By Thomas Middleton

Many people around the world experience the pains and inconveniences that acne brings. However, there is a way to not only treat it, but prevent it as well. The first thing to remember when keeping away those pesky skin blemishes is to eat right. The more nutrition you have in your diet the better. Lots of fruits and vegetables will do the trick.

Remember that when blackheads or pimples appear on your skin, don't do what most people do and just squeeze them till they pop. There is a procedure that you use that includes cleansing the area and gently, carefully squeezing puss out with a sterilized needle.

Hydration is important for many reasons, including keeping acne away. Drink as much water as you can daily, that will help to balance your nutritional intake. Vitamins are another way of preventing acne. It would be wise to consult your doctor as to what would be best, but it is an effective and inexpensive way to treat them.

Cleaning your skin daily is probably one of the most important steps in preventing acne. Acne thrives on greasy, unkempt skin. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and face at least a couple times a day, when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed.

Although it is not scientifically confirmed, there are some we think it's wise in order to prevent acne to abstain from consuming a lot of caffeine, chocolate, sugar, or any greasy foods since grease it what acne thrives on. Also make sure the cosmetics you use, including ointments and lotions don't contain an excess amount of grease.

As long as you follow the tips above, you should find that your breakouts and acne will be much more controlled. Also remember to contact your dermatologist if you have more acne troubles.

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