From PSP-Interactive.com:

Taking a conservative approach to aesthetic plastic surgery can help better ensure patient satisfaction. Gary Motykie, MD, credits that as a big part of the reason his practice has risen to remarkable heights.

"When it comes to plastic surgery, as long as you do no harm, you can always do more," says Motykie, whose Los Angeles office straddles the border of Beverly Hills. "Patients need to know that we are surgeons, not magicians. They must fully understand that limitations come along with the incredible potential of surgery."

Patients typically don't think in terms of surgical conservatism; rather, they think in terms of dramatic change. Consequently, Motykie believes that patients ought to be educated at the earliest possible juncture about setting realistic expectations.

"The way I approach this with patients is to tell them during our initial consultation that I will do everything in my power to deliver a great result," he says. "I also at the same time let them know that I want to do what's best for them and what's going to be safest. "Patients are usually understanding when it's put to them this way because they see you have their interests at heart. Really, it all comes down to a solid patient–physician relationship and good communication."