Who is Club Owner Jacques Chrysochoos?

Taken from a cached msnbc search engine page:

Jacques Chrysochoos, owner of Howl at the Moon and Hustler bars on Bourbon Street, said his clubs need about $1.5 million a month in revenue to remain profitable. That means about a million visitors a month. "We're ready. We can reopen. But who is going to come?" Chrysochoos said.

Is Jacques a partner of Larry Flynt and Harry Mohney in their Hustler club ventures (10/19/03 article)?

Chrysochoos barred from SEC for "outside activities," 5/21/04:

El Masri's Atlanta-based attorney, Hassan Elkhalil, said El Masri complained about Chrysochoos to the National Association of Securities Dealers. That led the NASD to evidence that Chrysochoos participated in outside business activities without notifying Shields & Co. Among the complaints was one that he raised $1.3-million from investors in 2000 in private securities transactions.

Chrysochoos, Paul Bilzarian, Ernie Haire III & the FBI, 9/4/05:

Chrysochoos, 34, is a businessman who operates Louisiana nightclubs and restaurants and is starting a Tampa mortgage brokerage company. He resides in a $1.07-million Harbour Island home and enjoys an $854,900 retreat on Clearwater Beach and a $850,000 Sunseeker Predator yacht.

A former securities broker, Chrysochoos was disbarred by the National Association of Securities dealers two years ago after failing to notify his firm of outside business investments in New Orleans clubs like Ragin' Rooster and Howl at the Moon.

Chrysochoos was left wondering last week just what remains of his New Orleans ventures after Hurricane Katrina.

"We have probably 400 employees in New Orleans," he said. "And 90 percent of them don't have homes anymore."

Ernie Haire III and Vincent LoScalzo ("Law enforcement agencies have identified him for a decade as head of the Tampa Mafia.") 11/4/01