By George Brandt

There are many myths that surround acne skin care. Some of them can do far more harm than good. Several methods of treatment might cause irritation the individual does not need. Severe cases people may have to seen by a dermatologist to have their acne treated, others find that common sense and a skin care routine is all that is needed to prevent breakouts.

Despite longstanding rumors, that food such as chocolate or excessive exercise may worsen breakouts. The real causes of acne are poor skin care, excess stress, and hormonal changes that cause pores to become blocked. There is not much you can do to change your body's hormone levels, but controlling your stress level is possible to a degree, and practice healthy skin care in an effort to prevent acne breakouts.

Any type of stress relief will help. Consider exercise, or studying for that test ahead of time instead of cramming at the last minute. That will help prevent acne breakouts caused by stress. While you cannot always live a stress free lifestyle, skin care is something that can be controlled, clean skin will help keep you as acne free as possible.

Take care of your complexion by gently cleaning your skin. Be careful to avoid harsh scrubbing which may irritate your complexion. Breakouts are essentially blocked pores swollen by bacterial infections causing irritations. You want to make sure that you do not make your breakouts any worse through improper skin care.

The best and most effective step you can take is wash you face, and other affected areas, several times a day. If you have an oily skin type, you may want to wash at least twice daily. The use of gentle soap and water is effective, avoid the temptation to scrub your face, as this will only irritate your skin and cause further breakouts. Be as gentle as possible when drying your face pat instead of rub will help as well. Washing your face to remove excess oil prevents the pores from being clogged, trapping oil, and forming pimples. If you choose to wear makeup, you should use water-based cosmetics instead of oil based makeup allowing your pores can breathe.

Squeezing pimples will cause swelling and actually make breakouts. If you attempt to squeeze a pimple, you are likely to bruise your skin, which may leave a scar or long-lasting red spot. The pimple can also rupture the pore and penetrate deeper underneath. This could possibly cause an even worse infection, known as a cystic nodule that will form a hard, painful lump at the breakout location. Cystic nodules are very noticeable and generally take a substantial amount of time to clear up, if they do clear.

Sunburns may also worsen your breakouts. Sunburns cause damage to your skin. Use a water-based sunblock to protect your skin from burns. This will also assist in keeping pores clog-free. You may not be able to eliminate your breakouts, but making wise choices and paying extra attention to proper skin care, you can reduce your chances of outbreaks occurring in the future.

In Conclusion:

Acne skin care requires a measure of common sense. Wash your face gently and regularly, avoid scrubbing as this will cause swelling and increase breakouts. Use water-based cosmetics and sunblock to keep pores clean. Avoid over exposure to the sun, as sunburn will damage the skin.

George Brandt

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