Growing Numbers of Men Combat Aging Faces

From Cosmetic Surgery:

Today, more than ever before, American men are undergoing facial rejuvenation to fight aging. Many are looking for a quick turn around so that they can swiftly go back to work. It was once unthinkable for men to admit to having a little work done - but not anymore. Fortunately, there are many facial cosmetic procedure options - ranging from simple, non-surgical treatments such as chemical peels and Botox to surgical procedures like rhinoplasty and facelifts - that can help reduce the signs of aging and improve a man's appearance and self-image. "It's no surprise that men are eager to look younger and more fit," said Ira D. Papel, M.D., president of the A.A.F.P.R.S. "It's promising to see that, like women, men are taking advantage of the many benefits that these procedures offer."

The 2005 survey backed up the notion that American men have an ever-increasing interest in the benefits offered by cosmetic procedures and revealed a nine percent increase in the number of men who underwent non-surgical procedures. The most notable change since 2004 was a 417 percent boost in the volume of men who had ablative skin resurfacing. Other procedures on guys included fat injections with a 47 percent increase; hair transplants, commanding a 17 percent increase and microdermabrasion, yielding a 22 percent increase over the previous year.