Last night (Jan. 10, 2008) I felt compelled to rise from my sickbed and rant into the void about shul etiquette. Due to the importance of the topic, I've decided to make these videos available to shuls around the world to educate Jews on proper synagogue behavior. For instance, it is not appropriate to chew gum in shul on Shabbos.

I've learned a lot during my 15 years in Jewish life.  Here are some commonsensical dos and donts:

* Turn off your cell phone.

* Don't lug your laptop into shul on Shabbos.

* Don't write in shul on Shabbos.

* Don't come to shul on Shabbos in jeans or casual clothing. Women, cover your feet. I find it distracting when I am trying to get closer to God and I look over the mehitza and I see a woman's bare feet.

* Don't interrupt the speaker with your brilliant insights into the Torah portion.

* If the speaker asks you to turn off your tape recorder, turn it off.

* Do not try to borrow money from Dennis Prager on Shabbos.

* Here's more on shul etiquette from the Lubavitch.