Michael Fattorosi has been retained to defend Brian Gilbert Barnes.

Gene Ross reports:

Brian Surewood and this other guy Gamboa Ayon are at a stop light and there's an altercation. Surewood and Ayon are playing some game of chicken. Surewood was in front of Ayon and to ---- with him, jams on his brakes. Ayon was following too close behind and to avoid hitting Surewood swerves and hits a family.

A crowd of people immediately descended upon Ayon and held him for the cops. In the meantime, Surewood takes off. He goes to his pot store and lights up and tells people about this because he's all shaken up and trying to mellow out. Surewood's told you've got a very distinctive car. It was Surewood with the red car and the Times got that wrong. So Surewood's told you've got to turn yourself in. He gets a lawyer and turned himself in last night.

KNBC.com reports:

Doctors said Wednesday that a 4-year-old hospitalized in critical condition may not survive after a "road rage" incident on Tuesday, according to police.

"The 4-year-old child is in extremely grave condition. We don't even know if the child is going to make it. Doctors are very skeptical on that. They're doing everything they can, but it does not look good for the 4-year-old," Capt. Ronald Marbrey of the LAPD.

The child's 2½-month-old sibling and 31-year-old mother, all natives of India, were also hospitalized Tuesday, KNBC's Robert Kovacik reported.

The crash, which was originally blamed on street racing, occurred at 3:12 p.m. at 17119 W. Sherman Way, between Balboa Boulevard and Louise Avenue, at 3:12 p.m. Tuesday, said Ron Myers of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

"Witnesses tell us that two individuals were driving at a high rate of speed westbound, here, on Sherman Way. It appeared to witnesses that they were jockeying for position," Marbrey said.