By Alejandro Bustos

Acne is common at all ages but most frequent among teenagers, rarely presents in people over 30 years but I have good news to everyone: Acne always and in all cases can be treated, but it should have in mind that it takes time to see results and there are instances where it's recommended to visit a dermatologist.

Now you must be wandering... Why other people have good results with acne treatments and not me?

The answer is simple, WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT SKINS. That is why before you start using an acne treatment recommended by a friend you need to ask some questions, because it can not be beneficial for your skin type, you can not always believe in a miraculous acne product , believe me, it's very frustrating to use and use and use things that ultimately do not make any effect.

The best way is to visit a dermatologist, with this professional help every person can have the appropriate treatment and what product is best for your skin. Dermatologist consider a variety of factors in order to provide individualized therapy, but you have in mind that there are no overnight or miraculous acne treatments. You may have products that solve this problem temporarily, but to eradicate acne you need to be patient because resolution takes time.

There are different things that you can do to prevent acne depending on which type of skin you have. It is beneficial for everyone to have a good skin care, wash your face regularly with an appropriate soap, exfoliation is recommended at least once a week depending on the problem.

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