Jews, Nationalism & Attachment

I was interviewed this afternoon by Robert Stark.

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Why Is Islam So Strict?

Steve Sailer writes: I’ve often wondered if the reactionary strictness of Islamic family morals that irritates us sophisticated Westerners so much has something to do with Islam originating just north of the edge of the black world, with its high levels of familial chaos so evident on this graph. For example, Amman, Jordan has had its own black slum for a long time. The Arab slave trade introduced lots of blacks into Middle East (although the black population didn’t grow quickly like it did in the American South because Arab slaveowners tended to castrate the men and generally work slaves to death).

If you are from Sweden, the ideas of women working outside the house, divorce, non-marital childbearing, etc. doesn’t seem too threatening to Swedish culture’s stability and efficiency. You look around and ask, “What could possibly go wrong?”

On the other hand, in the Islamic countries of North Africa and the Middle East, if you ask what could possibly go wrong if we loosen up our family mores, you look to the south and and say, “Oh, yeah, a lot …”

On another note, the knowledge embedded in this graph of what family structures are like in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how they resemble African-American dysfunction, is simply unknown to probably 95% of working American pundits. The idea that, say, the structure of the family of the President of the United State while growing up was par for the course for Kenyan fathers is just unknown. James Q. Wilson brought up sub-Saharans’ casual attitudes toward childrearing in a 2003 book. But in standard American punditry, Africans didn’t have any culture whatsoever before 1619, so therefore all bad behavior by Africans in America is the fault of white people. Pay reparations now.

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How To Keep White Men In Academia

Chaim Amalek: “If you expect talented white men to accept jobs in academia where the pay is so much less than it is at Goldman Sachs, then accept that they have to be compensated in other ways. And getting to meet and bed with comely young white gentile women is one of the most important means of compensation there is. Thank goodness the IRS is willing to have it remain off the books, or our university system might well collapse into a heap of asians.”

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If The Mercedes Is Inadequate…

I overheard a Jewish father on the phone picking a verbal fight with his 16yo son, berating him for some imaginary shortcoming, then making up with him and finishing the conversation with, “If your Mercedes air conditioner is inadequate, we’ll have to get you a different car.”

Chaim Amalek: I wish Luke would abandon this obsession with pointing out the differences amongst us, which are very slight, and focus instead on what unites all humanity, as Judaism teaches. Remember, Luke, that you have more in common with a Dyak headhunter than any human being has in common with a fancy car or deluxe vacation. Rip away our flesh and we are all the same.

There you go again. Was it absolutely necessary to stoke the fires of goyishe jealousy by noting the religion of the father? I suggest either not mentioning it at all or randomly changing to to a stereotype defying other, like say, calling him as SDA dad.

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Still A WASP

I was telling a Jewish friend about some freelance work I’m doing.

When I mentioned how much I was making, he replied, “Tax free, of course.”

I said: “I’m happy to pay my full and honest taxes. With deductions, it comes to little.”

He said: “Yes of course. I forget that you are a WASP, a race whose strength has failed.”

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The Courtesy Of The Japanese

Japan has about the highest average IQ of any nation (105) and its citizens tend to be much more courteous than the citizens of countries with low average IQs. Courtesy correlates with IQ. Americans with higher IQ tend to be much more courteous and better citizens than those with low IQs. Just look at how the citizens of Beverly Hills maintain their neighborhood as opposed to Compton.

Report: NATAL, Brazil – Japan’s fans are among the world’s most spirited during a match – and polite after it.

For the straight second match, fans of the Blue Samurai shrugged off disappointment and cleaned up after themselves inside the stadium following the final whistle. It’s a class act that has its roots in Japan’s values of being respectful of hosts and protecting the environment.

The spectacle of fans bagging trash after the Ivory Coast match in Recife appears to have created a contagious effect among the Japanese here in Brazil. After witnessing such scenes, Junichi Onoda, 33, said he was inspired to take part in the garbage collecting ritual in Natal.

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Saying Goodbye To My Therapist

So after 30 months, the time has come for me to part with my therapist (my fifth long-term therapist) as she moves on to a different center. I had one therapist on and off for seven years but I prefer to change them up every year or two. Endings are something I usually prefer to ignore or to deal with in an off-hand way. I felt awkward when she said it had been a privilege to work with me and how much she enjoyed it. It is not easy for me to allow people into my heart. There was something different about her face and manner on this our last day. She glowed. I want to say her face was luminous but I hear that word doesn’t have a useful definition. This was an important time for her.

I felt awkward telling her how much I appreciated her good work, which I do. I felt awkward talking about our parting. I felt relief that this person who knows me so well is moving on and I can get a new therapist who does not know me. About 99% of the time, I prefer not to care about people because when I care, that impinges on my autonomy and limits my speech and it is often messy and awkward and scary and embarrassing. I have a hard time feeling and expressing care for others and allowing them to express that to me (except for certain ways — prohibited by the Torah — from certain hot chicks, I’m fine with that).

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My Trip Back To LA

Surfers Paradise. Thursday morning. I got caught in a rip tide and dragged into a bunch of teen girls learning to surf. I fought every meter but you can’t beat mother nature. I am the victim here.

Brisbane airport, Friday morning. My flight has a 250 pound stewardess but no obvious Muslims.

I did not spend a dollar on my trip, my family spoiled me.

Chaim Amalek: “Just think how much you would be saving by living with them full time.”

I left my work ethic in Australia 30 years ago, but despite glancing around during the ads, can’t find it. I miss my teen girl surfers.

Sit in the plane. There’s a Muslim lady all covered up with an adorable baby.

Is it too late to demand the plane return to the gate?

Chaim Amalek: “Yidden of LA — one of your own is tempted to go off the derech and live amongst the Wallabys and other goyim of Australia! Show him how valued and treasured a member of his community he is by greeting him upon his return to LA with a hearty cheer and a welcome back party.”

“I will wager that the pouch of the average Kangaroo is warmer and more welcoming to Luke than are the homes and hearts of the average modern orthodox Jew in LA.”

“It has always been Luke’s dream to be the honored dignitary at one of those dinners the Modern Orthodox are always throwing for one another. The kind where the wives show some cleavage.”

I arrive at LAX 6 am Friday. I am the only Jew on bus, lots of blacks and Mexicans and poor Asians, but I have no complaints about LA Metro bus service. It’s not the nightmare I feared.

A fat beggar boards the bus. I recognize him from the streets of Pico Blvd in 90035. When we get off the Culver 6 bus at Pico, he puts his yarmulke on. Better to beg with, I guess.

Chaim Amalek: “I take it you were not greeting at the airport by any welcoming Modern Orthodox Jews.”

“Your bus is the future of America.”

“I saw an ad for a new kind of air conditioning system. It is very simple. You blow the hot air past a group of Modern orthodox Jews davening and out comes cold air.”

>>Mass transit back to reality.

Chaim Amalek: “In the future, his kind will find themselves walking along the side of the road, moving their possessions in a cart while free trading Asians glide on by in Mexican-built Buicks.”

It is so good to be back home on my favorite seat cushions after all those hard Aussie seats, felt like I was sitting on a poofter for three weeks, and now I’m sipping a protein smoothie. I almost decided to move to Australia at one point on my trip but they don’t have the equivalent of for cheap protein powders and supplements.

I took two packs of kashi kosher protein bars as emergency rations to Australia and brought the same two packets home unopened.

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Questions From An Aspiring Author

Ben emails:


I’m a youngish author trying to break into writing. During my early twenties, I would read your blog on the adult industry from time to time. Based on your recent posts, it seems you’ve become more conservative. Something similar happened to me; a few years ago, I was a twenty-something liberal-libertarian democrat (if that makes sense).

Like you I was influenced by reading the paleocons (Peter Brimlow, Paul Gottfried, Sam Francis). Not that they convinced me, but their writing forced me to reconsider my deeply entrenched beliefs. The final straw for me was the Trayvon Martin case, or rather the behavior of my fellow Democrats.

One major area where you and I differ is religion, I did not become religious. My Dad is Jewish, (according to Halaca), and my mother was raised as a congregationalist. The congregational church was the only church I regularly attended, as my dad was a typical intermarried secular Jew. With that said, I spent a considerable amount of time around Jews, both practicing and non-practicing.

Although this seems like a very different background, you and I have both spent time in two unique worlds: the anglo-protestant world and the American Jewish world. Because of this experience I came to realize how unique and special America, and the anglo-sphere really is.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you a few questions about writing:

1) How do you make money at it?

2) How does one continue to improve ones writing?

And now some questions about porn.

1) Psychologist Gary Wilson (your Brain on Porn), has made a fairly persuasive case that porn addiction is real, do you agree?

2) Gary Wilson also argues that because porn is such a powerful surrogate it suppresses the desire to have sex in RL, (I have found this to be true). Since stopping watching porn I’ve found myself engaging in more high risk sexual behaviors. How does one cope with a high, (or normal), sex drive after years of porn suppressed libido?

You may, understandably, think these questions come out of no where, but I’ve felt a kinship with you since reading your old blog back in my early twenties. Perhaps this feeling of kinship is delusional, but I succumbed to it anyway.

Ben, I’m a bad one to ask. I’ve never earned more than $50,000 in a year. You could write a blog and if it is on topics of general interest, you could make a penny a visitor on average from advertising programs such as Adsense. If you want to freelance, there are books on how to sell your work.

2) How does one continue to improve ones writing?

Take writing classes. Audit some writing classes in your community and take the ones you love. Make friends with other writers. Join writing groups. Keep a daily journal, do the “Morning Pages” assignment in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, and then read back looking for material. Write out your manifesto of what you believe in most strongly.

1) Psychologist Gary Wilson (your Brain on Porn), has made a fairly persuasive case that porn addiction is real, do you agree?


2) How does one cope with a high, (or normal), sex drive after years of porn suppressed libido?

Get yourself to a 12-step program for sex addiction. Get into therapy. If you need it cheap, Google “cheap therapy” in your area and get a center where interns are getting in their hours. Read Read Amy Dresner. Read about developing secure attachment.

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Unemployment and Middle Aged Men

Barry emails:

Employment for curmudgeonly middle aged males is a real problem in this day and age. Especially if you have fallen out of the career ladder or were never much part of it in the first place.

It is a huge problem if you don’t like being micro managed, dealing with the public or having to work with women. The office I used to work in is typical. Two gay men. Five bitchy women. A craven male boss who hides in his office. And me.

It is worse if you end up working for cowardly male bosses who can’t control the women in their office. Often these cowards need to put a layer between themselves and the bitches who won’t raise a finger and take lots of time off.

So I get hired at cheap freelance rates to do the work the women on staff can’t be bothered doing. But I have another role – the bosses bullet stopper.

Because the moment I arrive I am now the target of the hatred of five women who feel threatened. The gamesmanship, the office politics, the pressure. You wouldn’t believe it Luke. There isn’t even a honeymoon period! Pure hatred from day one.

Pressure is when there is a lot to do at high speed. It can be very energising. But stress is a killer. And women love dishing it outl Stress can happen in the quietest most unproductive, lazy environments – like this office I ended up in.

I now know how you can turn the most indolent, lazy female into a blur of frenzied activity. Just add the missing ingredient – malice. For my presence soon energised these bitches into a buzzing hive of conspiracy. Old workplaces and colleagues were contacted. My email and browsing habits habits perused. They missed nothing.

The female human relations parasite even invited me in for an informal chat to ask me how I was getting on and why all the women felt “uncomfortable” around me.

I lasted ten weeks and one of the woman did a jig in front of my desk when I handed in my notice. How I didn’t plant one on one of these bitches I’ll never know. It was only the thought of the huge financial pay out that they would have received that prevented me.

If you ever get an answer let me know Luke.

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