By Daniel Wright

If you're struggling with acne, perhaps it may be time to select an acne treatment and improve your skin. But there are so many different acne products on the marketplace - how can you pick the best one? Relax. We've done all the hard work for you. In this article, we have hand-picked the acne products that will help you with your skin care problems the best.

To gain clear skin, you need to take take care of your skin. First, you will need to pick a special face-cleanser. Regular soap will not do! Any cleanser that claims to be non-comedogenic (non-irritating) will be good for your skin. Use your cleanser twice a day, in the morning & at night. Be sure that your skin is clean before and after you use any cosmetic products to keep your skin as clear as possible.

The step after this is moisturizing. You will want to choose a moisturizing agent that has been developed especially for acne sufferers. And, although may not realize it, even those who suffer from acne can have dry skin. Therefore you should look for a moisturizer which not only says "non-comedogenic," but also specifies that it is meant for your particular skin type (dry, oily, normal, or combination). Your moisturizer should be applied after each use of your cleanser.

You will also require acne serum. There is a concentrated formula in serum with proper medications for the treatment of your skin - free from any other substances likely to irritate or unbalance your skin. Your serum can have salicylic acid - a special chemical for the treatment of your skin for acne causing bacteria or fungi.

A daily sunscreen is of tremendous importance for reasons beyond the obvious. Not only can the sun's rays lead to skin cancer and other damage, but they can also make acne worse because of the sun's irritating effects. You need to select a sunscreen with an SPF rating that suits your skin; the paler your skin, the higher the SPF that you require. Also be sure that there are no oils or other irritants in the sunscreen that you choose.

Finally, another product to add to your acne treatment routine is something to reduce the appearance of redness. You can choose the product that most closely matches the type of skin you have.

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