Walter Scott’s Personality Parade:

Q A few years ago, you ran an item on the most-requested celebrity features among cosmetic-surgery patients. Are Angelina Jolie’s lips still popular? - Tatiana Watson, Boston, Mass Beyoncé and those popular cheeksA Yes. Jolie, 28, still tops the lips list. “But other hot parts have shifted, along with the latest pop icons,” says Dr. Richard Fleming, whose Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery publishes an annual survey of preferred features. This year’s female “winners” include Beyoncé Knowles (cheeks), Nicole Kidman (nose), Catherine Zeta-Jones (eyes) and Kate Beckinsale (jaw). For men, it’s Jude Law (lips), Mark Wahlberg (cheeks), Keanu Reeves (nose), Ashton Kutcher (eyes) and Johnny Depp (jaw).