From NY Post:

Carla Murino, a new bride from Staten Island, has had her new bottom for a year and is loving every curve of it. "I didn't want to look like J-Lo," said Murino, a patient of Jacobs. "It's more like I wanted an athletic butt - nice, little and perky." And that's what she said she got over a year ago when she fat removed from her stomach to her bottom. "It's great," she said. "I put on yoga pants and its like, I have a butt!"

If you don't have a bazillion dollars to resculpt your rear, here are some other, cheaper bum optimizers. The squat - The single best exercise for strengthening, toning and shaping the butt. Just stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees until you're parallel to the floor, push through your heels, contracting your bum. Repeat.

Padding - If you lack rear assets, the Better Bottom ($39) is a panty with padding to resemble a realistic round bottom. If you've got enough padding of your own, but want a more contoured shape, try the Booty Booster ($16; both available at lovefifi.com). Clarins Total Body Lift - This is the cellulite-reducing cream everyone says actually works. Aromatic plant and caffeine extracts help decrease fat storage, improve circulation and firm the skin. Apply twice a day ($57; available anywhere Clarins is sold).