Deal Breaker

Debra L. Eckerling writes 11/17/06 in the Jewish Journal:

I say a deal breaker is a deal breaker, and the fact that you have turned 28 for several years in a row doesn't mean you should dismiss core things you want in a guy.

Let's start with the no-brainers: A suitable suitor should have the following qualities: intelligence, sense of humor, financial stability, emotional stability and passion. I also require my mate be heterosexual. He also should not be hygienically challenged, an addict or a felon.

The other thing that is near the top of my list is height. I like guys who are tall, but, more importantly, I prefer guys who tell the truth about their height.

I was reading this to a female friend who responded: "Well, what does she look like?"

Abashed by this display of lookism, I did not know what to say.

Debra finishes her column by lamenting that a guy blew her off on their first phone call because she wanted kids.

Her point was that her deal breakers were reasonable and rational, but someone enticing who had dealbreakers that excluded her, well, then he was hasty.