Is Mass Immigration Good For The Jews?

Growing up a white Protestant, I thought that asking if something with widespread implications for your country was good for your particular ethnic group was wrong. Then I converted to Judaism and adopted tribal thinking. It’s cool to ask, “Is it good for the Jews?” It is cool to make that your number one priority. It is cool to keep most of your concerns to your group.

As the years go by, I see America becoming increasingly tribal. “Disinterest” aka impartiality is a declining virtue.

Stephen Webster writes in April 2003:

Jews, in particular, continue to think they are better off in a rag-bag country with no majority. As Charles Silberman has written, “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief — one firmly rooted in history — that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.” The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HAIS) has traditionally worked to increase Jewish immigration to the United States, but now that fewer Jews are coming, it has opened an office in Nairobi, of all places — explicitly to encourage non-Jewish immigration. As HAIS president Leonard Glickman recently explained to the Jewish paper Forward, “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.” Earl Raab, president of Brandeis University, has argued that only when whites are reduced to a minority will the United States no longer be capable of establishing an anti-Semitic, Nazi-like regime.

Recently a few Jews have begun to wonder if massive Third-World immigration is not quite so good for them after all. Stephen Steinlight, a former executive of the American Jewish Committee wrote a paper in 2001 in which he argued that Hispanics and Asians are not sufficiently sensitive to Jewish interests, and that Muslim immigrants are a clear threat. Some individual Jews have spoken out strongly against Third-World immigration, but Jewish organizations overwhelmingly favor it. Gentile whites generally resist “diversity” arguments, and large majorities consistently tell pollsters they want fewer immigrants.

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Jews As A Model For Segregation

Anonymous writes: Devout Jews to this day know that learning the local language and getting a secular education ends in their destruction. Mixing, either racially or ethnically, is death. Any scholarly source ( including Jewish ones) make no secret of deliberate physical and social self-segregation as a primary Jewish tool for survival. Why aren’t Jews permitted under Jewish law to drink from a bottle opened by a gentile? The Sages are quite clear: to reduce or eliminate fraternizing. Why are Jews not permitted to drive a car on the Sabbath? They will move far away and live among the Gentiles all week, become corrupted and assimilated and only join fellow Jews on the sabbath.

I don’t begrudge them their national myths, however. They serve to keep Jews on their toes, eternally fearful of Gentiles, and therefore much less likely to mix, mingle, assimilate, and be swallowed up in the gentile lumpenmass.

God bless ‘em, let them keep their border walls high, their border patrolmen armed with machine guns and the barbarians outside the gates. Jews in Israel should be an example for all of us in our countries.

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I Wonder When White People Will Rediscover Their Ethnic Identity?

Growing up white in America, I saw that white people felt little automatic bond to their fellow whites. Instead, they connected over shared ideology. If your neighbor shared your religious or political views, he was your brother, but if he differed with you, he was a stranger.

Growing up white in Australia, however, I saw that white people naturally felt a bond with each other. Political and religious differences didn’t matter so much. There was no controversy in Australia over abortion, for instance. Instead, there was a countrywide tradition of mateship. But in America, if a fellow white disagreed with you on abortion, then that person was dead to you.

I converted to Judaism in 1993 and I quickly noticed that Jews who held differing views on abortion, homosexuality, sex education in public schools, etc, had no problem working together on matters of common interest. Liberal and conservative Jews would eat together, pray together and work together. They felt a bond to their fellow Jew and they were glad that Jews were influential on both sides of the political spectrum. That way Jewish interests would be protected.

With the goyim, however, I noticed they often felt no loyalty to one another if there were differences in beliefs. The goyim divided up on political and religious orientation and their shared European heritage counted for little.

Everybody else, however, has a tribal mentality where they look out for each other.

With blacks, for instance, it does not matter much if a fellow black holds different views on abortion or same-sex marriage than you, he’s your brother. He’s a member of your tribe. Many blacks disagree with Obama about abortion and same-sex marriage, but they still vote for Obama because he’s black. It would never occur to most of the goyim I know to simply vote for somebody because he’s white. (Blacks won’t vote for a black conservative, however, because blacks are located primarily at the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum and depend on welfare and affirmative action.)

Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans have no problem organizing in their group interest. They have no compunction about moving to certain neighborhoods so that they can dominate the local school boards and give their kids the education they want. Whites, however, always have to frame what they do in terms of universal values rather than in terms of what is good for their group.

I know this makes me sound like a hater to some, but to me, goyim are people too and I wish that they would enjoy the same ethnic solidarity that Jews, blacks, and every other ethnic group enjoys. What does it matter if your fellow has different beliefs from you? Don’t you see what you have in common with him and the areas where you can work together? If your ancestors evolved in Europe or Africa or the Orient, you share a common bond that should transcend ideology. That a guy has different views on politics and religion says nothing about what kind of neighbor and employer he might be.

A friend says: “The secular Jews will do whatever they can to fight you on this. You must use Torah as a wedge to separate them (which they are in most respects already) from Torah Jews. Use Torah as a shield, as HaShem may have intended!”


Your article entitled “The Ethnic Identity of White People” did not present any hypotheses about how ethnic identity is developed. I maintain that it is primarily developed through persecution, conflict, and warfare.

Consider that the groups with the strongest ethnic identities have all suffered long histories of persecution, The persecution of the Jews goes back to antiquity, and is current today in modern France (according to a New York Times article this week),

The dark-skinned peoples of Africa were persecuted by being enslaved, Homosexuals were subject to years of “gay bashing” that resulted in an identity so strong that they have banded together to promote political changes in the institution of marriage, a bedrock practice of Western civilization.

Whites, as you noted, are from Europe. Border disputes, pillaging, and struggles to conquer and assume positions of royalty (and exact tribute on the conquered) caused individual Whites to identify with their protector nation-state. Those boundary disputes did not end in a meaningful way until the end of WWII. Even that is arguable, as shown by the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Although European states seem to have settled their boundaries, the existence of soccer hooligans shows that there are still hard feelings and rivalries.

The U.S., a country in which Jews have been offered higher levels of acceptance and assimilation (particularly in the post-WWII era) is an area of the world where they seem to have the weakest identity, as shown by the number of secular Jews and the number of Jews who intermarry,

The Irish, a white ethnic group, tend to have a strong identity due to their history of persecution by the English and religious zealots.

Persecution is the driving force for the formation and preservation of ethnic identity,

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Tonight, One Of You Will Betray Me


My last supper in Australia.

Down on the Farm

Glasshouse Mountains

On the Farm

Tree Hugging Liberal

Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads

With my cousin

The View From Skypoint

With My Uncle Don

View From Skypoint

Backyard Of My Cousin's Place In Surfers Paradise

With My Uncle & Sister

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Jews, Nationalism & Attachment

I was interviewed this afternoon by Robert Stark.

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Why Is Islam So Strict?

Steve Sailer writes: I’ve often wondered if the reactionary strictness of Islamic family morals that irritates us sophisticated Westerners so much has something to do with Islam originating just north of the edge of the black world, with its high levels of familial chaos so evident on this graph. For example, Amman, Jordan has had its own black slum for a long time. The Arab slave trade introduced lots of blacks into Middle East (although the black population didn’t grow quickly like it did in the American South because Arab slaveowners tended to castrate the men and generally work slaves to death).

If you are from Sweden, the ideas of women working outside the house, divorce, non-marital childbearing, etc. doesn’t seem too threatening to Swedish culture’s stability and efficiency. You look around and ask, “What could possibly go wrong?”

On the other hand, in the Islamic countries of North Africa and the Middle East, if you ask what could possibly go wrong if we loosen up our family mores, you look to the south and and say, “Oh, yeah, a lot …”

On another note, the knowledge embedded in this graph of what family structures are like in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how they resemble African-American dysfunction, is simply unknown to probably 95% of working American pundits. The idea that, say, the structure of the family of the President of the United State while growing up was par for the course for Kenyan fathers is just unknown. James Q. Wilson brought up sub-Saharans’ casual attitudes toward childrearing in a 2003 book. But in standard American punditry, Africans didn’t have any culture whatsoever before 1619, so therefore all bad behavior by Africans in America is the fault of white people. Pay reparations now.

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How To Keep White Men In Academia

Chaim Amalek: “If you expect talented white men to accept jobs in academia where the pay is so much less than it is at Goldman Sachs, then accept that they have to be compensated in other ways. And getting to meet and bed with comely young white gentile women is one of the most important means of compensation there is. Thank goodness the IRS is willing to have it remain off the books, or our university system might well collapse into a heap of asians.”

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If The Mercedes Is Inadequate…

I overheard a Jewish father on the phone picking a verbal fight with his 16yo son, berating him for some imaginary shortcoming, then making up with him and finishing the conversation with, “If your Mercedes air conditioner is inadequate, we’ll have to get you a different car.”

Chaim Amalek: I wish Luke would abandon this obsession with pointing out the differences amongst us, which are very slight, and focus instead on what unites all humanity, as Judaism teaches. Remember, Luke, that you have more in common with a Dyak headhunter than any human being has in common with a fancy car or deluxe vacation. Rip away our flesh and we are all the same.

There you go again. Was it absolutely necessary to stoke the fires of goyishe jealousy by noting the religion of the father? I suggest either not mentioning it at all or randomly changing to to a stereotype defying other, like say, calling him as SDA dad.

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Still A WASP

I was telling a Jewish friend about some freelance work I’m doing.

When I mentioned how much I was making, he replied, “Tax free, of course.”

I said: “I’m happy to pay my full and honest taxes. With deductions, it comes to little.”

He said: “Yes of course. I forget that you are a WASP, a race whose strength has failed.”

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The Courtesy Of The Japanese

Japan has about the highest average IQ of any nation (105) and its citizens tend to be much more courteous than the citizens of countries with low average IQs. Courtesy correlates with IQ. Americans with higher IQ tend to be much more courteous and better citizens than those with low IQs. Just look at how the citizens of Beverly Hills maintain their neighborhood as opposed to Compton.

Report: NATAL, Brazil – Japan’s fans are among the world’s most spirited during a match – and polite after it.

For the straight second match, fans of the Blue Samurai shrugged off disappointment and cleaned up after themselves inside the stadium following the final whistle. It’s a class act that has its roots in Japan’s values of being respectful of hosts and protecting the environment.

The spectacle of fans bagging trash after the Ivory Coast match in Recife appears to have created a contagious effect among the Japanese here in Brazil. After witnessing such scenes, Junichi Onoda, 33, said he was inspired to take part in the garbage collecting ritual in Natal.

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