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Top Ten Plastic Surgeons:

Based out of Michigan, Dr. Tony Youn is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. He specializes in cosmetic surgery and, after graduating with the prestigious Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in Beverly Hills, California, paid his dues learning the best techniques of the trade from his colleagues. Today, Dr. Youn prides himself on attention to detail and patient care and believes in the value of less invasive techniques and minimal downtime. He is known also for his work as an author, a lecturer and on the E! show Dr. 90210. More than this, Dr. Youn is famous for his Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery blog, which keeps readers up to date on the stars’ plastic surgery comings and goings. Since its inception, the blog has logged more than 1.3 million hits and has covered such celebrities as Britney Spears, Burt Reynolds, David Copperfield, Demi Moore, Beyonce, and Sharon Osbourne.