From ABC:

Michael Thurmond is a master body sculptor and rapid weight loss expert who has been transforming the bodies of thousands of satisfied clients over the past twenty years. With the trained eye of an artist, he has a developed a highly successful system for resculpting and reprogramming the body called "blueprinting," which is customized for the individual client so that each will lose weight and reshape his/her body quickly and effectively.

Focusing on each individual's body shape and lifestyle, Thurmond is able to precisely and predictably alter a person's shape, size and bodyfat composition in a matter of weeks. Thurmond believes that people need to eat, rather than starve themselves, in order for their bodies to lose weight. The body needs to speed up its metabolism so that it is not storing food and turning it into fat. Thus, eating healthy fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and red meat at specific times of the day will allow the body to use the food as fuel and not hold onto it. No two people are the same, however, so one person could actually gain weight by eating certain foods that would cause another person to lose weight.

Thurmond's innovative "6 Week BodyMakeover" customized diet and exercise program caught the attention of the producers of "Extreme Makeover," who signed Thurmond as one of the key Extreme Team members. Each week he has helped achieve weight loss and body sculpting success for all of the participants. For many of the patients who wish to undergo plastic surgery procedures as part of their "Extreme Makeover," it is imperative that they adhere to Thurmond's customized diet and exercise program prior to and after surgery. Recent "Extreme Makeover" patient Stacey Hoffman went from a size 16 to a 10 in just three weeks. And, after 12 weeks on Thurmond's program, she completed her makeover and is now down to a size 3.

Through his own specialized technique, Thurmond has taught hundreds of personal trainers his "6 Week BodyMakeover" and supervised the training and weight loss of thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom thought that they would never lose any weight. Thurmond currently employs over 80 trainers in 25 locations throughout Southern California. Many top Hollywood celebrities have sought out his particular expertise, along with thousands of everyday people who have wanted to change their bodies. He has given his clients the chance to regain control over their lives.

In addition to his work with "Extreme Makeover," Thurmond has been featured in such press outlets as Self Magazine, Marie Claire, People Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and The San Francisco Chronicle, as well as "The Wayne Brady Show," "Living it Up! with Ali & Jack," KABC-TV and FOX 11 News in Los Angeles.

In 2000 Thurmond founded and created the "Michael Thurmond's 6-Week Body Makeover" infomercial, which has been one of the highest performing infomercials and regular appearances on Home Shopping Network. This past year he incorporated his successful program and anti-aging approach into a unique spa experience called "Michael Thurmond's Spa Body Makeover." The program offers spa clients the ability to lose weight and transform their bodies in the matter of a few weeks, while vacationing at the luxurious beachfront hotel, Luxe Hotel, in Santa Monica, California.

Thurmond and his company, Body Makeover Systems, Inc., were recently honored with a congressional medal for their "Mind, Body, Action" program, a physical fitness and healthy diet program they conducted for teenagers in the Montebello Unified School district in Southern California. "Mind, Body, Action" aims to help battle childhood obesity by motivating kids to exercise regularly and to develop healthy eating habits. They are taught to set goals, visualize them, and then take the steps necessary to reach these goals.