From Celebrity:

If Dr. Tony Youn looks a bit familiar, it may be because he appeared in the first season of E! Entertainment's Dr. 90210. And if you think you've seen or heard the name of this Michigan-based plastic surgeon before, it's because he writes a popular celebrity plastic surgery blog, and his expertise and opinions on treatments and procedures have been quoted in many national publications. Either way, Youn is no stranger to celebrities, plastic surgery or a combination of the two.

Dr. Tony Youn practices at the Hills Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre in Rochester Hills, Michigan. And while he doesn't necessarily cater to celebrities, he operated on a few during his fellowship in Beverly Hills, California. Unfortunately, confidentiality laws prohibit Youn from divulging their names. His company Web site, Beverly Hills Beauty, speaks more to his career as a board certified plastic surgeon.

Why did you decide to specialize in plastic surgery?

Iíve always had an interest in both art and surgery. Plastic surgery is a nice combination of both.