Would You Blame A Woman For Being Raped?

Yeah, if she chose to walk alone through a bad part of town, if she chose to get drunk with strangers, if met someone online and invited him to come to her apartment and get rough with her so she could live out some fantasy, yes, I would hold her accountable, at least in part, for getting raped.

And yes, when groups hate Jews or hate America, I do ask, what did Jews do, what did America do to bring on the hate, and then I would ask what we could do to reduce the hate.

I don’t like it when people, particularly my own group, use superior IQ and superior rhetorical ability and superior in-group solidarity, to squelch legitimate questions. I don’t like it when my own group becomes a bully.

REPORT: The next question from Groll was far more problematic.

The Swedish journalist asked the Israeli Ambassador: “Do the Jews themselves have any responsibility in the growing anti-Semitism that we see now?”

“My response?” Bachman said, “I told her ‘I reject this question completely.’”

“But she did not grab this chance to move on,” Bachman said. “She failed to grab this opportunity to retreat.”

Indeed, Groll kept shooting, “why?” when Bachman responded that “there is no place for such a question to be asked.”

As Groll began talking over Bachman, asking him to “tell me then, explore with me why is that a question of…” Bachman finally silenced her, by putting the situation in terms that she would be better able to understand.

He said, his voice becoming firmer and louder until Groll finally stopped talking: “To ask the question of whether a woman contributes to being raped is irrelevant altogether. I don’t think there is a provocation that the Jews are doing. They just exist.”

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He Doesn’t Want To Ride At The Head Of A Gay Pride Parade

I see both sides in this. I am glad to see more Americans standing up for their beliefs that they don’t want to be roped in to supporting gay pride.

LATIMES.com: Eric Moutsos wants you to understand this: He’s no bigot. He’s just a religious man, he says, with some personal convictions against homosexual behavior.

The former Salt Lake City policeman says he has many LGBT friends. He just did not want to ride as a uniformed motorcycle escort in the front of last year’s gay pride parade.

And that conviction, the devout Mormon and father of four says, prompted him to quit the department after being placed on leave over the incident.

“I love gay people,” the 33-year-old told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday. “I love them like I love humanity. I just did not agree with some of the messages in that parade.”

Now Moutsos finds himself amid a PR firestorm — trading verbal shots with Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank, who supports the decision to put Moutsos on leave, declaring he won’t tolerate officers allowing personal bias to interfere with their work.

Moutsos has hired a lawyer and is contemplating a lawsuit over what he says is a violation of his religious liberties, saying he has no problem becoming a socially conservative voice in a national debate about how to safeguard religious beliefs while protecting LGBT rights.

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Grounds For Despair

Lasha Darkmoon writes:

You are this young couple. Here’s what happens to you. This is your fate:

You are kidnapped by four Blacks, three men and a woman, while out on a date. For the next twenty-four hours, you are subjected to systematic torture. Both of you are gang-raped. You, the young woman, are forced to watch your boyfriend being sodomized by three black men, one after the other. What does the black woman do? She stands in the background, watching, a kitchen knife in her hand, waiting to cut off your sweetheart’s penis. This happens. Maybe they all take turns to saw off your darling’s penis. It’s your turn now, White Lady. Let’s see your tits, Bitch! Hey man, pass me that knife! Yes, White Lady, it’s TIME FOR YOUR BREASTS TO BE CUT OFF! They rape you first. They make you drink cleaning fluid. And then they hack off your breasts. Finally, they strangle you to death.

No point going on. Both bodies are found dumped on waste ground later, riddled with bullets.

This happened in January, 2007, near Knoxville, Tennessee, to Christopher Newsom (23) and his girlfriend Channon Christian (21) This whole grisly affair of Black-on-White violence was carefully covered up by the mainstream media. Who owns the media? Don’t even ask!

Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

“The details of the crimes were considered so horrific,” we are told, “that the authorities would not release accounts to the news media for fear of putting Blacks in a bad light and upsetting race relations. The facts emerged only when some enterprising reporters checked documents filed in federal court.”

This case is exceptional only for its psychopathic brutality. Thousands of other cases occur in which Black-on-White rapes without murder feature, as well as countless cases of unprovoked beatings and verbal abuse of Whites.

Sarah Kreager, 26, suffered broken facial bones and other injuries after she was punched, kicked and dragged off a bus one Tuesday afternoon in January, 2009, by nine black students. Her boyfriend was also severely beaten up. There had been no provocation.

Apart from perfunctory local coverage with no mention of race, these crimes, almost without exception, go unreported by the media. (See here).

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How Come There Were No Black Spies Against America?

I can think of a lot of Jewish spies in America but I can’t think of any black ones. Most American Jews like America. They are probably the most pro-American of all the ethnic groups in America, they have published more books in praise of America, but all tribes have a different type of relationship to the nation state than do the majority population.

Lasha Darkmoon writes: “The total number of Jewish spies convicted or expelled from the US exceeds the number of spies from all other ethnic groups. As Jews make up only 2% of the American population and blacks 14%, there ought to be seven times as many black spies. In fact, there are none.”

If you made a list of America’s most important scientists, doctors, you would have a disproportionate number of Jews. Same goes for billionaires and writers and movie directors. Unfortunately, there have been a disproportionate number of Jews doing bad things in America as well.

Jews largely built America’s nuclear program, which allowed it to end WWII and to dominate the globe since. Because they’ve done such powerful work, because Jews tend to rise to the top, when Jews go bad, they often go really bad.

I have no doubt that a survey of attitudes towards America would show the country’s white Christian core would have the most pro-American attitudes, followed closely by Jews, who would have far more pro-American attitudes than blacks. One example is the low rate of crime among Jews.

There’s been no bigger hater of Jews than William Pierce and even he admitted that more than 99% of Jews are no threat, it is just that one rare traitor who can prove so damaging to his host nation and so dangerous to the reputation of Jews in general.

As I understand it, Jews getting security clearances undergo more rigorous background checks.

I watched season one of the TV show Manhattan (about the development of the first nuclear bomb) and the accused spy in it was Chinese, not a totally wild possibility, but it would have been more true to life if he was Jewish.

I suspect spying requires a high IQ and therefore because Ashkenazi Jews on average have the highest IQ of any group, they are going to be found in large numbers in all high IQ professions from medicine to spying.

All of the American scientists who gave the Soviet Union enough nuclear secrets to develop their own nuclear weapons were Jewish. I don’t think there were many if any black nuclear scientists (though there is one in the TV show).

As a convert to Orthodox Judaism, I work things through in my own mind by saying that it is often the sweetest flower that smells the most putrid when it goes bad. When Jews go bad, they often go really bad, and when Jews are good, they are often really good.

Jews are a people who dwell apart. Sometimes that is for the good and sometimes this lack of ties to fellow citizens allows for horrible behavior.

I think this long list of Jewish traitors would make Jewish organizations more humble about castigating America, castigating anti-Semitism, and telling the goyim what to do. Shouldn’t we Jews be upfront about our traitors and our shortcomings? Before the ADL and the SPLC and the SWC put out a press release, shouldn’t they take a deep breath and appreciate the harm that some Jews have done to America and to the West and then express their judgments on the goyim with a sense of proportion? Wouldn’t the goyim appreciate this humility? I know I find other people much easier to take when they are aware of their weaknesses.

Chaim Amalek:

What the gentile needs is a Jew to tell him which of the many pronouncements of the Jew they should listen to and which they should not. On my “DNLT” list: Freud, Sheldon Adelson, Betty Friedan. “Listen to, but only for a few things”: Milton Friedman, Karl Marx, Seth Myers. “Good idea to listen to”: Jesus, Richard Feynman. Jesus would have known what to do with our Wall Street money changers.

ON the one hand, had they kicked out all the Jews from the Manhattan Project, well, the Soviets still had plenty of other non-Jewish spies in place (including, all those British fag-smoking homosexuals). On the other hand, without Jewish scientific input, nothing would have come of the project and maybe a million gentile soldiers would have died in the invasion of Japan.

To say Groves feared he might have Russian sympathies certainly does not prove that Szilard, without whom there would have been no Manhattan Project, whas a traitor. Also it was never proven that Oppenheimer was a traitor. All of his relatives, yes, but not him. He was, however, nuts.

I think this was an artifact of the early to mid-20th century, when lots of secular Jews (and others, but we are talking Jews here) were in total denial about the nature of the Soviet Union and communism. I suspect that if you looked at a list of traitors from the last 50 years, far fewer would be Jews.

The evidence that the Rosenbergs spied, and not just in terms of atomic secrets (they stole radar secrets too), is pretty damn compelling. Few of his old defenders are still sticking up for them, not since some old FBI and other sources (including, I think, the Venona intercepts) came to light.

A friend:

I just can’t figure out why there weren’t more black atom spies at work in Los Alamos.

The answer to your question is, because the Jews killed Jesus.

ON the one hand, had they kicked out all the Jews from the Manhattan Project, well, the Soviets still had plenty of other non-Jewish spies in place (including, all those British fags). On the other hand, without Jewish scientific input, nothing would have come of the project and maybe a million gentile soldiers would have died in the invasion of Japan.

Yidden! Whatchya gonna do wit em?

This is what can happen when a Jew escapes from the Torah Corral. Not a Hasid among the list of traitors.

Also, the article is incorrectly titled. Few of these people were Zionists.

There were no Jewish atom traitors in Tsarist Russia.

Chris: “Jonathan Pollard spied out of Judaic loyalist aka Zionist motivations, but the Rosenbergs, etc. spied in support of communism, and for Stalin, ironically, who held Jews in about the same favor Hitler did.”

Here’s a list of Jewish spies from an anti-Jewish website. Some of the names are questionable. Leo Szilard was suspected of having Russian sympathies but we don’t have evidence he was a spy for Russia.

Julius Rosenberg; electrical engineer; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, sentenced to death and executed in June 1953.

Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg; wife of Julius; transferred U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, sentenced to death and executed in 1953.

David Greenglass: brother of Ethel Rosenberg; aided the Rosenbergs; was a Los Alamos machinist; passed drawings of atomic implosion lens to Harry Gold.

Morton Sobell; former employee of the Navy’s Bureau of Ordnance; radar engineer and former classmate of Rosenberg.

J. Robert Oppenheimer; top U.S. nuclear scientist; was in charge of the Manhattan Project; gave the Soviets atomic secrets.

Leo Szilard; worked with Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project.

Bruno Pontecorvo; born in Italy; emigrated to Oklahoma in 1940.

Morris Cohen [aka Peter Kroger]; spy recruiter; assisted the Rosenbergs; entered U.S. Army in 1942.

Lona Cohen; [aka Kroger]; wife of Morris Cohen.

Robert Soblen; fled to Israel; committed suicide while being extradited back to America in 1962.

Jack Soble; head of a U.S. spy ring which included ‘Agent Frost'; members of the ring
were indicted/arrested in 1957.

Victor Perlo; the CPUSA’s [American Communist party] official economist; was on the War Production Board.

Lee Pressman; Congress of Industrial Organizations [CIO] lawyer; Communist party member.

Jacob Albam; an associate of Jack Soble.

Nathan Gregory Silvermaster; see this powerful quote from a February 25, 2000 FBI public information press release, re: its public Electronic Reading Room: “Nathan Silvermaster Group — 1,951 pages; Nathan Silvermaster was a leader of a Soviet espionage ring. This espionage investigation from 1945 to 1959 uncovered Soviet placed agents working within the U.S. Government. The case – titled Gregory, using the middle name of Silvermaster – exposed 27 individuals in the Silvermaster ring who gathered information from at least six Federal agencies to turn over to the Soviets. No indictments for espionage were returned against any subjects in the Gregory case by any Grand Jury; however, a Grand Jury did return an indictment against Alger Hiss for perjury.” That Mr. Silvermaster oversaw 27 spies — and that the FBI says so regardless of no indictments — is significant.

V. J. Jerome [aka Isaac Romaine]; the theoretician of the CPUSA.

Alexander Trachtenberg; member, CPUSA.

Israel Amter; a CPUSA leader.

“Gus Hall” [Arvo K. Halberg]; U.S. Communist Party chairman; defendant in Foley
Square trial of American Communists.

Philip Bart; general manager of the Daily Worker newspaper.

“Carl Winter” [Philip Carl Weissberg]; defendant in Foley Square trial of American Communists.

Joel Barr; pal of Julius Rosenberg; electrical engineer; worked on military radar at the U.S. Army Signal Corps lab at Fort Monmouth; recruited by Rosenberg; fled to Czechoslovakia, he assumed fake identity.

Harry Dexter White [real name Weiss]; Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Henry Morgenthau; helped create the World Bank.

Alfred Sarant; pal of Barr; electrical engineer; worked on military radar at the U.S. Army Signal Corps lab at Fort Monmouth; recruited by Rosenberg; fled to Czechoslovakia and assumed fake identity.

Harry Gold [real name Goldodnitsky]; chemist; part of 1940s Fuchs-Gold spy ring.

Theodore Hall [real name Hallsberg, also claimed Holtzberg]; worked with Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenheimer; “was the first to provide the Soviets with the crucial information that helped them build the bomb.” [1]

Yakov [Jacob] Golos; chief organizer of spying action through the American Communist party.

Armand Hammer; millionaire; Communist; head of Occidental Petroleum; one of the world’s only millionaire/Communists.

Samuel Dickstein; U.S. Congressman from New York. Recently-released Soviet records revealed his spying.

Jonathan Pollard; U.S. Navy intelligence analyst; passed classified material to Israel — where he is a national hero due to his spying actions.

[1] article “The Boy Who Gave Away the Bomb,” by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel, The New York Times, September 14, 1997.

Sources for the above document include, but are not limited to: essay “The Jewish Disproportionate Involvement in Communism,” by Ian McKinney, [Rev. 3.0, July 24, 2000]; and Jewish Tribal Review’s web book “When Victims Rule.” Plus web searches and library research.

Towards the end of his life, Joseph Stalin became paranoid that Jews in the Soviet Union were traitors.

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Is Anti-Semitism Caused By Sexual Repression?

Orthodox Jews tend to pay little attention to why people don’t like Jews. They don’t track anti-Semitism. They don’t fight anti-Semitism. These preoccupations are largely the domain of the secular Jew.

Chaim Amalek: “Did Freud get anything right? Also, which group comes off as worse: the Jews, for having produced a Sigmund Freud, or Christendom, for having to a very substantial degree, embraced him?”

Lasha Darkmoon writes: It comes as a big shock to learn that two of the fathers of the Sexual Revolution were both sexual perverts with an evangelical mission in life: to infect society with their wacky ideas and turn the world into a vast masturbatorium.

I refer to the 2oth century’s premier sex researcher Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) and his notorious contemporary, cult psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).

Steeped in the dangerous claptrap of the fraudulent Freud—see here and here—both Kinsey and Reich enthusiastically embraced the laissez-faire Freudian philosophy: “I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life”. Like their Viennese mentor, they would have been only too pleased to add, “If only Americans knew—we are bringing them the plague!”

According to Freud and his followers, anti-Semitism was a universal pathology which had its roots in sexual repression. Its cure lay in “sexual liberation”. The theory, in its crudest and simplest form, amounted to this: instead of picking on the Jews, why not just chill out and have sex?

The underlying assumption here is that sex is the great liberator and that all political and economic frustrations can be alleviated by sexual activity—particularly by obsessive and addictive sex. People who spend all their waking hours in search of sexual stimulation are obviously unfit to organize pogroms, mount bloody revolutions, or become a threat to the rich and powerful.

This, in a nutshell, was the philosophy of Wilhelm Reich, high priest of the “masturbation industry”, to borrow a phrase from E. Michael Jones’s magisterial work Libido Dominandi, where Kinsey and Reich are both discussed in great detail.

Sex, according to the philosophers of the Sexual Revolution inspired by Reich, is to be the panacea for all society’s problems: the new opium of the people. If people cannot have bread, let them eat cake. If they cannot have jobs, security, fulfillment, and a valid purpose in life, let them have sex as a substitute. If nothing else, recreational sex will provide a useful distraction and give people something to do.

The Case Against Reich

Willhelm Reich

A compulsive masturbator himself, Reich believed that masturbation was a useful tool in producing “well-balanced” individuals without religious hang-ups or anti-Semitic attitudes. His major finding (here and here) was that masturbation and the religious life were incompatible, which is why he advocated masturbation as the most effective means of eradicating the religious instinct—which he regarded as the ultimate evil. “What Reich discovered was a fundamental truth of sexual politics, one discovered by the Catholic Church long ago, “Dr E. Michael Jones comments. “Either masturbation destroys your prayer life, or prayer destroys your ability to enjoy masturbation. The two forms of activity are psychically mutually exclusive.” (See here, p. 259) Like many other psychoanalysts, Reich is known to have masturbated his female patients in therapeutic sessions. “The pleasure of living and the pleasure of orgasm are identical,” he pontificated, thereby equating infinite happiness with the provision of an infinite number of orgasms.

Reich was, by his own account, not only a compulsive masturbator from early childhood but a self-confessed pervert with wide-ranging sexual interests. Beginning sexual activity at the early age of four with a maidservant whose pubic hair he was allowed to play with, he went on to seduce the family cook at eleven-and-a-half. While still a small boy, he had begun to take an unhealthy interest in farm animals and could be seen prowling around the stables where he “stimulated mares by inserting whip handles in their vaginas.” At 15 he began visiting brothels where his insatiable appetites made him the talk of the town. Here he is in his Autobiography describing his uncontrollable libido:

Was it the atmosphere, the clothing, the red lights, the provocative nakedness, the smell of whores—I don’t know! I was pure sensual lust. I ceased to be. I was all penis! I bit, scratched, thrust, and the girl had quite a time with me! I thought I would have to crawl inside her…

Nursing an incestuous passion for his mother, he would snoop on her having sex with the family tutor. “I need a woman,” he wrote in his journal, “who is both mother and whore.” Once he was tempted to break into his mother’s room, while she was engaged in sex with his tutor, and demand to be part of a threesome:

I heard them kissing, whispering, and the horrible creaking of the bed in which my mother lay. Ten feet away stood her own child, a witness to her disgrace…. All I remember of that catastrophic night is that I wanted to rush into the room, but was held back by the thought: they might kill you!… I crept back to bed, without hope of consolation, my youthful spirit broken! For the first time, a deep feeling of misfortune and of having been abandoned overcame me…. [I even thought of] breaking in on them and demanding that she have intercourse with me too (shame!), threatening that otherwise I would tell Father.

As it turns out, he did inform his father about his mother’s infidelities, conveniently omitting to mention his own incestuous desires for his mother. His disloyalty to her in becoming an informer, combined with the brutal ill-treatment she was to receive from her tyrannical husband Leon, finally drove his mother to suicide. She swallowed a pint of Lysol, a common domestic cleaning fluid, and died in agony. Another account fills in the bizarre background details to this family saga: “She swallowed one poison after another, while Leon continued to beat her as she died” (emphasis added).

Wilhelm Reich, her son, the famous psychoanalyst-to-be, was only 13 at the time.

This is the man who went on to become, like his equally perverted contemporary Alfred Kinsey, one of the godfathers of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s.

From the likes of Kinsey and Reich, the easily duped Americans were to receive instructions on how to conduct themselves sexually.

(For corroborative details, see Wilhelm Reich [pdf download])

As part of the neo-Freudian school of psychoanlysts, Reich received the enthusiastic support of a number of psychiatrists and writers, many of them part of the Jewish psychoanalytic sub-culture that was so important to erecting a powerful critique of Western culture, reaching its peak influence in the post-WWII era: Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Adorno, Horkheimer, Alexander Lowen, Stanley Keleman, Moshe Feldenkreis, Ida Rolf, Paul Goodman, Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, Saul Bellow, Fritz Perls and Arthur Janov (see here and here).

Jewish Porn star Richard Pacheco, who had wanted to become a rabbi at one stage and had even applied for admission to a seminary, was an ardent admirer of Reich whose books he read from cover to cover. Reich apparently influenced his final decision to become a porn star rather than a rabbi. Like his mentor, Pacheco was also an unabashed masturbator. When asked if he still watched pornographic movies now that he had retired from acting and become a senior citizen, he replied with disarming candor, “Occasionally I’ll toss one on for masturbation if my wife ain’t around.”

In 1954, at the height of the McCarthy era, Reich was imprisoned on a charge of medical fraud for trying to promote and sell “orgone boxes”. Slightly smaller than telephone boxes, these were little compartments that patients were told to sit in for short periods to soak up “cosmic rays”. These would reportedly reinvigorate them sexually, cure impotence and cancer, and act as an antidote to radiation poisoning from UFOs which (according to Reich) had secretly invaded the earth. (See here)

While interviewing Einstein, Reich told the great man in confidence that most people considered him (Reich) mad. Einstein replied dryly, “I can believe that.”

It comes as no surprise to learn that Kinsey, like Reich, was also an avid consumer of pornography, even going so far as to photograph his own penis on several occasions and getting his wife to act in home-made porn movies. His favorite boast was that his Institute’s collection of pornography was the second largest in the world, the largest being housed at the Vatican. A malicious lie, it turned out, since it was easy enough to prove that the Vatican was entirely porn free. (See “The Case Against Kinsey”, here)

It has to be emphasized that Alfred Kinsey, though born and brought up as a Christian, was not only an atheist with a lifelong hatred of Christianity in general and the Catholic church in particular, but was also a Zionist and Shabbat goy who owed his spectacular success entirely to organized Jewry. His fraudulent research, designed to make deviancy appear to be the norm, was generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and other Jewish-dominated organizations. (pp. 340–341). “By the time it cut him off in 1954,” E. Michael Jones tells us, “the Rockefeller Foundation had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of the Kinsey Institute.”

The only reason they decided to stop the funding is that by this time the Institute, anxious to retain its squeaky clean image, could no longer take the risk of being associated with Kinsey. His shady criminal activities with a predatory homosexual pedophile, a pervert who had molested and tortured 800 children, suddenly made Kinsey persona non grata (see E. Michael Jones, Libido Dominandi, pp. 327–337).

A sexual pervert of the kinkiest kind, Kinsey once inserted a toothbrush into his urethra and had himself filmed, subsequently adding this gem to his porn collection. Himself a homosexual with an avid interest in little boys, he would make a point of measuring the penis, both recumbent and erect, of every male he interviewed while conducting his “research”. Why? One can only guess.

A year before he died, Kinsey sliced off the foreskin of his penis with a pocket knife—a crude attempt at self-circumcision. No one has been able to figure out why he did this. Kinsey’s death, however, has been ascribed to his sexual proclivities…

Here is another representative of the elite intelligentsia, British prize-winning author Howard Jacobson, who happens coincidentally to be Jewish. He, too, would be proud to wear a T-shirt sporting the slogan: SEXUAL PERVERSION IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Prizewinning author Howard Jacobson puts in a good word for sexual perversion:

It is only when we explore the outer boundaries of our sexual desires that we become most fully human. We are all sick in our way….When he wasn’t looking at pornography or writing The Trial, Kafka visited brothels. I am glad for his sake and for literature’s that he did. I feel about prostitution as I do about pornography—that a man ought to avail himself of whatever is on offer…

We grow a little freer when we read De Sade’s One Thousand Days of Sodom, though we know we cannot live up to its lawlessness….We must find the space to think, and where possible to act, rebelliously, refusing all attempts to confine us to the hell of the normative…

We are strange creatures, part angels of reflection, part beasts that claw the earth. It is too cruel that an accidental species as peculiar as we are should ever have been made to think there is a right way and a wrong way of conducting ourselves sexually, as though there were some divine pattern we were framed to follow. I don’t say that giving ourselves over to the demoniacal, or just the deviant, will necessarily make us happy … but the straight and narrow has never yet made anyone anything but miserable. — Howard Jacobson, In Praise of Perversion. (Emphasis added)

According to this unabashed advocate of sexual perversion, being sexually normal is “hell”. Add spice to your life by making use of prostitutes and pornography. A man, after all, “ought to avail himself of whatever is on offer.”

Howard Jacobson is a Jewish writer who has written novels in which sexual perversion always plays a predominant part. For example, in his novel Peeping Tom he gives us voyeurism; in The Act of Love he dishes up generous dollops of fetishism. All Jacobson’s heroes, like Philip Roth’s Portnoy, are devout masturbators. Jerking off, you could say, is their substitute for religion.

Jacobson’s article advocating perversion was published in a newspaper in which he has appeared as a regular columnist for many years. The same British newspaper, the Independent, has also published for many years the articles of another Jewish writer known as Johann Hari who shows an equal aptitude for sexual perversion. In 2002 Hari wrote an infamous article for the Guardian, Forbidden Love, in which he had put in a good word for incest.

A self-confessed plagiarist, Hari received the Orwell Prize fraudulently in 2008 with the full backing of his newspaper editor who vouched for his veracity. He was forced to return the prize in 2011 when the full extent of his plagiarisms and other duplicities became apparent. For example, he had made up many stories for the Independent, including African atrocities, passing off fiction as fact. Later on, to make matters worse, this gay rights activist and mincing homosexual was to be outed as a writer of gay incest porn.

Now consider this bizarre coincidence: two Jewish writers, both vocal advocates of sexual perversion, receive major literary awards in quick succession (in 2008 and 2010), thereby giving an air of legitimacy and glamor to sexual perversion.

Orwell prizewinner Johann Hari, incest apologist and writer of gay incest porn

If you’re repelled by the idea of having gay sex with your brother, don’t upset yourself needlessly by reading Hari’s How my little brother learned to be a whore, written under the secret pen name of “David Rose”.

* * *

Now try and connect the dots here: during the many years that these two Jewish writers, Howard Jacobson and Johann Hari, both of them enthusiasts for deviant sexuality, had been regular columnists for the Independent, the editor of that newspaper was also a Jew: one Simon Kelner.

And now for the Big Surprise: the Independent is also Jewish-owned!

Here, then, is the pattern: Jewish columnists pushing sexual perversion, Jewish editor encouraging sexual perversion by publishing their articles, and Jewish newspaper tycoon presiding over the same edifice of sexual perversion by making it all possible by his ownership of the newspaper.

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Can Drug Use Lead To Gay Sex?

Lasha Darkmoon writes:

It is not without significance that the sex-obsessed Satanist Aleister Crowley and the Father of the Sexual Revolution, Sigmund Freud, were both cocaine addicts. Here is Crowley waxing eloquent on cocaine in the context of “sex magick.” Freud, whose early psychoanalytical theory was reportedly a by-product of his cocaine use, recommended cocaine as an analgesic and antidepressant while discreetly omitting to mention its aphrodisiacal qualities. (See here)

A bizarre added feature found in cocaine addicts, seldom mentioned outside specialist publications, is that this is one drug that often manages to turn heterosexual males into homosexuals—even against their natural inclinations and much to their subsequent disgust. Gay porn apparently does the trick, easing the way into homosexuality for the doped-up male heterosexual. Straight females, it is said, can take cocaine without necessarily becoming lesbians. I personally doubt this. My own experience in observing others convinces me that bisexuality can be induced in both sexes by a combination of drugs and sex.

Chronic high doses of cocaine [we are told] can result in aberrant sexual behavior such as compulsive masturbation and multiple partner marathons. The disinhibiting effects of cocaine or methamphetamine open the flood gates to sexual adventurousness. Only under the influence of cocaine or methamphetamine do some heterosexuals engage in homosexual fantasies and behaviors….

The combination of stimulant drug use and sex, two extremely potent reinforcers, creates a “super high” that is more addicting than the drug use alone. For these individuals, drugs and sex are inseparable….

Similar to cocaine but even more dramatically, methamphetamine increases sex drive, lowers inhibitions, delays orgasm, and improves sexual performance in many users. The aphrodisiacal effects of methamphetamine are considerably longer lasting than those of cocaine … it [is] especially appealing to individuals seeking prolonged, highly erotic, and uninhibited sexual experiences….

An interesting phenomenon noted many years ago by one of the present authors, but discussed rarely in the literature, is the ability of cocaine to stimulate homosexual fantasies and engender homosexual behaviors in men who identify themselves as heterosexual. These men report that when high on cocaine, they experience erotic fantasies to have sex with other men. This may lead to a pattern of compulsive masturbation [while] viewing gay male pornography, or to sexual encounters with gay male prostitutes, often transvestites known as “shemales” or “half and halves”— men who have a female persona and breast implants, but male genitalia.

After the drug wears off, many of these men report feeling extremely dysphoric and upset about their homosexual behavior. Many experience intense feelings of shame. It appears that the overwhelming majority of these men are fundamentally heterosexual. (See here)


That pornography damages the character, weakens the will, and produces sexual deviance in those it infects, can no longer be doubted. That it can even, under the influence of drugs such as cocaine, occasionally turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, is an even more sinister development.

That long-term pornography use, accompanied by compulsive masturbation, actually causes structural changes in the brain is now beyond dispute. Whether this amounts to “brain damage” in the classic sense is a contentious issue and will be hotly denied by the Masturbation Lobby and all those who believe, erroneously, that masturbation is a stress reliever and a cure for depression. Porn addiction and its invariable accompaniment, compulsive masturbation, are in fact stress increasers. They are often found as major symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Far from relieving depression, they intensify it. Indeed, they are all too often the underlying cause of the depression in that they generate a huge loss of self-esteem. These are truisms, patently obvious to all except the merchants of lies.

That long-term pornography use, accompanied by compulsive masturbation, actually causes structural changes in the brain is now beyond dispute. Whether this amounts to “brain damage” in the classic sense is a contentious issue and will be hotly denied by the Masturbation Lobby and all those who believe, erroneously, that masturbation is a stress reliever and a cure for depression. Porn addiction and its invariable accompaniment, compulsive masturbation, are in fact stress increasers. They are often found as major symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Far from relieving depression, they intensify it. Indeed, they are all too often the underlying cause of the depression in that they generate a huge loss of self-esteem. These are truisms, patently obvious to all except the merchants of lies.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex psyop. This is what governments want. The Puppet Masters who pull the hidden strings of our Western regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, Christianity in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.

No need for gulags for those who consent to their own chains.

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Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

Lasha Darkmoon writes:

(3) What triggers the release of the psychotropic chemicals into the bloodstream? The exciting erotic images. So it goes like this: Erotic mind pictures —> trigger psychotropic chemicals —> which stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain —> which in turn produces obsessive-compulsive behavior (or addiction) in an attempt to relive the pleasurable sensations —> which finally cause neuroplastic changes in brain structure as a result of constant chemical bombardment.

(4) Further brain research was to give rise to truly spectacular results in behavior modification, but this was at the cost of “deeply unethical experiments”, to quote one politically correct academic researcher. This research, conducted by two daring and enterprising scientists called Drs. Moan and Heath, was abruptly halted because, among other things, it had come up with a possible cure for homosexuality. Moan and Heath had obtained permission to engage the services of a hooker to see if she could turn on a confirmed homosexual male in the laboratory. Initially, the sight of this sexy young woman not only left patient B-19 completely cold but actually disgusted him. He found the idea of having sex with an attractive female quite repulsive. However, on being wired up and having the pleasure centers of his brain stimulated with electrodes, while the hooker proceeded to perform her tricks on him, patient B-19 began to perk up and soon experienced an impressive erection. “And then, despite the milieu and the encumbrance of the electrode wires [poor B-19 was attached to an EEG machine the whole time], he successfully ejaculated [in her vagina].”

(5) Needless to say, such experimentation could not be allowed to continue, even with B-19’s full consent and cooperation and even though many homosexuals might want to become heterosexual and start families. It was political dynamite. So the experiments were abruptly halted, with Drs. Moan and Heath receiving a sharp rap on the knuckles and the stern disapproval of their politically correct peers. Since we are expected to believe that homosexuality is as “normal” and “healthy” a practice as heterosexuality, it follows that it is deeply offensive and “homophobic” to suggest that homosexuals might want to undergo heterosexual conditioning to “normalize” them. Even if they should wish to become heterosexuals, they should not be allowed to do so “on ethical grounds.” After all, one does not allow people to self-mutilate or commit suicide. One needs to protect them from themselves. In the same way, homosexuals, for their own good, need the state to protect them from the threat of heterosexuality.

(6) The blocking of research into sensitive areas of behavior modification for political reasons has had far-reaching consequences which cannot be discussed here in detail. Suffice to say that if it is considered “ethically wrong” (= politically incorrect) to permit research that would yield an effective cure for homosexuality, then huge sacrifices in knowledge are deliberately being made in order to maintain the status quo on behalf of a corrupt elite—an elite that is not only against the idea of heterosexualizing gays but is actually committed to the homosexualization of America … beginning with the homosexualization of children and their corruption by exposing them to child porn in the classroom.

(7) It is clear that successful behavior modification could, in theory, produce a Utopian society of model citizens. There need be no more sociopathic and criminal behavior in society, no more personality disorders, no more phobias and manias, no more neuroses, no more depression, no more crippling addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating, shopping, and self-harming. Such vast improvements in the mental health of society clearly cannot be permitted. If there were no more criminals, what would the police and legal profession do? There would no longer be a need for their services. That cannot be allowed. They need criminals. Fighting crime is their job. Similarly, if there are no more sick people, what would Big Pharma and the medical profession do? They need sick people. Fighting sickness is their job. A sad situation indeed when the greatest threat to the established order is a Utopian society of model citizens who have nothing wrong with them! Perfection, if it were ever achieved, would have to be banned.

(For further details on some of the points listed above, see here, here and here)

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Why Are There So Many Jews At The Top?

In other words, why is there such a large achievement gap between Jews and non-Jews. Why are Jews wealthier and more powerful than any other group, religious or racial?

I see these possibilities:

* High Jewish IQ. Ashkenazi Jewish IQ average in America has been measured at around 110, five points higher than East-Asians and ten points higher, on average, than whites.
* Ethnic networking. Jews enjoy more group solidarity than other groups.
* The wisdom of the Jewish tradition. Judaism, for instance, is the most this-world oriented of the world’s religions.

If you look at things statistically, almost all of Jewish success can be accounted for by the higher average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews. Sephardic, Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews don’t out-achieve Gentiles on average.

KEVIN MACDONALD: “I have made it very clear in many places that it’s a combination of high IQ and ethnic networking. For example, I have argued that Jews are far overrepresented in elite educational institutions than would be predicted on the basis of their IQ, and the same goes for much else, from Hollywood producers to Nobel Prizes. On occasion I have also noted that Jews do not attach any moral importance to non-Jews. They see them solely in instrumental terms, so anything goes. If Bernie Madoff had only ripped off non-Jews, he’d probably be a hero in the Jewish community—and would have gotten a much lighter sentence. White collar crime is practically a way of life among Orthodox Jews.”

I disagree somewhat with Dr. MacDonald. Statistics make it clear that Jews are arrested at a lower rate than Gentiles and that arrests correlate closely with the rate of commission of crimes. So I disagree with the assertion that “White collar crime is practically a way of life among Orthodox Jews.” It may seem like that at times because Jews are associated with Wall Street crimes and risky financial instruments, but many Modern Orthodox Jews, for instance, are in the professions, which have a strict ethics code and they don’t get kicked out at a higher rate than Gentiles. It is also not true as a blanket statement that “Jews do not attach any moral importance to non-Jews.” Jews have differing attitudes towards non-Jews. If Jews completely dismissed the moral worth of Gentiles, you would see that in more criminal arrests. If Bernie Madoff had only ripped off non-Jews, he would be a hero to small parts of the Jewish community but a figure of disgust to most of it.

Lasha Darkmoon: “They owe an enormous amount of their success to networking. In cruder terms, they are highly successful as a group because they are consummate cheats. They break the rules, we keep them. This gives them an advantage over us.”

I disagree. If Jews were the consummate cheats, they would be arrested at a higher rate than Gentiles and they would be kicked out of the professions and out of universities and out of all forms of work with a code at a higher rate than Gentiles. This does not happen. Gentiles don’t go to Jewish doctors and lawyers because they want to get ripped off. They go to Jewish doctors and lawyers because we’re at or near the top of our professions, much of the time.

If Jews were the consummate cheats as Lasha Darkmoon alleges, that non-Jews would avoid contact with them. Some non-Jews do avoid contact with Jews, but 90% of Gentiles in America are happy to deal with Jews. This could not happen if Jews routinely cheated non-Jews.

According to Kevin MacDonald, the success of Jews was a “bad thing only in the sense that it compromises my interests as a non-Jew. I am taking a consistently evolutionary view—that ultimately the only standard is persistence in the game of life.”

But if Jews invent technology and medicines and other good things, that helps Gentles lead longer and better lives. In other words, Jewish brilliance helps the goyim persist. Also, Jewish unity and higher quality of life should serve as a spur to the goyim to get their act together.

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What Are The Origins Of The Word ‘Jewess’?

In a previous blog post, I noted Jews and Judaism’s open and frank attitudes towards sex. For one comparison, look at the difference in attitudes in Israel and America. Prostitution is essentially legal and widespread in Israel while it is illegal in most of America. The world’s pornography industry and sex trafficking industry have a disproportionate number of secular Jews in them. In American legal history, it has largely been secular Jews who’ve pushed for more liberal and accepting attitudes towards sex, porn and the like. American Jews have long opposed censorship of pornography at a much higher rate than other religious and ethnic groups. As someone who grew up in churches but then converted to Judaism in his 20s, I find much more frank talk about sex, porn, prostitution and the like at shul than I ever did at church.

Lasha Darkmoon writes to an irate reader: You may not be aware of this, Victoria, but it’s a sad fact that because of severe economic hardships endured by Jews in past centuries, many Jewish girls were forced into a life of prostitution. In all the great European cities, a certain type of prostitute was always to be found: exotic and semi-Asiatic in appearance. She was Jewish, and she was very much in demand. The word “Jewess” therefore entered the language as a loose synonym for “Jewish prostitute”.

When Baudelaire writes a poem about a Parisian prostitute with whom he had just spent the night, he refers to her simply as a “Jewess”. That was enough to identify her as a prostitute. “Une nuit que j’étais près d’une affreuse Juive…” (“One night as I lay next to a frightful Jewess…”).

When Keats refers to Jewish prostitutes in an unpublished poetic fragment quoted in a private letter (1819), he doesn’t call them “prostitutes”. He just calls them “Jewesses”. Why? Because so many Jewesses were prostitutes that the two terms had virtually become interchangeable. “Nor in obscurèd purlieus would he seek / For curlèd Jewesses, with ankles neat, / Who, as they walk abroad, make tinkling with their feet.” (See here.)

Keats is here referring to the typical Jewess with her “curly” ringlets. The tinkling ankle bells he mentions were often worn in past eras by prostitutes to signal their approach. Ever since Ancient India, such bells have been prostitute accessories.

* * *

You say you are “half Jewish”, Victoria, and that your family originally came from the Ukraine. Did you know that Odessa, the fourth largest city of Ukraine, was once a magnet for prostitute lovers from all over Europe? The city was famous for its sumptuous brothels, all supervised by Jewish madams who had formerly been prostitutes themselves. As for the girls working in those brothels, they were predominantly Jewish. Valued for their seductive charms, these joygirls were referred to simply as “Jewesses.”

Here is a pertinent quote:

By the 1860s a French visitor to Odessa wrote that Jews there were responsible for a white slavery market in Russian women to Turkey. This is feasible, especially since we know that Jewish brothel-keepers were already in place at the other end in Constantinople. The 1889 census shows that Jewish women ran 30 of 36 licensed brothels in Kherson province, where Odessa was located. In 1908 the American consul there claimed that the whole business of prostitution is almost exclusively in the hands of Jews. Jewesses were prominent in the practice of prostitution. Thus, of 5127 licensed prostitutes in 1889, 1122 or 22 per cent were Jewish. (See here; Note: 22% is significantly high, given that Jews constituted only 4% of the Ukrainian population..

A Rabbi Rosenak of the German Union of Rabbis writes in 1902 that up to 50% of the prostitutes in his area were Jewish. He deplores the fact and considers it “inconceivable” that so many Jewish women should go astray.

Jewish prostitution flourished throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Jewish procuresses ran the brothels, luring both Christian and Jewish girls into a life of prostitution. One Jewish madam was known as “Lucky Sarah”, so named because she was lucky enough to have founded the lucrative Hungarian export trade in girls. Hungarian girls were considered sexy. They had those dark, long-lashed eyes and exotic high cheek bones that so many men find attractive. In short, the Jewish look one finds enshrined in Hollywood’s first femme fatale, also known as “the Vamp”:

Theda Bara (born Theodosia Goodman, 1885–1955), Jewish silent screen actress famous for her femme fatale roles. Note the corkscrew curls mentioned earlier by Keats (“curled Jewesses”). The classic Hollywood femme fatale, Wikipedia tells us, was “often foreign … of an indeterminate Eastern European or Asian ancestry.”

Equally well-known to the Jewish Underworld of the time was Sarah Grossman, another Jewish procuress nicknamed “The Turk” because of the number of girls she had tricked into a life of prostitution in Constantinople. Two major sex emporiums were the industrial towns of Czernowitz and Lemberg. Here countless girls were enticed into a life of sex slavery. In 1892 a famous mass trial of twenty-seven procurers was held in Lemberg. All the defendants were Jewish. The trial received so much attention, we are told, that it marked “a high water point for the anti-Semites.”

“A major device of the procurers was a Jewish ceremony referred to as the stillah chuppah. This included a religious wedding ceremony which had no civil validity. The soon-to-be abducted female would be misled into believing that she was married with the rights of a wife, only to discover later that her legal rights were nil. Innumerable Jewesses found themselves tossed into brothels by this device.” (See here).

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Sex & The Jews

Are Jews more obsessed about sex than other people? That’s the complaint of many people who don’t like Jews. That was one of Hitler’s complaints about Jews in his book Mein Kampf.

I say Jews are a reflection of Judaism’s greater ease with the natural passions for things such as sex, honor, money, fame, etc.

Almost everybody wants good sex, good money, good fame and the like. I don’t think Jews want these things more than other people, they just feel freer than most people to voice what they want because Judaism is a religion of law, allowing the Jew to be more open about what is going on inside of him. Jews are more open, in general, more emotional, more passionate, than non-Jews.

A major reason that the sacred texts of Judaism devote so much space to sex is that Judaism and Jews are focused on this life. Judaism is the most this-life focused of the world’s religions and sex is a major pre-occupation for people in this world. Saints don’t worry about sex, humans do.

The most comprehensive survey of American’s sexual habits found that Jews, more than any other religion, had the most sex partners (approximately twice as many as Catholics and Protestants). I suspect that most of the Jews in the survey, like most Jews in America, were secular and therefore less inhibited.

In real life, it is easy to notice that Jews tend to speak more frankly about sex, money, power, fame, honor and the like and that secular Jews are more uninhibited sexually, in general, than other white people, while traditional Orthodox Jews are more likely than the goyim to reserve sex for marriage.

For one comparison of the different Jewish and Gentile attitudes to sex and hookers etc, look at the difference in attitudes in Israel and America. Prostitution is essentially legal and widespread in Israel while it is illegal in most of America.

The world’s pornography industry and sex trafficking industry have a disproportionate number of secular Jews in them. In American legal history, it has largely been secular Jews who’ve pushed for more liberal and accepting attitudes towards sex, porn and the like. American Jews have long opposed censorship of pornography at a much higher rate than other religious and ethnic groups.

As someone who grew up in churches but then converted to Judaism in his 20s, I find much more frank talk about sex, porn, prostitution and the like at shul than I ever did at church.

I don’t think the following critique is fair. Judaism has a strict moral code and Orthodox Jews, by and large, tend to live by it at least as much as other groups live up to their codes. As befitting their high average IQ, Jews, I am sure, commit sex crimes at a much lower rate than Gentiles. Jews have long been famous for the stability and depth of their family life. Everywhere Jews have gone in the world, they’ve tended to have a more stable family life than their Gentile neighbors and to commit crimes at a lower rate, including sexual crimes. On the other hand, Jews are not innocent. Secular Jews have pushed for looser sexual mores and this has disproportionately hurt the low IQ groups, such as blacks, more than high IQ groups such as themselves.

Lasha Darkmoon writes:

No class of men appears to be quite as sex-obsessed as the Orthodox Jews and the rabbinate. If you compare the religious texts of the various world religions, you will find that all of them — with the single exception of Judaism — maintain a high moral tone throughout. They don’t keep harping on aboutbreasts and penises, prostitutes and semen. Judaism does.

Consider this inflammatory passage from the Hebrew English Bible, enough to bring a blush to any maidenly cheek:

There she lusted after her lovers whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled. (Ezekiel 23: 20-21).

The number of Victorian damsels who must have swooned away over that passage is probably beyond computation.

Turn to the Babylonian Talmud and you will find yourself suddenly transported into a hothouse world of indelicate anecdotes dealing specifically with prostitutes and their rabbinical (or yeshiva student) clients. There are so many of these stories in the Talmud that a special name had to be invented for them:aggadah. Though these instructive anecdotes touch on all conceivable topics, usually with a rabbi as the central figure, sex often looms large. It can certainly be argued that Judaism is more obsessed with sex than any other world religion. (Scroll down to “Contents”, here.)

One such story starts like this: “They said of Rabbi Elazar ben Dordia that he did not leave one prostitute in the world that he did not come to. One time he heard that there was a certain prostitute in a town by the sea who took a purse of dinars for her price. He took a purse of dinars and went and crossed seven rivers to reach her…” (Tractate Avodah Zara 17a). Another story begins: “There was once a man who heard that there was a prostitute in a town by the sea who took four hundred gold coins as her price. He sent to her four hundred gold coins and set a time to come to her. When his time came, he went. She said ‘Let him come in’. When he entered, she sat naked on the top bed…etc. etc. ” (Tractate Menachot, 44a)

An interesting anecdote relates how Kahane, a yeshiva student, hides under his rabbi’s bed and eavesdrops on him making love to his wife. He is discovered there and severely reprimanded by his teacher who orders him to leave the room at once. The student refuses. “No, I won’t!” he says. “For this is Torah, and I must learn!”

The rabbi is forced to take this into consideration. Spying on people having sex is arguably okay if your motive for doing so is a passion for the Higher Knowledge. (See The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

Another section of the Talmud deals with bestiality. Widows are advised not to keep dogs. Why? “Because”, one is told, “there’s some suspicion about what a woman who’s already tasted the pleasures of the flesh might do with her pet.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Talmud’s obsession with sex is unique among world religions. Amazingly, it has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages. (See The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

Ex-President George W Bush on his way to Talmud class

* * *

Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that the contemporary rabbinate can hardly be cited as models of sexual restraint.

Turn from the Talmud to Ilana Hammerman’s In Foreign Parts: Trafficking in Women in Israel and you will read harrowing accounts of Israel’s contemporary sex-service industry. Innocent young girls, many of them underage, are kidnapped in Russia and Eastern Europe and forced into a life of prostitution in Tel Aviv. Locked up without food, subject to threats and violence by their Jewish pimps, these wretched girls are sometimes expected to sleep with up to sixty customers a day. Their most assiduous clients, sporting black hats and bushy beards, are “religious” Orthodox Jews taking a sabbatical from their wives.

Here is the kind of eye-popping revelation we come across in Hammerman’s shocking book:

I had a very famous rabbi who would come and order a girl to have sex with him in the doggie position, and would ask her to bark,” a former brothel owner testified at a [Knesset] parliamentary committee. One of the working women, presented as a devout Christian, expresses an aversion to her religious clients: “They had a big black hat and under it [another] little black hat and they were real perverts. (See here).

According to a CNN report in 1998, Israel now has the highest per capita consumption of prostitute services in the world. One million visits are paid to prostitutes each month, making brothel hopping one of the nation’s most popular pastimes. Thousands of women are abducted annually — mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Uzbekistan and China — and sold into sex slavery in Israel. “The situation,” Jewish author David Weinberg wrote in a 1998 article about prostitution in Israel, entitled Not So Holy Land, “is enough to make you cry in despair — or vomit from shame.”

* * *

Jews certainly have sex on the brain.

“I’m such a sex machine,” Radio talk show host Howard Stern boasts. “I could take a piece of wood and turn it into something erotic.”

Woody Allen, loyal supporter of pedophile Roman Polanski, was accused by his estranged wife Mia Farrow of sexually abusing their 7-year-old daughter Dylan. Woody is best known today for his brilliant witticism: “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

Hope Weissman, a Jewish professor at Wesleyan university in Connecticut, was the first to give a course on pornography in which her students were expected to “study” the most obscene pornographic magazines and witness a striptease performance by (Jewish) porn star Annie Sprinkle which may have included her famous routine of letting people peer up her vagina with a flashlight.

In 2001, Jewish professor Peter Singer put in a good word for bestiality at Princeton university, suggesting in an essay called Heavy Petting that one might like to get it on with a dog. Again in 2001, a Jewish community in England made big news when three strippers were invited to perform sexually explicit acts in a synagogue, possibly with the resident rabbi in full attendance.

In 1998, Israeli commentator Jonathan Rosenblum, noting that a CNN documentary had revealed that Israel now had the highest rate of prostitution in the world, had this to say: “Once again anti-Semites portray us as sexual libertines and perverts to undermine our moral authority. Today we cheerfully admit the charges.” (See here).

Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora’s box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany. We see it gathering pace in America today. We see it above all in Israel, a society of fanatical settlers and rabid right-wing rabbis: a country surely doomed to implode from within, sooner or later, under the pressure of its own moral and military excesses.

I cannot help feeling that a great storm is brewing and that only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what? From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the foreign wars into which it is being lured — Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon perhaps Iran — on behalf of another nation and its indefatigable agents in America.

Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication — and suicide.

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