By Thomas Middleton

While there is no exact number available on precisely how many people struggle with acne around the world, you can bet there is thousands, even millions that do. Companies that sell acne-treatment or removal products make millions of dollars annually. It's a very lucrative industry indeed. Although acne has many causes, it is typically caused by a buildup of excess oils in the skin. A certain amount of oils is healthy and even necessary, but when it becomes too much, that's when it becomes unhealthy and you experience breakouts. Today there are many different treatments for acne, no matter how old you are or what type of acne you have. Many who suffer from acne haven't found much comfort in mainstream remedies, so they turn to the alternatives.

You may be hesitant at first to try these all-natural, alternatives, but there are many up-sides. One such up-side is the fact that these natural alternatives have virtually no nasty side-effects like the more common methods of treating acne do. An example of these natural remedies is the combination of sandalwood and basil leafs. This method treats acne without delivering inconvenient and sometimes dangerous side-effects like most others do. You can find most of these remedies online, because they are not carried in most stores.

In most cases, acne is caused by Vitamins E and A lacking in the skin. One way to cure or at least prevent acne is by making sure you have a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, celery, etc. Eating these foods can give you the essential vitamins that will prevent acne from appearing. You can also take supplements that give you the vitamins you need to stay acne-free. These methods are typically effective and also cost-effective.

Another growing popular way to treat acne is by light therapy. As odd as it may sound, this method which utilizes the use of ultra-violet light rays is used to rid the skin of blemishes. However, before you resort to any sort of surgery, whether or not it is invasive, you should talk to your dermatologist and exhaust all other possibilities beforehand. You want to get rid of your acne with the least amount of risk.

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