By Michael Gentleman

Acne sufferers would love to treat acne scars. It is the terrible after effect that most people don't speak about. It can be just as devastating as the original acne outbreak. Some people suffer from scars from an acne outbreak. There are many acne medications and scar removal products available. The scars can be treated and the pain can end.

The type and severity of the scars determines your treatments. Mild acne scars can be treated with a few home remedies and procedures. A Dermatologist may perform a dermabrasion. Manufacturers are producing creams and scrubs that mimic the results of these procedures.Dermabrasions and chemical peels can be used in combination with retinal or alpha hydroxyl acid lotions.

Mederma is a cream medication that is available in most pharmacies. Mederma softens the appearance of scar tissue. Mederma is grease less and invisible .It is less expensive and discreet.

Aloe Vera gels work to regenerate the skin tissue. Some studies suggest that it also boosts immunity . It is available at most pharmacies.

Professional treatments may be required for moderate to severe acne scars. Dermatologists can suggest a few solutions. A Dermatologist may suggest laser resurfacing which removes skin so that new skin can form . Patients find that the treatment area may be red and swollen for several weeks. The full results can be seen in six months.

Dermabrasion was adapted from the use of sandpaper to remove damaged skin. A rotating machine abrades the top layers of skin off the face. The doctor numbs the skin first. Scabs will form after the procedure .The skin will heal in a week and remain reddish for several weeks.After a month, you will see the final results.

Augmentation is another option. Collagen is injected under the scar in your face. These treatments are temporary and last around six months .

Subcision is a another procedure. A dermatologist detaches the acne scar from deeper tissue. It allows a pool of blood to form under the scar. This procedure in combination with dermabrasion is very successful.

Home remedies are another option. Acne scar treatments at home are less costly and less painful.It is a personal decision. Cosmetics can do a good job. Others find that the benefits outweigh the costs. It is your choice.The most important fact is that you have options. It does not matter if it is mild or severe there are options. It can be very expensive or reasonably priced. Explore your options and enjoy your happiness.

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