From AskMen:

Top Ten Plastic Surgeons:

One of the top authorities on plastic surgeries for African American and other ethnic skin types, Dr. Anthony Griffin believes that minorities who have plastic surgery need not necessarily conform to conventional ideas of beauty. "I want people to know that they can enhance their natural beauty and still retain their ethnic identity," he says. Who to see for your pearly whites and the one-stitch face-lift..

Dr. Griffin works especially hard to promote the newest and safest surgical techniques to his colleagues and he is a big believer in scar-free surgery, especially for ethnic skin types. The good doctor also believes in the value of charity work and is frequently involved in pro bono projects in Africa, Asia and South America, where he helps children with deformities Dr. Griffin pioneered the Brazilian butt lift, the six-pack tummy tuck, and no-tell nose job, all of which are extremely popular with celebrities and business executives.