Bill Todman Jr Stands Me Up

I spoke by phone to producer Bill Todman Jr (Wild Wild West) at 11AM, 8/16/02, and arranged to meet for lunch at 1PM at The Coffee Cafe on Sunset Blvd, next to the Director's Guild building.

I left home at 12:30PM, arrived at 12:50PM and stood around like a schmuck, calling Bill's cell phone number for the next 35 minutes, until leaving in frustration at 1:25PM. I got stood up. My calls weren't returned. No explanation was given nor apology offered. I hate it when people steal my time.

Todman has an office at Elie Samaha's Franchise Picture, where, I gather, I am not a favorite.

Bill is the son of game show producer, Bill Todman. Bill Jr. was a producer for Les Moonves, chairman of CBS, for 14 years and produced many hours of network television.

Bill Jr is the former head of production for Morgan Creek Productions.