet normal standards for mental aptitude and criminal record:

The Navy’s recruitment program for most of 1972 that resulted in the lowering of standards for enlistment, accepting a greater percentage of mental category IV and those in the lower half of category III, not requiring recruits in these categories to have completed their high school education, and accepting these people without sufficient analysis of their previous offense records, has created many of the problems the Navy is experiencing today.

In the subcommittee’s view, black sailors from the lower end of the recruiting pool faced no realistic prospect of specialized training and advancement, and often blamed their failure to progress on racism. The report attributed the trouble on the Kitty Hawk directly to this mentality:

The subcommittee is of the position that the riot on Kitty Hawk consisted of unprovoked assaults by a very few men, most of whom were of below-average mental capacity, most of whom had been aboard for less than one year, and all of whom were black. This group, as a whole, acted as ‘thugs,’ which raises doubt as to whether they should ever have been accepted into military service in the first place.

Those of us who do not serve in today’s military cannot assess the extent to which the problems of the Vietnam era persist in 2015. What seems certain, though, is that no report from today’s Congress would produce a diagnosis of those problems as frank as that of the subcommittee report of 1973.

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Hate Crimes Against Whites For March — Below is a list of hate crimes during March, 2015 the mainstream Media doesn’t want you to know about.


Kidnapped from bus, forced to commit vile crimes

Two unnamed teens (UK)


Shot dead while walking dog by young teens

James Stuhlman, 51

Baby cut from womb

Michelle Wilkins, 26


Robbed at home by caregiver

Evelyn Nicholson, 85 (UK)


Stabbed to death for spilling coffee

Antonio Muralle, 52*


Assault attempted robbery

Doug Jandebeur, 84


Kidnapped, murdered, dumped in trash bin

Eliza Delacruz, 3wks*


Stabbed to death during home invasion

Jakes van Deventer, 35 (SA)



Sharon Moody, 52


Beaten to death

Stephen Dillard, 55


Shot to death at convenience store

Pamela-Ann Kynazher, 19

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About 70,000 Whites In South Africa Have Been Murdered By Blacks Since 1994 — Thanks to South African freedom fighter and activist Sunette Bridges, we provide the following list of white South Africans murdered by blacks since 1994.

The count is approaching 70,000.

If your name does not appear on the list it is because (a) you are not white, (b) you are a very fortunate white South African — so far, or (c) you don’t live in South Africa.

Chaim Amalek writes: “Do not weep like a woman for what you failed to defend like a man, White Man. Big lesson here for Israel. Eventually, Israel will weaken in its resolve to suppress the Arabs, who will be a majority at some point in the future. And then the 3rd Temple will fall, with bloody results.”

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Let’s Start World War III!

“I’m willing to start World War III!”

I notice that’s a favorite phrase among many Jews I know to indicate their commitment.

I’ve never fully gotten used to Jewish intensity. My WASP upbringing was more laid back. Jesus suffered and so we have to suffer too and we should suffer quietly and patiently with faith in God. By contrast, “It’s not a big deal” is not a common Jewish phrase.

When a Jew took me to lunch the other day and my order did not arrive after ten minutes, he raised holy hell to get me my order. I kept trying to calm him. I would have sat there meekly for half an hour without complaint.

I often see Jewish intensity, commitment and verbal skill winning many battles in the world around me, but I wonder if sometimes these battles are won at the expense of the war. If you cause people to resent Jews because of your verbal tricks, that’s not good for the Jews in the long run.

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Jewish Disregard For The Goyim’s Safety Laws Can Lead To Dead Jews

Heshy Fried writes on FB: “One of the most frightful days for the yeshiva administration was when the fire inspector showed up. I remember one instance when Rabbis were communicating with the janitor and beis medrish guys as to where exactly the inspector was located and where to place batteries in the smoke detectors…”

For some Jews, the laws of the goyim are only obstacles to be maneuvered around.

Growing up as a Seventh-Day Adventist, the laws of the land were taken very seriously (such as laws about taxes, fire safety, customs, immigration, school standards, etc). When I converted to Judaism in 1993, I quickly noticed that these same laws were not always given the same respect. I suspect that at least half of yeshivas in America use dodgy tax accounting (they often function as opportunities for money laundering and tax evasion). Whenever America goes to war, many Jews uninterested in becoming rabbis enroll in yeshivas to escape the draft and few rabbis see any moral problem with this. These Jews don’t feel the same obligation to the United States of America that the goyim do.

J.J. Goldberg blogs:

The Sabbath fire that killed seven children in an Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn on Saturday was at least the fourth deadly blaze in the borough resulting from Sabbath and holiday observance in the past 15 years.

In all 11 people have been killed in the four fires, all but one of them children. At least six other people were injured in the four fires, including the mother of the seven children killed this weekend, Gayle Sassoon, who was fighting for her life in the specialized burn unit at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. An unknown number of others have been injured in similar fires that didn’t result in deaths.

Police and fire officials were quoted in news reports saying this weekend’s fire was caused by a malfunctioning electric hotplate in the family’s kitchen that was keeping food warm overnight in observance of the religious restriction on cooking during the 25 hours of the Sabbath.

A similar fire, also caused by a malfunctioning electric hotplate, killed an 8-year-old boy during the festival of Sukkot in October 2010. That fire, like this weekend’s, took place in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, the center of the borough’s large Syrian-Sephardic Jewish community.

Three other people were killed in two deadly fires caused by ritual candles, one in Borough Park in 2002, the other in Williamsburg in 2000, during the festival of Shavuot.

The victims in the Williamsburg fire were the granddaughter of Satmar Grand Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, Sarah Halverstam, and her 5-month-old baby Chaya.

Other Sabbath and holiday candle fires have resulted in serious injuries, including one in Borough Park in 2009, caused by an unstable oil-burning Hanukkah menorah, that wounded a 3-year-old and her babysitter, and another in the upstate Satmar enclave of Kiryas Joel in 2011 that critically injured a 70-year-old developmentally disabled woman.

By comparison, the controversial ritual of metzitzah b’peh, sucking the blood from an infant’s circumcision wound by mouth, is said by the New York City Board of Health to have killed two infants since 2000 and caused brain damage in two others, all apparently as a result of herpes simplex virus transmitted from the mohel’s mouth.

In all 12 infants contracted the virus through the ceremony during the period, though a respected Yeshiva University rabbinic scholar, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, was quoted in 2013 claiming that there were as many as 15 cases per year, most them covered up by hospital fearful of losing Hasidic business. He reportedly inferred the number, based on his daughter’s account of what she’d seen at the hospital where she works as a nurse. There’s been no confirmation.

J.J. Goldberg continues: “It’s a pity that so many Jews respond to bad news and questioning of our actions by circling the wagons, seeing only enemies and shreying gevalt. It’s especially troubling because it all too frequently prevents us from listening to the criticism, considering the advice and seeing how things could be improved. All the more so when children’s lives are at risk. They’re all our kids.”

Chaim Amalek writes: “In case any of you goyim reading this are wondering, there is absolutely nothing in the Torah that mandates or even mentions this penis-sucking ritual. And nothing in Torah forbids the use of electricity on the Jewish Sabbath. In each case, ignorant rabbes made the whole thing up.”

The New York Times reports:

While an untended hot plate warmed food downstairs in their brick and stucco home minutes into the new day on Saturday, their mother slept a floor above. The hot plate was her answer to a Sabbath restriction on lighting a flame, a way to feed warm food to her eight children. They slept nearby.

When the hot plate malfunctioned, it sent flames creeping toward an open stairwell that led to their bedrooms. Soon they were trapped, screaming from behind a wall of flames. Their mother, Gayle Sassoon, 45, and their second-oldest sister, Siporah, 15, broke through the glass of second-floor windows and jumped onto the grass.

…There did not appear to be smoke detectors on the first or second floor of the house, the officials said.

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Does The World Have A Right To Move To The USA?

Like all major Jewish organizations in America, Agudath Israel holds: “Finally, in the area of immigration, Agudath Israel urges that American borders continue to be open to Jewish and other refugees who seek to come to the United States after escaping from oppressive political environments. The United States is a nation of immigrants and has long been distinguished by its generosity toward refugees from all across the globe. It is essential that such generosity continue to be maintained in today’s era of international volatility. Agudath Israel accordingly opposes any efforts to impose caps or quotas on refugees seeking safe haven in the United States. Agudath Israel further supports the provision of welfare benefits to needy non-citizen immigrants.”

Ilana Mercer writes: Steve Sailer seconds Mercer on the “path to mutual respect” between the neoconservative and Zionist faction, on the one hand, and the American conservative (and paleolibertarian) faction, on the other hand. As Steve puts it:

The path to mutual respect is to insist upon reciprocity. The most reasonable bargain would be for conservatives to demand of neoconservatives that in return for American support for Zionism, Zionists must publicly support America deploying the same immigration policies as Israel currently enjoys.

The Mercer version (April 29, 2011) urged Israelis to recognize Americans’ right to deny a “global right of return to the US for the citizens of the world”:

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Jews Push For Retention Of Australian Laws Against Hate Speech

I find it appalling that Jewish groups around the Western world push for hate speech laws but never seek to apply these laws to their own tradition, which has some anti-Gentile animus. If you are a Jew and you want to censor hate speech, you should first demand that your own group start censoring the Torah, the Talmud and the ongoing rabbinic tradition. If you are unwilling to apply your anti-hate speech legislation first to your own group, you should not seek to apply it to other groups.

What we need is a group of Jews for Consistency.

Brenton Sanderson writes:

Results from the 2011 Australian Census reveal that, for the first time in that nation’s history, the majority of migrants are now arriving from Asia instead of Europe. Indians and Chinese have become the fastest growing sections of the Australian population. Between 2006 and 2011 the number of Australian permanent residents born in India increased by 100 per cent, those born in China increased by 54 per cent, while those born in the Philippines by 42 per cent. These startling figures do not even include those born in Australia to Indian or Chinese parents. The Census also revealed that other non-White immigrant groups are also expanding rapidly, including various African groups. All of this is dismal news for White Australians and, indeed, for White people everywhere. Unfortunately, these figures only mirror what is happening throughout the West, where White people are under demographic and cultural siege from race-replacing levels of Third World immigration and the official embrace of “multiculturalism.”

JTA: SYDNEY, Australia – Jewish community leaders welcomed the Australian government’s decision to scrap plans to repeal parts of the nation’s race-hate laws

Prime Minister Tony Abbott had pledged to dilute sections of the Racial Discrimination Act in a bid to safeguard freedom of speech, but when the government asked for community consultation, it received a chorus of condemnation, led by the Jewish community.

On Tuesday, Abbott announced the government’s plans are “off the table.”

“Leadership is about preserving national unity on the essentials and that is why I have taken this position,” Abbott told reporters in Canberra. “I’m a passionate supporter of free speech and if we were starting from scratch with section 18c we wouldn’t have words such as ‘offend’ and ‘insult’ in the legislation,” he said. “But we aren’t starting from scratch.”

During the debate, Attorney-General George Brandis infamously stated in parliament that Australians “have a right to be bigots,” a comment widely criticized within the Jewish community.

Jewish leaders have previously used section 18c of the law to litigate successfully against Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and religious extremists, and lobbied heavily against the government’s proposed changes.

Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said Tuesday:

“The Prime Minister has made a wise decision. The extraordinarily large number of written submissions received by the federal government opposing its proposed changes indicate that most Australians understand that racial vilification laws are a necessary last resort for the targets of race hate to defend themselves.”

Wertheim added: “Although we were disturbed by the possibility of our legal protections being diminished, the extended public debate about the legislation has had a salutary educative effect in the wider community, and this can only be for the good in the long term.”

While the Liberal government is staunchly pro-Israel, this issue – now neutralized – was the one bone of contention with the Jewish community.

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Shelby Steele’s New Book – Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized the Country

Jared Taylor writes:

Surely, Dr. Steele must realize that if blacks were as talented in engineering as they are in basketball, not even race preferences and a victim identity would have held them back. It may be that blacks are discouraged to some degree by the fear the Left drums into them that nasty white people are waiting at every turn to trip them up, but blacks with real talent and drive can succeed in any field.

This book, like so many others, falls apart logically because it refuses to face up to race differences in ability. It is those differences that produce the yawning gaps in achievement that make “poetic truth” plausible. If race differences in ability are a forbidden concept, only “racism” is left to explain those gaps. And it is because pure meritocracy always results in these otherwise inexplicable gaps that the Left can plausibly accuse whites of holding blacks down.

Nor is the current arrangement the terrible deal for blacks Dr. Steele makes it out to be. If race preferences and the victim mentality really did sap the vitality of black minds and caused stark gaps in achievement, Dr. Steele would be right. But they don’t have that effect. Most blacks get to about the level they deserve. Affirmative action then lifts some of them higher, and it doesn’t leave them writhing in agonies of self-doubt. Most are obviously convinced they deserve to go even higher!

Nor should Dr. Steele be so quick to dismiss the racial hierarchy of pre-1960s America. Ever since the arrival of blacks on this continent, Americans have stumbled about, trying to find a way for two starkly dissimilar groups to live together. There was injustice in slavery and Jim Crow, but is there no injustice in today’s pretentions of equality?

We are out of options. We have tried them all and they all failed. Blacks and whites see the world differently. The fabricated melodramas of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner are only the latest differences that cannot be reconciled. Blacks like Dr. Steele, who understand the pathological relationship between black power and white guilt, will always be a minority. The only solution is for blacks to run their own societies as they see fit and leave whites to run theirs. That is the only way blacks will finally learn the lesson Dr. Steele wants them to learn: that their fate is in their hands, and not in ours.

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