The A-List Surgery Must-Haves

From Grazia Magazine, April 2006

Hollywood’s annual cosmetic surgery survey of the swanky Beverly Hills Institute’s clients lists the top six most-requested A-list features in Hollywood’s operating theatres. “The list used to be dominated by classic beauties ? Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts and Halle Berry ? but this year’s list is full of new talent, including Sienna Miller and Eva Longoria,” says Dr. Richard W. Fleming.

Most Wanted Cheeks: Naomi Watts Old trend: Solid cheek implants — a big operation and costly. Now: Adding volume with injections is quick, reverses the downward slide of time, and brings out your eyes.

Most Wanted Eyes: Sienna Miller Old trend: An overdone rabbit-in-the-headlights look. Now: “The most desired eyes are Sienna Miller’s, i.e., more voluptuous with heavier lids.”

Most Wanted Nose: Jessica Alba Old trend: A teeny ski slope. Now: Noses are stronger with less flesh and bone removed. “The ideal is that nobody can tell you’ve had your nose done,” says Dr. Fleming.

Most Wanted Lips: Scarlett Johansson Old trend: Big Now: As full and as pouty as possible. “Surgeons have to be careful we don’t make the pout too big, otherwise it doesn’t look natural,” says Dr. Fleming.

Most Wanted Breast: Eva Longoria Old trend: A Pammie DD. Now: “A respectable C cup. Clients are asking for breasts that go with the new, slimmer Eva Longoria body look that’s popular now,” says Dr. Fleming.

Most Wanted Jaw: Keira Knightley Old trend: There was less focus on the jaw line. Now: Strong, angular sculpted jaw, with lots more people requesting chin implants and neck liposuction.