Angels on the Fairway

A source writes 6/20/05:

Have you ever heard of Angels on the Fairway? Check it out! This company headed by a lady Simone Sheffield is doing a yearly party which is a F--K FEST!

She arranges for a few hundred ladies models, hookers, playmates etc to go free of charge to Cabo San Lucas and charges thousands of dollars to the men to attend the event.

The event is a so called "charity" which gives money to domestic violence programs etc. I have done some background and have been unable to find where this company has ever given money to anything.

My point, last year a friend attended this event, free of charge they provided her all the transportation, food, drinks etc. But she was expected to take care of a man, in other words f--k him, when she refused, she was flown home!

Companies like this should be exposed! Don't you think, they are getting away with this because it is in Mexico, most of the ladies know what is expected of them but some don't! This lady and her so called charity company is profiting off prostitution, and telling people that money is given to a charity! Bull!

Organizer Simone Sheffield responds to me:

that is NOT our event nor would that ever happen at our event. your lady or man is a liar. check your sources. they are not being truthful with you. They are no doubt someone i have refused entry to. we have NEVER nor would we ever send a model home for such a ridiculous allegation. this is not the same event. i suggest you check your event facts.... perhaps events in Vegas or those by trashy lingerie. such activities might be more up their alley. BUT NOT OURS. i leave for Mexico soon and will not reply to emails until my return in a week. there is nothing else to discuss.

A man writes:

I have read your web site for sometime now, and this is the first time I have ever wanted to email you, but I thought I should set the record straight. I have attended this event a couple of times, and whoever said it is a F--K Fest is absolutely correct.

Yes, we all pay a lot of money to attend this event, but the extra curricular activity is amazing to say the least. Yes, the woman are very beautiful, and yes they are for sale. I spent many thousands of for some amazing ladies, where else can you get this caliber of lady to F--K you?

Some bring their boyfriends to protect them so they will not be approached. But is a free-for-all sex party! This woman Simone is full of shit of she says it is not! She knows it is and so do all the paying customers!

This event is a place where we men can get away from our ladies, wives, girlfriends etc, and get some good old top quality pussy, what is wrong with that? As for where the money goes, that is something maybe someone should look into! But, who gives a sh--, we got the pussy we went there for!

I got this report from a model who went to this event last year:

First thank you, no one will listen to the problem here, many girls get into a situation that they can not get out of...

I first heard about the Angels On the Fairway from another model, she said I could make some good money just by being there. The company provided the air, lodging,meals everything, all I had to do was show up. She said she had been propositioned many times but turned them down.

Anyway, last year I showed up and right of the bat I was asked to f--k this guy. I said no way, I am here for the fun. I was told that the fun was to take care of the customers and don't ask questions.

When I said no again, It was then that a man named Phil came over and talked to me. He said, "If you don't take care of our customers you will be asked to leave. You're not a famous model nor are you a celebrity, so you have to do what we tell you. This is Mexico and you can get in a lot of trouble here."

I was scared out of my mind, I didn't want to f--k this old man, nor did I want to get into any trouble so I faked that I was very ill, and they sent me home!

I asked Simone Sheffield about this. She replied:

absolutely NOT. This is a real charity event. you can take this TRUTH from the horses mouth or continue to play this game. I WILL STAND BEHIND THIS EVENT 100%. give me your address.. i would prefer if my attorney can contact you directly about these allegations.

send me the name of the person that sent you this pack of outright lies. i will sue them in the blink of an eye. We have a long history of our donations - LONG ! i will have my attorney contact you and your friend directly. Send their info urgently. i will handle this person legally and not via false emails. This must be some loser i refused to attend the event.


I told Sheffield I would not reveal my sources.

Joe writes: "From the sound of it only money from the auction goes to the charities."

A source writes: "This lady Simone is a wack job, I called her and she went off on me. Said she is sick and tired of people accusing her of pimping. I asked for a list of the charities that she has given money to and she hung up on me."

Amber writes:

Hi, Luke!! I'm a former (mainstream) model who has worked as a Trashy Girl for Trashy Lingerie (both here in Los Angeles as well as at their parties in Vegas at the Palms).

I find Ms. Sheffield's comments that "i suggest you check your event facts.... perhaps events in Vegas or those by trashy lingerie. Such activities might be more up their alley," incredibly offensive!

Nothing of that nature goes on there. . . except entertaining, bringing out that A-List party vibe The Palms is known for. Prior to Trashy Lingerie providing the models for these events, the girls were from Playboy.

Ms. Sheffield should really think before she opens her big (and obviously painfully uninformed) mouth!!! She wants to accuse others of slander? What makes her think that Mary (owner of Trashy) won't have her ass in a sling???

Additionally, those events are sponsored by the Palms (i.e. The Maloof Family). . . I wonder what George (Maloof) would think of her comments?

I can empathize with her feelings (particularly if Angels is legitimate), but to call names in that manner?? Unprofessional. . . not to mention an excellent way to bring legal action against herself.

Trashy is a widely respected company, outfitting everyone from Paris Hilton to scores of Playmates to Drew Barrymore. Take it from one who's actually been there!

A person writes Simone:

I am an independent reporter for the Porn industry and the exploitation of woman. It has been reported to me that your Angels on the Fairway is a place where rich men can go and get laid. I have heard this from several of your past and present models, that have attended or will attend your event. I have interviewed several of your male paying guests and they have confirmed what the models have said.

I would be interested in learning more about what charities you are donating monies to, if you would be so kind as to provide contact names and number for verification, that would help my investigation greatly.

These are of course allegations on the parts of the models and paying customers, but I must tell you I have interviewed many of your clients, and allegations make since.

I have even seen a video tape of several encounters, I do not know if the actual place was the hotel where you having your event, but the video was showing many of your models performing sexual acts on paying customers.

What happens between consenting adults is not under your control, but since your saying your giving monies to a charity which involves Domestic violence, it is ironic that this behavior is allegedly going on.

I look forward to your reply, and thank you in advance for your concern and help. Also if possible I would like to attend the event, I can arrange for my own transportation and pay your required fee. Please advise me ASAP, I can get a flight to Cabo on Wed.

Source continues: "This is a powerful Black Lady, I never could get any answers? I tried to get in touch with Tommy Lee about the event, as he has attended before, but his manager said no comment? What does that tell you?

"This topic is a difficult one that lies at the crossroads of feminism, morals, pleasure, gender inequality, exploitation and male violence. The difficulty in discussing it is compounded by the large degree of diversity and stratification of experiences within prostitution: from straight and gay prostitutes on the street to elite escort services. The range of experiences increases again if we explore sex work, which takes into account exotic dancing, the adult movie industry and an increasing number of people who run an adult-oriented website that features themselves. Further, the level of exploitation in sex work should be compared and contrasted with a variety of exploitative, meaningless and alienating work produced by a technologically advanced, consumption oriented capitalist society. The question is thus not whether sex work is exploitative, but how does it compare with being a waitress, working in a factory or a McDonalds - perhaps even a graduate assistant?"

John writes:

The "Angels on the Fairway" thing seems pretty unlikely to me, Luke. Just as a matter of dollars, it doesn't make sense. They're charging 3000 for three days including round trip airfare, the hotel, and meals. I don't think they can throw in sex - at least not with hot American girls - for that much. Plus, do you really think the girls, who can plainly pimp themselves out properly for cash, are going to do so for the free hotel room? And you don't think those kinds of terms are worked out _before_ the girls go? Please!

A model writes:

Luke I have been reading your story on the Angles on the Fairway, and I just read the remarks from John. Every girl I know would love a free trip to Cabo, this is how the event is presented. John honey, the package is much more than $3,000 look at the web site! Every girl wants to meet a rich guy right? Well this event is all about this. Now that the girls are here some are asked to be whores, hookers what ever you want to call them. It is not until then do you realize that your in a third world country with no one to help you. The girls do get paid extra money, that is the point here, 200 plus hot American girls and a bunch of rich men, what do you think happened here? Moron!

JOHN this event is sponsored by POWER 106, with the Pimping, Bitch, Rap crap attitude. Look at this as it is man! And you think it doesn't make since, well its maybe you cant afford it?

Here's the press release on the event:

January 22, 2005, Hollywood, CA - Due to overwhelming response, the 5th Annual Angels on The Fairway Celebrity Golf Open & Party will once again feature 200 of the world's most beautiful women hosting the 4 day event to be held June 23rd - June 26th in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico.

The Angels on The Fairway Golf Tournament will be held at The Cabo Real Golf Course Designed by Golfing legend Robert Trent Jones II located in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Our stay is hosted by The Crown Plaza Los Cabos - a 5-Star Resort. Celebrities and sports stars participating in this event will include Rock superstars Tommy Lee and Meatloaf, basketball greats Julius Erving and Clyde Drexler, Actress Traci Bingham, Fashion Models and Playboy Playmates. Corona and POWER 106 FM will sponsor the four-day benefit event.

Our Bikini and Lingerie Fashion Shows will raise funds for The Laura Dester Children Shelter, a non-profit organization serving its community.