Elliott Kastner - Doesn't Do Windows or Interviews

I was having lunch this week with Producer David Korda, cousin of Simon & Schuster editor Michael Korda. I pumped David for people I should interview for my book on producers. He mentioned several names including Elliott Kastner, producer of Angel Heart, Oxford Blues, etc... I got a fax back this afternoon from Mr. Kastner's assistant who reports that Mr. Kastner said: "I don't do windows and I don't do interviews."

According to the Imdb.com: "A former talent agent, Elliott Kastner began producing films in the mid-1960s. Although not often meeting with much critical approval, Kastner's films have done extremely well financially, especially in Europe, his base of operations."

Rodger Jacobs writes: Elliot "produced one of the most under-rated movies of all time, "The Missouri Breaks."