By Thomas Middleton

Certain foods have been known to cause acne to both appear and worsen. There are things that you can do, and by that I mean foods and nutrients you can consume, that will help keep acne at bay. There are certain foods that will inflame your acne, certain foods that reduce it, and also ones that do neither.

Many people that suffer from acne have opted for the more natural, protein, food driven method of combating it, as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on products that may not even work.

When you go this route, it is very important what foods to avoid, and what foods to eat plenty of. One type of food you will want to stay away from is vegetable oil, it has been known to cause breakouts among acne sufferers.

What is does it causes an imbalance in your hormones, sending your acne into hyper drive. Many people who have stopped eating it found that their acne actually started going away. Now that you know to avoid consuming vegetable oil, you need to know what foods commonly contain it. When you are cooking, it is very important that you not use vegetable oil, as it is commonly used in cooking. There are plenty of safe alternatives you can use, just consult someone at your local grocery store and always read the labels on your food stuffs.

By cleansing your body of these excess oils, you eliminate acne. Other foods that have been reported to induce acne are chocolate and caffeine-products like soda. If your diet weighs heavily with these and you suffer from acne, you should think about cutting back or stopping entirely.

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