Should An Actress Best Known For Getting Naked Host Tribute To Heroes Events?

This burning moral question was brought to my attention by my friend Marc W..

Jaime Pressly was born on July 30, 1977 in Kinston, North Carolina.

After years of gymnastic and dance training, Jaime entered modeling at age 13.

At the age of fifteen, Jaime was legally separated from her parents. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jaime's has been on the cover of Teen Magazine and has also toured the United States, Italy and Japan doing modelling work. She has also appeared in Playboy Magazine.

Her acting debut came with her starring role in the movie Poison Ivy: New Seduction. The series has used such actresses in the past as Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano. Jaime won the starring role after her work as Barrymore's body double in the first movie in 1992.

Pressly was also in the teen movie "Can't Hardly Wait", starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was Jaime (who played one of her girlfriends), who captured the attention of many. Jaime also has a recurring role on the television show Jack & Jill, playing dancer/actress Audrey Griffin. She has also slummed as trailer trash in the Jerry Springer's "Ringmaster" and this year's "Trash." Pressly has appeared with Richard Greico in both "The Journey: Absolution" and "Against the Law," as well as with Jean Claude Van Damme in "Desert Heat."

She is best known as an actress for getting naked. She says she hates doing love scenes. Jaime says that even a stage kiss is too intimate.

She is 5'5" tall and has a tattoo on her lower back of a blue Leo sign with Japanese writing that means "healthy, strong and brave."

From MarksFriggin.com: "Jaime Pressly Comes In. 12/10/01. 8:00am. At one point in the interview Jaime made a comment about how Howard ''got slapped a yarmulke'' [to account for his ugly looks]. Howard and the guys kept bringing that offensive statement up over and over again through the rest of the show and Jaime was upset about that. Later in the show Howard played tape of Mike Gange interviewing her when she was leaving and she seemed a little upset about them goofing on her. She apologized to Howard for the statement but she didn't seem to realize it was offensive. Howard found that kind of odd. She did say that she has nothing against Jewish people after making that comment. Howard said he can't wait to hear her explanation of that comment on other shows."

Edward Lozzi, of Edward Lozzi & Associates Public Relations, writes Marc W. 9/2/02 on behalf of The California Jewish Center: "We would like to thank actress Jamie Pressly for her unselfish support for the Tribute to 26 Heroes sponsored by our organization. Her presence and comments in front of the entire Southern California Jewish Community was well-received. The young survivors of the suicide bombs were thrilled at seeing Jamie and appreciated her being there. We were happy to have her. Those of us in The Entertainment industry have put up with the antics and callous diatribe of Howard Stern. Do you think he is an appropriate spokesperson for Judaism? Pul-ease!"

Photo. Moishiach Kashi (L), whose wife Zilpa Kashi was killed during a bus attack in Israel on July 16, 2002, is honored at the "Tribute to Heroes" dinner August 26, 2002 in Beverly Hills by actress Jaime Pressly and Rabbi Shimon Kashani. The Southern California Jewish Center honored 26 victims of attacks in Israel at the event and had hosted them for a two week visit to California.