Liberty Film Festival Preview

Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty's ten point plan for conservatives to save Hollywood Andrew Klavan Cyrus Nowrasteh Scott Gardenhour Kevin Knoblock Jim Hirsen Roger L. Simon Myrna Sokoloff (David Zucker's producer talks about their Madeline Albright ad)

From the David Horowitz email:

We are pleased to announce that Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Gardenhour ("Pearl Harbor"), best-selling author Jim Hirsen ("Hollywood Nation"), screenwriter/best-selling novelist Andrew Klavan ("True Crime"), director/producer Kevin Knoblock ("Border War"), and Oscar-nominated screenwriter/blogger Roger L. Simon (Enemies: A Love Story") will be speaking at our special Liberty Film Festival preview on Thursday, October 12th, 2006 at 7:00pm at the Luxe Hotel, Bel Air.

Festival Founders & Co-Artistic Directors Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty will also be screening exclusive advance clips from the outstanding films of the upcoming 2006 Liberty Film Festival! Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty will also speak on the timely topic: How to Save Hollywood: A Ten Step Plan for Conservatives."

I walk up at 7:15 pm and there's a long line. I haven't seen this before. Normally these events only attract about 30 people but tonight there's over 100.

This adoration of show business makes me question the authenticity of the conservative values espoused.

Who are we? What do we stand for? Where are we going?

Are we just here to bang hot chicks or are we going to listen to the moral clarion call emanating from Mount Sinai?

Luckily for our highest values, there are no hot chicks. That's something I appreciate about conservative gatherings. There's never anybody there that you'd burn in hell for.

The atmosphere is like a revival meeting but with booze and cheese.

The crowd grows restless as Jason and Govindini lecture them on how to save Hollywood. We're here for the celebs, not the Torah.

Govindini: "[We need] films that show the positive side of the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism."

She gives an elaborate description of an Algerian director.

Jason summarizes: "He's cool."

Govindini: "Hollywood is making a major propaganda effort to undermine the war on terror."

I learn that George Soros funded such documentaries as "The Women of Hezbollah."

I get excited. I know I shouldn't, but my body has reasons of its own that my mind will never understand.

Jason decries studios putting out "pro-terrorist propaganda."

The Liberty Film Festival got about 100 submissions this year. Sundance gets about 3,000 annually and the American Film Market about 6,000.

Govindini says there are about a dozen feature-length conservative movies released a year and that most of them are documentaries. I wonder if she's counting conservative-themed genre pics such as The Devil in Miss Jones?

G: "These films are quite good, as good as anything released by the Left."

Jason says that every major distribution company is extremely left-wing.

G: "We need more conservatives writing about film... We get more media coverage from the Left than the Right."

"Conservatives are going to assume The Path to 9/11 is left-wing because it is done by ABC."

The audience is ready to riot.

Govindini and Jason race through their final points.

G: "All the film histories are written by the Left."

I wonder who does most of the talking when Govindini and Jason are alone? Normally the man does most of the talking in public and the woman does most of it in private, but tonight Govindini spits out ten words for every one Jason drawls out.

I remember my father coming home from an evangelical swing and remonstrating with me: "Your mother says you have not said a word to her all weekend."

"I didn't want to interrupt," I replied. (This is just a joke my father told at my 21st birthday party.)

Along with Jason, most of the Hollywood speakers have shaved heads.

Cyrus, blessed with a full head of hair, says bloggers put his home address and phone number on the internet along with the message: "The gloves are off. Accidents happen."

Jim Herson says he's a friend of Mel Gibson and that Mel's diatribe against the Jews is not indicative of Mel's true character.

I try to put my finger on the difference between this gathering and a similarly-themed liberal one.

It's the absence of profanity.