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Holocaust Survivor Stanley Diller Drops Dead

The levaya (funeral) was at Yeshiva Gedolah this afternoon. Stanley was known in Los Angeles Jewish circles for his ugly divorce from his first wife and for his support for yeshivot. The Jewish Press reports in 2010: At the Hancock … Continue reading

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Now The Truth Can Be Told – Renegade Jews Cut The Beards Of Their Own Kind

I’ve been too embarrassed to reveal the truth about what happened to my beard, but now through therapy, I’ve come to embrace the truth because the truth sets you free. The New York Times reports: Blogger Luke Ford had been … Continue reading

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Mira Zeffren – A New Spinka Indictment

Mira Zeffren was the president of the Kyffin Pharmacy at 6000 Woodman Avenue, Van Nuys, CA, 91401, but she’s now out of that business and facing indictment for money laundering. Mira Zeffren is known in Orthodox life in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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President Obama Part Of The David Rubin Simcha

David and Gitel Rubin emails their guests about tonight’s desert reception in honor of their daughter’s engagement (she is marrying Aryeh, child of Chaim and Rochelle Ribak): “President Obama has decided to be part of our simcha with a dinner … Continue reading

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The Most Prestigious Shabbos Invites In Hancock Park, Valley Village

I need some help with this one. lukeisback@gmail.com * Rabbi Gershon Bess * Rabbi Avrohom Union * Rabbi Daniel Korobkin * Rabbi Yitzhok Adlerstein * David Rubin * Baruch Cohen * Yehuda Faigin * Barry Weiss * Chaim Manela * … Continue reading

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David Rubin Investigation

David Rubin is a prominent Orthodox Jew in Hancock Park. He’s involved a few of his Orthodox friends in his schemes. I got this fax: “How interesting that when you look up Enhanced Affordable, David Rubin’s name is no longer … Continue reading

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Shaarei Tefillah Fight On Purim

On Purim, community activist Max Kessler circulated a petition at Shaarei Tefila (a Modern Orthodox shul in Hancock Park) to keep the rabbi. President Aaron Kin took this as an affront, and ordered Max Kessler to stop circulating the petition. … Continue reading

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David Rubin Indicted

The Los Angeles Times reports: CDR Financial Products Inc. of Beverly Hills, its founder and two other employees of the advisory firm were indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiring to rig bidding on investment contracts … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Jewish Day School Crunch

The Los Angeles Times reports: At Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills, increasing numbers of cash-strapped families are asking for financial assistance or more time to pay tuition. Trustees at Yeshivat Yavneh in Hancock Park are setting aside additional … Continue reading

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I Return To Therapy

I left therapy because of financial issues in late 2001. I went back tonight. All the drama surrounding my latest shul expulsion has been dragging me down. I feel like the world is coming down on my head. I’m only … Continue reading

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