From Forbes.com:

Actresses who've already hit 40 but don't want to look it have been turning to Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Body practice. He uses the Volumetric Face Lift, which makes the face look young again by treating it like a deflated balloon. After taking fat via a needle from a patient's abdomen, he inserts it under the eyes, in the cheeks or between the nose and mouth to sculpt full features. Ellenbogen sometimes also tightens the skin via small incisions around the ears. The procedure's starting price is $15,000. Ellenbogen recommends that people who are photographed for a living schedule the procedure four to six weeks in advance of an event.

While some stars will plan major nips and tucks such as liposuction months in advance, most go for easy touch-ups like injections of fillers, which can give the skin a full, younger appearance, and which don't cause a lot of tell-tale swelling or bruising. "In general, the non-invasive or [minimally] invasive procedure market has expanded rapidly," says Dr. Roxanne Guy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. "It started with the Botox boom, and it's just built upon that."