Is There A Superior Race?

Philosopher Michael Levin says in 1998 to the question of racial pathology, i.e. that black behavior in the ghetto is pathological: “Very often people will wish to make a negative value judgment about a certain behavior but they think it is bad to do that, that it is judgmental, so they call it sick or pathological. A lot of people are disturbed by black drug use and black crime, but they don’t want to judge anyone, so they’ll say it is a pathology of the ghetto. I don’t think it is a pathology. It is acting on impulses that were adaptive in the evolutionary past. The same genes come over here and act impulsively but it is not a disease.”

“Belief in the reality and significance of intelligence is inversely correlated with education, which is correlated with IQ. You have to be very intelligent to believe there is no such thing as intelligence.”

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Please Sterilize Adrian Peterson

Lex blogs: …Adrian Peterson isn’t really a dad. He’s a football player who likes to stroke his ego by impregnating women so the world may know the power of his seed. He’s doing this shit intentionally. He didn’t even know he had one kid until that kid was beaten to death. He may have as many as seven kids around the country.

Every summer Peterson hosts a Meet Dad Camp at his estate in Texas where his multitude of bastards get a couple weeks bowing down to the peacock before receiving some Vikings swag and Greyhound ticket back to their mom. Just because you pay the court ordered child support and you like to brag about your reproductive powers doesn’t make you dad. Charles Barkley says all the black dads in the South whoop their kids like this. Great. Fucking have at it. Make the Lorax weep with all the trees you fell just to make the perfect switch. But you can’t lacerate rent-a-kid the day before he’s packed in the FexEd box and delivered back to his real home. Get some perspective. Adrian Peterson isn’t a throwback disciplinarian. He’s just a pretend dad who likes to hit kids with real sticks.

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Why Whites Are Intimidated By Blacks?

Philosopher Michael Levin says in 1994: “Why are whites acting the way they are? Why have they handed over the world they created to a group whose only contribution to debate is anger and accusation? I believe the answers may be partially rooted in biology and evolution.

“When two groups with different social signals get together, they are going to misunderstand each other. Whites misunderstand blacks. Whites have been evolving with whites for many thousands of years. They have evolved a cooperative ethic, a more cooperative ethic than has evolved in Africa, where life is easier, it’s not necessary to hunt large animals, it’s not necessary to divide the kill and to store the meat during the winter in a way that will satisfy everybody, there has been a less evolved sense of justice. Social signals have evolved… Certain tones of voice, facial expressions, and gestures have a certain signalling function.

“For example, if you begin to scream at me, this means that you are very angry. Among whites, a certain level of anger can usually be reliably taken to indicate a real harm and a real wrong has been done and we’ve evolved a reaction when we see that expression to feel a desire to see what’s wrong and to try to make it better. These reactions were adaptive when we were living together in small groups in Eurasia. This is a reaction that whites can’t help having to anger. Among whites, it is an accurate reaction to an emotion that’s really there and it’s socially useful. But now blacks, having evolved a looser sense of cooperation and a looser sense of justice, and being more impulsive, have a much lower readiness to become angry. If you’ve heard black conversations on the street, they are the sort of conversations where you think a fight is about to break out, you’ll find it’s just joking.

“What I think has gone on in the last 30 years is that the force proximity of whites to blacks have played into this difference. Black anger is misinterpreted by whites as evidence of real harm, which in turn triggers in whites a solicitous desire to alleviate the harm (that isn’t there). This triggers further black reaction because blacks learn that anger gets these solicitous reactions from whites. The solicitous reactions from whites do not cause the black anger to go away as it does among whites. If someone is yelling at you and you mollify him, the general result will be that he’ll calm down and things will proceed as before.

“What happens in black-white interactions is that blacks get angrier and whites get more confused. This triggers their innate tendency to seek a solicitous solution. Blacks become angrier.”

“Why didn’t this happen 150 years ago in the South? The population difference was greater. There was no question which group was in charge, which group’s morals were to be observed.”

“The only way to cut through this dialectic is simply to allow whites to be by themselves for a while and to recover their forces and to not constantly subject them to this constant black rage… Whites can’t keep their balance when this goes on… They need to catch their wits.”

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JJ: Why Scottish Jews are nervous about independence referendum

Jews are always nervous when the goyim develop strong racial, national and religious identities. A divided and diverse goyim are much easier to deal with than a 99% pure Aryan state.

If the goyim practice multi-culturalism as Jewish leaders preach, than they will have weaker identities than Jews, less ethnic and religious solidarity, and thus in the struggle for scarce resources, Jews will out-compete them.

Jewish Journal: “Scottish Jews are as proud of their dual heritage as any other minority in the country. But if Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, it’s a safe bet that many more of the community will head south, where they know their rights will be taken seriously by a Westminster government of whatever political complexion. I am really sad that the same cannot still be said with any certainty of the future of Jews in Scotland.”

A strong country is not created by giving minorities rights and encouraging them to develop their tribal identities. Rather, a strong country is the result of having one dominant unique culture, such as Japan, China and Germany, that then views the rest of the world as inferior.

Chaim Amalek says about American Jews: “We have one big thing going for us that the Jews in Weimar Germany did not. The German Jews were up against a nation that was 100% white, and with it, the possibilities of cohesive action that only racial uniformity permit. But in this country at this time the whites are what, 55% and declining? It is like gunpowder. 100% pure is a problem and difficult for Yidden to handle. But when we dilute it 40% with impurities, it is safe for us to handle and we can sell it to others.”

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Did The Nazis Ban IQ Tests?

Not exactly, but the Nazis did not hold with IQ tests. German Jews scored about ten points higher on average than German non-Jews.

According to Wikipedia: Adolf Hitler banned IQ testing for being “Jewish” as did Joseph Stalin for being “bourgeois”

Post: “Given the hostility of modern-day Leftists towards IQ tests, it is interesting that the Nazis too seem to have been opposed to them. I have been on an email list that discusses the matter — a list including some of the authorities on the history of IQ testing. No-one as yet however has found any documentation of a formal ban by the Nazis. It seems that the tests were frowned on by the Nazis rather than banned outright — which is also broadly true of today’s Left of course. And there was certainly some acceptance of the greater intelligence of Jews in prewar Germany.”

Comment: There appears to have been no law in Nazi Germany prohibiting IQ testing. Reportedly, the few scientific journals in the domain of psychology within Germany published research based on use of IQ tests up until early 1939 or so. Orders for the initial publication of the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices were received from Germany soon after the 1938 initial publication. Some academic psychologists who were putative Nazi Party members did vigorously criticize the Simon-Binet test, for example. But at the apex of the Nazi Party there appears to have been no awareness of IQ testing and, interestingly, no awareness of the successes of the American Army Alpha /Beta tests during World War I. A cumbersome testing/assessment program was initiated in 1935 when the military draft reappeared in Germany. Since Jews were prohibited from serving in the military, the notion that intelligence testing in the Wehrmacht would have been abolished because of high Jewish IQ is just historically irrelevant. Psychology had little presence in Germany universities and where it existed, psychometry had even less presence. An exception may have been the University of Berlin? A Professor Max Simoneit headed the development of military personnel allocation testing under the Wehmacht draft. While the American specialist in military allocation testing, Robert Yerkes, contended that Simoneit’s program contained “hidden in plain sight” element of IQ testing—i.e., subtests that could be extracted to yield rough IQ scores, there is scant indication that any recourse to IQ calibration was ever
attempted. The Simoneit program was so cumbersome and descriptive that it lacked predictive efficacy. About mid 1940, General Keitel ordered it disbanded for want of evidence of efficacy. The “ban” on IQ testing in Germany was just a defacto consequence of several features of history—including that Germany just never produced a Francis Galton, a Karl Pearson, nor a Charles Spearman. With nations, as with individuals—some’s got it; some , ain’t.

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More Looting In Mexico

Why is there looting in Mexico and the Philippines and New Orleans and heavily black and latino neighborhoods in the US when the opportunity arises but not in Japan, white Germany, white Australia, etc? Because the average Mexican IQ is 87, average black American IQ is 85, average Latino American IQ is 90 and the average Japanese IQ is 105. Morality and conscience require the capacity for abstract thought:

Everything we observe with our senses occurs in time and everything we see exists in space; yet we can perceive neither time nor space with our senses, but only with the mind. Precision is also abstract; while we can see and touch things made with precision, precision itself can only be perceived by the mind.

How do we acquire abstract concepts? Is it enough to make things with precision in order to have the concept of precision? Africans make excellent carvings, made with precision, so why isn’t the concept in their language? To have this concept we must not only do things with precision but must be aware of this phenomenon and then give it a name.

How, for example, do we acquire such concepts as belief and doubt? We all have beliefs; even animals do. When a dog wags its tail on hearing his master’s footsteps, it believes he is coming. But it has no concept of belief because it has no awareness that it has this belief and so no awareness of belief per se. In short, it has no self-consciousness, and thus is not aware of its own mental states.

It has long seemed to me that blacks tend to lack self-awareness. If such awareness is necessary for developing abstract concepts it is not surprising that African languages have so few abstract terms. A lack of self-awareness—or introspection—has advantages. In my experience neurotic behavior, characterized by excessive and unhealthy self-consciousness, is uncommon among blacks. I am also confident that sexual dysfunction, which is characterized by excessive self-consciousness, is less common among blacks than whites.

Time is another abstract concept with which Africans seem to have difficulties. I began to wonder about this in 1998. Several Africans drove up in a car and parked right in front of mine, blocking it. “Hey,” I said, “you can’t park here.” “Oh, are you about to leave?” they asked in a perfectly polite and friendly way. “No,” I said, “but I might later. Park over there”—and they did.

While the possibility that I might want to leave later was obvious to me, their thinking seemed to encompass only the here and now: “If you’re leaving right now we understand, but otherwise, what’s the problem?” I had other such encounters and the key question always seemed to be, “Are you leaving now?” The future, after all, does not exist. It will exist, but doesn’t exist now. People who have difficulty thinking of things that do not exist will ipso facto have difficulty thinking about the future.

It appears that the Zulu word for “future”—isikhati—is the same as the word for time, as well as for space. Realistically, this means that these concepts probably do not exist in Zulu thought. It also appears that there is no word for the past—meaning, the time preceding the present. The past did exist, but no longer exists. Hence, people who may have problems thinking of things that do not exist will have trouble thinking of the past as well as the future.

This has an obvious bearing on such sentiments as gratitude and loyalty, which I have long noticed are uncommon among Africans. We feel gratitude for things that happened in the past, but for those with little sense of the past such feelings are less likely to arise.

Why did it take me more than 20 years to notice all of this? I think it is because our assumptions about time are so deeply rooted that we are not even aware of making them and hence the possibility that others may not share them simply does not occur to us. And so we don’t see it, even when the evidence is staring us in the face.

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White Racism & Police Brutality On God-Fearing Black Actress Of Django Unchained wrote: “Actress Daniele Watts and her husband, chef Brian James Lucas, posted on Facebook that she was detained, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car in Studio City as a suspected prostitute last Thursday. They say it was because they are a mixed-race couple — she is black, he is white — and had been affectionate in public; the LAPD says officers were responding to a report of indecent exposure in a car. She was standing alone on the sidewalk on Ventura Boulevard, on the phone with her dad, when the police rousted her. Not sure exactly where the husband was at the time, but his account has the incident escalating to handcuffs when Watts refused to show her ID as demanded.”

I am tired of white people stereotyping honest black folks as overly sexual. No justice, no peace! God, I hope this case doesn’t turn into another farce like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

TMZ now reports (though hours later, the still has nothing on this):

The “Django Unchained” actress who claimed she was harassed and hurt by cops after making out with her boyfriend was actually having sex in her car according to witnesses … then went on a rant with cops accusing them of racism and not knowing who she was … according to police audio obtained by TMZ.

Daniele Watts had just left CBS studios in the San Fernando Valley around 2 PM Thursday. She says she was making out with her BF, but we’ve learned witnesses from the nearby Art Directors Guild office building told cops they were watching her and her BF have full-on sex in the passenger seat WITH THE DOOR OPEN!

The eyewitnesses said the guy was sitting in the seat, she was straddling him and it was for everyone to see. One eyewitness told cops they cleaned themselves up afterward with a tissue.

TMZ obtained police audio of the incident. Watts instantly plays the race card when Sgt. Jim Parker asked for her ID. She quickly moves from the race card to the fame card — then storms off, refusing to show her ID.

While Watts was gone, Sgt. Parker had a very cordial conversation with her BF Brian.

She was apprehended by another cop a short distance away and brought back — and things got NUCLEAR!

Some of her choice comments:

– “I think I’d like to identify you … to my publicist.”

– “I serve freedom and love. You guys serve detainment. That’s cool.”

– “I hope when you’re f***ing your spouses you really feel alive.”

We’re told she plans to file a complaint with the LAPD and has hired a lawyer.

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Should Jews Sell Medical Marijuana To The Goyim?

Is it OK for Jews to sell legal medical marijuana to the goyim? The only people I know who use dope also use cigarettes and alcohol, and it is hard to figure out which harms them more. My dusky neighbor smokes so much you can almost get high just walking down the hall. Still, this nation is on track to make dope fully legal, provide voting rights to illegals, embrace gay and plural marriage, and then to fold up shop. So why not make a dollar off the goyim while you can by selling them cigarettes, booze, and drugs? It is ok if it helps pay yeshiva tuition?

Chaim: Prohibitions on the sale and use of drugs are a tax on freedom that the strong pay to protect the weak. The closer we get to legalized marijuana (and I hope this is not back-doored in through concern for the needs of the sick), the greater the amount of it that will be consumed in the United States. Yes, levels of consumption would plateau out at some level, but where? Also, do we really want to make people from dope-smoking cultures feel more at home here by legalizing it?

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Ex-CIA Officers Loathe Israel

I can’t recall former American intelligence officers saying good things about Israel. Whether it is Ray McGovern, Phil Giraldi, Robert Baer or Michael Scheuer, they all say that American foreign policy has been hijacked by the Israel lobby to the detriment of long term American interests. Intelligence officers can’t forget the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, the Jonathan Pollard espionage, and the continual industrial and political espionage conducted by the Israelis. They don’t see this as the type of behavior you expect from an ally. They got angry having their advice ignored as the U.S. made decisions based on internal politics rather than national self-interest, so now that they are free to write what they want, their hatred for Israel jumps off the page.

Israel Shamir seemed like a kook in the Tabletmag article. I wonder why Ron Unz publishes him? Unz hates the neo-cons and has no sympathy for Israel.

The LA Weekly wrote in 1999:

When Ron Unz’s mother, a politically active left-wing schoolteacher from Los Angeles, was in her mid-20s, she met an older professor from the Midwest on a flight to Israel. He seemed odd, eccentric even, but clearly brilliant, too, and Esther-Laio Avrutin decided, after he‘d visited her several times when she’d returned to L.A., that she would a have a child with him. When Esther-Laio wrote to her lover to let him know about her pregnancy, the letter was opened by the professor‘s wife — the existence of this wife came as startling news to Esther-Laio — and that ended any possibility that, her sister says, they would be married. Esther-Laio’s decision as a single woman to bear Ron by a married man she‘d picked out largely for his brainpower rocked her own family.

Israel tends to have a similar role in the Jewish heart that Christ plays for Christians and therefore it is often out of bounds for rational discussion in the United States.

Here’s more from the 1999 LA Weekly article:

After Ron was born in the fall of 1961, Esther-Laio moved back in with her parents and stopped working. During Ron’s infancy, his mother suffered a series of illnesses — colds and other viruses. Ron was a troubled baby, allergic, as it turned out, to his mother‘s milk. Esther-Laio grew depressed and had trouble sleeping. She worked only occasionally, and after her father fell ill too, she applied for welfare. Throughout Ron’s childhood, the family stayed afloat thanks to the safety net then provided by the welfare state.

Although it‘s all a little fuzzy — ”It was a long time ago,“ Unz says — he remembers his great shame about being different, especially about not having a father living at home. His mother, he recalls, was quite candid, open about the decisions she’d made and the reasons she‘d made them.

Esther-Laio’s parents, working-class Jewish immigrants from Russia, were scandalized, though. ”There was massive turmoil“ at the time of Ron‘s birth, says Esther-Laio’s only sibling, Rivko Knox. ”My sister is very bright, very creatively bright, and she thinks of new ways to do things. Ours was a very Orthodox household, and she would get into big arguments with my parents. She would turn on the lights or the radio on the Sabbath, defy their rules. My sister detests rules.“

Both decisions — to have a child outside marriage and to go on welfare — were abominations to her parents, Ron and his aunt both remember. ”They thought that she had behaved very foolishly and improperly,“ Unz recalls. ”There was an awful lot of skirmishing.“ Some of the insults had to do with politics. Esther-Laio was pro–free speech, pro–civil rights and anti–Vietnam War. His grandfather ”came from a very politically liberal New Deal type of background — I imagine he never voted for a Republican in his life — but he and my mother clashed over political issues a lot during the 1960s, because he was very pro–Hubert Humphrey, pro–Lyndon Johnson, pro–Vietnam War, and she was on the other side.“

The sharpest, most sustained exchanges centered on Ron himself. ”The circumstances of my birth,“ Unz says coolly. ”That was the main thing they argued about.“ The conflicts raged loudly, constantly, in the tiny house on a ridge in working-class Tujunga. There were only two bedrooms, and the walls were paper-thin. ”Certainly it was never violence or anything like that,“ Unz adds. A moment later, he muses, as if to take the sting out: ”What people regard as standard in family life has changed in 30 years. When you watch some of the old TV shows from the 1960s . . . the ongoing level of bickering and quarreling was considered normal and standard.“

Unz met his father only twice while growing up, the first time at a playground when he was about 4. It was an unemotional, businesslike meeting. His father seemed ”tall and old.“ Between two brief childhood visits and his attendance at Ron Unz‘s graduation from Harvard College, he had no contact at all with his son. (The elder Unz declined to speak for this story. ”I don’t want to discuss it, and I don‘t want my name in the newspaper,“ he said.)

Raised in a household with strong-willed adults, Unz was pulled in contrary directions. His grandmother took him along to synagogue with her, and he even learned enough Hebrew to be bar-mitzvahed. But he never embraced religion and didn’t really identify with his Jewishness. He also went along with his mother — to demonstrations against the Vietnam War and precinct-walking for Democratic nominee George McGovern during the presidential campaign of 1972. ”It‘s all a little fuzzy, it was a long time ago,“ Unz says again. ”When my mother took me on those anti-war marches carrying a candle, it was just sort of ’I want you to come with me, because we‘re fighting the evil Vietnam War.’“

Unz sank into a vivid imaginary life. He learned to distance himself from adult passions, listening mutely as his mother and his grandparents argued. He became a secular person unattached to the fierce religious and political views of his parent and grandparents.

This may explain Unz’s distaste for religion, Israel and things Jewish.

Is Richard F. Unz, professor emeritus of engineering at Penn State, Ron’s father? No. This article says his dad’s name is Hilel Unz, “an Israeli [physicist] who settled in the United States”.

Here’s the obituary of Hillel Unz, physicist 1929-2011:

Graveside service for Hillel Unz, 82, Lawrence, was held at B’nai Israel cemetery, Eudora, on Sunday, Aug. 28.
Mr. Unz died Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
He was born Aug. 15, 1929, in Darmstadt, Germany, the son of Moshe and Rivka Unz.
He moved to Haifa, Israel, with his family in 1932 and graduated from the Reali High School, Haifa, in 1947.
Mr. Unz served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Israel war of Independence (1947-1949).
He received his Bachelor of Science in electronics in 1953 from the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. He received his Master of Science in 1954 and his doctorate degree in 1957, both from the Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Berkeley.
He moved to Lawrence in 1957. Since that year he had been on the staff of the electrical and computer engineering department at Kansas University, first as an assistant professor, and since 1962 as a full professor of electrical engineering. He retired after 40 years in 1997. In the following years he continued his research.
He married Ruth Adam in 1960. They had three children. They divorced. He married Carolyn J. Graham in 1975. They divorced.
He was preceded in death by his daughter Maya.
Survivors include a daughter, Tali Unz, California; and a son, Danny Unz and wife Ariela, Lawrence and their children, Alon, Amir and Eyal.

Ron Unz does not get a mention in any of Hillel Unz’s obituaries.

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The G Factor

In this 1996 speech at the American Renaissance conference, the late psychologist J. Philippe Rushton said: “Christopher Brand is a professor of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He published a book about four months ago called The G Factor. It’s a all about intelligence. It is a watered down version, a gentle version of The Bell Curve, much milder than The Bell Curve. Published by John Wylie & Sons. It was published three months ago and it had sales of about 500 copies and then there was a press conference by Wylie to support Chris Brand’s sale of the book.

“At the press conference, Chris Brand was asked about the black white [IQ] differences. He said sure, there were differences in IQ points and most people believe it is mainly genetic. The newspaper said, ‘Doesn’t that make you a scientific racist?’ Chris Brand said, ‘If you want to define a scientific racist as someone who believes in black/white differences being genetic, then I guess I am.’ The next day there were newspaper headlines, ‘I am proud to be a scientific racist.’

“The Scottish nationalist members of parliament who are trying to split Scotland away from Britain were the first people to denounce Christopher Brand.”

“Wylie New York decided to recall the book and they overruled Wylie UK. As far as we know, there has never been a scientific book pulled by its publisher after it has been published for a long period of time.”

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