By Thomas Middleton

Chances are if you are a teenager today, you probably suffer from acne to one degree or another, whether it is the occasional outbreak or if it is more severe. Either way, it can be a scary and sometimes confusing battle to wage. It's important to get all the myths and rumors cleared up.

One common myth regarding food and acne is that consuming chocolate will make your acne worse. There have been many studies done regarding acne, but not one concludes that acne is worsened by the eating of chocolate, so go crazy and eat up.

Another rumor is that after your teen/adolescent years, you no longer have to worry about acne. This is unfortunately a false statement. Acne can appear anywhere on the skin at any age. Usually when it appears on adults it comes in the form of scarring.

I'm sure that you have been told a thousand times that not taking care of your body, or letting your hygiene slip can lead to acne, but this is also false. In reality, those who scrub and wash their hands and faces more often than others are at higher risk for acne because of their excessively dried out skin. While you should never neglect your body, it will not lead to acne breakouts of any kind.

One myth is that anxiety or stress can cause acne. While it's true that anxiety can make pre-existing acne worsen, it cannot induce acne on its own, so don't worry!

Doing nothing is not an option. Some people think that if they don't do anything, it will improve on its own. While that may be the case sometimes, it usually is not. Acne is a skin condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible.

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