From Forbes.com:

"It may be good for a character to look a certain way, but when it comes to, say, going to a premiere for a movie, you want to look your best," says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, who frequently treats working actresses. He, like most of the physicians quoted in this piece, would not divulge clients' names. "On the red carpet, you're supposed to look glamorous."

Most celebrities will deny they've had work done, but their doctors know the truth--and have the secret back entrances in their offices to prove it. "They're very paranoid," says Dr. Renato Calabria, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Calabria, who says his celebrity clients sometimes have a hard time saying hello to him in public, pioneered the new one-stitch face lift.

For about $5,000, the procedure lifts loose facial skin and anchors it via one stitch under the hairline on each side of the face. The effect is more subtle than full face lifts and popular among clients in their late 30s, Calabria says. Recovery time is around four days, perfect for the kind of person who doesn't want to stay out of the limelight for too long.