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Internet sex sting nabs 13, Including Valley Torah Graduate David Mazlin

Aug. 14, 2007

Tony Castro writes:

Thirteen men - including five from the San Fernando Valley and one from Simi Valley - were nabbed in a sting targeting suspects who troll the Internet seeking sex with underage girls, officials said Friday.

The undercover operation mirrored the popular "To Catch a Predator" segments on NBC's "Dateline," with undercover FBI agents and police officers portraying adolescent girls in online chat rooms.

Some of the men who made dates with the "girls" arrived at an undisclosed Valley location bearing gifts, ranging from alcohol and jewelry to teddy bears and ballet slippers, officials said.

The suspects include: Babak Habashi, 24, of Winnetka; Abraham Aleksanyan, 30, of Van Nuys; David Mazlin, 23, of Valley Village; Oscar Hernandez-Garcia, 25, of Sherman Oaks; David Avram Cohn, 49, of Woodland Hills; and Shalendra Avi Parasram, 27, of Simi Valley.

The seven other suspects were identified as John Hwang, 27, of Anaheim; Richard Joseph Buttery, 49, of La Mirada; Evan Greene, 28, of Seal Beach; Antonio Perez, 21, of Huntington Park; Kenneth Grajeda, 23, of Stanton; Eric Lozoya, 21, of Inglewood; and Kristopher P. Duke, 33, of Las Vegas.

David Mazlin has been married less than two years. He has his pictures on onlysimchas.com. Here he is. David.

I've cropped out his wife from the pictures above.

David stands 6'4". He was the captain of the Valley Torah basketball team. He hung out with the cool kids and primarily spoke to cute girls.

He studied at Ohr Yerushalayim in Israel. It's a black hat Chofetz Chaim-type yeshiva.

David's parents have one of the biggest homes in Valley Village.

David posts on onlysimchas.com 8/24/05:

ok, first thank you ida for wishing me and sara a happy life togethor. secondly, when did this website become about whose the better mazlin. We should be concentrating on rikki instead on sara and elana. Im not even asking for attention. Im asking that stay focused on our goal. And on this website our goal is rikki and david. Thanx david p.s. go dodgers

David posts on onlysimchas.com 9/9/05:

hi chani, this is not a message post 4 u or any1 else to post messages on 4 rikki. U should be wishing me and her a mazel tov, since i was scrolling down and i didnt see any posts from u since we got engaged!!!! So i suggest that u stick to the posting rules, which are only posting simchas. hence the webstie name ONLYSIMCHAS. chani, i dont mean 2 get on ur case bc u know that we bonded during ur stay in la (ir hakodesh). You know im not usually a stickler 4 the rules, but just last week, my friend got kicked off 4 posting call back messages. so chani im only looking out 4 ur good. -david p.s. chani when rikki calls u, tell her to call me afterwards

David posts 12/4/05:

ok im moving to israel, so i cant type anymore. so i just wanna say i dont care who sees this, me and josh r mad pimping, im out

Josh posts 12/13/05:

Once again you bring your foolishness into our debates. I am disaapointed in the lack of your cognitive display of idiocy. If the ball bounced off your head in to my basket, it means you scored for me. If on the other hand it bounced off you and went into your basket, the points would be yours. As a college graduate, i try not to demean your status as a man, but it is too difficult. You are a hardcore ghetto fabulous woman. I will not stoop to your level of uneducation and reply to your non sensical, thickheaded remarks. I will rise ahead of your stupidy and proclaim myself victorious as always. Please save yourself the degradaion of your family's reputation and quit with but a slice of your dignity as i will quit with a slice of cheesecake i made for you but ate it. Happy Holidays!

David posts 12/13/05:

omg, josh u just dont make any sense anymore. i mean, i know ur a college graduate.........u know what it is, i just lost respect for graduates of skokie/pierce/valley college. bc if the bal bounced off my face than that means, i scored and then i get lifted onto peoples shoulders. which means im the winner and josh is still the loser. but u know what josh i dont think ur a loser, ur just in second place. i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and u have 2 lear that i won and u need 2 stop trying josh. ull win with our next friend maybe (if i let you) -davey p.s. mazel tov moshe lol

XNewYorker posts to my blog:

If it smells like a fish, it is usually a fish! I do not see this as Lushon Hora for those of us that live in the same community as this family. Having your children at home, including girls, gives me a right to know about who is living in our neighborhood. The version being given by the family is that the wife was doing work under David's screen name and this "underaged girl" started to harass her. When David got home from work, the wife sent him over to the girls house to tell her to leave the wife alone. This is how and when David was supposedly caught. That is their story. As community members, we are then left with some troubling questions. First, if she was doing work under her husbands name, what was she doing in a chat room even having a conversation? Second, if as she said, the girl was harassing her, why not just leave the chat room or block her from contacting her. Third, would anyone really send their husband over to someone's house to do this and if so, why bring a gift? According to the paper and FBI stories, this conversation was not one day in the making. This sting was a result of a two month investigation. Just from having watched Dateline, every time they confront the predators, each one says the same thing, "It was an accident," yet Dateline always has in his hands, several explicit pages of conversations that have gone back and forth. They do not set these operations up on a whim. They also tell them to bring something to the girl to show intent. If David was going to talk to the girl about harassing his wife, why bring something with him? I am sure the FBI can and has made mistakes, but if they made a mistake about me or my loved ones, I would be jumping from the rooftops proclaiming our innocence, not allowing all the speculation to go on and on. After all, if this is a mistake, David could take them to court for all of this and end up a very rich man. And having lived in Los Angeles for the past few years I have seen first hand the examples of people who live in LA who have great lawyers and get away with murder so it is also not so farfetched to think that with the right lawyer, David could join the same long list. I am trying to bring up questions, rather than assume guilt until a trial, but again, if he were my son, husband or me, and I was innocent, I would be making sure everyone heard my story and it was a story that did not have so many holes in it that we can only come to the conclusions that many of us have. Until this is cleared up having daughters in this community is unsettling at best.

HK posts to my blog:

None of you should be judging David or his family. If you all think that it is wierd that his wife went on his screen name or that people randomly messaged him you are wrong. In the past 2 months, i've gotten at least 10 strangers messaging my husband saying they wanted him to come over, and wanting to meet for sexual reasons. It is very common that girls do this not even in chat rooms. this happend on facebook and aim. Girls are constantly harassing him to meet. Until this whole awful situation, i thought he was getting these messages as a joke. I completely understand why Davids wife went along with the situation. She wanted to end it. It is sooooo frustrating when other girls are messaging your husband, whether they want sex or just to chat. Dont judge other people and spread nasty rumors, put yourself in their positions. and also since you all seem so bored with your lives and have nothing better to do then bath mouth innocent people go to a jewish bookstore and pick up the book A Daily Companion by the Chofetz Chaim about loshin hara. ISBN 1578195926

Mazlin, a graduate of Valley Torah Academy, was arrested in an FBI sting last year for trying to arrange sex with a 13-year-old girl.

David briefly had a blog - The Daily Sweat -- with his friend Yitz Rabovsky.

David introduces himself this way: "We are not dorks that blog all day, and complain about the government and the environment. I mean for God's sake were Rublican. We are writting because we are smart, funny, interesting, inspiring, inquisitive, sensitive, romantic, optimistic, serious, playful, hyperactive, smooth talking, motivational, manipulative, good looking, rich, hungry, fully clothed, clean shaven, Jewish, marketable, knowledgeable, quirky, happy, sleepy, sneezy, bashful, angry, dopey, and doc, people who have funny and interesting opinions for the world to hear."

Mazlin writes:

While driving to work on erev Chanukah, I was listening to Dan Patrick explain how the Patriots last two close games are only a testament to how good they really are. When after finishing that segment, his next guest was supposed to be the best three-point shooter in NBA history, Reggie Aloisius Miller. However he pulled a maneuver that most good hosts pull called a "hook," and instead quickly put on a surprise guest.

A girl who worked for the Washington Post, and who wrote an article so "inspiring" that they even posted her article in the LA Times. She is a Jewish girl who briefly retold her story about how when she was ten years old she always felt it was wrong for her to enjoy Christmas songs and that she used to hear Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" and would secretly love it, but as a Jew she couldn't indulge herself in Mariah's high-pitched, overly annoying, glass shattering, tumor causing, death defying, convulsive eye twitching squeal.

She went on to say that Christmas after Christmas she kept hearing this song, and after a while she couldn't take it anymore. She decided that she loves this song so much that she doesn't care what her "Rabbi" Stephanie Rosenblatt thinks. So she now partakes in Christmas, and is engaged to be married this December. The "cherry on top" of this story is that she said that she will be having an Orthodox Jewish wedding, and she will be playing "All I Want for Christmas is you" as she walks to the chuppah.

Joe, a member of the Valley's Orthodox community, says: "What worries me is that since his parents are rich, and he has no major record, that his lawyers will get him off with a slap on the wrist, and he will be out on the streets to do it again but only this time wont be so stupid as to do it with the F.B.I.

"Is there any way you can get a copy of his arrest and mug shot? This will paint a clearer picture of what he is. Last I heard he was indicted. Please do some research and get us an update on this hot and very important story for the Jewish Orthodox community, he should be made an example of, so that other Orthodox kids who are messed up, won't follow in his footsteps. This guy is going around the valley and LA, acting even more shallow and full of himself than before his arrest, he feels untouchable, much like O.J. walks around with a smug "I got away with it" persona."

The LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department don't release mug shots.

Jane, a member of L.A.'s Orthodox community, says: "What you have to understand about him is that his whole life his aim was to be very cool and popular and he was basically a bully. He was captain of Valley Torah's basketball team. He was the jock who only spoke to pretty girls although he wasn't a very good basketball player, probably the worst on the team. It was about status. He dated his wife only two weeks before they got enagaged and she is in hell now.

"He is out all over town eating in expensive eateries with friends not his wife, sort of to say 'Hey, it's ok, I'm still cool, I'm not a pariah.'

"He tells his friends he's innocent but can't go into details."

"He's very smooth and his friends are the coolest and people fear that he'll put out the word that they're no good and they'll be socially ruined."

"Probably 95% of Valley Torah's graduates are virgins."

"When his blog first came out all the comments were 99% against him calling him a perv. So he deleted all the comments and made it so you can't post a comment, he is good at P.R.

"Of course most people don't believe him, but his friends who he has fooled all these years actually believe that the F.B.I would frame a random guy for two months and then arrest him, risking that he could easily sue them for millions."

"He's Hollywood. He lives for the limelight. I think he's enjoying this. Any press is good press. He has a fan page on Facebook. He's a fake black-hatter."

"He got arrested the day before his sister's wedding. His parents bailed him out right away. Nobody else at the wedding knew what had happened. He was totally cool, calm and collected. That's quite smooth for a guy who just got locked up and is facing many years in prison with huge men who rape you. He is so smug that he thinks he can get away with anything, he just needs some rabbis to say he is a good guy and that his family is very good and a few good lawyers and then he is golden."

David Mazlin writes on Facebook about his new blog:

This is not a joke!!!!!!
Go to this website!!!!
Everyone should go to this website to read Yitz Rabovsky and MY very entertaining articles. We hopefully will have a magazine coming out within the next year. We are getting VERY BIG and encouraging more of our friends to check it out daily and make sure tell your friends.