By Thomas Middleton

One common misconception among teens and people in general is that acne stops when you become an adult and leave your adolescent years behind, but it is not true at all. Doctors know that acne can hit at virtually any age at any time for a multitude or reasons. Half of women are effected by acne to varying degrees as well as twenty five percent of men.

Adult acne and acne that effects teens are both the same, despite common misconceptions. They should be treated the same as well. However, in some cases adult acne and acne scarring can be complicated and need special treatment. But most commonly it is caused my a surge of hormones that overproduce oils in the skin and clog the pores.

With any type of acne comes a level of social awkwardness and embarrassment, whether you are an adult or teen suffering. It's is better however to treat acne when you are young, as it may cause damage to your skin (scarring) as you get older.

There are some good things about adult acne though. Despite the severity of it, the good thing is that when you are an adult, you tend to take the condition a bit more seriously and do whatever is necessary to treat it, rather than putting it off or being impatient and hopping around from regimen to regimen like many teens do. The trick is to stay positive and be patient, any good product or method will take at least two to three weeks to show any sign of results.

When you have adult acne, another good thing is that it is typically easier to treat in the sense that your doctor will most likely know the cause. When you have acne at a younger age, the possibilities tend to be endless as to what causes it.

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