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Top Ten Plastic Surgeons:

Because plastic surgery isn’t all about your skin and body, you may want to consider the benefits offered by cosmetic dentistry as well. Dr. William Dorfman is one of the country’s leading dentists. He has worked with some of the country’s brightest stars and best-known names. In 1980, as a recent graduate, he was named to UCLA’s Outstanding Senior Award. He was one of the youngest ever recipients of a doctorate from the University of the Pacific and has practiced in Los Angeles since 1985. Today, Dr. Dorfman is renowned as an inventor and an entrepreneur who has brought all sorts of innovations to the field of aesthetic dentistry. He was recognized as the Best Aesthetic Dentist in Los Angeles by Los Angeles magazine and received two lifetime achievement awards from dentistry academies by the age of 42. Dr. Dorfman has also appeared on TV’s Extreme Makeover, as well as Entertainment Tonight and the Rosie O’Donnell Show. He also serves as a judge for the Miss South Carolina beauty pageant.