A rich kid from Bel Air, Brad Wyman ran in the late eighties with bratpackers Charlie Sheen, Judd Nelson and Rob Lowe.

Brad's mom once served on the Los Angeles City Council.

Wyman first grabbed Hollywood's attention at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival. He tried to raise financing for his feature film The Dark Backward. He lost his mind and cralwed through the Hotel de Cap bar, begging people for spare change to fund his movie. He eventually streaked naked through the airport screaming, "Viva la France! Viva la France!"

He eventually made The Dark Backward with Judd Nelson and James Caan, acquaintances of Madam Heidi Fleiss.

A source told Hit & Run about an outing on Nagy's sailboat in the mid-eighties. Nathanson, Nagy, young producer Brad Wyman were joined by topless women in the employ of Madam Alex. (pg. 392)

A loud mouthed profane man, Nagy (who had a tempestuous affair with Heidi Fleiss) directed episodes of Starsky and Hutch and The Hitchhiker as well as nine TV movies. When his Hollywood career tanked, he went to work for Madam Alex, helping her manage her business. Nagy had many friends in Hollywood, including former Tristar head Jeff Sagansky. Nagy surrounded himself with pretty girl and drugs.

Nagy was arrested in May, 1991 on six felony counts of bookmaming, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, and cultivation of marijuana. He was only convicted of bookmaking and placed on probation. (pg. 392)