By Stephanie Young

When you are a teenager, the one thing that really makes a difference to your outings is the appearance and disappearance of acne. Imagine looking into the mirror and discovering acne or a pimple on your cheek the day you are to go out on a date! What would your reaction be? You would probably scream in dismay and curse whatever you ate the previous night. Well here is some good news; treating teenage acne is not rocket science. A little bit of care and you are good to go. Read on to know more.

Home Remedies

For mild acne all you have to do is walk into your kitchen and ask your mom for some home remedies to treat your acne. You can choose between varieties of home remedies like applying Aloe Vera juice, lime juice, tea tree oil, ice packs, honey or rose seed oil. Applying them daily for about 15 minutes cleans out the pores of your skin and helps your skin breathe better.

You could also make face masks at home with a combination of natural ingredients from your mom's kitchen. You could mix fuller's earth with rosewater for a soothing effect on your face, or ground orange skin with a dash of lime juice to refresh your skin; a combination of egg white and corn flour are also wonderful healing agents. These are harmless and have no side effects at all.

The next thing to do is improve your diet. Start eating loads of vegetables and fruits. They help to cleanse your system of all the junk that we tend to eat and bring a natural shine to your skin. Increase your water intake through the day. This is also a very good purging agent and helps cleanse your system.

Ask Your Doctor

When all the above home remedies don't do much to improve your acne condition, then the best advice and treatment anyone can provide you is your doctor or a dermatologist. Your doctor will be able to study your skin and prescribe the best possible treatment for your acne problem. Remember not everyone has an acne problem and not all acne is of the same intensity and density. Your dermatologist will prescribe antibiotic lotions or creams or oral medication. In some cases you might be put on hormonal treatment. You have to trust your doctor on this and follow your doctor's advice to the hilt.

In worst case acne issues, doctors would advise you to undergo medical treatment under their guidance. In such cases white heads and black heads are removed from your face surgically. Among the newest forms of removing them is the laser treatment. In the surgical form of removing acne, creams are first applied on the region surrounding the acne. Once the area goes numb, the white head or black head is pressed gently until it pops out. You could also buy over-the-counter medication, but this has to be prescribed by your doctor.

Getting Support

Parents, siblings and friends play a vital role in boosting your moral and keeping your spirits high. It is important for parents to explain nature's process and make your teenager understand that acne is not a life long phenomenon. Acne goes away like braces on your teeth. It's just your body changing and adjusting to a wonderful life. Treating teenage acne is not rocket science; all it needs is some home remedies, a quantity of support and loads of love.

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