How To Let Go Of Narcissism

Walter emails: I believe I can instruct someone on how to dismantle their own narcissism. Ultimately, it’s you who’s got to do it anyway, That’s why narcs are so impossible to treat. A therapist cannot do it for you. However, at a young age, I had the insight to know what I had and I took a few steps to “self treat” myself. I believe the steps I took worked quite well. The concepts are easy. It may not be easy for a narc to follow the concepts but I got through it just fine.

I believe my narcissism was mostly rooted in genetics. My father was a narc, all four of my siblings are narcs and my only child is a narc. I believe narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy are all one in the same. I often use these terms interchangeably. If your biologically rooted in psychopathy, that does not mean your a bad person. Most of the narcs in my family are actually good people, although they remain a bit quirky.

Step One: Tell the truth. All narcs lie. All narcs lie all the time. It’s absolutely key that you start brutal honesty with everyone. Of course, you wouldn’t tell an ugly woman she’s ugly. But just short of needlessly hurting someone’s feelings, fess up and let the cards play where they lay. There is a reason why this is key. It’s all about habits. Once you get in the habit of telling truth, it becomes increasingly hard to lie to yourself… and lying to yourself is the bedrock of narcissism. Once you start worshipping the God of truth, you will start to catch yourself in lies you are telling yourself.

We will never be completely normal. However, it is a complete myth that we have anything missing in our brains or personalities. Current research backs this up. Narcs/ Sociopath/ Psychopaths are NOT incapable of empathy. Research and common sense backs this up too. If a narc is after a girl, for example, the narc can be extremely empathetic. Ergo, there is a manual empathy switch that we can flip on anytime we like.

Step 2, practice empathy all the time. Turn that empathy switch on as if you were after a girl and never turn it off. I’ve been “practicing empathy” for over 40 years. I’ve been doing it for so long that in no longer feels alien to me. I own the empathy I practice as if it came naturally… and indeed by now it does come quite naturally. I have transformed myself into a good person. You can too…

I was born to a protestant family but have been a vocal atheist since around age 9. I believe I’ve paid a dear price for my non-conformity but “to thyn own self be true”. Religious dogma has always been a jacket ill fitting and uncomfortable. Roughly half my family are fundamentalist Christian and those folks have shunned me.

If I were a Jew convert and I discovered how Jewlettes are taught in Hebrew School to hate non-Jew children, that would be enough for me right there. Check me out. I would estimate that Jew children ran around 10% of the population where I grew up. Throughout my childhood, K through 12, I was told by little Jewlettes that they’d like to be my friend but that was never going to happen because I wasn’t human. Hebrew School Rabbis teach their Jewlettes that non-Jew children are less evolved ape-like creatures and to be avoided. Therefore, it was Jews, themselves, who planted the tiny seeds in me which would grow into my utter revulsion for everything Jew. A Jew might describe me as an anti semite. I don’t think that’s an adequate description for the intense burning hatred I harbor for the common Jew…

Western culture is a gift. In our culture, it’s socially unacceptable to conspire against others, even if those others look different. We pride ourselves of evaluating only the individual that stands before us. All this is unique to world cultures. But herein lies the rub. The Jew refuses to assimilate Western culture. We champion the individual but no individual can successfully compete against a conspiring group. If you’ve ever wondered how the Jew has come to dominate every important aspect of Western culture, this is it. This is why we think of them as parasites. They’re taking unfair advantage of the culture which they inhabit. This is why I say if you call yourself “Jew”, you need to pack up your fucked-up Jew hats and get the fuck out. If you refuse to assimilate our culture, you need to leave. But, of course, the Jew is happy here.

I think a diagnosed NPD patient and a temple full of narcissists are perfect match but not therapeutic for a person serious about shaking narcissism.

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Do The Strict Ethics Of Torah Make It Difficult For Jews To Compete?

“I know the Torah is pretty clear about certain practices. I know that the Talmud interprets the law in ways that may seem to contradict the letter, if not the spirit of the Torah. I know that business practices by Jews have been shaped not just by the religion, but also by the cultures in which they operate. It may not be fair to contrast American Jews with WASPS. It may be fairer to compare them with non Northern European immigrants to the United States. I don’t know if they are more or less unethical than Greek or Italian immigrants, or for that matter Hungarian or Russian immigrants.” (Friend)

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I Stand With Israel

Things Cuckservatives say:

“Sadly, most victims of black crime are other blacks.”
“Unions destroyed Detroit”
“I’m all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration”
“America is safe and free thanks to our troops.”
“Only terrorists would have a reason to oppose the Patriot Act.”
“America is a nation of immigrants.”
“I don’t agree with everything [Buchanan/Coulter/CH/etc] says, but…”
“I’m not a racist but…”
“I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, or purple, but…”
“Edward Snowden is a traitor”
“I stand with Israel”
“Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”
“Putin is the new Hitler”
“There is no room for hate and bigotry in the Republican party”
“We must court the Latino vote to stay relevant”

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The fastest-growing migrant group to the US since 2000 are Africans

Chateau Heartiste: Apparently, President Downlow, in agreement with his predecessor George “Cuckya” Bush, believes America isn’t hurtling toward third world shitstain status fast enough. Fifty million amerindians are great and all, but think about the glorious mocha future we can hasten by throwing in a few tens of millions of Sudanese, Somalis, Ethiopians, and Congolese!

The Econocuck goes out of its race cucking way to contrast African migrants with African-Americans, in which the former do favorably compare. However, the first waves of African migrants are undoubtedly the cream of the dark continent crop. But, as with most self-selecting immigration from “civilizationallly challenged” backwaters, past immigrant performance is no guarantee of future results.

Regression to the mean doesn’t stop operating once it crosses the Atlantic. Expect the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of today’s immigrant Africans to perform gradually worse on all the social indicators that matter (abilities to twerk and balance a forty on one’s protruding buttocks should stay strong, though).

Worse, even if regression to the mean were dampened by heretofore unidentified contingencies, a larger threat to American unity, or what’s left of it, looms. Once high-performing, “white sheep” African immigrants have a foothold in the US, they will generate a chain migration reaction that hauls in millions more of their less accomplished District Nine-ians. This is the reality of mass migration from shitholes: You can cheat the social destruction of the destination country for a while by selecting for, or being fortunate to have preselected for you, the best of a bad lot, but eventually, given no brakes on the process and the fact that there are only so many high achievers from shitholes to cherry-pick, the depressing heft of the migrants’ third world cesspits heaves and lurches into coterminous first world territory, irretrievably and inexorably fashioning its new host nation into a sad, slummy simulacrum of the corrugated-roofed market bazaar they left behind.

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Diversity Is Destroying America

Comment to Chateau Heartiste:

Here is the tale of a white woman (25) who had at least two children with a white man. Both children are beautiful white blond/blue specimens. So, for whatever reason, the white woman splits from her white husband (probably because, as a Beta male, he finally succumbed to the fact that you cannot train a whore not to be a whore, despite the Pretty Woman, White Knight fantasies), and gets involved with a black man who does not work, has raped his former gf (probably more), has a long list of violent criminal offenses (those are just the once that he got caught for, that is), and was left the WATCH the two children – the boy just a toddler, and the girl a mere 5-year-old, while she worked at a strip club! Now, did you get that? This stripper left her two small blond/blue children with an unemployed black man who was a violent, drug-addicted rapist.

And so, the boy has now disappeared, and the police say the negro male is lying about someone stealing him out of the car while he went back inside to DO COCAINE before picking up the white trash female.

Where to start (as I want to SCREAM)?
* Did he just kill the blue-eyed devil, or sell him to some pedophile for some easy drug money?
* Get rid of the boy, as no need for him, but keep the girl for sex and future income (prostitute) potential (like her mom)?
* How many times has the blond girl been sexually abused by this negro while left alone with him for hours at a time? Hope the doctors examine her.
* Where is the real father? I would rather kill the mother and go to jail, so that the children go to the grandparents or foster care – where at least they would have had a chance at a decent life.
* Where are the motherly instincts of the woman? Besides all of the obvious arguments regarding her stupid decision to get involved with any black man, let alone a POS like this one, where is her natural protective instincts for her young?

As to the last point, above, I liken this behavior to animals in a zoo, that give birth in unnatural environments and have no parenting skills, sometimes outright killing their young. That sums up this female, and this putrid society that we now live in.

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The Conscience Of A Cuckservative

Greg Johnson writes: The Republicans are the party of the people who built and sustain America. If every Democratic voter dropped dead, we would lose 10% of our most creative people and 90% of our craziest, crookedest, and most destructive. The result would be a slightly boring but highly productive, orderly, and happy society — Switzerland on a continental scale. If every Republican voter dropped dead, however, the country would be finished in short order, for the dirty secret of the Left is that they are parasitic on the Right. Consumption is parasitic on production; vice is parasitic on virtue; the sick are parasitic on the healthy; evil is parasitic on good. We can live without them, but they cannot live without us.

The Democratic Party has no qualms about representing the interests of its constituencies. It offers upward mobility to the marginalized, and to its white constituents, especially the refractory straight male ones (especially those who happen to marry white women and reproduce themselves), it offers the promise of absolution from collective guilt for an ever-growing litany of isms and phobias by taking active part in their political dispossession and cultural degradation.

The rules of Democratic politics are simple: every group can appeal to its particular interests except whites, particularly straight white males. Whites have no collective interests, only collective guilt for the sufferings of the rest of humanity. Any hint of positive white self-awareness, much less organized white-interest politics, is stigmatized as racism, nativism, even National Socialism — and we know where that leads.

To exist, the Republican Party needs to get middle class white people’s votes. Astonishingly, though, Republicans will not appeal to the ethnic interests of white voters. But they will appeal nakedly to the crassest ethnic interests of blacks, mestizos (including outright invaders), and Jews — groups that persist in giving most of their votes to Democrats.

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Saving Black Bodies

Steve Sailer writes:

I have found that, in the African-American oral tradition, if the words are enunciated eloquently enough, no one examines the meaning for definitive truth.

—Biracial novelist Mat Johnson, Loving Day, 2015

America’s foremost public intellectual, Ta-Nehisi Coates, has published a new best-selling minibook, Between the World and Me, that’s interesting for what it reveals about a forbidden subject: the psychological damage done by pervasive black violence to soft, sensitive, bookish souls such as Coates. The Atlantic writer’s black radical parents forced the frightened child to grow up in Baltimore’s black community, where he lived in constant terror of the other boys. Any white person who wrote as intensely about how blacks scared him would be career-crucified out of his job, so it’s striking to read Coates recounting at length how horrible it is to live around poor blacks if you are a timid, retiring sort.

Coates’ lack of physical courage is a common and perfectly reasonable trait, although writers typically cover it up. For example, Hunter S. Thompson transmuted his recurrent paranoia about impending carnage (which beset him even in venues as family-friendly as the Circus-Circus casino) into hallucinatory comedy in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Coates, however, is humorless. Worse, his fans have encouraged him to believe he is the second coming of James Baldwin, egging him on to indulge in a prophetic-hysteric-postmodern style that is easier to parody (e.g., just repeat endlessly the phrase “black bodies” and the distractingly stupid formulation “people who believe they are white”) than it is to endure over even the course of Coates’ very short second autobiography. (As with the president, both of Coates’ books are memoirs.)

“Coates has thus elaborated a theory of history in which everything bad ever done by blacks is the fault of American whites (whom he describes—metaphorically, I hope—as ‘cannibals’).”

White writers have seldom had the courage to confess their fear of black violence so fully, at least not since 1963, when Norman Podhoretz responded to the hullabaloo over James Baldwin with an essay about growing up in Brooklyn in the 1930s and 1940s:

And so for a long time I was puzzled to think that…Negroes were supposed to be persecuted when it was the Negroes who were doing the only persecuting I knew about—and doing it, moreover, to me…. A city boy’s world is contained within three or four square blocks, and in my world it was the whites, the Italians and Jews, who feared the Negroes, not the other way around. The Negroes were tougher than we were, more ruthless, and on the whole they were better athletes…. Yet my sister’s opinions, like print, were sacred, and when she told me about exploitation and economic forces I believed her. I believed her, but I was still afraid of Negroes.

In the 52 years since Podhoretz’s “My Negro Problem—And Ours,” overwhelming evidence has piled up validating the prescience of his boyhood traumas at the hands of black juvenile delinquents. But it’s precisely because the scale of black violence over the past half century is so blatantly obvious that white intellectuals have been largely self-silenced on the topic—even as the most cunning minds among today’s liberal whites plot to reverse the mistake their grandparents made in fearfully ceding much of the best urban turf to black criminality.

The central real estate question of this century has become: How can big cities drop their hot potato of poor urban blacks in the laps of naive suburbs and small towns? That helps explain the unhinged reaction among elites to Donald Trump publicly pointing out that Mexico isn’t sending us its highest-quality citizens to be our illegal aliens. The unspoken plan is to continue to use the more docile Hispanics newcomers to shove the more dangerous African-American citizens out of desirable cities; thus, only a class traitor like Trump would dare allude to the unfortunate side effects suffered by the rest of the country.

Despite all the violence Coates has suffered at the hands of other blacks, his racial loyalty remains admirably adamantine. Thus, his ploy, as psychologically transparent as it is popular with liberal whites, is to blame his lifelong petrified unhappiness on the white suburbanites he envied for being able to live far from black thugs.

Unfortunately for Coates’ persuasiveness, white people, unlike blacks, have never actually done anything terribly bad to him. The worst memory he can dredge up is the time an Upper West Side white woman pushed his 4-year-old son to get the dawdling kid to stop clogging an escalator exit. She even had the racist nerve to say, “Come on!”

Coates reacted as unreasonably as a guest star on Seinfeld would. Ever since this Escalator Incident, he’s been dwelling on how, while it might have looked like yet another example of blacks behaving badly, it was, when you stop to think about slavery and Crow (not to mention redlining), really all the fault of whites.

The central event in Between the World and Me is the fatal shooting in 2000 of an acquaintance from Howard U. by an undercover deputy from Prince George County, the country’s most affluent black-majority county. Coates refers to this tragedy repeatedly as proof of America’s demonic drive to destroy black bodies. (The dead man’s family, I found, was eventually awarded $3.7 million in their wrongful-death suit, much like the $3 million awarded to the parents of a teen gunned down by an undercover Obama Administration agent in a shooting that I investigated in 2010. You have never heard of my local police blotter item, though, because the victim was white.)

Since I’m a horrible person, my immediate response to Coates’ tale was…okay…black-run county, affirmative-action hiring, and poor police decision-making…you know, I bet the shooter cop was black.

And sure enough, the Carlton Jones who shot Prince Jones turned out to be black. Coates eventually gets around to briefly admitting that awkward fact, but only after seven pages of purple prose about people who believe they are whites destroying black bodies.


* I’m still really creeped out by the obsession with “bodies” in Coates’ rhetoric, and I’ve seen it elsewhere as well. The phrase “black bodies” appears over and over again.

Questions I don’t expect to ever have answered: Why wouldn’t they refer to “black people” or “black human beings”? Why “black bodies?” Do they reject the concept of a soul? How about at least a personality? Is what animates the body somehow useless? Does the phrase “white bodies” ever appear?

It’s just a very strange way of referring to people and persons. It’s dehumanizing. Is that the point, then? Like, evil whites have dehumanized blacks, so they’re just “bodies” to us?

* I think he alludes to the liberal shtick that “race is only skin deep”. There isn’t anything differentiating whites and blacks other than their bodies. “Black people” would also imply a black mind, one that decides to commit crime and whatnot. The “black body” is seen as an external element upon which whites project their prejudice, making it commit crime and whatnot…
In other words, a black is seen as such and such only because he has a “black body”.

* It’s that “soft racism of low expectations” thing. Libs think anyone not in the R1b-L11 haplogroup are passive carbon units who are simply extras, victims, the chorus, or oompa loompas on the world’s stage. They’re just drones waiting to be activated and reprogrammed by the glorious rainbow. Until then, they have no control of their destinies, but are controlled by invisible beams of whiteness.

* “Black body” is a term used in physics. It has a certain poetic resonance, therefore in spite of their knowing nothing about its original meaning, it is a candidate for appropriation by rap artists such as Te Nehisi Coates.

You won’t go far wrong in believing that everything a black person says is for verbal effect only, just nonsensical glitter and sparkle. Don’t expect anything a black man says to hold coherent meaning or correspond to any state or condition in the world. They share this gift for flamboyant, verbal dexterity with their enablers and handlers, Eskimo trial lawyers.

* The “bodies” thing is meant to push the “slavery” button. Low-grade agitprop. They don’t even do propaganda well. Must be whitey’s fault.

* I watched over the decades as the inner city of Milwaukee was destroyed by blacks spreading like locusts and destroying everything in their wake. Now much of the inner city looks like a wasteland. Of course hundreds of millions of millions if not billions of Federal money have been dumped in new construction in these neighborhoods. They still remain hell holes of violence and crime. White people were terrorized out of these stable neighborhoods. Law abiding blacks also met a similar fate.

* I read that article by Podhoretz long ago and remember that his solution to the problem was to use blacks to breed whites out of existence. You see, for Podhoretz and his clan, the problem wasn’t blacks, it was whites since you could simply move out of a black neighborhood:

“I share this hope, but I cannot see how it will ever be realized unless color does in fact disappear: and that means not integration, it means assimilation, it means—let the brutal word come out—miscegenation.”

Whenever a politician endorsed immigration restrictions he brought up “The Holocaust” claiming that any attempt to curtail open immigration would lead to the annihilation of his tribe, his race. The consensus amongst the race of Podhoretz was that “Intolerance” led to “The Holocaust” because Europeans, especially Germans regarded his tribe an “alien, nearly monolithic and subversive force whose main goal is to destroy Western Civilization”. Anyone like Joe Sobran who wanted to preserve Western civilization was of course an intolerant Nazi conspiracy theorist.

Podhoretz had one central fear about the physical safety of his race and articulated a final solution. It was nothing less than the destruction of Christianity and the elimination of whites. The promotion of blacks by organizing them as a force of miscegenation, the desire to flood white countries with third-world immigration and a burning hatred of Christ can’t be denied.

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Russia For Russians

Russians belong in a land whose traditional form of government suits their cunning and brutish ways. And their women are often whores, incapable of feeling human emotion. Unleashed on the West, they are predators.

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Pathological White Altruism

Many Christians are destroying the West with their pathological white altruism.

Here’s an example:

Sister Sharon, 70, first met immigrant families when she was growing up near the Canadian border in a North Dakota farming town.

They were Spanish-speaking migrant workers from Mexico as well as California, Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas. She had not learned their language yet, so she accompanied a pastor to visit the workers and their families at their homes, at fiestas and Spanish-language Masses.

After she became a Presentation Sister, an order dedicated to serving the poor, she worked for 14 years in Peru, becoming fluent in Spanish, and then eight years at the United Nations.

Three years ago, she moved to San Antonio to work with immigrants. As soon as she heard children and families were being detained last summer, she started visiting them: first unaccompanied children, then women — so far more than 15.

“I believe in having two feet in anything,” Sister Sharon said. “I wanted to really feel the heart of people I was working with.”

Dozens of volunteers regularly make the hour’s drive south here from San Antonio.

Some are affiliated with the San Antonio-based Interfaith Welcome Coalition, a group of churches that united to help the immigrant families. They visit them in detention, ferry them to the bus station, find them lawyers and hand out donated supplies, packed in orange Whataburger bags.


* The “gate to freedom” should be the gate back into Latin America, sister…

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Open Borders

* Twenty years ago, I met a Christian girl at a party. She had to say a prayer to Jesus before she would get cozy. Something like:

“Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me this man and for our kisses, forgive us our trespassers and lead us not into unplanned parenthood, amen.” Now…come here handsome.

* Like all peoples, blacks have unique gifts. I hate to see them stuck in customer service and pushing paper for government bureaucracies. It does not play to their strengths.

Miriam: Wasn’t there an Israeli official who made a racist remark when the Ethiopians arrived to Israel? Something about “now we can win gold medals in running”. Are you a time traveller?

* A girl tells me she’s had some dreams about me. My response? “So I wonder what your next dream will be? Have you had just the two about me?”

* She said: “You are the only living soul who has shown concern over my jaw. How thoughtful.”

* Luke: “I find that funny, but I might lack empathy.”
Friend: “Really?”

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