Oct. 10, 2007

News Report from the Morgan Hill Times:

Morgan Hill - The identity of a man found dead in a motel room the afternoon of Sept. 29 has been confirmed, according to the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office.

Inkyo Volt Hwang, 38, was found in his room at the Economy Inn on Monterey Road after the manager of the motel was unable to get a response from him.

Hwang, who was found half-in and half-out of his bed, is believed to be a resident of Gardena, in Southern California. His death is not being considered suspicious by police. The cause of his death will not be released until the toxicology report is completed.

Hwang was "implicated" in the death of his girlfriend in King City this summer, according to King City police Sgt. Steve Miller. He would not release the name of the murder victim or other information about the case because the investigation is ongoing, he said.

Hwang may have been involved in making pornographic movies, according to Morgan Hill police, and likely was headed north due to the King City investigation.

Police suspect Hwang died of a drug overdose.

Everyone in xxx knew Hwang was a drunk but only a few knew he also did cocaine. The drinking took the edge of the coke jitters.

Hwang and Haley enabled each others drug addictions.

If we make an effort to enter a drug-addicted loved one into alcohol and drug rehab programs, a drug overdose or other tragic consequences of drug addiction can be avoided.

Volt Hwang was leaving King City (just south of Monterey), possibly headed to San Francisco (where there's a big Korean community) to start a new life. His car (not the missing rental car) broke down. He got on a bus. He checked into the Economy Inn (15080 Monterey Road) in Morgan Hill (95037, 30 minutes south of San Jose) and checked out of life.

He was not on the verge of being arrested by King City. He was implicated in the death of Maryam Hailey but that does not mean he caused it. She might have overdosed while he was in the room.

Hwang's death does not end the police investigation into Haley's death.

Scott Fayner posts on lukeford.com:

Seriously, back in the old days, way back like five years ago, Wanker was a cool guy. He was terrified of girls. He was a computer geek. He was fun. In doses, that is.

But he also drank. And although no one knew at the time, he was also a rapist and kidnapper, as well as an abuser towards women. It wasn't until he again got arrested for the same charges did we know of his evil past. It's too bad, too, 'cause Haley Paige got the raw end of the deal in the end.

It's obvious Wanker killed Haley. So obvious, I bet even he knew that everyone in the Valley knew it, too. I bet a lot of people would have loved it if he came back to the Valley after news of Haley's death hit the streets. I guarantee someone would have cracked his skull open with a pipe...

But instead he most probably killed himself with drugs. Coward.

On June 29, 2007 Inkyo Volt Hwang was arrested by the LAPD West Valley Division at 1:15 a.m. on felony charges related to his pistol-whipping, kidnapping and torturing his fiance Maryam Irene Haley.

On July 3, 2007, Hwang was released from LA County jail.

(In December of 1997, Hwang was sentenced to four years in state prison for  beating, kidnapping and raping his UCLA girlfriend Helen Na. The two felony convictions were for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual battery. Hwang served two years and two months (in Chico, I believe).)

On August 2, 2007, Hwang and Haley married in Las Vegas.

On August 8, 2007, Los Angeles County District Attorney's office public information officer Sandi Gibbon replied to my inquiry: "We reviewed the case and on July 3 of this year, declined to file charges. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department jail records, Mr. Hwang was released from custody on July 3."

During August and September, I wondered on my site about the whereabouts of Hwang and Haley.

On September 5, I heard several times from an emailer (who I believe to be a female member of Haley's family who sent in this Oct. 5):  "I'm Sure chico wang knows where haley paige has been....and if she's okay."

"I see your extremly interested in following wanker wang, but what about haily paige? I don't see anyone asking where she has been and if she is even okay....has anyone seen or heard from her."

Haley's father Ken Haley posts Sept. 16: "Haley Paige passed from this life on August 21, 2007. In the company of Chico Wang. Who ya gonna blame?"

The news broke on my site Sept. 26 that Haley Paige might be dead. This was confirmed Oct. 1 (by Charlie at Fox Magazine through the coroner in Monterey County) -- that she passed away Aug. 21.

On October 1, I first reported my suspicions (and those of many in the industry) in a headline that Inkyo Volt Hwang murdered Hailey Page and then killed himself.

On October 7, I reported that Hwang's rental car was missing.

On Oct. 10, I emailed reports on the deaths of Hwang and Haley to Sandi Gibbon along with this: "The man the LA DA declined July 3 to prosecute went on to murder this woman in question and then kill himself."

Sandi Gibbon replied: "I believe the case went to the City Attorney. He was booked on a misdemeanor charge."

Here's a picture of Inkyo Volt Hwang.

I had an awkward relationship with Hwang. It began in late August 2002 when I started to write a column for lukeford.com, my old website. Hwang said he'd let me take over the site. If I was going to write for it, he didn't want anything to do with it.

Hwang told me about his history in the industry. That he heard about Rob Black running for mayor of Los Angeles (circa 2000) and went to Rob for a job. He became an editor and online maven.

Hwang told me he left Extreme Associates because the place was a moral black hole. There were too many chicks coming in that he was throat-f---ing.

I ran into Hwang every few months for the next five years. He was usually loaded. He usually invaded my space, kissed me and groped me. I hated him but I was in an awkward situation because he had access to my old domain name.

When Hwang took over lukeford.com, he disabled all my pictures. He used the site to viciously slam people (usually while drunk). He repeatedly bashed Chris Alexander of Anabolic for reportedly boinking trannies.

A few years later, Chris asked me why I went after him so much. I didn't know what he was talking about.

A few months later, I realized he'd read Wanker's stuff on lukeford.com and thought I was responsible.

Friends of Chico have long said he's harmless, a nice guy, not dangerous, just a loose cannon. He was goofy and off the wall and liked to get drunk. Sure, he was abusive mentally and verbally, but he was not a threat to anyone.

The Wanker Wang I knew made frequent and disturbing references to killing other people and then himself.

I only know of one person in xxx, an enemy of Chico's, who knew of Hwang's 1997 conviction for assault.

Wanker lived on the edge. As long as he was in xxx, he was a danger to himself and to others. And there are a lot of people like him remaining in xxx who would not surprise me if they went out and murdered someone.

Inkyo Volt Hwang's 1997 Sentencing Transcript

Director Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) pistol-whipped his girlfriend Haley Paige (Maryann Haley, born Dec. 30, 1981) Thursday night (June 28, 2007) and then kidnapped her. She was supposed to go to work Saturday but was too badly injured.

Hwang was arrested at 1:15 a.m. June 29 by the West Valley Division of the LAPD. He was booked into Van Nuys jail at 4:44 a.m.

Inkyo Volt Hwang was in L.A. County jail on one million dollars bail facing armed robbery among other charges. He's facing 25 years in prison.

On July 3, the Los Angeles District Attorney decided to not file charges. That same day, Hwang was released from jail.

My phone call and emails to Wanker Wang were not returned.

Volt Hwang had many enemies in the industry. Two separate persons phoned me Monday afternoon about his prior conviction for pistol-whipping a woman in 1997.

Prior to entering xxx, Inkyo Volt Hwang spent two years and two months in state prison (Chico?) for beating, kidnapping and raping his UCLA girlfriend Helen Na. The two felony convictions were for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual battery.

The case number was YA034228-01 (filed Sept. 5, 1997).

The trial took place in Manhattan Beach in October 1997. I hear the trial transcript makes for great reading.

Hwang's attorney told the court that beating women was common in Korean culture.

Hwang cried for mercy.

According to this Global Korean Network of Los Angeles website in 1996, "Ms. Na is a staff at Korean-American Counseling Center and a Ph.D candidate at UCLA."

Hwang was ordered to pay her $21,858.78 and pay a fine of $10,200.

Inkyo Volt Hwang was born January 14, 1969. He stands 5'9" and weighs 180 pounds.

On May 21, 2007, he was charged with unlicensed driving. The charge was not prosecuted.

On November 20, 2003, he was convicted of reckless driving. The charges for drunk driving, drugs in the vehicle, and driving with a suspended license were not successfully prosecuted.

July 3, 2007

I talk to Rob Spallone by phone Tuesday morning about Wanker Wang.

Rob: "He had booked a girl [Cali Caramel] from me. He shot her with Brian Surewood for two hours on Tuesday. Then Brian got cuts on his disk. Wanker called up and said he couldn't finish the scene because she had stitches in her pussy from when she was raped at five years of age.

"So she told him that she would come back tomorrow with her boyfriend to do the scene.

"They came back the next day to do the scene. Ten minutes into it, he said, 'It's too hot. It's not working. Forget it.'

"I call him. I say, 'You've shot the girl twice. Now you send her home. You can't do that.'

"So he comes to my office. I said, 'I'll book a guy. How much do you pay?' He said, '$500.' I get him a guy for $300.

"He says, 'Make it for 2 p.m. Thursday. I'll pick the girl up at 1:30 p.m.'

"I send the guy to the location. At 1:45, the girl calls. 'He's not here.' She's flipping. 'I'm going to call the police. I worked. He didn't pay me.'

"I said, 'Calm down. You're not calling no police.'

"The guy shows up to the location. There's this Chinese kid there who says, 'We're not shooting today.'

"It takes me half an hour to get Wanker on the phone. He says, 'What's up? I'm in San Diego.'

"He said, 'Ooh, I'm such an airhead. I'll be there at 7 p.m.'

"At 6 p.m., he calls up. 'Make it 9 p.m.'

"At 9 p.m., the talent gets there. He's not there. The Chinese kid's there. I get him on the phone. 'You tell [Wanker] that I'll break his neck.'

"I'm screaming. The kid hangs up on me. I call back. The kid don't answer. I'm screaming [on his voice mail], I'm going to break his neck and I'm going to break your neck.'

"Wanker calls up ten minutes later. He says, 'I'll be there in ten minutes, Rob. Make the talent wait.'

"He gets there.

"I'm lying in my bed. It's 10:30 p.m. They're there for five minutes. He texts me: 'This is not going to work. The guy don't have wood.'

"I tell him to shoot the scene. He texts three more times. Leah calls him. He says, 'Tell Rob to come over here.'

"I get in my car. I fly over there. I'm going to break his neck. I'm going to break his friend's neck.

"It's just him and my two talent. It's working.

"I hang outside for a few minutes. Wanker comes out and says, 'I need 12 more minutes.'

"I say OK. I leave. I drive four blocks. He calls me and says, 'This is not going to work.'

"Thursday, he comes to my office. He says, 'Do me a favor and tell the girl I have her booked for three more scenes but I'm canceling the check for this one.'

"I have the feeling that he didn't have the money to shoot it and he was too afraid to say something."

"I like the kid. Every time I see him, he says his girlfriend is f---ed up. Thursday he said that she's on heroin. He had a different story every day."

Haley's dad Ken Haley (?) posts July 4, 2007: "Hi Mike! Hola Jorge! I know you both, don't I? Yes, Haley lived in Chihuahua as a child. She's a true bicultural product, and I hope she's proud of it. And I entrusted her to Mike on her year-long journey down under. Then had to pay for her to come home when she needed to escape. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby, Mike! How's it going, senorita Haley? (I'm the most important man in Haley's life, and I hope she reads this.) Except for the bad story about your uncle, in which you said your parents looked the other way, you've managed to project your true sweet nature and loving heart. It's a hell of a shock to see where you've gone, and though I don't like it, I don't condemn you for it. I do believe that you could have chosen a more wholesome outlet for your beauty and talents. I don't think it's too late to redirect your course. If you need any help or encouragement, you know where to find me."

Ken Haley posts Sept. 16: "Haley Paige passed from this life on August 21, 2007. In the company of Chico Wang. Who ya gonna blame?"

Ken Haley posts 23: "So very certain. I'm her father. I buried her in Brentwood, California on August 30. There seems to be no word on her or Chico in the blogs. Anyone who knew her, I'd love to hear good stories of her; bad ones, too, I want to know more about her life in the last 3 years or so. Her mother and I (we're divorced) did not know she was in the business until just a few weeks before her passing. We did not judge her nor condemn her for her chosen path. We love her deeply, and she knows we do, even in death. And to set the record straight: she was NOT molested by her uncle. There was an incident with him, and it ended right there. Her parents did NOT give her up to a nasty uncle for rent. She was very young at the time. We lived in Mexico, the uncle lived in California. After the one incident, we never left her alone with him, and we seldom saw him until he died of a liver disease. My daughter is indeed as sweet and loving as many of you say she is."

Vin posts on XPT a picture of Wanker Wang holding Kat: "Kat's the next to die."

Martin Del Toro writes June 25, 2006 on his MySpace:

While dating Monika Miklos, for the past several years, I befriended an American Porn actress named Haley Paige.

The reasons for this sudden romance was because my student visa expired and I was suddenly an illegal alien in America. (View my "PICS" to see our authentic marriage certificate).

After dating for a few months, Haley and I married on October 15th, 2005 in a ceremony attended by my cousin Tibor. The marriage was set up in 4 hours prior to the ceremony. I moved into Haley's apartment in North Hollywood the following day. On Thanksgiving Eve, approximately 5 weeks after our marriage, I left Haley to move in with my girlfriend Monika Miklos with whom I was living with the entire time of the fraudulent relationship between Haley and I citing her addiction to painkillers as the reason. Neither Monika nor Haley knew of each other at the time. It didn't matter that I knew she was on painkillers and even providing her with painkillers during the duration of the relationship.

I informed my wife Haley I would return once she sobered up and that my drug addiction specialist informed me that drug users should always be alone in order to successfully conquer their addiction. I promised to return to the marriage on Christmas Day, 2005, while Haley was completely sober and to live together. It never happened. I called a week later citing a trip to Las Vegas with relatives during the Christmas holidays. During the marriage, I begged Haley not to let anyone know about the marriage. The reasoning behind this stemmed from my desire not to have anyone know, especially my girlfriend at the time. What I told Haley was this ... I want a huge Satanic wedding, complete with porn paparazzi to be videotaped and sold as a symbol of our love.

Unfortunately, I never returned to my wife who was battling addiction alone. I promised I was completely loyal to my wife Haley and never cheated on her to this point. I promised to move back in with my wife Haley a week before a scheduled Homeland Security interview which was conducted on February 14, 2006. Incidentally, it was Valentine's Day where I would tell every stranger about my glorious marriage. After the interview where I was the only one questioned by officials (under oath), I stopped calling again, praising Haley's miraculous recovery from addiction.

At this point, sometime in mid-April approximately 5 months after I left the marriage, Haley found the marriage to be a fraud. She was in denial about the fraudulent nature of the marriage until her friends started telling her how ridiculous this marriage truly was. Haley started to discover from friends who previously did not want to be involved that I was dating Monika Miklos and living with her during the marriage even though I claimed to live in a studio.

She talked to me one last time in mid-April where she asked me if the marriage was a fraud, simply for a conditional green card. Of course I denied it. As the love from her heart dissipated, she became much more rational and realized the only reason I married her, the only reason I promised her the world, the only reason for everything was my agenda to procure legal status in the United States.

I have not talked to Haley since mid-April when she moved out of her apartment. She refuses to talk to me after I threatened her against divorcing me. I even offered to pay for the duration of the marriage but Haley still refuesed any money from me. I even tried to tell her I love her and offered to move back in with me.

Alas, she'd rather erase the past all together from her mind. I'm sure she'd like to thank her friends and lawyers for supporting her throughout this entire ordeal and their continued support.

Martin Del Toro's Affidavit Against Haley Paige

From XPT:

I, Csaba Marton declare:

1. I am the Respondent in this action, and make this declaration in support of my opposition to Petitioner's motion for an order of nullity based on alleged fraud, and for attorney's fees and costs.

2. Actually, I filed for dissolution first against Ms. Haley on June 17, 2006. She was not served until July 16, 2006 because I could not find her.

3. In general, my marriage to Ms. Haley was legitimate and not based on fraud.

4. On April 17, 2005 I met Ms. Haley. I was a director of, and she was an actress in an adult movie. We were interested in each other, and dated for about five months before I moved in with her in September 2005. At that time she lived in a one-bedroom apartment at 11125, Acama Street, North Hollywood, California. Around the time we moved in together, we opened a joint bank account. A true and correct copy of a check from that account is attached as Ex. 2.

5. From the beginning, I was always honest with her about my immigration status. I never told her I was here legally. I told her that I had overstayed my visa, and was taking steps to become a U.S. citizen. It was our mutual decision to get married, and we did so on October 15, 2005. I never rushed Ms. Haley into getting married, it was by mutual decision because we wanted to. Attached as Ex. 3 is a photograph of me and Ms. Haley that was shot in our apartment the day after we were married.

6. Ms. Haley and I discussed the marriage well before it took place. We agreed that we were getting married for love, but agreed to sign a premarital agreement. We both went to a paralegal service and had an agreement prepared which we signed on October 7, 2005. A true and correct copy is attached as Ex. 4.

7. Our marriage was consummated numerous times and there is no issue about that.

8. I have reviewed Ms. Haley's declaration and it is not entirely correct. Paragraph 12 of her declaration is true, though we both decided to get married at the beach as a romantic gesture. Paragraph 13 is not correct because we lived together in her apartment for at least one month before we got married.

9. Our marriage ended in April 2006, six months after we were married on October 15, 2005 because of Ms. Haley's addiction to painkillers and other drugs. When I became aware of her addiction, I encouraged her to attend meetings at Narcotic Anonymous ("NA"). Paragraph 17 of her declaration is not correct. She states we separated November 23, 2005. Actually, we put the utilities in the apartment in both our names in February 2006 and attended a meeting together at the INS office on March 7, 2006. Based on our meeting with an INS officer I was given a two year green card.

10. We did live as a married couple for six months. I did not have a "girlfriend" during this time. I did remain friends with a Ms. Miklos who is also Hungarian and a friend from long ago.

11. The assertions in paragraph 22 of Ms. Haley's declaration are not true. She is quoting from Hungarian tabloids a bunch of a nonsense that was written about me and my ex-wife, Sarolta Zaltnay. Ms. Zaltnay was (and still is) an actress, singer, and celebrity in Hungary. The tabloids there (as in the U.S.) frequently write lies and other sensational nonsense about celebrities to sell magazines. None of it is true.

Haley Paige's affidavit:

I was born on December 30, 1981 and am a citizen of the United States of America.

I met Csaba Marton, a Hungarian-born citizen, in May 2005 at an adult movie shoot where he worked as a cameraman. He seemed to take a particular liking to me and continued to hire me for more work.

On my third shoot, he asked me out on a date. After three weeks of dating and intimate relations, he brought up the subject of marriage. He asked, "What do you think about marriage? Do you think about getting married? What do you think about us getting married?" At that time I believed I was in love and I had never fallen in love so quickly before. He insisted that he would not judge me for my job, saying, "I don't care about you doing porn. It's not a big deal if you do black guys, do gays or gangbangs". I had been depressed since I felt that no one could ever love me if they knew about my occupation. I was prepared to accept his marriage proposal and grew more attracted to him as I began to trust and love him wholeheartedly.

During our period of courtship, I was not aware of Csaba's illegal alien status as he never gave me any indication of his immigration problems. He persuaded me to believe he was acting on pure love and our relations would have no bearing on his immigration proceedings. He told me that he was famous in Hungary and was in good standing with U.S. immigration. He said he was not an illegal alien and had only a few more months to go before he would receive his greencard.

I accepted his marriage proposal with good faith and sincerely believed we would spend our lives together in every aspect that holy matrimony ordinarily offers. I told my friends I was in love as Csaba treated me like a princess, from the way he spoke to me to how he acted around me. He told me he had never met anymore more beautiful and for the first time in my life, I felt like a teenager in love. However, Csaba told me that I shouldn't tell anyone we were dating and contemplating marriage. He didn't want anyone to know about his personal business.

I respected his decision since I wanted to be loved and craved his affection. Growing up, I had never received much love or affection. I was molested by an uncle, which my parents knew about but never did anything. At school, I raped consistently by gang members. As a result of these traumatic experiences, I went into counseling for two months. In addition, my last boyfriend prior to Csaba was verbally, emotionally, mentally and physically abusive, only compounding my psychological distress.

During our dating period, he became very controlling, demanding to know who my friends were and whom I went out with. He did not like my friend Stephanie very much because she saw his possessive characteristics. In turn, he introduced me to his friends, essentially the people in the adult entertainment industry. A select few people knew that I was his girlfriend but most people did not even realize we were dating. I respected his request for privacy even though gossip of our relationship would not have affected our work.

Csaba told me he had been married before to a famous Hungarian singer (Sarolta Zalatnay) and that the marriage ended approximately four to five years ago. He said he had been living in the U.S. for seven years.

When we had dated for about two and a half months, Csaba told me suddenly something had happened and we needed to get married within one month; otherwise, we would have to wait over two years to get married. When I questioned him for specific reasons, he explained it as merely a "timing thing". Getting married would actually be detrimental to his greencard application, he told me, but he was still willing to take that risk and marry me. I had no knowledge of immigration regulations and trusted him wholeheartedly. I had no reason not to trust him since at that time, he had never lied to me (to my knowledge). He asked me to find someone convenient to marry us as soon as possible as he kept saying, "I can't wait to be your husband". At that point, I wanted to be his wife and believed that at some time in the near future, we would have a big celebration with family and friends. He instructed me not to tell anyone of our plans since he wanted the big affair to be perceived as the real thing. In addition, he planned to market it as the first pornographic wedding movie. When I did tell my parents and a few close friends, Csaba became extremely upset and ordered me not to tell anyone else.

On October 15, 2005, driving to Santa Monica, Csaba turned to me and said, "Let's get married right now on the beach. Wouldn't that be romantic?" I said, "yes" and was extremely happy about his idea. We contacted the Los Angeles marriage office and promptly bought wedding rings. Five hours later, with his cousin Tibor as witness and wearing jeans, sweatshirts and yellow sweats, we were married on Santa Monica beach by Minister Chris Robinson. Pictures of the wedding ceremony were taken by Tibor.

Our marriage was not consummated that evening. Csaba dropped me off at my apartment and told me he still had video editing to work on at his studio. I was devastated since in my mind I felt like this night should have been special. However, I could not say anything since I feared making him upset and angry.

The following day, he arrived at my place with all of his possessions (computer, clothes, dog, desk, DVDs, etc). Since my apartment consists only of 600 sq. feet, he took me to look at houses. Upon deciding on a house, he assured me he had enough money for the down payment. However, later on, he told me he wanted to save more money and buy a better house so we held off from purchasing a larger place.

We had signed a prenuptial agreement one week prior to our marriage to protect our assets. Upon moving into my apartment, Csaba never paid any of the bills. He did loan me money on two occasions to help with rent but I paid him back promptly. He said he was struggling with finances as he was still in debt and paying for his car. However, I genuinely believed our relationship was moving along as well as could be expected.

At this time, I was suffering from an addiction to painkillers that my doctor had prescribed. Csaba knew about my addiction and began giving me painkillers to keep my withdrawal symptoms away. I was taking painkillers to numb myself for video shoots and I did not know how to treat my addiction. Csaba told me that one of his friends had died from a painkiller overdose and he was now concerned about me.

The night before Thanksgiving, on November 23, 2005, Csaba met with a painkiller doctor/specialist and returned home to tell me that the doctor thought it would be better if I recover from my addiction alone. I was completed shocked and devastated at this announcement. One hour prior to this, with his knowledge, I had made plans to visit my mother and her new boyfriend for the first time to celebrate Thanksgiving in San Diego. He began moving most of his belongings out of the apartment that night and finished the day after while I was at work. We had lived together as a married couple for only a little more than a month before he announced his decision to move out.

During this time we had minimal contact and no intimate relations. I followed through with my sobriety plans in his absence. I wanted to be with him but he constantly excused himself as "unavailable". I began to feel that he did not want me to sober up so that he would always have a reason to stay away and be able to make me feel guilty. He told me he had moved to his studios while we were separated.

I made plans for Christmas day in that he would come to my place and celebrate with since I did not think he had family in the area. I bought presents and wrapped them under the tree in anticipation of his visit. However, he did not show up and or even call for the week following Christmas. A week later, in January 2006, Csaba called to say that he was staying with his stepbrother Gabor who was going through a divorce. He explained Gabor was depressed and they had gone to Vegas for a week.

In February 2006, Csaba told me that we had to go to the INS for the "little interview". He put on his best behavior during this time, asking for us to hang out and be friends again. He asked me, "Can I do anything for you? Let's hang out and be pals". However, there was still no intimacy between us. We have not shared a common residence since November 23, 2005 when Csaba moved out.

At that time, I was in denial and still hoped our marriage would be able to work. I was too scared to confront the truth as I was already emotionally and mentally devastated by his absence. I needed denial to stay sober as I struggled both with my addiction and my marriage. During my state of emotional distress and vulnerability, I was deceived by his many promises of reconciliation as he led me to believe that we may be able to save our marriage. With this falsehood, Csaba coerced me to agree to accompany him to his INS interview. At that time, I still held faith in our marital relations and believed our marriage continued to stand on authentic grounds of love and commitment.

We met with an attorney named Bernard Lurie a few weeks prior to the interview to be advised on what documents we needed. The lawyer said the immigration officials would not ask me any questions.

Prior to the interview date, Csaba called me while crying that he needed my help with taking more realistic wedding photos. Believing this would be an opportunity to spend time together and rekindle our love, I went along with his idea. I wanted to do everything right so he would love me again. The pictures were taken by his friend Kenny, depicting us in more traditional wedding garb from the waist up. We wore jeans which were not shown in the photos and I donned a fake "wedding veil" purchased from a costume store. We also took a picture at a nearby Starbucks where Csaba pretended to know someone at the restaurant Jerry's Deli and persuaded this "friend" to take a picture with us "newlyweds". He wanted to use this picture as evidence that he was introducing me to his friends as his wife.

I was persuaded to remain silent on the above matter as he convinced me I would face grave legal consequences if his interview did not proceed well since I was bound to him by marital relations. I had no knowledge of immigration regulations and feared his threats to be true.

The interview took place in February or March 2006 and we were accompanied by our lawyer. At the interview, Csaba brought our marriage certificate, joint bill, joint bank statement (Washington Mutual), photo album with the fake photos mentioned above, false wedding announcement cards, and false congratulation cards.

After the interview, I did not hear from Csaba for a month. I had been sober for almost six months by that time; yet he showed no intentions of resuming our relationship. Realizing that he was not returning, I was very upset and called him in mid-April to ask if our relationship was strictly for his immigration purposes. He replied, "I never lied to you. I have documents to prove that I was a legal citizen and that by marrying you, it made me harder to stay in the country". I asked for copies of the documents but he refused to hand them over to me. Instead, Csaba offered me money if I would not seek divorce and keep silent on his immigration matters. I refused his monetary offer and since then, we have not had any contact or direct communication.

I have only now began to realize that my marriage was a complete sham, initiated and planned by Csaba solely for his immigration purposes. He never had any intention of staying in the marriage and saw our relations solely as a means to procure a permanent residency. There was no marital faithfulness as during our relationship, he secretly kept in contact with his previous Hungarian-born girlfriend who had obtained her own permanent residency through marriage to a U.S. citizen. Unbeknownst to me, Csaba designed our relationship to culminate in marriage and ultimately, his attainment of permanent residency in the U.S. In retrospect, I am greatly distressed by the manner in which I have been deceived and lied to.

I now realize the extreme depths to which my marriage was based on fraud and deception. My husband was never the person he portrayed himself to be as he lied about his immigration status and his Hungarian ties. I learned recently through an article printed on Transition Online, a European news website, that my husband was charged with fraud alongside his ex-wife in Hungary. The article states that he moved out to Los Angeles and in 2002, informed Hungarian authorities that he had a "medical condition" preventing him from returning to his home country to stand trial. From the day I met Csaba, he has never mentioned this part of his past as he gave all indications of a clean record. He never discussed this as a possible reason for his urgency to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

I am submitting to the U.S. Immigration Services this affidavit and supporting documentation for proper investigation in the validity of Csaba's greencard. As painful as the experience has been for me, I realize this is no mere marital dispute or dissolution of marriage. Rather, in light of the fact that Csaba designed this marriage from the onset to obtain his permanent residency, his actions would constitute a serious violation of U.S. immigration and criminal laws.

I am deeply distressed that I was unknowingly exploited by my husband for my U.S. citizenship status. Nevertheless, I still firmly believe in the principles and values of the United States and feel bound by my duties as an American citizen to present this before the proper authorities for investigative action.