Outspoken and profane, Producer David Foster (born in 1930) graduated from the USC School of Cinema in 1953. He became a Hollywood publicist until producing his first movie McCabe and Mrs Miller in 1971. His other films include "The Getaway," "Short Circuit," "The Mask of Zorro," "Collateral Damage" and "The Core."

"His son Gary, 41, is new-school: calm, thoughtful, consensus-oriented. His producer credits include "Sleepless in Seattle," "Tin Cup" and "The Score." His latest film, "Daredevil," which stars Ben Affleck as a Marvel comic action hero, is due out next year. "They are really what producers should be: creative, fiscally responsible and steeped in a real knowledge of film," says Paramount studio chief Sherry Lansing, who has worked with both men. "When we had the premiere for Gary's movie, 'The Score,' I remember seeing David and saying, 'How nice of you to show up.' And he thought I was nuts. I had no idea they were related, which is probably the biggest compliment you could give. They completely have their own identities."" (LA Times, 6/11/02, Patrick Goldstein)

Born in 1961, Gary grew up around stars like Steve McQueen. He graduated from the USC School of Cinema in 1983.