By Simon Anders

So you want to remove your acne fast without using acne medications right? If so, then read every words carefully because I will reveal only the most effective home remedies you can use to remove your acne.

First, let's get something straight here; I have had acne before and I know that it is no fun at all because it lowers your self confident and it also makes you feel embarrassed to be in public. I can relate to you and can tell you that it is not hard to get rid of acne once you change a couple of things in your life.

First let me show you 3 hot tips you can use today to get rid of your acne in a matter of days.

1. Remove your acne by eating more carrots. Carrot makes your skin feel smoother and younger. Carrot will also tighten your skin, so that you won't get wrinkle. Ever since began eating more carrot, my skin feel smoother and the itching also faded away.

2. Remove your acne by drinking more water. Remember that water makes up about 75% of your body and you can't live long without it. Water also remove toxin and many chemicals out of you, thus making you feel healthier. Make a habit of drinking water when you feel hungry or thirsty because it will help a lot in preventing acne.

3. Sleep before midnight. Sleeping very late effect how your body produces certain hormones and will make you feel tire during the day. I promise you that poor sleeping habit will cause you more acne and ruin your health because I have experienced it.

So there you have it, 3 effective tips you can use today to fade away your acne. Now let me share with you the best home remedy that you can download and read about today:

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