Here's breaking news on medical billing software.

From HealthTechnologyReview:

Medical Billing Software is a computer application that manages the financial and administrative functions of a healthcare organization. This usually includes patient management, insurance managment & billing, patient & insurance statements, reporting, scheduling, electronic billing and collections. If you are considering purchasing an EMR in the near future, look for a software vendor that also offers an Medical Billing Software system.

The following is a list of some of the many vendors that offer medical billing software, practice management software and EMR software.

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Accumed www.accumedic.com
Accutrac www.accutrac.com
Acrendo Medical Software www.acrendo.com
A.I.med www.acrendo.com
Alta Point www.altapoint.com
Alteer Office www.alteer.com
Amicore Practice Management www.amicore.com
AMS 2003 www.ams-software.com
Auto-Doc www.auto-doc.com
CareWare www.getintouch.ca
ChiroPad www.chiropad.com
ChiroTouch Chiropracticwww.chiro-touch.com
ChiroWrite www.softworxsolutions.com
Clinic Pro www.clinicpro.com
Clinicient www.clinicient.com
Clinimed www.clinmed.com
CMRxp www.chartcare.com
CodoniXnotes www.codonix.com
Companion www.companiontechnologies.com
CompuLink www.compulink-software.com
CSG www.chiroservicegroup.com
CureMD EHR www.curemd.com
DC-PowerNotes www.claken.com
Dentalmate www.dentalmate.com/
Dentech www.dentech.com
Dentrix www.dentrix.com/
DoctorsPartner www.doctorspartner.com
EClinicalWorks www.eclinicalworks.com
Eclipse Medical www.galactek.com
E-MDs www.e-mds.com
Entity Practice Management www.ihealthware.com
Experior www.experior.com
EZ BIS Office www.ezbis.com
For Chiropractors Only www.vssinc.com
Foxmed www.foxmed.com
Greenway Medical www.greenwaymedical.com
Hands on Technology www.rehabsoftware.com
Healthprobe www.healthprobe.com
EdgeMed Innovation www.edgemed.com
MDAPractice www.mdanywhere.com
MedcomSoft Record www.medcomsoft.com

NDCLytec www.ndclytec.com
Medical Office Online www.medicalofficeonline.com
Medics Elite www.adsc.com
MedicWare www.medicware.com
Medinformatix www.medinformatix.com
NDCMedisoft www.ndcmedisoft.com
Medsys www.infosysusa.com
Medtuity www.medtuity.com
Microfour www.microfour.com
myEMR www.myemrfree.com
NexGenMD www.nexgenmd.com
Next Gen www.nextgen.com
NueMD www.nuesoft.com
OdontoSoft Millenium www.gbsystems.com
OmniMD EMR www.omnimd.com
OnStaff www.primeclinical.com
Open-Dent www.open-dent.com/
Patterson www.dental-com.com
Patterson Eaglesoft www.eaglesoft.net
Perfect Care www.perfectcare.com
PM Plus www.americanmedical.com
Power Practice www.exansoftware.com
Practice Partner www.pmsi.com
Practice Point Manager www.microservices.net
Praxis www.infor-med.com
PrimeSuite www.greenwaymedical.com
prnChart www.prnchart.com
PrognoCIS www.bizmaticsinc.com
ProScribe www.trilliumtechnology.com
PulsePro www.pulseinc.com
Purkinje www.purkinje.com
QSI Net www.qsinet.com
QuicDoc www.quicdoc.com
Quick Notes www.qnotes.com
Quick Practice www.quickpractice.com
Raintree Medical www.raintreeinc.com
ReDoc www.rehabdocumentation.com
Report Master www.reportmaster.com
Ridgemark www.vantagemed.com
SequelMed www.sequelmed.com
Smartcharts MD www.smartchartsmd.com
SoftAid www.soft-aid.com
Star Byte Dental www.starbytesystems.com
Sunrise Clinical Manager www.eclipsys.com
Synamed www.synamed.com
TDOCS www.tdocs.com
The Medical Office www.soft-aid.com
VersaForm www.versaform.com
Visionary OFFICE PM www.visionarymed.com

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From ADSC.com:

Health care providers and administrators today demand more from their practice management solutions than ever before. The need to increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing high quality service is the reason why thousands of physicians rely on MedicsElite from Advanced Data Systems.

For power, flexibility, and reliability, MedicsElite is truly the ultimate in medical practice management software systems. MedicsElite is developed, marketed, and supported by Advanced Data Systems, a solid company with over 25 years of experience automating medical practices. Individual providers, group practices large and small, hospital billing departments, practice management firms, networked providers, billing companies, and many others trust the automation of their practices to Advanced Data Systems.

When considering the real-world needs of today's health care office administration, your first choice should be a proven product, backed by first-class customer support, from a trusted company. Your first choice should be Advanced Data Systems and MedicsElite, the Ultimate in Medical Practice Management Software.

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Here's a report:

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AdvancedMD Software Inc. (www.advancedmd.com), the leading provider of Web-based practice management software solutions for physician offices and medical billing services, today announced its medical billing software solution, AdvancedMD, has been named "Best in KLAS" in Ambulatory Billing & Scheduling (6-25 Physicians) by KLAS.

"We're honored that AdvancedMD has been recognized for delivering products and services with the highest overall client satisfaction in the industry," said AdvancedMD President and CEO, Jim Pack. "There is no greater compliment than when those individuals that use and depend on our solutions every day give us such high marks. This distinction validates our efforts across the company to provide products and services that not only meet the specific needs of our clients, but does so in a way that keeps them as loyal customers year after year."

KLAS is the leading vendor research firm for the healthcare IT marketplace. KLAS ranks overall vendor satisfaction through validated surveys and interviews with thousands of hospitals and clinics covering more than 750 products from more than 200 vendors. Their confidential surveys and interviews are designed to uncover overall client satisfaction across the entire customer experience; from the sales process to implementation, from perceptions of support to overall product quality and company responsiveness.

Here's another report:

Physicians Remote Solutions (OTCBB:PHYU) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary VoxTech Products, Inc., a software company with a telephone-based medical billing software system called Dr Speak (www.drspeak.com), received an endorsement letter from Michael Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Interplan Health Group (IHG), Midwest, said company President Chris LaRose.

In the letter, Mitchell stated that, "One of the greatest challenges facing our contracted providers is improving the operational efficiency of their individual business practices. With the emergence of consumer-driven care and rising debt ratios, providers are searching for a more efficient means to provide care, bill for services rendered and to collect payment for services rendered."

Mitchell further wrote, "We were impressed with the functionality of this system and made introductions to one of the largest physician practice management companies in Ohio. The company confirmed our initial impression that Dr. Speak is a streamlined claims creator program that has the ability to provide a simplified claim generation and billing solution for smaller to mid-size practices. As opportunities present, we will encourage our providers to view this unique software program, and we will encourage our affiliated business partners to do the same. The early adoption of Dr. Speak by providers in our service area will ultimately improve the client satisfaction levels of our membership base and position IHG as a valuable business resource to our contracted provider network."

According to the Onion, there are tens of thousands of people waiting to help you with your medical billing software:

OMAHA, NE—According to industry leaders, the nation's $7 billion phone-assisted-sales industry is thriving, with more than 450,000 desperately sad and lonely people standing by at this time, eagerly awaiting your call.

Call now from any rotary or touch-tone phone," said Charles Flannery, president of the American Association of Telephone Representatives, "and a friendless, deeply depressed wretch trapped in a sterile cubicle will be happy to assist you with your order, be it for flowers, magazine subscriptions or collector plates."

"Hi, Miraclean Cookware, this is Jill speaking, this call may be recorded for quality-assurance purposes, how may I help you?" a heavily medicated Jill Montrose, 41, intoned into her telephone handpiece, the pre-scripted greeting long stripped of any enthusiasm or inflection. Staring at the gray, fabric-like covering on the far wall of her cubicle, she again spoke into the lump of beige molded plastic in her hand after a 14-second pause: "Yes, ma'am, I'd be happy to process that order. Just to confirm, you'd like three of the Miraclean stainless-steel EZ-Broil pans at $22.95 each and one Miraclean Minute Wok at $31.95. Thank you, and have a nice day."

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