Blacks Rethink Integration

The black author of the following essay says blacks live in their own culture and need their own education system.

Daisy M. Jenkins writes: Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, and with many schools being resegregated, we may have lost more than we gained…

Fast-forward 60 years and a big question looms large: Is it possible that integration was actually a major setback for black educators and students?

The reality is that black families faced heavier burdens with the desegregation mandate than whites. Black children spent more time commuting, black schools were closed to make desegregation more convenient for whites (and to prevent their flight to the suburbs or private schools), and black teachers and principals were fired when white and black schools were merged. Estimates show that more than 82,000 black teachers provided instruction to a black student population numbering around 2 million in 1954. Within a span of 10 years, around 40,000 black teachers lost their jobs. Ninety percent of black principals lost their jobs in 11 Southern states.

Today, increased public school closings across the nation disproportionately impact black, Latino and poor students who lose their neighborhood schools. Eighty-eight percent of the school closings in Chicago affect black students.


The races spring from utterly different cultures. Compulsory integration is thus a form of social imperialism in which whites try to force blacks to conform to European norms. Blacks have no historical connection at all to Greece, Rome, the Old Testament Hebrews, Christianity, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, to Newton, LaGrange, or Galois, to the philosophic tradition of Thales, Aquinas, Schopenhauer, or Hegel. Nor do Eurowhites have roots in Africa. No commonality exists.

We talk multiculturism, but try to imose a monoculture—ours—on blacks. Why? Why in school should we insist that blacks study things of no interest to them? It is reminiscent of policies aimed at stripping American Indians of their languages and traditions.

On the other hand, I as a white man have little enthusiasm for studying Shaka Zulu, the Great Zimbabwe, or African religions. Would not all be happier with their own schools in which they could maintain their own culture?

“Separate but equal” is in bad odor as a governing philosophy. It seems to be the only thing that works. If voluntary, wherein lies the evil? Less contact means less conflict.

Is there any evidence that blacks want to associate with whites? Or vice versa? In the universities, do blacks not clamor for black-only dormitories, black-only fraternities, and Black Studies? And what is wrong with this? Why should blacks not associate with whom they choose? And why should not whites?

Almost always, when the races do not have to mingle, they don’t. In Washington, blacks fleeing the crime of the city go to the heavily-black Prince George’s County, whites to Arlington, Fairfax, and Bethesda. Within Arlington, blacks cluster together in mini-barrios. So what? It’s their business.

Note that the togetherheid pushed endlessly on us is almost entirely rhetorical, preached by people who mean that others should practice it. I lived for years in the city with many liberal, racially correct friends. They spent all their time with other whites, and the restaurants and bars they patronized seldom had more than a token black, if that.

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Malik Zulu Shabazz – Good For The Jews?

I can’t imagine anyone in polite society asking if a person or thing or idea is good for whites. Growing up as a WASP, I never heard anyone ask if something was good for Protestants.

Victor Davis Hanson writes: “It may not have been the aim of Missouri Highway Patrol captain Ron Johnson to outsource security responsibilities to someone affiliated with the New Black Panthers and a legal activist group, but that is the impression that one receives from listening to his exchange with and praise of Malik Shabazz. If this is the same Malik Shabazz who has a long history of virulent racist and inflammatory anti-Semitic statements, then there has been at least a partial erosion of legal authority in Ferguson.”

According to Wikipedia:

Shabazz first came to widespread public attention in 1994, when Unity Nation, a student group he founded at Howard University, invited Khalid Abdul Muhammad, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, to speak.[10][11] Introducing the speaker, Shabazz engaged in a call and response with the audience:

“Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that controls the Federal Reserve?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that has our entertainers… and our athletes in a vise grip?”
“The Jews!”[8]
A year later, Shabazz told an interviewer that everything he said was true, with the possible exception of the assertion concerning Nat Turner.

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Max Prager Died Saturday

Dennis Prager’s father died on Saturday. He had a website at Max appeared on Prager’s show annually for many years and I last heard him there a few months ago where he was heartfelt about his love for his son. I have a biography of Dennis here. Dennis’s mom died five years ago.

Dennis is off the air until Wednesday.

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Are Americans Afraid Of Blacks?

Black journalist Erin Aubry Kaplan writes for the Los Angeles Times:

For much of our history it’s been impractical, virtually impossible and often illegal to regard blacks as people, black men especially. How to think first of Michael Brown’s welfare, his individuality, when black men are the very definition of criminality and sub-humanness, when black life was once so degraded, when the public lynchings of black men were family-friendly events suitable for postcards? We may congratulate ourselves on how far we’ve come, but the fact is that we still live that legacy of degradation, a legacy most vividly expressed in these high-profile clashes between blacks and police.

Fred Reed writes:

With the encouragement of the various Jesses, blacks could make a bad miscalculation. Angry, poorly educated, and living in concentrations that make them seem more numerous than they are, they may miss some important points. They are only thirteen percent of America. Food does not come from Safeway, but from remote farms owned by whites in truck driven by whites. If Jesse and Al and the Black Panthers got their race war, blacks would lose it hugely. The country would not recover.

I doubt that our televised commentators have any idea what they are dealing with. Nor do academics. Whites with university educations, who read five books at once, who have never been in a police car, cannot know who the rioters are, cannot imagine how the world seems to them. Black physicists d not loot shoe stores. Those who do tend strongly to be functionally illiterate. The rest have probably never read a book in their lives. They live in a mental world unknown to most whites. They will never live amicably with white cops.

The feds have turned police into low-brow SS, but racial conflict would exist even if this weren’t true. As long as white policemen work in black neighborhoods, Fergusons will continue.

White cops tend to be from the lower middle class, often former military, with the accompanying values. Theirs is a conventional morality of obedience to the law, birth within wedlock, mowing the lawn, neat clothes, making sure the kids do their homework, orderliness, and avoidance of obscenity in mixed company. They are quietly but intensely contemptuous of the blacks of the deep city, whom they see as slovenly, criminal, shiftless, parasitic, and violent.

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My Judaism

I could happily go the rest of my life without listening to another Jew yammer on about “my Judaism.”

If a Jew does not want to practice Judaism, fine, just don’t go talking about “my Judaism” if you are going to make it up as you go along because that’s not Judaism. It’s not something that will perpetuate.

Here’s author Dani Shapiro, the queen of vapid: “I could no more reject my Judaism than reject being female, or being a mother, or a wife, or a writer, or any of the things that most define me. What I wanted to do was to work with it. To understand how the religion and culture I was born into could be a part of my spiritual path in a relevant and authentic way.”

Those who practice Judaism almost never call it Judaism. They call it Yiddishkeit or following the Torah or observing the commandments. They never yammer on about “their Judaism.” They don’t talk about their spiritual path or finding relevance and authenticity.

As soon as someone appropriates Judaism to be what he wants, he is no longer practicing Judaism and he is halfway down the toilet of Jewish history.

While the news media loves to celebrate Jews seeking out their Judaism, it never celebrates whites become racially conscious. Why is it great for Jews and blacks and latinos to become racially conscious, but evil for whites to do the same?

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Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?

Every day, Los Angeles seems more like Mexico. Every day, Los Angeles seems more like a second-world city, with large parts of it resembling the third world.

Los Angeles used to be (as late as 1960) the most Anglo-Saxon big city in the country. Now whites are only 40% of the population of Los Angeles County and falling fast. Half of the population is Hispanic and rising fast.

As people of Mexican and Central-American origin comprise the majority of Los Angeles residents, Los Angeles increasingly looks like Mexico. Hispanics, along with blacks, tend to stay around the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum generation after generation while whites and orientals stay at the top. As whites leave Los Angeles, they are replaced by Hispanics who don’t earn as much money, pay as many taxes, and they use far more government resources per person such as welfare and education (as they have more kids than whites do and these kids get in more trouble with the law, fail to graduate high school most of the time, etc).

My headline asks why is Los Angeles falling apart? But that’s a white perspective. For whites, Los Angeles seems to be going downhill. For people of Mexican origin, however, Los Angeles is simply becoming more like them, more Mexican, more second-world teetering on third world.

Bloomberg reports: From buckling sidewalks to potholed thoroughfares to storm drains that can’t handle a little rain, the infrastructure that holds the second-largest U.S. city together is suffering from years of deferred maintenance. Bringing pipes that deliver water to 3.9 million people up to snuff could cost $4 billion — more than half the city’s annual operating budget. The bill for repaving streets will be almost that much, according to estimates from a city consultant, and patching or replacing cracked sidewalks will require $640 million…

Voters won’t approve adding to the local sales tax — which at 9 percent is among the nation’s highest — and would revolt if the price of water went up, he said. As it is, the rate is the seventh-highest in the U.S., according to a survey by the conservation nonprofit Circle of Blue…

When it comes to roadways, car owners pay. L.A. motorists spend an average $832 a year on repairs and other operating costs because of the shabby condition of city streets, according to a 2013 report by TRIP, a Washington-based transportation group. The amount is the highest in the country and 71 percent more than the urban-area average, the report found.

Los Angeles has spent $300 million in the last three years on paving, according to a city audit. The Bureau of Street Services gave about 40 percent of streets grades of D and F. Fixing those 8,200 lane-miles would cost an estimated $4 billion, according to an audit by Controller Ron Galperin.

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World’s Friendliest Cities Are White

According to this article, “Australia and New Zealand are home to world’s friendliest cities – while South Africa’s Johannesburg is the unfriendliest”.

No majority black city is named as particularly friendly. Instead they are described as dangerous.

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Masters Of Sex TV Show

In tonight’s edition, season two, episode six, the Dr. William Masters character tries to stop a damaging profile of himself by a black newspaper by telling the editor a falsehood, that the initial results of his survey of negro sexuality “has given me pause… We’ve found significant between white and negro subjects. Penis size, sexual appetite, elevated testosterone levels. I don’t think this is a story you want to publish.”

In fact, the facts on the ground are that blacks have larger sexual organs than whites who in turn have larger sexual organs than orientals. Blacks have larger secondary sexual characteristics (breast and buttock sizes) than whites who in turn have larger secondary sexual characteristics than orientals. Blacks have more sex than whites who have more sex than orientals. Blacks have less sexual guilt and higher self-esteem than whites who in turn have less sexual guilt and higher self-esteem than orientals. Blacks have a higher rate of STDs than whites who have a higher rate of STDs than orientals. Blacks have less family stability than whites who have less family stability than orientals.

I guess relaying these obvious facts of life is a form of hate speech that will lead to another holocaust.

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Finding A Wife

I’ve hardly made any videos the past two years (after having made thousands over the previous five years). I just have not felt strong enough. With my writing, it was easy to share at a remove, but video just felt too daunting to me.

I’ve felt the benefit of modafinil tail away over the past month. Your body builds up a tolerance. So I’m quitting it for a while and then will try it again. At least I have it for use when I can’t sleep but still need to function. Modafinil has helped me lose about 20 pounds as it decreases your interest in eating.

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Israeli Ingenuity Applied To Organ Transplants

As a capitalist, I want people to be free to sell their body parts. As a convert to Judaism, I notice that Jews are often willing to engage in work that non-Jews detest such as risky financial instruments, pornography, rap music, etc.

When it comes to body organs, why put a Jew at risk when you can buy from a goy?

The following New York Times story runs true to my experience with the less polite parts of Jewish life:

The men were, The New York Times learned during an investigation of the global organ trade, among the central operators in Israel’s irrepressible underground kidney market. For years, they have pocketed enormous sums for arranging overseas transplants for patients who are paired with foreign donors, court filings and government documents show.

But a Times analysis of major trafficking cases since 2000 suggests that Israelis have played a disproportionate role. That is in part because of religious strictures regarding death and desecration that have kept deceased donation rates so low that some patients feel they must turn elsewhere.

Orthodox Jewish law as interpreted by the leading rabbis requires that a Jew be dead before his organs can be harvested.

Kevin Sack writes for the New York Times:

The sages could not have anticipated that their writings would provide the underpinnings for cultural resistance to organ donation from the deceased in 21st-century Israel. But their definition of mortality, which can conflict with modern acceptance of brain death, is cited among several reasons Israel has among the lowest rates of deceased organ donation of any developed country.

The resulting five-year waits for a kidney from a cadaver help explain why this tiny nation has played an outsize role in the global organ trade, experts say…

“The general mentality of the public, and of many rabbis, is that they don’t see why people should risk their lives if there is somebody in Ecuador willing to sell them a kidney,” said Dr. Yechiel Michael Barilan, an Israeli physician whose book, “Jewish Bioethics,” was published this year. “There is no sensibility about the social dynamics of exploitation.”

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