Here are the latest news articles about virtual PBX.

Joe Taylor writes:

Fortunately, many IT professionals now understand that the phone system selection process doesn't have to be an "either-or" proposition. Virtual PBX phone systems offer the best of both worlds: flexible hardware deployment, with servers that can be installed on-site or remotely hosted. As more telecommunications companies offer broad support for VOIP, experienced service professionals are becoming easier to find, even in smaller cities. While not yet containing all of the best benefits from both PBX and VOIP phone systems, Virtual PBX offers a strong alternative for companies that find it hard to choose one telecommunications tool over another.

Here's a press release:

Telecentrex LLC, a leading provider of virtual telecommunications services has launched a new website, ReduceFraud.com (http://www.reducefraud.com), that aims to help online merchants reduce the number of fraudulent transactions occurring on their websites.

Telecentrex markets a suite of advanced hosted telephony services that provide both front- and back-end services to existing telephone infrastructures. Services include virtual PBX phone systems, which allow small businesses to sound bigger and more professional, call capture hotlines, which provide real estate professionals with the ability to automatically generate leads 24/7, Internet fax services which enables anyone with a computer to send, receive and manage fax traffic without a fax machine, and televerification fraud protection solutions for online merchants. For more information, call 1-800-494-4641 or visit our web sites.